Pokemon SORS Guide: A Story-Driven Pokemon Adventure Like No Other!

Table of Contents

Pokemon Rom-hacks have come a long way, with some even rivalling the quality of mainline entries. However, after you’ve played enough of them, they can start to feel tiresome as, ultimately, you’ve seen the same menus and graphics style time and again. 

That isn’t the case here.

If you’re looking for something to rekindle your love for these games, Pokemon SORS may be the one to do it! The visuals and soundtrack are so different; it’s easy to forget you’re playing a Rom-hack at all! Even the battles feel different and are hard enough to keep even the most hardcore veteran on their toes, and that’s why this guide exists.

In this Pokemon SORS guide, I’ll show you how to beat the entire game from start to finish. My goal is to get you to the end of the 2nd credits screen (yes, there are two!), and I’ll explain away the brilliant quest system as well. If you’re ready to take on the perils of the Hupest region, let’s begin.

Key Features

On top of the gorgeous visuals, you have all of this to look forward to and so much more:

  • A brand new region to explore.
  • Superb original soundtrack.
  • The Gym system is completely overhauled and replaced by a region-wide battle tournament.
  • Quest system offering fantastic rewards.
  • Tuned AI that make battles much more challenging (and sometimes more frustrating!)
  • A remarkable story that hits many notes you never see in Pokemon games.
  • No HMs required. Rejoice!

Story Synopsis

 Pokemon SORS - Start

In Pokemon SORS, you play as a young Trainer called Asher and share in his spoils across the region of Hupest. Naturally, life is a little more complicated when your Mom commands ‘Siara’, a shady organization wishing to wield the full power of Pokemon through ‘Eclipsing’.

You join Asher in his struggle to become a powerful Trainer whilst keeping his family ties at bay. Throughout your journey, you’ll learn to wield the power of Eclipsing yourself. But can you master it before Siara unleashes an ancient and destructive power onto the innocents of Hupest? That part is on you! 

The world of Pokemon SORS feels so alive because you’re not just a Trainer who happens to be in the right place at the right time. This story is entirely about you. It may sound like a minor thing, but you’ll care about the characters in Hupest much more than you ever have in another Pokemon game!

Welcome To The Hupest Region

In this part of the guide, I will explain what to do and where to go through every step of your adventure. If a particular side quest has you stumped, there’s a list of those right after the walkthrough. 

Lancio Town

This area introduces the first of many curveballs to the traditional Pokemon formula. Head to Professor Ivo’s Lab and collect your starter Pokemon. There’s only 1 Pokemon you can have, but fortunately, it’s a Riolu. Lucario is awesome, so it’s a fair deal if you ask me!

Feel free to explore the town and exit via Route 1 to the east when you’re ready.

Route 1

Route 1 introduces Pokemon SORS’ unique quest system, where you can complete optional objectives for rewards. Anyone with a pencil icon above their head can be talked to, which activates their quest. 

One important thing to remember is that only one quest can be active at a time. You cannot take another until your current is either fulfilled or canceled. As you’re free to take these Quests whenever you want, they have a dedicated section in this guide. After this walkthrough, you can find a list of Quests, what they offer, and how to complete them.

Sovio City

You’ve been warned that your Mom is a dangerous lady, but you get to see that for yourself as soon as you reach Sovio city. She is often called Marie throughout the game, so I will call her that from now on. Marie attacks a bystander with a strange Pidgey. You have no choice but to intervene; fortunately, your Pokemon are automatically healed before the fight.

Eclipsed Pidgey (Normal/Flying) LV7

This Pidgey knows Acid and likes to spam Sand Attack. You’ll likely miss a lot, so I recommend training in Route 1 until your Riolu is LV10 to make the battle easier. After the battle, enter the Metro, and a cutscene will trigger.

Sovio Sewers

Follow your dad, and you’ll end up in the sewers. There are a lot of Poison Pokemon down here, so invest in some Antidotes or expect a few trips back to the Pokemon Centre. There are several Siara grunts down here. A word of warning, one of these grunts has a Litwick (Ghost/Fire) which is rather harsh for your Riolu to deal with.

An easy Pokemon to counter it with is Poochyena, as it learns Bite at LV10. Poochyena are plentiful in the sewers, so it might be worth catching one. After you’ve beaten the five grunts, you can rescue your dad. He will leave, but before you go with him, check down the staircase to the north.

You’re trying to track down the ‘young master’ here. The quickest way to him is to head south whenever you can until you reach a doorway. He’s inside and challenges you to a battle… At least, he would, but he beats you in a split second and leaves the area. Backtrack to the Metro station.

Sovio Sewers - Pokemon Sors

When you’re ready to leave, head through the Metro gates. You’ll arrive at Amor City to sign up for the upcoming Tournament. Your next mission is to meet Professor Ivo in Azluf Town. The quickest way is back on the Metro to Sovio City and East into Route 2. 

To pick your destination on the Metro, walk onto a seat to interact with it, and it’ll bring up a list for you to choose from. In Pokemon SORS, you can’t use your Pokemon to fly, so you’ll be using this Metro system a lot.

Route 2

Pokemon Day-Care - Sors

This Route has several Trainers and, most importantly, the Pokemon Day-Care. Valora will challenge you to a battle when you get close to the Day-Care, so make sure your team is fully healed when it comes into view. This is her party:


  • Cleffa (Fairy) LV7
  • Mareep (Electric) LV8
  • Ralts (Psychic/Fairy) LV8
  • Popplio (Water) LV9

Once you’ve travelled far enough through Route 2, you’ll meet a Trainer called Lucas. He’s a competitor in the Tournament and challenges you to a ‘friendly’ battle:


Lucas fighting
  • Starly (Normal/Flying) LV10
  • Porygon (Normal) LV11
  • Eevee (Normal) LV11
  • Chimchar (Fire) LV12

Azluf Town

Professor Ivo will meet you and tells you about her past, and her role in researching Eclipsing. With how dangerous Eclipsing can be, naturally, the professor entrusts you with the only item capable of doing it! You’ll receive a call from Amor City after the cutscene ends, asking you to return for the first round of the Tournament.

