Pokemon Sienna Guide: Don’t Rule Out Fakemon Until You’ve Played This!

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Many fanmade Pokemon games are set in brand new regions with fantastic original characters and dangerous new adversaries. Some take it a step further and add new Pokemon into the mix, creatures the community lovingly call ‘Fakemon’. If you’re unsure how you feel about that, you’re not alone!

When it comes to fanmade games and ROM hacks, nothing brings about a heated discussion quite like the inclusion of Fakemon, with the community being split between those that love them and others that despise them. If you like Fakemon, or even if you sit squarely in the middle of that argument, Pokemon Sienna is a fantastic game that boasts a master class on just how great fanmade Pokemon can be.

I’ve played plenty of Pokemon ROM hacks, and I think Fakemon in Sienna may be the best I’ve seen out of all of them. However, their inclusion can make battles a little jarring, as you’ll have no idea what you’re up against. It’s also pretty easy to get lost in Pokemon Sienna, and if you’re falling victim to either of these issues, that’s where this guide comes in! 

In this Pokemon Sienna guide, I’ll explain where you need to go and what you need to do every step of your adventure through the Voultan region. Whether you’re confused about a Fakemon type, stuck on a tough battle, or don’t know where to go next, I’ve got you covered. And with that, let’s begin!

Story Synopsis

Image by Anthony Yates

Pokemon Sienna puts you in the shoes of a Trainer from the Voultan region who’s just had their application to the Kanto Pokemon Academy rejected. 

Your mom suggests you get more experience as a Trainer before you reapply, so you leave home on a quest to beat the Gym Leaders and challenge the Pokemon League. On your journey, you’ll become a major player in a struggle to stop Team Rocket and their diabolical plan to reduce Voultan to ruins using Legendary Pokemon.

On your journey through the region, you’ll defeat gyms, conquer the Pokemon League and put an end to Team Rocket once and for all.

That’s one way to make sure the Academy accepts your application!

Key Features

Image by Anthony Yates

Pokemon Sienna is a shining example of how good Fakemon can be and how they can work in harmony alongside the official Pokedex. If you’re still not convinced, there’s plenty of great stuff to see, including:

  • A brand new region to explore.
  • An original story featuring the famous Team Rocket.
  • Remixed soundtrack.
  • A massive Pokedex of almost 400 Pokemon.
  • Unique shop system where each Mart has a different inventory.
  • Gym Leaders reward the player with TM’s that are actually useful!
  • Expansive end-game content for both the battle-centric and collectors.

A Quick Word On Spoilers

We can all agree that nobody likes spoilers. In a comprehensive guide like this, however, they are a necessary evil. With this in mind, I have included the characters’ names, locations, teams and parts of the story in the walk-through section below.

Pokemon Sienna Walk-through

I hope you’re ready to embark on a brand-new Pokemon adventure! If Pokemon Sienna has one notable problem, it’s with navigation. It’s easy to get lost, and an easily missed house or line of text can leave you in quite the pickle. Below, I’ve noted everywhere you need to go, but if your gameplay isn’t lining up with this guide, backtrack to the last town and speak to everybody.

Atlantic Town

Your journey through the Voultan region starts like any other. You’re a would-be Pokemon Trainer, but your application to join the Pokemon Academy has been rejected. Your mom says it’s because you lack experience, so it’s time to fix that! As luck would have it, Professor Maple is handing out Pokemon, so leave your house and head East to the Lab.

Image by Anthony Yates

Picking The Perfect Starter

The Professor wastes no time in offering you one of three Pokemon to raise as your own. These are all Fakemon exclusive to Pokemon Sienna. These are the Pokemon you can pick from, along with the types they evolve into.

  • Moocano (Fire) – Flabull (Fire) – Blazull (Fire/Steel)
  • Ponfant (Water) – Elesnow (Water) – Elephreeze (Water/Ice)
  • Gramet (Grass) – Aprass (Grass) – Marmfoo (Grass/Fighting)

Pick whatever looks the best; let’s be honest, how could you not pick the fire cow?! If you want a recommendation, Ponfant will make the early game easier as the third Gym is Fire-type, and there are few opportunities to find a counter to fire beforehand.

Professor Maple will force you into a tutorial battle before you leave. After the battle, he explains that the Academy will have no choice but to accept you if you beat the Pokemon League. I love how everyone makes it sound like conquering the League is easy. How’s that for encouragement?!

Head to your neighbour’s house as he says he has a gift for you. He asks you to pick a hand, right or left. Whichever you choose, you get a Pokedex. You can’t use Cut to access the Gym in Atlantic Town just yet, and there’s only one way out of the town, so leave when you’re ready.

Heathen Pass

Your Rival will challenge you to a battle just up the road. His starter will always be strong against your Pokemon, but it won’t know any counter moves just yet. This is his party:


Image by Anthony Yates
  • Snorunt (Ice) LV2
  • Starter LV5

As long as you beat the Professor in the tutorial battle, your starter will be LV6, and you should win easily.

Puppy Power!

Image by Anthony Yates

Pokemon games are the best when you form a team of your favourites. If you find yourself with free space on your squad, catching a Folain early may be a worthwhile investment. This Pokemon can learn a lot of HMs, including Surf and saves clogging up the rest of your team with moves you don’t really want.

