every pokemon sheep guide

Every Pokemon Sheep Guide

If you know me, then you’ll know that I love sheep. This means that I have a great appreciation for any sheep pokemon. They’re cute, cuddly, and can really pack a punch! While there aren’t many sheep pokemon for you to collect, they are all unique and stand out in their generations.

In this guide, I will go over every sheep Pokemon available for you to collect, where to find them, and some of the most effective ways to use them in your team. If you’re a budding Poke-shepherd, grab some Pokeballs and your crook, we’re going to catch ’em all!

Bottom Line Upfront

There are only two lines of sheep pokemon to choose from, the Mareep line and the Wooloo line. I adore both of these Pokemon, but overall, due to having a mega evolution, I have to say that the Mareep line tops the Wooloo line, but both are powerful additions to any team.

Wooloo trumps Mareep in Generation eight purely because Mareep is only featured in the Generation 4 remakes. Both lines are fantastic for any sheep lover and shine in their own generations, be it through design or battle ability.

Just note that I will only be providing build ideas for the final stages of each evolution line, as that is most likely the form your beloved sheep will spend the most time in.


Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex number: 179
  • Type: Electric
  • Abilities: Static
  • Hidden ability: Plus
  • Evolves from: N/A
  • Evolves into: Flaaffy

Base Stats

  • HP: 55
  • Attack: 40
  • Defense: 40
  • Special Attack: 65
  • Special Defence: 45
  • Speed: 35

Mareep is the first sheep Pokemon to grace the franchise making its debut in Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Being available relatively early on in these games can make Mareep a strong choice for an early game electric type.

Mareep is a sheep with a blue face and legs, with a fluffy, creamy yellow fleece. It has a yellow and black striped tail with an orange orb at the end, likely a reference to a lightning rod symbolizing Mareeps electric typing. Ironically, lightning rod is not an ability available to Mareep.

It also has two black and yellow striped ears or horns on either side of its head. Honestly, I have no idea what these are trying to be, but without them, Mareep would feel incomplete, so they definitely add to the cuteness of it!

Its shiny form also appeals to every part of me. Turning an adorable pink, this cotton candy sheep is sure to appeal to any shiny hunter out there!

Being available in every game since its release, apart from sword and shield, Mareep is a really great option for any player in need of a powerful electric type without having to commit hours of level grinding. Evolving into Flaaffy at level 15, then Ampharos at level 30 makes Mareep a great option for any trainer.

Obtaining Mareep

Field of Mareep
Image from Wiki Fandom

Generation 2: Mareep can be found in the grass on routes 32, 42, and 43. To use Mareep in Pokemon Crystal, you’ll need to transfer one from Pokemon Gold or Silver.

Generation 3: You can only find Mareep in the SafariZone Extension and Altering Cave in Pokemon Emerald. To get Mareep in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, you’ll have to trade from Pokemon Emerald.

Generation 4: Generation four consists of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, as well as the generation two remakes of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver. In the generation two remakes, Mareep can be found in the same locations as the originals, as well as in the safari zone. In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Mareep can be found at the Valley Windworks, though you’ll have to use the PokeRedar in Platinum.

Generation 5: Mareep can be found in the White Forest in Pokemon White as a version exclusive. To get Mareep in Pokemon Black, you’ll need to trade it over. In Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, you can find Mareep at Floccesy Ranch.

Generation 6: In Pokemon X and Y, Mareep can be found on Route 12. To get Mareep in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, you’ll need to trade one across from either Pokemon X or Pokemon Y.

Generation 7: you can find Mareep in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on Paniola Ranch. You’ll need to trade one down to Pokemon Sun and Moon to have one in your party.

Generation 8: Unfortunately, you cannot get Mareep in Pokemon Sword or Shield, but you can find one in the generation 4 remakes, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. In the remakes, Mareep can be found again at the Valley Windworks as well as in the new Grand Underground.


Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex number: 180
  • Type: Electric
  • Abilities: Static
  • Hidden ability: Plus
  • Evolves from: Mareep
  • Evolves into: Ampharos

Base Stats

  • HP: 70
  • Attack: 55
  • Defense: 55
  • Special Attack: 80
  • Special Defence: 60
  • Speed: 45

Flaaffy is the adorable middle child of the Mareep evolution line and will bridge the gap between the cutesy Mareep and the powerhouse that is Ampharos.

Flaaffy rocks a pink color scheme, similar to Mareeps shiny form, with a fluffy cloud-like collar and hair-do. It still features the same ear-like horns and tail as Mareep, but now in black and pink stripes. The tail orb is now a sky blue color instead of orange. Flaaffy stands on two legs now and seems the be the beginning of the Mareep’s transition from sheep to… less sheep-like.

