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The Pokémon Company has always made Pokémon to be family-friendly because they want to cater to people of all ages. The young me loved playing Pokémon Emerald, and the adult me spent hours on Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Sure, they have some fringe elements in them that would make for a good horror story (Drifloon’s Pokédex entry is scary), but overall, Pokémon is a franchise meant for everyone. However, some dedicated players love to have a game with a mature theme for once. A Pokémon game with the graphics and tone of the Witcher series would blow my mind!

We all know it is an impossible dream, but some enthusiasts want to make that dream come true. Enter: Pokémon ROM hacks. One Pokémon ROM hack caught the attention of many players across the world: Pokémon Snakewood.

It had a dark twist to the generic story, and back when it first came out, it featured elements unheard of. One of its most praised attributes is the original Pokémon the creator added, which contributed to the game’s atmosphere.

While it got a ton of praise back then, it now became a game famous for being so bad it becomes good. Is Pokémon Snakewood truly bad? Read on to learn more about this ROM hack.

Story Synopsis

You, the player, wake up in the middle of a barren field that used to be Littleroot Town. You have no memory of what happened or why you are there, but you come across three Poké Balls lying on the ground. After choosing between Paras, Koffing, or Baltoy, you encounter Professor Birch being attacked by a zombie. After saving him, you learn that the entire region got taken over by a zombie apocalypse.

He also tells you that your older brother, Landon, and his daughter, May, have volunteered to fight the zombies.

However, no one has seen them since. So, you set off on a journey to look for them. Along the way, you encounter Alicia, a “Deathcaller” who tests your strength, survivors from different places, more zombies, and (surprisingly) demons. You battle against them, which is incredibly hard to do.

You also meet the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, whose motivations for a child are questionable. They try to kill you, but Death himself banishes them due to their interference with mortal lives. Death also tries to kill you, but you defy him (so you are possibly immortal). A gang known as the Deadly Seven also exists to torment you.

Eventually, the mastermind of this chaos shows up: Senex. The game insinuates that Senex created the Deadly Seven as he made their leader, Asimov, vanish into thin air. You and a couple of companions you meet along your journey try to stop Senex from his nefarious plans.

However, even after you defeat him for a second time, he manages to destroy all of Hoenn. You defeat him again to make him restore the region to its original state (still with zombies).

Key Features

  • Hoenn’s geography remains (mostly) the same, but a lot of areas have changed due to the zombie apocalypse.
  • It features Pokémon from Gen III to V, although only a few Pokémon from Gen IV and V show up. Examples include Magnezone, Emolga, Spiritomb, etc.
  • It features original (fan-made) Pokémon; they are zombie versions of existing Pokémon. Examples include Boilbasaur, Poliwraith, Rotmander, etc.
  • It features original (fan-made) evolutions of existing Pokémon. Examples include Qwilshark (the new evolution of Qwilfish), Dragoone (the new evolution of Linoone), and more.
  • It features a new classification of Pokémon known as the Denjuu; in-game, they are still Pokémon with stats and moves, but they can talk.
  • It changes the types of some existing Pokémon; for example, Milotic is a Water-Psychic type Pokémon in this game rather than being a pure Water type.
  • A completely new story about a post-apocalyptic Hoenn region where the protagonist goes on a journey to find his brother, Landon, and friend, May.
  • It is slightly more difficult in terms of Pokémon battles and navigation through the story compared to standard Pokémon games.

The Guide to Pokémon Snakewood

Ruins of Littleroot Town

ruins of littleroot town

When you start a new game, the protagonist (you) talks to himself. He claims that he does not remember anything.

However, he thinks that Professor Birch is familiar. The professor has a Poké Ball in hand, but a different version of Bulbasaur comes out. The protagonist states that something odd has happened; he remembers that the Pokémon he knew of were dead.

He tries to convince himself that Pokémon do not die; they just faint. After deciding on a gender and a name (I chose to be a boy named Arthur because if the creator can self-insert himself, I will too), you wake up in an empty area with some rocks scattered throughout.

The signs state that this area used to be Littleroot Town, but no house remains. You find three Poké Balls in the ruins of Professor Birch’s lab.

Starter Pokémon in Snakewood

starter pokémon in snakewood

You can take one among the three Poké Balls on the ground; the top one contains a Baltoy, a Ground and Psychic-type Pokémon that evolves to Claydol at level 36. The bottom-left one contains a Koffing, a Poison-type Pokémon that evolves to Weezing at level 35, and the bottom-right one contains a Paras, a Bug and Grass-type Pokémon that evolves to Parasect starting at level 24.

I chose Paras because I love this weird-looking crab-like insect, and I named him Noisestorm (the creator of the popular meme song “Crab Rave”). If you care about base stats, I would suggest picking Baltoy. Parasect has the weakest base stats, with a total of 405, while Claydol has the strongest, with a total of 500. Weezing’s total base stat is near Claydol’s, with a base stat of 490.

Saving Prof. Birch from a zombie

Head up north, and a cutscene will start. You will see Prof. Birch running around as an NPC with green skin chases him. This character is Zombie Kid Liam, who has a level three “Boilbasaur”, which is a zombie version of Bulbasaur.

After defeating him, the professor thanks you for saving him. You claim that you have not seen or remembered anything. He reminds you that there is a zombie plague in the region. He then leads you to Oldale Town, a safe haven free from zombies.

