Wimpod Guide: Wimpy, But Well Worth Catching

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Wimpod, the turn tail Pokémon, is a Bug/Water-type Pokémon added in Gen 7, and it is the pre-evolution of Golisopod.

Wimpod is probably based on a woodlouse, a water Isopoda, that are crustacean-order animals that can live on the water, seas, or even land. It has a purple body that is covered into a silver-like shell that it uses to protect itself. It also has two purple antennas on the top of its head and near its yellow eyes. You can’t see it, but Wimpod has 4 short legs to walk on land. Lastly, it has a purple spiky tail.

The main characteristic of Wimpod is that it is cowardly. It always runs away when it sees a human or even other Pokémon, also leaving a poison with a strong aroma that alerts other Wimpods that there’s danger near the zone. Another thing about Wimpod is that it can eat everything. People actually love it since it cleans up every single place where it lives.

Wimpod’s name comes from wimp and the taxonomic term pod, which means foot in greek.

Wimpod Summary of Appearances in Pokémon Versions and Media (Games, Anime, Movies)

Wimpod Moveset

In the games, you can find Wimpod:

  • Sun & Moon: In Route 8, Poni Breaker Coast and in Poni Fields
  • Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: Dividing Peak Tunnel, Route 8 and Poni Breaker Coast
  • Sword and Shield: Galar Mine No. 2, Giant’s Mirror, Hammerlocke Hills, Motostoke Riverbanks, Bridge Field, Rolling Fields, Dappled Grove, South Lake Miloch.

Wimpod made its first appearance in the anime in the episode Partner Promises! as a pack of Wimpods that tried to steal Poke Beans from Ash’s bag. One of those Wimpods got caught in a crack, and Ash, Pikachu and an Alolan Exeggutor rescued it. After that, Wimpod has made several minor appearances through the Alolan adventure.

In the manga, Wimpod appeared for the first time in PASM06 in a flashback where Sun remembers Guzma’s Golisopod when it was a Wimpod. Later, in PASM13, Wimpod appeared inside the Aether Paradise. Wimpod also appeared in HOR01, being part of a flashback.

Wimpod has 5 different cards in the TCG, Having 4 common cards in Unified Minds, Guardians Rising, Burning Shadows and Darkness Ablaze and a Shiny Rare card in Hidden Fates.

Wimpod Evolution Line: When Does Wimpod Evolve?

Wimpod evolves into Golisopod at level 30. Golisopod doesn’t have any evolutions.

Wimpod Stats

We have to highlight something about Wimpod’s Speed; this is to make it an excellent Physical Sweeper. The main problem about Wimpod is its ability, Wimp Out, which makes it run away when it gets to 50% of its HP. Because of its stats and the fact that it isn’t an evolved Pokémon, we can know that Wimpod can only compete on LC. It can’t hit hard since its Attack isn’t developed yet (this will happen when it evolves into Golisopod), so the only use we can give to Wimpod is to be a Lead for its team Spikes as its crucial move. But, let’s do an in-depth look at its ability:


The only ability that Wimpod can have is Wimp Out. It makes Wimpod run away from a wild battle or be changed in a trainer battle when it gets to 50% of its HP.


The idea behind Wimpod is to increase its Speed the most, just to make it out as a Sweeper or as a Lead. Knowing that, let’s check out which natures can work the best with Wimpod:

  • Timid (Increases Speed, reduces Attack)
  • Hasty (Increases Speed, reduces Defense)
  • Jolly (Increases Speed, reduces Special Attack)
  • Naive (Increases Speed, reduces Special Defense)

We recommend not using Timid, since we need Wimpod to hit hard in the first turn. Naive, Jolly or Hasty can work well for Wimpod and later for Golisopod too.



Wimpod stats are the following:

 HPAttackDefenseSp. AtkSp. DefSpeed
Base Stats253540203080
Favorable Nature254185196152174284

As you can see, Wimpod has one of the best Speed stats on LC, and looking at its ability, the only usable way we can find Wimpod is to use it as an entry hazard setter or a lead.

Every time you faint a wild Wimpod you get 1 EV in Speed.

Moves list per level (Gen 8)

Wimpod can get the following moves by leveling up:

1Struggle BugBugSpecial50100%20
1Sand AttackGroundStatus100%15
1Defense CurlNormalStatus—%40

Moves list per TM/TR

Wimpod can get the following moves through TM/TRs:

TM33Rain DanceWaterStatus—%5
TM53Mud ShotGroundSpecial5595%15
TR18Leech LifeBugPhysical80100%10
TR27Sleep TalkNormalStatus—%10
TR61Bug BuzzBugSpecial90100%10

The good thing about Wimpod: It can learn a good amount of attacking moves, and also can learn Spikes, so it can work for what we want, Spikes setter. We can also see Taunt, Bug Buzz, Rain Dance and Attract, so it can also be a kind of support while holding on the best it can for the rest of its team.

