pokemon uranium guide

Pokemon Uranium Guide: Put Your Hazmat Suit On; We’re Going to Tandor!

I have played several Pokemon fan games. Most of them are entertaining, as they offer a fair challenge with cool new-era features that makes the game get complicated, while other games focus on putting the player into a breathtaking adventure. 

But most of those games lack something. Most of them don’t have a background or an objective besides just creating a Pokemon game in the image and likeness of the creator. That’s why Pokemon Uranium is a wonderful game. 

All of its features, plot, Fakemons, characters, places, and graphics play a role that, when going in unison, makes me feel like I’m playing an adventure designed for me and not for the developer itself. 

What Will You See In This Guide? 

That’s why I’m doing this guide. I want to show you every key aspect of this game and what makes it a great adventure. So, I’ll give you a quick resume of the plot, give you a small taste of all the features this game has to offer you, and then a walk-through of one of the most critical battles of the game. 

Story Synopsis

The thing that captivated me the most was the plot. The game’s most vital point is the attention to detail and depth in the character’s personalities.  The game starts with you, the protagonist, deciding to embark on a Pokemon Adventure as your aunt, who’s also your caretaker, needs some money as she gets older and can’t go through a full-time job. 

Your mom was a researcher in one of the three Nuclear Plants in Tandor, but she disappeared after a nuclear meltdown. Your father is the leader of the Pokémon Rangers, and after losing his wife, he got cold, so he doesn’t talk much with you. 

Pokemon Uranium Probably A Disaster
Image by Jesus Cruz

Instead of running away during the meltdown, your mother decided to stay there even if Cameron, her primary colleague, implored her to leave. Yes, the creators of this game are aware that parents in Pokémon games are mostly useless. Extra points for realism! 

As you start your Pokemon adventure, you explore the Nuclear Plant where your mom died, and after activating a panel, the place explodes! The other two Nuclear Plants do the same, so it’s not a coincidence. 

The Pokemon Rangers investigate until they find CURIE, the story’s villain. CURIE is draining the energy from the Nuclear Plants to feed its Nuclear-type legendary Pokemon, Urayne. But you are a reckless 10-year-old kid, so you defeat CURIE, who reveals to be your mother, and the world gets saved. 

Key Features

Pokemon Uranium has a lot of things that it should be proud of. I got amazed by the amount of detail the creators put into the game! 


For sure, the thing that captivated me the most was the abundant Tandorian Pokedex. The creators added more than 150 new Pokémon, including Mega-Evolutions, and Nuclear forms! 

Pokemon Uranium Gargryph
Image by Jesus Cruz

These Pokemon have a profile with behavior, and the game counts with the complete breeding system, meaning that you can create competitive-worthy Tandorian Pokemon! If you want to check them all (which I strongly recommend, as most of the designs are wonderful), you can do it through their Wiki

Pokemon Uranium Titanice
Image by Jesus Cruz

My favorite was Titanice, which is based on the Titanic! 


The Pokemon that got exposed to the nuclear radiation muted into Nuclear Pokemon. They get a new type, the Nuclear-type. 

Nuclear Baaschaf And Tanscure
Image by Jesus Cruz

If you are wondering, the Nuclear-type is effective against all types except for Steel and Nuclear-types, but on the other hand, the Nuclear-type Pokémon are weak against every type. 

A strong advantage has to be neutralized by a substantial disadvantage! 

Online Mode 

Pokémon Uranium counts with an online mode where you can trade your Pokémon and have battles. I haven’t seen something like this in any other Pokémon fangame! 

Discord Server 

Of course, the online mode is useless if you don’t have someone to play with, so the developers opened a Discord server where you can share your experience, ask for trades, or look for a rival to battle. 

Pokemon Uranium Discord Server
Image by Jesus Cruz

You can get there with this link: https://discord.gg/uranium

Several Languages 

Pokémon Uranium highlights above other Fangames as it’s one of the few that have multiple languages to play. You can play in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, Deutsch, and 1337 Speak. 

The 1337 Speak isn’t more than English, but numbers change some letters. It’s a joke; not a good one, though, but it’s a joke. 

Game Modes 

The game has two different modes; the Regular game mode, where you have a regular adventure, and the Nuzlocke mode, where you’ll play by the Nuzlocke rules. 

Pokemon Uranium Gamemodes
Image by Jesus Cruz

Nuzlocking this game is tough, even if you are an experienced trainer, so if you are new to playing Fangames and hack ROMs, I recommend you go for the regular adventure. 

Starting the Game

Time to get into the walkthrough of the game. Before starting, I have to mention something.  This one is a challenging game, as it is weirdly balanced. The level increment on wild and trained Pokémon is extreme from phase to phase, making the game a difficult thing to complete.  

If you don’t have much time to play or hate grinding levels on your Pokémon, this game isn’t for you.  As I said in the story synopsis, you get recruited by Professor Bamb’o as his helper. To work with him successfully, he’ll give you a Pokémon. 

I lied; he’ll determine which Pokémon is better for you through the Pokémon Trainer Aptitude Test. 

Pokemon Uranium Pokemon Trainer Aptitude Test gameplay
Image by Jesus Cruz

It has questions that measure your aptitude as a trainer and determines which starter suits you better but don’t worry; you can still choose if you want a certain starter, as the answers have colors depending on which starter you want. Orange answers will give you the Fire-type, Blue ones the Water-type, and Green ones will give you the Grass-type starter. 

You have three options:

  • Orchynx, which is the Grass-type starter. It evolves into Metalynx, which is a Steel/Grass-type Pokémon. It has an incredible Defense stat and will do it perfectly against heavy attackers. 
  • Raptorch, the Fire-type starter. It’ll evolve into Archilles, which is a Fire/Ground-type Pokémon. It is a wonderful Attacker! 
  • Eletux, the Water-type starter. It’ll evolve into Electruxo, which is a Water/Electric-type Pokémon. This one is a more balanced Pokémon with average Defenses and Attack. 

I did the Aptitude Test and got Orchynx, which I like a lot, but I did some research, and people say that Raptorch is the best starter because of its Attack stat. It has sense, though, as the best way to complete every Pokémon Adventure is through a fast and robust offensive Pokémon. 

Pokemon Uranium Orchynx
Image by Jesus Cruz

After getting your starter, Theo, your rival, will get his Pokémon too. He’ll choose the one that is weak against yours. Dumb move, kid. After a battle against Theo, you can continue. 

Creating Your Team 

I’m going to stop here for a while because to beat this game, it’s essential to have a well-rounded team. 

This is my team; it’s composed of Metalynx (Grass/Steel-type), Jerbolta (Electric/Ground-type), Nimflora (Bug/Fairy-type), Splendifowl (Flying/Normal-type), Terlard (Dragon/Ground-type), and Blubelrog (Water/Poison-type). 

Pokemon Uranium My Team
Image by Jesus Cruz

While I loved my team, I would change some things; I don’t recommend using Terlard. It can’t learn exciting moves until the game’s late stages, and its move set is very short. Double Chop is the best Dragon-type move it can learn, which is disappointing for a giant dragon as its Terlard. 


So, instead of Terlard, I would look for a Psychic-type. There are exciting options, like Brailip, a Water/Psychic-type Pokémon, or Paraudio, a Psychic/Normal-type. Brailip can be found on almost all routes with water paths if you fish, while Paraudio can be found on Route 9.  