Personally, I think Flaaffy’s shiny form is a little disappointing, becoming a slightly lighter shade of pink with subtle pink fluff. The most drastic change is the tail orb, which becomes a minty green instead of blue. As far as subtle shines go, this one is definitely one of the better ones, but even so, I think Flaaffy deserved a better shiny.

I also love Flaaffy’s English name. Although it hasn’t been confirmed officially, I like to think that it’s a combination of the words fluffy and the sounds sheep make. Flaaffy is a fluffy sheep who says “baa,” which is an adorably perfect name for any sheep.

Obtaining Flaaffy

Molly's Flaaffy
Image from Wiki Fandom

Of course, in any game that you can obtain Mareep, you will be able to obtain Flaaffy through evolution. Evolving from Mareep at level 15 makes Flaaffy accessible to any trainer in their journey. I would recommend evolving a Mareep into Flaaffy as this will give you more control over the moves your Flaaffy will have.

Generation 2: You can find Flaaffy on routes 42 and 43 in both Pokemon Gold and Silver. You’ll have to trade one to Pokemon Crystal to use it there.

Generation 3: You can only get a Flaaffy in Pokemon Emerald by evolving Mareep. To get on in Ruby and Sapphire, you’ll need to trade one over from Emerald.

Generation 4: Flaaffy appears on routes 42 and 43 in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver and route 222 in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Note that you’ll need to use the PokeRadar in Platinum.

Generation 5: In Pokemon White, White 2, and Black 2, the only way to obtain Flaaffy is to evolve a Mareep. To get Flaaffy in Pokemon Black, you’ll need to trade one across.

Generation 6: The only way to get a Flaaffy in Pokemon X and Y is to evolve a Mareep. You’ll need to trade either a Mareep or Flaaffy over to use one in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Generation 7: To get Flaaffy in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, you need to evolve a Mareep, and if you want a Flaaffy in Sun and Moon, you’ll need to trade one over.

Generation 8: Like MAreep, Flaaffy is unavailable in Pokemon Sword and Shield. But you can find one on route 222 or in the Grand Underground in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.


Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex number: 181
  • Type: Electric
  • Abilities: Static
  • Hidden ability: Plus
  • Evolves from: Flaaffy
  • Evolves into: N/A

Base Stats: Ampharos

  • HP: 90
  • Attack: 95
  • Defense: 85
  • Special Attack: 115
  • Special Defence: 90
  • Speed: 55

Base Stats: Mega Ampharos

  • HP: 90
  • Attack: 95
  • Defense: 105
  • Special Attack: 165
  • Special Defence: 110
  • Speed: 45

Though Ampharos isn’t necessarily a sheep in terms of looks, it is the final evolution stage of the Mareep line. Coming from a line of sheep, I would at the very least consider Ampharos to be an honourary sheep, so I’m including it on this list. Regardless of whether you consider Ampharos a sheep or not, your Mareep will likely evolve into it eventually, becoming a very powerful Pokemon indeed.

Ampharos is a very strong Pokemon. With a base stat total of 510, it can carry any team to victory. Ampharos also has the privilege of being able to mega evolve in Pokemon X and Y, further increasing its already high special attack and giving it a base stat total of 610. If you are looking for a powerful special attacker, Ampharos should definitely be on your radar.

Ampharos now stands on two legs and is a bright yellow with black stripes on its ears, neck, and tail. It has a white tummy and toes, and its tail orb has changed color once again, becoming a bright red. There is also a red orb in the middle of its forehead, giving it a cute but fearsome look. Mega Ampharos looks similar, except now it’s been given an absolutely fabulous wig and tail! Its long white mane and tail are studded with more red orbs.

Shiny Ampharos has been given the Mareep treatment, turning a lovely bright pink with blue accents. It keeps its black stripes, but in both its mega and normal form, its previously red orbs turn into a dark blue. It’s a fitting shiny with the rest of its line, and I think it looks really nice.

Builds for Ampharos

Mega Ampharos
Image from Wiki Fandom

As I promised earlier, for fully-evolved Pokemon, I will be sharing some suggested builds. Given that Ampharos is a powerful special attacker, these builds will be focusing on bringing that out as much as possible. I will provide a build for both Ampharos and Mega Ampharos.

Bulky Special Sweeper (Ampharos)

For this build, you’ll need an Ampharos with the Static ability to potentially slow opponents down with paralysis and a modest nature to increase your special attack further. For EVs, you’ll want to balance your HP and Special Attack stat, putting the rest into speed. Giving your Ampharos an assault vest will improve your special defense at the cost of using status moves.

