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Pokémon has reached heights entertainment companies dream of, with a solid loyal following grasping at the heels of The Pokémon Company in pursuit (get it?) of these pocket monsters. The games achieved a breakthrough when they first launched, and GameFreak – The creator of these games – has been vital in creating vibrant additions to the roster.

While some Pokémon have been left out to dry, looking at you, Luvdisc, others receive significant overhauls and buffs in the game and airtime in the anime to keep their existence fresh in our minds. One such Pokémon whose hand GameFreak does not let go of is Masquerain.

First introduced in the Third Generation, GameFreak has continuously supported this Pokémon to this day. Even with all the support it has received, this Bug and Flying-type Pokémon has come close to small amounts of fame, at least in competitive play, but it always comes off short.

I will provide an in-depth guide about this beautiful Pokémon, how you should utilize it, and its place in the large realm of the Pokémon world.


Image from Wiki Fandom

It is a light blue butterfly-shaped Pokémon with two large semi-circle-shaped wings with elongated tips on the end. The wings are connected to the sides of its sizeable teardrop-shaped head. The face is a small semi-circle-shaped pink face with black eyes on the edges.

Its head is attached to a small circular lower body with four diamond-shaped wings, which are smaller in size. These are connected on the sides of the lower body in pairs of two. The large wings also work as an antenna which resembles an angry eye. They are light pink on the rim with small white spots and consist of a dark pink spot in the middle that acts as an iris.

The Shiny version is one with a striking appearance. Instead of the body being light blue, it is emerald green with a darker shade of green, replacing the color of the rim of its antenna with pale pink. The white areas in those wings have been replaced with a light yellowish hue. The color of the central iris on its antenna is similar; dark pink.

  • Height: 3.6KG (7.9lbs)
  • Weight: 0.8m


Image from Wiki Fandom

Masquerain evolves from the Water Bug-type Pokémon Surskit, which resides in or near small water bodies. It evolves into Masquerain at level twenty-two (22.) It has no further evolutions.

Masquerain Unmasked

A Bug and Flying-type Pokémon with many weaknesses we will discuss later, its moments in fame were short-lived, but they did exist. With midrange stats all around the board, proving to be the best as a status support Pokémon in competitive play.

The beauty of this Pokémon is often overlooked; it falls into my category of Pokémon Contest and Showcase Pokémon; if GameFreak ever redesigns them, that is. The sheer qualities and vibrant aesthetic it presents are perfect for those endeavors.

The natural habitat of this Pokémon is around the edges of water bodies. It uses the iris on its enormous wings to intimidate its enemies, and its four wings allow it to move in any direction. Masquerain dislikes the rain since it causes its antenna to become heavy and droop down.

As soon as the Sun shines, it points its antenna towards it to dry them off. To protect its large wings from the rain, Masquerain often finds shelter under large trees in the forest or rims of buildings and houses if it’s in residential areas. Masquerain can use its large wings as legs to walk on water’s surface like its former pre-evolution form.

In The Pokémon Card Game

Masquerain in Celestial Storm
Image from Wiki Fandom

Used as a strategy Pokémon to allow for more vigorous play, this Uncommon Category Pokémon can help the player pull some fun strategies if utilized correctly. It plays its role as a status and support Pokémon very well. It is usually presented as a stage one grass-type Pokémon.

Rebel Clash:  Masquerain knows the moves threatening pattern and Uturn. The artwork consists of Masquerain flying over a small swamp-Esque water body with lilypads.

Celestial Storm: Masquerain knows the moves Surprising Pattern and Hurricane Wing. The artwork is a simplistic cartoonish aesthetic with Masquerain in a forest environment.

Sun and Moon: Masquerain knows the move Struggle Bug, and its rarity is Rare in this series. The artwork boasts a vibrant Masquerain in a grass field with the Sun shining over it.

XY – Primal Clash: It knows the moves Spiral Gyration and Air Slash. The artwork shows Masquerain next to a flowing river.

Black and White – Plasma Blast: It has the ability Tool Reversal and knows the move Bug Bite. The artwork highlights a large shape of Masquerain surrounded by shining crystals with a bridge having water flowing below it in the backdrop.

