Pokemon Void Guide: “We All Live in an Apocalyptic World”

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What started as a small project of an indie developer’s first attempt at video game development turned into five and a half years of building and passion. RFG began his Pokemon Void journey in 2016 with a desire to learn how to make a game.

Pokemon Void takes place in the Stronym Region, a region ravaged by calamity. Much of the region is filled with city ruins, making for an exciting and dangerous map to explore. As the sole developer and playtester, RFG states that while he has tried to squash as many bugs as possible, he doesn’t plan to update Pokemon Void any further.

Don’t let that scare you away from the game. I only encountered one bug during my Pokemon adventure.

The fakemons featured in Pokemon Void are some of the best fakemons I’ve seen in fanmade Pokemon games. You may want to look elsewhere if you’re looking for a hardcore Pokemon experience.

Pokemon Void may start off as a challenging game due to the level scaling system, but as your team’s power grows, you will overtake your opponent’s team thanks to a generous gift of IVs.

Overall the game is well-balanced in difficulty. There are battles that you are meant to lose to coincide with the story. So strategically building your team is very rewarding and key to winning some battles.

Story Synopsis

Pokemon Void Title
Pokemon Void Title – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Like many of these fanmade Pokemon games, Pokemon Void opts for a darker story than the mainline games. There is no clear line of good or evil between the two conflicting factions, and there is some interesting history to the region that is told through characters and from the environment you explore.

The Odin Corporation controls the Stronym Region, a faction born out of the ashes of a destroyed region.

Pokemon trainers in the region train to obtain strong Pokemon for the Odin Corporation. There are no gym leaders. Instead, you must earn badges by completing assignments from Odin Corporation commanders.

Key Features

  • 74 Fakemon species, complete with animations to catch.
  • Enemy-level scaling provides a challenge for veteran Pokemon players.
  • 30 achievements to unlock.
  • Secret areas to unlock.
  • Void-affected Pokemon that feature powerful abilities and stats that mix up the gameplay.
  • Increased Shiny Pokemon encounters.


Choosing Your Starter

Choosing Your Starter
Starter choice – Image by Alex Maksymiw

You will have the option of three fakemons for your starter:

  • Boncat – Fire
  • Baumasaur – Grass
  • Blitzard – Water/Electric

Zuerst Forest

Zuerst Forest
Zuerst Forest – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Zuerst Forest is The first area you will visit after picking up your starter in Kohlenstoff Town and traveling south to Route 2. Word of warning: no location prompts appear when entering a new area.

But you have a Town Map that you can refer to if you get confused by the route and town names I use in the guide. You can find wild Eevees in the tall grass of this area!

Shiny Eevee in Zuerst Forest – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Beryllium City

Beryllium City is the Capitol of the Stronym Region and the headquarters of the Odin Corporation.

You’ll be revisiting Beryllium City throughout the story and to stock up on supplies from the Luxus Building. There’s is a lot to do here; however, here are some essentials:

Beryllium City Pokemon Egg
Beryllium City Pokemon Egg – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Rare Candy can be found in the Kindergarten building through the back entrance.
  • A scientist will give you Urame on the second-floor block of flats northwest of the city.
  • You can revive fossils in the Community Lab found southeast of the city.
  • You can have an encounter with a Hundy in the museum.
  • You can purchase Regular Sausages from the Luxus Building, a healing item that restores 50 HP for half the price of Super Potions from the Luxus Building.
  • You can find the Reaper Cloth and obtain a Pokemon Egg that hatches into an Eevee from the Education District subway tunnel.

Your objective in Beryllium City is to meet your father in the Klonen Building. He will take you to the Uberforge and give you the Schematics Stack; Next, head to the Botanical District and enter the Post Mortem Botanical Garden to pick up your first assignment from Loralei to clear out the garden of Pokemon.

Beryllium City First Assignment
Beryllium City First Assignment – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Commander Loralei Battle – Initiate Badge

Loralei battle - Initiate Badge
Loralei battle – Initiate Badge – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Once you have completed the assignment, you’ll battle Loralei:

  • Snoweule
  • Soulder 
  • Gastly 

Your own Pokemon levels will determine Loralei’s Pokemon levels due to level scaling. Loralei will use Revives and Full Restores in battle.

  • Defeating Loralei will earn you the Initiate Badge, Zauber Crystals, and the Arcanine Ride Key Item.

With Loralei defeated and Beryllium City explored, your next task is to travel to Deuterios Settlement by walking south through Beryllium Park and Route 3.

Pokemon Void Zoological Facility Egg Location
Zoological Facility Egg location – Image by Alex Maksymiw

In Beryllium Park, you will find a Relic where you can instantly spend your Zauber Crystals to level up a Pokemon. 

Visit the Zoological Facility to the east. An old man on the second floor of the building will give you a Pokemon Egg. My egg hatched into a Coulub. However, this is not 100% guaranteed.

Deuterios Settlement

Deuterios Settlement
Deuterios Settlement – Image by Alex Maksymiw

The Deuterios Settlement is a small town built out of the ruins of the disaster. There isn’t much here besides a few trainers, a Pokemon Center, harvestable berries, and a stat-boosting punching bag. However, you will get your second assignment and meet Commander Albert in the town.

Chad will be found fighting trainers in the rundown Pokemon Stadium. He will challenge you to another battle. It’s a tough battle; he will always have a six-level advantage over you. As a result, he will likely beat you. However, this has no impact on the story.

Rival Chad Battle

Deuterios Settlement Chad Battle
Deuterios Settlement Chad Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Pupski
  • Eevee 
  • Salamandew 
  • Baumasaur

Once the battle is over, you will unlock new trainers surrounding the stadium to battle. Tyrone will appear and prompt another battle, but this battle is much easier than Chad.