In terms of moves, Volt Switch, Discharge, Power Gem, and Focus Blast will deal heavy damage to your opponents, as well as give you a quick escape by using Volt Switch when in a pinch.

Fast Special Sweeper (Mega Ampharos)

In order to use this build, your Ampharos will need to hold an Ampharosite in order to mega evolve. You’ll want the ability Mold Breaker and a timid nature to increase your speed stat. You’ll want to evenly spread your EVs between your Speed and Special Attack stats, with the remainder going into Special Defence.

For moves, you’ll want your Mega Ampharos to know Agility, Dragon Pulse, Focus Blast, and Thunderbolt to deal as much damage as possible as fast as possible.

Obtaining Ampharos

Ellie's Ampharos
Image from Wiki Fandom

Like Flaaffy, your best bet for getting an Ampharos will be evolving it from a Flaaffy. You’ll get Ampharos when a Flaaffy reaches level 30, which is a really early level for an end-stage evolution to evolve.

As Ampharos cannot be obtained in the wild at all, I will not list all of the generations as the method for obtaining Ampharos is always the same. In games where you can catch a Mareep, you need to evolve it all the way to an Ampharos. In games that do not feature Mareep, you’ll need to trade it over.


Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex number: 831
  • Type: Normal
  • Abilities: Fluffy, Run Away
  • Hidden ability: Bulletproof
  • Evolves from: N/A
  • Evolves into: Dubwool

Base Stats

  • HP: 42
  • Attack: 40
  • Defense: 55
  • Special Attack: 40
  • Special Defence: 45
  • Speed: 48

Wooloo is perhaps my favorite pick on this list. Being small, round, and fluffy, it appeals to me perfectly, and I knew straight away I had to add one to my team. I even spent the time shiny hunting it in Pokemon Shield to eventual success!

If I had to guess, I would say that Wooloo is based on either a Suffolk or Norfolk Sheep, and coming from Suffolk myself, I’m leaning towards the former (sorry, Norfolk). Suffolk sheep are famous for the classic white-bodied and black-limbed sheep that Wooloo resembles. Wooloo is basically a sphere of squishy-looking white fleece with black legs and a black face and ears. It also has charming grey braids and tiny little horns poking out of its head. After all, Wooloo is only a baby!

Wooloo’s shiny form is also amazing – there’s a reason I hunted for it for hours on end. It’s an incredibly simple shiny but oh so effective. The black and white parts of Wooloo are switched, giving Wooloo a black fleece and white limbs. It’s simple but absolutely perfect and quite possibly one of my favorite shinies.

Fun fact! Wooloo’s German name is Wolly. Wolly! How cute is that? Wooloo is adorable, don’t get me wrong, but Wolly makes my heart melt.

Obtaining Wooloo

Wooloo in the Grass
Image from Wiki Fandom

Having been only introduced in generation eight, Wooloo can only be found in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Although my totally non-bias self hopes that Wooloo gets a spot in every Pokemon game hereafter, as of writing, we do not know if Wooloo will appear in Pokemon Scarlett and Violet.

Wooloo can be found in a multitude of locations in Generation eight, including in the Crown Tundra DLC expansion.

You can find Wooloo in the same locations in both Sword and Shield. You can randomly find Wooloo in grass patches on routes 1, 4, and at the Motostoke Riverbank. Wooloo is also available in Max Raid Battles in the Stony Wilderness, Rolling Fields, Motostoke Riverbank, East Lake Axewell, and Bridge Field.

In the Crown Tundra DLC, you can find Wooloo randomly in grass patches at the Slippery Slope, Giant’s Bed, Frostpoint Field, Three-Point Pass, and Snowslide Slope. If you’re looking for Max Raid Battles, you can find Wooloo at Giant’s Foot, Giant’s Bed, Ballimere Lake, and the Slippery Slope.


Image from Wiki Fandom
  • National Dex number: 832
  • Type: Normal
  • Abilities: Fluffy, Steadfast
  • Hidden ability: Bulletproof
  • Evolves from: Wooloo
  • Evolves into: N/A

Base Stats

  • HP: 72
  • Attack: 80
  • Defense: 100
  • Special Attack: 60
  • Special Defence: 90
  • Speed: 88

Dubwool doesn’t really have a lot of competitive prowess but can be really fun to use regardless, especially if you like sheep! Below I’ll share one of the most viable builds you can run on a Dubwool.

Evolving from Wooloo at only level 24 makes Dubwool a pretty solid pick for the start of your adventure, giving you a tanky Pokemon that should be able to help you get through the first through gyms. Though there are definitely better Pokemon you can choose for your team, I do have a soft spot for Wooloo and Dubwool, so I enjoyed keeping them around on my Galar adventure.