Feel free to explore the town first, as there are a few things you can check out here. The Move Deleter lives in the house north of the Pokemon Centre, and you can pick up a quest in the Lighthouse to the southeast. Professor Oak from Kanto also lives in this town! He will offer you a unique quest to fill your Pokedex if you talk to him. 

This quest is special and won’t override any others you may pick up. Finally, you can get a Fishing Rod by speaking to the man next to Professor Oak’s house.

When you’re ready to enter the Tournament, you’ll need to walk back through Route 2 and take the Metro to Amor.

Eclipse Tournament: Round One

Tournaments work a little differently from Gyms. You have to fight several Trainers back to back. You can’t use a Pokemon Centre in between fights, but you can use healing items. This is what you’re up against:

Camper Paul

  • Buizel (Water) LV11
  • Pidgey (Normal/Flying) LV11
  • Bulbasaur (Grass/Poison) LV12

Youngster Chad

  • Rattata (Normal) LV11
  • Timburr (Fighting) LV12
  • Electrike (Electric) LV12

And finally, you’ll face Roark. Yes, THAT Roark; the Gym Leader from Sinnoh:

PKMN Trainer Roark

PKMN Trainer Roark
  • Hippopotas (Ground) LV12
  • Cranidos (Rock) LV12
  • Onix (Rock/Ground) LV13 

Riolu’s Mach Punch will ruin Roark’s team, making him an easy opponent. Valora tells you she’s also got into Round 2 and Frio challenges you to a race to Mt. Gerhana. You’re going that way anyway, so return to Azluf Town.

Azluf Town Revisited

If you still need to collect the quest from the Lighthouse, now is the perfect time to do so. The entrance to Mt. Gerhana is now open, so stock up on healing items and head inside.

Mt. Gerhana

Before you get too comfortable here, Repels are a must-have in this area unless you want a wild encounter every few steps! There’s only one way through this area, littered with Trainers. Once you’ve caught up with Frio and interacted with the Eclite, you’ll awaken in Lancio Town.

Head to the Lab when you’re ready. After the cutscene, you’ll be back in Azlef Town, and you need to make another trip to the Eclite in Mt. Gerhana.

Siara Grunt Battle

You arrive back at the Eclite just in time to see some Siara grunts stealing it. You’ll be challenged to a battle, and the biggest threat here is you need to defeat every grunt one after the other. This is what you’re up against.

Siara Grunt

Duskull (Ghost) LV14

Shuppet (Ghost) LV14

Siara Grunt

Mareanie (Poison/Water) LV15

Siara Grunt

  • Nidoran F (Poison) LV13
  • Murkrow (Dark/Flying) LV14
  • Nidoran M (Poison) LV14
  • Misdreavus (Ghost) LV15

This is quite a tall order, and your Pokemon won’t be much stronger than your opponents. A little bit of grinding will make this battle easier if you’re struggling! After the fight, you can follow the grunts into the next area.

Samurion City

The moment you reach the middle of the City, you’ll be dragged into the Samurion City Dojo. Frio calls you an ‘Eclipser’ (this is very important later) and leaves the area. There’s little to do in the City right now, so head into the cave entrance north of the Pokemon Centre when ready.

Mt. Gerhana Revisited

Mt. Gerhana Revisited

There are a LOT of Siara grunts in here, and their Pokemon will be at a similar level to yours, so approach every battle with caution. Fortunately, the Route you need to take is very straightforward, and it’s impossible to get lost. 

Once you’ve crossed the bridge, you’ll meet Marie and Frio. As it turns out, Frio doesn’t know that Marie is your Mom and after hearing that she wants to weaponise ‘Eclipsing’, he storms out of the area. Your friends arrive at the scene, and you’re challenged by Flo, an Admin for Siara:

Siara Admin Flo

  • Larvesta (Bug/Fire) LV16
  • Salandit (Poison/Fire) LV16
  • Grovyle (Grass) LV18
  • Trubbish (Poison) LV17

Siara retreats, and you’ll be transported back into Samurion City. It’s time for the next round of the Tournament at Amor. Thankfully, you don’t have to take the long way back to Sovio City and can head north through Route 4 instead.

Route 4

When you reach the bridge, you’ll be challenged by another Amor contender called Lyra. This is her team:

PKMN Trainer Lyra

PKMN Trainer Lyra
  • Marill (Water/Fairy) LV17
  • Nidorina (Poison) LV17
  • Vulpix (Fire) LV17
  • Bayleef (Grass) LV17

After your battle, Lyra heals your Pokemon and heads north. Continue that way yourself until you reach the entrance to Amor.

Amor City

Amor City

You’ve yet to see the City from this angle. This place is enormous! Still, you’ve got a job to do, so head to Battle Centre and into the second round of the Tournament! This is what you’re up against this time:

Picnicker Reginald

  • Swadloon (Bug/Grass) LV19
  • Lombre (Water/Grass) LV19
  • Ivysaur (Grass/Poison) LV20

Lass Stacy

  • Flaafy (Electric) LV20
  • Palpitoad (Water/Ground) LV20
  • Purugly (Normal) LV20

PKMN Trainer Cheryl

PKMN Trainer Cheryl
  • Drifloon (Ghost/Flying) LV20
  • Wailmer (Water) LV20
  • Wormadam (Bug/Grass) LV20
  • Chansey (Normal) LV21

Remember, Chansey is weak to Fighting attacks, so quickly put an end to it with your Riolu/Lucario! After the Tournament, Valora will call and say she wants to meet on Route 6. Leave the Battle Center, then head northeast to get there.

Route 6

Valora will challenge you to a battle to see how strong you’ve both gotten:

PKMN Trainer Valora

  • Clefairy (Fairy) LV21
  • Brionne (Water) LV23
  • Flaaffy (Electric) LV22
  • Kirlia (Psychic/Fairy) LV21
  • Roselia (Grass/Poison) LV21

You’ll come across a somewhat unhinged Siara Grunt a little further along the Route who reveals that Siara are going to Destino City. 