EX – Hidden Legends: It knows the moves Silver Wind and Whirlwind. With a cell-shaded art style showcasing a Masquerain from a top-down angle flying directly up. It has two other Masquerain below it and a wooden bridge surrounded by water underneath.

EX Deoxys: Its Pokebody is an Intimidating Pattern and knows the move Stun Spore. The artwork shows a sizeable realistic Masquerain in a cloudy sky with very little sunlight peeking through.

EX Holon Phantoms: It knows the move sweet scent and quick attack. The artwork shows Masquerain in the shining sky.

Diamond & Pearl – Mysterious Treasures: It is level 32 and knows the moves Centrifugal Force and Swirling Ripple. The artwork features two Masquerain with their bodies upright on a water body with the dancing lights behind them.

Platinum – Supreme Victors: It is level 36, having Poke-Body Intimidating Pattern, and it knows the move Skim Attack. The artwork features a Masquerain flying atop tall grass.

In The Manga

Masqurain first appeared in the Pokémon Adventures manga in the chapter “Master Class With Masquerain.” Sapphire asks to be trained by Winona, the gym leader in Fortree City (Hoenn Region.)

Their battle is three vs. three, where one of the Pokémon Winona sends out is a Masquerain. The battle gets heated on many occasions, but Sapphire manages to defeat Winona and her Masquerain to get stronger; she even receives the Feather Badge.

It also appeared in “The Final Showdown VIII,” where Guile Hideout – The antagonist of the Emerald Chapter – sends out a Surskit along with his Walrein to fight against Gold and his Politoad and Poliwrath. The Surskit evolves into a Masquerain mid-battle but is defeated by Gold and his Pokémon.

It also appeared in “The Party Crasher and Guzma the Destroyer” as one of Guzma’s Pokémon who Sun defeated in the Manga.

In The Anime

Masquerain in Anime
Image from Wiki Fandom

It first appeared in the anime in the episode “A Fan with a Plan.” May and our heroes reach Rubello City for the Pokémon contest and runs into Drew. She later sees Drew, who is seen training with his new Pokémon Masquerain, which fascinates May.

It has also appeared in many backgrounds and as a Pokémon of random trainers’ especially near water bodies or in Pokémon contests in the Pokémon The Series: Ruby and Sapphire anime.

It appeared shortly in the “Destiny Deoxys” animated movie as Audrey’s Pokémon; it got its moment when it helped rotate the blades of the windmills in LaRousse City. In the episode “The Great Eight Fate,” Juan – The Gym Leader – had a Masquerain that participated in the Stootopolis City Water Exhibit.

Its actual claim to fame and shining moment that highlighted its natural habitat was in the episode “Dewpider Ascending!” The gang and Ash were searching for an area that a Dewpider could make its own near the Pokémon School, and in that search, they came across a water body.

That water body was already a Surskit’s territory. The Surskit engaged in a battle with the Dewpider. Dewpider lost the fight, but Surskit evolved into Masquerain and flew away while giving its territory to the Dewepider, showcasing how a Masquerain in nature would behave.

In The Game

Image from Wiki Fandom

The Bug Flying-type Pokémon Masquerain is a Pokémon that has undergone many changes throughout the generations. From its time in the spotlight to its downfall and then a slight rise again, its journey has been a rollercoaster.

The Pokémon Company and GameFreak have never let go of this Pokémon. Even with its disadvantageous typing, there are still a few tricks up its sleeve. It can be used in battle, and there are ways to utilize its potential depending on the Generation you’re playing in. Focusing mainly as a support-based Pokémon, Masquerain can be an unexpected pick that might lead you to victory if you manage to evade a Stealth Rock.

In the games, it has a capture rate of seventy-five (17.5%) and belongs to the Water 1 and Bug egg groups. It has a fifty-fifty chance of being male or female.

You won’t ever need to use its hidden ability. Still, for egg moves, its egg needs approximately four thousand (4000) steps to hatch. It has a base experience of 128 after defeating it with a Medium Fast Leveling rate.

