Roggenrola Guide: Rock and Roll to the Pokémon Gigalith

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A Roggenrola guide will cover what you need to know to get this little rock and evolve it into the fantastic Gigalith. I didn’t pay much attention to Roggenrola until Pokémon GO.

Now, I regret not taking him seriously. Not only is he a boss once he evolves all the way, but he is also a fascinating creature in his own right. Roggenrola has a unique history and role in the anime – but nothing beats his strength as Gigalith.

Gigalith is one of my favorite Rock-type Pokémon simply because his base stats are comparable to some of the best. While I don’t love his look, he makes up for it with a high cap on stats.

Roggenrola Overview

  • Generation – V (Black and White)
  • Number – 524
  • Type – Rock
  • Category – Mantle Pokémon
  • Evolves Into – Boldore
  • Evolves From – None

Rogenrola is a Rock-type Pokémon introduced in Black and White. He is only one foot tall on average and weighs around 40lbs. You can get this Pokémon in B/W as well as every base game up to Sword and Shield. The only exception is Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu though he may be added in the future.

He also isn’t yet available in Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl or Legends: Arceus. Roggenrola is usually found in a cave in console games. When it comes to Pokémon GO, he appears randomly though he’s more common in Partly Cloudy weather and dry areas.

The Fun of Roggenrolla

Image From Pokemon Fandom

Roggenrola appears to be a simple rock in the wild. They are usually born underground – hidden from the world – oftentimes now with the tips of their head sticking out disguised as an ordinary rock. They weren’t discovered until around 100 years ago when an earthquake exposed them.

Inside the Roggenrola, there is a nucleus of sorts – an energy core – which is sensitive to the touch. Speaking of sensitivity, Roggenrola has tremendous hearing and often follows every sound that it hears. Oddly enough, Dwebble and Roggenrolla are natural rivals in the Pokémon world.

Roggenrola in the Anime

Image From Pokemon Fandom

The major Roggenrola in the anime is caught by Ash in Gotta Catch a Roggenrola! which is the Pokémon’s first appearance. But it’s not the only time this Pokémon appears alongside Ash. Roggenrola appears randomly in the anime. In Gotta Catch a Roggenrola!, he appears in the very beginning. He runs out of a tunnel, and layer runs into Ash and the gange – where he ruins a good pie.

Ash later catches that Roggenrola, and in Battling the King of the Mines!, Roggenrola evolves into Boldore after being pummeled by an Excadrill. This episode shows an even closer bond between Ash and Roggenrola than fans first realized existed. While Roggenrola appears a few times after this – and before – the other times may not be worth mentioning as the Roggenrola only appeared for a minute. Ash’s Rogenrola is the only one that made an impact on me.

Roggenrola in the Games

Roggenrola Black and White

Roggenrola can first be caught in Black and White. He was introduced in the fifth generation but has since been available in most of the games. While he isn’t strong as he is, his evolutions are forces to be reckoned with. I recommend grabbing him – rather than running away – as soon as possible. You want Gigalith on your team for the Pokémon that are weak against Rock-type Pokémon later on. 

Black and White

Location: Wellspring Cave

wellspring cave

To get Roggenrola in Black and White, you must visit Wellspring Cave. The location is a cave that is now full of water wells that have allowed rainwater to seep through. The reason Roggenrola is in here is that they are buried underground. So, of course, you’d find him in a cave-like this. To access most of the cave, you have to have Surf and Flash helps a lot if you like to see.

Black 2 and White 2

Pokemon Black 2 and White 2
Image of Pokemon White 2 From Poke Fandom

Location: Relic Passage

Roggenrola has a 34% chance of spawning in Castelia City exit. But if you head to the Driftveil City exit, you can find Boldore spawning at the same rate. Two of the NPCs here also have Roggenrola in their party.

X and Y

X Pokemon
Image Of Y Pokemon From Poke Fandom

Location: Reflection Cave

This unique cave is reflective and confusing. Roggenrola is found everywhere in this cave. The level 20s are found at rates of 20%, while the level 11 are found at rates of 35% in the cave. To reach this cave, you need to visit Route 11, which leads to the cave. The cave takes you to Shalour City. You can see the area on the Kalos map in the northwest section of the map.

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Omega Ruby
Image Og Omega Ruby From Pokemon Fandom

Location: Fiery Path

The Fiery Path in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is where you’ll find Roggenrola. To catch Roggenrola here, you have to catch Groudon or Kyogre, and then Roggenrola will appear as a hidden Pokémon.