PKMN Trainer Valora
Badum tss!

Destino City is immediately west of here, so head there at your leisure. You need to go to the Destino Mines, but don’t confuse that with the entrance on Route 6. There’s another entrance inside the City to the south, down a flight of steps.

Destino Mines

The wild encounter rate is through the roof here, so make sure you stock up on Repels! You’ll eventually come across some Siara grunts, and they will trigger an explosion that blocks the way ahead. You need to walk right up to the rocks for a cutscene to trigger.

Frio will arrive on the scene and move the debris so you can pass. The Route is straightforward; battle the Siara grunts and make your way through the area.

You’ll catch up with Frio just in time to watch him take on four of them at once! The grunts tell you they are digging up ancient Pokemon to ‘Eclipse’ them. After that, you’ll get a call for round 3 of the Eclipse Tournament, and as luck may have it, the Metro is working in Destino City now.

Eclipse Tournament: Round 3

Juggler Tony

  • Togetic (Fairy/Flying) LV25
  • Ninjask (Bug/Flying) LV25
  • Luxio (Electric) LV26

Black Belt Lee

  • Heracross (Bug/Fighting) LV25
  • Dewott (Water) LV26
  • Hitmonlee (Fighting) LV26

PKMN Trainer Aaron

PKMN Trainer Aaron
  • Dustox (Bug/Poison) LV25
  • Vespiquen (Bug/Flying) LV26
  • Yanmega (Bug/Flying) LV25
  • Scizor (Bug/Steel) LV25

After the Tournament, you’ll get a call from Professor Ivo asking you to meet her in Jarro Town. The quickest way is to head northwest of Amor and into Route 12.

Route 12

There’s nothing notable about this Route. It’s obvious where you need to go, but there are a lot of Trainers and an insane amount of wild encounters if you don’t have Repels.

Jarro Town

You’ll almost certainly be a little worse for wear after all those Trainers, so heal and stock up on items if you need to. Wander to the east until you find Professor Ivo. She will take you into the ruins while you both try deciphering a prophecy about Eclipsing. You’ll receive a call for Round 4 of the Tournament, and you’ll be transported back to the gate at the entrance to Route 12, right next to Amor.

Eclipse Tournament: Round 4

Super Nerd Eugene

  • Haunter (Ghost/Poison) LV27
  • Diggersby (Normal/Ground) LV28
  • Banette (Ghost) LV27

Hiker Tom

  • Carnivine (Grass) LV28
  • Quilladin (Grass) LV28
  • Cryogonal (Ice) LV29

PKMN Trainer Silver

PKMN Trainer Silver
  • Weavile (Ice/Dark) LV29
  • Feraligatr (Water) LV31
  • Crobat (Poison/Flying)LV29
  • Magnezone (Electric/Steel) LV30

Feraligatr, in particular, is an incredibly dangerous Pokemon. It knows Dragon Dance and has a powerful follow-up with its Liquidation attack. Make sure you quickly swap to a Grass or Electric type to take it down. When you leave the Battle Centre, you’ll be transported to Professor Ivo’s Lab, where Valora is waiting for you. You’ll learn more about Eclipsing, Siara’s intentions and the places they will likely be headed.

Your next destination is back in Destino City; this time around, you must leave to the west and cross the Galtino Bridge.

Galtino Bridge

When you start crossing the bridge, Siara grunts will attack a lady with an Eclipsed Pidgeot! You need to take it down:

Eclipsed Pidgeot (Normal/Flying) LV34

This Pokemon knows Feather Dance which will cut your attack strength, and once it’s done that, you’ll be battered with Flying attacks. Fortunately, it’s still just one Pokemon, and you should be able to overpower it with your team.

The bridge itself is relatively short so head into Galinor City.

Galinor City

Galinor City is a bit cluttered, and many areas are blocked off. You’ll get a call from your dad telling you to find a Cargo bay and a man called Harry. It’s just across the bridge to the north. Once you find Harry, you’ll be forced into a cutscene and automatically transported to Solare Island. By interacting with the ferry, you can return to the mainland whenever you wish.

Want An Eevee?

Eevees are always great because you can use them to patch up any holes in your team’s coverage with Evolution Stones. A man to the north by the beach will give you one if you have space on your team.

Solare Island

There are a lot of Siara grunts here; the biggest problem they will pose is a long walk back to the Pokemon Centre, so coming here with a lot of healing items is recommended. The real gimmick of this place is the barriers. To deactivate them, you need to interact with large crystals around the area.

Fortunately, they ferry you around a specific path, so battle every Trainer and interact with every Crystal in your way. Make your way to the clearing towards the northeast. The moment you walk through the clearing, you’ll be challenged by Harry. He’s no joke and has a solid team, so you may want to train before facing him:

Siara Admin Harry

  • Lapras (Water/Ice) LV32
  • Shiftry (Grass/Dark)LV32
  • Zoroark (Dark) LV32
  • Vikavolt (Bug/Electric) LV33

Lapras likes to spam Icy Wind, which hurts even if you’re not weak to it. Lucario is a solid counter, so you should enter this fight with it leading your party. Harry betrays you when you finish the battle, and Siara steals the Gem that led you here. You’ll be automatically transported to Professor Ivo’s Lab and then to Amor for the next round of the Tournament.

Before you enter, check out the Amor Department Store, as it’s now open. This shop sells everything from healing items to evolution stones. It’s to the far north of the City.

Eclipse City Tournament: Round 5

Cooltrainer Summer

  • Florges (Fairy) LV32
  • Cacturne (Grass/Dark) LV32
  • Venusaur (Grass/Poison) LV32

Fisherman Otis

  • Octillery (Water) LV32
  • Gyarados (Water/Flying) LV32
  • Sharpedo (Water/Dark) LV33

Sharpedo is supremely annoying in this fight, as it knows Screech and Swagger. By now, you may have Eclipse moves available, and these will make short work of it along with Electric attacks.