Nile City

In Pokemon Sienna, you’re always rewarded for a bit of light exploring. Just beneath the lake, there’s a free Rare Candy. To progress the story, head North to the Devon Co Building.

Devon Co Building

If you try to enter the Devon Co Building, a Trainer will challenge you to a battle. This is his party:

Rival Max

  • Duglug (Ground) LV6
  • Wooper (Water/Ground) LV7

He says to remember his name before storming off. Head into Devon Co Building, as you’ll get EXP Share and a letter to deliver to Professor Maple. There’s not much else to do here, so head back to Atlantic Town.

Deliver the letter, and you’ll get a Pokenav. Head back to Nile City and then North into Colt Path.

Colt Path

Image by Anthony Yates

You’re given a handy fly-by of the area as soon as you enter the path. You’ll see some shady figures enter a secret passage. If you missed its location, it’s where I’m standing in the picture above. Press the switch, and the entrance to Colt Forest will open.

Never Run From Kiwee’s!

Kiwee’s give a ton of EXP when you beat them. Even the wild ones are worth fighting! In Pokemon Sienna, EXP is always at a premium, so don’t shy away from these easy battles.

Colt Forest

Colt Forest is your first real taste of what Pokemon Sienna is all about. Team Rocket grunts are posted all over the area, and you’ll need to battle all of them. Fortunately, the path through the forest is very straightforward, but as you don’t have running shoes, it’s pretty long.

When you’re nearing the forest exit, you’ll run into a Team Rocket Admin, much stronger than any other Trainers in the forest.

Want A Powerful Grass-type?

It’s a rare encounter, but you can find Treeko in the wild in Colt Forest. Treeko is a Gen III starter and will make a fantastic addition to any team.

Team Rocket Admin

  • Sudowoodo (Rock) LV16

This fight is difficult if you picked Moocano as your starter. The Treeko mentioned above will make this a lot easier. The Admin will storm off when you win, boasting that Team Rocket have plans across the region that won’t be stopped. Continue through the forest into Cianide Cross and then into Ganges City.

Ganges City

The best thing about this City is you get Running Shoes! You can also visit the Name Rater here.

The Gym is closed for now, so visit the nearby shrine. The man inside will give you a Sun Stone and tell the story of how a Legendary Pokemon was born. After you’ve heard the tale, the Gym will be open, ready for your challenge.

Ganges City Gym

The first Gym in the Voultan Region specializes in Normal-types. This is good because you don’t have to worry about type advantages. The only downside is you won’t have a Fighting-type yet. Battle the Trainers until you reach Nancy, the Gym Leader:

Leader Nancy – Normal

Image by Anthony Yates
  • Eevee (Normal) LV15
  • Granbull (Fairy) LV18

You’ll earn the Origin Badge and Facade TM for winning.

Head South and take the Underground Path back to Nile City. To the South East of Nile City, one of the paths was blocked until you earned your first badge. Now you have it, you can pass through.

Sian Pass 

Sian Pass is a short, straightforward Route that leads to Genesis Cave. You can catch Mareep here if you’re after a decent Electric type. Make your way to Genesis Cave, and you’ll arrive just in time to see a man dressed in black head in before you.

Genesis Cave

Genesis Cave is your typical Pokemon cave system. This one is short and easy to navigate, but the encounter rate is rather high. Reminiscent of Mt. Moon in the original games, your Rival will be waiting for you the second you leave the cave, so make sure you’re healed up BEFORE you leave.


  • Torkoal (Fire) LV16
  • Snorunt (Ice) LV18
  • Starter LV20

Mekong City

Image by Anthony Yates

If you’re looking to engage in a bit of gambling, Mekong City is home to the Game Corner! If you wish to use it, you will need a Coin Case. You can get one from the Diner.

The Best Pokemart

One of Pokemon Sienna’s unique addition is its Pokemarts. Every Mart has a different inventory; for whatever reason, the one in Mekong City sells some of the most valuable items in the game. 

Mekong City Gym

Before you can challenge the leader, he asks you to obtain an item for him from Genesis Cave. You don’t have a choice, so go back into the cave.

Genesis Cave Revisited

On your way through the first time, one of the routes was blocked by a Trainer. Since you’ve spoken to the Gym Leader, he’s moved so you can head deeper into the cave.

This is probably the real reason you were sent here; there’s no way this many Trainers would fit in the Gym! There are a ton of Fighting-type Trainers here (ten, to be exact). Defeat them all and retrieve the Black Belt. These Trainers mean business, so don’t be afraid to return to the City and heal if needs be.

Mekong City Gym (for real this time!)

There’s nobody else in this Gym, so talk to Jaykob and challenge him.

Leader Jaykob – Fighting

Image by Anthony Yates
  • Makuhita (Fighting) LV21
  • Strinder (Fighting/Steel) LV24

Strinder is a pain because its type isn’t common knowledge, but once you know, it’s not so bad. It’s weak to Fire, Fighting and Ground. You get the Enigma badge and Bulk Up TM for winning.

Where Do I Go Now?