Where to Find Masquerain

Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald: In the Third Generation, you would have to evolve it from Surskit. Surskit can be found on Route 102 and many other locations across the map. In Pokémon Emerald, Surskit is one of the Swarm Pokémon. You can also check by watching the TV after defeating the elite four. It can be located on routes 102, 114, 117, and 120.

Pokémon Fire Red, Leaf Green, and Coliseum: It can only be received through trading from the other Pokémon games.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: It can only be evolved from a Surskit, which can easily be found in the Small Resort Area at Route 229. Go into the small water body, and it’s mainly composed of Surskit.

Pokémon Platinum: In a similar area at Route 229, there is a chance to encounter a Masquerain instead of a Surskit in the game.

Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver: You can quickly evolve it from a high-level Surskit by getting it from the Safari zone after getting the National Dex. Suppose you want to catch one directly. You would have to be lucky while surfing in the meadow in the Safari Zone. The chances of encountering one are low, so you’re better off evolving it.

Pokémon Black and White: It can only be obtained by evolving Surskit, which is only available to be caught in Pokémon White. You can find it in many locations in Pokemon White, but the best would be White Forest by using Surf. To obtain Masquerain in Pokémon Black, it has to be traded from Pokémon white.

Pokémon Black2 and White2: It can be caught mainly from Route 11 as a Swarm Pokémon.

Pokémon X and Y: It can be caught from Route 3 using Surf, or you can also get it from the Bug-type area in the Friend Safari.

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire can be found in various locations, mainly Routes 102,111,114,117,120,123, and from Petal Burg City by using Surf in water areas.

Pokémon Sun & Moon and Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: Masquerain can be found in Malie Garden at night.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl: it needs to be evolved from a Surskit that can be encountered by surfing on some water bodies or by going to The Deep Underground and surfing there.

Pokémon Sword & Shield, Legends Arceus, and Lets Go: Pikachu and Eevee do not have Surskit or Masquerain in the games. You cannot transfer it in these games either.


These values determine how a Pokémon is supposed to be utilized for the game. Masquerain’s stats have changed a bit from its inception. Still, its overall form at first was weak, considering it had a shallow defense, which could not account for its vast weaknesses.

  • HP: 70
  • Attack: 60
  • Defense: 62
  • Special Attack: 80
  • Special Defense: 82
  • Speed: 60
  • Total: 414

The low defense and speed stats plague Masquerains’ ability to shine. It cannot sweep a team with that speed, and the defense will undoubtedly allow for a one-hit KO. Its Special stats are reasonably decent while not easy to use; with the right move set, it can be rendered playable.

With the newest Generations rolling out, Masquerain gained new moves an overhaul of its stats.

  • HP: 70
  • Attack: 60
  • Defense: 62
  • Special Attack: 100
  • Special Defense: 82
  • Speed: 80
  • Total: 454

These changes are welcome and at least allow Masquerain a place in various teams with a bug-type Pokémon. While they would’ve been welcome during its inception, this just shows GameFreak believes this Pokémon has value. It’s still plagued by low defense, but better speed allows it to stand a chance against divisive foes.



Every Pokémon contains abilities that help it in battles. These are usually derivative of the Pokémon and their natural habitat. When caught randomly, Masquerain holds the ability “Intimidate,” a fantastic ability that lowers the attack stat of the opposing Pokémon when in battle.

This is the perfect ability for a Pokémon like Masquerain, who has a low defense stat. Its hidden ability is “Unnerve“; it does not allow the opposing Pokémon to eat any berries it holds in battle. This ability is relatively useless for Masquerain as it does not help in any competition or contest. It would be best to refrain from obtaining a Masquerain with this ability.


Masquerain can be found in the wild with any nature, but to get the most out of your Masquerain you want either of these two natures:

Timid: This nature increases the speed stat and reduces the base attack stat when leveling up.

Modest: It increases special attack and reduces the amount of attack stat while leveling up.

For a support Pokémon with low defense, being quick is a necessity. Timid nature should be the one to go for with Masquerain. Even if you make your Masquerain a special attack powerhouse, it won’t be able to land attacks due to slow speed and is usually taken out in one hit because of low defense. The Timid nature will provide a chance for it to enter competitive play so that moves like Sticky Web or Quiver dance, or Baton Pass can Land.