Oldale Town in Snakewood

You start in Oldale Town’s Pokémon Center, where you can heal your Pokémon. I would suggest that you heal up before heading out.

Talking with Prof. Birch in Route 103

Talk to Prof. Birch at the top of the trail. He will give an egg to you. Prof. Birch wants you to find Landon along with his daughter, May. Landon and May set off west a few weeks prior to search for the source of the zombie infection. He wants you to find them because he believes Landon is the most capable of defeating the zombies.

He then tells you to go to Petalburg, as there may have been survivors there who may have seen Landon and May. He gives you a Poképhone, which he will use to contact you when he finds a lead. He then heads out.

Battling Deathcaller ??? in Snakewood

battling deathcaller in snakewood

As you head to Petalburg City, a nearby NPC with blonde hair and dark robes stops you. He calls you the professor’s weak-willed errand boy, and she starts a battle with you.

She has a level five Sneasel, a Dark and Ice-type Pokémon. If you are having trouble with this battle, I advise you to train your Pokémon at Route 103 until they level up to eight at least. After you defeat her, she tells you that her name is Alicia, and she goes her merry way.

Route 102 in Snakewood

The first NPC you will find on this path is a boy being attacked by a girl. When you interact with the girl, a battle will commence with Ghost Girl Lizzie. She has a level four “Polihag”, which is a zombie version of Poliwag.

route 102 in snakewood

After you defeat Polihag, Ghost Girl Lizzie will bring out a “Rotmander”, which is a zombie version of Charmander. If you are having problems with this fight, I recommend you catch another Pokémon before starting this encounter.

For example, I went back to Route 103 to catch a Wingull, which I named Birb, before heading out to the first encounter. I also went to the patches of grass on Route 102 and caught a Zigzagoon, which I named Zipper. After you defeat Ghost Girl Lizzie, the boy you saved will give you the Running Shoes.

Petalburg City in Snakewood

You arrive in Petalburg City, but some of the houses are already in ruins. If your Pokémon’s health and PP are low, you can heal by interacting with the bag containing medical supplies on the ground. The bag is near the Petalburg Gym.

Head west past the Petalburg Gym. An NPC will eventually walk toward you. He asks if you are looking for your brother. He informs you that he saw Landon and May heading to the Petalburg Woods when the pair passed through the city.

petalburg city in snakewood

Suddenly, a group of zombies come from behind you. The NPC sacrifices himself and tells you to run away. You then move west, heading outside Petalburg City.

Petalburg Woods in Snakewood

From the entrance, you can head left or right; go left. Then, go up until you reach the end. An NPC is nearby; he is Survivor Lyle, and he warns you not to go further. He starts a Pokémon battle with you; he has a level seven Slakoth, Wurmple, and Ralts.

You can then continue; you will eventually meet a levitating legless corpse blocking the way. It notices you and tries to possess your body; a Pokémon battle starts. The corpse is Demon Corpse Zabulon, and he has a level 11 “Houndsour”, which is a zombie version of Houndour.

After defeating the Houndsour, he will take out his level 11 Dirtkrow, which is a zombie version of Murkrow. After defeating both his Pokémon, you get the Stone Badge among what is left of him. Finally, you arrive at the exit leading to Rustboro City.

Route 104 in Snakewood

route 104 in snakewood

After exiting the woods, you will encounter something that essentially made Pokémon Snakewood one of the most popular ROM hacks many years ago. You will see the severed head of a Pikachu mounted on a stake; if you loot from it, you get a Super Potion.

Rustboro City in Snakewood

Rustboro City has also suffered from the zombie apocalypse; the Pokémon Center is gone, and there are a couple of zombies and demons roaming around.

Head to the northeast of the Rustboro City sign, and you will find a box. It is a supply crate, and inside, you can take as many potions as you want. I suggest taking a lot because no one will stop you, and you might need it (the future battles will be tough).

Battling Deathcaller Alicia in Rustboro City

Then, head to the hooded lady near the zombie enclosure; it is Deathcaller Alicia. If you talk to her, she will reveal that she placed the zombies in Petalburg Woods to stop you.

She also reveals that being a Deathcaller means being a servant to Lord Gravetric (I like a spooky and mysterious guy). She then starts a Pokémon battle with you.

battling deathcaller alicia in rustboro city

The first Pokémon she brings out is a level ten Sableye, a Dark and Ghost-type Pokémon; therefore, it does not have any typing weaknesses. I suggest avoiding using Normal or Fighting-type moves because they will not put a dent in her Sableye.

Her next Pokémon is a level ten Shuppet, a Ghost-type Pokémon, and her final Pokémon is her signature Sneasel. This time, it is level 15. After defeating her, she will inform you that she will go back to Verdanturf to file her report.

Dantalion cutscene in Rustboro City

Next, head north to start a cutscene; a boy with purple hair and a zombie named Dantalion are talking. He claims that his body is slow because the legs are removed, but the boy with purple hair urges him to get new ones soon.

dantalion cutscene in rustboro city

He then tells Dantalion that the zombie must be at his best when the pair challenge “them.” So far, I find everything ambiguous. You begin to monologue that they were familiar, but you are not entirely sure. You decide to help them since they are against the demons; therefore, you consider them allies.

