Minccino Guide: The Cute Chinchilla Pokemon

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The Pokemon universe is a vast and vibrant landscape filled to the brim with a variety of big, small, powerful and petite monsters that you can train as your own.

Your overall goal is to be the very best there ever was and take on the Pokemon League. However, one would argue that it’s all about the friends and Pokemon you meet along the way. Although, as Pokemon has been around for over twenty-five years now, it’s pretty difficult to remember all the Pokemon on the roster, let alone know them well.

So with this in mind, we have come up with a series of Pokemon essential handbooks. These handbooks aim to document every key bit of info for every single Pokemon out there. Allowing you to get the most out of your Pokemon and train them to be the best that they can possibly be.

In this guide, we take a look at Minccino, a Pokemon inspired by the real-world animal, the chinchilla and introduced to the series in generation V. This Pokemon is absolutely adorable but how does it weigh up in terms of stats, move set’s and catchability? We find out in our Minccino essential Pokemon handbook.

What is Minccino?


Minccino is a pure normal type Pokemon that was introduced to the series back in generation V. This Pokemon in terms of appearance is based loosely on the real-world animal, the Chinchilla. The Pokemon has grey fur with white tufts found on the tail and the tips of the ears.

Mincinno has huge ears with pink innards, a fluffy grey tail which is about as big as the Pokemon itself, and big, brown eyes accompanied by a thin smile. Then lastly, the Pokemon has raised tufts on the fur on its head, below its chin, and in front of each ear.

In terms of this Pokemon’s behavior, the Pokemon is known to use its tail as a tool. It will use it as a broom to clean its den and will brush other Mincinno with it as a form of greeting. The Pokemon is a bit of a clean freak and will relentlessly clean dirty items within its den and on its trainer’s person. This Pokemon also uses its tail to perform a move called Tail Slap, which is this Pokemon’s signature move.

Mincinno is number 572 in the Pokedex, is about 0.4 meters tall, weight approximately 5.8 kilograms, has a fast leveling rate, and has a catch rate of 43.9%.

Here is a video of Minccino in action so you can see exactly what this cute little chinchilla Pokemon has to offer:


Does Minccino Appear in the Anime?

Minccino is one of the cutest and cuddly Pokemon produced throughout the whole series. So it hardly comes as a surprise that this Pokemon has featured rather heavily within the anime.

The first major appearance that this Pokemon made was in its debut episode, Minccino-Neat and Tidy! This was when we were introduced to Bianca’s Minccino as a wild Pokemon. The gang encounters Minccino who steals Ash’s badge and after they manage to get it back, Bianca catches them.

Minccino also played the role that Jigglypuff and Marill did in past anime series. In the Pikachu short Pikachu’s Summer Bridge Story. Minccino uses the move sing in the presence of Team Rocket which promptly sends them to sleep, which frustrates the Minccino..

Then in the episode Gotta Catch a What?! James manages to pull a Minccino from the Rocket prize master. He uses this to battle Ash and Goh’s Pikachu. However, as usual, they fail and go blasting off again.

These are the main appearances starring Minccino in an important role. However, this Pokemon has featured many other times within the anime in a supporting or cameo role. Though you may be wondering which episodes this cute chinchilla Pokemon popped up in. Well, allow us to inform you. Here is every other anime episode that Mincinno pops up in:

  • There’s a New Gym Leader in Town!
  • In The Shadow of Zekrom!
  • A Connoisseur’s Revenge!
  • Battling for the Love of Bug-Types!
  • Iris and Excadrill Against the Dragon Buster!
  • Gotta Catch A Roggenrola!
  • A Fishing Connoisseur in a Fishy Competition!
  • Jostling for the Junior Cup!
  • A Village Homecoming!
  • Curtain Up, Unova League!
  • Mission: Defeat Your Rival!
  • Team Plasma’s Pokémon Power Plot!
  • Secrets From Out of the Fog!
  • Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness!
  • The Island of Illusions!
  • The Journalist from Another Region!
  • Survival of the Striaton Gym!
  • Real Life…Inquire Within!
  • Battle Royal 151!
  • Restore and Renew!

Does Minccino Appear in Any Pokemon Movies?

Even though Minccino had more than its fair share of anime series appearances, this Pokemon didn’t stop there. Minccino has also been involved in four Pokemon movies to date, showcasing just how much of a camera-friendly and in-demand this Pokemon is. Especially since this Pokemon has only been around since gen V. However, you may be wondering which movies this Pokemon popped up in. Well, allow us to show you. Here is every full-length feature Pokemon movie that Minccino has been involved in:

  • Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel
  • Genesect and the Legend Awakened
  • Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice
  • White—Victini and Zekrom and Black—Victini and Reshiram

How Good is Minccino’s Pokemon Trading Card?