PKMN Trainer Barry

PKMN Trainer Barry
  • Staraptor (Normal/Flying) LV32
  • Hitmontop (Fighting) LV33
  • Empoleon (Water/Steel) LV34
  • Roserade (Grass/Poison) LV33

After the battle, you’ll be transported to Professor Ivo’s Lab to plan your next course of action. There are 2 areas where Eclite energy is spiking. Ivo and Valora will investigate one; you and your dad will examine the other. You’ll be transported back to Amor, and your next destination is on the other side of Route 16. You can find the Route to the east of the City.

Route 16

This Route is the usual affair of wild encounters and Trainers, and it constantly snakes under the road above you. You’ll be given ‘Surf’ when you reach the broken bridge. There are no HMs in Pokemon SORS, so you can use this ability anytime. Interact with water, and you’ll be surfing! Surf east when you can and continue until you reach Aurin Town.

Aurin Town

Welcome to the criminal underbelly of Hupest! Interact with the man at the town entrance, and he will tell you that Pokemon in the Aur Factory have been much more aggressive lately. Use the Pokemon Centre if you need to, and note that the shop sells Max Repels now. When you’re ready, head north.

I Heard You Like Mudkips!

Mudkip has always been a fan favourite and is powerful too! If you want one of your own, the man in the house to the east will trade one for a Hippopotas.

Still Lugging Those Fossils Around?

If you’re tired of those Fossils from earlier clogging up your inventory, you can transform them into Pokemon in Aurin Town! Visit the house south off the main road, and you can convert as many as you like, free of charge.

Aur Factory

Aur Factory

This area is simple, but there are a few oddities to be aware of. You can walk across some broken scaffolding (pictured above), but not all of it. Because of this, there is some trial and error in navigating this place.

The Quest For Scrap Metal

Once you’re deep enough into the Factory, you’ll be stopped by a man who demands that you find 3 ‘Scrap Metals’. Fortunately, they are easy to find. Go up both flights of stairs next to him, 2 are to the west, and 1 is to the east.

Continue until you reach the area where the energy readings were coming from. Unfortunately, you’re a little too late, as Flo steals the Shard! There’s nothing you can do about that right now, and you get a call from Amor for Round 6 of the Tournament. You’ll be transported there after the call.

Eclipse Tournament: Round 6

Things are really starting to heat up on the tournament front now. Your opponents have more Pokemon in their teams, and I hope you’ve been keeping your levels topped up because your competition sure has!

Scientist Albert

  • Ditto (Normal) LV35
  • Manectric (Electric) LV35
  • Cryogonal (Ice) LV35
  • Porygon-Z (Normal) LV36

This fight is easier if you have your Lucario enter the battle first. It shuts down Ditto, Porygon-Z and Cryogonal.

Sailor Kyle

  • Pelipper (Water/Flying) LV35
  • Machamp (Fighting) LV36
  • Whiscash (Water/Ground) LV35
  • Polywrath (Water/Fighting) LV36

PKMN Trainer Riley

PKMN Trainer Riley
  • Absol (Dark) LV35
  • Metang (Steel/Psychic) LV35
  • Blaziken (Fire/Fighting) LV36
  • Gyarados (Water/Flying) LV36
  • Lucario (Fighting/Steel) LV37

When you leave the Arena, dad will call and ask you to meet in Maple Town. Conveniently, you’re not told the directions! It’s a trip on the Metro to Galinor City, then south through Route 13

Maple Town

Maple Town is a charming farm town that’s home to a couple of very useful vendors. There is a quest-giver in the Wheat fields, and much like Professor Oak, his quest is ongoing. He asks you to return when you’ve got 275 Pokemon species registered in your Pokedex. If you do this, he will give you every Gen VII starter Pokemon!

The Move Maniac

The Move Maniac

If you notice any glaring weaknesses in your team, make sure you speak to the Move Maniac (pictured above). She will teach your Pokemon moves in exchange for Mushrooms. Even if you don’t need her services immediately, keep a note of where this vendor is, as she can be incredibly useful.

There’s only one way out of Maple Town: to the west. Your next mission is tracking Frio down, so follow him into Route 8.

Route 8

The most notable thing about this Route is how strong Trainers’ Pokemon have become! You may wish to grind here for a while, as when you reach Mulberry Town at the end of the Route, you’ll once again be invited to the Tournament.

Mulberry Town

You’ll bump into Frio leaving a house in town, and he says he will tell you about Siara, but only if you manage to get through the next round of the Tournament. The fastest way back is through Route 9 to Galinor City and using the Metro there. Check the house that Frio left, as there’s an Eclite shard upstairs.

Route 9

Walking around Maple Town and Galinor City

Route 9 is just a short connecting area between Maple Town and Galinor City. Make sure you battle every Trainer, as you’ll need every last bit of EXP for the next stage of the Tournament. There’s also a Nugget up for grabs just where I’m standing (pictured above).

Eclipse Tournament: Round 7

Oh boy, things are getting intense in here now. Welcome to the penultimate round of the Tournament. These are your opponents this time around.

Gentleman Jonathan

  • Arcanine (Fire) LV37
  • Manectric (Electric) LV38
  • Lumineon (Water) LV38
  • Alomomola (Water) LV38

Battle Girl Sachi

  • Medicham (Fighting/Psychic) LV37
  • Blaziken (Fire/Fighting) LV38
  • Emboar (Fire/Fighting) LV38
  • Hariyama (Fighting) LV37

PKMN Trainer Hugh

PKMN Trainer Hugh
  • Unfezant (Normal/Flying) LV37
  • Eelektross (Electric) LV38
  • Simisage (Grass) LV37
  • Bouffalant (Normal) LV38
  • Samurott (Water) LV39

Bouffalant, in particular, is incredibly tanky and hits hard to boot. Remember that Lucario will make short work of it with any decent Fighting move.

