Pokemon XD Game Guide: All About The Gameplay You Need To Know

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Set 5 years after the events of Pokémon Colosseum’s Story Mode, Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness features the return of the Cipher Organizations and their plans to take over the world with Shadow Pokémon. The game kicks off after the strange disappearance of a cargo ship, and a once-in-a-lifetime Lugia sighting leaves many questions unanswered for the protagonist.

With over 80 Pokémon to collect and over 160 Pokémon in the game, Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness can be considered an excellent Pokémon title for its time. It was at least better than Pokémon Colosseum, which was a flop for the company. However, much like Colosseum, Pokémon XD features similar 3D gameplay of its predecessors and familiar battle mechanics.

This walkthrough will contain spoilers for the game Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. Where possible, this walkthrough will limit discussing key story points and story-specific items.

Pokemon XD Walkthrough (Game Guide)

Part 1: The Beginning

The items you’ll find in this part are shown in the following chart:

P★DAInside your room
Potion x3Inside your room
Antidote x2Behind the building outside
Snag MachineLaboratory Wing 1F. Inside the main lobby after coming home with Jovi
Poké Ball x5Comes with Snag Machine
Krane Memos 1/2Speak to Aiden after Professor Krane is kidnapped
Krane Memos 3/4/5Speak to Aidan after getting the Machine Part in Gateon Port
Data ROMGiven by Datan after completing Cipher Lab
Master BallBefore going to Citadark Isle, speak to Professor Krane in Secret Wing
Battle CD 33Residential Wing 1F. Examine the bookshelf after defeating Greevil 

* Some items can’t be obtained until you continue to unlock the story

Pokémon HQ Lab

The outcome of the battle sim does not affect the story or game; it just teaches you how to play. It also shows you that your character has a Lv. 10 Eevee with Tackle, Bite, Tail Whip, and Sand-Attack. When you gain control of your character, take the elevator to the top floor and speak to Professor Krane and your Mother, Lily. She asks you to go find your sister, Jovi.

Go back to your room and pick up the P★DA, which is in the Northeast Corner of the 1st floor. The chest on the floor is where you can claim your P★DA, which is like a Pokédex except it has email functionality. You’ll receive an email from Professor Krane as soon as you receive it. Check it, but before you leave, open the chest at the foot of the bed to receive Potions x3.

If you read Krane’s email, Adon will tell you in the lounge that Jovi is likely playing at Kamiko’s House with her friend Chobin. Adon marks it on your map. Use your scooter to go pick her up.

Before you leave, a scientist will ask you to watch the ONBS news broadcast in the lounge room, where you find out about the missing S.S. Libra cargo ship. Leave the building and walk around the yard. One of the trainers, Aferd, will battle you if you talk to him.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Afred₽2505Sentret (Normal)

Follow the sidewalk on the left to receive Antidote x2 from the chest at the end of the sidewalk. Now, Select Kamino’s House from the World Map to travel to the spooky house.

Kamiko’s House

When you enter Dr. Kaminko’s manor, you’ll be stopped by Chobin, who thinks you’re a burglar.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Chobin₽1505Sunkern (Grass)Absorb Chlorophyll

After defeating him, he’ll recognize you as Jovi’s sister. Jovi comes out of the house. Follow Chobin and your sister inside as she shows you a bunch of strange inventions. Go through the only unlocked door to speak to Dr. Kaminko and Jovi. You’ll receive an email from Professor Krane when you leave the manor with Jovi, asking you to return to the Lab.

Pokémon HQ Lab

Lily is waiting outside to greet both of you when you return. Jovi leaves to finish her hide-and-seek game with Adon. Lily asks you to find Professor Krane. Go into the Lab into the West Wing’s 2F and speak to the man in a light blue shirt and bucket hat. He informs you Krane has gone downstairs. Return to the first floor to find Krane in the Western-most room.

The Professor has completed the Snag Machine, which catches Shadow Pokémon (Pokémon who are Shadow Pokémon will have an “S.” before the name). He asks you to catch Shadow Pokémon so you can return them to their trainers. Talk to Aiden to receive five Poké Balls. 

After this conversation, a team of mysterious spies come in and kidnap Krane. Leave the Lab, and Nap will challenge you. This will be your first Pokémon battle with a Shadow Pokémon, but you won’t be able to attack. Just throw the Poké Ball at the Teddiursa to capture it.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Naps₽16511+S. Teddiursa (Normal)Shadow Blitz, Shadow Mist Pickup

When you see a Shadow Pokémon your Aura Reader will react. In future battles, you’ll need to weaken a Shadow Pokémon before capturing it. After the battle, the Professor is still captured.

Back at the Lab, Lily states that she’ll continue Krane’s research on the Purify Chamber, then asks you and your sister to pick up a Machine Part from Gateon Port. Aidan will tell you to keep the Snag Machine and also hands you Krane Memo 1 and Krane Memo 2; tutorial items.

Before leaving for Gateon Port, go back to Kamiko’s House for another battle.

Kamiko’s House

At Kamiko’s House, Chobin will stop you again because he thinks you’re a burglar, again.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Chobin₽3606Sunkern (Grass)Absorb, Growth Chlorophyll
6Magikarp (Water)Splash Swift Swim

After getting that extra bit of experience, select Gateon Port as your next destination. 

Part 2: Find the Machine Part

The items you’ll find in this part are shown in the following chart:

Potion x2– Speak to Navigator in the PokéMart


– Lighthouse 1F. Behind the elevator shaft on the left side

TM45 (Attract)Received after defeating Sailor Bost
Super PotionIn the Krabby Club’s basement
Poké Ball x3Lighthouse. Right of entrance
Parlyz HealLighthouse 1F. Behind the elevator shaft on the right side
AwakeningLighthouse 3F
Machine PartMachine Part Store. Received from Perr when he returns
Battle CD 06On Mr. Verich’s table after the Disc Case has been obtained in Phenac City

* Some items can’t be obtained until you continue to unlock the story

Gateon Port

When you get to the Port, you’ll witness a Pokémon battle between two men named Ardos and Zook after Jovi runs into the man with the Zangoose. Although he tried to attack you at first, Mr. Verich and his two bodyguards, Eldes and Ardos, come to your rescue. Argos easily defeats Zook with his Alakazam. After a bit of dialogue, everyone leaves. Now, start walking left.

On the way to the Parts Shop, you meet up with Emili and Acri, Jovi’s friend and Emili’s Mother. Speak to the Sailor when you enter the part shop, and he’ll tell you Makan, the shopkeeper, is at Kaminko’s house. Perr, Makan’s grandson, can assist you. Then, the Sailor offers you one of five evolution stones for your Eevee. Choose the Thunder Stone as Jolteon is the best option.

Leave after claiming the Evolution Item, and you’ll see Perr has finished repairing the bridge. Follow him to the Parts Ship and speak with him to receive the Machine Part you need.

While you can leave for Pokémon HQ Lab, stay to explore the town. First, head towards the North on the dock. Speak to the Sailor and answer “no” to all of his questions for a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Bost₽966Whismur (Normal)
6Marill (Normal)

After beating him, you’ll receive TM45 (Attract). Then, go towards the rotating bridges, the ones that Perr fixed, and rotate the L-shaped part to reach the house on the tiny island. Speak to the residents who talk about a place with fog and whirlpools (this will be important later). Return to the bridge and cross over to the East and speak to an older man named Cyle for a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Cyle₽3306Taillow (Normal, Flying)Peck, Growl Guts
10+S. Ledyba (Bug, Flying)Shadow Blitz, Shadow Shed Swarm or Early Bird

Capture Shadow Ledyba with a Poké Ball. After the battle, head towards the Lighthouse, where you’ll find Poké Balls x3, a Potion, a Parlyz Heal, and an Awakening. Awakenings are useless in this game because you can use the Call function in battle to wake up sleeping Pokémon. On the roof of the Lighthouse, speak to the large man with black hair for a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Klein₽1446Zubat (Poison, Flying)Supersonic, Leech Life Inner Focus
10+S. Poochyena (Dark)Shadow Blitz, Shadow Hold Run Away

Throw a Poké Ball at the Shadow Poochyena to catch it. Use Teddiursa’s Lick to Paralyze your opponents. After exploring the island, return to the mainland and head towards the Krabby Club. Navigator Berk will be waiting outside, preventing you from entering. Speak to him for a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Berk₽1206Wingull (Water, Flying)
6Lotad (Water, Grass)

With no Shadow Pokémon, Berk is easy to defeat. Use shadow moves, like on your Teddiursa, to take down your opponent with one hit. Once inside the Krabby Club, speak to everyone inside. The Captain in the corner of the room will comment on your Pokémon’s friendship. The chest in the basement will contain a Super Potion. Head for the PokéMart and speak to the Navigator for a Potion. Now, you have access to the PokéMart, but you can’t buy Poké Balls.

Gateon Port PokéMart

Poké Ball₽200Unlocks After the ONBS Crisis
Great Ball₽600Unlocks After the ONBS Crisis
Ultra Ball₽1200Unlocks After Completion of the Robo Kyogre
Super Potion₽700Unlocks After the ONBS Crisis
Hyper Potion₽1200 
Max Potion₽2500Unlocks After Completion of the Robo Kyogre
Full Restore₽3000Unlocks After Completion of the Robo Kyogre
Burn Heal₽250 
Ice Heal₽200 
Paralyze Heal₽200 
Full Heal₽600Unlocks After the ONBS Crisis
Revive₽1500Unlocks After the ONBS Crisis
PokéSnacks₽300Unlocks After the ONBS Crisis

After you finish shopping, go back to the Pokémon HQ Lab.

Pokémon HQ Lab

When you enter the Lab, Aidan will give you Krane Memos 3, 4, and 5; more tutorial items. Hand over your Machine Part to Lily, who is on the second floor in the West wing, then Jovi will leave you. Lily tells you she still needs to work on the Purify Chamber. In the meantime, you can use the Relic Stone, an artifact you can find in Agate Village, to purify Shadow Pokémon.

Gateon Port

Take a quick trip back to Gateon Port to battle another trainer before going to Agate Village.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Laken₽1206Swablu (Normal, Flying)
6Feebas (Water)

Part 3: Getting the Relic Stone

The items you’ll find in this part are shown in the following chart:

Agate Village

Poké Ball x2– In front of the village entrance


– At the far left of the village, inside a cave

Super PotionAt the far left of the village, inside a cave
Potion x3Behind Eagun’s House down the hill
TM09 (Bullet Seed)Speak to Matron Belish
EtherSouth of Berry Master
Battle CD 14After the Snag Machine is stolen, speak to Hecter and battle him
Lucky EggAfter defeating Lovrina at the Colosseum, speak to Beluh

Relic Cave

Burn Heal x2West of Matron Ladi
Cologne CaseReceived after defeating Fun Old Man Cron

Mt. Battle

Full HealBy the entrance next to the stairs
Earth RibbonEarned after winning 100 battles in a row with the same party

* Some items can’t be obtained until you continue to unlock the story

Agate Village

As soon as you enter Agate Village, open the chest to receive a Poké Ball. Ascend the ramp to scale the village until you reach Myth Trainer Eagun’s house at the top of the hill. Along the way, you’ll encounter the Pokémon Center, PokéMart, Trainers, Teaching Lady, and the Berry Master.  

Agate Village PokéMart

Poké Ball₽200After Receiving Aidan’s Email
Great Ball₽600Unlocks After the ONBS Crisis
Super Potion₽700 
Burn Heal₽250 
Ice Heal₽200 
Paralyze Heal₽200 
Joy Scent₽600 
Excite Scent₽800 
Vivid Scent₽1200 
PokéSnacks₽300After speaking to Duking in Pyrite Town

Talk to everyone you meet in the town and go into multiple homes to activate battles. Go back to the Pokémon Center to fuel up after you fight each trainer. The locals favor grass and bug-type Pokémon, which are easy to beat with your Ledyba’s Aerial Ace or Flareon’s fire moves.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Clerr₽2247Oddish (Grass, Poison)
7Machop (Fighting)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Hebon₽706Wurmple (Bug)
7Silcoon (Bug)
7Cascoon (Bug)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Cida₽2107Azurill (Normal)
7Igglybuff (Normal)
7Togepi (Normal)

Before heading all the way up, follow the left path that leads to a hidden cave. Inside are a pair of chests which contain a Poké Ball and Super Potions. There’s also the Teacher Lady, who can teach your Pokémon a bunch of moves. Each move can only be taught once, so be careful!

