Zacian Guide: A Legendary Wolf With Plenty of Bite

Zacian, the warrior Pokémon, is a legendary, Fairy-type (but when holding the Rusted Sword, it can change itself to the Crowned Sword form, getting the Steel-type) Pokémon, introduced in Gen 8. It is the mascot, alongside Zamacenta, of Pokémon Sword and Shield. Zacian is inspired on the Excalibur, King Arthur’s sword, and in the coat of arms of the middle ages, which were used to have fantastic animals wearing weapons like swords or shields. 

Zacian is a quadrupedal, mostly cyan, wolf-like (lupine) Pokémon. It has two forms: the Hero of Many Battles form and the Crowned Sword form. In its Hero of Many Battles form, Zacian has cyan fur on its body, while it has a pink tail and white legs and trunk.

However, the most characteristic feature Zacian has are the pink braids along its body and the wound-shaped white fur it has in all its body. 

On the other hand, its Crowned Sword form is more majestic, with a sword on its mouth and two big and golden wings on the top of its back. The braids got untied and are now two large and pink tufts of fur. Its head also changes, getting a golden mask with golden, pink, and cyan details. 

Zacian’s name comes from the union between the Japanese word “Okamiza” which means Lupus, the wolf constellation, and Cyan

Zacian Summary of Appearances in Pokémon Versions and Media (Games, Anime, Movies)


In the games, Zacian is a legendary Pokémon, which means it is unique, and you can find it only once in the following places: 

  • Gen 8: Zacian is an exclusive Pokémon from Pokémon Sword. You can find it in the Tower Summit, only once. If you want it in Pokémon Shield, you have to transfer it. 

Zacian is a recurring Pokémon in the anime. It appeared for the first time in Sword and Shield, Slumbering Weald! When Ash found it in its Hero of Many Battles form, in Slumbering Weald. After that, it disappeared. 

Zacian didn’t appear in the series until Sword and Shield: From Here to Eternatus! When it helps Goh and Sonia get the Rusted Sword and the Rusted Shield. Thanks to it, now, Zacian can change into its Crowned Sword form alongside Zamacenta. They fight against Eternatus in Sword and Shield… The Legends Awaken!, winning and saving the world. 

In the Manga, Zacian had two main appearances: 

  • Zacian appeared in Pokémon Journeys, where it took the same role it took in the anime. Its debut was in JNM13.
  • Zacian appeared in Pokémon Adventures, too; its debut was in PASS05, and it took the same role as in the anime. It appeared in Slumbering Weald as an illusion to Henry and Casey. 

In the TCG, Zacian has cards in the following expansions: 

  • Rebel Clash (as a Rare)
  • Vivid Voltage (as an A card)

Zacian also has V cards in the following expansions: 

  • Sword and Shield (as an Ultra Rare-Rare, a Rare Ultra, and a Secret Rare)

In all these cards, Zacian is a Steel-type Pokémon. 

Zacian Evolution Line: When Does Zacian Evolve? 

Zacian is a legendary Pokémon, which means it can evolve and can’t breed. 

Zacian Stats


Zacian is a legendary Pokémon; this only means that its stats will be really high. In fact, Zacian is so overpowered that it only has strategies in AG (Anything Goes), the tier where all the legendary Pokémon habitats and battle format with the least rules. In fact, when Sword and Shield came out, Zacian was being part of the OU tier, but it got instantly banned there because it was pretty strong, so it got in Uber. 

The problem was that Zacian also got banned from Uber, so the only way for Zacian to be used is in AG, or Anything Goes since you can use any Pokémon you want there. 

Even its Hero of Many Battles form is pretty strong, so you can use it too. So, we will show two different builds for Zacian, one using its Hero of Many Battles form and the other using its Crowned Sword form. 

So, let’s check Zacian’s stats in both forms: 


Hero of Many Battles

  HP Attack Defense Sp. Atk Sp. Def Speed
Base Stats 92 130 115 80 115 138
Favorable Nature 388 394 361 284 361 412

Zacian’s attack is basically outstanding, as well as its Speed. Its Special Attack is rather bad, but Zacian doesn’t make use of it, as well as its HP. Even its Defenses, which should be low because of the purpose behind its stats, are really high. 

It’s obvious Zacian is perfect to be a Revenge Killer or a Sweeper. You can do whatever you want with Zacian, and it will accomplish. 

Now, let’s check its Crowned Sword stats. 