Image by Anthony Yates

Now you’ve got two badges; you have a little backtracking to do. Head back to Ganges City and to the house pictured above. The quickest way is through Genesis Cave and the Underground Passage in Nile City. Speak to the old man in the house, and he will give you HM01-Cut.

With HM01-Cut in your possession, you need to head back to Atlantic City (yes, the starting town!) and cut down the tree next to the Gym. Complete the small errand for Max, and he will challenge you to a battle:

Rival Max

  • Duglug (Ground) LV18
  • Quagsire (Water/Ground) LV19
  • Drifloon (Ghost/Flying) LV21
  • Terasaur (Grass) LV22

With Max taken care of, why not challenge the Gym?

Atlantic City Gym

Atlantic City Gym specializes in Fire-types, which may be a problem depending on your starter. You need to answer Yes/No questions to open three doors in the Gym. If you get a question wrong, you’ll have to battle a Trainer, but that might be handy if you need the EXP. These are the answers for each of the three doors; you can decide if you want to answer correctly or not:

  • Door 1: Yes
  • Door 2: Yes
  • Door 3: No

Leader Haroun – Fire

Image by Anthony Yates
  • Magcargo (Fire/Rock) LV20
  • Mallmag (Water/Fire) LV21
  • Ninetales (Fire) LV23
  • Charmeleon (Fire) LV26

As you may expect from a Fire Gym, most of Haroun’s Pokemon know Flamethrower. His team get STAB from Fire attacks, so Flamethrower hits very hard even if your Pokemon aren’t weak to Fire. You get the Molten badge and Flamethrower TM for winning.

It’s quite a trek, but the blocked path to the North of Mekong City is now open. Make your way back to the City and walk into Eden Path.

Eden Path

Eden Path is a minor route connecting Mekong City and Thames Town. There are a few Trainers to battle, but most importantly, you learn that the Legendary Pokemon Lugia has awakened and is in the Voultan Region. You also learn that Team Rocket has taken over Thames Town up ahead.

Thames Town

Thames Town is indeed under Team Rocket’s control. You can’t do much here until they are gone, so head to the museum. There are a few Team Rocket Grunts to battle across two floors. On the 2nd floor, you’ll see a scientist getting harassed for his research. You’ll trigger a battle with Team Rocket’s Leader when you walk close. This is his team:

Boss Garrid

Image by Anthony Yates
  • Voltageist (Electric/Ghost) LV23
  • Crawdaunt (Water/Dark) LV28
  • Skarmory (Steel/Flying) LV25

The scariest thing about Garrid’s team is the enormous level increase! His Crawdaunt knows several dangerous Water moves, and unless you’ve been doing some serious grinding, it hits very hard. After your battle, the Scientist informs you that the stolen research was about Legendary Pokemon. Now Team Rocket have left, you’re free to explore. The town is tiny, so when you’re ready, head North into Steel Way.

Thames Town Bike Shop

You can’t get a bike just yet, but if you’re hurting for decent Flying moves, you can pick up the Aerial Ace TM inside.

Steel Way

Image by Anthony Yates

There’s an optional objective in this area. The Hiker near the entrance has lost his glasses; they are right at the far end of Steel Way by a lamp post. There are plenty of Trainers here, but the EXP is always good, and you can always go back to the Pokemon Centre to heal. If you retrieve the glasses, the Hiker gives you 1500g.

Rhine Village

Rhine Village is home to the series staple Safari Zone where you can catch rare Pokemon. There’s also a Master Ball hidden here, making it an important place to visit.

Safari Zone

There are dozens of Pokemon up for grabs here, but even if you’re happy with your team, you’ll be very happy you came in here. There’s a warehouse to the North-West with a Master Ball just sitting on the ground up for grabs. Make sure you don’t leave without it!

Your Rival will appear when you reach the middle of the village, he’s just beaten the Gym and challenges you to a battle:


  • Torkoal (Fire) LV22
  • Cacnea (Gras) LV22
  • Snorunt (Ice) LV24
  • Starter LV26

After you beat your Rival, he gives you HM02-Fly! This is incredibly handy as you can pick the best Pokemarts to visit.

Rhine Village Gym

This Gym specializes in Electric types and is split into small compartments. Each compartment has Trainers that will give you passwords, but even if you know them beforehand, you need to battle anyway. The curious thing about this Gym is the leader can have one of three different line-ups. They are all similar, but this is what you could potentially be up against:

Leader Nalani – Electric

Image by Anthony Yates

Line-up #1

  • Pikachu (Electric) LV26
  • Jolteon (Electric) LV30
  • Flaaffy (Electric) LV26

Line-up #2

  • Pikachu (Electric) LV26
  • Flaaffy (Electric) LV26
  • Raichu (Electric) LV30

Line-up #3

  • Pikachu (Electric) LV26
  • Flaaffy (Electric) LV26
  • Ampharos (Electric) LV30

Nalani has surprisingly weak Pokemon, regardless of what team she uses. There are no surprise dual types; even without type advantage, you should be just fine. You get the Infra badge and Thunderbolt TM for winning.

Once you’ve beaten your Rival, the Gym and got the Master Ball from the Safari Zone, you’re free to continue your journey. Head East into Atalanta Plains.