Rival Tyrone Battle

  • Fissabit
  • Boncat 

After battling Tyrone, Albert will congratulate you both on a well-fought battle. He will reveal that he is a commander who works for Odin Corporation and will give you your second assignment of exploring the Bio Lab on Route 4.

Albert will lead you into Route 4, a swamp, and ask you to mark anything that you think is important. Throughout the swamp, you will find containers that can be marked for Albert.

Bio Lab Route 4
Bio Lab Route 4 – Image by Alex Maksymiw

As you go through the swamp and near the Bio Lab, two Void Pokemon will attack Albert. He will order you to get back as these Pokemon are not normal and incredibly hostile. Backing away, you are attacked from behind by a Vold Trifly.

After defeating the Void Trifly, you and Albert will walk to the Bio Lab entrance. If the trainers and wild Pokemon beat up your party, you can heal your team by interacting with the herb on the left side of the Bio Lab entrance. Word of warning, though, it’s a one-time use item, so save your game.

Bio Lab

  • In this area, you must mix chemicals to create a corrosive substance to burn away a bub cocoon on the staircase.

To create the corrosive solution, pick up the Orange, Green, and Purple beakers from the counters and bring them back to the mixing station in the top right corner of the room.

Bio Lab containers
Bio Lab containers – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Now prepare for a mini-boss fight. Using the chemical solution on the cocoon will cause it to rupture, prompting a battle with a Divihalo.

Once you’ve defeated Divihalo, Albert will approach you, heal your Pokemon, and continue walking up to the second floor. 

At the end of the room, you’ll meet Albert, who has found a bulk load of the containers rewarding you with twelve thousand Pokedollars and bonus Pokedollars for every container you find in the swamp.

He will then challenge you to battle. You can decline this battle if you need to heal your team.

Commander Albert Battle – Soldier Badge

Commander Albert battle
Commander Albert battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Armeetle
  • Ravege 
  • Trifly 

Albert can be a breeze if you have Flying-type, Fire-type, or Ice-type moves at your disposal.

His Armeetle can mess up your team by switching out your Pokemon, and his Ravege poses a significant threat as a Flying-type and Fighting-type glass cannon. However, his Trifly is a breeze, especially since you’ve been fighting them throughout Route 4 and the Bio Lab.

Once you defeat Albert, he will present you with the Soldier Badge and give you the Mega Ring. Now it’s time to head to Azote Town by exiting the Bio Lab on the south exit of the first floor.

Azote Town

Azote Town
Azote Town – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Arriving in Azote Town, you will find two unidentified figures tampering with a computer.

One will challenge you to a battle while the other runs off; this is the first introduction of the Pokemon Void’s rival faction. Once you beat the trainer, you can heal your Pokemon on the PC.

There is a peculiar “Password” option, but you won’t be able to get the code until much later in the game. Luckily for you, I got the password “1939”.

In the middle of the courtyard, you will find another Relic where you can spend your Zauber Crystals to level your Pokemon. You have no option other than travel south, where you’ll meet Chad for a third battle.

Rival Chad Battle

Azote Town Chad Battle
Azote Town Chad Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Umbreon
  • Pololf
  • Terragard
  • Salamandew
  • Metang

I used a Tepete with Toxic to defeat Chad and swapped in and out my Fletchindler. Since trainers in Pokemon Void swap their Pokemon every three turns, I could trap Chad into only using Confuse Ray with his Umbreon.

The battle may seem unfair with Chad’s Pokemon being six levels higher; however, I beat him with my team around Level 27 and Level 28.

At this point, my Eleklaue knew the Minimize move, which allowed me to raise my evasiveness a couple of stages to avoid his Metang’s powerful attacks.

Route 5 Meeting Commander Zillia

Pokemon Void Meeting Zillia
Meeting Zillia – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Once you’ve defeated or lost to Chad, walk east to meet Commander Zillia, who will give you your next assignment. She will ask if you can find her missing Beldum.

Head south to Route 5 and travel south; you must equip the Arcanine Ride to push the boulders away to clear the path.

Reaching the end of the area, you have two optional battles with the Hazmat trainers. However, if your Pokemon is low on health, you can activate one of the herbs by the next area’s entrance.

In the next area, you will find a tall grass hedge maze and numerous Scythers and Onix Pokemon roaming around. Zillia’s Beldum can be found in this area every time you interact with it.

It will teleport to a new place in the area. After four interactions, you will finally be able to pick up Beldum.

Pokemon Void Finding Beldum
Finding Beldum – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Back in Azote Town, walk the eastern path by the unlocked house to find Zillia, who will reveal that she needed the Beldum as the final component to power her rocket.

You have no option but to activate the rocket, which will set you up to battle Commander Zillia in the rocket crater in the previous hedge maze area.

Pokemon Void Metal Coat Location
Metal Coat Location – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Return to the hedge maze area in Route 5 to discover that all the docile Pokemon roaming the area have evolved and transformed into Scizzors and Steelix. You won’t be able to catch these Pokemon, but they will fight you.

Commander Zillia – Automation Badge

Commander Zillia Battle
Commander Zillia Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Metang
  • Maritinder
  • Steelix

The Commander Zillia battle is a breeze compared to the battle with Chad. She only uses three Pokemon; two can be exploited with Fire-type moves.

My Fletchindler destroyed her team as it could use Flying-type moves to fight Maritinder and Fire-type moves for Steelix and Metang. I only had to switch once.