Frio keeps his word and tells you what he knows about Siara. They are likely occupying an underwater Lab near Maple Town. Frio hates Siara but refuses to help you and storms off. You’ll be transported to Maple Town after your chat concludes.

Maple Town Revisited

You’ll arrive on a tiny shoreline to the south. Stock up on items if you need them, and Surf south until you reach a large island covered in trees. You’ll find Professor Ivo by a cave entrance in the centre. You exchange information, but it looks like someone has been here before you. You have no choice but to play ‘catch-up’ for now, so head into the cave.

Unnamed Lab

The most immediate threat here is the Eclipsed Pokemon that have replaced standard wild encounters. These are tougher than usual, so you may want to use your Repels here. Alternatively, catch some, as they could be powerful additions to your team!

Unnamed Lab in pokemon sors

Your first objective is to restore power, and the quickest way to do so is to take the elevator to floor 3F and run south to the room with the purple doormat. Interact with the blue box in the room (pictured above). Bare in mind that interacting with the generator will trigger an automatic battle with an Eclipsed Golem LV40.

With the power back on, your next task is to find an ‘EC Card’. The small blue computers around the Lab will teach you codes to open doors. You can find the Red code on 2F, which opens the doors on the same level for an Eclite Shard. You can also learn the Blue code on this floor; the computer is in the room with the purple doormat.

There are some sealed doors you can use on 3F now, but before you go there, go to 4F instead and grab the Green code from the computer on the large table. Now you have all three, go to 3F and open the doors to the staircase. On this floor, a set of doors require your Green code, and you’ll find the EC Card inside. With your shiny new card, you’re ready to enter 5F.

You’ll find the Trainer you’ve seen skulking around Hupest in this area. He mistakes you for a member of Siara and forces you to a battle:

PKMN Trainer ???

PKMN Trainer ???
  • Staraptor (Normal/Flying) LV40
  • Aggron (Steel/Rock) LV41
  • Sceptile (Grass) LV42
  • Samurott (Water) LV41

This Trainer has a dangerous team. Everything hits hard, and things can spiral out of control very quickly. I recommend switching your lead Pokemon to a Flying counter, as Staraptor likes to spam Agility and Double Team. It can become nigh on impossible to hit with that combination!

Sceptile knows Substitute and has a Rocky Helmet, which means you’ll take damage every time you attack the Substitute. A decent Fire attack will work all the same, but you’ll want your Pokemon at full health before engaging.

After the battle, you learn that this Trainer is actually the Cohen region Champion! You explain there’s been a misunderstanding and that you share the same enemy in Siara. Your new friend leaves, and you get a call from Amor. It’s time to enter the final round of the Tournament! You can quickly get back by Surfing north to Maple Town and retracing your steps to the west through Route 9 and into Galinor City.

Eclipse Tournament: Round 8

Cooltrainer Quentin

  • Luxray (Luxray) LV39
  • Cacturne (Grass/Dark) LV40
  • Toxicroak (Poison/Fighting) LV39
  • Talonflame (Fire/Flying) LV40

Cooltrainer Lola

  • Gastrodon (Water/Ground) LV39
  • Ampharos (Electric) LV39
  • Lilligant (Grass) LV40
  • Delphox (Fire/Psychic) LV40

PKMN Trainer Gladion

PKMN Trainer Gladion
  • Crobat (Poison/Flying) LV40
  • Zoroark (Dark) LV40
  • Lucario (Fighting/Steel) LV40
  • Charizard (Fire/Flying) LV41
  • Silvally (Normal) LV42

I found Lola to be the most challenging opponent by a long shot! For starters, Gastrodon is only weak to Grass. Her Delphox is incredibly fast and knows Hypnosis. I could have just been unlucky, but Hypnosis never missed, and it almost shut down my entire team.

If you manage to beat your opponents here, then congratulations! You’ve earned a spot in the finals. You can start making your way there right away. You need to head to Route 14 through the farthest exit to the northeast, past the department store.

Route 14 (Victory Road In Disguise!)

Don’t let the unassuming name fool you. Route 14 is a long, arduous Route akin to Victory Road in other Pokemon games.

You won’t get lost, but you will almost certainly get worn down by the many Trainers along the way. Some exceptionally tough customers will interrupt your progress and demand a battle. Remember Cheryl from earlier? She will stop you on the 3rd bridge of the Route and challenge you. This is her party:

PKMN Trainer Cheryl

PKMN Trainer Cheryl
  • Drifblim (Ghost/Flying) LV41
  • Blissey (Normal) LV42
  • Wailord (Water) LV41
  • Wormadam (Bug/Grass) LV41

Wailord knows Water Spout, which hits pretty hard, and Blissey is annoying because it’s tanky, but you should be fine in this battle. Remember, Blissey is incredibly resilient to SP. Attacks, so use physical ones instead.

Shortly after your fight with Cheryl, you’ll be challenged by Aaron, who you fought earlier as well:

PKMN Trainer Aaron

  • Dustox (Bug/Poison) LV41
  • Yanmega (Bug/Flying) LV41
  • Vespiquen (Bug/Flying) LV41
  • Scizor (Bug/Steel) LV42

Your mileage may vary, but I found Cheryl’s team much harder to deal with. Beware of the Trainer immediately after your fight with Aaron, they only have one Pokemon, but it’s a LV42 Altaria that knows Dragon Dance and Dragon Pulse.

Very soon after these battles, you’ll be approached by yet ANOTHER Trainer you’ve battled previously. This time around, it’s Silver:

PKMN Trainer Silver

PKMN Trainer Silver
  • Weavile (Dark/Ice) LV41
  • Feraligatr (Water) LV42
  • Gengar (Ghost/Poison) LV42
  • Crobat (Flying/Poison) LV41
  • Magnezone (Electric/Steel) LV42

You think he’s the last Trainer? Oh, you sweet summer child… Barry is next, and he will approach you just a few steps up the road.