Minccino hasn’t just dominated in terms of screen time. This cute chinchilla Pokemon has also been very active within the Pokemon TCG world too. This Pokemon has been the subject of eleven Pokemon cards to date, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

However, we would bombard you with every single card. Instead, we will give you some insight into how the original Minccino TCG card measures up and then give you our opinion as to which of these eleven cards are the best of the bunch.

So, beginning with the original Minccino card, you have a card that made its debut in the Black and White expansion packs but was also featured in the Zoarak half deck expansion and the Legendary Treasures expansion. This card is a basic, normal type Pokemon card with 60HP and one move.

This move is Tail Slap which does ten base damage and has the potential to hit for 30 damage with ten being added for each time a coin lands on tails. This is a decent basic Pokemon card but its success relies too heavily on luck to be consistent, so for our money, this isn’t the Minccino card to go for.

If we had to choose just one of the eleven cards on offer, we would choose the BW-P Promotional cards expansion which is only available in Japan. This card features a 200HP Minccino card with one move, Party time. This allows the player to search through their deck, select basic Pokemon cards to add to their bench and for each Pokemon they choose, this will add to the multiplier for the attack.

This move hits for fifty damage times the amount of basic Pokemon chosen. This is an unnaturally powerful card and one that can deliver amazing results if your deck is built to accommodate it. So for us, this is the best Minccino card available.

Minccino In The Pokemon Video Games

Minccino was introduced in the fifth generation of the Pokemon series, making its debut in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.

However, since then this Pokemon has gone on to star in a variety of Pokemon games and spin-offs. Though, you may be wondering which games in the series this cute and fluffy Pokemon has managed to pop up in. Well, let us show you. Here is a list of every Pokemon game that Minccino has featured in:

  • Pokemon Black
  • Pokemon White
  • Pokemon White II
  • Pokemon Black II
  • Pokemon X
  • Pokemon Y
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby
  • Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Pokemon Sun
  • Pokemon Moon
  • Pokemon Ultra Sun
  • Pokemon Ultra Moon
  • Pokemon Sword
  • Pokemon Shield
  • Pokemon Rumble Blast
  • Pokemon Rumble U
  • Pokemon Battle Trozei
  • Pokemon Shuffle
  • Pokemon Rumble World
  • Pokemon Rumble Rush
  • PokePark 2
  • Pokemon Conquest
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon GTI
  • Picross
  • Pokemon Cafe Mix

What Moves Can Minccino Learn?

Minccino is a normal type Pokemon, so this Pokemon is reliant on physical moves to help it come out on top in battle. However, it does have access to some interesting move types both through natural learning and through TMs and breeding.

However, you might want a shortlist before you go making any decisions on your Mincinno moveset. Well, we can provide that for you. Here is every move available to Minccino in the Pokemon video game series:

minccino cleaning

Learned Moves:

  • Pound
  • Baby doll eyes
  • Helping hand
  • Echoed voice
  • Sing
  • Charm
  • Swift
  • Encore
  • After you
  • Tail Slap
  • Tickle
  • Slam
  • Hyper voice
  • Last resort

Taught Moves:

  • Thunder wave
  • Dig
  • Safeguard
  • Rest
  • Thief
  • Snore
  • Protect
  • Charm
  • Attract
  • Rain dance
  • Sunny day
  • Facade
  • Swift
  • Helping hand
  • Fake tears
  • U-turn
  • Fling
  • Round
  • Retaliate
  • Tail slap
  • Thunderbolt
  • Substitute
  • Endure
  • Encore
  • Sleep talk
  • Iron tail
  • Uproar
  • Hyper voice
  • Calm mind
  • Seed bomb
  • Gunk shot
  • Grass knot
  • Work up
  • Play rough
  • Dazzling gleam

Breeding Moves:

  • Aqua tail
  • Flail
  • Knock off
  • Tail whip

Transfer Moves:

  • Captivate
  • Covet
  • Confide
  • Double slap
  • Double team
  • Frustration
  • Growl
  • Hidden power
  • Mud slap
  • Return
  • Secret power
  • Shock wave
  • Swagger
  • Toxic
  • Wake up slap

What is the Best Mincinno Moveset?

As you can see from the list above, Minccino has a surprising amount of moves at its disposal. So picking the ideal move set for this Pokemon can be a little tricky. So with that in mind, we have researched the best competitive moveset for this Pokemon so you don’t have to. Taking the stress from you and gifting you the optimal Minccino moveset. Here it is listed below:

  • Tail Slap
  • Knock off
  • Seed bomb
  • Wake Up Slap

What is Minccino Weak/Strong Against?