MoveTypeUnlock Requirements
Thunder WaveElectric 
Seismic TossFighting 
Icy WindIceUnlocks After Entering Pyrite Town
SubstituteNormalUnlocks After Entering Pyrite Town
Dream EaterPsychicUnlocks After Entering Pyrite Town
SwaggerNormalUnlocks in Phenac City After Receiving the Music Disc
Body SlamNormalUnlocks in Phenac City After Receiving the Music Disc
NightmareGhostUnlocks in Phenac City After Receiving the Music Disc
Double-EdgeNormalUnlocks When You Hear of the Snagem Hideout
Sky AttackFlyingUnlocks After Entering Cipher Key Lair
Self DestructNormalUnlocks After Entering Citadark Isle

You’ll find a box containing Ether South of the Berry Master. Follow the ramp behind the Day Care, and you’ll find the Berry Master. Speak to him periodically to receive berries his Taillow finds while exploring. There are over 15 berries you can receive, and they’re all received randomly. Now, take the ramp behind Eagun’s house and speak to Belish for a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Belish₽2247Poochyena (Dark)
7Nincada (Bug, Ground)

When you win the battle, she’ll give you TM09 (Bullet Seed). Use shadow moves or Aerial Ace to take her down quickly. Before you head down the hill to face Dosk, open the box for a Potion.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Dosk₽1927Tyrogue (Fighting)
8Grimer (Poison)
8Zubat (Poison, Flying)

After defeating Dosk go inside Eagun’s house and speak to Beluh, the wife of Eagun. After a chat with Beluh, Eagun comes in, introduces himself, and asks you to meet him at the Relic Stone. Then, go into the cave that leads to the relic stone. You’ll immediately fight four trainers. 

Relic Cave

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Gorps₽2408Zigzagoon (Normal)
8Numel (Fire, Rock)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Jols₽8008Snubbull (Normal)
8Corphish (Water)
8Lotad (Water, Grass)

When you get to Ladi, take a detour and open the chest to receive Burn Heal x2.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Ladi₽2568Cacnea (Grass)
8Slugma (Fire)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Cron₽2889Horsea (Water)
9Abra (Psychic)
9Shroomish (Grass)

After defeating Cron, he gives you the Cologne Case. You can now use Scents, which are available at the PokéMark and can purify your Pokémon. Exit the cave and see Relic Stone.

Relic Stone

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Eagun₽120012Pikachu (Electric)Thunderbolt Static

Battle Eagun. Once you win, he’ll let you use the Relic Stone to purify any Shadow Pokémon you catch as long as their Heart Gauge is flashing white. When you purify your Pokémon, they will receive a lot of EXP and new moves. Eagun takes you back to his house, where he tells you to go to Mt. Battle to talk to his friend Vander. After exchanging numbers, head to Mt. Battle.

Mt. Battle

When you enter Mt. Battle, which is actually a Colosseum, speak to Eldes (the one in red), and he’ll welcome you to the mountain and let you through. Open the chest by the reception building for a Full Head. Head inside, and you’ll see two important people: the Move Tutor, who teaches Pokémon forgotten moves, and Move Deleter, who deletes moves you don’t want anymore.

Talk to the girl behind the middle counter and ask about Professor Krane’s and Vander’s whereabouts. Although Mt. Battle is closed, she’ll let you in to find and speak to Vander. 

For the following battles, you can use most of your Pokémon loadout as you’ll likely be 3 levels above the trainers. If you have Espeon, use Confusion for STAB (a 1.5 multiplier applied when a Pokémon uses a move of its type. For example, if Espeon uses a psychic move).

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Miru₽1809Wurmple (Bug)
9Wingull (Water, Flying)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Cridel₽2009Corphish (Water)
10Swablu (Normal, Flying)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Bardo₽30010Doduo (Normal, Flying)
10Spoink (Psychic)

Speak to Vander to return to the reception counter where you’ll discuss Cipher. Vander will direct you to a secret lab in the desert that could be the cause of the sudden appearance of Shadow Pokémon. Then, you’ll receive an email from Aiden telling you Poké Balls are available at Agate Village. Travel to the Agate Village PokéMart and buy 30-40, and head to Cipher Lab.

Part 4: Researching the Cause of Shadow Pokémon

The items you’ll find in this part are shown in the following chart:

Poké Ball x3West wing. 
Super Potion x4– West wing


– North of the elevators (x3)

ReviveInside Ein’s old room In the lower-left corner
Ether x2– At the dead-end beyond Cipher Peon Meda


– Healing room. Only accessible from the elevator

Great Ball x2– Found beside trainers Elrok and Coffy


– In the room with trainer Klots

Full HealSouthwest of trainer Klots’s room
ID CardDefeat trainer Klots for them to drop the ID Card
Leaf StoneIn the room where you rescue Professor Krane
Data ROMDefeat Lovrina for trainer Tekot to drop the Data Rom
Battle CD 42In the room where you rescue Professor Krane after defeating Gorigan

* Some items can’t be obtained until you continue to unlock the story

Cipher Lab

When you get to the Lab, you’ll be ambushed by the Hexagon Brothers, a team of 6 Cipher Peons with Shadow Pokémon. You must defeat all of them before you can enter Cipher Lab.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Resix₽68014Slugma (Fire)Smog, Ember Magma Armor
17+S. Houndour (Dark, Fire)Shadow Blitz, Shadow Shed Early Bird or Flash Fire
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Browsix₽68014Hoothoot (Normal, Flying)Peck, Growl, Tackle Insomnia
17+S. Baltoy (Ground, Psychic)Shadow Blitz, Shadow Mist Levitate
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Yellosix₽68012Electrike (Electric)Howl, Leer, Tackle Static
11Chinchou (Water, Electric)Water Gun, Supersonic Volt Absorb
17+S. Mareep (Electric)Shadow Blitz, Shadow Shed Static
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Greesix₽3609Oddish (Grass, Poison)Sweet Scent, Absorb Chlorophyll
9Cacnea (Grass)Absorb, Poison Sting, Leer Sand Veil
9Shroomish (Grass)Absorb, Tackle Effect Spore
8Lotad (Water, Grass)Growl, Astonish Swift Swim
9Pineco (Bug)Tackle Sturdy
17+S. Seedot (Grass)Shadow Wave, Shadow Hold Chlorophyll or Early Bird
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Blusix₽68011Horsea (Water)Water Gun, SmokeScreen Swift Swim
12Goldeen (Water)Tail Whip, Water Sport, Peck Swift Swim
17+S. Spheal (Ice, Water)Shadow Wave, Shadow Mist Thick Fat
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Purpsix₽44010Koffing (Poison)Poison Gas, Smog, Tackle Levitate
11Grimer (Poison)Poison Gas, Pound, Disable Sticky Hold
10Tentacool (Water, Poison)Poison Sting, Supersonic, Safeguard Liquid Ooze
17+S. Gulpin (Poison)Shadow Blitz, Shadow Hold Liquid Ooze of Sticky Hold

Now that you’ve caught your weight in Pokémon, head inside the garage by the East door and open the two chests for a Super Potion and Poké Balls x3. Go back towards the West door, which leads into the Lab, and use the PC and Healing Machine inside. To save money, return to this location to heal your Pokémon. Head towards the elevator for an ambush and a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Corla₽56014Diskull (Ghost)
14Skitty (Normal)

Go up the elevator, and a trainer will stop you. Quickly finish the battle to continue.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Javion₽56013Doduo (Normal, Flying)
13Taillow (Normal, Flying)

Walk to the other end of the hallway and board the elevator for another trainer battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Mesak₽65013Anorith (Rock, Bug)
13Lileep (Rock, Grass)

Keep going through the maze of lab equipment until you’re challenged to a fight.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Nexir₽68014Swinub (Ice, Ground)Tackle, Odor Sleuth Oblivious
13Shuppet (Ghost)Night Shade, Screech, Knock Off Insomnia
14+S. Spinarak (Bug, Poison)Shadow Blitz, Shadow Mist Swarm or Insomnia

Before climbing up the stairs, open the chest for a Revive. Keep going South when you reach the top of the stairs, and you’ll hear a conversation between Lovrina and Professor Krane. She tries to convince him to join Cipher, but he refuses. Lovrina leaves. Head South for a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Solox₽68015Ralts (Psychic)Double Team, Confusion, Growl, Reflect Synchronize
16Voltorb (Electric)SonicBoom, Screech, Tackle, Charge Soundproof
16Bagon (Dragon)Leer, Bite, Rage Rock Head
14+S. Numel (Fire, Ground)Shadow Blitz, Shadow ShedCharcoalOblivious

After boarding the elevator and taking it up to the top, use the Healing Machine before a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Digor₽68017Abra (Psychic)
16Machop (Fighting)
16Feebas (Water)
16Makuhita (Fighting)

Open the box for an Ether. Take the elevator in front of you back down for another battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Crink₽56014Snorunt (Ice)
14Barboach (Water, Rock)

Go into the testing room and open the chest containing Super Potion x3. Battle the trainer.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Morbit₽80014Spoink (Psychic)
14Lotad (Water, Grass)
14Staryu (Water)

Keep heading down to face another trainer with three Pokémon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Meda₽64016Natu (Psychic, Flying)
14Nincada (Bug, Ground)
15Wailmer (Water)

Keep heading in the same direction to grab the Ether and fight two more trainers.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Elrok₽65017Swablu (Normal, Flying)
16Wynaut (Psychic)
15Corsola (Water, Rock)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Coffy₽65014Dustox (Bug, Poison)
17Wingull (Water, Flying)
16Pineco (Bug)
15Qwilfish (Water, Poison)

In the corner next to the last trainer you fought is a Great Ball. Go up the elevator for a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Cabol₽64015+S. Carvanha 


(Water, Dark)

Shadow Blitz, Shadow HoldBlackGlassesRough Skin


(Electric, Steel)

Tackle, ThunderShock Magnet Pull
15Psyduck (Water)Water Sport, Tail Whip, Scratch Damp
16Remoraid (Water)Lock-On, WaterGun Hustle

Keep going forward to trigger another Pokémon battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Nopia₽68015Jigglypuff (Normal)
17Chimecho (Psychic)
16Dunsparce (Normal)

In the upper-right part of the room is a box with a Full Heal. Go through the door for a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Klots₽90016Snubbull (Normal)Bite, Charm, Scary Face Run Away
16Kecleon (Normal)Scratch, Bind, Astonish Color Change
15+S. Shroomish (Grass)Shadow Blitz, Shadow Mist Effect Spore

Pick up the ID Card he drops and open up the chest containing the Great Ball. Leave the room through the Northern doof and head towards the elevator. You’re then ambushed for a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Tekot₽75013Clamperl (Water)
14Corphish (Water)
15Zubat (Poison, Flying)

The battle automatically unlocks the elevator. Head up the stairs to battle Naps.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Naps₽72018Murkrow (Dark, Flying)Peck, Pursuit, Astonish Insomnia
18Rhyhorn (Ground, Rock)Horn Attack, Tail Whip, Mud-Slap Lightningrod
18Slakoth (Normal)Scratch, Faint Attack Truant
18Beldum (Steel, Psychic)Take Down Clear Body

When you defeat Nap, Professor Krane is saved and joins you. Open the chest next to him to receive a Leaf Stone. Go to the elevator and take it down to the main floor. Now, you’ll face your last opponent Lovrina, she’s tough, so heal your Pokémon before you fight her.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Lovrina₽210020Luvdisc (Water)Water Gun, Tackle, Charm, Attract Swift Swim
19Beautifly (Bug, Flying)Gust, Thief, Absorb, Attract Swarm
19Roselia (Grass, Poison)Mega Drain, Poison Sting, Pin Missile, Leech Seed Natural Cure
18+Delcatty (Normal)Shadow Rush, Shadow Wave Cute Charm

After you beat her in battle, she’ll flee and drop the Data ROM, giving you details on Cipher’s plans to create new Shadow Pokémon that can’t be purified. Return to Pokémon HQ Lab.

Part 5: Delivering the Data RO

The items you’ll find in this part are shown in the following chart:

Pyrite Town

Hyper PotionJailhouse at the western end.
Paralyze HealPyrite Super Grand Hotel in the leftmost room
Great Ball x4– Pyrite Super Grand Hotel in the center-right room. (x3)


– Colosseum Entrance beside the Athlete while they aren’t looking

Focus BandPyrite Super Grand Hotel in the rightmost room
Battle CD 40After the Snag Machine is stolen, search bookshelf in the home beside PokéMart
Battle CD 22After clearing Cipher Key Lair search bookshelves behind Duking’s desk 


Battle CD 241F, after clearing Cipher Key Lair, search the bookshelf in the left room
Ether2F, after Cipher’s attack, search the locker room
Battle CD 212F, after clearing Cipher Key Lair search North bookshelf in Secc’s office 
Soothe Bell3F, received from Kandee’s Mother after bringing the girl back from 2F
Revive3F, after meeting Nett enter the room across the elevator
HP Up3F, during the Cipher attack, search the room with a Worker
Battle CD 383F, after the snag machine is stolen, search the bookshelf in the HP Up room
Battle CD 36After the Snag Machine is stolen, search in Nett’s office bookshelf 
Bonsly CardGiven by Bonsly’s owner for finding a Bonsly at a PokéSpot

* Some items can’t be obtained until you continue to unlock the story

Pokémon HQ Lab

Once you arrive at the Pokémon HQ Lab, you’ll receive a message notifying you that the Purify Chamber is complete. Although you can access the device from any PC, you can only initiate the Purification Ceremony at the Pokémon HQ Lab. Professor Krane will then demonstrate how the machine works. You can wander around and ask people about Cipher or purifying Pokémon.