Sun and Moon (Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon)

Sun Pokemon Game
Image From Pokemon Fandom

Location: Ten Carat Hill

At Ten Carat Hill, you can find Roggenrola at the cave, the ocean cave, and the farthest hollow. He appears at levels 10 to 13 and has a 20% to 30% chance of spawning. You can’t miss him if you walk around Ten Carat Hill for a while. To reach the area, travel to Melemele Island via Route 1. You don’t need full access to the farthest hollow as Roggenrola is everywhere in Ten Carat Hill. So walk around, and you’ll eventually find one. Trust me. 

Sword and Shield

Sword Game
Image From Pokemon Fandom

Location: Galar Mine, Motostoke Outskirts, Stony Wilderness, Rolling Fields, Giant’s Seat, Stony Wilderness, Dusty Bowl (Max Raid Battle) You won’t have trouble finding Roggenrola in Sword and Shield. They are roaming around all of the above locations.

However, the chance of them spawning is different depending on the location. The easiest way to get him is to go to the Dirt area in Cloudy, Harsh Sunlight, or Duststorm weather. He will spawn at a rate of 80% under these conditions in the Rolling Fields.

Roggenrola Movesets

Roggenrola has a similar move set in each game, but it does vary.

Generation V and Generation VI

In Generation V and Generation VI, Roggenrola has the same learned moves when leveling. When it comes to TMs, the only difference is the addition of TM88 Sleep Talk in Gen VI and TM 94. In Gen VI, things change. TM94 is Rock Smash in X and Y, but in Alpha Ruby and Alphy Sapphire, Rock Smash is HM06. TM94 is the Secret Power in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.


7Sand AttackGround100%15
14Rock BlastRock2590%10
20Iron DefenseSteel15
27Rock SlideRock7590%10
30Stealth RockRock20
36Stone EdgeRock10080%5


TM10Hidden PowerNormal100%15
TM32Double TeamNormal15
TM39Rock TombRock5080%10
TM44RestPsychic 10
TM69Rock PolishRock20
TM71Stone EdgeRock10080%5
TM80Rock SlideRock7590%10
TM91Flash CannonSteel80100%10
TM94Rock SmashFighting40100%15

Changes in Generation VIII

Not a lot changes in Generation VIII as far as leveling moves are concerned. However, the exact level that Roggenrola gets his moves is adjusted and Rock Blast is added. TMS are similar, but now TRs are added.

TM23Rock SlideRock7590%10
TM48Rock TombRock6095%15
TM49Sand TombGround 3585%15
TM54Rock BlastRock2590%10
TR27Sleep TalkNormal10
TR46Iron DefenseSteel15
TR67Earth PowerGround90100%10
TR70Flash CannonSteel80100%10
TR75Stone EdgeRock10080%5
TR76Stealth RockRock20
TR79Heavy SlamSteel100%10
TR99Body PressFighting80100%10

Roggenrola in Pokémon GO


Pokémon GO plays differently than the other games. You can’t just go out and catch him in a specific area. You have to get lucky as spawn rates are insanely different.

Fast Attacks

  • SmackDown – 16 (13)
  • Tackle – 5 (10)

Either of these can work, but I think Smack Down is a much better bet. It gets STAB, and it’s three times stronger under the right conditions.

That’s what I always choose for Roggenrola. If you’re lucky, your Roggenrola will start out with SmackDown. If not, you’ll have to settle with Tackle or use a Fast TM (fairly common nowadays) and change it out for SmackDown – the only other option. 

Charged Attacks

  • Bulldoze – 80 (23
  • Rock Blast – 50 (24)
  • Stone Edge – 100 (43)

My Charged Attack pick is Stone Edge because not only does it get the STAB effect, but it’s also the strongest ability in general – DPS-wise. However, if you want to Bulldoze for versatility with SmackDown, it can work great.

Evolving Roggenrola in Pokémon GO

Pokemon Go

To evolve Roggenrola to Boldore, you need 50 Roggenrola candy. To evolve Boldore into Gigalith, you can either use 200 Roggenrola candy or you can trade a Boldore. It will then evolve for the receiver. It may be hard to find 200 candies, but at least it is possible to do it alone.

Again, I always trade with a friend or use something like a Facebook group that revolves around trading nearby players. 

Where to Find Roggenrola

  • In the Wild – Max CP 1,118
  • Eggs – during events
  • Raid Battles – Tier 1, CP 3,724
  • Research Task – 2021 Field Research

The only place to consistently find Roggenrola is in the wild. You can find them in parking lots, deserts, and other similar areas. However, the chance of them spawning is increased when the Partly Cloudy weather boost is active. When the weather boost is active, the Pokémon also will have better IVs, have higher CP, and award more Stardust. However, since this isn’t a common Pokémon, finding him may not be easy even with the boost.

