Gourgeist Guide: A Haunted Lantern Pokemon That Will Spook Rival Trainers

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Gourgeist, the Pumpkin Pokémon, is a plant/ghost-type Pokémon that was introduced in the sixth-gen and is the evolution of Pumpkaboo.

Gourgeist is based on the Jack-o’-Lanterns, those carved pumpkins with a candle inside that decorate homes on Halloween night. Thanks to this, Gourgeist looks like a dark brown pumpkin that glows on the inside. From inside comes a stem that depicts its body, and from its head comes its pink hair that it uses as hands to attack. The name Gourgeist comes from the union of the words Gourd and Geist.

Three features set Gourgeist apart from the rest of the Pokémon and make it very special:

  • Gourgeist is the only Pokémon that has different sizes. Gourgeist sizes vary because pumpkins can have different sizes when used to make Jack-o’-Lanterns. Gourgeist can be small, medium, large, or extra-large.
  • Gourgeist can learn fire-type moves such as Flamethrower, Flame Charge, Fire Blast, or Incinerate thanks to its internal candle.
  • It is the only Pokémon (along with its initial state, Pumpkaboo) that can learn Trick-or-Treat. This move adds the ghost type to the foe; if the target has 2 types, then the ghost type comes as its third type.

Gourgeist Summary of Appearances in Pokémon Versions and Media (Games, Anime, Movies)

In the games you can find Gourgeist:

  • X & Y: Evolving Pumpkaboo. Pumpkaboo can be found in route 16 and in Friend Safari.
  • ORAS: The only way you can get a Gourgeist here is through trading Pokémon from X & Y.
  • Sun and Moon: The only way you can get a Gourgeist is through the Pokémon Bank.
  • Shield and Sword: You can have a Gourgeist by evolving a Pumpkaboo or catching one in Hammerlocke Hills, Dappled Grove, South Lake Miloch (Only on Sword), Watchtower Ruins, Stony Wilderness and in the Giant’s Mirror (As a Max Raid Battle).

In the Anime, Gourgeist has a unique feature as it is one of Jesse’s Pokémon from Team Rocket. Gourgeist’s first appearance was in the episode called A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell? in which Jesse trades Pumpkaboo for Mawile with Count Pumpka. Pumpkaboo, when traded, evolved into Gourgeist, so it was no longer of interest to Count Pumpka. After that, they traded back, and Gourgeist joined Jesse’s team.

Gourgeist and Jesse were teammates until Jesse left Kalos and went to Alola, leaving Gourgeist in the Team Rocket HQ.

In the Manga, Cassius’ Gourgeist was one of the main characters in PS567, helping the protagonists defeat a Team Flare Grunt and protecting them when Cassius’ helicopter crashed.

In the TCG, Gourgeist has 4 different cards, appearing in the XY set and in the Noivern Half Deck with the same card, in the Phantom Forces set and in the Crimson Invasion set.

Gourgeist Evolution Line: When Does Gourgeist Evolve?


Gourgeist can’t evolve. Pumpkaboo is the initial stage of Gourgeist and it only evolves when traded.

Gourgeist Stats

Seeing its great base stats in Defense, the lack of speed, and the moves it can learn, we can know that this is a Pokémon designed to withstand fights and fulfill the tank role. Of course, there are other Pokémon that perform this role much better.

Another role that a Gourgeist could perform in a team would be the support role. It can learn a few moves like Trick-or-Treat, Leech Seed, or Trick Room that comes in handy in double battles or to prepare favorable situations for a Pokémon that is stronger in Attack.


Gourgeist can have these abilities:

  • Pickup: The Pokémon can take an item that the opponent Pokémon used before.
  • Frisk: The Pokémon can check the opposing Pokémon’s held item when it enters a battle.
  • Insomnia (Hidden Ability): It prevents the Pokémon from falling asleep.