The next time you speak to Professor Krane, he’ll ask you to talk to Datan about the Data ROM. When you go to his upstairs office, he isn’t there. Instead, he’s outside, walking on the sidewalk. Speak to Datan to learn the data is encrypted. He’ll ask you to go to ONBS headquarters in Pyrite Town to ask Nett for help with the encryption. Go to Pyrite Town.

Then, immediately leave Pyrite Town and go back to Pokémon HQ Lab to battle Aferd.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Aferd₽170017Furret (Normal)
17Hoothoot (Normal, Flying)

After facing Aferd, return back to Pyrite Town and stay there.

Pyrite Town

Upon entering Pyrite Town, you’ll run into a pair of ONBS correspondents. The journalist, Marcia, and the cameraman, Cameran, are rushing out to cover a breaking news story. You’ll run into these characters multiple times on your journey. In the meantime, fight some Pokémon trainers!

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Cail₽48016Ralts (Psychic)Growl, Light Screen, Confusion Trace
16Snubbull (Normal)Bite, Scary Face, Tackle, Roar Run Away
16Seedot (Grass)Bullet Seed, Harden, Growth Chlorophyll
16Houndour (Dark, Fire)Bite, Ember, Roar, Leer Flash Fire

As you continue to walk forward towards ONBS, you’ll notice an Officer stop two men named Trudly and Folly. They were originally from Pokémon Colosseum and will appear again.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Dobit₽32016Spoink (Psychic)
16Magnemite (Electric, Steel)
16Numel (Fire, Ground)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Finol₽34016Shuppet (Ghost)
16Ledyba (Bug, Flying)
16Remoraid (Water)
17Togepi (Normal)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Dert₽27216Slugma (Fire)
16Natu (Psychic, Flying)
16Oddish (Grass, Poison)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Raling₽16017Zigzagoon (Normal)
17Whismur (Normal)
17Aipom (Normal)
17Dunsparce (Normal)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Labet₽34017Swinub (Ice, Ground)
17Bagon (Dragon)
17Murkrow (Dark, Flying)
17Clamperl (Water)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Doby₽40817Machop (Fighting)
17Tentacool (Water, Poison)

By the Police Station you’ll find the PokéMart.

Pyrite Town PokéMart

PokéBall₽200Unlocks After the ONBS Crisis
GreatBall₽600Unlocks After the ONBS Crisis
Super Potion₽700 
Full Heal₽600 
Guard Spec.₽700 
Dire Hit₽650 
X Attack₽500 
X Defend₽550 
X Speed₽350 
X Accuracy₽950 
X Special₽350 
PokéSnacks₽300Unlocks After the ONBS Crisis

Inside the Police Station, you’ll find a box with a Hyper Potion. At the hotel, pay 100 to fully heal your Pokémon. You’ll also find Great Balls x3 in the center-right room, Paralyze Heal in the leftmost room, and a Focus Band in the rightmost room. Equip the Focus Band immediately.

Right next to the ONBS building is a vending machine with some high-healing items.

Pyrite Town Vending Machine

Fresh Water₽200
Soda Pop₽300
MooMoo Milk₽500

ONBS Building

When you enter the building, Megg, the receptionist, will greet you. Go to the second floor and enter the first room next to the elevator. This is Secc’s office. He’ll tell you Nett is located on the third floor. Before you go, you need to watch a television broadcast on the second floor. 

While in ONBS, you have the option to go to the first floor and take a little girl up to the third floor. You might as well since you’re going in that direction. When you return the girl to her Mother, you’ll receive a Soothe Bell. Then, climb the stairs to the roof and talk to Detro.

Detro will guard the door until Nett tells him to let you through. Enter the penthouse and give Nett the Data ROM. He’ll explain that it will take some time to analyze the disc. Bitt, another ONBS employee, will tell you to see Duking at the Rock PokéSpot. Walk down out of ONBS, and Trudy and Folly will give you a radar after speaking about a transmitter. 

Before you leave, go up by the Colosseum and sneak past the Athlete to get a Great Ball.

Rock PokéSpot

PokémonLevelsAppearance Rate
Sandshrew (Ground)10-2350%
Gligar (Ground, Flying)10-2035%
Trapinch (Ground)10-2015%

When you arrive, Duking is in the middle of being interviewed by Pofty. Duking will demonstrate how to catch wild Pokémon, which is only possible to do in PokéSpots, and then gives you 10 PokéSnacks. Put a few snacks on the center plate to attract wild Pokémon. Once done, Duking will upgrade your P★DA by installing a Spot Monitor. Now, head to Oasis PokéSpot.

Oasis PokéSpot

PokémonLevelsAppearance Rate
Hoppip (Grass, Flying)10-2050%
Phanpy (Ground)10-2035%
Surskit (Grass, Water)10-2015%

Duking will meet you at the Oasis PokéSpot and ask you to trade Pokémon with him.

Pokémon GivenPokémon TradedPokémon LocationLv.Rate
Meditite (Fighting, Psychic)Trapinch (Ground)Rock PokéSpot20One
Shuckle (Bug, Rock)Surskit (Grass, Water)Oasis PokéSpot20One
Lavitar (Rock, Ground)Wooper (Water, Ground)Cave PokéSpot20One

When you catch all the required Pokémon, head to Pyrite Town and go inside his house. Go behind the bookshelf to the left, and he’ll be inside a hidden room. Now, go to the Cave PokéSpot, but be sure to heal your Pokémon before you go; you may trigger a battle.

Cave PokéSpot

PokémonLevelsAppearance Rate
Zubat (Poison, Flying)10-2150%
Aron (Steel, Rock)10-2135%
Wooper (Water, Ground)10-2115%

At the Cave PokéSpot you’ll see Trudly and Folly talking when their radar goes off. Miror B., Trudly and Folly’s boss, will ask you to join their team. When you refuse, he’ll battle you.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Miror B.₽48017Lombre (Water, Grass)Rain Dance, Water Gun, Mega Drain, Astonish Swift Swim
17Lombre (Water, Grass)Thief, Water Gun, Mega Drain, Astonish Swift Swim
17Lombre (Water, Grass)Rain Dance, Water Gun, Mega Drain, Astonish Swift Swim
19+S. Voltorb (Electric)Shadow Rush, Shadow PanicMagnetSoundproof or Static

After defeating Miror B., Trudly and Folly will follow him and drop the Miror Radar. Pick it up, and you will receive an email from Nett telling you that he hasn’t completed analysis on the Data ROM yet, but that you still need to see him in Pyrite Town to discuss Cipher’s plan. 

The Miror Radar you just picked up will send a notification that looks like his afro when he’s near. This is important because whenever you miss out on catching a Shadow Pokémon, it warps to his team, where you can attempt to catch it again. You also now have a notification that looks like a pie, which tells you if Pokémon are at one of the PokéSpots. Now, head to ONBS.

ONBS Building

When you get to the ONBS Building, the guards will tell you Megg has been kidnapped. Go up and to the right to face multiple Cipher Peons at once. Be sure to heal before you attempt this.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Rett₽72018Carvanha (Water, Dark)
17Barboach (Water, Ground)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Mocor₽72018Corphish (Water)
18Electrike (Electric)
18Grimer (Poison)

When you go up the elevator, you’ll be attacked by another Cipher Peon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Torkin₽84019Kecleon (Normal)Bind, Fury Swipes, Psybeam Color Change
21Surskit (Bug, Water)Quick Attack, Sweet Scent, Bubble, Water Sport Swift Swim
18+S. Makuhita (Fighting)Shadow Blitz, Shadow Shed Thick Fat or Guts

Enter Secc’s office for another Pokémon battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Elox₽80020Doduo (Normal, Flying)
18Tentacool (Water, Poison)
20Chimecho (Psychic)

After beating the Cipher Peon speaks to Secc, who will tell you Cipher is looking for Nett because he has the Data ROM. Go to the room below Secc’s office to open a box with an Ether. Enter the newsroom, and you’ll see a Cipher Peon harassing the Newscaster, Ancha.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Rixor₽80019Qwilfish (Water, Poison)
20Rhyhorn (Rock, Ground)
20Chinchou (Water, Electric)
20Koffing (Poison)

Before going up the elevator, you’ll be challenged to a battle once more.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Mesin₽84020Spinarak (Bug, Poison)Night Shade, Constrict, Scary Face, String Shot Insomnia
19Beautifly (Bug, Flying)Gust, Absorb Swarm
20Dustox (Bug, Poison)Gust, Confusion Shield Dust
18+S. Vulpix (Fire)Shadow Wave, Shadow Hold Flash Fire

Go up the elevator. As soon as you exit, you’ll see a Cipher Peon harassing Kandee’s Mother.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Dilly₽84019Gulpin (Poison)
18Mareep (Electric)
20Luvdisc (Water)
21Bellossom (Grass)

In the room to the left, you’ll find a Revive, then another Cipher Peon will attack.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Edlos₽84019Furret (Normal)
20Zigzagoon (Normal)
19Togetic (Normal, Flying)
21Delibird (Ice, Flying)

By the Worker is an HP UP. Keep going to the staircase to battle a Cipher Peon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Lobar₽88020Sneasel (Dark, Ice)Quick Attack, Scratch, Reflect, Screech Inner Focus
19Yanma (Bug, Flying)Sonic Boom, Quick Attack, Foresight Speed Boost
20Misdreavus (Ghost)Psywave, Astonish Levitate
19+S. Duskull (Ghost)Shadow Wave, Shadow Hold Levitate

Climb the stairs to the roof. Defeat the Cipher Peon to gain access to Nett.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Feldas₽92022Kadabra (Psychic)Psybeam, Confusion, Disable Synchronize
22Flaaffy (Electric)Thunder Wave, ThunderShock, Growl, Tackle Static
21Vigoroth (Normal)Focus Energy, Uproar, Fury Swipes Vital Spirit
20+S. Ralts (Psychic)Shadow Wave, Shadow HoldTwistedSpoonSynchronize or Trace

Once inside Nett’s office, you’ll see him give up the Data ROM to Exol so that Megg can be saved. Apparently, the Data ROM didn’t have any data on it, so it was all for nothing. 

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Exol₽184023Loudred (Normal)Stomp, Seismic Toss, Water Pulse, Uproar Soundproof
23Girafarig (Normal, Psychic)Stomp, Confusion, Shock Wave, Odor Sleuth Early Bird
22+S. Mawile (Steel)Shadow Rush, Shadow Wave Hyper Cutter or Intimidate
23Raichu (Electric)Shock Wave, Dig, Seismic Toss, Quick Attack Static

Exol will leave. Nett will tell you Cipher is behind the disappearance of the S.S. Libra. He explains that their next target is Phenac City. Go to Agate Village first to fight some trainers.

Agate Village

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Clerr₽51216Oddish (Grass, Poison)
16Machop (Fighting)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Hebon₽17016Dustox (Bug, Poison)
17Beautifly (Bug, Flying)
17Dustox (Bug, Poison)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Cida₽30010Marill (Water)
10Jigglypuff (Normal)
10Togepi (Normal)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Belish₽54416Poochyena (Dark)
17Nincada (Bug, Ground)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Dosk₽40816Tyrogue (Fighting)
17Grimer (Poison)
16Zubat (Poison, Flying)

After gaining a bit of experience, go to Gateon Port to battle Laken.

Gateon Port

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Laken₽12017Swablu (Normal, Flying)
17Feebas (Water)
16Wingull (Water, Flying)

Finish up Chapter 5 by going back to Pokémon HQ Lab for another battle with Afred.

Pokémon HQ Lab

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Aferd₽180018Furret (Normal)
18Hoothoot (Normal, Flying)
18Nincada (Bug, Ground)

Now, head over to Phenac City.