Battling Gleis in Rustboro City

Head north, then turn right (do not go to Route 115 yet). You will find the boy with purple hair. He senses your presence and goes near you. He seems to recognize you, but you tell him that you have lost your memory. After a bit of thought, he introduces himself as Gleis.

You tell him that you will help him out and inform him of your mission to find Landon and May. Gleis is not sure about your strength, so he starts a Pokémon battle with you to test it.

battling gleis in rustboro city

He only has one Pokémon: a level 17 “Faceleech”, which is an original Disease and Poison-type Pokémon in Snakewood.

I recommend that you use Ground type Pokémon (like Baltoy) because it is super effective against Faceleech. After confirming that you are strong, he heals your Pokémon and tells you to catch up to them at the cave mouth east of you. Thus, go east through route 116.

Rusturf Tunnel in Snakewood

As you enter the Rusturf Tunnel, the man standing in front introduces himself as Dantalion, Gleis’ servant. Go inside and talk to Gleis.

A girl accompanies him; Gleis explains that she is a vessel that is channeling demons. He says that if he breaks the spell on her, no more demons will appear. He then tells you your mission: you must beat the demons who will try to stop Gleis.

Battling demons in Rusturf Tunnel

Demon Belial has two Pokémon; both are Anoriths. The first one is level 16, while the second one is level 17. Anorith is a Rock and Bug-type Pokémon. You can send out a Ghost-type Pokémon if you have one. Then, Demon Asmodeus starts a battle, and he has the same Pokémon as Demon Belial. So, stick with your winning strategy on the previous match.

After helping Gleis, he heads off, and you continue your search for your brother and May. Go straight in the tunnel. Then, go down to make your exit towards Verdanturf Town.

Meeting Alicia and Pestilence in Verdanturf Ruins

As you go out of the tunnel, you see that the town is already in ruins. Then, you have another flashback that hurts your brain (trust me, the story will indeed hurt your brain). You pass out and fall down the cliffs. Surprisingly, Alicia is standing near you alongside another girl.

Alicia brings you to her boss: Pestilence. You remember her name, but you do not remember anything else about her. Pestilence is shocked that you are still alive after she destroyed Littleroot Town.

meeting alicia and pestilence in verdanturf ruins

Still, she is glad that you do not remember much. She proclaims that she is Pestilence, the only female member of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Then, she starts a Pokémon battle with you to cut loose ends.

Battling Pestilence in Verdanturf Ruins

She has three Pokémon; the first one she sends out is a level 16 “Moulder”, which is a zombie version of Grimer. Her second Pokémon is a level 18. Finally, her third Pokémon is a level 17 Moulder. It has the same moves as the first Moulder.

If you are having trouble with this battle, I would recommend having a Ground or Steel type Pokémon on your team.

Also, bring lots of antidotes beforehand because they will relentlessly try to poison you. Avoid bringing Grass-type Pokémon because they will be beaten to Death by the waves of toxicity. Thankfully, my Noisestorm managed to hold on as Zipper and Birb fended them off.

Pestilence storms off after her defeat. Then, in an M. Night Shyamalan twist, Alicia apologizes to you (perhaps she is an example of what the weebs call a “tsundere”). She leaves you alone as she claims to go all out the next time you meet. You also find a Pokédex on the ground.

HM01 Cut in Endless Plains in Snakewood

Head to the entrance to Rusturf Tunnel, but do not go inside. Instead, go right from the entrance and follow the path. It will eventually lead you to another cave entrance with a Charizard nearby. Head inside this cave entrance to go to the Endless Plains.

Can you guess what the Endless Plains look like? Yeah, I do not need to explain. You can see a Poké Ball on the ground; it has the HM01 in it! HM01 is Cut. Teach it to a Pokémon so that you can cut down small trees blocking the path.

HM01 cut in endless plains in snakewood

If you have played Pokémon games before, you know that HMs are important to progress the story. Weirdly, it is in this empty field. I taught my Zipper the HM01 Cut. Head back to Rusturf Tunnel and exit Route 116. As you head to Rustboro City, your Poképhone rings; Prof. Birch is calling you. He tells you to go to Dewford Town since Landon and May were last spotted there a few weeks ago.

Getting HM03 Surf in Route 115 in Snakewood

getting HM03 surf in route 115 in snakewood

Enter Rustboro City and head north until you find a small tree. Use your Pokémon that knows HM01 Cut to cut it down. You will see a man in the middle of the road before the stairs in the mountains. Interact with him; you will find out that the man is dead. He has a Poké Ball in his hand containing a Magikarp; get it.

Next, view your newly acquired Magikarp. You will notice that it is holding an item; take it. Congratulations! You have HM03 Surf now. However, if you do not have a Balance Badge, you cannot use it.

Getting the Balance Badge in Route 115 in Snakewood

The Balance Badge is also in Route 115. Go left from the dead guy you looted a Magikarp from. Go down to the sandy beach to find a girl wandering around; talk to her to start a Pokémon battle. She is Normal Girl Laura, the sole survivor of Petalburg Gym.

She has a level 16 Zangoose and a level 17 Delcatty. They are Normal-type Pokémon, so Fighting type moves would be incredibly effective in this fight.