Atalanta Plains

This area connects Rhine Village with Vrai Cave and is a minor route full of Trainers. There’s also a Hyper Beam TM lying on the ground next to Vrai Cave! If you have a Normal-type Pokemon, this is a devastating move to learn so early.

Vrai Cave

Image by Anthony Yates

Before you dive too deep into this area, I recommend going back to Rhine Village and using the Pokemon Centre. This cave is crawling with Trainers; even if you’re easily winning battles, you will start running out of PP. It’s a long walk back from inside Vrai Cave, so it’s better to do this at the start.

There are a few areas where the path splits, but you’ll always be ferried in the right direction as you don’t have Surf or Strength. Deep into the cave, you’ll run into Max, and his team is quite strong. If PP is an issue, don’t attempt to fight. Use an Escape Rope or walk back to the Pokemon Centre. When you’re ready to fight, this is Max’s team:

Rival Max

  • Drilldug (Ground/Steel) LV24
  • Quagsire (Water/Ground) LV28
  • Terasaur (Grass) LV30
  • Insomb (Fire) LV28
  • Jolteon (Electric) LV28
  • Drifloon (Ghost/Flying) LV26

You get a Rare Candy for winning. You’re on the home stretch now; there are only a few more Trainers in your way before you can leave the cave.

Eternity Path

When you exit Vrai Cave, you’ll bump into Jaykob, the Gym leader from Mekong City. He asks if you’d have a rematch and offers to heal your Pokemon before and after the battle. If you decide to take him up on the offer, this is his team:

Leader Jaykob

  • Hariyama (Fighting) LV28
  • Strinder (Fighting/Steel) LV32
  • Scizor (Bug/Steel) LV28
  • Regirock (Rock) LV30

Regirock may be Legendary, but in battle, it’s anything but! Use whatever Rock counter you have, and you’ll have zero problems. There are just a couple more Trainers on this path before you arrive in Angara Town.

Angara Town

The Quest To Get HM03 – Surf

It’s quite easy to miss Surf in Pokemon Sienna! There’s a house up a flight of steps to the East of the town. The man inside is offering a reward to whoever finds his lost Tauros. You may remember you walked passed one on Eternity Path. You can retrieve it by talking to it, but ONLY if you have an empty space in your party. Return the Tauros to earn HM03-Surf.

Angara Town Gym

Gee… Thanks. – Image by Anthony Yates

Welcome to perhaps the most poorly conceived Gym Puzzle in Pokemon history. You can battle and defeat the Trainers as usual, but when you reach the Gym leader, he informs you that you need two tickets before he will fight you. How do you get the tickets?

By interacting with the raised tiles and hoping, of course! There is roughly a 1/10 chance of getting a ticket, so repeatedly interact with a tile until you have both tickets. If I had my way, the Gym leader should give you the badge after that! Still, with both tickets, you can now challenge Rickie.

Leader Rickie – Dark

  • Crawdaunt (Water/Dark) LV29
  • Umbreon (Dark) LV31
  • Honchkrow (Flying/Dark) LV31
  • Viscamans (Ghost/Dark) LV36

Naturally, this Gym will be much easier if you have a Dark counter. Viscamans is Rickie’s strongest Pokemon, but hilariously, it knows Perish Song! This move will KO it and whatever Pokemon you had out at the time in three turns.

You’ll get the Shadow Badge and Torment TM for winning. When you’re ready to move on, head West to Cynic Way.

Cynic Way

There are a lot of Trainers around here. There’s a Team Rocket Duo near the bridge that you can’t fight yet, but remember where they are. Before you leave the area, you’ll receive a call from Professor Maple saying he’s been captured by Team Rocket and is being held in Orinoco TV Station.

Orinoco City

This city is critical to the story, but you can’t do much here for now.

Want Some Free Evolution Stones?

Image by Anthony Yates

There’s a house with a sign that reads ‘Hadden Residence’ in the South East corner of the City. The man inside will give you a choice of Evolution Stones when you talk to him. The best thing about this place is he will provide you with a stone every time you speak with him!

Where Do I Go Now?

Image by Anthony Yates

You’ll see Team Rocket haul Lugia into the TV station when you reach the town, but frustratingly, you can’t enter the building just yet. If you try, a member of Team Rocket will push you aside, and there is no way to battle them. Feel free to explore Orinoco and when you’re ready to leave, Fly back to Nile City.

In Nile City, travel West to the beach and Surf. This small Ocean area is unnamed, but it is full of Kelpony. These Fakemon give a decent amount of EXP, so if you’re falling behind, this area is suitable for grinding. Surf West until you hit Byan City.

Byan City

Byan City is small but has an interesting Gym, and you can get a free ‘Good Rod’ from the house just South of the Pokemon Centre. You don’t have much to do here besides battling the Gym, so feel free to challenge it when you’re ready. I hope you stocked up on items before you arrived because Byan City has one of the worst Pokemarts in Voultan!

Byan City Gym

Image by Anthony Yates

This Gym is a mess of conveyor belts, but the solution is in plain sight. If you stand where I am (pictured above) and take one step up, you’ll go straight to the Gym Leader.