Part 6: Life in Phenac City

The items you’ll find in this part are shown in the following chart:

Realgam Tower

ProteinFirst room, right side
CarbosSecond room, right side
Ultra BallLobby, left side
Ether x2Clear Novice Battle Bingo once
Max Ether x2– Clear Regular Battle Bingo once


– Clear Special Battle Bingo once

ElixirClear Extra Battle Bingo once
Max ElixirClear Extra Battle Bingo once
Bonsly PhotoClear Special Battle Bingo once
TM49 (Snatch)Clear Realgam Colosseum Round 1 once
TM19 (Giga Drain)Clear Realgam Colosseum Round 2 once
TM23 (Iron Tail)Clear Realgam Colosseum Round 3 once
TM22 (Solar Beam)Clear Realgam Colosseum Round 4 once

Phenac City

Disc CaseGiven by Beauty after entering Phenac City
Battle CDs 01, 07, 20Included with the Disc Case
Hyper Potion x2Outside of the PokéMart, upper-left side
Ultra Ball x3Behind the uppermost-right house
Music DiscOn the table inside the uppermost-left house
Mayor’s NoteMayor Trest’s House, 2F, lower-left corner
Battle CD 19Defeat Resix
Battle CD 16Defeat Blusix
Battle CD 08Defeat Purpsix
Battle CD 28Defeat Greesix
Battle CD 27Defeat Yellosix
Battle CD 32Defeat Browsix
Exp. ShareGiven by Mayor Trest after saving the city
Battle CD 12Examine Mayor Trest bookshelf after saving the city
Battle CD 10Examine Mayor Trest bookcase after upgrading the scooter
Battle CD 15After the Snag Machine is stolen, speak to Dash’s Castform

Pre Gym

Battle CD 35Training Room, desert section
TM32 (Double Team)Defeat Justy
Lum BerryDefeat Justy

Phenac Stadium

Water StoneStadium Floor, leftmost side
PP UPStadium Floor, Northeast-most side
TM13 (Ice Beam)Stadium Floor, Southeast-most side
Elevator KeyDefeat Snattle
Battle CD 44After defeating Greevil, Stadium Floor, North-most side

* Some items can’t be obtained until you continue to unlock the story

Phenac City

Once you enter Phenac City, a woman will inform you that you’re the one-millionth visitor. She’ll give you a Disc Case with Battle CDs 01, 07, and 20 inside before showing you Realgam Tower and where to insert Battle CDs. You must visit Realgam Tower before entering Phenac City.

Realgam Tower

When you arrive, you’ll find Trudly and Folly, who are talking about Battle CDs. You can now find Battle CDs in specific locations throughout the Orre region. In Realgam Tower, you can play Battle Bingo, Battle CDs and shop for TMs and Battle CDs after meeting certain requirements.

Realgam Tower PokéMart and Battle CDs Shop

Realgam Tower PokéMart

Hyper Potion₽1200
Full Heal₽600
TM10 (Hidden Power)₽3000
TM14 (Blizzard)₽5500
TM15 (Hyper Beam)₽7500
TM16 (Light Screen)₽3000
TM17 (Protect)₽3000
TM20 (Safeguard)₽3000
TM25 (Thunder)₽5500
TM33 (Reflect)₽3000
TM38 (Fire Blast)₽5500

Realgam Tower Battle CDs Shop

Battle CD 02₽1000 
Battle CD 03₽1000 
Battle CD 04₽1000 
Battle CD 09₽1000After clearing Battle CDs 02, 03, 04
Battle CD 13₽1000After clearing Battle CDs 02, 03, 04
Battle CD 17₽1000After clearing Battle CDs 02, 03, 04
Battle CD 25₽1000After clearing Battle CDs 09, 13, 17
Battle CD 26₽1000After clearing Battle CDs 09, 13, 17
Battle CD 30₽1000After clearing Battle CDs 09, 13, 17

Right at the entrance, get your Protein. Go through a few more doors to find an ID Badge room with a Carbos. In the room before you enter the Colosseum is a chest with one Ultra Ball.

You can’t enter the Colosseum just yet, so head to Phenac City instead.

Phenac City

Back in Phenac City, Cipher has taken over. Before going into the city proper, take a right and go behind the building to find x3 Ultra Ball. On the left side of the Pre Gym, above the PokéMart, are two Hyper Potions. In the house East of the Pre Gym, you can heal your Pokémon and pick up a Music Disc. Head right to the Mayor’s house where the secretary will speak to you.

Give the secretary the Music Disc, then go upstairs. Pick up the Mayor’s Note by the bed. As you’re reading it, the secretary will reveal herself to be Cipher Peon Exinn and battles you.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Exinn₽88020Seviper (Poison)Lick, Poison Tail, Screech, Bite Shed Skin
20+S. Snorunt (Ice)Shadow Rush, Shadow Shed Inner Focus
22Golbat (Poison, Flying)Bite, Astonish, Screech, Leech Life Inner Focus
21Mightyena (Dark)Howl, Sand-Attack, Bite, Tackle Intimidate

Run downstairs to fight another disguised Cipher Peon

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Gonrag₽88022Murkrow (Dark, Flying)Pursuit, Haze, Peck, Astonish Insomnia
20+S. Pineco (Bug)Shadow Blitz, Shadow Shed Sturdy
22Ariados (Bug, Poison)Leech Life, Night Shade, Poison Sting, Scary Face Insomnia

Head outside to see six people dressed up like Justy, the Pre Gym Leader. They call themselves the “Justy Gang,” but they’re actually the Hexagon Brothers. Go back into the Mayor’s house to start battling Yellosix and Browsix (you’ll fight the rest of the brothers later).

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Yellosix₽80020Chinchou (Water, Electric)Water Gun, Supersonic, Thunder Wave, Flail Volt Absorb
20Electrike (Electric)Howl, Spark, Quick Attack, Leer Static
20Magnemite (Electric, Steel)SonicBoom, Tackle, ThunderShock, Supersonic Sturdy
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Browsix₽80020Noctowl (Normal, Flying)Peck, Growl, Tackle Keen Eye
20Vigoroth (Normal)Scratch, Fury Swipes, Yawn Vital Spirit

Pick up the Battle CDs 27 and 32 they drop. Head outside of the Mayor’s house.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Greesix₽80019Lotad (Water, Grass)Growl, Astonish, Nature Power Swift Swim
18Oddish (Grass, Poison)Acid, Sweet Scent, Absorb Chlorophyll
18Cacnea (Grass)Absorb, Poison Sting, Sand-Attack, Leech Seed Sand Veil
19Shroomish (Grass)Mega Drain, Tackle, Leech Seed, Absorb Effect Spore
20Pineco (Bug)Tackle, Take Down Sturdy

Pick up the Battle CD 28. Go towards the house where you got the Music Disc to battle Resix.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Resix₽80020Slugma (Fire)Smog, Light Screen, Ember, Rock Throw Magma Armor
20Numel (Fire, Ground)Tackle, Ember, Growl Oblivious

Pick up the Battle CD 19, then travel to the main entrance to fight Blusix.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Blusix₽80020Horsea (Water)Water Gun, SmokeScreen, Leer Swift Swim
20Goldeen (Water)Tail Whip, Water Sport, Peck Water Veil
19Beldum (Steel, Psychic)Takedown Clear Body

Pick up the Battle CD 16, then travel to the Pre Gym to fight Purpsix.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Purpsix₽80020Grimer (Poison)Minimize, Pound, Sludge, Harden Sticky Hold
20Koffing (Poison)Poison Gas, Smog, Tackle Levitate
20Tentacool (Water, Poison)Poison Sting, Supersonic, Safeguard, Acid Liquid Ooze
20Zubat (Poison, Flying)Howl, Sand-Attack, Bite, Tackle Inner Focus

Pick up the Battle CD 08, then go back to the home with the Music Disc to fight a Cipher Peon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Ertlig₽88022Poochyena (Dark)
21Magnemite (Electric, Steel)
21Staryu (Water)
21Absol (Dark)

Speak to the person being chased by the Duskull around the fountain to battle them.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Forgs₽84021Duskull (Ghost)
20Corphish (Water)
21Qwilfish (Water, Poison)

Go behind the East-side house and talk to the woman for a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Ezoor₽84021Shuppet (Ghost)
21Teddiursa (Normal)
21Corsola (Water, Rock)

Speak to the woman at the entrance who gave you the Disc Case for another battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Pellim₽84020Sudowoodo (Rock)
21Clamperl (Water)

Speak to the guy in front of the PokéMart for a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Ertlig₽88020Volbeat (Bug)
21Spoink (Psychic)
20Illumise (Bug)
21Seviper (Poison)
22Wailmer (Water)

You can now enter the large PokéMart and buy items.

Phenac City PokéMart

Phenac City PokéMart – 1F
Poké Ball₽200
Great Ball₽600
Ultra Ball₽1200
Burn Heal₽250
Full Heal₽600
Hyper Potion₽1200
Ice Heal₽250
Paralyze Heal₽200
Super Potion₽700
Poké Snack₽250
Phenac City PokéMart – 2F
HP Up₽9800

Go to the Pokémon Center for a Pokémon battle with a Cipher

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Fenton₽84021Goldeen (Water)
21Carvanha (Water, Dark)
21Koffing (Poison)
21Mightyena (Dark)

Now that you’ve liberated the city, enter the Pre Gym.

Pre Gym

When you enter, you’ll have to face three Cipher Peons, all of which have Shadow Pokémon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Eloin₽100022Kirlia (Psychic)Growl, Confusion Synchronize
20Linoone (Normal)Tail Whip, Odor Sleuth, Sand-Attack, Headbutt Pickup
22+S. Natu (Psychic, Flying)Shadow Blitz, Shadow Shed Synchronize or Early Bird

Walk to the central platform to trigger another Pokémon battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Fasin₽100022Remoraid (Water)Aurora Beam, Lock-On, Water Gun, Screech Hustle
22Golbat (Poison, Flying)Bite, Screech, Leech Life, Astonish Inner Focus
22+S. Roselia (Grass, Poison)Shadow Wave, Shadow Shed Nature Cure or Poison Point

Speak to the Cipher beside Fasin for another battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Fostin₽88022Kadabra (Psychic)Ice Punch, Double Team, Psybeam, Thunder Punch Inner Focus
22Sneasel (Dark, Ice)Fake Out, Double, Team, Aerial Ace, Faint Attack Keen Eye
22Misdreavus (Ghost)Psybeam, Shock Wave, Astonish, Thief Levitate
22+S. Meowth (Normal)Shadow Hold, Shadow Rush Pickup

Fostin will explain that the Mayor, Justy, and other citizens are locked up in Pre Gym’s basement. You’ll need the Elevator Key to get inside. Speak to the child in front of the Pre Gym, who will tell you to go to the Stadium. Head towards the Stadium for a Cipher battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Greck₽92022Torkoal (Fire)Body Slam, Fire Spin, SmokeScreen, Ember White Smoke
23Nuzleaf (Grass, Dark)Giga Drain, Torment, Fake Out, Dig Chlorophyll
20+S. Swinub (Ice, Ground)Shadow Wave, Shadow BlitzNeverMeltIceOblivious

Phenac Stadium

When you enter the Stadium, you’ll be ambushed by two Cipher Peons with Shadow Pokémon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Ezin₽100023Pelipper (Water, Flying)Wing Attack, Water Gun, Mist, Supersonic Keen Eye
23Electrike (Electric)Howl, Quick Attack, Spark, Leer Lighningrod
22+S. Spearow (Normal, Flying)Shadow Panic, Shadow BlitzSharp BeakKeen Eye
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Faltly₽100023Chimecho (Psychic)Take Down, Confusion, Uproar, Astonish Levitate
23Stantler (Normal)Tackle, Leet, Astonish Intimidate
23+S. Grimer (Poison)Shadow Hold, Shadow Blitz Stench or Sticky Hold

Go back to the Pokémon Center to heal. When you re-enter the Stadium, pick up a few items on the edge, including a Water Stone, PP Up, and TM13 (Ice Beam). Go to the center of the Stadium, and you’ll see Snattle, who is harassing Cameran and Marcia. Fight the Cipher Peon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Egrog₽108025Hoothoot (Normal, Flying)Peck, Foresight, Facade, Growl Insomnia
26Graveler (Rock, Ground)Mud Sport, Rock Throw, Brick Break, Dig Rock Head
26Gulpin (Ghost)Pound, Shock Wave, Sludge, Water Pulse Liquid Ooze
23+S. Seel (Water)Shadow Wave, Shadow MistMystic WaterThick Fat

After defeating Egrog, Snattle will attack you.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Snattle₽280026Lanturn (Water, Electric)Water Gun, Shock Wave, Facade, Flail Illuminate
26Quagsire (Water, Ground)Water Gun, Ice Punch, Rock Tomb, Slam Damp
25+S. Lunatone (Rock, Psychic)Shadow Wave, Shadow Shed, Shadow SkyHard StoneLevitate
27Castform (Normal)Water Pulse, Shock Wave, Icy Wind, Weather Ball Forecast
28Metang (Steel, Psychic)Metal Claw, Thunder Punch, Confusion, Scary Face Clear Body

After the battle, Snattle will be angry but will state he bought Gorigan enough time for him to finish his plans. Snattle will leave, Cameran and Marcia will go back to Pyrite then you can pick up the Elevator Key where Snattle used to be. Exit the Stadium and go to the Pre Gym.

Pre Gym

Back at the Pre Gym, head to the right side at Justy’s control panel and insert the Elevator Key. Go down to the basement to find the Mayor, who will introduce themselves as Mayor Trest. Head back up to the main floor, where Justy asks for your P★DA number. 

He’ll tell you he saw people in the desert. Leave the Pre Gym and a woman will give you access to the Day Care in Agate Village. Turn around and go back to the Pre Gym’s basement to receive Battle CD 35, then go to the Mayor’s House to pick up an Exp. Share from Trest.

Note: The Hexagon Brothers can be fought infinitely back at Cipher Lab if you need experience.

Now, try to head toward ONBS. Unfortunately, your scooter will get stuck in the sand. When you appear back in Phenac, one of the citizens will explain the desert sand is too deep for you to traverse it. After this, Nett will tell you to visit Pyrite to speak with a missing Pokémon owner.