After defeating her, you get the Balance Badge.

getting the balance badge in route 115 in snakewood

Surfing to Dewford Town in Snakewood

Go back to the Petalburg Woods to go back to Route 104. Next, head to the beach. Interact with the sea (make sure you have your Pokémon that knows HM03 Surf). You can then go sail through the water with your Pokémon. In my case, I had Zipper take me to Dewford Town. I do not know how this little creature can take me there on its back.

Go down to pass Route 105. You may encounter many NPCs who will start a Pokémon battle with you. As you reach the bottom of Route 105, go right. Then, you can continue surfing to Dewford Town.

Dewford Town in Snakewood

Enter the gym in Dewford Town; you will notice that it is dark. First, go right. Take the first path going down, then go right again (as for a checkpoint, you will pass by a box on your way right). After going right, you will notice the path will go up. Follow this path all the way up. Then, go all the way left until the path goes down.

Eventually, you will encounter a Pokémon battle with Rocker Beldum. Contrary to his name, he does not have a Beldum. Instead, he has two level 16 Shinx and a level 16 Luxio. They are Electric-type Pokémon, so bring a Ground-type Pokémon with you.

Continue on the path to end up with Haruko, the Dewford Gym leader. However, she does not start a battle with you just yet. Instead, she wants you to investigate the bottom of the Solar Caverns. So, go back out. Yeah, I know. It is annoying. At least put a backdoor we can go through or something.

Solar Caverns in Snakewood

Head north of Dewford Town and pass through the wandering fighter (going within his field of view will start a battle). Head left until you find a cave opening.

Go inside and head left until you find a ladder going down. After going down, head all the way right, then go down. You will spot another ladder to get into. After a quick and confusing flashback, head all the way left, then go upstairs. Go all the way right, and along the way, another confusing flashback happens.

On your way right, you will find a ladder going up. After going up, there is another ladder you can go to. Next, head all the way left until you find an exit.

solar caverns in snakewood

As you enter the empty room, a dragon suddenly appears. You remember its name: Meteor the Dragon King. Like Pestilence, he starts a Pokémon battle with you to cut loose ends. He only has one Pokémon: a level 22 “Dragon”, which is the zombie version of Charizard. It can be pretty tough, so I recommend levelling your Pokémon up beforehand and bringing a Water-type Pokémon with you.

Even though my Noisestorm evolved to Parasect prior to this encounter, I had a hard time because Noisestorm’s moves were weak against Dragon. Thankfully, my team managed to pull through. After the fight, he disappears, warning you that you two will meet again. So, head back to Haruko at the Dewford Gym.

Battling Haruko in Dewford Gym

After reporting to her your findings, a Pokémon battle will start. She has six Pokémon: a level 18 Poochyena, level 22 Sneasel, level 19 Carvanha, level 25 Luxray, level 18 Absol, and level 1 Kingmadio. Warning: this battle is super difficult! Guess the Pokémon that’s a major pain in the butt; you will be surprised. It is not the level 20s Pokémon, but the level one Kingmadio.

battling haruko in dewford gym

Kingmadio has the ability Wonder Guard, which means it can only receive damage from super-effective moves. However, Kingmadio is a Dark and Ghost-type Pokémon. It has no weakness! I recommend that you bring a Pokémon with a move that inflicts the Poison status condition like Toxic. Thankfully, my Noisestorm has Poison Powder.

You get the Miasma Badge after defeating her. As you get out of the gym, your Poképhone rings; it is Prof. Birch calling you again. He asks you to find leads as to where Landon and May are. Go to Dewford Hall and talk to the man near the window and TV.

He will tell you that the pair surfed to Dewford Town, found something amazing in the desert, and headed out.

Surfing to Slateport City in Snakewood

Bring your Pokémon who knows HM03 Surf. Surf across the water and go east. You will eventually encounter NPCs who like to fight you, so prepare some strong Pokémon, preferably Grass or Electric-type Pokémon. Head east until you hit a dead end.

Then, head north to get to Slateport City. The beach and nearby islets also have NPCs who want to battle you, so if you need extra XP, talk to them.

Slateport City in Snakewood

slateport city in snakewood

Head to the Seashore House, which is the house on the left side of the beach. Talk to the child near the door to get a Fire Stone. Then, move forward. The chef in front, Former Chef Tomu, will scream and run toward you.

He will start a Pokémon battle against you. He will bring a level 30 Munchlax. After the encounter, head to the city; another NPC will charge at you. It is Former Chef Shirasagi. He has two Pokémon: a level 24 Munchlax and a level 25 Kirlia.

After that fight, another NPC charges. It is Former Chef Shirasagi again! He still has the same Pokémon as the previous fight. Thus, stick to your winning strategy. Throughout your journey through the city, an onslaught of former chefs will attack you carrying the same Pokémon.

Stern’s Shipyard in Snakewood

After defeating the former chefs, go inside Stern’s Shipyard and head right to the area with a large hole full of water. Jump down to go to a storage area. Then, head to the stairs at the top-right section. Go up the stairs. It is hard to notice, but there is a door on the wall behind the stairs you went through. Enter it.

You will end up in a small room with a green-haired man. He asks you how you got in the room (by walking, am I right?). He tells you that you are in the SS Cangrejo, and he is Usher, the second-in-command. He also tells you that the submarine is badly damaged.