Leader Dorion – Psychic

Image by Anthony Yates
  • Bouldoltem (Rock/Psychic) LV30
  • Diljan (Psychic) LV33
  • Espeon (Psychic) LV34
  • Ragician (Psychic) LV36

You get the Control Badge and Psychic TM for winning. You still can’t take on Team Rocket at Orinoco TV Station, but you can go through the previously blocked exit to the East. Fly back to Orinoco City and head into Anard Pass.

Anard Pass

Make sure you’re fully healed before entering this area, as your Rival will challenge you here:


  • Cactium (Grass) LV33
  • Starter LV38
  • Froslass (Ice/Ghost) LV36
  • Torkoal (Fire) LV34

Your Rivals biggest threat will likely be his starter. This will depend massively on your team, but if you picked Moocano, your Rival has Elephreeze, a Water/Ice type, and it’s incredibly dangerous to both your starter and any Grass-types. After you’ve defeated your Rival, he will give you a Lucky Egg, a ‘hold’ item that boosts EXP earned from battles. This item pairs nicely with EXP Share if you don’t mind swapping items around.

With your Rival out of the way, continue through Anard Pass. Battle the few remaining Trainers and head into Danubo Village.

Danubo Village

Image by Anthony Yates

If you want to leave some Pokemon to level up through time or try your hand at Pokemon Breeding, you can do all of that in the Daycare Center to the West of the village.

HM05-Ice Beam?

You can get Ice Beam from the house just South of the Pokemon Centre, but it’s an HM instead of a TM. Once upon a time, Ice Beam was planned to have uses outside battle. Sadly, that idea never came to fruition, but any Pokemon that could learn Ice Beam as a TM should be able to use it as an HM here.

Danubo Village Gym

This time around, you’ve got a Flying-type Gym to deal with. The Pokeballs scattered around the Gym are actually Electrodes. You’ll have to fight some of them, and they know Self Destruct. Even with this annoying move, the worst outcome is you’ll need a trip to the Pokemon Centre next door to heal up.

Leader Geoffrey – Flying

Image by Anthony Yates
  • Kiwisage (Steel/Flying) LV35
  • Gliscor (Ground/Flying) LV35
  • Crobat (Poison/Flying) LV37
  • Flygon (Ground/Dragon) LV40

Geoffreys team is quite scary if you’re relying on Electric-types. Beware of Gliscor and Flygon, as Both are immune to Electric attacks. You earn the Aerial Badge and Aerial Ace TM. You probably got this TM in Thames Town already, but it’s still a decent move that never misses. When you’re ready, heal up and head South into Gogh Cross.

Gogh Cross

Shortly after entering the area, Steven will approach you and explain that Team Rocket is just ahead and they are trying to capture Gralite. He gives you the Dragon Claw TM and asks for your help. Much like the other routes in Pokemon Sienna, this one is short, so battle the Trainers and keep heading South.

Kaveri Town

When you reach this town, head East and visit Shane, the Item Finder. He will give you a small selection of items to take, but the Amulet Coin is arguably the best of the bunch. It’s a ‘Hold’ item that boosts how much money you earn from battles.

Image by Anthony Yates

Once you travel far enough into the town, the ground will shake as Team Rocket opens the Door to Origin Well. It’s more of a cave system than a well, so stock up on Repels and head inside.

Origin Well

This is a large area, but getting lost is impossible as you simply need to follow the paths. There’s a Hiker next to the first ladder down. Make sure you speak to him, as he will give you HM06-Rock Smash. It’s not a mandatory pick-up, but plenty of free items are up for grabs if you take it.

Image by Anthony Yates

Once you find this small pool where I am, Surf across it to trigger a short cutscene where you’ll watch Team Rocket capture Gralite.

You can’t interfere; for now, you’ve done everything you can in Origin Well. From here, you can either walk back to the entrance and take care of the remaining Trainers or use an Escape Rope. Once you’re back in town, your next destination is West into Lion Pass.

Image by Anthony Yates

Lion Pass

You’ll bump into Max in this area, but he won’t challenge you. Instead, he says there’s too much at stake with Team Rocket and walks off. Keep travelling through the area, and you’ll arrive in Maas City.

Image by Anthony Yates

There’s a Trainer just before the City holding a Game Boy Advance; if you walk passed him and into the field below, there’s a Rare Candy where I’m standing (pictured above). You can also catch Bulbasaur and Vibrava here, brilliant Grass and Dragon Pokemon, respectively.

Maas City

There’s no Gym in Maas City, but there is the ‘Starter House’. An essential place to visit if you want to fill your Pokedex!

The Starter House

Image by Anthony Yates

There’s a house with a small garden next to the Pokemon Centre. You can find Starter Pokemon from Gen I, Gen III and even the other Sienna Starters here. The catch is you need to have a Fluffow in your party before you’re allowed in. I found the most consistent place to find these was just West of Byan City on Severn Way.

Despite the City’s size, there isn’t too much to do here, and the Pokemart isn’t worth your time either. When you’re ready, head South through Tamain Path and into Yukon Town.

Yukon Town

Image by Anthony Yates

Well, if there’s one thing I thought a Pokemon game would never need, it’s a Bank! I’m perpetually poor in Pokemon games, but if you’ve got cash burning a hole in your pocket, you can deposit it in Yukon Town Bank. Yukon Town is also home to the 8th Gym in the region; it’s time to earn that final badge!