Before you leave, speak to an Old Man named Eroll for a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Eroll₽73623Hoothoot (Normal, Flying)
23Sentret (Normal)
23Zubat (Poison, Flying)

Then, go back to the Stadium and battle Equin.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Equin₽69023Sneasel (Dark, Ice)
23Spoink (Psychic)
22Spinda (Normal)

Travel to ONBS in Pyrite Town to finish off the chapter.

Part 7: Investigating the S.S. Libra and Retrieving the Snag Machine

The items you’ll find in this part are shown in the following chart:

Kaminko’s House

Battle CD 491F, after clearing Cipher Key Lair, examine the bookshelf in the right room
Battle CD 501F, after clearing Cipher Key Lair, examine the bookshelf in the left room
Voice Case 11F, after hearing about the translator problem during Lucky Egg Quest
Voice Case 21F, after removing Combusken’s translator during Lucky Egg Quest
Voice Case 31F, after removing Poochyena’s translator during Lucky Egg Quest
Voice Case 41F, after removing Taillows’s translator during Lucky Egg Quest
Voice Case 51F, after removing Wobbuffet’s translator during Lucky Egg Quest
Cry Analyzer1F, after removing Shroomish’s translator during Lucky Egg Quest
Rare CandyB1F, upper-left corner
Battle CD 05B1F, southern catwalk
Battle CD 11B1F, after your scooter is upgraded, examine the Northwestern catwalk
Battle CD 23B1F, after your scooter is upgraded, examine the ground
Battle CD 29B1F, after clearing Cipher Key Lair, Northwestern catwalk

S.S. Libra

Iron1F, Entrance Room, upper-right corner
Max Ether1F, first room accessible from 2F
Yellow Flute1F, second room accessible from 2F
TM35 (Flamethrower)1F, second room accessible from 2F
Fire Stone2F, room accessible from 3F
PP Up x22F, room accessible from 3F
Luxury Ball2F, room with Bonsly
Leftovers2F, after Bonsly runs away
Battle CD 183F, room next to the stairs by 4F

* Some items can’t be obtained until you continue to unlock the story


Go to Nett’s office, where Bitt will tell you that a man is looking for his granddaughter’s Pokémon (Bonsly) who went missing when the S.S. Libra disappeared. Nett will then notice you’re covered in sand. Bitt will tell you to go to Gateon Port to see Perr for a scooter upgrade.

Gateon Port

Go to the Parts Shop. Perr says Makan can upgrade your scooter, but he’s staying at Kaminko’s House. When you leave, Mr. Verich will congratulate you. Travel to Kaminko’s House.

Kamino’s House

Chobin will immediately approach you for a Pokémon battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Chobin₽156026Sunkern (Grass)Absorb, Mega Drain, Ingrain, Growth Chlorophyll
26Gyarados (Water, Flying)Thrash, Bite Intimidate

Dr. Kamino will appear and tell Chobin to get in the Robo Groudon to fight you a second time.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Chobin₽182026Sunflora (Grass)Ingrain, Razor Leaf, SunnyDay, Pound Chlorophyll
26Gyarados (Water, Flying)Bite, Thrash Intimidate
26Hoppin (Grass, Flying)Cotton Spore, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore Chlorophyll
26Tropius (Grass, Flying)Sweet Scent, Stomp, Razor Leaf, Growth Chlorophyll

Chobin finally agrees you aren’t a burglar. Dr. Kamino scraps the Robo Groudon project, but Chobin asks to keep it. Dr. Kamino agrees. Chobin takes your P★DA number. Enter the house.

When you enter the home, you’ll see a room with colored hooks. Put the hooks in this order:

Orange, Green, Pink, Cyan.

You’ll be directly near the Battle CD 05. Pick it up. Take the purple hook. You can read Jovi’s Diary if you wish. Take the purple hook back, then take the blue, yellow, and red hook. Leave.

Go down to the basement. Pick up the Rare Candy, then speak to Makan. He agrees to upgrade your scooter after you tell him what you know about Cipher. Then, you’ll warp to Gateon Port.

Gateon Port

When you get to Gateon Port, Makan will upgrade your scooter. Now you can travel through deep sand. If you want, head back to Kaminko’s House to fight Chobin again with his Robo Groudon team and to pick up Battle CD 11 and 23. Then, go to the S.S. Libra.

S.S. Libra

When you get to the S.S. Libra, enter the hole in the side of the ship. Justy will message you and tell you that the Pre Gym is open. After reading your email, you’ll see a crate of Pokémon food. Push it up a tile and climb up the stairs after going down the path. Climb another set of stairs to the next room, where you’ll see Gorigan and two Cipher Peons. Only one will battle you.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Smarton₽108027Huntail (Water)Confuse Ray, Water Pulse, Bite, Rock Tomb Swift Swim
27Cacnea (Grass)Pin Missile, ThunderPunch, Needle Arm, Counter Sand Veil
27Teddiursa (Normal)Faint Attack, Fake Tears, Aerial Ace, Slash Pickup
27Koffing (Poison)SmokeScreen, Sludge, Shock Wage, Psybeam Levitate

A Worker will approach you after the battle to tell you he uses the S.S. Libra as his house. He’ll take you with him to his bedroom where you can heal your Pokémon. He’ll ask you to discover what’s making the weird noise. When you leave, pick up Battle CD 18, then go up the stairs.

When you reach the top of this set of stairs, push the box one tile to the right. Run up top and jump in the gap above the box. Push the box down one square. Go across the path to open a box with x2 PP Up. Drop into the hole by the item and push the box up two tiles. Run up top and get the Fire Stone. Drop down to go down the stairs to the bottom floor, then run to the top and drop off.

Push the box down to escape, then push it up to complete your bridge. When you cross the path, get the Max Ether, then drop down. Push the box up to complete the other bridge.

Cross the bridge to exit. Move the boxes to get up the stairs. Beside the stairs, you’ll find TM35 (Flamethrower), then move the box in front of the stairs all the way over to the right. Move the boxes until they line up with the item box and staircase. Get the Yellow Flute. Go upstairs.

Sneak up behind Bonsly, but before you catch him, you’ll get an email from Acri who wants to interview you for a story. Bonsly will leave Leftovers. Pick it up, then go get the Luxury Ball at the bottom right. Go back to the Worker to tell him Bonsly was making that noise.

The Worker will tell you to go check PokéSpots to find Bonsly. Pick up the Iron near the first-floor exit, as it’s much easier to get now. When you leave the S.S. Libra, Team Snagem will use Gloom to put you to sleep. They’ll steal the Snap Machine. You wake up in the Workers bed.

The Worker will tell you the location of the Cipher Key Lair. Head to the PokéSpots first.


It’s a good idea to use Poké Snacks to lure out Bonsly. When he is eventually lured out, sneak up on him. He’ll run away, then come back to you. After capturing him, you’ll be transported to the ONBS building in Pyrite Town. After handing over Bonsly, the Old Man will give you the Bonsly Card to use at Battle Bingo in Realgam Tower. Go to the Pre Gym in Phenac City.

Phenac City – Pre Gym

The first time you enter, Justy will notice your Snag Machine is missing and will be shocked that Team Snagem is still around. Leave Pre Gym, then go back in to battle 4 trainers before Justy.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Quelor₽81021Ledyba (Bug, Flying)
21Spoink (Psychic)
21Bellossom (Grass)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Teslor₽66022Sunflora (Grass)
22Furret (Normal)
22Linoone (Normal)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Nopel₽230023Kecleon (Normal
23Azumarill (Water)
23Yanma (Bug, Flying)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Kalus₽76824Plusle (Electric)
24Minun (Electric)
24Absol (Dark)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Justy₽174029Sandslash (Ground)Double Team, Sandstorm, Dig, Slash Sand Veil
29Cacnea (Grass)Double Team, Substitute, Needle Arm, Faint Attack Sand Veil
29Gligar (Ground, Flying)Double Team, Substitute, Slash, Dig Sand Veil
29Nosepass (Rock)Double Team, Sandstorm, Rock Tomb, Shock Wave Magnet Pull

When you win, Justy will give you TM32 (Double Team) and a Lum Berry. Go to Gateon Port.

Gateon Port

When you get to Gateon Port, go to Acri’s house (beside the Part Shop) for an interview. She’ll give you 4 items depending on how you answer her questions. After this, go to Cipher Key Lair.

Quick ClawSay “No” to all three questions.
White HerbSay “Yes” to one of her three questions.
Mental HerbSay “Yes” to two of her three questions.
Amulet CoinSay “Yes” to all of her three questions.

Cipher Key Lair

After arriving at Cipher Key Lair, a Team Snagem Member, Biden, battles Zook after he tries to get inside. After Biden loses, Zook will turn his attention towards you and start a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Zook₽62028+S. Zangoose (Normal)Shadow Rush, Shadow MistSilk ScarfImmunity
26Doduo (Normal, Flying)Tri Attack, Peck, Pursuit Run Away
26Carvanha (Water, Dark)Water Pulse, Bite, Rage Rough Skin
26Seviper (Poison)Bite, Poison Tail, Lick Shed Skin
26Relicanth (Water, Rock)Rock Tomb, Water Gun, Tackle Swift Swim

You can’t catch Shadow Zangoose yet, but you’ll have a chance to snag him later. When you win, Secc will email you asking you to see him at ONBS in Pyrite Town. Head to ONBS.

Part 8: Taking Back the Snag Machine

The items you’ll find in this part are shown in the following chart:

Snagem Hideout

Ultra Ball x31F, beside the Healing Machine
Hyper Potion x22F, behind the North-most staircase
Revive x23F, Hallway, Southern-most part
Rare Candy3F, beside Golit
PP Up2F, inside jail cell
TM29 (Psychic)1F, near Biden
Snag Machine2F, defeat Gonzap
Gonzap’s Key2F, defeat Gonzap
Full Heal x22F, Gonzap’s Office 
TM30 (Shadow Ball)1F, after getting Gonzaps Key, go towards the alternate exit

* Some items can’t be obtained until you continue to unlock the story


Go to the second floor of the ONBS Building and go inside Secc’s office. When he notices you don’t have the Snag Machine, he’ll tell you about Team Snagem and ask you to go to Outskirt Stand to find Hordel. After he marks this place on your map, take your scooter to this location.

Outskirt Stand

Upon entering Outskirt Stand’s your Miror Radar will buzz. When you enter the train, Truly and Folly will jump out to greet you. After Miror B. appears, he will battle you.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Miror B.₽58026Lombre (Water, Grass)Rain Dance, Water Gun, Mega Drain, Astonish Swift Swim
26Lombre (Water, Grass)Rain Dance, Water Gun, Mega Drain, Astonish Swift Swim
26Lombre (Water, Grass)Growl, Water Gun, Mega Drain, Fire Punch Swift Swim
26+S. Nosepass (Rock)Shadow Wave, Shadow Mist Sturdy or Magnet Pull
26Ludicolo (Water, Grass)Rain Dance, Water Gun, Mega Drain, Astonish Swift Swim

You can’t take his Nosepass without the Snag Machine, so defeat him in battle. Miror B. will escape after you win. Enter the locomotive, and you’ll see news about the S.S. Libra. Speak to the Scientist at the entrance named Hordel, who used to work for Cipher. Purify the Togepi.

He’ll ask you to trade the Togepi back for an Elekid. You can refuse if you wish. When you try to leave, Secc will email you and ask you to go to the Snagem Hideout. Stock up at the PokéMart.

Outskirt Stand PokéMart

Full Heal₽600
Hyper Potion₽1200
Nest Ball₽1000
Net Ball₽1000
Poké Snacks₽300
Super Potion₽700
Timer Ball₽1000
Ultra Ball₽1200

Before you leave, a trainer named Willie will challenge you to a Pokémon battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Willie₽26024Zigzagoon (Normal)Headbutt, Mud Sport, Pin Missile, Sand-Attack Pickup
24Zigzagoon (Normal)Headbutt, Dig, Pin Missile, Sand-Attack Pickup
26Linoone (Normal)Headbutt, Water Pulse, Icy Wind, Mud-Slap Pickup
26Linoone (Normal)Shock Wave, Swift, Dig, Headbutt Pickup

After the battle, travel to Snagem Hideout.