Commander Zillia's Steelix
Commander Zillia’s Steelix – Image by Alex Maksymiw

For defeating Zillia, she will present you with the Automation Badge and give you Zauber Crystals and the Train Magnet. This key item allows you to travel quickly on the overhanging rails to and from Beryllium City.

Route 6

Pokemon Void Team Runic Raid
Team Runic Raid plan – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Venturing forward, you will stumble across Tyrone and Team Runic, who oppose the Odin Corporation. You overhear their plans to destroy the Stronym Region’s dam; however, to reach the area, you must seek out Professor Pine to obtain a Swampert, which will unlock access to surf areas.

Pokemon Void Professor Pine Estate
Professor Pine Estate – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Up ahead, you must fight a couple of Team Runic trainers and a Void Salamember. Although level 42 in my run, it was no match for my Eleklau’s Electric-type attacks. You will eventually reach a teleporter that leads to Professor Pine’s Estate.

Here Professor Pine will give you Swampert. Take the time to explore his house. You can heal your Pokemon here and find a few items lying around.

Fusion Floodgate

Fusion Floodgate entrance
Fusion Floodgate entrance – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Once you have Swampert, head back through the teleporter to Route 6, walk to the shoreline, and use Swampert to swim east. Clear the rocks blocking the way by holding the back button.  In the next area, you must fight a series of Team Runic trainers before reaching the Fusion Floodgate.

Don’t waste any healing items on your Pokemon, as at the entrance, three green seaweed items can heal your team. However, they only have one use, so use them sparingly.

In the Fusion Floodgate, you will have to turn on the power to unlock the elevator. You will need to activate two switches on opposite sides of the room.

Each one will require you to descend down a ladder and solve a switch puzzle. They are fairly straightforward, but you must defeat Team Runic trainers in these rooms too.

Fusion Floodgate unlocking gate
Fusion Floodgate unlocking gate – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Once you’ve activated the red lever at the back of each room, you can surf to the far east and west of the rooms to turn on the power.

Granting you access to the elevator. One more Team Runic Grunt battle awaits you in the following room. At the top of the Dam, you will battle Commander Shannon for the Engineer Badge.

Commander Shannon – Engineer Badge

Commander Shannon Battle
Commander Shannon Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Cheetarc
  • Smashtopod
  • Salamember
  • Swellark

Commander Shannon will lead with Cheetarc, but Shannon will switch to Swellark and use Self-Destruct on turn three.

If you have an Electric-type and Grass-type, Shannon should be an easy fight. I used my Ghilimoss to poison Shannon’s Pokemon with Toxic before switching to Eleklau to take down her Salamember.

Shannon’s Cheetarc will never be able to get more than three rounds of Speed Boost due to the switching mechanic in the game.

Once you defeat Shannon, she will present you with the Engineer Badge and Zauber Crystals. Before Shannon can give you the details on the location of your next assignment, the Fusion Floodgate control room is raided by Team Runic, who has secretly infiltrated Team Odin’s guards.

Shannon orders you and Tyrone to flee at once. Hopping on the back of Swampert, you flee to Route 7, a route filled with more Team Runic trainers and kamikaze Swellarks!

Route 7

Route 7 Escape
Route 7 escape – Image by Alex Maksymiw

You’ll be able to heal your team on the first island in Route 7 by interacting with the springs. Once you’ve defeated the Runic trainers, Tyrone will talk to you before returning to Beryllium City.

Lake Null

Null Facility assignment
Null Facility assignment – Image by Alex Maksymiw

The swamp of Route 4 has turned into a battlefield as Albert and his soldiers battle against Team Runic.

Walk through Route 4 until you reach Albert and Erika, who will save you from a group of Team Runic trainers. Albert will ask you to follow Erika to the Null Facility. You can’t return to Beryllium City yet, so follow Erika to the new area.

You can heal your Pokemon at the PC and spend Zauber Crystals at the relic to level your Pokemon at the north part of the land outcrop. On the outskirts of the Null Facility, you will catch up with Erika, talk to her, and she will ask you if you would like to battle.

Commander Erika – Battle

Erika battle
Erika battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Ubelord
  • Rodeath

Although an optional battle, it’s a good idea to challenge her for the extra experience and levels.

Erika only has two Pokemon in this fight, so it’s very easy to overwhelm her. However, her strategy of Sucker Punch and Poison infliction can cause problems for your team. I recommend that you use status-enhanced moves while Ubelord is in battle before striking it.

Null Facility

Null Facility Master Ball
Null Facility Master Ball – Image by Alex Maksymiw

You can pick Protective Gear by entering the eastern room at the Null Facility entrance.

Work your way through the facility; it’s linear, so you won’t have to worry about getting lost once you snake up to the northeast part of the facility, where the Team Runic Grunts are trying to equip the Battle Items head south to progress the story or walk east to descend into a dark cavern.

I suggest you travel down this cavern as you can catch Deino, Noibat, and Roggenrola, that know the Stealth Rock, an incredibly useful move for Pokemon Void as trainers swap their Pokemon every three turns in battle.

Moreover, if you walk to the end of the cavern and ascend up a rope, you will be led into a small storage room with several Big Nuggets and Nuggets and the Master Ball!

Solving the Null Facility Frequency Puzzle

Null Facility Frequency Puzzle
Null Facility Frequency Puzzle – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Head through the crystal cave, and defeat the Team Runic Juggernaut to acquire the Null Facility Key and continue east to reach a control room.

You will need to activate the device across the bridge in this room. You must solve a frequency puzzle to unlock the gate to the south. Press each switch in the following order:

  • Middle
  • Left
  • Right
  • Middle
  • Left
  • Right
  • Left
  • Middle
  • Right
  • Middle

Further into the facility, you will meet your father, Erika, and Professor Pine. In a bid to fight back against Team Runic, your father activates a device that creates a void that causes Team Runic to retreat but not before stealing the Griseous Orb.