Want A Bicycle?

It’s a shame you get offered one so late in Pokemon Sienna, but if you want a bike, you can get a voucher for one by speaking to the man at the Pokemon Fan Club. It’s just to the West of the Town.

Yukon Town Gym

I love the sheer arrogance of the Gym Leader here! There are no Trainers or puzzles. It’s a simple one vs one battle! Sophie specializes in Dragon Pokemon, so you’ll be laughing if you have access to Dragon, Ice or Fairy-type moves. This is her party:

Leader Sophie

Image by Anthony Yates
  • Dracumulus (Water/Dragon) LV42
  • Dragonair (Dragon) LV42 
  • Dragonite (Dragon/Flying) LV46
  • Charizard (Fire/Flying) LV44

Naturally, a Dragon move will make your life much easier against Sophie’s team. Her Dragonair, in particular, likes to go for double Calm Mind followed by Ice Beam or Dragon Breath. This is a dangerous combo, so try to stop it before it can get going! You’ll get the Tamer Badge and Dragon Claw TM for winning.

With all eight badges in your possession, you can now head back to Orinoco City, where the Professor is still being held captive.

Orinoco TV Station

Remember the house that sold Evolution Stones to the South East? If you head there now, you’ll be given a Team Rocket disguise! Use this to get into the TV Station. For your first visit here, you won’t get very far. Head up the Stairs, and you’ll promptly be forced to leave.

Image by Anthony Yates

The two Team Rocket Grunts in Cynic Way to the North are no longer guarding the forest entrance. This is where you need to go next.

Cynic Forest

You’ll immediately be ambushed by two Team Rocket Grunts when you enter the forest. Beware, you cannot heal between these battles.

Team Rocket Grunt

  • Hypno (Psychic) LV35
  • Metang (Steel/Psychic) LV35
  • Blubbeauty (Water) LV35

Team Rocket Grunt

  • Injectrile (Poison) LV35
  • Dodrio (Normal/Flying0 LV35
  • Diljan (Psychic) LV35
Image by Anthony Yates

Once you’ve beaten them, you’ll see a Florturn in the clearing. This Pokemon is LV40 and is horrendously tricky to catch! I recommend saving just before you battle. Return to the TV Station when you’re ready.

Orinoco TV Station Revisited

This time around, you can go up the stairs uncontested. There are a lot of Team Rocket grunts to battle here, but the most challenging part of Orinoco TV Station is navigating the place! Taking flights of stairs will always take you up a single floor, but the teleporters can take you anywhere.

This is a quick route through the TV Station, but feel free to explore and battle every grunt you see! You’ll be forced along a linear path with all the closed doors until you reach TV Station 4F. Don’t use the teleporter on 4F; instead, use the stairs to 5F. 

Image by Anthony Yates

There’s a Key Card you’ll need from here in the room pictured above. Head back down the stairs to floor 4F and use the teleporter; it’ll take you to 6F.

Image by Anthony Yates

There are some stairs immediately in front of you to 7F; take those next. You’ll see a Team Rocket Admin on this floor by a computer. He’s quite a bit stronger than the grunts here, and you need to fight him so the doors around the station will unlock. This is his party:

Team Rocket Admin

  • Golbat (Poison/Flying) LV40
  • Viscamans (Ghost/Dark) LV41
  • Sudowoodo (Rock) LV43
  • Ursaring (Normal) LV42

Take the teleporter to 3F, walk all the way around to the stairs to the North West, and take those to 4F. Take the teleporter from the room to the East, which will take you to 10F.

The only other teleporter on 10F will take you down to 8F. Use the teleporter, head to the far East, and use the teleporter to 9F.

Image by Anthony Yates

This lady on 9F (pictured above) will heal your Pokemon, so make sure you speak to her. You can take the stairs in the South East back to 10F, and you’ll be right next to a door that was previously sealed off. If you’re ready to battle, head inside.

Team Rocket finally reveal their plans; Garrid plans to use the combined powers of Lugia and Gralite to destroy the Voultan region, cementing himself as the ruler and hero and building the place anew… I know it’s silly, but it’s Team Rocket; what did you expect?! Max will join you and battle a Team Rocket Admin whilst you face Garrid. This is his team:

Boss Garrid

  • Blizzursa (Ice/Dark) LV44
  • Crawdaunt (Water/Dark) LV46
  • Voltageist (Electric/Ghost) LV44
  • Skarmory (Steel/Flying) LV45

The biggest threat Garrid poses is his deep pockets. If you cannot defeat his Pokemon in a single hit, he will use Full Restores and doesn’t seem to be limited to just two like most other characters are. Once you’ve beaten him, Max tells you he’s going to Indigo Plateau to challenge the Pokemon League and that you should do the same. Don’t forget to talk to the man on the sofa as he will give you another Master Ball!

The Path To The Pokemon League!

Image by Anthony Yates

With eight badges in hand, your next destination is Byan City, and then West through Severn Path and Severn Cave.