Pokemon Uranium TF IS This
Image by Jesus Cruz

Another great Psychic-type addition to your team can be Comite, a Rock/Psychic-type Pokémon. It can be found in the Comet Cave. If you don’t want to play with a Psychic-type Pokémon, I recommend prioritizing Fighting, Ground, and Fire-types. 

I took Splendifowl as I loved its design, but you can opt for Pahar, a Fire/Flying-type Pokémon, which evolves into a wonderful Pajay. Pahar can be found on Route 6. Another attractive Fire-type option can be Flager, a Fire-type Pokémon that can be found in the early stages of the game, precisely in Route 9. It evolves into Inflagetah if you expose it to a Fire Stone.  

And, if you took Raptorch as your starter, you can also choose others like Chupacho, a Poison-type Pokémon which evolves into Luchabra, a Fighting/Poison-type Pokémon, or Lunapup, a Ground/Fighting-type Pokémon that evolves into Herolune. Chupacho can be found in The Labyrinth and Lunapup on Route 6.

Image by Jesus Cruz

I strongly recommend you train a Cubbug. It’s a Bug/Fairy-type Pokémon which evolves into Nimflora, and it was my helper when I was facing an annoying Pokémon. Nimflora can learn Sleep Powder, and making Pokémon go to sleep is always a great advantage. 

Image by Jesus Cruz

Lastly, don’t forget to take an HM slave, as you’ll need it. Chyinmunk can help you with this task. 

Nowtoch City 

After being taught the basics by Professor Bamb’o, he’ll let you start with your adventure. Our first stop is in Nowtoch City. You’ll have to cross Kevlar Town and the Passage Cave to get there. 

First Badge 

Yes, it’s time to get our first Badge. Admittedly, it’s very early in the game, but I like it, as it instantly puts you on the adventure without making you go through many tutorials. 

As you arrive at Nowtoch City, the Gym is closed, as its leader, Maria, isn’t there yet. But, instead, we’ll find a weird man who tells you he’s Maria’s biggest fan. He knows exactly where to find Maria and even gives you a copy of her house’s keys. 

Image by Jesus Cruz

I think Maria should change the locks or just move to another city; that’s not good. Anyway, after finding Maria, it’s time to battle against her. 

Image by Jesus Cruz

This is her team: 

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Owten, Lv 10 Normal/Flying Quick Attack, Peck, Charm, Foresight Serene Grace or Insomnia
Feleng, Lv. 10 Normal Scratch, Yawn, Encore Intimidate or Cute Charm
Felunge, Lv. 12 Normal Scratch, Yawn, Encore Intimidate or Cute Charm

This one is an easy battle. You can get rid of Owten and Feleng quickly, while Felunge can be a big deal if you don’t know how to control it. So if you have something to sleep, poison, paralyze or confuse Felunge, use it. 

After getting your first Badge, it’s time to continue. Next destination: Burole Town. But hey, not so fast, cowboy! Theo appears and challenges you to a second battle! This one will be harder than the first one, but your starter can sweep both Theo’s Pokémon with no problems. 

rival theo

Burole Town 

Welcome to Burole Town, a pacific place where you don’t have much to do besides going directly to the Gym. 

Image by Jesus Cruz

Nonetheless, there’s a Pokémon School where I recommend you to go, as you’ll need the extra EXP. As I said, this game is pretty unbalanced, so it’s necessary to gather as much EXP as you can. 

Second Badge

It’s time to battle against Davern Burole Town’s Gym Leader and a cave explorer with cave-thematic Pokémon. By this point, you should have at least a couple of Pokémon. However, it’ll be better if you have a Water or a Grass-type one, as the second Gym is based on caves, meaning you’ll battle against Rock-type Pokémon.  

If you haven’t one, you can catch a Sponee on a route east of Burole Town. It can learn Water Gun and evolve into Sponaree, a Water/Bug-type Pokémon. 

Image by Jesus Cruz

So, this is Davern’s team: 

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Grozard, Lv. 15 Ground Bulldoze, Scratch, Growl, Sand Attack Sand Veil or Arena Trap
Modrille, Lv. 15 Ground/Dark Mud-Slap, Fury Attack, Metal Claw, Pursuit Sand Rush or Lightning Rod
Dearewl, Lv. 15 Rock/Steel Mud-Slap, Headbutt,  Metal Claw, Harden Sturdy or Rock Head
Tofurang, Lv. 16 Poison Tackle, Poison Fang, Lick,  Poison Gas Intimidate

Grozard and Modrille are defensively weak, so almost any neutral hit can take them out of the battle.  Dearewl is a big issue because of its great defenses. It also has Harden, which makes it even more challenging to defeat. Here’s why I recommended Cubbug. At this point, it should have evolved into Cubblfly, which learns Sleep Powder. 

Dearewl will be easy to take down if it is asleep! 

Lastly, Tofurang. It’s a giant Pokémon; nonetheless, it doesn’t have threatening moves. It’s easy to take down, don’t be afraid of it. If you have a Ground-type move, use it. If you don’t, go with your strongest move.  Davern is such a strong trainer, so congrats if you beat him! I took some attempts, so I admire you if you did it on your first try! 

So, the following Gym Badge is in Bealbeach City, but you’ll have to do many things before getting there.  First, you’ll have to cross the Comet Cave. But don’t worry, Theo will be with you! Remember that here’s where you can find Comite, and a Psychic-type Pokémon can make a difference in battles! 

Bealbeach City 

Third Battle Against Theo 

After a tough couple of routes, and merely before arriving in Bealbeach City, Theo will appear, challenging us to a battle. Theo literally chose the worst moment to battle with you. It reminds me of when I was playing Pokémon Emerald, and Wally did the same when I was about to get out of Victory Road. I tossed my console away. 

Anyway, this is Theo’s team: 

If you chose Orchynx as your starter:

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Dearewl, Lv. 20 Steel/Rock Headbutt, Rock Polish, Metal Claw, Mud-Slap Study or Rock Head
Paraudio, Lv. 22 Normal/Psychic Psybeam, Snarl, Roar, Confusion Soundproof or Sound Boost
Chimical, Lv. 20 Fire/Poison Poison Fang, Ember, Smokescreen, Wrap Petrify
Eletux, Lv. 24 Water/Electric Aqua Jet, Stomp, Spark, Thunder Shock Static

If Raptorch:

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Cassnail, Lv. 20 Ground/Water Bubble Beam, Mud Bomb, Harden, Water Gun Shell Armor or Sand Veil
Aveden, Lv. 22 Normal/Flying Air Cutter, Scary Face, Roost, Feather Dance Big Pecks or Analytic
Lunapup, Lv. 20 Ground/Fighting Bulldoze, Low Kick, Howl, Endure Mold Breaker or Guts
Orchynx, Lv. 24 Grass/Steel Mega Drain, Metal Claw, Hone Claws, Vine Whip Battle Armor

If Eletux:

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Cubblfly, Lv. 22 Bug/Fairy Struggle Bug, Fairy Wind, Stun Spore, Sleep Powder Swarm or Natural Cure
Minyan, Lv. 20 Dark/Poison Bite, Poison Sting, Taunt, Mean Look Blood Lust
Chicoatl, Lv. 20 Grass Quick Attack, Grass Whistle, Leech Seed, Pursuit Sap Sipper
Raptorch, Lv. 24 Fire/Ground Growl, Ember, Mud-Slap, Flame Wheel Flame Body

Theo has no significant threats on his three teams, as you should know most of these Pokémon by now. 