PMKN Trainer Barry

PMKN Trainer Barry
  • Staraptor (Normal/Flying) LV42
  • Snorlax (Normal) LV43
  • Hitmontop (Fighting) LV42
  • Empoleon (Water/Steel) LV43
  • Roserade (Grass/Poison) LV42

The Halfway House

The Halfway House

After your battle with Barry, you’ll reach this house (pictured above) which mercifully acts as a makeshift Pokemon Centre, complete with a small shop. Heal your team and stock up with everything you can afford as the cave entrance next door takes you into Sors Road.

Sors Road

The best way to think of Sors Road is like the second half of Route 14. The only real difference is that most of it is inside a cave, so every step can trigger a wild encounter. You’re probably used to it by now, but unless you want to be in here for the foreseeable future, use Repels! Sors Road is long and brutal.

There are dozens of strong Trainers along the way, and even though none stand out, they will wear you down and force you to dig deep into your supplies. Fortunately, the path is linear, so keep powering through the area, and you will reach Eclipse Square soon enough.

Eclipse Square

Eclipse Square

This final Tournament is difficult, no matter how much you’ve trained. How tough you’ll find the battles depends entirely on how much coverage your team has.

You’ll notice that most of your opponents’ Pokemon know the hardest-hitting moves of their type, like Hydro Pump and Brave Bird. Some of these moves have downsides but expect to need ‘Revives’ between battles. If you’re sadistic enough to be doing Nuzlocke, good luck!

Ec. Finalist Dawn

Ec. Finalist Dawn
  • Spiritomb (Ghost/Dark) LV45
  • Glaceon (Ice) LV45
  • Torterra (Grass/Ground) LV46
  • Lucario (Fighting/Steel) LV45
  • Honchkrow (Dark/Flying) LV45

Ec. Finalist Lucas

Ec. Finalist Lucas
  • Staraptor (Normal/Flying) LV46
  • Infernape (Fire/Fighting) LV47
  • Gyarados (Water/Flying) LV46
  • Porygon-Z (Normal) LV46
  • Leafeon (Grass) LV46

Use caution against Infernape as it’s quick and knows Grass Knot. This move is devastating and is a solid counter to any Water-types.

Ec. Finalist Valora

Ec. Finalist Valora
  • Clefable (Fairy) LV47
  • Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy) LV47
  • Ampharos (Electric) LV47
  • Primarina (Water/Fairy) LV48
  • Roserade (Grass/Poison) LV47

Ec. Finalist Frio

Ec. Finalist Frio
  • Talonflame (Flying/Fire) LV48
  • Eclipsed Garchomp (Dragon/Ground) LV49
  • Ferrothorn (Grass/Steel) LV48
  • Electivire Electric) LV48
  • Zoroark (Dark)
  • Swampert (Water/Ground) LV49

Unsurprisingly, Frio is no slouch! His Pokemon are powerful and will likely dwarf the level of your team. Eclipsed Garchomp hits harder than any legendary would and, just like its standard counterpart, will almost certainly go first each turn.

You’ve Not Won Just Yet!

You've Not Won Just Yet!
Surf west from this spot.

You’ve won the Tournament, but Siara are still at large. Siara have kidnapped Valora and want to trade her life for the Purple Gem. You’re told to Surf south from Route 4, but honestly, it’s west more than anything! You’ll be transported to Samurion City, head north into Route 4, and Surf west as soon as possible.

Divampa Cave

Divampa Cave is an odd place to navigate as there’s a giant hole you need to purposely fall down. There are also quite a few Trainers here. The quickest Route through the cave is to fall down the first large hole, then head directly east. You’ll quickly find Marie; unsurprisingly, it’s a trap! You’re taken hostage and placed in a holding cell on a Cargo Ship.

Siara Cargo Ship

Siara Cargo Ship

Fortunately, Frio has stowed on board and frees you. The only issue is your Pokemon and gear have been confiscated! When you regain control. Head east, then south, into the first available room. The item on the table is a set of keys that you can use to open the room next to the one you started in, and it contains all of your stuff.

The ship springs a leak at this point. Head back to the room you stole the keys from, then interact with the panel on the wall next to the door.

Now, you need to go to the hallway opposite the room you started in, but check inside the other rooms along the way for lots of free items! You’ll bump into Micah’s Sceptile along the way and then Micah himself when the ship stops.

Accessing Siara HQ

Accessing Siara HQ

Speak to Frio and Micah, then stand where I am (pictured above) to start the elevator. This will take you into Siara HQ and the game’s penultimate area.

Siara HQ

Your first objective is to rescue Valora. You need to head east, and if you’re anything like me, your heart will sink when you spot the teleporter on the ground. Don’t worry! These aren’t part of a puzzle; walk on to them to move between rooms. Wait for the Siara guards to leave, step into their room, and Valora is in the cell to the west.

After you’ve spoken to Valora, head back into the teleporter and then into the adjoining room. You’ll find the Siara grunts from earlier, and one will challenge you to a battle:

Siara Grunt

  • Skuntank (Poison/Dark) LV49
  • Hippowdon (Ground) LV49
  • Toxicroak (Poison/Fighting) LV49
  • Drapion (Poison/Dark) LV49

Make sure you pick up the Pokeball on the table; it contains Valora’s belongings and the key to her cell (how convenient!). Head back to Valora and let her out. When you free Valora, Flo will rush in to challenge you. This is her party:

Siara Admin Flo

  • Garbodor (Poison) LV49
  • Gliscor (Flying/Ground) LV49
  • Volcarona (Bug/Fire) LV49
  • Salazzle (Poison/Fire) LV49
  • Sceptile (Grass) LV50

Return to the entrance and go west to engage the next group of Siara grunts. Once you’ve cleared the area, you’ll have 2 teleporters to choose from. One to the north and the other to the southwest. Make sure you go north first, as there’s a Master Ball up for grabs!