Image by Anthony Yates

If you get a little lost in the cave, when you find this lake (pictured above), you need to Surf across it. If you’re getting low on healing items, I recommend a quick trip to Mekong City, as their Pokemart sells Full Restores and Full Heals.

Want an Articuno?

Image by Anthony Yates

The first ladder that heads down in Severn Cave is home to an Articuno! It’s a brutally hard Pokemon to catch, and that Master Ball will quickly become very tempting. Give it a shot if you’re feeling brave but make sure you save beforehand!

Victory Road

Every Pokemon game has its own distinct flavour of Victory Road. This one, fortunately, doesn’t rely on excessive HMs, as you only need Surf to get around. Aside from that, dozens of Trainers will slowly chip away at your PP, so make sure you’re sparing with your best attacks.

Did You Get Lost?

Image by Anthony Yates

Most dead ends in Victory Road are simple enough to backtrack out of. Still, one section may stump you (pictured above). You’ll Surf to this area from the North East, and if you continue South, a guard will explain that you can’t go any further. Don’t worry; you’ve almost beaten Victory Road if you’re here! To progress, stand where I am and Surf North and then West.

Is That a Moltres?!

Image by Anthony Yates

In Pokemon Sienna, Moltres is just relaxing in Victory Road! If you’re up for the challenge, you can try and catch it now or return later. The last Trainer in this area is just North and is the final Trainer in your way before you can enter the Indigo Plateau!

Indigo Plateau

Image by Anthony Yates

The Indigo Plateau is home to the Elite Four. There’s a Pokemon Centre and Pokemart here. You can Fly here whenever you wish from now on as well.

The Elite Four

The greatest challenge in Voultan awaits you here. You have to battle every member of the Elite Four, and a single loss will send you back to the entrance of the Indigo Plateau. Below are the teams you’re up against, along with anything you need to look out for.

Elite Four Will – Psychic

Image by Anthony Yates
  • Jynx (Ice/Psychic) LV48
  • Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy) LV49 
  • Ragician (Psychic) LV48 
  • Grumpig (Psychic) LV49
  • Xatu (Psychic/Flying) LV50

Will has a nasty team that loves to spam status ailments, so prepare for a lot of switching throughout the fight. Ragician is fast and loves to use Hypnosis. Gardevoir is arguably the most dangerous Pokemon here, as it knows Calm Mind and can set itself up to sweep your entire team if it goes unchecked.

Elite Four Koga – Poison

Image by Anthony Yates
  • Weezing (Poison) LV50
  • Shuritox (Poison/Fighting) LV51
  • Crobat (Poison/Flying) LV51
  • Injectrile (Poison) LV52
  • Venomoth (Bug/Poison) LV50

Koga boasts about horrible status effects before you fight him, and he’s not kidding! Many of Koga’s Pokemon know Toxic or Confuse Ray, and a couple of unlucky turns can quickly spell the death of your strongest Pokemon. None of Koga’s team are an immediate threat, but he can be devastating if you don’t frequently swap or deal with your poisoned Pokemon quickly.

Elite Four Bruno – Fighting

Image by Anthony Yates
  • Hitmontop (Fighting) LV51
  • Hitmonlee (Fighting) LV51
  • Lucario (Steel/Fighting) LV52
  • Machamp (Fighting) LV54
  • Hitmonchan (Fighting) LV52

Your mileage may vary, but as Bruno relies more on brute force than status ailments, he’s your easiest opponent so far. If you’ve access to decent Flying attacks, you shouldn’t have too many problems.

Elite Four Karen – Dark

Image by Anthony Yates
  • Absol (Dark) LV52
  • Viscamans (Ghost/Dark) LV52
  • Honchkrow (Dark/Flying) LV53
  • Houndoom (Dark/Fire) LV53
  • Umbreon (Dark) LV55

If you haven’t got a decent Dark counter, you can still hit Houndoom, Viscamans and Honchkrow hard, thanks to their dual types. Umbreon is hard to take down as it knows Curse and Moonlight, but these are mostly stalling moves, and it has very little offensive power to worry about.

Champion Gold – Mixed

Image by Anthony Yates
  • Mantine (Water/Flying) LV55
  • Sunflora (Grass) LV56
  • Donphan (Ground) LV57
  • Ho-oh (Fire/Flying) LV58
  • Sudowoodo (Rock) LV57
  • Raikou (Electric) LV56

There’s a lot to unpack in this fight! Gold certainly lives up to the title of Champion, and his most dangerous is undoubtedly his Ho-oh. Ho-oh knows Sacred Fire, a devastating fire move which will do insane damage even if it’s not super effective. If you’re planning to use an Electric type to take it down, it better be a fast one because Ho-oh also knows Earthquake, which will likely kill any Electric-type in a single hit.

And with that, you’re the new Champion! Your job isn’t over just yet, though. Watch the credits, catch your breath, and prepare to finish Team Rocket once and for all!

Image by Anthony Yates

Origin Well Revisited

Your showdown with Team Rocket takes place at Origin Well. Fly to Kaveri Town and walk East. As long as you’re stocked up on Repels, it’s easy to get around, as you likely beat all the Trainers in here the last time you came through.

Image by Anthony Yates

When you reach this lake (pictured above), Surf across and follow the path into the open cave entrance.