The most problematic one could be the Cubblfly if you chose Eletux as your starter, as it has Sleep Powder and Stun Spore. Nonetheless, Cubblfly is very slow and vulnerable to Fire, Flying, Rock, Steel, and Poison-type moves. 

Chimical can also be a threat, but it’s 4x vulnerable to Ground-type moves! 

Exploring Bealbeach 

After winning against Theo and making him cry for the third time in the game, we can now get to Bealbeach City. 

Image by Jesus Cruz

As always, I invite you to explore every new city you get to meet because you can find excellent items or events. You’ll find a girl who will give you an egg at the first building you’ll find next to the City’s entrance. This egg contains Nupin, a Grass/Electric-type Pokémon! 

It’s a great option if you lack a Grass-type and chose Raptorch as your starter! 

Nuclear Plant Epsilon 

As you enter the Pokémon Rangers HQ in Bealbeach City, your father will welcome you by asking you a favor. What a douche!  He wants you to get to the Nuclear Plant Epsilon to deliver a letter for Cameron, Theo’s father.  I mention this as it’ll be the first time you’ll meet Nuclear Pokémon and the Nuclear type. 

It’s fair to say that if you want a Nuclear type, it won’t always obey you, precisely like the traded Pokémon! 

After exploring the abandoned Nuclear Plant and meeting a Nuclear Trawpint, a Poison/Nuclear-type (so Ground-type moves will be very effective against it), you’ll faint on the cozy nuclear plant floor. 

Image by Jesus Cruz

Back to Bealbeach 

Third Badge 

Time to battle against Cali for our third Gym Badge! Cali owns beach-thematic Pokémon, so prepare your Grass and Electric-type users, as this battle will hit hard as a tidal wave! 

Image by Jesus Cruz

I can also make bad jokes, huh? Anyway, this is Cali’s team: 

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Tubjaw, Lv. 26 Water/Dark Coral Break, Pursuit, Taunt, Leer Swift Swim
Brailip, Lv. 26 Water/Psychic Confusion, Water Pulse, Protect, Rest Swift Swim
Sableau, Lv. 28 Ground/Water Water Pulse, Rain Dance, Mud Bomb, Harden Shell Armor
Cararalm, Lv. 28 Grass/Ground Sand Tomb, Crabhammer, Leaf Blade, Curse Sand Veil

Cali offers you the most straightforward Gym Battle, in my opinion. If you have Orchynx, it can sweep her entire team, but you have plenty of options if you don’t. A Bug-type move can take down Tubjaw, Cararalm, and Brailip, Sableau’s only weakness is the Grass-type, but it’s weak at this evolutionary stage, so you don’t have to worry much about it besides its Rain Dance.

In this battle, the AI used two Super Potions in two consecutive turns, which was totally annoying. But remember, dear gamer, what’s equal isn’t cheating, so you can do the same! As you leave Bealbeach City with your third badge, the Nuclear Plant you just visited not so long ago explodes! 

Image by Jesus Cruz

Your father will appear, asking you to evacuate the place as the radiation waves will hit the place. He doesn’t want you to have three arms, so he’ll give you a Ferry Ticket that will take you to Route 8. You have to go to Vinoville Town! 

Nuclear Pokémon attacking Bealbeach 

Before getting to the ferry that will take you to Route 8, you’ll have to defeat a couple of Nuclear Pokémon. If you need some extra EXP, you can grind it here. 

Tandor Luxury Cruise

Fourth Battle Against Theo 

So, as you are on the ferry, I recommend you explore everything. You’ll find Theo here too. He’s devastated because Cameron was in the Nuclear Plant when it exploded, so to comfort him (or make him cry harder), you can battle with him. This is Theo’s team: 

If Orchynx:

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Dearewl, Lv. 26 Steel/Rock Metal Claw, Rollout, Rock Polish, Protect Static
Chupacho, Lv. 26 Poison Feint, Poison fang, Pursuit, Screech Sturdy or Rock Head
Paraudio, Lv. 26 Normal/Psychic Snarl, Psybeam, Confusion, Supersonic Poison Point or Poison Touch
Chimical, Lv. 26 Fire/Poison Curse, Poison Fang, Wrap, Smokescreen Soundproof or Sound Boost
Electruxo, Lv. 28 Water/Electric Stomp, Magnet Rise, Protect, Spark Petrify

If Raptorch:

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Aveden, Lv. 26 Normal/Flying Roost, Mirror Shot, Feather Dance, Scary Face Big Pecks or Analytic
Sableau, Lv. 26 Ground/Water Mud Bomb, Bubble Beam, Rain Dance, Water Gun Shell Armor or Sand Veil
Lunapup, Lv. 26 Ground/Fighting Low Kick, Wide Guard, Endure, Bone Rush Mold Breaker or Guts
Spritzee, Lv. 26 Fairy Echoed Voice, Draining Kiss, Aromatherapy, Fairy Wind Aroma Veil
Metalynx, Lv. 28 Grass/Steel Hone Claws, Razor Leaf, Iron Defense, Slash Battle Armor

If Eletux:

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Nimflora, Lv. 26 Bug/Fairy Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, Struggle Bug, Draining Kiss Swarm or Natural Cure
Quetzoral, Lv. 26 Grass/Flying Grass Whistle, Leech Seed, Pursuit, Bullet Seed Leaf Guard or Sap Sipper
Linkite, Lv. 26 Ghost Shadow Claw, Imprison, Pursuit, Spite Cursed Body or Shadow Tag
Minyan, Lv. 26 Poison/Dark Bite, Mean Look, Poison Fang, Swagger Blood Lust
Archilles, Lv. 28 Fire/Ground Ember, Mud-Slap, Flame Wheel, Magnitude Flame Body

This battle can be sketchy. So first, let’s talk about Theo’s new Pokémon. 

  • If Orchynx: Chupacho isn’t a big deal. It’s a poison-type Pokémon, so it’s vulnerable to Ground-type moves. However, Orchynx won’t suffer against it despite its Grass-type as Orchynx’s secondary type is Steel! 
  • If Raptorch: Spritzee can be annoying because of Draining Kiss, but it’s still a weak Pokémon. If you have any Steel-type move, Spritzee will fall easily! 
  • If Eletux: Undoubtedly, This is Theo’s most challenging team. Nimflora is easier to take down than its pre-evolution as its defenses are way lower, but it also deals a good amount of damage, so be careful. Quetzoral gets the Flying-type, so now it is weak to Flying, Poison, Rock, Fire, and Ice. Lastly, Linkite is its new Pokémon, but don’t worry, it’s pretty weak. It is as weak as it’s creepy. 

Vinoville Town 

Welcome to Vinoville Town! You know the drill; explore every place and talk with everybody!

Image by Jesus Cruz

Fourth Badge 

You can directly go to defeat the gym leader, Sheldon, who uses tech-thematic Pokémon. Prepare your Fire and Ground-type Pokémon, as this battle will be tough! 