Dubwool is essentially a fatter (or is it fluffier?) version of Wooloo, having a predominantly white fleece with some black spots, a big fluffy grey mane, and black limbs with a white blaze on its face. It also has four horns, two large and two small giving it an intimidating flare on what is otherwise an overall cute appearance.

Its shiny form does the same as Wooloo’s by swapping the black and white parts around. Although this shiny makes perfect sense, I think it has less of an impact than Wooloos shiny, and I sometimes find myself getting confused between the shiny and regular form at a glance.

The Best Build for Dubwool

Dubwool Build
Image from YouTube

As previously mentioned, Dubwool isn’t the best Pokemon in terms of physical power or competitive ability, though some players have been able to make it work.

The most effective build for Dubwool is a Sleep Talk Body Press build. To run this build, you’ll need a Dubwool with the Fluffy ability and a Calm nature to increase your physical and special defenses. However, you will be more vulnerable to the Burn status effect, so be extra cautious around fire types.

You’ll want to max out your HP and Special Defense EVs and put the remainders into your Defense stat to make your Dubwool as tanky as possible. Add in leftovers to the mix for some passive health regeneration, and you’ll give your opponents a hard time taking you down.

For moves, I’d recommend you bring Cotton Guard to raise your defense further and Rest to regain HP and allow you to use your third move, Sleep Talk. Sleep Talk will let you use one of your moves randomly when you are asleep. This is where you have to hope that Body Press is chosen, allowing you to deal damage in your sleep!

Dubwool is a pretty memey Pokemon to use competitively, but you cannot deny that it has a fun (though maybe not very effective) build.

Obtaining Dubwool

Joe's Dubwool
Image from Wiki Fandom

Possibly the easiest way to obtain Dubwool is to evolve a Wooloo. As Wooloo Evolves into Dubwool at level 24, you won’t be waiting long for your big beefy Dubwool.

If you want a fully-fledged Dubwool ready to go, you can find them randomly in grass patches at Hammerlocke Hills, Motostoke Riverbank, and Dusty Bowl in both Pokemon Sword and Shield. You can also find Dubwool in Max Raids in the Stony Wilderness, Motostoke Riverbank, Rolling Fields, Bridge Field, and Lake East Axewell.

In the Isle of Armor expansion, you can find Dubwool only in Max Raid Battles at the Soothing Wetlands, Fields of Honor, Insular Sea, and the Stepping-Stone Sea.

In the Crown Tundra, you can find Dubwool as an overworld spawn at Three-Point Pass, Giant’s Bed, Slippery Slope, and Snowslide Slope, and in Max Raid Battles at Ballimere Lake, Slippery Slope, Giant’s Bed, and Giant’s Foot.

Dubwool can also be found in Dynamax Adventures, which is possibly my favorite way to shiny hunt in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Though there is no guarantee that you will find Dubwool through this method, it’s still a lot of fun to team up with friends and tackle an adventure. The boosted shiny rate is also really appealing to shiny hunters like me, especially when there are legendary Pokemon up for grabs.


Question: Is Ampharos a sheep?

Answer: Going by looks alone… no. I think the Mareep line ended up leaning more towards the electric typing over the sheep aesthetic, but as it is the final evolution of the Mareep line, I suppose you could say that Ampharos is a sheep at heart. 

Question: Which is better, Dubwool or Ampharos?

Answer: Ampharos by a country mile. For starters, the normal typing really holds Dubwool back, having many weaknesses but no resistances. On top of this, Dubwools base stats aren’t overly impressive, with Ampharos having a total base stat 40 higher than Dubwool. Ampharos also has the advantage of being able to Mega Evolve, which boosts its stats even higher and really gives it a competitive edge over Dubwool.

Question: Will there be a sheep Pokemon in generation 9?

Answer: As of writing this, no new sheep Pokemon have been confirmed for Pokemon Scarlett or Pokemon Violet. We don’t even know if Wooloo or Mareep will be making an appearance, but I’m hoping that we’ll get to see one of our beloved sheep in the upcoming games, or maybe we can have an entirely new sheep to add to this list! If I were a betting woman, I would like to see a Mouflon species in generation 9! Being of Spanish origin, it would fit into the region and give us a unique kind of sheep Pokemon to enjoy!

Every Pokemon Sheep Guide: Conclusion 

Though there aren’t many sheep Pokemon to choose from, the ones available to us are iconic and do a fantastic job of being cute and cuddly sheep as well as being powerful additions to any team. Wooloo is still my favorite of the bunch, and although the Mareep line is stronger overall, I just can’t help but love the cute little Wooloo. I mean, who could resist a little fluffball rolling around?

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