Snagem Hideout

After arriving at Snagem Hideout, you’ll get an email from Mayor Trest telling you the Realgam Colosseum is open. When you close your P★DA, you’ll have to battle Agrev.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Agrev₽54026Murkrow (Dark, Flying)Haze, Peck, Taunt, Pursuit Insomnia
26Oddish (Grass, Poison)Acid, Sweet Scent, Absorb, Cut Chlorophyll
26Golbat (Poison, Flying)Leech Life, Bite, Taunt, Screech Inner Focus
27Absol (Dark)Scratch, Bite, Razor Wind, Taunt Pressure

Immediately to your right is a Healing Machine. Use it, then open the chest with x3 Ultra Balls. Go left, and when you reach the stairs, head down. Pick up two Hyper Potions, then fight Kalus.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Kalus₽52026Koffing (Poison)
26Oddish (Grass, Poison)
26Dustox (Bug, Poison)
25Qwilfish (Water, Poison)

Kalus will tell you Gonzap has the Snag Machine. Go up the Southern staircase and grab two Revives. Speak to the Snagem member to trigger a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Hobble₽56026Girafarig (Normal, Psychic)
27Smeargle (Normal)
25Pelipper (Water, Flying)
28Machoke (Fighting)

Go back where the Revives were, then go right, then up the stairs. Fight the Snagem member.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Golit₽64025Remoraid (Water)
26Octillery (Water)
27Sandslash (Ground)
26Loudred (Normal)
32Crawdaunt (Water, Dark)

Near Golit is a chest with Rare Candy. Go up the stairs past a Team Snagem member you just fought, then go through the left gap in the wall. Go down the stairs to fight another trainer.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Jinok₽52025Kecleon (Normal)
26Aipom (Normal)
25Volbeat (Bug)
25Yanma (Bug, Flying)

Go up the stairs and head left to get the PP Up near Gaply, who you’ll now fight.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Gaply₽56026Ariados (Bug, Poison)
28Beautifly (Bug, Flying)
28Sneasel (Dark, Ice)
28Delibird (Ice, Flying)
27Xatu (Psychic, Flying)

Go North. Near the staircase is another Team Snagem member.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Fudlo₽56025Graveler (Rock, Ground)
26Rhyhorn (Rock, Ground)
28Stantler (Normal)
28Misdreavus (Ghost)
27Tropius (Grass, Flying)

Go down the stairs, then go all the way back to where you fought Hobble. Take the stairs and go through the gap in the wall. Go right, go up through the hole in the wall, and go up the stairs. Go down and grab the TM29 (Psychic). Go down. By the stairs, you’ll find Team Snagem Biden. Fight him.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Biden₽54027Oddish (Grass, Poison)Cut, Sweet Scent, Acid, Absorb Chlorophyll
26Crobat (Poison, Flying)Screech, Bite, Astonish, Taunt Inner Focus
26Torkoal (Fire)Ember, Fire Spin, SmokeScreen, Rock Slide White Smoke
26Bellossom (Grass)Magical Leaf, Sweet Scent, Cut, Giga Drain Chlorophyll

Make your way up the stairs. Now you’ll be in Gonzap’s office, where you’ll hear him complain the Snag Machine is too small. When they both notice you, a Team member will attack you.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Wakin₽64028Gloom (Grass, Poison)Giga Drain, Acid, Sweet Scent, Cut Chlorophyll
28Gloom (Grass, Poison)Sleep Powder, Acid, Razor Leaf, Cut Chlorophyll
28Mantine (Water, Flying)Aerial Ace, BubbleBeam, Supersonic, Take Down Swift Swim
31Forretress (Bug, Steel)Spikes, Body Slam, Pin Missile, Dig Sturdy
32Grumpig (Psychic)Taunt, Shock Wave, Light Screen, Psybeam Thick Fat

Gonzap says he’ll hand over the Snag Machine if you defeat him.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Gonzap₽320030Electrode (Electric)SonicBoom, Spark, Facade, Thief Static
32Nuzleaf (Grass, Dark)Fake Out, Faint Attack, Aerial Ace, Hyper Beam Early Bird
30Vileplume (Grass, Poison)Sleep Powder, Giga Drain, Sweet Scent, Hyper Beam Chlorophyll
31Whiscash (Water, Ground)Water Pulse, Rock Tomb, Spark, Hyper Beam Oblivious
32Skarmory (Steel, Flying)Steel Wing, Swift, Aerial Ace, Hyper Beam Sturdy

When you defeat Gonzap, you’ll receive your Snag Machine. He’ll also give you Gonzap’s Key. Stay in his office to find x2 Full Heals. Then, go back to the locked chest that you saw at the bottom of the stairs and unlock it to receive TM30 (Shadow Ball). Now, hunt for Miror B.

Getting Nosepass – Pyrite Colosseum/Realgam Colosseum/PokéSpots

Travel between Pyrite Colosseum, Realgam Colosseum, and all three PokéSpots until your Miror Radar goes off. Depending on where you run into him, his team will be different.

Pyrite Colosseum – Miror B. Teams

At Pyrite Colosseum, Miror B. will replace one of the first three trainers in the current round. There are 4 team variants he’ll use, but he’ll always throw out his Shadow Nosepass.

  • Variant 1: Ludicolo, Hoppip, Sudowoodo
  • Variant 2: Nuzleaf, Hoppip, Voltorb, Ludicolo
  • Variant 3: Lombre, Hoppip, Voltorb, Sudowoodo
  • Variant 4: Lombre, Ludicolo, Voltorb
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Miror B.₽020Lombre (Water, Grass)Fake Out, Razor Leaf, Nature Power, Growl Swift Swim
20Ludicolo (Water, Grass)Leech Seed, Absorb, Nature Power, Growl Rain Dish
20Voltorb (Electric)Shock Wave, SonicBoom, Screech, Tackle Static
20Hoppip (Grass, Flying)Bullet Seed, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Tail Whip Chlorophyll
20Sudowoodo (Rock)Rock Throw, Low Kick, Mimic, Flail Sturdy
20Nuzleaf (Grass, Dark)Fake Out, Bullet Seed, Nature Power, Growth Chlorophyll
26+S. Nosepass (Rock)Shadow Mist, Shadow Wave Sturdy or Magnet Pull

Pyrite Colosseum is a Medium Difficulty fight.

Realgam Colosseum – Miror B. Teams

At Realgam Colosseum, Miror B. will replace one of the first three trainers in the current round. There are 4 team variants he’ll use, but he’ll always throw out his Shadow Nosepass.

  • Variant 1: Ludicolo, Jumpluff, Sudowoodo
  • Variant 2: Lombre, Ludicolo, Electrode
  • Variant 3: Shiftry, Jumpluff, Electrode, Ludicolo
  • Variant 4: Lombre, Jumpluff, Nosepass, Sudowoodo
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Miror B.₽040Lombre (Water, Grass)Fake Out, Waterfall, Ice Punch, ThunderPunch Swift Swim
40Ludicolo (Water, Grass)Leech Seed, Rain Dance, Toxic, Giga Drain Rain Dish
40Electrode (Electric)Thunderbolt, Light Screen, Screech, Thunder Wave Static
40Jumpluff (Grass, Flying)SunnyDay, Leech Seed, SolarBeam, Aerial Ace Chlorophyll
40Nosepass (Rock)Thunder Wave, Earthquake, Rock Slide Magnet Pull
40Sudowoodo (Rock)Rock Slide, Low Kick, Strength, Counter Sturdy
40Shiftry (Grass, Dark)SolarBean, Shadow Ball Chlorophyll
26+S. Nosepass (Rock)Shadow Mist, Shadow Wave Sturdy or Magnet Pull

Realgam Colosseum is a Hard Difficulty fight.

PokéSpots – Miror B. Teams

Miror B. may show up at one of the three PokéSpots. He’ll only have 4 Pokémon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Miror B.₽030Skiploom (Grass, Flying)Giga Drain, Aerial Ace Chlorophyll
30Ludicolo (Water, Grass)Secret Power, Giga Drain, Water Pulse Swift Swim
30Ludicolo (Water, Grass)Absorb, Secret Power, Water Pulse, Seismic Toss Swift Swim
26+S. Nosepass (Rock)Shadow Mist, Shadow Wave Sturdy or Magnet Pull

At PokéSpots, you’ll have an Easy Difficulty fight.

Now that you have your Nosepass, you can finally go to Cipher Key Lair.

Part 9: Taking Down Cipher’s Lair

The items you’ll find in this part are shown in the following chart:

TM24 (Thunderbolt)B1F, between the South-most crates
Battle CD 47B1F, after defeating Gorigan examine the conveyor belt
Hyper Potion x5– 1F, Center Room (x3)


– 4F, Southern Staircase, Northeast

Revive x21F, Northwest Staircase, left
Rare Candy1F, Southeast Room, accessible from 2F
Ultra Ball x31F, Southeast Room, accessible from 2F
Full Restore2F, found after pushing a crate North in the Southwest section
Elixir2F, found after pushing a crate Southwest in the Northwest section
PP Up2F, Central Staircase
Max Revive3F, by the moon symbol gate
Full Heal x33F, by the Northeast crate
HP Up4F, West Room, North door
System Lever4F, East Room, Southern table
TM26 (Earthquake)Roof, behind the generator
Shadow PokéList5F, Defeat Gorigan

* Some items can’t be obtained until you continue to unlock the story

Cipher Key Lair

Zook will challenge you when you enter the map. You can now capture Shadow Zangoose.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Zook₽62028+S. Zangoose (Normal)Shadow Rush, Shadow MistSilk ScarfImmunity
26Doduo (Normal, Flying)Tri Attack, Peck, Pursuit Run Away
26Carvanha (Water, Dark)Water Pulse, Bite, Rage Rough Skin
26Seviper (Poison)Bite, Poison Tail, Lick Shed Skin
26Relicanth (Water, Rock)Rock Tomb, Water Gun, Tackle Swift Swim

Two Bodybuilders will block you from entering Cipher Key Lair. Say Yes to their questions. Wakin and Gonzap will show up and put the Bodybuilders asleep. Enter the building and go straight into the next room. On the left side is a box containing three Hyper Potions. Go left, then up for three Revives. Head down the stairs for a Pokémon battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Kollo₽128031Clamperl (Water)
31Octillery (Water)
31Lanturn (Water, Electric)
32Relicanth (Water, Rock)

Go to the corner of the room to pick up TM24 (Thunderbolt). Go back up the stairs and head South until you reach another staircase. Before you can go up, a Cipher Peon will attack.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Ibsol₽124030Plusle (Electric)
30Dustox (Bug, Poison)
31Xatu (Psychic, Flying)
30Volbeat (Bug)

Go up the stairs and push the box up one tile to receive a Full Restore. Travel downwards, then back up again to push a box right. Go up another floor to receive an Elixir. Go back to the entrance of the room for another battle with a Cipher Peon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Grezle₽124030Minun (Electric)
30Beautifly (Bug, Flying)
28Ledian (Bug, Flying)
31Illumise (Bug)

Go right, head up, and you’ll be attacked. Most trainers will use Shadow Pokémon at this point.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Humah₽116029Seviper (Poison)Bite, Poison Tail, Wrap, Snatch Shed Skin
29Murkrow (Dark, Flying)Night Shade, Haze, Pursuit, Astonish Insomnia
28+S. Paras (Bug, Grass)Shadow Blitz, Shadow Shed Effect Spore
28+S. Growlithe (Fire)Shadow Blitz, Shadow Wave Intimidate or Flash Fire

Go up the stairs and use the Healing Machine. Head left then head down. You’ll see a box in front of you. Push it down one tile. Head left again and walk towards the staircase for a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Gorog₽120029+S. Shellder (Water)Shadow Blitz, Shadow Shed Shell Armor
29Rhyhorn (Rock, Ground)Horn Attack, Scary Face, Dig, Stomp Lightningrod
29Swalot (Poison)Amnesia, Yawn, Shock Wave, Sludge Liquid Ooze
29Golbat (Poison, Flying)Astonish, Wing Attack, Steel Wing, Bite Inner Focus
30Sharpedo (Water, Dark)Rage, Bite, Thief, Focus Energy Rough Skin

Pick up the PP Up before going up the stairs. Go back down the stairs quickly to push the nearest box right. Then, go towards the next staircase and go down to face a Cipher Peon. 

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Jelstin₽128032Roselia (Grass, Poison)
32Hoppip (Grass, Flying)
31Masquerain (Bug, Flying)
32Bellossom (Grass)

Open the chest by the staircase to receive x3 Ultra Balls and one Rare Candy. Go back up the stairs and travel to the previous staircase where you fought Gorog and go up it. Here, you’ll find two doors. Open the Moon door first by going clockwise to the bottom of the room.