Image by Jesus Cruz

This is Sheldon’s team: 

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
S51, Lv. 32 Psychic/Steel Simple Beam, Zen Headbutt, Iron Defense, Hidden Power Levitate
Gararewl, Lv. 32 Steel Iron Defense, Metal Whip, Rollout, Take Down Sturdy or Rock Head
Cometeor, Lv. 33 Rock/Psychic Ancient Power, Gravity, Psybeam, Magnet Rise Technician or Sturdy
Tracton, Lv. 33 Steel/Dragon Metal Sound, Dragon Claw, Slam, Shift Gear Speed Boost or Motor Drive

In contrast with Cali, this is the most brutal battle I’ve ever played in a Pokémon Fangame. I Level-grinded for a long while to be able to equalize its strength! In fact, I level-grinded so much that I got a Shiny Misdreavus! 

Image by Jesus Cruz

So, S51 is weak to Ghost, Dark, and Fire-type moves. Don’t try to go with an Earthquake because it has to Levitate as its ability. Very annoying, let me say. Gararewl and Cometeor are Sheldon’s easiest Pokémon to defeat. Gararewl’s only threat is Take Down, but a Fire-type move can do the job. Be careful with its Rollout! 

On the other hand, Cometeor is weak against plenty of types, like Grass, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Water, or Dark. 

Lastly, Tracton. It’s powerful and will seriously damage all of your Pokémon. Your only chance to defeat it without using brute force is by having a Fairy-type Pokémon (that’s why I insist on Nimflora!), as it can only attack them with Slam. 

Tracton is only weak to Fighting and Ground-type moves. If you don’t have any of these types, avoid attacking it with Flying, Water, Electric, Steel, or Psychic. Instead, go for a Fire or Ice-type attack. 

Et voila! You defeated Sheldon! Now he can sit in his favorite spot to see you brag about winning him! 

Image by Jesus Cruz

Second Nuclear Meltdown 

Let’s get serious for a moment. As you leave the Gym, Theo appears, claiming that a second Nuclear Meltdown is occurring. Then, a Ranger also appears and takes you out of Vinoville Town. 

Image by Jesus Cruz

Here’s when I see one of the most chilling and uncomfortable scenes I’ve ever seen in a Fangame. I even recorded a clip for you all to see it. Turn your volume down, though. 

After this scene, you’ll land in Legen Town. You’ll have another event regarding the Nuclear Pokémon and the Pokémon Rangers, and after that, you can go to Amatree Town to claim your fifth badge. 

Amatree Town 

Welcome to Amatree Town! Getting here is very hard, as the Baykal Rainforest is hard to cross. 

Image by Jesus Cruz

Amatree Town’s Gym Leader isn’t in the Gym, as he’s exploring the Anthell. 

I’m sure you stepped on the Anthell before getting to Amatree Town because it’s obligatory. It’s the natural habitat of all the ant-based Pokémon of Tandor. I’m also sure you found yourself with a wall made of Bug-type Pokémon. The Gym Leader is beyond the wall. 

Image by Jesus Cruz

You’ll eventually find Tiko, the Gym Leader. He’s trapped in a spiderweb, and it’s about to be eaten by the swarm, but as you let him get free, the Seikamater appears. So you’ll have a battle against the Seikamaker! You can’t catch it, though, so don’t try it. The Seikamater is a Bug/Normal-type Pokémon. 

Image by Jesus Cruz

Fifth Badge 

 You can finally battle with Tiko. Tiko wears skirts. I don’t know why the creators took this as a joke. I mean, it’s not a weird thing to wear skirts; they are comfortable and can let you show your calves! 

Image by Jesus Cruz

Exactly! Thank you, Gym Gatekeeper!

Image by Jesus Cruz

This is Tiko’s team: 

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Palij, Lv. 35 Fire/Flying Roost, Air Slash, Sunny Day, Flame Burst Flash Fire or Big Pecks
Firoke, Lv. 35 Bug/Fire Fire Spin, Night Shade, Leech Life, Bug Bite Sniper
Pajay, Lv. 36 Fire/Flying Flame Burst, Air Slash, Roost, Sunny Day Flash Fire or Big Pecks
Chimaconda, Lv. 38 Fire/Poison Night Slash, Curse, Toxic, Flame Burst Petrify
Inflagetah, Lv. 38 Fire Extreme Speed, Slash, Flame Impact, Ember Acceleration

Tiko has a very vulnerable team. Palij, Pajay, and Firoke are 4x weak to Rock-type moves, while Chimaconda will fall with a single Ground-type move. If you don’t have a Rock-type move, you can go for an Electric-type move against the firebirds and Flying-type moves against Firoke. 

Inflagetah is problematic because of its Speed, but it is defensively weak. If you can land a Ground-type hit on it, it’ll fall. 

Fifth Battle Against Theo 

As you get the superbly named Salsa Badge, you’ll have to head to Venesi City at East Tandor. But you’ll need Surf to get there. So, Theo will be waiting for you outside Amatree Town. If you win a battle against him, he’ll give you the HM. 

This will be Theo’s team: 

If Orchynx:

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Chimical, Lv. 34 Fire/Poison Night Slash, Curse, Flame Burst, Toxic Petrify
Chupacho, Lv. 34 Poison Knock Off, Agility, Feint, Poison Fang Poison Touch or Poison Point
Paraboom, Lv. 35 Normal/Psychic Uproar, Psyshock, Round, Screech Soundproof or Sound Boost
Gararewl, Lv. 35 Steel Take Down, Rollout, Metal Whip, Iron Defense Sturdy or Rock Head
Electruxo, Lv. 36 Water/Electric Magnet Rise, Scald, Protect, Spark Static

If Raptorch:

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Sableau, Lv. 34 Ground/Water Bubble Beam, Rain Dance, Magnitude, Mud Bomb Shell Armor or Sand Veil
Spritzee, Lv. 34 Ground/Fighting Drain Punch, Bone Rush, Tackle, Leer Mold Breaker or Guts
Herolune, Lv. 35 Fairy Moonblast, Aromatherapy, Draining Kiss, Echoed Voice Aroma Veil
Splendifowl, Lv. 35 Normal/Flying Air Slash, Scary Face, Swift, Defog Big Pecks or Analytic
Metalynx, Lv. 36 Grass/Steel Iron Defense, Slash, Leaf Blade, Iron Tail Battle Armor

If Eletux:

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Quetzoral, Lv. 34 Grass/Flying Pursuit, Bullet Seed, Acrobatics, Feather Dance Petrify
Nimflora, Lv. 34 Bug/Fairy Acrobatics, Draining Kiss, Confuse Ray, Helping Hand Poison Touch or Poison Point
Vilucard, Lv. 35 Dark/Poison Poison Sting, Drain Life, Leech Life, Astonish Soundproof or Sound Boost
Linkite, Lv. 35 Ghost Shadow Sneak, Imprison, Pain Split, Shadow Claw Sturdy or Rock Head
Archilles, Lv. 36 Fire/Ground Flame Wheel, Magnitude, Slash, Flamethrower. Static

There aren’t many changes compared to the last team we saw from Theo, but there are some things I want to address: 

  • If Orchynx: Paraudio evolved into Paraboom. It is a strong attacker but as defensively weak as its pre-evolution. 
  • If Raptorch: Lunapup evolved into Herolune. Herolune is a fantastic Pokémon I regretted not having on my team when I played the game. Nonetheless, it has several weaknesses, like Flying, Water, Grass, Psychic, Ice, and Fairy. 
  • If Eletux: Minyan evolved into Vilucard. One of the best designs I have seen in this game! It’s only vulnerable to Ground-type moves, though!
Image by Jesus Cruz

You’ll receive the HM Surf after winning. I sound insistent, but please, dedicate some time to the level grinding. From now on, the level progression will get really unfair.  I got told that it was “The Fangame experience,” but I felt like this was an improper level balancing. 

