Pokemon Bushido Guide

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I like when Pokémon fangames leave the “10-year-old kid leaves his house, gets 8 Gym Badges, and gets to be the Champion” formula behind and create their own story, with their own rules.

It’s such a fresh thing to see as Pokémon, as a concept, has so much potential for creativity from a developer’s point of view.

title screen Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

That creativity is clear to see in Pokémon Bushido, a game developed by LuxDiablo and a team of devs who worked together to create an entry for a tournament.

Here, we don’t have Gyms, Badges, or a League; the game works around you, the protagonist, trying to save the world from the darkness.

An impressive thing about this game is that it was developed in around two months. LuxDiablo, Thundaga, and TristantineTheGreat did a fantastic job in a concise amount of time, and it’s fair to say it’s one of my favorite fangames because of its structure, narrative, and story.

Story Synopsis

Pokemon Bushido aisho
Image by Jesus Cruz

The game takes place in Aisho, a place ruled by several clans run under the government of the Shogun.

These clans go by the rules of Bushido, which keeps the peace in Aisho, except for a despicable clan named Akui Clan, founded by people rejected by the society and created on an island far from Aisho.

These guys pretend to submerge Aisho in a wave of darkness to end with all the clans as revenge; the members of the Akui Clan, even if they didn’t want it in the first place, are associated with darkness, and people like this got instantly rejected in Aisho.

In this game, you, the protagonist, are the son of the Royal Samurai, the Shogun’s strongest warrior.

Your objective was to become a Kenshi and be part of a Clan, but as the Akui Clan attacks Hagane City and the Shogun, your heritage gets in the way of your plans. Now, you must save Aisho from getting dominated by the darkness.

What’s New

  • Pokémon up to Gen 8
  • Beautiful graphics and design, with battle animations taken from Pokémon Reborn (so they are top-tier)
  • Scrolls replacing TMs, the Katana of Light replacing HMs
  • A beautiful story with excellent characters
  • New Music



The game starts with a sensei named Sukiro explaining the traditions of the Aisho region.

There are three clans that protect Aisho and keep it in harmony. The clans represent the three elemental types, Grass (Komorei), Water (Shimizu), and Fire (Nensho). As the protagonist, you have to choose which clan you’ll join. But first, you must choose your gender and your name, as usual.

the three protector clans Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

Chapter 1: Honor Lessons

Pokemon Bushido honor lessons
Image by Jesus Cruz

Here’s when you’ll meet your sensei, Sukiro, and your soon-to-be rival and friend, Akane. Both graduated from Sukiro’s school and will officially become Kenshi, warriors of one of the three clans I mentioned early. Congrats!

Pokemon Bushido becoming kenshi
Image by Jesus Cruz

But first, Sukiro will ask you a couple of questions and then will borrow you a Pokémon to have a battle. This battle works more as a tutorial-like battle than a challenge; you’ll have three Pokémon, and Sukiro will have Pokémon that are weak against yours. Easy business.

As you win, Sukiro will encourage you to go to the Kenshi Tournament in Hagane City, but first, he has a gift for you, so you have to meet him at Nagisa Bay, southeast of the Dojo.

Your First Pokémon

Sukiro is waiting for you in Nagisa Bay. He’s willing to give you a Pokémon, so you can hit the ground running.

Akane is a member of the Hashimoto Family, so she already has a Darumaka (How can I be part of the family? Darumaka is so cool!), so there’s a bit of pressure on making a wise choice.

There are three options: Treecko, Oshawott, and Fennekin. The three are very offensive Pokémon that can learn great moves and will undoubtedly be protagonists of your adventure, so this decision is up to you.

the starters Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

After choosing, Sukiro will also give you Healing Jams (Potions), Poké Balls, and a recommendation letter to endorse you to be part of the Kenshi Tournament. Now, go to your Aunt’s house (the only one in the hills).