Roggenrola Stats and Weaknesses

  • HP – 55
  • Attack – 75
  • Defense – 85
  • Sp Atk – 25
  • Sp Def – 25
  • Speed – 15
  • Total – 280

Roggenrola’s stats are not exceptional. But you likely won’t be fighting with him for any other reason but to level him up to evolve. Because you do need to do this, you may want to check out areas with Pokémon that he’s strong against. He almost always attacks last, so trying to attack first is futile. He has less than average HP for a Rock-type, but his Defense will keep him alive longer than most. Other than that, his stats are unremarkable. 


Image From Pokemon Fandom
  • Fighting
  • Ground
  • Steel
  • Water
  • Grass

Since he is a single-type Pokémon, he has set weaknesses. These are the types that he is weak against. Stay out of the water with Roggenrola and switch out if battling a trainer with these types. If you’re battling Roggenrola – or Gigalith – then you could choose one of these types. Anything will do, but if you have a Gigalith on the other side of the battlefield, something like Metagross or Lucario are great bets. 

Strong Against

  • Normal
  • Flying
  • Poison
  • Fire

If you’re fighting one of these four types, Roggenrola will have a great advantage. Anything other than what you see above in the weaknesses and strong against sections does normal damage. Roggenrola could work out as a counter to specific Pokémon such as Charizard, Crobat, or Salazzle. Just keep in mind that level matters just as much as type advantage in battle.

How to Evolve Roggenrola


It’s easy to evolve Roggenrola into Boldore. All you have to do is level Roggenrola to level 25. But to evolve Boldore into Gigalith, you have to trade Boldore to another trainer – then he can evolve it. If you’re having trouble finding a Boldore, you can have a friend trade Boldores straight across.

That’s what I always do. Then you both end up with a Gigalith, and you don’t lose anything in the process. In most games, you can’t evolve Boldore any other way. Pokémon GO is an exception, but in most games, you have to trade Boldore one way or another – even if it’s to yourself with another system.

Roggenrola Pokémon TCG

Roggenrola isn’t the same in the TCG world as he is in the game or anime. First and foremost, Roggenrola is a Fighting-type in Pokémon TCG rather than Rock. What else is there to know?

Roggenrola (49/98) – Emerging Powers

Roggenrola (50/98) - Emerging Powers Amazon
  • Type – Fighting
  • HP – 70
  • Retreat Cost – 3 Normal
  • Rarity – Common
  • Japanese Expansion -Black Collection 029/053
  • Moveset – Harden, Headbutt

Roggenrola (50/98) – Emerging Powers

  • Type – Fighting
  • HP – 70
  • Retreat Cost – 3 Normal
  • Rarity – N/A
  • Japanese Expansion – Terrakion Battle Strength Deck 005/014
  • Moveset – Headbutt, Reckless Charge

Roggenrola (65/124) – Dragons Exalted

Image From Pokemon Fandom
  • Type – Fighting
  • HP – 70
  • Retreat Cost – 3 Normal
  • Rarity – Common
  • Japanese Expansion – Dragon Blade 027/05
  • Moveset – Stone Edge, hammer In

Roggenrola (48/119 – Phantom Forces

Roggenrola (48/119 - Phantom Forces Amazon
  • Type – Fighting
  • HP – 70
  • Retreat Cost – 3 Normal
  • Rarity – Common
  • Japanese Expansion – Phantom Gate 047/088
  • Moveset – Tackle

Roggenrola (69/149) – Sun & Moon

  • Type – Fighting
  • HP – 70
  • Retreat Cost – 3 Normal
  • Rarity – Common
  • Japanese Expansion – Collection Moon 029/060
  • Moveset – SmackDown

Roggenrola (086/203)- Evolving Skies

  • Type – Fighting
  • HP – 70
  • Retreat Cost – 3 Normal
  • Rarity – N/A
  • Japanese Expansion – Peerless Fighters 038/070
  • Moveset – Mud-Slap, Rolling Tackle


Question: What Color is Shiny Roggenrola?

Answer: Shiny Boldore is purple and orange rather than blue and yellow. He otherwise looks the same. The thing on his head and his feet are slightly muted but still look like normal rocks.

Question: Is Roggenrola Good?

Answer: Roggenrola on his own isn’t that strong. But if he has perfect stats, he evolves a Pokémon that evolves into one of the strongest Rock-type Pokémon in the game. Enter Gigalith.

Question: Is Roggenrola Just Like Geodude?

Answer: He is very similar. They are both Rock-type and they have two evolutions. They both evolve into something that needs to be traded to evolve again. So yes, they are similar, but not identical.

Question: Why is the name Roggenrola?

Answer: The name is likely a play on the term rock and roll – or rock and roller. In Japanese, his name is Dangoro, which is a combination of the dango treat and goro goro – the sound of a rock rolling.

Question: What is Roggenrola Based on?

Answer: Roggenrola is based on a geode. A geode is a typically-round rock formation that is hollow. Since Roggenrola is also a rock formation that is hollow and spherical, this is an easy observation.

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