Leave the Null Facility and take the Magnet Train back to Beryllium City, where you will be met by Loralei, who will give you your next assignment.

Null Facility Void meltdown
Null Facility Void meltdown – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Beryllium City Revisited

Loralei will meet you at the train station entrance and task you with investigating the sewer after receiving a report that someone had broken in. You can find the sewer by walking down the narrow path right of the Kindergarten building.

Before you delve into the sewer, I recommend you use this time for some housekeeping.

You can return to Route 2 in Zeurst Forest to obtain TM 23 Stone Edge and a Rare Candy using Swampert. In addition, you can travel south to Route 3, where you can surf east to obtain the Garchompite.

Garchompite Location
Garchompite Location – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Investigating the Sewers

Beryllium City Sewers
Beryllium City Sewers – Image by Alex Maksymiw

With that bonus side objective complete, head into the sewers. Follow the linear path. You will need to turn off the valve on the second floor to get passed the water. Walk across the bridge and enter the left door leading to an Ultra Ball and Rare Candy.

Eventually, you will get to a broken elevator shaft, vault down to the next floor, and enter the elevator on the left to reach a PC and Pokemon healing machine. Your objective in the laboratory is to turn the power on in the middle room.

You can evolve your Eevee into an Empryeon by activating the purple chemicals in the next room. Empyreon is a Void-type Pokemon; on evolving, it will learn a whole new moveset, but you will not be able to level it anymore.

Empryeon – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Once you are done here, you will be led to a cave where you will meet Commander Andreas, who will assign you an assignment of turning on some generators buried deep within the cavern.

Solving the Water Pressure Problem

To enter the next area, you must climb up on the water treatment towers and activate a tower to be filled with water by interacting with the north button. The next area, however, is a lot trickier to navigate.

This room is filled with boulders and valves. Your objective here is to turn the valves in the correct order to lower the water pressure.

I recommend defeating all the trainers in the room first, then clearing all the routes from boulders so that you can open up each valve. Turn the Valves in the following order:

Solving the Water Pressure Problem valve 1
Valve #1 – Image by Alex Maksymiw
Solving the Water Pressure Problem valve 2
Valve #2 – Image by Alex Maksymiw
Solving the Water Pressure Problem valve 3
Valve #3 – Image by Alex Maksymiw
Solving the Water Pressure Problem valve 4
Valve #4 – Image by Alex Maksymiw
Solving the Water Pressure Problem valve 5
Valve #5 – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Once you’ve lowered the water pressure, Andreas will enter the next room. At this point, he will challenge you to battle for the Surveyor Badge, so I suggest returning to the first room and activating the Green Crystals to heal your team.

Commander Andreas – Surveyor Badge

Commander Andreas Battle
Commander Andreas Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Scolipede
  • Boldore
  • Hexard
  • Mega Aggron

Andreas’s Hexard can seriously threaten your team, as its Clear Smog move will nullify any stat changes of your Pokemon. As a result, Andreas was able to lower my Velocitor’s evasiveness and lower my Talonflame’s Speed I boosted using Flame Charge.

You will also want to watch out for Andreas’s Mega Aggron. This steel behemoth is super tanky! But every Pokemon has its weakness. It’s very slow, which allowed my Talonflame to strike first with a Fire-type attack Before finishing it off with Fenreeze.

Commander Andreas will present you with the Surveyor Badge and Zauber Crystals for defeating him. After you collect your badge, Andreas will lead you to the generator room, which to his surprise, has been destroyed.

Commander Andreas Mega Aggron
Commander Andreas Mega Aggron – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Take the teleporter back to Beryllium City, where you will be met by Professor Pine, who suggests you check out the Klonnen Building to see the scientist’s new creations.

At the Klonnen Building, you will be given a Void Ball along with the schematics to build the unique Pokeball. You will be asked to take the schematics to the Ubeforge, where you can purchase some powerful battle items and Void Balls.

Azote Town Revisited

Your next objective is to head to Azote Town and travel the path west that a group of Hunder Pokemon once blocked.

The PC that was once used to heal Pokemon has been destroyed, so you will have to rely on the springs found on the western path. If you talk to the trainer next to the PC, he will give you the PC password “1939”.

Once you’ve healed your Pokemon, it’s time to head west, but not before being challenged by Tyrone.

Tyrone Battle

Route 8 Tyrone Battle
Route 8 Tyrone Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Gazalope
  • Ourocute
  • Oxcelot

Dripstone Cave

Dripstone Cave has two boulder puzzles to complete, with only the first being compulsory. To solve the puzzle, you must push the boulders into the holes in the floor below, allowing you to push them into their slots below.

You will eventually come across a bridge, but before you can cross it, a mysterious figure will destroy it, causing you to plummet to the ground below. You can enter the small western room to climb the rope to backtrack the way you came.

Dripstone Cave first puzzle
Dripstone Cave first puzzle – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Otherwise, head east to find a new exit out of Dripstone Cave. Exiting the cave is straightforward. The second puzzle, however, is not. Although it’s optional, I recommend solving the puzzle if you have or plan to use a Metagross for your team, as you’ll pick up a Metagrossite.

Solving the Dripstone Cave Puzzle – Optional

Dripstone Cave Metagrossite location
Dripstone Cave Metagrossite location – Image by Alex Maksymiw

To solve the Dripstone Cave puzzle, you must drop down the rope to the room below to drop the middle stone in front of the Metagrossite.

Then reset the puzzle. This won’t reset the stone that you lowered earlier. Now you can use the space by the rope to push the boulders in the center of the room to the left.