So, to get to Venesi City, you’ll have to head to Route 4 through the water and then go north. I don’t usually take the time to explain directions, but I feel it necessary this time, as the game didn’t give me any, and I got lost. 

Venesi City 

Yes, I already feel like I have arrived in Italy. Welcome to Venesi City! Remember, as usual, explore every place in the city, as you’ll probably find many great things. 

Image by Jesus Cruz

There’s a lady in a building next to the PokéMart who gifts you a TM that contains Dazzling Gleam, which is excellent for any Fairy-type users! And, in the next building, you’ll find the Move Tutor and the Move Deleter. Lastly, there’s a building at the very south of the city where an old lady gives you an Eevee. 

Sixth Badge 

Time to get your sixth badge! This Gym’s Leader has theatre-thematic Pokémon. Also, you’ll need some Revives and Hyper Potions, as this Gym has a dirty trick. 

At first, after solving the puzzle, you’ll have to battle against a trainer who claims to be the Gym Leader. This “leader” has Mismagius, Duplicat, and Trawpint. All of them are at Level 42. Duplicat is just like Ditto but from Tandor. It doesn’t have any special perks. 

Image by Jesus Cruz

After defeating the decoy trainer, you’ll have to face Rosalind, the real Gym Leader. This is her team: 

Image by Jesus Cruz
Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Masking, Lv. 42 Psychic Psychic, Pain Split, Skill Swap, Confuse Ray Illusion
Duplicat, Lv. 42 Normal Transform Trace
Winotinger, Lv. 43 Fairy/Fighting Reversal, Misty Terrain, High Jump Kick, Play Rough Magic Guard or Inner Focus
Miasmedic, Lv. 43 Fairy/Poison Charm, Misty Terrain, Flail, Moonblast Healer or Poison Touch
Dramsama, Lv. 45 Psychic/Ghost Psyshock, Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp, Transform  Illusion

Masking will get on the field disguised as any other Rosalind’s Pokémon. It’ll break its disguise as you hit it, just like Zoroark! 

Winotinger is a unique Pokémon; I love it. I would have recommended it for your team, but it is obtainable in a late stage of the game, and it can’t learn Sleep Powder like Nimflora. So, Winotinger is weak against Flying, Poison, and Psychic-types, and it’s relatively easy to defeat. Please don’t use a Steel-type near it! 

Miasmedic is a new possible evolution from Spritzee. Ground and Steel-types can easily defeat it! 

Lastly, Dramsama. This one is extraordinary because of its type combination and because it can also use Transform, like Duplicat. Dramsama is only weak to Ghost and Dark-type moves, thanks to its typing. Nonetheless, it isn’t the best defensive Pokémon ever. If you lack a reliable Crunch or a Shadow Ball, just go for your strongest move! 

Image by Jesus Cruz

As you win, there are only two badges left. Next destination: Snowbank Town! 

Sixth Battle against Theo 

To get to Silverport Town, you’ll have to cross The Labyrinth. But, before doing it, Theo will appear, offering you to a battle. Of course, you can decline, but as I’m sure you are a fantastic trainer, you’ll accept the challenge. 

This is Theo’s team: 

If Orchynx:

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Gararewl, Lv. 39 Steel Metal Whip, Rollout, Take Down, Metal Sound Sturdy or Rock Head
Chupacho, Lv. 39 Poison Poison Jab, Agility, Knock Off, Poison Fang Poison Point or Poison Touch
Paraboom, Lv. 41 Normal/Psychic Zen Headbutt, Nasty Plot, Psychock, Screech Soundproof or Sound Boost
Chimaconda, Lv. 42 Fire/Poison Flamethrower, Night Slash, Flame Burst, Toxic Petrify
Electruxo, Lv. 43 Water/Electric Magnet Rise, Rain Dance, Thunderbolt, Surf Static

If Raptorch:

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Splendifowl, Lv. 39 Normal/Flying Swift, Defog, Air Slash, Hyper Voice Big Pecks or Analytic
Sableau, Lv. 39 Ground/Water Muddy Water, Magnitude, Rain Dance, Bubble Beam Shell Armor or Sand Veil
Miasmedic, Lv. 41 Fairy/Poison Moonblast, Poison Jab, Charm, Flail Healer or Poison Touch
Herolune, Lv. 42 Ground/Fighting Leer, Bone Rush, Drain Punch, Moonlight Guts or Mold Breaker
Metalynx, Lv. 43 Grass/Steel Iron Defense, Swords Dance, Leaf Blade, Iron Tail Battle Armor

If Eletux:

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Nimflora, Lv. 39 Bug/Fairy X-Scissor, Acrobatics, Helping Hand, Confuse Ray Swarm or Natural Cure
Linkite, Lv. 39 Ghost Shadow Sneak, Shadow Claw, Grudge, Pain Split Cursed Body or Shadow Tag
Vilucard, Lv. 41 Dark/Poison Poison Sting, Drain Life, Giga Drain, Leech Life Blood Lust
Coatlith, Lv. 42 Grass/Dragon Giga Drain, Dragon Claw, Acrobatics, Feather Dance Levitate
Archilles, Lv. 43 Fire/Ground Earthquake, Flame Impact, Flamethrower, Extreme Speed Flame Body

Again, we have some changes, but this battle is relatively easy. 

  • If Orchynx: Chimical evolves into Chimaconda, but it is still very vulnerable to Ground-type moves. 
  • If Raptorch: Aveden evolves into Splendifowl. Be careful with its Hyper Voice! Herolune and its Bone Rush can also be problematic, but if you use a Flying-type against it, Herolune can’t seriously damage you. 
  • If Eletux: Coatlith, the best Dragon-type of this game, makes its appearance. As a Grass/Dragon-type Pokémon, it’s 4x weak to Ice-type moves. It doesn’t have an outstanding defense, so a good landed Dragon-type move will be enough to take it down. 

You can battle with Theo as much as you want, so this is a wonderful chance to turn the EXP Share on and start grinding some levels. Trust me; you’ll need them. 

Image by Jesus Cruz

From this point, you are going to see plenty of new Pokémon! Are you excited?  

Snowbank Town  

Seventh Badge 

Welcome to Snowbank Town! Put your jacket on, as it’s cold outside! 

Image by Jesus Cruz

You can go directly to the Gym, where you’ll find Theo. You’ll be able to beat the Gym with him on your side, meaning that the battle against Vaeryn will be a double battle! 