Crowned Sword 

  HP Attack Defense Sp. Atk Sp. Def Speed
Base Stats 92 170 115 80 115 148
Favorable Nature 388 482 361 284 361 434

Having almost 200 base points in Attack is something that not much Pokémon can say they have. Its HP sightly increases too, and its Speed is way better than in its Hero of Many Battles Form.  Crowned Sword’s Zacian can also be used as a Revenge Killer or a Sweeper with Swords Dance; It will One-Hit KO whatever is in its path. 

Zacian, as well as every single legendary Pokémon in the game, has a unique ability. Let’s check out Zacian’s one! 


Zacian 1

Zacian can only have the following ability: 

  • Intrepid Sword: This ability buffs Zacian’s Attack every time it gets into the field. 

So simple, yet so effective. Zacian will get a buff on its Attack every time it steps on the field, so we can’t ask for more. 

Now, we have to decide on a Nature that works for Zacian.


Here’s where we have to wait for a second and decide what we want to buff. There’s no point in buffing its Attack with a Nature since Zacian’s Attack is almost perfect, and it gets naturally buffed with its Ability, so we have to be smart and select a Nature that can raise its Speed since we need Zacian to hit first in every single turn. 

Then, let’s check which Nature can suit Zacian perfectly, regardless of the form you want to use:

  • Timid (Increases Speed, decreases Attack)
  • Hasty (Increases Speed, decreases Defense)
  • Jolly (Increases Speed, decreases Special Attack)
  • Naive (Increases Speed, decreases Special Defense) 

Using Timid is a bad option since Zacian uses its Attack; we don’t want to reduce it. Also, reducing Zacian’s Defenses is a bad option because there can always be a moment when Zacian needs to handle a hit before attacking. 

Our option will be Jolly since Zacian doesn’t use any kind of Special Attack. This Nature will work with its two forms. 

Now, we have to see the list of moves Zacian can learn. They are not much, but the ones Zacian can learn are really good. Let’s go! 

Moves per level (Gen 8)

Zacian can learn the following moves by leveling up: 

Level Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
1 Sacred Sword Fighting Physical 90 100% 15
1 Quick Guard Fighting Status 15
1 Metal Claw Steel Physical 50 95% 35
1 Howl Normal Status 40
1 Quick Attack Normal Physical 40 100% 30
1 Bite Dark Physical 60 100% 25
11 Slash Normal Physical 70 100% 20
22 Swords Dance Normal Status 20
33 Iron Head Steel Physical 80 100% 15
44 Laser Focus Normal Status 30
55 Crunch Dark Physical 80 100% 15
66 Moonblast Fairy Special 95 100% 15
77 Close Combat Fighting Physical 120 100% 5
88 Giga Impact Normal Physical 150 90% 5

Moves per TM/TR (Gen 8) 

Zacian can learn the following moves through the use of a TM/TR:

TM/TR (GEN VIII) Move Type Category Power Accuracy PP
TM08 Hyper Beam Normal Special 150 90% 5
TM09 Giga Impact Normal Physical 150 90% 5
TM12 Solar Blade Grass Physical 125 100% 10
TM15 Dig Ground Physical 80 100% 10
TM21 Rest Psychic Status 10
TM24 Snore Normal Special 50 100% 15
TM25 Protect Normal Status 10
TM26 Scary Face Normal Status 100% 10
TM39 Facade Normal Physical 70 100% 20
TM40 Swift Normal Special 60 20
TM41 Helping Hand Normal Status 20
TM42 Revenge Fighting Physical 60 100% 10
TM43 Brick Break Fighting Physical 75 100% 15
TM44 Imprison Psychic Status 10
TM58 Assurance Dark Physical 60 100% 10
TM66 Thunder Fang Electric Physical 65 95% 15
TM67 Ice Fang Ice Physical 65 95% 15
TM68 Fire Fang Fire Physical 65 95% 15
TM69 Psycho Cut Psychic Physical 70 100% 20
TM76 Round Normal Special 60 100% 15
TM79 Retaliate Normal Physical 70 100% 5
TM84 Tail Slap Normal Physical 25 85% 10
TM85 Snarl Dark Special 55 95% 15
TM94 False Swipe Normal Physical 40 100% 40
TM95 Air Slash Flying Special 75 95% 15
TM97 Brutal Swing Dark Physical 60 100% 20
TR00 Swords Dance Normal Status 20
TR12 Agility Psychic Status 30
TR13 Focus Energy Fighting Status 30
TR20 Substitute Normal Status 10
TR21 Reversal Fighting Physical 100% 15
TR26 Endure Normal Status 10
TR27 Sleep Talk Normal Status 10
TR31 Iron Tail Steel Physical 100 75% 15
TR32 Crunch Dark Physical 80 100% 15
TR42 Hyper Voice Normal Special 90 100% 10
TR53 Close Combat Fighting Physical 120 100% 5
TR64 Focus Blast Fighting Special 120 70% 5
TR74 Iron Head Steel Physical 80 100% 15
TR85 Work Up Normal Status 30
TR86 Wild Charge Electric Physical 90 100% 15
TR90 Play Rough Fairy Physical 90 90% 10
TR97 Psychic Fangs Psychic Physical 85 100% 10