Thiophur Town: Military Community

Thiophur Town
Thiophur Town – Image by Alex Maksymiw

With that boulder-pushing fiasco out of the way, you can either exit the cave by taking the southern path or head north to the otherside of the broken bridge to pick up the Dread Plate and a Big Nugget.

You will be called by Professor Pine upon entering Thiophur Town, warning you that the western area of the Stronym Region is very dangerous. Yeah, we know, gramps, a dude just tried to kill us!

Sneaking Passed Team Runic

Sneaking passed Team Runic Grunts
Sneaking passed Team Runic Grunts – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Your next objective is to sneak passed the Team Runic Grunts that patrol the area. In this area, you must avoid the grunt’s line of sight.

You can follow grunts to cut the line of sight from other grunts. Save once you get passed each section because if you get caught, you will be sent back to the entrance of Thiophur Town.

Once you reach the laboratory, you must reroute power to the middle door. You must activate a switch on either side of the two rooms to do this.

Both rooms are guarded. In the left room, run past the grunt as he turns away. You must run across the grunt’s line of sight in the right room while he closes his eyes.

Now head through the center door to reveal a mysterious Team Runic character watching your progress. After this cutscene, you can leave, but make sure to heal your Pokemon by walking into the rooms close left or right in the main corridor, as you will trigger a battle with Schild in the next room.

Schild Battle

Mega Panzerk
Mega Panzerk – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Avalugg
  • Valkorvus
  • Mega Panzerk

Between the Avalugg and the Mega Panzerk, Schild’s team is tanky. She doesn’t have the biggest damage-dealing moves, but you must watch out for her Valkorvus, as the Flying/Fighting Type can seriously damage your team. You will want to save your Fire-types for Panzerk and Avalugg.

Route 9

Route 9
Route 9 – Image by Alex Maksymiw

With the help of Gogoat, you can escape the facility and into Route 9. You can catch Aleron and Garchomp in this area.

The area is full of Team Runic grunts; to the south is a small area with one grunt. Otherwise, continue west to meet with Erika for another battle, only you’re battling for badges this time.

Commander Erika Battle – Warrior Badge

Commander Erika battle
Commander Erika battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Salamember
  • Rodeath
  • Ubelord
  • Zweilous
  • Immarate

Erika’s team is well-balanced with Poison infliction and Dark-type attacks. Rodeath and Ubelord’s Sucker Punch can pose a big threat to your team, as it will strike first if you use an attacking move.

However, Erika’s team is weak if you have a Flying-type, Grass-type, or Ground-type. Watch out for Salamember, as your Grass-types won’t be safe from its Fire-type attacks.

Talonflame is an exceptional Pokemon throughout Pokemon Void as its Fire/Flying-type counters many of the new fakemons like Erika’s Immarate.

Volcanic Valley

Erika and the Volcanic Valley
Erika and the Volcanic Valley – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Entering the Volcanic Valley with the Protective Gear equipped, you will discover that Team Runic has been mining ancient ruins from a civilization long gone.

To get through the area, you will need to trick Team Runic into thinking you’re one of their own, requiring you to mine four Zauber Crystal Chunks using the Mining Gear the red Team Runic Grunt gives you.

You can mine at any spot that twinkles with light. The mining mini-game works exactly like mining in The Underground from the fourth-generation Pokemon games. You can’t stack crystals, so you must return the red grunt after mining each crystal chunk.

Mining Gear
Mining Gear – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Once you’ve collected all Crystal Chunks, you will have to defeat the red grunt in battle, triggering several Team Runic Grunts to spawn in the previous room. Once you reach a long bridge, I suggest you heal your Pokemon and prepare for the toughest battle yet.

Team Runic Schwert Battle

Schwert Battle
Schwert Battle – Image by Alex Makysymiw
  • Divihalo
  • Corvitsu
  • Mega Aleron
  • Bulkhemoth

A sword will strike your Pokemon after each round of combat. I won this battle with the skin of my teeth; my Ghilimoss was the only Pokemon left standing with 4 HP.

If I were to do this battle again, I would place my Talonflame in the first rank of my party. Schwert has a bulky team, but Fire-type and Flying-type moves will destroy his team.

You must have healing items on standby for this battle, as Schwert will use a Max Revive and pump healing items meaning your Pokemon will be inflicted with a lot of extra damage from his sword. The sword never misses, so Minimize won’t work here.

Once you’ve defeated, head through the teleporter to heal your Pokemon. Do not blow out the candle on the right. If your team is low on health, a high-level Fenreeze will attack you.

Gynoxe Settlement

Gynoxe Settlement
Gynoxe Settlement – Image by Alex Maksymiw

It’s out of the frying pan straight into the fryer or, should I say, a volcano. In this next segment, you’ll have to sneak into the Team Runic base under the guise of a cadet.

But first, you will need to rescue Erika, whose hot-blooded temperament for fighting has got her outnumbered. You can find her in the middle room of the long corridor.

Rescuing her will cause her to change her heart, on her glory or death attitude. However, she’s interrupted by an undercover Odin Corporation agent named Lugner. Who has a plan to get the Griseous Orb.

You must pick up the Team Runic Cadet uniform in the left room. Now follow Lugner’s instructions; this area is linear until you reach the room with the teleporter and journal. Take note of the teleporter coordinates:

  • Server Room – 629
  • Water Purification – 113
  • Chemical Storage – 452 

You must input each code into the computer to change the teleporter’s coordinates and retrieve a number from each room.