Image by Jesus Cruz

Vaeryn has Ice and Dragon-type Pokémon, and this is his team: 

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Glavinug, Lv. 52 Water/Ice Surf, Ice Beam, Protect, Recover Swift Swim or Natural Cure
Dunseraph, Lv. 52 Dragon/Flying Dragon Pulse, Sky Fall, Coil, Outrage Serene Grace
Alpico, Lv. 53 Ice/Fairy Ice Beam, Fake Out, Dazzling Gleam, Blizzard Competitive or Technician
Anderind, Lv. 53 Ice/Ground Acrobatics, Earthquake, Avalanche, Bulk Up Snow Warning or Rivalry
Fafninter, Lv. 55 Ice/Dragon Avalanche, Dragon Dance, Dragon Tail, Rock Slide Thick Fat or Fur Coat
Ampharos, Lv. 56 (Can Mega-evolve) Electric (Electric/Dragon) Thunderbolt, Dragon Pulse, Agility, Focus Blast Mold Breaker

This battle seems more complicated than it is, primarily because if your Pokémon are under-leveled, Theo will do all the job. Nonetheless, here are a few tips about these Pokémon, as all of them are new to you! 

  • Dunseraph is the new evolution of Dunsparce. As it’s a Dragon/Flying-type Pokémon, it is 4x weak to Ice-type moves. Also, its Outrage won’t do much damage as you might think. 
Image by Jesus Cruz
  • Alpico and Anderind are very annoying. Alpico is 4x weak to Steel-types, and Anderind is weak to Fire, Water, and Grass-type moves. Nonetheless, Alpico is a great Special Attacker, and Anderind is a chunky Pokémon that can handle several hits. So as soon as you see Anderind on the ring, go for it! 
  • Fafninter is weak to Steel, Fighting, Dragon, and Fairy-type moves. So be careful with its Rock Slide! 
  • Lastly, Ampharos, which can mega evolve. Mega-Ampharos is an Electric/Dragon-type Pokémon, but I recommend going for a Ground-type move on this one. 
Image by Jesus Cruz

Seventh Battle against Theo 

After winning the seventh Gym and getting the Mega-Bracelets necessary to Mega-evolve your Pokémon, you’ll battle against Theo. 

No pressure on this battle, though, It’s not necessary to win this one to progress on the adventure! 

Image by Jesus Cruz

This is Theo’s team: 

If Orchynx:

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Electruxo, Lv. 54



Water/Electric Magnet Rise, Rain Dance, Surf, Thunderbolt  Static
Gararewl, Lv. 50 Steel Head Smash, Iron Head, Metal Whip, Metal Sound Sturdy
Paraboom, Lv. 51 Normal/Psychic Zen Headbutt, Nasty Plot, Hyper Voice, Psychic Soundproof or Sound Boost
Luchabra, Lv. 52 Poison/Fighting Beat Up, Close Combat, Seismic Toss, Toxic Poison Point or Poison Touch
Chimaconda, Lv. 52 Fire/Poison Sludge Bomb, Flamethrower, Crunch, Toxic Petrify
Nucleon, Lv. 52 Nuclear Mirror Coat, Last Resort, Hyper Voice, Conversion 2 Atomizate

If Raptorch:

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Metalynx, Lv. 54



Grass/Steel Iron Defense, Swords Dance, Leaf Blade, Iron Tail Heatproof
Splendifowl, Lv. 50 Normal/Flying Hyper Voice, Flash Cannon, Hurricane, Mirror Coat Big Pecks or Analytic
Miasmedic, Lv. 51 Fairy/Poison Psychic, Skill Swap, Flail, Misty Terrain Healer or Poison Touch
Herolune, Lv. 52 Ground/Fighting Moonlight, Bone Rush, Drain Punch, Take Down Mold Breaker or Guts
Escartress, Lv. 52 Ground/Water Muddy Water, Hydro Pump, Magnitude, Recover Shell Armor or Sand  Veil
Nucleon, Lv. 52 Nuclear Mirror Coat, Last Resort, Hyper Voice, Conversion 2 Atomizate

If Eletux:

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Archilles, Lv. 54



Fire/Ground Earthquake, Flame Impact, Flamethrower, Extreme Speed Drought
Nimflora, Lv. 50 Bug/Fairy X-Scissor, Moonlight, U-Turn, Play Rough Swarm or Natural Cure
Vilucard, Lv. 51 Dark/Poison Leech Life, Poison Sting, Darin Life, Giga Drain Blood Lust
Coatlith, Lv. 52 Grass/Dragon Feather Dance, Giga Drain, Dagon Claw, Nasty Plot Levitate
Chainite, Lv. 52 Ghost/Dark Grudge, Memento, NIght Slash, Phantom Force Cursed Body or Shadow Tag
Nucleon, Lv. 52 Nuclear Mirror Coat, Last Resort, Hyper Voice, Conversion 2 Atomizate

So, the only new thing to highlight on these teams is Nucleon, a Nuclear-type Eeveelution. This one can carry the battle by itself because of its ability, Atomizate, which changes all the Normal-type moves into Nuclear-type ones, also buffing its strength. 

Nucleon’s Hyper Voice is dangerous! Use a Steel-type against it! You are almost done. It’s time to go for your last badge.  

Tsukinami Village 

Welcome to Tsukinami Village. Here, you’ll find several battle items, like every Choice item, the Zoom Lens, and many more. 

Image by Jesus Cruz

Last Badge 

Let’s get to the Gym. First, it lagged my PC, and I have a strong one but don’t worry, the game won’t crash! 

So, even though there are two leaders in this Gym, Hinata, and Kaito, this will not be a Double Battle. Instead, you’ll have two consecutive battles against them. On top of that, you won’t have a chance to heal your Pokémon. Nonetheless, you can still do it during battle. 

You can use a trick if you have a Fairy-type Pokémon, which can help you win this Gym. You can choose who of the two leaders to face first, so for the trick, you’ll have to go for Kaito. This is his team: 

Image by Jesus Cruz
Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Umbreon, Lv. 57 Dark Toxic, Dark Pulse, Moonlight, Confuse Ray Synchronize
Luchabra, Lv. 58 Poison/Fighting Poison Jab, Close Combat, Drain Punch, Mach Punch Swarm or Natural Cure
Vilucard, Lv. 58 Dark/Poison Poison Sting, Drain Life, Giga Drain, Leech Life Blood Lust
Arbok, Lv. 60



Poison/Dark Coil, Crunch, Caustic Breath, Gunk Shot Intimidate or Petrify

The scariest thing about Kaito is its Umbreon with Toxic. Take this guy down as soon as possible, or it’ll poison all your Pokémon. Arbok can be a problematic Pokémon to take down, as it is only weak to Ground-type moves. So don’t let your Fairy-type hit the battleground against this bad boy! 

Now, you’ll battle against Hinata. This is her team: 

Image by Jesus Cruz
Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Flareon, Lv. 57 Fire Flare Blitz, Solar Beam, Flame Charge, Will-O-Wisp Guts
Coatlith, Lv. 58 Grass/Dragon Nasty Plot, Solar Beam, Dragon Pulse, Roost Chlorophyll
Gellin, Lv. 58 Grass/Electric Thunderbolt, Synthesis, Solar Beam, Sunny Day Solar Power
Whimsicott, Lv. 60



Grass/Fairy Hurricane, Cotton Guard, Giga Drain, Spiky Shield Regenerator

Here’s when the trick comes into action. I managed to avoid getting hit by Coatlith if I had a Fairy-type Pokémon in the field. I had Nimflora in the field, so it probably didn’t try to use a Solar Beam on me. So, I used this chance to heal all my Pokémon, as Gellin and Mega-Whimsicott are problematic. 