Zacian has many Physical options, which is good since both builds we will showcase use Zacian’s Attack as its main argument against Foe’s Pokémon. If you are using one of these, remember to pick Fairy-type Physical attacks like Play Rough as Hero of Many Battles’ Zacian is Fairy-type. 

Now, we have to see the strengths and weaknesses of Zacian in both its forms. 

Zacian Strengths

Zacian 2

Hero of Many Battles

In this form, Zacian is only a Fairy-type Pokémon, which means it can resist attacks from the following types: 

  • It only gets 1/2 of the damage against Bug, Fighting, and Dark-types.
  • Also, Zacian is immune to Dragon-types. 

Also, with Fairy-type moves, it can deal increased damage to the following types: 

  • It will inflict x2 damage against Dragon, Fighting, and Dark-types. 

Being a legendary Pokémon with Fairy-type gives Zacian a lot of advantage against many other legendaries like Rayquaza, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina or Eternatus, and many Dynamax Pokémon (that are the most in Anything Goes), like Duraludon-GMax and others.

The rest of the types Zacian has an advantage against aren’t common in this tier. But, we have to see its Crowned Sword form, as it is pretty defensive. 

Crowned Sword 

In this form, Zacian is a Fairy/Steel-type Pokémon, which mean it can resist attacks from the following types: 

  • It only gets 1/2 of the damage against Fairy, Ice, Normal, Grass, Psychic, Rock, Dark, and Flying-types.
  • It only gets 1/4 of the damage against Bug-types.
  • It is immune against Dragon and Poison-types. 

Also, with Steel-type moves, it can deal increased damage to the following types: 

  • With Steel-type attacks, it will inflict x2 damage against Fairy, Ice, and Rock-types.
  • With Fairy-type attacks, it will inflict x2 damage against Dragon, Fighting, and Dark-types. 

Fairy/Steel-type is such a defensive combination since there are only 4 types that can deal Zacian neutral damage, and it only has 2 checks which we will see later. 

Crowned Sword Zacian’s combination, plus its good defenses, makes it a great Pokémon to be safe and is a great choice for a revenge killer / Pivot Pokémon that will not fall even if it gets hit by an effective attack. 

But not everything is great in Zacian; we have to see its weaknesses! 

Zacian Weaknesses

Zacian 3

Hero of Many Battles

Zacian is weak against the following types: 

  • It takes x2 damage against Steel and Poison-types. 

Also, its Fairy-type attacks will not do much against the following types: 

  • It will only inflict 1/2 of its damage to Steel, Fire, and Poison-types. 

Fairy-type has good coverage against essential types like Water or Grass since they are neutral against it; the problem is when Zacian gets exposed to a Poison or a Steel-type Pokémon, which are pretty common in high tiers, like a lot of legendaries that can learn various Steel-type moves. 

Obviously, Zacian is pretty strong, and it will not get One-Hit KOed by any other Pokémon (unless a Sweeper with a lot of attacking buffs gets it, in that case, Zacian will get out of the battle, and that’s why Zacian has to be pretty fast), but two hits can be enough to fall; that’s why Zacian has to be hopping in and out of the field every time it can. 

Crowned Sword

Crowned Sword Zacian will have the following weaknesses: 

  • It takes x2 damage against Fire and Ground-types. 

Also, its attacks will not do much against the following types: 

  • With its Fairy-type attacks, it will only inflict 1/2 of its damage to Steel, Fire, and Poison-types.
  • With its Steel-type attacks, it will only inflict 1/2 of its damage to Steel, Water, Electric, and Fire-types. 

As you can see, Zacian doesn’t care much about what the Foe’s Pokémon has since it will only get a problematic amount of damage against Fire and Ground-types. The problem is when, as an example, a Cinderace-GMax or a Charizard-GMax gets on the field. It has Behemoth Sword, but it will not do much against both since they are Fire-types and can easily sweep Crowned Sword Zacian. 