  • Server Room number – 5
  • Water Purification – 8
  • Chemical Storage – 1

Input each number in order of the three rooms into the computer to change the teleporter’s coordinates to get to a secret room. Exploring the dark corridor, Schwert will appear, revealing that he has been hunting you all this time. However, Lugner rushes you out of the northside base.

Telekinetic Tectonic

Old Storage Facility
Old Storage Facility – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Entering Telekinetic Tectonic, you will encounter Lugner again, who explains that you must reach the Old Storage Facility to retrieve the Griseous Orb.

Void Pokemon are the only Pokemon that inhabit the Telekinetic Tectonic area and are significantly higher level than your team. You’ll meet Lugner, who will open a gate leading to the Old Storage Facility. But before you follow him in there, surf the area to pick up some valuable items.

Up ahead, you will find a rail connecting you to Beryllium City. It’s always good to activate these allowing you to travel back to the area in the future.

The Old Storage Facility

Old Storage Facility Cadets
Old Storage Facility Cadets – Image by Alex Maksymiw

To solve the navigation puzzle in the Old Storage Facility, you must enter the small room with a journal featuring an entry of a lost person. The journal will read a series of directions:

  • Right
  • Left
  • Left
  • Down
  • Right
  • Up

To get through the area, you will need to enter the rooms in the opposite direction of the instructions, so walk through the following doors:

  • Left
  • Right
  • Right
  • Up
  • Left
  • Down

This will lead you to another Team Runic Cadet.

To solve the northern puzzle, you must activate two switches on either side of the corridor; however, you can only reveal them by walking over the three yellow lines multiple times.

Once you’ve defeated the next battle, head back to the main corridor and enter the circular room, where you’ll meet a mysterious figure who plans to destroy both Team Runic and the Odin Corporation.

The Director
The Director – Image by Alex Maksymiw

If you agree to join his side, the game will end here! And you will be sent back to the main menu; however, the game does save automatically when entering this area.

On saying “No,” you will be teleported to a new area where you will encounter a strange entity that resembles Chad before morphing into a horrifying swirl of shadows.

Escaping The Old Storage Facility Entity

Officer Lugner Battle

Lugner battle
Lugner battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Gabite
  • Vibrava 
  • Ouroccult 
  • Mega Metagross 
  • Noxic

Lugner will reveal that he is an agent working for the Director and will challenge you to a battle.

The battle with Lugner can be challenging if you don’t have an answer for Dragon-type and Steel-type Pokemon.

My Fenreeze knocked out Gabite easily with an Icicle Clash, while my Velocitor knocked out Ouroccult and Mega Metagross after building up its evasiveness with Minimize and Attack and Speed stats with Dragon Dance.

Noxic, the third evolution of Gludge, can pose a big threat to your team due to its poisoning and Psychic-type attacks. Lugner will use a Max Revive in battle.

Once you defeat Lugner, you will meet Chad, who needs your help to activate a series of switches to escape the Old Storage Facility. Your escape will lead you to enter the Distortion World to solve a series of switch puzzles.

Distortion World
Distortion World – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Distortion World Puzzles

To get through the Distortion World area, you must unlock gates by activating two switches per area. Physics is all messed up in the Distortion World, and you will have to uncover hidden paths and walk along walls to get to each switch. Use the images below as a guide.

Distortion World Switches
Distortion World Switches – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Fusion Floodgate Revisited

Taking the teleporter at the end of the Distortion world will send you back to the Stronym Region by the previously locked building outside the Fusion Floodgate.

Travel to Professor Pine’s Estate using the teleporter to the west and the rail to travel to Beryllium City, where you’ll discover that Team Runic’s raid on the city has left the city in ruins.

You’ll be greeted by Andreas, who will tell you to find Albert and Erika and help them evacuate the city. You must fight three Team Runic Grunts before you can reach Albert. You can heal your Pokemon on the PC near Andreas.

Beryllium City Raid
Beryllium City Raid – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Once you reach Albert and Erika, everyone retreats after the strange entity appears, claiming the city. Back at the rail Andreas presents you with the Psychological Badge leaving only one more badge to collect!

Chemie Settlement

Chemie Settlement
Chemie Settlement – Image by Alex Maksymiw

You’ll be taken to the Chemie Settlement along with Albert, Erika, and the other evacuees. Before you leave, Albert will tell you to seek out Eliora for your next assignment while he and Erika assault Team Runic.

This is the first town where you picked up your starter Pokemon; there have been a few changes since the last time you were here.

Access to Route 11 is now available by standing on the blue switch next to the rail, and the settlement is filled with refugees blocking access to Zuerst Forest.

Route 11

Meeting Eliora in Route 11
Meeting Eliora in Route 11 – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Like Chemie Settlement, Route 11 has a wintery environment, and Pokemon will be inflicted by hail in the battle. To meet Eliora, you must travel north and enter the teleporter.

It wouldn’t be a Pokemon fan game without some frozen solid ice puzzles. Luckily for you, I’ve solved the puzzles for you below.

Solving the First Ice Puzzle

Solving the Second Ice Puzzle

Solving the Third Ice Puzzle

The third puzzle requires you to activate switches within a time limit. I have already completed the puzzle at the time of recording, but the path remains the same.

Solving the Fourth Ice Puzzle

To solve the fourth ice puzzle in the cave, you must activate four colored pedestals in order of the colors on the cave exit wall. Each time you attempt the puzzle, the colors swap pedestals; however, the routes remain the same.

Once you’ve completed this puzzle, you must battle two more Team Runic Grunts before Commander Eliora challenges you.

Commander Eliora – Apex Badge

Eliora's Mega Garchomp
Eliora’s Mega Garchomp – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Parkowl
  • Mega Garchomp
  • Haxorus 
  • Fenreeze
  • Noivern

Commander Eliora is a brutal battle as her Mega Garchomp is super fast, but her Haxorus poses the biggest threat.