Fixing the SS Cangrejo submarine in Snakewood

He informs you that if you clear out the danger in the engine room, they can fix the submarine. You agree (child endangerment, am I right?) and jump down the hole in the room to go to the lower levels. This area is not too complicated as there is only one exit. Head south until you find some stairs going down.

After going down, use HM03 Surf to go to the other side of the room. If you do not have such Pokémon in your party, you can go upstairs to the right to access the PC.

Next, head south and go right. You will find another water hole you can surf on. Use HM03 Surf to access the other side. Then, check the cabinets to get some Dive Balls and the Arclight Spanner. Take it.

fixing the ss cangrejo submarine in snakewood

Go back to the other side and head left this time. Go down to interact with the engine. You can use the Arclight Spanner to fix it. Congratulations! You fixed the engine (child labour, am I right?). As you leave the engine room, talk to Usher, who is now standing near you. He will take you to Route 110 as thanks for fixing the engine.

Route 110 in Snakewood

As you head north, you hear people shouting and a theme song like a marching band. Head east and navigate through the trees. You will eventually fight an NPC known as the Inquisition Footman. He stops you because the “Inquisition” is patrolling the area. After defeating him, he will retreat to report to his boss.

Mauville City in Snakewood

Guarding the entrance of Mauville City is another Inquisition Footman. Defeat his level 28 Graveler easily using a Water or Grass-type move to go past him. As you move forward, you will meet Gleis again. He tells you that he is watching a battle and invites you to watch it with him. You move toward a bunch of Inquisition Footmen having a fight against zombies and a former chef.

Gleis tells you that they are the Inquisition, a part of the Hoenn government. He tells you that the Inquisition has taken control of the region. Suddenly, a couple of zombies, along with a female NPC with purple hair, arrive in the middle of the fight. She banishes the zombies involved in the fight and declares that the area is clear.

mauville city in snakewood

Gleis explains that the girl is Chloe, a Taoist like him, and the Inquisition is hunting him because they believe Gleis is responsible for the apocalypse. He then wants you to go south and head to New Mauville. There, Dantalion is waiting for you.

New Mauville City in Snakewood

Use HM03 Surf near the Seaside Cycling Road entrance, then go right until you reach a cave entrance. Go inside to find Dantalion waiting for you. He tells you that the residents of Mauville City have taken refuge here. However, someone was murdered, and he wants you to investigate. First, go to the body to find out that a Fire-type Pokémon probably attacked Wilfred.

Report back to the officer near New Mauville’s entrance. Then, speak to the little girl by the boxes; she will give you info about the chef being suspicious. Next, go speak to the chef. He will deny the claim. Report back to the officer, and he will tell you to ask Watson. Go to Watson (he is at the top area of New Mauville) and talk to him.

Watson theorizes that the chef is slowly becoming like the former chefs in Slateport City. Report once more to the officer.

However, when the officer asks you if the chef did it, say no. You theorize next that an Electric-type Pokémon did this act, and the officer lets you investigate further. Talk to Watson again; he reveals he is part of the Inquisition, and he will start a Pokémon battle with you.

Battling Inquisition Watson in New Mauville

Inquisition Watson has six Pokémon: two Luxrays, a Jolteon, Lanturn, Raichu, and Raikou. Also, they are all level 100.

At this point, your Pokémon would probably be at around level 25 or something. Do not panic, though, because it is a part of the story. Believe me; I panicked when I first had this fight. Watson is supposed to defeat you to move the plot.

If you manage to defeat his level 100 Pokémon, the story will not move forward. So, you do not even need to try. After being defeated, you are sent back to Mauville City. Go back to New Mauville and talk to the officer. Next, go to the chef’s room and press the red button in the area. It will turn off the generator, making Watson’s Pokémon weaker.

battling inquisition watson in new mauville

Now, you can fight him again. His Pokémon is around level 24 to 35. Bring a Ground-type Pokémon if you are still having problems with the fight. After defeating Watson, he will teleport away. Thankfully, the officer stood outside and caught Watson as he teleported.

Island of Calm in Snakewood

Next, head to Mauville City and go to the gym. Fight the Inquisition Footman inside; he has a level 27 Hombone and Lairon. Next, use HM03 Surf to get to the Island of Calm, west of New Mauville. To navigate the forest, proceed to the first path up and immediately go left. Go north as you see the pond until you reach a giant tree in the middle of a large puddle.HohHjh

Cut the small tree northwest of the giant tree, then head all the way north. Next, go all the way east, then go south. You can follow the path easily from here. Fight the Inquisitor Footman guarding the path; there is a med kit nearby if your team is low on health.

Battling the Seven Deadly in Snakewood

battling the seven deadly in snakewood

Go up the stairs leading to the mountains. Here, you will find the Deadly Seven. Do not be fooled by the name; there are not seven of them, but ten of them, including their leader, Asimov. You need to defeat the other nine members first before you face Asimov. Weirdly, the order in which you talk to these members determines who you are talking to.

For example, the first person you talk to, no matter which room you find him in, will be Mikov. Below is the order of the Seven Deadly and their respective Pokémon. Note that all their Pokémon are level 28.

I recommend having moves of the following types: Ice (super-effective against the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and ninth members), Ground (super-effective against the sixth and seventh members), and Fighting (super-effective against the eight-member).