Favorable Natures

Gourgeist have a great defense, so, in order to work properly, it needs these natures:

  • Bold (Enhance Defense, reduces Attack)
  • Impish (Enhance Defense, reduces Special Attack)
  • Relaxed (Enhance Defense, reduces Speed)
  • Lax (Enhance Defense, reduces Special Defense)


Gourgeist’s size variations affect its base stats, meaning that the larger the Gourgeist is, the more attack and HP it will have, but its speed will be reduced.

Small size Gourgeist stats:

 HPAttackDefenseSp. AtkSp. DefSpeed
Base Stats5585122587599
Favorable Nature314295377215249297

Medium size Gourgeist stats:

 HPAttackDefenseSp. AtkSp. DefSpeed
Base Stats6590122587584
Favorable Nature334306377236273293

Large size Gourgeist stats:

 HPAttackDefenseSp. AtkSp. DefSpeed
Base Stats7595122587569
Favorable Nature354317377236273260

XL size Gourgeist stats:

 HPAttackDefenseSp. AtkSp. DefSpeed
Base Stats85100122587554
Favorable Nature374328377236273227

Based on its base stats, Gourgeist only has 494 points, making this Pokémon stand out only on PU, RU (Rarely Used), and NU (Never Used) tiers.

Every time you defeat a Gourgeist, it will give you 2 EV’s in Defense.

Moves list per level

Gourgeist can learn the following moves by levelling up (This table works only in Generation VI):

1Shadow SneakGhostPhysical40100%30
1Confuse RayGhostStatus100%10
12Razor LeafGrassPhysical5595%25
16Leech SeedGrassStatus5595%25
20Bullet SeedGrassStatus90%10
24Scary FaceNormalPhysical25100%30
28Worry SeedGrassPhysical40100%30
32Seed BombGrassSpecial80100%15
36Shadow BallGhostStatus20
44Pain SplitNormalPhysical90100%10
48Phantom ForceGhostPhysical30100%10

Moves list by TM/TR

Gourgeist can learn the following moves through TM/HM

TM/TR (GEN VIII)MoveTypeCategoryPowerAccuracyPP
TM08Hyper BeamNormalSpecial15090%5
TM09Giga ImpactNormalPhysical15090%5
TM11Solar BeamGrassSpecial120100%10
TM17Light ScreenPsychicStatus30
TM22Rock SlideRockPhysical7590%10
TM26Scary FaceNormalStatus100%10
TM28Giga DrainGrassSpecial75100%10
TM34Sunny DayFireStatus5
TM50Bullet SeedGrassPhysical25100%30
TM70Trick RoomPsychicStatus5
TM86Phantom ForceGhostPhysical90100%10
TM92Mystical FireFireSpecial75100%10
TM97Brutal SwingDarkPhysical60100%20
TR15Fire BlastFireSpecial11085%5
TR22Sludge BombPoisonSpecial90100%10
TR27Sleep TalkNormalStatus10
TR33Shadow BallGhostSpecial80100%15
TR40Skill SwapPsychicStatus10
TR52Gyro BallSteelPhysical100%5
TR58Dark PulseDarkSpecial80100%15
TM59Seed BombGrassPhysical80100%15
TR64Focus BlastFightingSpecial12070%5
TR65Energy BallGrassSpecial90100%10
TR68Nasty PlotDarkStatus20
TR72Power WhipGrassPhysical12085%10
TR77Grass KnotGrassSpecial100%20
TR81Foul PlayDarkPhysical95100%15
TR83Ally SwitchPsychicStatus15

Gourgeist Strengths

Gourgeist Strengths

Gourgeist is a Ghost/Grass type Pokémon, so it is strong against the following types:

  • It gets only ½ of the damage against Water Type.
  • It gets only ½ of the damage against Electric Type.
  • It gets only ½ of the damage against Grass Type.
  • It gets only ½ of the damage against Ground Type.
  • It is immune to Normal Type.
  • It is immune to Fighting Type.

Thanks to Gourgeist’s base stats, this Pokémon can only be used in PU, RU (Rarely Used), and NU (Never Used) tiers. It can also be used in OU (OverUsed), but it is not as good. Basically, Gourgeist is very good for low tiers but very bad for high tiers.