The Final Showdown

Image by Anthony Yates

Even though you’re underground, prepare for a showdown in the… Clouds? There are a lot of Team Rocket Grunts here, but you’ll be grateful for the EXP. Fortunately, your team gets healed when you enter this area. There are no wild Pokemon, and there’s no way to get lost either; battle through until you reach Garrid, who’s busy watching Lugia and Gralite battle.

Image by Anthony Yates

When you interrupt Garrid, he re-iterates his plan to destroy Voultan and become the hero. It’s no less ridiculous than it was before. Let’s get this over with, shall we?

Boss Garrid

  • Blizzursa (Ice/Dark) LV54
  • Crawdaunt (Water/Dark) LV57
  • Lugia (Psychic/Flying) LV60
  • Voltageist (Electric/Ghost) LV55
  • Skarmory (Steel/Flying) LV56

Once again, Garrid’s biggest strength is his deep pockets. His Pokemon are never truly beaten until they are entirely KO’d, as he will gladly use Full Restores on repeat. Unlike Gold’s Ho-oh, Lugia is nowhere near as dangerous, and it will lose to any decent Flying counter.

Once you’ve beaten Garrid, he frees Lugia and leaves you to capture or defeat Gralite. It’s LV60 and is an awful Pokemon to try and catch. If you have a spare Master Ball, this would be where I would use it! Once Gralite is defeated, walk out of the area and use an Escape Rope. Then, Fly to Atlantic Town.

Atlantic Town Revisited

Speak to the Professor in the Lab; he gives you a Plaza Pass, which grants access to Pokemon Sienna’s end-game content. Your journey in Voultan has come to a close. And as you’re Champion now, who even cares about dropping out of the Academy!


Image by Anthony Yates

The purpose of this guide was to get you to the end game and conclude Team Rocket’s story. If you put the game down now, you can do so knowing you’ve beaten all of Pokemon Sienna’s story content.

If you want to put your Pokemon through the most challenging content in Voultan, Fly to Indigo Plateau and walk into Victory Road. Remember that blocked entrance with the guard in front? He’s no longer there, and you can access Pokeplaza from there!

Your Rival will demand one last showdown before you go inside. This is his final team.


  • Honchkrow (Dark/Flying) LV54
  • Starter LV59
  • Cactium (Grass) LV56
  • Lapras (Water/Ice) LV55
  • Torkoal (Fire) LV57
  • Froslass (Ice/Ghost) LV57

Once he’s been defeated, you can access a small island town dedicated to Pokemon Battles. You can choose to fight in just about every way you can imagine! If you head North, you can take a ferry to the Pokemon Academy. Yes, THAT Academy, the one that refused you entry at the start of the game! They’ll accept your application but not as a student. They want you as a teacher, and you even have a class to teach (or battle!). 

Look at me; I’m the Teacher Now!

Under this roof, I only respond to ‘Sir’ – Image by Anthony Yates

Challenge each of your students to a battle. Each will explain scenarios that dictate what the fight will be like. Expect things like teams that revolve around Sandstorm and doubles battles. The one that really stands out is the student with the straw hat that asks you to challenge his Bug team with just one Pokemon. If you’re not sure you’re strong enough, this is the team:

  • Forretress (Bug/Steel) LV55
  • Pinsir (Bug) LV55
  • Shuckle (Bug/Rock) LV55
  • Butterfree (Bug/Flying) LV55
  • Beedrill (Bug/Poison) LV55
  • Scizor (Bug/Steel) LV55

Once you’ve beaten every student, speak with the lady at the front of the class. You’ll be given tickets to use at the Airport to the East. This will grant access to Valencia Island and several smaller islands around it.

Valencia Island

Image by Anthony Yates

These final few islands are for enthusiasts. Valencia and the neighbouring islands offer a small selection of Pokemon with unique markings, like Butterfree with red patterns on the wings (pictured above). These islands are optional, but they flesh out the end game if you want a break from fighting.

Useful Resources

A mostly complete Pokedex for Pokemon Sienna can be viewed on the Wiki here.


Question: Where can I download Pokemon Sienna?

Answer: Rom hacks and Fanmade Pokemon games occupy a rather grey area regarding legality. Nobody has ever gotten in trouble for playing these games, but there can be complications in distributing them. With this in mind, you’ll have to source the game yourself, but it’s nothing a good Google search won’t fix.

Question: Will I still enjoy Pokemon Sienna if I don’t like Fakemon?

Answer: There are many Fakemon Pokemon Sienna, so if you absolutely detest them, then perhaps not. The Fakemon here are very well done with creative typing and sprite work of exceptional quality. If you’ve shied away from lazy Fakemon in the past, you needn’t worry about that here.

Question: Is it normal to get lost all the time?

Answer: Yes, it is. Pokemon Sienna is happy to keep you guessing from time to time. There is a lot of backtracking, and you are forced to take a very muddled route through the Voultan Region. That being said, the moment you can use ‘Fly’ outside of battle, it’s much less of a problem.

Question: How come the Team Rocket story in my game doesn’t end like yours?

Answer: Older versions of Pokemon Sienna have an unfinished storyline for Team Rocket. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to tell what version of the game you have with so many in circulation.

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