  • Mikov: Oddish (Grass, Poison)
  • Bobov: Onix (Rock, Ground)
  • Gunkov: Kenchira (Normal, Flying)
  • Karkov: Trapinch (Ground)
  • Robotnov: Zubat (Poison, Flying)
  • Rolv: Beldum (Steel, Psychic)
  • Sputnov: Mareep (Electric)
  • Vladov: Calfby (Normal)
  • Adolv: Dratini (Dragon)

All the caves have a member except for the cave below the dual-entry cave on the left. After every battle, you get sent back to the forest, so navigate your way back up again. I suggest choosing the cave that looks like an igloo at the top as the last cave to enter because it will lead you directly to Asimov, their leader.

Asimov has a level 28 Larvitar, a Rock and Ground-type Pokémon. Larvitar is extremely weak to Grass and Water-type moves, so I suggest having them. After defeating Asimov, go back to the island entrance and read the nearest sign (besides the puddle). You will activate a switch leading to a secret room.

Inquisitor Puzzle Room #1

After defeating the Inquisitor Salaryman guarding the path, he will inform you of the security system they installed in the room. You need to follow a specific path to not trigger it. Start at the fifth tile, counting from the left of the square mat (see the picture below).

Inquisitor Puzzle Room #1

Then, follow the pattern: down (x2), left (x3), down, left, down, left (x2), down, left (x4), down (x2), left, down, left, and down (x2). At this point, you would reach the large table beside the Seven Deadly standing nearby. Move right to battle them again. Then, you have to go around the table clockwise to face the Seven Deadly for the THIRD TIME!

After defeating Asimov for the third time, start in front of him and follow the pattern: left, down (x2), right (x6), down (x3), right (x8), up, right (x5), down, right, and down. At this point, you will be facing the floor with green tiles, similar to the start. Head down to fight some Inquisitor Salarymen and go downstairs.

Inquisitor Puzzle Room #2

This area has tiles with X marks; stepping on them will start a Pokémon battle against level five Pokémon. It is easy but annoying; you have to do it to proceed to the next area. You can also run from them. After going downstairs, you will be in an area with a garden.

DO NOT enter the door to the right of the garden because it will send you back to the Island of Calm. Instead, go to the left door. You will find two tiles with white circles at the start; go to the right circle. Next, go to the bottom-left circle. Then, go to the left circle.

Finally, go downstairs. After battles with some NPCs, go to the bottom area and go left, where there is no wall. You will be walking on the dark tiles. You simply need to go left, down, and then right to go downstairs.

inquisitor puzzle room #2

Go downstairs and head right. On your way, you will fight the unavoidable Inquisitor NPCs. You will finally arrive at a bridge. The other end is a pool of lava with a small island, and on the island is Gleis. In another M. Night Shyamalan twist, it is not actually lava but orangeade. Use HM03 Surf on it to talk to him. Then, use HM03 Surf again to go upstairs on the upper right. Follow the path until you reach the Boss’s Garden.

Go down the cliffs and enter the last room to face Doctor Malfeasance. He has a level 29 Haunter, level 31 Qwilfish, level 36 Faceleech, and level 33 Kadabra. After defeating him, he will give you the Dynamo Badge. Go back to Gleis; he will give you HM06 Rock Smash and teleport you back to Mauville City.

Meeting Famine on Route 111 in Snakewood

Teach a Pokémon HM06 Rock Smash (I taught Zipper) and head north of Mauville City to reach Route 111. Head all the way north until you reach a wider desert. You will find a small hill with people. After a quick flashback, head to the hill and fight the NPCs. Eventually, you will talk with Famine.

Famine tells you that they have captured Landon and May. Then, he commands Alicia to attack you. This time, Alicia has four Pokémon: her level 29 Sableye, level 32 Banette, level 35 Duskull, and level 38 Sneasel. After defeating her, Alicia runs away, and Prof.

Birch calls you. You summarize what happened, and Prof. Birch will tell you to head to the Mountain Monastery in Lavaridge Town to meet Sage Kanzaki.

Frigid Way in Snakewood

Head back and go right to Route 112. Head up the mountain and enter the door on the left; you will arrive in Frigid Way. You will slip as you move through the ice. Follow the pattern to enter the next area: all the way left, down, right, up, and left. The next area also has a slippery floor. Start at the small corner (look at the picture below).

frigid way in snakewood

Follow the pattern: left, up, right, up, left, and down. Then, follow the path to the ladder to get to Sage’s Slope. Next, go all the way down the mountain to go to Route 112. Go all the way left to reach the Shaka Monastery. Go inside the huge building with weird statues and talk to the old man inside. He will tell you to help Izumi in Famine’s Desert.

Shaka Monastery in Snakewood

So, you go back to where you meet Famine and head to the upper-right corner. You will find an old man facing a dragon. He is using his powers to keep the beast Famine summoned in this corner. So, talk to the Dragon to start a fight. It is a level 40 Aerodactyl, a Rock and Flying-type Pokémon. I caught it and named it Jerry.

After defeating the Aerodactyl, the old man will return. Go back to the monastery again through Frigid Way and talk to the old man in the giant building. He will thank you and send you on another mission. This time, you need to go to the top of Sage’s Slope to defeat the monster.