For PU, it is a defensive wall that is excellent thanks to its good combination of types, defense stats, and several moves that can learn and surprise more than one trainer. One of Gourgeist’s main advantages in this tier is its Ghost-type, with which it can easily avoid facing Fighting-type and Normal-type Pokémon. Gourgeist competes against a few other plant-type defensive walls, mainly because it is slow, but it becomes an ideal choice thanks to its Ghost-type.

It is more or less the same in RU, as it can easily defeat several Fighting-type Pokémon that command within this tier. Thanks to its great defenses, it can disarm several common strategies used in RU, such as those physical Pokémon that abuse Swords Dance. It can also withstand the attacks of Water-type Pokémon.

On the other hand, in NU, Gourgeist is one of the Pokémon with the best defense in this tier. Thanks to its Ghost-type, it can defeat several Pokémon that are a threat in this tier, such as Rhydon or Samurott.

We don’t recommend Gourgeist in OU. Many Plant-type and Ghost-type Pokémon are much better than Gourgeist as their stats are too low to be used in this tier. Anyway, Gourgeist can fight against several threats within this tier, such as Earth-type Pokémon (like Diggersby or Swampert) or Water-type Pokémon (like the Assault Vest-Azumarill or Keldeo). It is also capable of easily defeating all Fighting-type Pokémon and those Swords Dance users capable of making life difficult for any trainer.

But for Doubles, things change. Thanks to its excellent defensive resistance, it can withstand attacks in the first turn of the battle, making it capable of using the Trick Room strategy and attacking first in the following turns. It also moves to make it easier for a companion Pokémon to attack, such as Will-O-Wisp or Leech Seed.

Gourgeist Weaknesses

Gourgeist Teacher

Gourgeist is weak against the following types:

  • It takes x2 damage against Ghost Type.
  • It takes x2 damage against Fire Type.
  • It takes x2 damage against Ice Type.
  • It takes x2 damage against Dark Type.
  • It takes x2 damage against Flying Type.

Gourgeist’s low stats (a mere 494 base points) make it useless for OU since all Fire-type Pokémon can efficiently One-hit KO it and do so more quickly if special attacks are used. And if Gourgeist can withstand the first hit, then it also won’t be able to use its primary strategy, which is Will-O-Wisp, since Fire-type Pokémon are immune to this move. Gourgeist is also especially weak against the Flying-type as several Pokémon excel in this tier and can easily complicate its life with moves like Brave Bird or Fly.

Gourgeist presents almost no problems within the PU tier, but Ice-type, Sinister-type, and Fire-type are pretty standard here. Articuno can quickly get rid of Gourgeist, as can several Pokémon such as Cryogonal, Flareon, Combusken, Regice, or Torkoal. In addition, other defensive Plant-type walls can compete for a spot on your teams, such as Roselia, Tangela, or Quilladin.

For RU, Gourgeist can present several problems; for example, its low ability to withstand special attacks makes it easy for special attacks to kill Gourgeist, such as Meloetta. In addition, within this tier, there are many Sinister and Fire-type Pokémon: Absol, Cofagrigus, Houndoom and Spiritomb, and Sneasel are capable of disarming any strategy you can set up with Gourgeist.

NU is not as full of threats to Gourgeist as other tiers, mainly Pokémon like Abomasnow, Charizard, Magmortar, Pyroar, Aurorus, or Liepard, which can destroy Gourgeist’s primary strategy.

In Doubles, the main problem is the role it plays, which is that of support. After using its strategy with Trick Room and Will-O-Wisp, Gourgeist is useless since it can’t learn harmful attacks. Basically, it is a passive Pokémon. In addition, the classic Charizard and Talonflame and any Fire-type Pokémon can OHKO Gourgeist or leave it severely injured.

Gourgeist Best Moveset

Gourgeist Best Moveset


Gourgeist can work in OU/NU/RU/PU with this moveset:

  • Will-O-Wisp
  • Leech Seed
  • Synthesis
  • Seed Bomb, Shadow Sneak, Phantom Force, or Rock Slide

Using Leftovers as its item, using Frisk as its ability, and using Impish as its nature.

