Allister Pokemon Guide: Galar’s Master Of Spirits

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Allister Pokemon is a Gym Leader introduced in Gen 8. He’s a Ghost-type Pokémon expert and is in charge of Stow-On-Side’s Gym, but only in Pokémon Shield, since Bea, a Fighting-type trainer is the gym Leader in Pokémon Sword. Allister is the fourth leader you have to fight against in the Galarian Gym Challenge.

Allister is a timid kid that took the gym leadership at a very young age. He wears a mask because he is fearful of people, and he uses the mask to be capable of showing himself in public. He has more than 100 masks; this is to avoid being without masks and therefore not being capable of working at his gym. He prefers to be alone and show himself in public only to battle.

Allister Summary of Appearances in Pokémon Versions and Media (Games, Anime, Movies)

In the games, you can find Allister in the following places:

Allister Pokemon Guide

Pokémon Shield: Allister is the gym leader of Stow-On-Side Gym. It will also compete in the Champions Cup Finals, In the Champion Tournaments, and in the Galarian Star Tournament.

In the Anime, Allister has only appeared in Pokémon: Twilight Wings. Even if he was shy and preferred to be alone, he does not close himself to interact with people. His debut was in the episode Letter and in Assistant with just quick cameos.

His first significant appearance was in Moonlight when he was in a cemetery. Tommy asked Allister for help since he wanted to cheer up his friend, John, and his idea was to invite him to a Leon (The galarian Champion) match. Allister refused to do this since he was timid. Later in the episode, Allister helped Tommy to get into John’s hospital room.

After that, he did his last appearances in Sky and in The Gathering of Stars. Later, he participated in the Galarian Star Tournament. Allister has a Gastly, a Hunter, a Gengar, and a Cursola. They never appeared in battles.

In the Mangas, Allister only appeared in Pokémon Adventures in PASS 13. He was running, alongside Bea, the Stow-On-Side Gym. He battled against Sodo Tsurugi and lost. Later, Allister was seen with a group of League Staff trying to stop Bede from breaking the Stow-On-Side Mural.

In this same chapter, he captured a Dreepy and a Drakloak in the Glimwood Tangle. Allister’s team in Pokémon Adventures is Galarian Yamask, Cursola, Gengar (and later a Gigantamax Gengar), Dreepy, and Drakloak.

In the TCG, Allister has a support card in the Vivid Voltage expansion. This card can be uncommon with a regular art, ultra-rare as a full art card, or a secret rare with a rainbow illustration.

Allister Strengths

Being a Ghost-type trainer is good against Ghost and Psychic-types, and also, it is immune to Normal and Fighting-types, so you can’t attack his Pokémon in that way. His Pokémon are usually good Special attackers; Gengar is his strongest one with its Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse, and it is a big menace.

Allister Weaknesses


Allister and his Ghost-types can’t have a chance against Dark-types. By being a Ghost-type user, his team is weak against Ghosts too, but it has a lot of good Ghost attacks to counter that, so if you are going to try to beat him like that, we recommend using a Pokémon (everyone except for the Psychic-type) that can learn a Ghost-type attack.

Allister’s Pokémon doesn’t have something interesting to counter the Dark-type, so this is your best option. A Pokémon with Crunch will do the work for you.

Allister Moveset

As Stow-On-Side Gym Leader:

Galarian Yamask, Lv. 34Ground/GhostHex, Disable, Brutal SwingWandering Spirit
Mimikyu, Lv. 34Fairy/GhostBaby-doll Eyes, Shadow Sneak, Slash, Hone ClawsDisguise
Cursola, Lv. 35GhostHex, Curse, Ancient PowerWeak Armor
Gengar, Lv. 36Poison/GhostHex, Venoshock, Hypnosis, PaybackCursed Body

In Champions Cup:

Dusknoir, Lv. 52GhostRock Tomb, Shadow Punch, Disable, Thunder PunchPressure
Chandelure, Lv. 52Ghost/FireWill-O-Wisp, Shadow Ball, Mystical FireFlash Fire
Cursola, Lv. 53GhostAmnesia, Ancient Power, Hex, Strength SapWeak Armor
Polteageist, Lv. 53GhostGiga Drain, Protect, Shadow Ball, Nasty PlotWeak Armor
Gengar, Lv. 54Poison/GhostDark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Sludge bomb, HypnosisCursed Body

In the Champions Tournament:

Dusknoir, Lv. 60/72GhostShadow Punch, Disable, Fire Punch, Ice PunchPressure
Chandelure, Lv. 60/72Ghost/FireWill-O-Wisp, Shadow Ball, Heat Wave, Energy BallFlash Fire
Cursola, Lv. 61/73GhostAmnesia, Ancient Power, Hex, Strength SapWeak Armor
Runerigus, Lv. 61/73Ground/GhostGiga Drain, Protect, Shadow Ball, Nasty PlotWeak Armor
Gengar, Lv. 62/74Poison/GhostDark Pulse, Shadow Ball, Sludge bomb, HypnosisCursed Body

In the Galarian Star Tournament:

Dusknoir, Lv. 72GhostShadow Punch, Disable, Fire Punch, Ice PunchPressure
Cursola, Lv. 73GhostHex, Strength Gap, Ancient Power, AmnesiaWeak Armor
Gengar, Lv. 74Poison/GhostShadow Ball, Sludge Bomb, Dark Pulse, HypnosisCursed Body

allister battles

Question: Why Does Allister wear a mask?

Answer: Allister wears a mask because he is timid and doesn’t like to be in public. His mask is his only protection against the crowd.

Question: How to defeat Allister?

Answer: Allister is a Ghost-type trainer, so your best option is to fight against him with a Dark-type. His team doesn’t have anything good to counter the Dark-type, so you give your best and try to sweep his team.

Question: What does Allister’s name mean?

Answer: Allister’s name is inspired by the onions since his mask looks like an onion. Allister’s name comes from the word Allium, a genus that can provide onions and get some inspiration from Aleister Crowley, a British novelist, poet, and occultist; he was the founder of Thelema.

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