When you go through the teleporter, you’ll land in a room with a Siara grunt to battle and 2 more teleporters to pick from. Take the left one followed by the right and finally, the bottom to reach the Machine Room. It seems everyone is here, and your party gets a free heal too! Marie and Flo leave the area whilst Harry attempts to delay your pursuit; this is his party:

Siara Admin Harry

  • Honchkrow (Dark/Flying) LV49
  • Shiftry (Grass/Dark) LV50
  • Lapras (Water/Ice) LV49
  • Zoroark (Dark) LV50
  • Eclipsed Vikavolt (Bug/Electric) LV51

After the battle, interact with the big machine at the top of the room and leave the HQ. Micah gives you a ‘Soul Dew’ to summon Latias. You need to battle with it, but whatever you do, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CAPTURE IT! Any ball you throw at it, even the Master Ball, will bounce off.

Latias (Dragon/Psychic) LV50

After the battle, you can now soar across Hupest on Latias! Your group wants to return the gems to their original resting places; as Solare Island is the furthest, that’s where you’re headed next.

Soaring 101

For now, you need to go to Solare Island, but once you’ve done that, you can use ‘Soar’ anywhere! Honestly, you can think of it like ‘Fly’ but with more steps! Whenever you want to Soar, select your HuPhone from the Key Items menu and choose ‘Soaring’. 

Solare Island Revisited

Solare Island Revisited

Head to the shrine (to the northeast) and place the Gem on the pedestal. A voice tells you to find a box hidden towards the north of the island. It’s easy to find! Leave the shrine, go west as far as possible, and then north into the clearing. Once you activate the box, you need to head to Jarro Town, so summon Latias when you’re ready to move.

Jarro Ruins Revisited (Hupestian Ruins)

Jarro Ruins Revisited (Hupestian Ruins)

When you’re ready, head to the ruins east of Jarro Town. This area is completely different from when you first visited and is full of Siara grunts. The path is straightforward, but as there’s a small army in the way, prepare for a long journey. If you’re feeling flashy, you can skip a few fights by dashing past when the grunts’ backs are turned!

The Final Showdown

It’s taken Siara a while to figure out that none of them can beat you on their own, so this time around, you’re challenged to a doubles battle:

Siara Admins Flo & Harry

Siara Admins Flo & Harry
  • Salazzle (Poison/Fire) LV52
  • Lapras (Water/Ice)LV52
  • Zoroark (Dark) LV52
  • Sceptile (Grass) LV52
  • Eclipsed Crobat (Flying/Poison) LV52
  • Eclipsed Vikavolt (Bug/Electric) LV52

This is an awkward fight if your team doesn’t work together. Focus on the basics and make sure you land those super-effective attacks. Don’t skimp on Full Restores either, as there are only a couple more after this battle! After the never-ending list of failed attempts to beat you, Marie takes you on herself. This is her team:

Siara Leader Marie

Siara Leader Marie
  • Eclipsed Unfezant (Normal/Flying) LV52 
  • Eclipsed Heracross (Bug/Fighting) LV53 
  • Eclipsed Houndoom (Dark/Fire) LV52
  • Eclipsed Milotic (Water) LV53
  • Eclipsed Solrock (Rock/Psychic) LV53
  • Eclipsed Haxorus (Dragon) LV54

This is another tough battle. Eclipsed or not, these Pokemon are still weak to the same types they were before (Milotic and Electric, for example). Haxorus is incredibly dangerous, but if any of your non-dragon-type Pokemon know a Dragon move, you’ll be laughing!

Eclactus - The Angel of destruction
You won’t find this one in the Pokedex!

Marie still manages to summon Eclactus, the angel of destruction. Frio intervenes and leaves you to fight it alone:

Eclactus, the angel of destruction - flighting

Eclactus (Type ???) LV65

You can’t catch Eclactus; you must take it down properly. The biggest problem here is Eclactus’ frankly ridiculous health pool and level. This is a long fight; for me, at least, this took several attempts and a lot of Max Revives. From what I can tell, no moves are particularly strong against Eclactus, so wear him down as best you can. Fortunately, it cannot heal, and you can keep reviving your team if needed!

When Eclactus falls, its threat to the world is over, and Siara’s plans are ultimately foiled. Marie hands herself to the police, and Siara completely disbands. For now, Asher’s saga is over!

Welcome to the hall of fame

Post Game Content

There is a short story section after the credits have rolled. At this point, you’ve beaten Pokemon SORS main story, but if you want that little bit extra, try and enter your house and Micah will stop by.

Another Villanous Threat

If you remember, Micah is the Colen region Champion and asks for your help. A shady group called Team Void have shown up, and as you’re such a strong Trainer, you’re perfect for the job! If you want to visit the Colen region, use the Metro from any station.

Chargy City

After a conversation between yourself, Micah and Looker (a police officer), Micah asks you to meet him at Bydan Town. It’s easy to get there; walk south into Colen Route 1 and follow the path.

Bydan Town

You only have a little to do here when you arrive, as the Lab is mostly sealed off, and the following Route is blocked. Micah asks you to return to Chargy City and meet him at the Power Plant. You can either walk back or Soar.

Where Is The Powerplant?

Like the sewers back in Sovio City, the Powerplant is built into Chargy City Metro Station. Enter the Metro, and it’s through to door to the south. 

Chargy City Powerplant

I’m not sure a young Pokemon Trainer is the best choice to deal with a hostage situation, but here we are! Team Void has taken hostages in the Powerplant, and you need to track down a Master Key in the area. There are several Team Void grunts to battle with teams of Pokemon in the low-mid 50s. 

Chargy City Powerplant

You have three Card Keys to find; the first is in this room. Just battle the grunts, and it’s by the feet of the third one. Card Keys B&C are both in smaller rooms. Their locations are marked by these small silver platforms where I’m standing (pictured above).