Defending itself from Fire-types can be complicated, but getting Zacian out of the field is the only way. 

We studied Zacian’s pros and cons, but now, we will showcase Zacian’s build in its two forms! 

Zacian Best Moveset 

Zacian 4

Hero of Many Battles

Hero of Many Battles Zacian can work with the following build: 

  • Play Rough
  • Close Combat
  • Crunch
  • Wild Charge 

With Choice Scarf as its item, Intrepid Sword as its ability, and Jolly as its Nature. 

EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe

Let’s start with its moveset; Play Rough works perfectly as it is the strongest Fairy-type Physical move; it is your principal option when you are attacking. 

Close Combat is there to protect Zacian against Steel-types. Remember, it will decrease your Attack and Defense, so you have to remember switching Zacian and not letting it be in the field for a long time. 

Crunch can help Zacian with those Psychic-types (like Lunala or Necrozma, which are pretty dangerous in AG). But Zacian’s work is to get in the field if those Pokémon are weakened enough; that’s why in your team, you should have an Entry Hazard Setter or a Staller like Ferrothorn or Gothitelle. 

The last move slot is reserved for any move you want, but we recommend using a move that helps you cover a weakness in your team. We selected Wild Charge as it is great against those Water and Flying-type Pokémon that can be potentially annoying, but you also can use Solar Blade and get rid of the Ground-types or Dig if you want to have an argument against Fire-types. Fire Fang is a great option too. 

Choice Scarf will help Zacian outspeed any Pokémon in this tier (and even in the game); this is perfect since we want to avoid Zacian getting hit. In addition, its EVs are set to give some extra power to the offensive; the EVs with the Choice Scarf is a great combination. But remember, the Choice Scarf will only let you use a move, so if you want to use another one, you have to switch. 

Now, let’s talk about Crowned Sword Zacian: 

Crowned Sword

  • Behemoth Blade
  • Close Combat
  • Sword Dance
  • Wild Charge (again, you can dedicate this move slot to anything you want). 

With Rusted Sword as its item, Intrepid Sword as its Ability, and Jolly as its Nature. 

EVs: the same as with the previous build; 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe 

Behemoth Blade is the strongest Steel-type Physical attack Zacian can have, and it will work perfectly against the Dynamaxed Pokémon that you’ll find in AG; use it wisely. 

Close Combat will help Zacian a lot against Steel-types. 

Sword Dance is in this build because Crowned Sword Zacian can be in the field for a good time since its defensive types help Zacian not get hard hits. So if you feel safe, let Zacian be in the field and use Sword Dance. 

The last move slot has the same advantage as the Hero of Many Battles Zacian; it can be used for whatever you want. 

Rusted Sword will not help Zacian do much (besides being Crowned Sword Zacian). Its EVs can work the same as before; they are there to give power to its Speed. In this form, Zacian can be slower than some Pokémon, but we don’t have to worry since this will not occur consistently. 

Zacian In a Video


You know a Pokémon is overpowered when it can sweep out a whole team by itself. This video shows how a Crowned Sword Zacian sweeps all the Pokémon of its foe. 

Now, let’s see a more realistic video of how you can build a whole Doubles team with Zacian as your main damage resource. 


Question: Why is Zacian banned from the meta? 

Answer: Zacian and Eternatus are banned from the meta because it is overpowered; it has a ridiculous base Attack, and it is hard to win it when we talk about Speed. Using it was a disadvantage in battles. 

Question: Which one is better, Zacian or Zamacenta? 

Answer: Zacian is way better than Zamacenta, mostly because its type combination is good defensively, while Zamacenta can have a lot more checks and counters. Sadly, Zamacenta is at a clear disadvantage against Zacian. 

Question: Is Zacian the most powerful legendary Pokémon? 

Answer: In the meta, Zacian is one of the most powerful. Still, suppose we are talking about history and origins. In that case, Zacian is only one of those legendaries because the originals destined it to take care of a certain region, like the Tapus in Alola or the Guardians in Teselia. 

Zacian Guide: Conclusion

There are no lies if we say that Zacian is the most powerful Pokémon of the meta. Unfortunately, it will be hard to get it down, and it is that strong that it isn’t even allowed in official competitions. Sadly, it is only used for fun, but that’s good since Zacian will give you many laughs while it sweeps a whole team by itself! 

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