EVs: 252 HP / 160 Def / 96 SpD.

The strategy is to start with Will-O-Wisp since the burns can reduce the physical damage of the foe who suffers them by half and lose HP throughout the fight. Leech Seed works very well together with Will-O-Wisp doing residual damage and healing Gourgeist consistently. Then, Gourgeist can withstand attacks thanks to Synthesis, with which it can recover HP; anyway, it is a movie that should not be used very often because it has few PP.

Both Seed Bomb and Shadow Sneak are the moves that Gourgeist can use to deal damage. Seed Bomb is sound against Water-type and Earth-type Pokémon, while Shadow Sneak can counteract the substitute’s strategy. But suppose you want to go more aggressive.

In that case, you can try Phantom Force, which is the most potent attack that Gourgeist can learn to do damage. Another option is Rock Slide, an attack that can seriously damage those Pokémon that hurt Gourgeist a lot, such as Charizard or Talonflame and any other Flying-Type.

As for the EVs and the Impish nature, it is better to have maximum HP and a more balanced defense and special defense to give Gourgeist a chance to withstand special attacks without falling from a single blow.

Our recommendation is to have Gourgeist come out first, as he can make use of his Frisk ability, and then you can switch him out or leave him to hold out as long as he can, as when he is weakened, you will have a free switch and will not take damage. If Gourgeist is not your first choice, try not to take it out against Pokémon that can weaken it in two hits, it is better to wait until you have a free switch and burn your opponent and then apply Leech Seed.

If we are talking about teams, we recommend that Gourgeist team up with any Pokémon that can put up walls, such as Clefable. Other Pokémon that can come in handy to use with Gourgeist are Electric-type and Rock-type Pokémon.

They can easily defeat those Flying-type Pokémon that can easily take down Gourgeist. We also recommend Gourgeist having Fighting-type or Bug-type companions so that they can quickly finish off the Dark-type Pokémon that do so much damage to Gourgeist.


Gourgeist can work in Doubles with the following moveset:

  • Trick Room
  • Phantom Force
  • Will-O-Wisp
  • Leech Seed

Using Leftovers or Sitrus Berry as its item, using Frisk as its ability and using Relaxed as its Nature.

EVs: 248 HP / 88 Def / 172 SpD

The best use that Gourgeist has in double fights is Trick Room. As with this, he can control the speed of the opposing team. The rest of the moves are used in the same way you would use them if Gourgeist was in solo combat.

The EV’s are used in this way because we want Gourgeist to hold the first turn to use Trick Room. His base points in Defense mean that we can concentrate our training on Gourgeist towards Special Defense and HP.

Gourgeist is good to have teammates that use Trick Room as much as it does, i.e., slow Pokémon. For example, Mega Camerupt and Heatran are a perfect match for Gourgeist since Gourgeist has an advantage against Ground-type and Water-type attacks. At the same time, these two Pokémon can help it get rid of Fire-type Pokémon with a strong Ground-type attack like Earthquake or Earth Power.

Gourgeist Videos

In this video, we can learn more about how to build an XL size Gourgeist in order to use it in a competitive match:

And here, we can see Gourgeist in action along with a Tyranitar that fits perfectly with it!:


Question: What type is Gourgeist?

Answer: Gourgeist is a Ghost/Plant type, just like its pre-evolution Pumpkaboo and its counterpart Trevenant.

Question: What tier is Gourgeist in?

Answer: Gourgeist can be used for PU, RU, and NU tiers. It can also be used in OU but is very weak in that tier.

Question: Which Generation is Gourgeist from?

Answer: Answer: Gourgeist was introduced in the sixth generation, just like its pre-evolution, Pumpkaboo.

Question: What is Gourgeist based on?

Answer: Gourgeist is based on Jack-o’-Lanterns, the famous pumpkins with candles inside made to decorate and illuminate the dark nights of Halloween.

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