By the time Eliora switches in Haxorus, your team will be hurting. Haxorus knows a one-hit-KO move called Guillotine that can decimate your team. I beat Eliora with just seven HP remaining on my Velocitor.

I beat her by cheesing Minimize and Dragon Dance; this worked well as her Pokemon are significantly higher level and fast, meaning they usually strike first in a round. Don’t be fooled by Eliora’s Parkowl.

It knows Brave Bird and can deal a lot of damage. The battle is even harder since Eliora has a Max Revive.

Once you defeat Eliora, she will present you with the Apex Badge and a couple of Zauber Crystals. Now you can move on to Route 12.

Route 12

Route 12
Route 12 – Image by Alex Maksymiw

By spending Zauber Crystals, you can level your Pokemon to Level 60 at the Relic in the nearby cave.

Once your team is ready, hop on Swampert’s newly mega-evolved back to jump over the obstacles in the water. There are several Team Runic Cadets between you and the next facility.

  • To the west, you will find a rail; however, upon returning to Route 12, Swampert glitched, and it wouldn’t Mega-Evolve, so you may need to travel to the Artic Apex rail to enter Route 12 that way.

Odin Tower

Odin Tower block puzzle
Odin Tower block puzzle – Image by Alex Maksymiw

The facility is full of Team Runic trainers, and you will have to solve a few puzzles before reaching the tower’s top. The first two are simple puzzles where you must push floating boxes into a slot.

These are easy enough. The light-electrified floor puzzle is not. In this puzzle, you will need to activate a switch that will reveal an electrified floor for a brief time. You must find the path to the otherside of the room and reach Erika and Albert.

Odin Tower electrified floor puzzle
Odin Tower electrified floor puzzle – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Once you reach the otherside, Albert and Erika will tell you to team up with Chad to assault the tower and reach the mysterious Director. You can only carry three Pokemon in this next area since the following four battles are double battles.

  • Chad will use his Amalgasaur, Fenreeze, and Mega Metagross for each battle.

Zillia and Loralei Double Battle

Loralei Zillia Double Battle
Loralei and Zillia double battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Parkowl
  • Trevenant
  • Metagross
  • Mega Gengar
  • Mega Steelix
  • Zauboulder

Chad’s Pokemon are very strong, so you may find these battles a bit easier. However, Chad’s Amalgasaur will use Earthquake and strikes your Pokemon throughout this double battle segment. As a result, I ran this part with Talonflame to avoid friendly fire.

This first battle was a breeze for me as I had Talonflame, Velocitor, and Feraleon equipped with Swords Dance and Baton Pass. This allowed me to charge my physical attacks for Talonflame.

Mega Steelix and Mega Gengar
Mega Steelix and Mega Gengar – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Officer Lugner Double Battle

Officer Lugner Double Battle
Officer Lugner Double Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Garchomp
  • Flygon
  • Mega Metagross
  • Ouroccult
  • Noxic

This battle is tough despite Lugner owning only five Pokemon, as he will use Max Revives to revive his Pokemon.

Once again, my Talonflame was great for this fight as it could avoid Flygon’s Ground-type attacks and inflict big damage to Lugner’s Mega Metagross. You must watch out for Flygon’s Hyper Beam, which can easily knock out your Pokemon if injured.

Chad’s Fenreeze is great in this battle as it can counter Garchomp, so take out Ouroccult and Flygon before they can knock it out with a Ground-type move.

Defectors Tyrone and Shannon Double Battle

Commander Shannon And Tyrone Double Battle
Commander Shannon and Tyrone Double Battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Furtzigner
  • Salamember
  • Mega Smashtopod
  • Ouroccult
  • Cheetarc
  • Sabertorch

The third battle will pit you against your childhood friend Tyrone and his mother, Shannon. This was another easy battle, excluding their Furtzigner.

This Pokemon can inflict Poison damage and fire a powerful Moonblast attack. Chad’s Team is well equipped to deal with their team, albeit his Metagross will struggle with Mega Smashtopod and Salamember.

Team Runic Schwert and Schild Double Battle

Mega Aleron and Mega Panzerk
Mega Aleron and Mega Panzerk – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Corvitsu
  • Valkorvus
  • Mega Aleron
  • Mega Panzerk
  • Bulkhemoth
  • Avalugg

The final double battle is the toughest, as you will have to face Mega Aleron and Mega Panzerk simultaneously. It wouldn’t be as bad if Schild and Schwert didn’t use Max Revives on them. I recommend taking out Aleron first, as it has some serious damage capabilities.

Once you defeat the four double battles, you will reach the top of the tower to face the mysterious Director, who is revealed to be none other than Professor Pines.

Alois Pine The Director
Alois Pines the Director – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Alois Pines, AKA The Director Battle #1

The Director battle
The Director battle – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Palkia 
  • Giratina
  • Dialga 

Chad and your father are swept away before they can fight Professor Pines, returning you to a 3v3 solo battle. Before Chad is teleported away, he drops a bunch of Max Revives. Pick these up for the next battle!

Professor Pines will lead with Palkia. The most deadly of the three legendaries as its Spacial Rend does not need to charge after use like Giratina’s Shadow Force and Dialga’s Roar of Time. You can use the time between these powerful attacks to heal your team or increase your stats.

Alois Pines Battle #2

Professor Pines Battle
Professor Pines Battle #2 – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Ryveligen

After defeating Professor Pines, you must fight Ryveligen, the entity you encountered in the Old Storage Facility. This battle is much easier than the previous encounter.