Gellin hits strong. Take it down as soon as possible, or it’ll set the Sunny Day. With Sunny Day up, it’ll start spamming Solar Beams. Gellin is weak against Poison, Bug, Fire, and Ice-type moves. 

Mega-Whimsicott is 4x weak against Poison-type moves, so that’s the best way to take it down. 


You finished the Gym Challenge! Congrats! As you get out of the Gym, you’ll have to evacuate the place as the last Nuclear Plant is in peril! 

You arrive at Nuclear Plant Omicron, and you’ll have to battle against CURIE. This is their team: 

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Nucleon, Lv. 60 Nuclear Quick Attack, Hyper Voice, Shadow Ball, Conversion 2 Atomizate
Nuclear Arbok, Lv. 60 Poison/Nuclear Gunk Shot, Radioacid, Gamma Ray, Coil Intimidate or Shed Skin
Nuclear Baariette, Lv. 62


(Can Mega-Evolve)

Dark/Nuclear Nuclear Slash, Crunch, Drain Punch, Bulk Up Blood Lust
Xenoqueen, Lv. 62 Nuclear Proton Beam, Half-Life, Explosion, Fallout Aftermath or Damp
Urayne, Lv. 65 Nuclear Atomic Punch, Overheat, Proton Beam, Quantum Leap Geiger Sense

This battle is sketchy, so let’s focus on every Pokémon. I recommend trying to do all the battles with a Steel-type Pokémon, as the hits won’t hurt it much. 

  • We already know Nucleon. Its Hyper Voice is dangerous. Nonetheless, any strong move will take it down. 
  • Nuclear Baariette is 4x weak to Fighting-type moves, while Nuclear Arbok is 4x weak to Ground-type moves. 
  • Xenoqueen will probably use Explosion in its first turn, so even if it takes one of your Pokémon down, it’s a problem you don’t have to deal with. 
  • Urayne. This one is hazardous. It’ll get its Attack and Special Attack buffed at the first turn and then hit you with its strong Nuclear-type moves. Again, the best way to take it down is by using a Steel-type Pokémon. 

Pokémon League 

After beating CURIE, you can finally have an opportunity to become the Tandorian Champion. So head to Legen Town, cross Victory Road, and head to the place. 

Before getting to the Pokémon League, I recommend grinding all your Pokémon to at least Level 80. All of the Pokémon you’ll find in this place are competitive-worthy, and the only reasonable way I found to progress in this challenge is through brute force and playing with type effectiveness. 

Knockout Tournament 

This is it. The moment has arrived. This is your chance to become a champion. I love this Pokémon League format as, Instead of a standard league, you’ll be playing in a knockout stage with 12 participants. The first two are known, while the last two are random. 

So, in the first round, you’ll face either Sr. Goldkorn or Angelica, while in the second round, you’ll face the remaining trainer of these two. 

These are their teams: 

Sr. Golkorn

Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Tanscure, Lv. 70 Dark/Normal Sudden Strike, Take Down, Crunch, Taunt Moxie or Guts
Splendifowl, Lv. 70 Normal/Flying Hurricane, Hyper Voice, Flash Cannon, Mirror Coat Big Pecks or Analytic
Whimsicott, Lv. 70 Grass/Fairy Hurricane, Gust, Moonblast, Tailwind Infiltrator or Prankster
Herolune, Lv. 70 Ground/Fighting Bone Rush, Drain Punch, Leer, Moonlight Mold Breaker or Guts
Ampharos, Lv. 70 Electric Thunder, Signal Beam, Dragon Pulse, Light Screen Static
Baariette, Lv. 70 Dark/Fighting Cross Chop, Foul Play, Shadow Ball, Dynamic Punch Moxie or Guts


Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Nimflora, Lv. 70 Bug/Fairy Play Rough, U-Turn, Moonlight, Quiver Dance Swarm or Natural Cure
Alpico, Lv. 70 Ice/Fairy Blizzard, Sheer Cold, Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam Competitive or Technician
Aromatisse, Lv. 70 Fairy Psych Up, Disarming Voice, Reflect, Psychic Healer or Aroma Veil
Winotinger, Lv. 70 Fairy/Fighting Moonblast, Aura Sphere, Final Gambit, Misty Terrain Magic Guard or Inner Focus
Sylveon, Lv. 70 Fairy Moonblast, Last Resort, Light Screen, Psych Up Cute Charm
Syrentide, Lv. 70 Water/Fairy Hydro Pump, Moonblast, Hyper Voice, Perish Song Swift Swim or Cute Charm

While Sr. Golkorn doesn’t have any Pokémon we haven’t seen previously, Angelica is a skilled Fairy-type trainer. Be especially careful with Aromatisse and try to take it down as soon as possible, as it can set Reflect. The same goes for Sylveon. 

As I said, the last two battles can be against any Gym Leaders (except for Kaito and Hinata) or Hokage, the Surfer Ninja you defeated on your way to Venesi City. 

I’ll show you all of their teams and point out any potential threat to them. 


Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Eshouten, Lv. 70 Normal/Flying Zen Headbutt, U-Turn, Air Slash, Shadow Ball Serene Grace or Insomnia
Paraboom, Lv. 70 Normal/Psychic Boomburst, Flamethrower, Psychic, Thunderbolt Sound Boost
Tanscure, Lv. 70 Dark/Normal Sudden Strike, Iron Tail, Crunch, Return Tough Claws
Dunseraph, Lv. 70 Dragon/Flying Iron Tail, Outrage, Air Slash, Substitute  Serene Grace
Feliger, Lv. 70 Normal Sleep Talk, Earthquake, Slack Off, Crush Claw  Lazy
Mega-Kiricorn, Lv. 70 Fairy/Normal Earthquake, Moonblast, Flamethrower, Megahorn Magic Bounce

Maria’s most dangerous Pokémon is Kiricorn. It has protection against its Steel and Poison-type weaknesses through Earthquake and Flamethrowers. It is very recommended to use a Flying-type Pokémon against it. 


Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Tofurang, Lv. 70 Poison Substitute, Pain Split, Gunk Shot, Toxic Intimidate
Blubelrog, Lv. 70 Poison/Water Ice Beam, Sludge Wave, Surf, Toxic Clear Body
Terlard, Lv. 70 Ground/Dragon Spikes, Earthquake, Dragon Rush, Stealth Rock Arena Trap
Gliscor, Lv. 70 Ground/Flying Roost, Ice Fang, Earthquake, Toxic  Sand Veil or Hyper Cutter
Sableye, Lv. 70 Dark/Ghost Knock Off, Night Shade, Will-O-Wisp, Taunt Prankster
Mega-Drilgann, Lv. 70 Ground/Dark Earthquake, Crunch, Dragon Claw, Megahorn Sand Rush

I recommend defeating Terlard as soon as possible, or else it’ll set you Spikes and Stealth Rocks. I recommend the Flying type again, except against Blubelrog. 


Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Tubareel, Lv. 70 Water/Dark Aqua Jet, Crunch, Waterfall, Ice Fang Swift Swim
Corsoreef, Lv. 70 Water/Rock Earth Power, Surf, Power Gem, Dazzling Gleam Sharp Coral
Cocancer, Lv. 70 Grass/Ground Stone Edge, Crabhammer, Earthquake, Wood Hammer Harvest
Brainoar, Lv. 70 Water/Psychic Ice Beam, Surf, Psychic, Thunder Wave Rock Head or Swift Swim
Escartress, Lv. 70 Ground/Water Surf, Earth Power, Rain Dance, Stealth Rock Shell Armor
Mega-Gyarados, Lv. 70 Water/Dark Crunch, Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Earthquake Intimidate or Mold Breaker


Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Gararewl, Lv. 70 Steel Iron Head, Earthquake, Head Smash, Metal Whip Sturdy
Neopunk, Lv. 70 Electric/Psychic Psycho Cut, Volt Switch, Instant Crush, Psychic Minus
Tracton, Lv. 70 Dragon/Steel Dragon Rush, Iron Head, Lock-On, Discharge Speed Boost
Praseopunk, Lv. 70 Electric/Psychic Psycho Cut, Volt Switch, Instant Crush, Psychic Plus
Astronite, Lv. 70 Rock/Psychic Ancient Power, Psychic, Magnet Rise, Recover Technician
Mega-S51-A, Lv. 70 Psychic/Steel Dark Pulse, Laser Pulse, Meteor Mash, Reflect Mega Launcher

Mega-S51-A is like Mega-Metagross; sturdy, annoying, and difficult to take down. However, ground-type moves can make the job, as well as a good Sleep Powder or any other move that can paralyze it. 


Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Firoke, Lv. 70 Bug/Fire Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, Signal Beam, Sunny Day Sniper
Archilles, Lv. 70 Fire/Ground Extreme Speed, Flame Impact, Earthquake, Flare Blitz Flame Body
Pajay, Lv. 70 Fire/Flying Air Slash, Solar Beam, Fire Blast, Tailwind Flash Fire
Beliaddon, Lv. 70 Fire/Dark Infernal Blade, Crunch, Flare Blitz, Pursuit Disenchant
Chimaconda, Lv. 70 Fire/Poison Overheat Contrary
Mega-Inflagetah, Lv. 70 Fire Swords Dance, Extreme Speed, Flame Impact, U-Turn Acceleration

Tiko’s Chimaconda is dangerous despite it having only a single move. Thanks to Contrary, Chimaconda can potentially be a One-Hit KO beast, so go ahead with your strongest Ground-type move! 


Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Aromatisse, Lv. 70 Fairy Psychic, Reflect, Disarming Voice, Psych Up Healer or Aroma Veil
Winotinger, Lv. 70 Fairy/Fighting Final Gambit, Moonblast, Aura Sphere, Misty Terrain Inner Focus or Magic Guard
Miasmedic, Lv. 70 Fairy/Poison Sludge Wave, Psychic, Disarming Voice,  Reflect Healer or Poison Touch
Gargryph, Lv. 70 Rock Stone Edge, Shadow Ball, Power Gem, Explosion Rebuild
Duplicat, Lv. 70 Normal Substitute, Transform, Mirror Coat, Confuse Ray Prankster
Mega-Dramsama, Lv. 70 Psychic/Ghost Shadow Ball, Transform, Trick Room, Skill Swap Bad Dreams

Mega-Dramsama is designed to make you scream out of desperation. Nonetheless, if you manage to land a Dark-type hit on it, it’ll fall. 


Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Dunseraph, Lv. 70 Dragon/Flying Air Slash, Outrage, Endure, Dragon Pulse Serene Grace
Alpico, Lv. 70 Ice/Fairy Blizzard, Sheer Cold, Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast Competitive
Anderind, Lv. 70 Ice/Ground Earthquake, Fissure, Avalanche, Play Rough Snow Warning
Fafninter, Lv. 70 Ice/Dragon Dragon Dance, Outrage, Blizzard, Dragon Pulse  Thick Fat or Fur Coat
Frosthra, Lv. 70 Bug/Ice Bug Buzz, Blizzard, Hurricane, Signal Beam Deep Freeze
Mega-Ampharos, Lv. 70 Electric/Dragon Thunder, Cotton Guard, Dragon Pulse, Signal Beam Mold Breaker

I hope you don’t get a Sheer Cold or a Fissure from Alpico or Anderind as I did. Anyway, Vaeryn’s team is way weaker than I expected. Most of its Pokémon will fall with Fairy, Fire, or Ground-type moves! 


Pokémon Types Moveset Ability
Sponaree, Lv. 70 Bug/Water Hydro Pump, Bug Buzz, Spider Web, Brine Water Absorb
Blubelrog, Lv. 70 Water/Poison Hydro Pump, Focus Punch, Sludge Wave, Muddy Water Clear Body 
Tubareel, Lv. 70 Water/Dark Crunch, Aqua Tail, Thrash, Torment Swift Swim
Vaporeon, Lv. 70 Water Haze, Hydro Pump, Last Resort, Muddy Water Water Absorb
Gyarados, Lv. 70 Water/Flying Hydro Pump, Dragon Dance, Rain Dance, Hyper Beam Intimidate

Last Battle 

As you get to the last battle against Theo, the tournament gets interrupted by CURIE with its gigantic Urayne. So you’ll have to battle with it. Nonetheless, another Legendary, Nuclear-type Pokémon named Actan will come to your help. But Actan gets affected by the Nuclear power Urayne that Urayne emits, so it gets changed into Nuclear Actan! 

You must first defeat Nuclear Actan, and then it’ll join your team. It is vulnerable to Fighting, Ground, and Fire-type moves.  And then, against Urayne. Urayne is pure brute force, so the best way to defeat it is by doing the same. 

Urayne (Level 85) counts with Atomic Punch, Overheat, Proton Beam, and Quantum Leap as its moves. Of course, it’ll use Overheat to counter its Steel-type weakness. Just go with your strongest move, and start spamming it until winning. You can also use Actan to battle against Urayne, which is great, as it has Inferno and Metal Cruncher. 


Question: Why is Pokémon Uranium a banned game? 

Answer: I think saying “banned” is overreacting to what happened with the game. The game received a “cease and desist” order from Nintendo, so the project had to be canceled for a while. 
It’s not the first thing something like that has happened; it’s common in Indie Games based on well-established franchises. 

Question: Which is the hardest battle of Pokémon Uranium? 

Answer: I struggled a lot against Sheldon when battling for his badge. His Tracton is very hard to take down! Another battle worth mentioning is against Davern in the Pokémon League. 

Question: Would you recommend playing Pokémon Uranium? 

Answer: If you have enough time to dedicate to it, yes, go ahead. I don’t recommend this game if you don’t have much time to play, as it requires a constant level of grinding, which takes a lot of your time!

Pokemon Uranium Guide: Conclusion

After defeating Urayne, Theo will forfeit. The kid was intelligent; as he saw his opponent defeat an enormous and radioactive beast, he knew his Pokémon didn’t have any chance. Congrats! You are now the Tandorian Champion. But that’s not all; there’s a complete Pokédex that you can complete, Legendary Pokémon that you can catch, and several side quests that you can do. 

I know this game isn’t perfect; it lacks balance and feels mostly unfair. Nonetheless, it manages to create an incredible region with Fakemons that doesn’t clash with the original ones and with a story that managed to captivate me to the very end.

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