Next, you’ll see the Sun tile. Push the crate up onto the Moon tile. Go through the now-open Moon door to get the Max Revive. Go up and around clockwise until you come across another crate. Grab the three Full Heals in the chest and push the crate onto the Sun tile. Travel back to the Sun door, and you’ll start a battle with Lok, who has two Shadow Pokémon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Lok₽132030+S. Beedrill (Bug, Poison)Shadow Blitz, Shadow HoldPoison BarbSwarm
30Furret (Normal)Scratch, Follow Me Keen Eye
31Togetic (Normal, Flying)Body Slam, Follow Me Hustle
30+S. Pidgeotto (Normal, Flying)Shadow Blitz, Shadow Panic Keen Eye

Get the two Hyper Potions from the chest when you go up the stairs. Go left to trigger a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Kleto₽124030Absol (Dark)
31Smeargle (Normal)
30Donphan (Ground)
31Amparos (Electric)
31Tentacruel (Water, Poison)

Keep going left, up, right, then through the first door, then the second upper door. Open the chest with the HP Up right below you. Keep going up, and you’ll face another Cipher Peon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Flipis₽124031Chimecho (Psychic)
30Kecleon (Noctowl)
30Noctowl (Normal, Flying)
29Mightyena (Dark)

Keep going until you’re forced to fight Targ, a Cipher Peon with two Shadow Pokémon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Targ₽132030Ninetails (Fire)Tail Whip, Safeguard, Quick Attack, Ember Flash Fire
30Jumpluff (Grass, Flying)SunnyDay, Giga Drain, Leech Seed, Aerial Ace Chlorophyll
32Azumarill (Water)Defense Curl, Rollout, BubbleBeam, Tail Whip Thick Fat
30+S. Tangela (Grass)Shadow Rave, Shadow HoldMiracle SeedChlorophyll
30+S. Butterfree (Bug, Flying)Shadow Rush, Shadow Mist Compound Eyes

Go into the room right next to the stairs to trigger a battle with Hospel.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Hospel₽155030Ariados (Bug, Poison)
29Girafarig (Normal, Psychic)
31Vileplume (Grass, Poison)
31Stantler (Normal)
31Granbull (Normal)

After the battle, walk up to the table to get the sparkling item. You’ll be attacked by Snidle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Snidle₽140031Shedninja (Bug, Ghost)Scratch, Aerial Ace, Leech Life, Dig Wonder Guard
30Wobbuffet (Psychic)Destiny Bond, Encore, Mirror Coat, Counter Shadow Tag
35Vibrava (Ground, Dragon)DragonBreath, Crunch, Sand Tomb, Faint Attack Levitate
30+S. Magneton (Electric, Steel)Shadow Rave, Shadow Sky, Shadow HoldMetal CoatMagnet Pull or Sturdy

Get the System Lever from the table, then go up the stairs all the way to the roof for a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Fudler₽128031Machoke (Fighting)
31Golem (Rock, Ground)
31Forretress (Bug, Steel)
32Mantine (Water, Flying)
31Crobat (Poison, Flying)

After facing Fudler you’ll battle another Cipher Peon who has two Shadow Pokémon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Angic₽140033Golduck (Water)Scratch, Aerial Ace, Confusion, Psych Up Cloud Nine
33Hitmontop (Fighting)Bulk Up, Rapid Spin, Triple Kick, Focus Energy Intimidate
34Hariyama (Fighting)Bulk Up, Arm Thrust, Vital Throw, Rock Slide Guts
32+S. Venomoth (Bug, Poison)Shadow Rush, Shadow MistSilver PowderShield Dust
32+S. Weepinbell (Grass, Poison)Shadow Rave, Shadow Hold Chlorophyll

Go up the platform to open a chest with TM26 (Earthquake). Talk to Cipher R&D for a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Acrod₽175034Grumpig (Psychic)
34Seadra (Water)
35Camerupt (Fire, Ground)
34Seaking (Water)
34Piloswine (Ice, Ground)

Activate the Control Panel, then make it downstairs where Smarton will attack you.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Smarton₽140036Huntail (Water)Scary Face, Water Pulse, Bite, Whirlpool Swift Swim
35Cacturne (Grass)Pin Missile, Leer, Faint Attack, Ingrain Sand Veil
35Weezing (Poison)Haze, Sludge, SmokeScreen, Smog Levitate
35Ursaring (Normal)Faint Attack, Fake Tears, Aerial Ace, Scratch Guts
33+S. Arbok (Poison)Shadow Half, Shadow Rush Shed Skin or Intimidate

Make sure to heal and save before entering the door Smarton came out of. When you do enter the room, Gorigan will be there. He has two Shadow Pokémon for you to capture.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Smarton₽140036Lairon (Steel, Rock)Take Down, Earthquake, Iron Tail, Protect Sturdy
36Sealeo (Ice, Water)Water Pulse, Earthquake, Body Slam, Aurora Beam Thick Fat
36Slowking (Water, Psychic)Water Pulse, Earthquake, Confusion, Headbutt Own Tempo
36Ursaring (Normal)Slash, Earthquake, Brick Break, Protect Guts
34+S. Primeape (Fighting)Shadow Storm, Shadow Rush Vital Spirit
34+S. Hypno (Psychic)Shadow Storm, Shadow Down Insomnia

After the battle, Mr. Verich will reveal himself as the Grand Master of Cipher and Greevil. He’ll tell you his weapon, Shadow Lugia (XD001), is complete. Verich will dare you to go to Citadark Isle near Gateon Port, but it can’t be reached without the proper transport. Verich also confirms that XD001 destroyed the S.S. Libra and that Citadark Isle is crawling with Shadow Pokémon.

Grab the Shadow PokéList from the table. Head downstairs, and a Worker will say a Shadow Dragonite has been stolen. By their description, it sounds like Trudly, Folly, and Miror B. are behind this. Go left to grab Battle CD 47. Exit the Cipher Key Lair and go to Kaminko’s House.

Kaminko’s House

When you arrive, Chobin will message you and ask for a rematch. Speak to him for a fight.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Chobin₽259037Sunflora (Grass)SunnyDay, Ingrain, Petal Dance, Bullet Seed Chlorophyll
37Gyarados (Water, Flying)Bite, Twister, Leer, Dragon Rage Intimidate
37Hoppin (Grass, Flying)Cotton Spore, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder, Mega Drain Chlorophyll
37Tropius (Grass, Flying)Magical Lead, Body Slam, Whirlwind, Sweet Scent Chlorophyll

Go inside Dr. Kamino’s office after defeating Chobin to get Battle CD 50 on the bookshelf. Go by the stairs and enter the right room to receive Battle CD 49 on the second bookshelf. Use the colored hooks down the stairs to get Battle CDs 11 and 29. Go down the elevator for Battle CD 23.

You’ll notice Robo Kyogre is gone. Head over to Gateon Port.

Gateon Port

Go to the Part Shop and speak to Perr, who tells you Makan has finished the Robo Kyogre. Talk to Makan, who gives you permission to use it. Before you do, you’ll get an email from Professor Krane who asks you to go back to the Pokémon HQ Lab. Head over to the Pokémon HQ Lab.

Pokémon HQ Lab

Pokémon HQ Lab

Go into Krane’s office to receive the Master Ball after going down the secret staircase he opens. Before you leave for Gateon Port, battle Supertrainer Aferd.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Aferd₽280028Furret (Normal)
28Noctowl (Normal, Flying)
28Nincada (Bug, Ground)
28Shedinja (Bug, Ghost)

Gateon Port

Go to the Robo Kyogre to take a trip to Citadark Isle, the last area (and chapter) in the game.

Part 10: Stopping Shadow Lugia

The items you’ll find in this part are shown in the following chart:

Battle CD 31Outside, given by Navigator by the Luxo Cruiser
Max Elixir1F, Elevator, right
Ultra Ball x5B1F, South, across the wave pool
Hyper Potion x5– B1F, Northern Elevator, left room(x3)


– 3F-1, beside Chaser Nalix (x2)

Full Restore x4– B1F, Northern Elevator, right room (x2)


– 3F-1, in the hallway (x2)

Revive x4– 2F-1, Small Islet (x2)


– 5F, by the Southeast light blue platform and accessible from 6F (x2)

White Herb x22F-1, Small Islet
PP Up3F-2, beside Hunter Ibran
Elixir3F-1, beside Cipher Peon Jargo
Max Potion x23F-2, Hidden Section, accessible from the 4F floating platforms near elevator
Rare Candy x34F, end of the path
PP MaxExterior, accessible from 4F overlooking the docks
Timer Ball x35F, Northwest platform
Max Ether x36F, beside Cipher Peon Geftal
Full Heal x46F, Eastern elevator, West
Max Revive x2– 5F, by the North-most light blue platform and accessible from 6F


– Dome 1F, Northeast

Battle CD 46Dome 1F, Defeat Greevil

* Some items can’t be obtained until you continue to unlock the story

After an introductory scene with Greevil, Eldes, and Ardos, you’ll go up the stairs for a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Abson₽72033Crawdaunt (Water, Dark)BubbleBeam, ViceGrip, Leer, Taunt Hyper Cutter
33Pelipper (Water, Flying)Aerial Ace, Wing Attack, Rain Dance, Water Gun Keen Eye
33Mantine (Water, Flying)Take Down, BubbleBeam, Aerial Ace, Agility Swift Swim
33+S. Golduck (Water)Shadow Rave, Shadow Mist Damp or Cloud Nine
33+S. Sableye (Dark, Ghost)Shadow Blitz, Shadow Hold Keen Eye

Go down the stairs to speak to the Navigator by the boat to receive Battle CD 31. Go left and head inside the cavern. You’ll see a Healing Machine and PC. Go left through a door, then through a corridor for about a minute, and you’ll be attacked by a Cipher Peon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Haben₽132033Masquerain (Bug, Flying)
33Dunsparce (Normal)
33Roselia (Grass, Poison)
33Spinda (Normal)

Go back towards the Healing Machine and go right to fight Furgy with two Shadow Pokémon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Furgy₽68034Xatu (Psychic, Flying)Night Shade, Light Screen, Wish Aerial Ace Synchronize
34+S. Dodrio (Normal, Flying)Shadow Blitz, Shadow Shed Run Away or Early Bird
33Whiscash (Water, Ground)Surf, Rest, Sleep Talk, Snore Oblivious
34+S. Raticate (Normal)Shadow Rush, Shadow Down Run Away or Cuts

Go through the door by Furgy up to the left to get the Max Elixir. Go through the door for a fight.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Golos₽132034Aron (Steel, Rock)
34Corsola (Water, Rock)
37Pupitar (Rock, Ground)

Walk straight through the door Golos was blocking, then hang a left for a Pokémon battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Jestal₽54434Sneasel (Dark, Ice)
33Girafarig (Normal, Psychic)
33Golbat (Poison, Flying)
34Seaking (Water)

Before you go near the elevator go back to the Healing Machine and save. Go back to the elevator, and you’ll be stopped by Lovrina, who will challenge you. She has 2 Shadow Pokémon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Lovrina₽390036Gardevoir (Psychic)ThunderPunch, Psychic, Ice Punch, Attract Trace
36Gorebyss (Water)Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Attract, Confusion Swift Swim
37Roselia (Grass, Poison)Leech Seed, Magical Leaf, Attract, Pin Missile Natural Cure
36+S. Farfetch’d (Normal, Flying)Shadow Break, Shadow Panic, Shadow SkyStickKeen Eye or Inner Focus
36+S. Altaria (Dragon, Flying)Shadow Break, Shadow Mist, Shadow RaveDragon FangNatural Cure

Enter the elevator and go down. Go right through the door in the whirlpool room for a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Bastil₽140035Crobat (Poison, Flying)
35Seviper (Poison)
34Chimecho (Psychic)
34Masquerain (Bug, Flying)

Keep going right to trigger a scene with some Scientists about the island’s waves (this is necessary). Go back across the whirlpool platform to open a chest with x5 Ultra Balls. Go all the way around the giant whirlpool and go through the nearest door. 

Fight the Cipher Peon near the elevator, who has two Shadow Pokémon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Litnar₽144034Electrode (Electric)Thunderbolt, Light Screen, Charge, Facade Soundproof
34Misdreavus (Ghost)Psybeam, Mean Look, Psych Up, Shadow Ball Levitate
36Claydol (Ground, Psychic)Sandstorm, Psychic, AncientPower, Dig Levitate
35+S. Kangaskhan (Normal)Shadow Rush, Shadow Mist Early Bird
37+S. Banette (Ghost)Shadow Rush, Shadow HoldSpell TagNatural Cure

Go to the left room for x3 Hyper Potions. Go right of the elevator into a room for a battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Grason₽148035Absol (Dark)
34Ninjask (Bug, Flying)
37Sandslash (Ground)
35Mawile (Steel)

In that room is a chest with x2 Full Restores. Go up the elevator, and you’ll be at the bottom of a volcano. You’ll receive two unnecessary messages from Eagun. Now, push the block in front of you into the lava. The lava will cool, making the three Revives from the chest accessible.

Go down, left, then push the block down. Go back to the chest with the Revives, then left, and push the block down to cool the lava. Go across and walk all the way East clockwise until you reach the ramp. Go up, push the block down and go into the next room. The lava will cool.