So, you go back down again and access Frigid Way to get back on top. Go up the stairs to get to the peak of Mt. Chimney. Go up the stairs to meet the Deadly Seven again; defeat them on your way to the top. Be careful, as they have Pokémon with levels 35 and above now.

At the top, you will see Chloe and Famine having a face-off. After Famine leaves the scene, Chloe explains that Gleis serves a dark master who is planning an invasion on Hoenn. You then decide to switch sides.

Tower in Shaka Monastery in Snakewood

tower in shaka monastery in snakewood

Now, go back to the Shaka Monastery and visit the tall tower being guarded by two old men. Navigate your way and defeat the sages until you reach the top.

Talk to Elder Longwei; he will tell you that your brother went east to go to Evergrande. You then have a fight. He has a level 36 Wobuffet and a level 38 Celebi. Both Pokémon are weak to Bug-type moves, so having one would come in handy.

After defeating him, he will give you a Yellow Vespa, which you can ride to navigate the mudslides. Go all the way down through the holes. Next, navigate your way back to Famine’s Desert. Then, ride your Yellow Vespa and go up the mudslide to the left of the hill you faced off with Famine.

Fallarbor Town in Snakewood

Follow the path and go down again. Head straight left and defeat the lady blocking the path to get to Blighted Way. Navigate your way through the Blighted Way while defeating some NPCs until you reach Fallarbor Town. Go inside the Pokémon Center and talk to Chloe on the PC. Next, head to the Meeting Hall to meet Alicia. She will tell you that she abandoned the Horsemen.

She will reveal some interesting points (but they will not matter, trust me). She then says that the Horsemen are using Meteor Falls as their base.

Meteor Falls in Snakewood

After that dialogue, go left to reach Route 114. Go across the bridge to find Chloe’s House; go inside it. Talk to Chloe; she will tell you the plan to infiltrate Meteor Falls and defeat the Horsemen. Then, go outside and up the mountains to reach Meteor Falls. You will need a Pokémon who knows HM06 Rock Smash. There, you will meet Alicia waiting for you at the entrance.

Follow Alicia inside. She will lead you past a bunch of zombies. Next, follow the path across the bridges and up the stairs; you will find a door you need to enter. In the area, you will find Alicia with Famine and Pestilence. However, in this third M. Night Shyamalan twist, it turns out Alicia never existed. She is actually War of the Four Horsemen. In summary, everything was a lie!

Battling War in Meteor Falls

War has six Pokémon: a level 39 Sableye, level 40 Banette, level 41 Dusclops, level 41 Weavile, level 44 Gigawolf, and level 42 Gengar.

Most of these Pokémon are Ghost and Dark type Pokémon. I recommend using Ghost and Fighting-type moves. They are also on high levels, so before you enter this battle, I suggest leveling up your Pokémon to make them stronger.

After defeating War, Death will appear. She banishes the Horsemen for interfering in the mortal world. She tries to eliminate you, but you jump in the water and land inside the SS Cangrejo.

Fixing the SS Cangrejo’s elevators in Snakewood

Go back to the room upstairs where you met Usher. He will take you to East Hoenn if you fix the elevators. Go down the hole again.

This time, you need an Electric-type Pokémon to fix the elevators. If you do not have one, you can catch a wild Magnemite while surfing the waters. You can access the PC through the stairs in the upper-right corner. Also, leave one slot in your team open.

fixing the ss cangrejo’s elevators in snakewood

Then, go to the elevator located to the left of the stairs leading to the engine area (see picture above). After powering it up, go in the elevator, then head out. Follow the path to some stairs. In this area with a crane, find a wild Ditto and catch it; you will use the Ditto later. Then, go up the stairs nearby. There is a warp tile (the white circle on the ground) in this area.

Using your newly-acquired Ditto, it will transform itself into a key to access the warp tile. Enter the warp tile and go back to Usher’s room. He will then drop you at Fortree City.

fixing the ss cangrejo’s elevators in snakewood

Weather Institute in Snakewood

Go left to Route 119. Along the way, you will fight some Battle Zombies. Enter the Weather Institute and go upstairs. The place is full of Battle Zombies with Pokémon whose levels range from 38 to 41. At the end of the path is Gleis.

After a heated debate with him, he challenges you to a fight. He has a level 38 Haunter, level 38 Seviper, level 41 Faceleech, level 40 Alakazam, and level 39 Qwilshark.

After defeating him, he will give you a Dragon Egg. The Dragon Egg can talk and tells you that she is Meteor’s daughter. Next, go south until you face a bridge. Cross the bridge to fight the Deadly Seven again. Go south again until you reach Route 118.

A doctor named Dr Blackthorn approaches you and asks about the Dragon Egg. He tells you to head to Mossdeep to deliver the egg to Meteor. So, head east through Route 123. Use HM03 Surf; go clockwise around the mountain to find an entrance on the right side.

fixing the ss cangrejo’s elevators in snakewood

Mt. Pyre in Snakewood

Go inside and go up to the peak. Defeat the T-Fingers to reach a man named Temulence, a friend of Gleis. Defeat his Pokémon; he has a level 43 Fangasu (Grass), level 44 Kuriputo (Grass), and level 45 Nigeria (Water). He disappears after defeating him.