Another use we can give to Wimpod is as a suicidal lead, basically getting into the field, setting the most Spikes it can and then waiting for it to use its ability or to faint.

Wimpod Strengths

Wimpod is a Bug/Water-type Pokémon, which means it can resist the following types:

  • It gets only ½ of the damage against Steel-type.
  • It gets only ½ of the damage against Water-type.
  • It gets only ½ of the damage against Ice-type.
  • It gets only ½ of the damage against Fighting-type.
  • It gets only ½ of the damage against Ground-type.

Wimpod is really good when it has to fight against Dark, Grass and Psychic-types with Bug-type attacks like Bug Buzz and Struggle Bug; in fact, we recommend using Struggle Bug as one of its moves.

On the other hand, it can do a great battle against Fire, Rock and Ground-types with its Water-type moves. It can learn things like Surf and Waterfall to have a great Water-type attacker against Ponyta, Aron, Bonsly, Charmander, Darumaka, Alolan Diglett, and a lot more.

Wimpod Weaknesses

  • It takes x2 damage against Electric-type.
  • It takes x2 damage against Rock-type.
  • It takes x2 damage against Flying-type.

Wimpod, unlike other Bug/Water-types like Dewpider, can sweep Rock-types that can faint it, like the Aron as mentioned earlier. But Electric and Flying-types (Because they can be quicker than Wimpod) can clean it easily.

Wimpod can’t do a great job against Dragon, Water, Ghost, Fairy, Fighting, Poison and Flying-types because they can resist their attacks.

Wimpod Moveset

This is the moveset we recommend for Wimpod:

  • Spikes
  • Taunt
  • Scald/Surf/Waterfall/Aqua Jet
  • Struggle Bug/Bug Buzz

With Eviolite/Focus Sash as its item, Wimp Out as its ability and Naive as its nature.

EVs: 76 Atk/196 Def/36 SpA/196 Spe

Spikes is Wimpod’s key move; you have to lay down the most Spikes you can into the field; They will hurt Bug, Fire and Ice-types. Now, you can follow various lines: Using Taunt to prevent your rivals from using Status moves to you while using Struggle Bug to attack while you decrease its Special Attack.

If you can have an advantage with it, use Scald to try to burn your rival, this will help you because burning can halve the attack of those who suffer it. Waterfall has 20% of possibilities to make its target flinch, so you can try luck with it and get a free move while doing a lot of damage.

The safest way for an attacking move is Aqua Jet. It is like a Quick Attack but as a Water-type attack. Use it after setting your Spikes; it will help you deal damage before your ability kicks on or Wimpod gets faint. You can choose to use Eviolite to give Wimpod a buff, but Focus Sash is a good item if you are against a Pokémon that is faster than Wimpod.

Wimp Out will help your team have a free switch whenever Wimpod has half of its HP; this is good if you want to bring on an excellent Sweeper to end with your rival’s team. This is where Focus Sash can help you since you’ll get in the field, set Spikes, and then switch out with Wimp Out.

On the other hand, Naive will help you be quicker than your rivals a lot, but, probably, Wimpod will not handle a Special Attack, even worse if that attack is Flying, Electric or Rock-type. Anyway, Wimpod’s great speed will help you outplay every single Lead Pokémon that can set Spikes, too, like Onix or Dweeble. With its EVs on Defense, you’ll be capable of handling hard hits before Wimp Out gets active.

Wimpod in a video

Here we can see Wimpod used as a sweeper, as we said it can get used. Wimpod is really strong and can use its great speed to get rid of every single Pokémon that is on its way.

Here, we can see how you can use Wimpod in an actual team. There’s a lot of ways you can use Wimpod, and we think that this is the best use you can give to it.


Question: In which Generation was Wimpod added?

Answer: Wimpod was added in Gen 7 as one of the Pokémon from Alola. Wimpod can be more recognized as Golisopod because Guzma, the bad guy from Gen 7 games, has one and uses it through the adventure.

Question: In which Wimpod’s ability helps?

Answer: Wimpod’s ability can be labeled as useless, but it actually isn’t. Wimp Out can help you a lot whenever you need to have a free switch.

Question: With which strategy can Wimpod work better?

Answer: Wimpod works the best as a “”suicidal”” lead; the difference between a real suicidal lead is that Wimpod can actually use Wimp Out, its ability, to get out of the field before getting fainted. Wimpod’s job is to lay down some Spikes and then getting out of the battle.


Wimpod is really hard to use, mostly because of Wimp Out, but for sure is a great option for using it as a Lead. We’re sure you all will have a lot of fun using Wimpod as much as we got building it for a competitive team in Little Cup!

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