Ryveligen will only use the Annihilation move, which takes a turn to charge up, giving you a window to attack and use the Max Revives that Chad left you.

Once you’ve defeated Alois Pines, you beat the main story, leaving only the Victory Road and Elite Four left to complete.

Victory Road

Schwarz Forest
Schwarz Forest – Image by Alex Maksymiw

To get to Victory Road, travel south of Route 9 and enter Schwarz Forest. 

Victory Road is easy enough to get through. However, you must pass a cavern by walking on an invisible floor. To solve the puzzle, follow my lead in the video below.

Elite Four

You can challenge the Elite Four in any order you like and leave to heal your Pokemon at any time. The Elite Four are much easier than renditions of the Elite Four in other fan-made Pokemon games.

Remember that your opponent will always swap their Pokemon after the third turn in combat, and always use a Max Revive on a Pokemon that counters your current Pokemon in battle.

Ubercommander Eliora

Ubercommander Elioroa
Ubercommander Elioroa – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Parkowl 
  • Haxorus
  • Mega Garchomp
  • Fenreeze
  • Noivern 

While your team determines which Pokemon are easier to knock out, Eliora’s Mega Garchomp and Fenreeze are her biggest threats. Mega Garchomp’s Dig and Dragon Rush deal a serious amount of damage.

Eliora’s Noivern is not the strongest, but it’s Whirlwind and Boomburst moves can drag injured party members out in battle and knock them out due to its speed and priority in battle.

Ubercommander Albert

Ubercommander Albert
Ubercommander Albert – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Mega Smashtopod 
  • Divihalo
  • Corvitsu
  • Spitefly
  • Bulkhemoth

If you have a Fire-type or Flying-type on your team or both, you will destroy Albert. His team is mainly built up of Fighting/Bug-type Pokemon.

All his Pokemon are dual-type fakemons. You will still want to play cautiously, as his team has high attack power from Mega Smashtopod, Bulkhemoth, and Corvitsu.

Ubercommander Andreas

Ubercommander Andreas
Ubercommander Andreas – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Scolipede
  • Rodeath
  • Gigalith 
  • Noxic
  • Mega Aggron

Grass types will be useful in taking out Andreas’s Gigalith. However, his Scolipede, poison-type Rodeath, and Noxic counter Grass-types, so Ground-type moves are very effective here.

My Mega Garchomp’s Dig cut down Rodeath and Noxic and was a great counter to Rodeath’s Sucker Punch. Gigalith will always use Stealth Rock as its first move making it difficult to switch out your Pokemon.

My Talonflame was handicapped during this fight as type matchup damage applies to damage taken from Stealth Rock.

Ubercommander Erika

Ubercommander Erika
Ubercommander Erika – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Salamember
  • Rodeath
  • Immarate 
  • Ubelord
  • Hydreigon 

Erika’s Immarate and Hydreigon are the biggest threats on her team. Immarate’s Fire/Grass-typings give it resistance to many types. However, once again, Talonflame ruled the day as its Flying-type moves were super effective, and it resisted Immarate’s Fire Blast and Inferno moves.

Champion Chad

Champion Chad
Champion Chad – Image by Alex Maksymiw
  • Mega Metagross
  • Fenreeze 
  • Amalgasaur 
  • Furztigner 
  • Umbreon
  • Salamember

Chad’s Team has had a serious upgrade since the last time you fought him. He will lead with Mega Metagross, which has an array of moves to counter its weaknesses. Ice Punch decimated my Talonflame, and Earthquake and Rock Slide countered Velocitor.

Status-inflicting moves are a strategy that can be rarely used in this battle, as Chad’s Umbreon’s Synchronise ability will cause your own Pokemon to gain its status ailment. Moreover, Furztigner’s Magic Bounce ability will reflect any incoming status problems back at you, making Toxic useless.

You will need a strong Ice-type to move in your team as Chad’s Amalgasaur has few weaknesses, and it’s a Pokemon you will want to knock out fast due to its Bulldoze, Earthquake, and Leaf Storm attacks.

Chad's Amalgasaur
Chad’s Amalgasaur – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Despite being heavily out-leveled, I defeated Chad after a couple of tries. I leaned heavily on my Velocitor’s Minimize move.

But this didn’t completely save me, as both Mega Metagross and Amalgasaur could knock it out with one hit from Earthquake and Bulldoze. It also meant that Chad would use a Max revive on Mega Metagross and Amalgasaur since these were Velocitor’s counters.

So I covered my weaknesses with a Dimaknight, a Rock-type with Sacred Sword and Head Smash, and a Fenreeze with Blizzard and Icicle Crash to counter his Amalgasaur.

Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame – Image by Alex Maksymiw

Pokemon Void Guide: FAQs

Question: Where Can I Find Fly in Pokemon Void?

Answer: There are no HMs in Pokemon Void. Instead, players can obtain the Train Magnet by defeating Commander Zillia, a key item that allows you to travel on overhanging rail that sprawls across the Stronym Region.

Question: How Can I Play Pokemon Void?

Answer: You don’t need an emulator to play Pokemon Void, but you will need an archiving tool, like Winrar or 7-Zip. You can download Pokemon Void from Pokecommunity.com, where RFG, the developer of Pokemon Void, posted the game. RFG recommends not playing the game on mobile due to problems with glitches on Android and IOS.

Question: How Can I Speed Up Pokemon Void Gameplay?

Answer: Pressing the NumLock key will increase the speed of the game.

What Happens Next?

After you beat Chad, he will apologize for his behavior and ask to be your friend. You can make your own decision here. But besides that, you still have a bunch of secrets to uncover, achievements to unlock, and the Pokedex to complete.

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