With all three keys in your possession, you can interact with the panel next to the electric fence to shut it down. Once you step over the threshold, you’ll be challenged by a Team Void Executive:

Team Void Executive

  • Rhyperior (Ground/Rock) LV54
  • Kingdra (Water/Dragon) LV55
  • Drapion (Poison/Dark) LV56

Micah tells you Team Void are bad news, but fortunately, these hostage takers aren’t ‘the‘ Team Void and don’t pose a threat. This short story with Micah ends rather abruptly, but since you’re in Colen, you may as well see what the region has to offer. Leave Chargy City via the west exit and into Colen Route 12

Colen Route 12

This is a surfing route but as there aren’t any trainers and the path is clearly laid out, follow it until you reach Col Mansion.

Col Mansion

You’ll meet a mysterious girl in the mansion who will teleport you across the region to Shoray City. This is a striking City covered in snow, but despite its size, there’s not much to do here besides visiting the nearby mountain. You can access it through the cave entrance to the northwest.

Mt. Disort

*You will need the Push Knuckle and Pickaxe to traverse the mountain. These are quest rewards.

Aside from the odd entry requirements, Mt. Disort is relatively small, and you’ll quickly reach the mountain peak. Still, it’s worth doing as guess who’s waiting up there. Micah, and this time, he’s holding nothing back!

C. Champion Micah

  • Aggron (Steel/Rock) LV66
  • Staraptor (Normal/Flying) LV64
  • Vikavolt (Bug/Electric) LV65
  • Garchomp (Dragon/Ground) LV68
  • Sceptile (Grass) LV72
  • Samurott (Water) LV70

Micah has a mighty team, and the constant hail storm can either work with or against you. At this point, your team should be able to take Micah down as long as you’re at a suitable level. It’s worth grinding the levels out for a sneak peek at the 3rd game in this fantastic Pokemon world!

C. Champion Micah

And that’s where Pokemon SORS ends. You may return for a few additional quests that open up and, of course, the Pokedex grind!


Below, you’ll find a list of quests in Pokemon SORS, including location, rewards and how to complete them.

The Missing Pidgey

Location: Route 1

Reward: Timer Ball

Walk to the end of Route 1 until you reach a fork in the road. Head South to retrieve the Pidgey and return it to the quest giver.

Find an Oval Stone

Location: Pokemon Day-Care

Reward: Egg containing Togepi

This quest is devious. You’re asked to catch a Happiny and retrieve the item it’s holding. The only problem is, Happiny have an absurdly low spawn rate of about 1%. Togepi is an awesome Pokemon, but you could be here for a while.

The Lost Toy

Location: Sovio City

Reward: Black Belt

The Pokemon Toy is deep in the sewers in the area with no lights. Run as far as you can West the moment you step into this area. Step inside when you reach a doorway, and the toy will be in front of you.

The Sick Spearow

The Sick Spearow

Location: Lighthouse in Azluf Town

Reward: EXP Share!

You need to go into Mt. Gerhana for this one, but you can only enter once you’ve beaten Round 1 of the Tournament. Once you’ve done that, climb the stairs immediately inside Mt. Gerhana’s entrance and follow the short path to the Remedy.

Retrieve The Opal

Location: Mt. Gerhana

Reward: Several Fossils

You’ll see Frio go down a ladder in a cutscene as soon as you enter the area. The Opal is on the ground just to the east of that.

Squirtle Reunion

Location: Samurion City

Reward: Itemfinder

Travel deep into Route 4 and across the bridge. You’ll eventually reach a fork in the path. Head south, and you’ll find a clearing full of Squirtles which will complete the quest.

Find The Missing Dynamite

Location: Route 6

Reward: Rocky Helmet

This one is pretty simple, follow the Route around, and you’ll see the item sitting on top of a patch of sand. Interestingly, this also triggers a fight with a Gible that you can catch.

Find Evy The Eevee

Location: Destino Mines

Reward: Evolution Stone Shop!

The missing Eevee is wandering around near the bridge on the 2nd floor and is absolutely worth taking back to the mine entrance! After you’ve returned Evy, the quest giver becomes an Evolution Stone vendor with a vast selection to choose from.

Find The Flowers

Find The Flowers

Location: Route 12

Reward: Macho Brace

You need to find 3 Flowers scattered around Route 12, and they are all in Pokeballs on the floor. The only one that may give you problems is the 2nd one. I’ve picked it up in the picture above, but it’s to the South-West by the entrance. Don’t worry about the sealed-off item right by the quest giver, as it’s optional.

Find The Lost Key

Find The Lost Key

Location: Galinor City

Reward: Push Knuckle

From Galinor City, head onto Route 11 and back across Galtino Bridge. Walk south as soon as possible, and you’ll find the Cargo Key on the ground. The Push Knuckle allows you to push some blocks around, and it works similarly to Strength in other Pokemon games.

Calm Down My Cubone

Calm Down My Cubone

Location: Jarro Town

Reward: Pickaxe

All you need to do is battle the Pokemon. It evolves into a Marowak when the battle starts and is LV30. You get the Pickaxe for winning, which you can use to smash rocks.

Useful Resources

Learning Pokemon types can be tricky, and many websites with this information don’t open so well on phones. This is the best I’ve found for a solid Pokedex.


Question: Why am I losing so many battles?

Answer: In Pokemon SORS, your opponents behave very differently from the mainline games and even most ROM hacks. Usually, your opponent will prioritise status ailments like Poison or attempt to de-buff you with moves like Roar. This means you need to exercise caution in every battle, and you’ll need to switch constantly through fights.

Question: Is Pokemon SORS buggy?

Answer: My own play-through is a minuscule sample size, but I barely noticed any bugs or glitches. The rare visual bug quickly corrected itself; the game ran flawlessly outside of that. Glitches can plague ROM hacks and fan-made games, but fortunately, they are not an issue here.

Question: Should I play Pokemon Saiph before Pokemon SORS?

Answer: You can, but in my opinion, you don’t need to. Pokemon SORS takes place after the events of Pokemon Saiph, but it’s mostly an enclosed story. The general consensus is that SORS is the superior title of the 2, so it’s a great place to start.

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