Go down from Mt. Pyre and go to the north pier. Then, go west through Route 120. Follow the path, then go up. Do not cross the first bridge; jump off the small cliff instead. Head north until you find another bridge. You will encounter Dr Blackthorn again, and he will give you Astral Lens. Continue your way and defeat the invisible witch blocking the path to Fortree City.

Fortree City in Snakewood

Go up the ladder to access the treehouses. Head down until you reach a giant building. Prof. Birch will call you to warn you that Gym Leader Veracity has gone insane. Head inside the university and go to the rightmost stairs. Then, defeat all the NPCs in this area. Go back downstairs and access the middle stairs. Then, go inside the middle room. Talk to the old man to get your pass.

Go back downstairs and access the leftmost stairs. Then, go to the stairs with a sign on the wall. Talk to Veracity. She will tell you to defeat the robot in the basement. So, head back downstairs and access the rightmost stairs again. Go to the rightmost stairs in this area, then go to the left stairs. Defeat the level 50 X32763, Steel and Electric-type Pokémon.

fixing the ss cangrejo’s elevators in snakewood

Go back to Veracity and talk to her. After talking to her, she will return to her gym. So, go to the gym to fight her. You must defeat a zombie Winona first to get to her.

Leader Veracity has a level 46 Psypig, level 47 Ninetales, level 48 Torkoal, level 49 Flareon, level 50 Blaziken, and level 51 Ho-oh. After the fight, you volunteer to slay Winona using the Sacred Sword. Walk out of the city to receive the Comet Badge.

Facing the Elite Four

We will fast-forward a bit; after getting the Fly and Dive moves, as well as the badge from Meteor in Fort Draco, we arrive at the Elite Four. The first challenger is League Master Caitlin; she specializes in Fighting-type Pokémon. I suggest using Flying-type moves. She has:

  • Level 53 Hariyama
  • Level 56 Blaziken
  • Level 54 Machamp
  • Level 55 Breloom
  • Level 57 Kenchukuo

Next is League Master Benny; he specializes in Flying-type Pokémon. Using Ice and Electric-type moves will give you the upper hand. He has:

  • Level 57 Tropius
  • Level 60 Kenchukuo
  • Level 58 Swellow
  • Level 59 Altaria
  • Level 59 Pelipper

The third challenger is League Master Flacia; she specializes in Ice-type Pokémon. You can easily win this fight using Fire or Fighting-type moves. She has:

  • Level 59 Glalie
  • Level 62 Cloyster
  • Level 60 Walrein
  • Level 61 Weavile
  • Level 64 Articuno

The fourth challenger is League Master Indigo; he specializes in Electric-type Pokémon. The only weakness his Pokémon has is Ground-type moves. He has:

  • Level 62 Luxray
  • Level 63 Raichu
  • Level 64 Ampharos
  • Level 67 Zapdos
  • Level 65 Zebstrika

Then, you will finally arrive at the Pokémon Champion, Feng Lei. This battle will be extremely difficult because of his Kingmadio. If you can recall, Kingmadio is a Ghost and Dark-type Pokémon with Wonder Guard. Therefore, no attack can hit it. I won this battle because of my Noisestorm’s Poison Powder and Iono’s Supersonic. I suggest you have something to poison and confuse him. He has:

  • Level 64 Hitmontop
  • Level 68 Bouffalant
  • Level 66 Ramshaker
  • Level 66 Roclobster
  • Level 68 Radio range
  • Level 73 Kingmadio

Congratulations! You are now welcomed to the Hall of Fame. I have my Noisestorm, Zipper, Vin Diesel (he became an Entei after I exposed him to a Sun Stone), Keyboy, Gyarados (the Pokémon we got from the dead guy in Route 115), and Iono (the Magnemite we used to power the elevators of the SS Cangrejo).

fixing the ss cangrejo’s elevators in snakewood


Question: Does Pokémon Snakewood have the Physical and Special split?

Answer: No, Pokémon Snakewood does not have the Physical and Special split. It retains the original mechanics from Pokémon Ruby, i.e., the move’s type determines whether or not it is physical or special.

Question: How do I fix the elevator in Pokémon Snakewood?

Answer: To fix the elevators of the SS Cangrejo submarine in Pokémon Snakewood, you need an Electric-type Pokémon with the Thundershock move. If you do not have one with you, you can capture a wild Magnemite while surfing the waters of the engine area.

Question: How do I get HM01 Cut in Pokémon Snakewood?

Answer: To get HM01 Cut, you need to go to the Endless Plains. The place is in the Verdanturf Ruins. Thus, you must enter the Rusturf Tunnel if you come from Rustboro City.

Pokemon Snakewood Guide: Conclusion

Overall, I think Pokémon Snakewood is a fun game because of how bad it is. There are many funny moments in it; I especially like the bits about the Deadly Seven.

Seriously, I think they are one of the best parts about it. Also, it clearly shows through the dialogue that the creator knows the game is not a masterpiece. He knows that this game is not meant to be taken seriously due to how silly it is.

The story is incredibly messy, and I think the creator got sidetracked by his vision. I think he originally meant this game to focus on a post-apocalyptic game with zombies. Then, he added too many subplots that it became as tangled as spaghetti. The subplot about Alicia went nowhere! The post-game content clarifies the plot somewhat, but it still has too many holes.

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