Best Strategy

Masquerain in Battle

The Bug Flying-type Pokémon has a lot of weaknesses, but it still entered the scene in the Third Generation with stride. It could not use its decent special attack stat in the beginning. Still, as the Generation’s progressed, new moves and status changes allowed Masquerain to compete, even if it was at a lower tier.

The Third Generation

The Stun Spore Build

In the Third Generation, Masquerain could not be an effective offensive Pokémon because of its weak Health and defense stats. The way to utilize it in this Generation would be with this build, but between us, you would be better off with a Butterfree.

  1. Stun Spore
  2. Ice Beam
  3. Hydro Pump
  4. Giga Drain

This move set will allow Masquerain to damage the heavy hitters before it accepts its inevitable demise;  its low defense makes it very vulnerable to even neutral attacks.

The Fourth and Fifth Generations

Supporter Build

These Generations proved to be much better for Masquerain since it was plagued with many problems. Adding bug-type moves along with its Timid Nature would help this Pokémon rise the ranks and might even achieve something. The best moves for it are:

  1. Quiver Dance
  2. Bug Buzz
  3. Baton Pass
  4. Hydro Pump/roost

These Generations proved to be the resurgence of Masquerain, primarily due to the strong move Quiver Dance, which, coupled with Baton Pass, creates a great support Pokémon. This would allow the following Pokémon to come in and sweep the opponents’ team.

This would be perfect if not for the addition of the deadly Stealth Rock, which became the bane of Masquerains existence. Masquerain cannot counter this setup move and, as such, was usually rendered useless if a stealth rock would be set up.

Generation Six Onwards

The Web Setter

Masquerain saw terrific success in Generation 6 with the introduction of the sticky web, and players considered this Pokémon as a viable candidate for their squad. With the increase in base Special Attack and Speed Masquerain saw in Generation 7, it should’ve been enough to give it a fighting chance, but sadly it could not stand up to its competitors.

Levany was one of its major competitors, who was the go-to Sticky Web user of most squads, either that or Smeargle. This was because of its typing, which held many weaknesses, and its poor defensive capabilities, which constantly bogged it down.

Still, players used this Pokémon a few times to win by using it to surprise their opponents. Its recommended move set would be as a sticky web setter:

  1. Sticky Web
  2. Bug Buzz
  3. Quiver Dance
  4. Hydro Pump

With a Timid Nature and Intimidate as abilities, alongside the held item being either a choice scarf or a focus sash, this Pokémon can still be used, even if it is gimmicky.

How to Use Masquerain

In the earlier generations, it would’ve been best to use stun spore and then wail on the opponents as much as possible with Masquerain. As the roster of Pokémon kept increasing, so did the move set. With the addition of quiver dance, Masquerain became the perfect setter.

Using it to set Quiver Dance and then use a Baton Pass for a clean sweep was a great approach, but that changed with the newest Generation. With the introduction of Sticky Web, you need to get it in as soon as possible and start using Quiver Dance.

This can give Masaquerain a strong foothold against Defog. It has to set up a sticky web, and the more Quiver Dances it can use, the better your chances of securing a victory.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Pokemon Type

Being a Bug Flying-type Pokémon, Masquerain is weak to many attack typings. It is four times weak against rock-type moves and two times weak against Flying, Fire, Ice, and electric-type moves. It is not affected by Ground-type attacks.

Masquerain can resist fighting, grass type moves by one-fourth (1/4) of their power, and bug type moves by half (1/2) of their power.

Moves Per Level

The moves learned by Masquerain were not the best in previous generations. Still, with the introduction of newer moves, some of the moves are pretty strong. You can utilize the best moves to create a good status support Special Attacker Pokémon.