Minccino is a pure normal type Pokemon, which basically means that it has one true weakness and the rest of the Pokemon moves out there hit for the standard amount. The true weakness is fighting type moves that hit for double damage. Then as for resistances, the Pokemon sadly doesn’t have any. However, it does have an immunity against any ghost type moves which can come in handy when dealing with any spooky Pokemon. Here is a full rundown of this pokemon’s weaknesses, resistances and immunities:


  • Fighting type moves


  • N/A


  • Ghost type moves

How to Catch Minccino in The Pokemon Games

minccino in games

Minccino is a pretty easy Pokemon to get your hands on within the Pokemon series. This Pokemon can be caught through a random encounter in games such as Pokemon Black/White, Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby, Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon and Sword/Shield. Plus, with a catch rate of 43.9% catching this cute Pokemon is a breeze. However, in some of the Pokemon games, there is an extra layer of difficulty.

In X and Y, you will have to utilize the friend safari and in Pokemon Sun and Moon, you will have to trade with another trainer. However, aside from this, Minccino is an easy Pokemon to add to your Pokedex and as a result, we would label this one as a common Pokemon.

Does Minccino Evolve?

Yes, Minccino does evolve into a stronger chinchilla-inspired Pokemon called Cinccino. This Pokemon is a much more decadent Pokemon in terms of design and you can evolve Mincinno whenever you like, provided you have the right item for the job.

To make Minccino evolve, you must expose them to a shiny stone. If you do this, the Pokemon will evolve instantly, so technically, you can make Minccino evolve as early as level one. So be sure to have a shiny stone on hand if you want to make this happen.

What Are Minccino’s Base Stats?

Minccino is a Pokemon that relies on its speed to get results in battle. The Pokemon has the ability to get the first punch in. So with moves that can cause status effects or flinch, you can really do wonders with this Pokemon. However, this Pokemon is lacking when it comes to SP attack and defense as well as physical defense stats. Here is a full rundown of the base stats for the Pokemon, Minccino:

  • HP: 55
  • Attack: 50
  • Defence: 40
  • SP Attack: 40
  • SP Defense: 40
  • Speed: 70

What Does A Shiny Minccino Look Like?

Shiny Minccino is a very cool design that stands out clearly from the standard Mincinno model. Instead of the grey and white fur on the normal model, the shiny Minccino rocks pink fur with white accents and its ears have gold innards rather than the pink found on the standard model.

This is a shiny that really tweaks the design for the better and offers a stunning Pokemon that anyone would be proud to add to their collection. So if you are looking for a new target to shiny hunt, we urge you to put this one on top of your wanted list.

Mini But Mighty

As you can see from the information above, Minccino is a Speedy Chinchilla Pokemon with a lot to offer. It evolves into a much more powerful normal type Pokemon, has a series of moves that can make this one of the best competitive basic Pokemon around, and best of all, the shiny design for this Pokemon is out of this world. So if you haven’t already added this Pokemon to your Pokedex, get out into the tall grass and find this Pokemon now!


Question: What is the Strongest Normal Type Pokemon?

Answer: Several Pokemon trainers will write off normal type Pokemon due to their lack of specialty. However, the fact is that some of these Pokemon are brilliant competitive options. A lot of these Pokemon are hard hitters, able to tank huge hits and in some cases, can learn moves to become healing Pokemon which are almost impossible to take down. Here is a list of the top five best normal type Pokemon:
• Arceus
• Regigigas
• Slaking
• Meloetta
• Blissey
While there are several options, the clear winner is the God of all Pokemon, Arceus. Now in fairness, this Pokemon’s type can be changed withheld items but regardless of this technicality, we would say that this Pokemon is far and away from the best competitive normal type.

Question: What Was Ash’s Team in the Black/White Anime Series?

Answer: Ash’s Pokemon party has chopped and changed several times throughout the anime series. With each new region, Ash has caught a set of brand new Pokemon and trained them to become his new party to take on that region’s Pokemon League. Of course, Pikachu has remained a constant throughout, however, there has been plenty of other Pokemon that have helped Ash grow as a trainer over the years. So you may be wondering, what party did Ash finish up within the Black/White series? Well, we have the answers you seek. Here is the party listed below:
• Unfeazant
• Oshawatt
• Pignite
• Snivy
• Scraggy
• Leavanny
• Palpitoad
• Boldore
• Krookodile
• Pikachu

Question: Which Pokemon is The Fastest?

Answer: When it comes to winning Pokemon battles, getting the first move in can be crucial. To do this, you need to have a speed stat that will beat the opposing Pokemon to the punch. Some Pokemon aren’t built to move at pace. However, others are made with that stat being their main selling point. However, you may be wondering which of these super fast Pokemon are the fastest of them all. Well, we have your answer, here are the top five fastest Pokemon in the Pokemon video game series:
• Regieleki
• Deoxys
• Ninjask
• Pheromosa
• Electrode

So that is our essential Pokemon handbook giving you all the info you could possibly need about the Pokemon, Minccino. What did you make of this guide? Was this helpful and informative? Are there any other Pokemon you would love to see a guide for? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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