Go back out and grab the two White Herbs. Before you enter the room, you’ll be attacked.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Grupel₽152037Houndoom (Dark, Fire)SunnyDay, Flamethrower, Bite, Howl Flash Fire
37Ninetales (Fire)SunnyDay, Flamethrower, Dig, Confuse Ray Flash Fire
34Vileplume (Grass, Poison)Acid, Ingrain, Aromatherapy, Giga Drain Chlorophyll
36+S. Magmar (Fire)Shadow Rush, Shadow Rave, Shadow Shed Flame Body
35+S. Pinsar (Bug)Shadow Break, Shadow Shed Hyper Cutter

Go through the room, then behind the lavafall to find another Healing Machine. Use it, then go into the next room. Walk up to the elevator to trigger a Pokémon battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Kimly₽148035Mightyena (Dark)
34Stantler (Normal)
37Zangoose (Normal)
35Sharpedo (Water, Dark)
35Sunflora (Grass)

Now you’ll have access to the PC. Use it if you wish, then go up the elevator. You’ll get another email from Eagun. Go left, then up, and there will be a trainer blocking a chest. Battle her.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Nalix₽72035Dustox (Bug, Poison)
36Beautifly (Bug, Flying)
34Sunflora (Grass)
36Illumise (Bug)
36Volbeat (Bug)

Open the chest for x2 Hyper Potions. Go back a bit and head North for another battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Ibran₽59235Weezing (Poison)
35Forretress (Bug, Steel)
36Wobbuffet (Psychic)
37Dodrio (Normal, Flying)
34Skarmory (Steel, Flying)

Walk through the entrance for a PP Up. Go through the exit in the previous room for two battles.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Kulig₽140034Azumarill (Water)
36Pelipper (Water, Flying)
35Ariados (Bug, Poison)
36Octillery (Water)
36Qwilfish (Water, Poison)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Jargo₽148036Delibird (Ice, Flying)
36Grumpig (Psychic)
35Swalot (Poison)
35Relicanth (Water, Rock)
37Golduck (Water)
35Quagsire (Water, Ground)

Go past both trainers for an Elixir. Go back past Nalix across the bridge for a Peon fight.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Kolest₽160037Camerupt (Fire, Ground)SunnyDay, Take Down, Flamethrower, Amnesia Magma Armor
37Weezing (Poison)Flamethrower, Sludge, Smokescreen, Haze Levitate
38Muk (Poison)Sludge, Flamethrower, Screech, Acid Armor Sticky Hold
40+S. Rapidash (Fire)Shadow Sky, Shadow Rave, Shadow Down Run Away or Flash Fire
38+S. Magcargo (Fire, Rock)Shadow Rave, Shadow Shed Magma Armor or Flame Body

Walk up a bit more to battle another Cipher Peon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Kolin₽148037Cacturne (Grass, Dark)
37Ninetales (Fire)
37Torkoal (Fire)
37Mantine (Water, Flying)
35Tropius (Grass, Flying)

Past Kolin is a chest with x2 Full Restores. Enter the next room, where two guards will battle you.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Karbon₽164038Medicham (Fighting, Psychic)Calm Mind, Hi Jump Kick, Psychic, Brick Break Pure Power
38Golem (Rock, Ground)Rock Blast, Rollout, Rock Throw, Mud Sport Rock Head
38Xatu (Psychic, Flying)Future Sight, Aerial Ace, Psychic, Night Shade Synchronize
38+S. Hitmonchan (Fighting)Shadow Rush, Shadow Down Keen Eye
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Petro₽164039Grumpig (Psychic)Psychic, Magic Coat, Confuse Ray, Psych Up Own Tempo
39Skarmory (Steel, Flying)Steel Wing, Air Cutter, Fury Attack, Agility Keen Eye
39Metang (Steel, Psychic)Psychic, Iron Defense, Scary Face, Metal Claw Clear Body
39Hariyama (Fighting)SmellingSalt, Brick Break, Vital Throw, Fake Out Thick Fat
38+S. Hitmonlee (Fighting)Shadow Rush, Shadow Shed, Shadow RaveBlack BeltLimber

When you get out of the elevator, you’ve officially made it out of the volcano. Now, you’ll come across some moving platforms. Take the right one and hop off when the next one collides with your platform. Go down into a hidden room for two Max Potions. Go back and take the left platform. Keep following the path down until you’re attacked by a Cipher Peon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Jaymi₽160039Yanma (Bug, Flying)
37Roselia (Grass, Poison)
39Smeargle (Normal)
37Vileplume (Grass, Poison)
40Altaria (Dragon, Flying)

Keep going through the spiral pathway. By the pathway, you’ll find a chest with three Rare Candies. Back up a bit and try to turn the corner. You’ll be ambushed by a Cipher Peon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Gromlet₽176040Banette (Ghost)
40Sableye (Dark, Ghost)
40Dusclops (Ghost)
44Crobat (Poison, Flying)
44Wailord (Water)

Below the spiral path is a stretch of ground and a chest with PP Max. Go into the other entryway, and you’ll be in the same room but on an islet. Go across the moving platforms and go up the elevator to the next room. After receiving another pointless email from Eagan, keep going.

Take the yellow and pink hook, grab three Timer Balls, then take the red hook before going up the next elevator. Keep going straight and hang your next right for a Cipher Peon battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Geftal₽164041Lanturn (Water, Electric)Water Pulse, Spark, Shock Wave, Flail Volt Absorb
41Magneton (Electric, Steel)Thunder, Metal Sound, Reflect, Lock-On Sturdy
38+S. Lickitung (Normal)Shadow Rush, Shadow Panic Own Tempo or Oblivious

Ahead of you are glowing blue tiles. Grab the chest in the room with three Max Ethers. Drop down the hole around the center top. Pick up the Max Revive. Take the orange, pink and red hooks and take the elevator all the way back up. Hug the wall to get past the holes in the ground.

Go down to pick up four Full Heals, then drop down the glowing hole on the right. Pick up the two Revives, take the cyan hook, and travel back up. Take the pink and red hooks from here and go all the way back up again, where you grabbed the Full Heals. Go right for a Pokémon battle.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Leden₽172041Stantler (Normal)Take Down, Stomp, Sand-Attack, Hypnosis Intimidate
41Exploud (Normal)Hyper Beam, Screech, Stomp, Supersonic Soundproof
40+S. Scyther (Bug, Flying)Shadow Rush, Shadow Mist Swarm
39+S. Chansey (Normal)Shadow Rave, Shadow HoldLucky PunchNatural Cure or Serene Grace

Go up the elevator, then head left. Snattle will battle you in hopes he’ll become governor of Orre.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Snattle₽440042Metang (Steel, Psychic)Metal Claw, Psychic, Ice Punch, ThunderPunch Clear Body
42Quagsire (Water, Ground)Waterfall, Mus Shot, Brick Break, Body Slam Water Absorb
42Scizor (Bug, Steel)Silver Wind, Steel Wing, Aerial Ace, Slash Swarm
41+S. Solrock (Rock, Psychic)Shadow Sky, Shadow Panic, Shadow Rave Levitate
42Castform (Normal)Thunderbolt, Water Pulse, Flamethrower, Weather Ball Forecast
41+S. Starmie (Water, Psychic)Shadow Storm, Shadow Mist, Shadow Break Natural Cure or Illuminate

Go down the elevator to have easy access to the beginning of Citadark Isle. You can use the Healing Machine or PC nearby. When you first take it down, a Cipher Peon will fight you.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Kleef₽176044Shuckle (Bug, Rock)
42Blissey (Normal)
41Weezing (Poison)

Head back up the elevator (if you used it), and you’ll be in front of a large dome. Here, you’ll see Greevil’s bodyguard, Argos. After a short scene, he’ll challenge you with 3 Shadow Pokémon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Ardos₽460043+S. Swellow (Normal, Flying)Shadow Sky, Shadow Mist, Shadow Break, Shadow Half Guts
44Alakazam (Psychic)Fire Punch, Ice Punch, ThunderPunch, Psychic Inner Focus
44Kingdra (Water, Dragon)Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, DragonBreath, Double-Edge Swift Swim
44Heracross (Bug, Fighting)Megahorn, Brick Break, Rock Tomb, Double-Edge Swarm
43+S. Electabuzz (Electric)Shadow Break, Shadow Half, Shadow Mist, Shadow Storm Static
43+S. Snorlax (Normal)Shadow End, Shadow ShedLeftoversImmunity or Thick Fat

When he leaves, the main base will open. Inside, you can use the PC and Healing Machine. Walk to the next room, and Greevil puts up a glass wall, preventing you from going further. Go back outside and keep going South towards the left elevator. Gorigan will challenge you.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Gorigan₽450042Slowking (Water, Psychic)Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Psychic Own Tempo
43Ursaring (Normal)Slash, Earthquake, Brick Break, Protect Guts
44Aggron (Steel, Rock)Iron Tail, Double-Edge, Earthquake, Protect Rock Head
44Walrein (Ice, Water)Waterfall, Ice Beam, Earthquake, Double-Edge Thick Fat
42+S. Poliwrath (Water, Fighting)Shadow Sky, Shadow Storm, Shadow Rush Water Absorb or Damp
42+S. Mr. Mine (Psychic)Shadow Storm, Shadow Shed Soundproof

Gorigan will run away when he loses. Go back and use the Healing Machine, then go outside, down the elevator Gorigan came out of, and fight the Cipher Peon blocking your path.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Kolax₽176041Glalie (Ice)Ice Beam, Hail, Crunch, Icy Wind Inner Focus
44Ampharos (Electric)Cotton Spore, Growl, Thunderbolt, Light Screen Static
42Breloom (Grass, Fighting)Spore, Focus Punch, Sky Uppercut, Mach Punch Effect Spore
44Donphan (Ground)Rollout, Rapid Spin, Flail, Defense Curl Sturdy
40+S. Dugtrio (Ground)Shadow Shed, Shadow Break, Shadow SkySoft SandSand Veil or Arena Trap

Go up the elevator, where you’ll find Greevil and Eldes. Greevil leaves. Eldes stays to fight you.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Eldes₽470045Ninjask (Bug, Flying)Silver Wind, Aerial Ace, Dig, Protect Speed Boost
44+S. Manectric (Electric)Shadow End, Shadow Mist, Shadow Sky Static or Lighteningrod
50+S. Salamence (Dragon, Flying)Shadow Rush, Shadow Hold Intimidate
45Flygon (Ground, Dragon)Crunch, DragonBreath, Flamethrower, Double-Edge Levitate
44+S. Marowak (Ground)Shadow End, Shadow PanicThick ClubRock Head of Lighteningrod
44+S. Lapras (Water, Ice)Shadow Storm, Shadow Shed, Shadow Sky Water Absorb or Shell Armor

Eldes will put down the glass wall. Go past where the wall used to be and turn a right into the Control Room. Grab the Max Revive from the chest. Face two Cipher R&Ds before you go.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Lokey₽220044Shiftry (Grass, Dark)
44Granbull (Normal)
44Miltank (Normal)
41Armaldo (Rock, Bug)
43Slaking (Normal)
TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)
Gromlet₽220044Corsola (Water, Rock)
44Tentacruel (Water, Poison)
44Cradily (Rock, Grass)
44Milotic (Water)
42Gyarados (Water, Flying)

Make sure you have one empty spot in your party for the next battle. Go up the elevator to hear a long speech about Shadow Lugia. Face Greevil to capture XD001 with the Master Ball.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Greevil₽530050+S. Lugia (Psychic, Flying)Shadow Shed, Shadow Down, Shadow Blast, Shadow Storm Pressure

Greevil will now throw everything he has at you. You can capture six Shadow Pokémon.

TrainerPrizeLv.Pokémon (Typing)MovesItemsAbility
Greevil₽500046+S. Rhydon (Rock, Ground)Shadow Down, Shadow End, Shadow Panic, Shadow Hold Lighteningrod or Rock Head
50+S. Moltres (Fire, Flying)Shadow Shed, Shadow Rush, Shadow Hold, Shadow Fire Pressure
46+S. Exeggutor (Grass, Psychic)Shadow Storm, Shadow End, Shadow Hold, Shadow Shed Chlorophyll
46+S. Tauros (Normal)Shadow Shed, Shadow Sky, Shadow Rush, Shadow Rush Intimidate
50+S. Articuno (Ice, Flying)Shadow Shed, Shadow Sky, Shadow Rush, Shadow Chill Pressure
50+S. Zapdos (Electric, Flying)Shadow Shed, Shadow Sky, Shadow Rush, Shadow Bolt Pressure

After a lengthy scene, you’ll leave the island and go back to Pokémon HQ Lab. There will be a celebration for you. Congratulations on beating the game. Enjoy the credits.

Pokemon XD Game Guide: FAQs

Question: What does XD stand for in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness?

Answer: Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness uses the “XD” abbreviation in its name. “XD” stands for “Extra Dimension,” except the “Extra” is spelled like “Xtra.” “XD” also stands for XD001, which is the code name for Shadow Lugia, the Pokémon you find on the game case.

Question: Is Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness better than Colosseum?

Answer: Although Pokémon Colosseum comes before Gale of Darkness and features many of the same characters as both games, critics agree that Gale of Darkness is far superior. PokémoN XD fixed many of the problems found in Colosseum like the linear adventure, lack of side content, and poor level scaling. Plus, Gale of Darkness has a better storyline. 

Question: Can Shadow Lugia be shiny in Pokémon XD Gale of Darkness?

Answer: Yes, Shadow Lugia can be shiny. However, it requires a lot of trial and error for him to appear this way. Be sure to save directly before you fight Greevil. Then, enter the battle. If he doesn’t appear shiny, turn the game on and off. You have a 1 in 450 chance for this to happen.

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