Level                       Move

1                                Quiver Dance

1                                Whirlwind

1                                Bug Buzz

1                                Bubble Beam

1                                Agility

1                                Mist

1                                Haze

1                                Aqua Jet

1                                Baton Pass

1                                Sticky Web

1                                Water Gun

1                                Quick Attack

1                                Sweet Scent

6                                Quick Attack

9                                Sweet Scent

14                              Soak

17                              Gust

22                              Scary Face

22                              Air Cutter

26                              Stun Spore

32                              Super Sonic

38                              Air Slash

42                              Bug Buzz

48                              Whirlwind

52                              Quiver Dance

Moves By TM’s

TM                            Move

03                              Water Pulse

11                              Sunny Day

13                              Ice Beam

14                              Blizzard

15                              Hyper Beam

17                              Protect

18                              Rain Dance

19                              Giga Drain

22                              Solar Beam

30                              Shadow Ball

32                              Double Team

40                              Aerial Ace

42                              Façade

44                              Rest

45                              Attract

46                              Thief

49                              Scald

51                              Roost

53                              Energy Ball

58                              Endure

62                              Bug Buzz

68                              Giga Impact

70                              Flash

77                              Psych Up

82                              Sleep Talk

87                              Swagger

89                              U-Turn

90                              Substitute

97                              Defog

Egg Moves

These moves can be transferred to Surskit, which will evolve into Masquerain. The Pokemon will obtain the moves here by breeding certain Pokémon that contain these moves.

  • Aqua Jet
  • Bug Bite
  • Fell Stinger
  • Hydro Pump
  • Lunge
  • Mind Reader
  • Mud Shot
  • Power Split
  • Psybeam

Notable Facts

  • It was based on various insects, mainly moths and dragonflies. Its habitat and design, which also intimidates, are inspired by moths, while the body, especially its four wings, is from dragonflies.
  • Amemoth is its Japanese name.
  • Its name is the combination of Masquerade and rain for English, but Amemoth refers to it being a water strider and moth.
  • It scored a 16/19 in poke athlon with only a low score (1/3) in power.
  • It was the only bug type Pokémon to learn Scald prior to Generation 6 and the only bug type to learn Ice Beam apart from Genesect.
  • It can move in every direction due to its unique wings, quite like a helicopter.


Question: Has anyone ever won a competition with Masquerain?

Answer: Many Pro Players did start using Masquerain; most left it out in the OU (overused) category as a gimmick. In one Sun and Moon tournament game with a Choice Scarf set, Masquerain defeated Snipe Greninja with Sticky Web’s help to secure the victory. This was its only time in glory, though, and it has not gotten anything else since.

Question: Why is Masquerain so weak even after the buffs by GameFreak?

Answer: While on paper, it should be a strong enough Pokémon, the weak base defense stat and its typing is its biggest problem. The Pokémon was flawed, to begin with, four times weak against rock-type moves, and low defense creates a chance for one-hit KOs.

Its other weakness undoubtedly makes it an easy target for almost every Pokémon. With the buffs, Masquerain has become useable but not viable. It still needs a lot of work to compete with the likes of other Pokémon, which are much more versatile and sturdy.

Question: Should I get a Masquerain for my Play-through?

Answer: Of course, Pokémon, at its core, is a fun game, and having the Pokémon you love the most adventuring alongside you is where the charm of the game lies. The topics I spoke about mainly referred to competitive play where every IV and every single point in the stats count. Suppose you want to do a casual play-through of the game.

In that case, Masquerain can be utilized with the strategies mentioned above, and you can have fun pairing it with the rest of your team. I would go as far as to recommend it for Pokemon contests and other fun events. I even took long strolls with my Masquerain because I love its design.

Masquerain Guide: Conclusion

Masquerain is a charming Pokémon with its presence and beauty in the Pokémon world. Despite all the attention and buffs it received from GameFreak, it could never overcome its initial weaknesses.

While this Pokémon still has a lot of potentials, especially in Pokémon Contests and Showcases, because of its unique design and charming look. It might not be the best choice as a battling party member; if you’re well-rounded with every Pokémon move, you can always surprise your opponents and, given the circumstances, might even win with Masquerain. I would love to see another overhaul of this lovely Pokémon.

If GameFreak could change its typing from Bug Flying to Bug Water like Surskits, it would definitely change the game.

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