Here, your aunt will give you the map, the journal (which works as a Pokédex), the Ryo’s Charm (which works as the Exp. Share), and some berries. Your first destination is Hagane City to get to the Initiation Tournament.

First Battle against Akane

Akane will be waiting for you near the first bridge. She wants a battle, so it’s time to have your first real challenge. This is Akane’s team:

Darumaka (Fire), Lvl. 4

vs akane Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

Akane has a trick; she’ll increase Darumaka’s Attack before starting the battle, and this is dangerous, considering Darumaka is an offensive beast. It’s easy to take down with Oshawott, but it’ll take you some extra time if you picked Fennekin or Treecko.

Jikan Shrine and Celebi

Pokemon Bushido celebi
Image by Jesus Cruz

You’ll find a beautiful shrine named Jikan Shrine midway through the path to Hagane City. Here, Celebi will appear and has a memory to show you.

In this memory, you can see Ryo, your father, who got assigned to a mission on Yami Island, but as he arrived there, he got ambushed and defeated.

After that, two Akui Clan members will appear, trying to snag Celebi, and you’ll have to battle against them. These are their teams:

Akui Kenshi 1

  • Sandile (Ground), Lvl. 7
  • Shadow Poochyena, Lvl. 8

I’ll use this battle to explain how the Shadow Pokémon work. Their moves are effective against all of your Pokémon, and none of your moves will deal extra damage to them.

So, most of the time, you’ll easily beat them by sending them to sleep or paralyze them and then going fully offensive with your strongest moves.   Do that against all the Shadow Pokémon!

Akui Kenshi 2

  • Toxel (Poison/Electric),  Lvl. 7
  • Shadow Nickit, Lvl. 8

After winning both battles, Celebi will give you a rusty katana and leave. Thanks, I guess?

Now, head back to Hagane Pass to reach Hagane City.

Hagane City and the Tournament

nagane city Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

Welcome to Hagane City! This place is immense, so I recommend you explore it; you’ll find a lot of excellent goods! After that, head to the Shogun Tower whenever you are ready.

Pokemon Bushido shogun tower
Image by Jesus Cruz

The Tournament is simple, yet there’s a lot at stake, as the leaders of the three most prominent clans are here as spectators. You’ll have three battles in this tournament:

Kayoko Sawaki

vs kayoko Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

This is Kayoko’s team:

  • Carvanha (Water/Dark), Lvl. 11
  • Timburr (Fighting), Lvl. 12
  • Tynamo (Electric), Lvl. 13

Carvanha is fragile; it hits hard but can’t resist almost anything. Any strong Physical move should be enough. Timburr is weak to Fairy-type moves, but if you haven’t a Fairy-type Pokémon, use your starter’s best move.

Tynamo is problematic as its Special Defense and Attack will increase as soon as it hits the field. Go with Physical moves, like Scratch or Tackle, instead of Special moves. It’ll hit very hard, so having more than one Pokémon for this battle is a must.

Tsuku Shinobu

Pokemon Bushido vs tsuku
Image by Jesus Cruz

The next round is against Tsuku Shinobu, a member of the Komorei clan. This is Tsuku’s team:

  • Spewpa (Bug), Lvl. 13
  • Sewaddle (Bug/Grass), Lvl. 13
  • Nincada (Bug), Lvl. 14

This is an easy battle if you have a Fire-type Pokémon. Otherwise, I recommend decreasing Spewpa’s Defenses before attacking it and using your best Pokémon against Sewaddle, as it isn’t strong at all.

Nincada, on the other hand, will get its Defense and Special Defense sharply increased, so you should decrease its Defense before attacking.

Second Battle against Akane

vs akane tournament good Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

It was obvious both of you would be battling on the Tournament’s final. This is Akane’s team:

  • Fletchling (Normal/Flying), Lvl. 14
  • Togepi (Fairy), Lvl. 14
  • Darumaka (Fire), Lvl. 15

As the battle starts, Fletchling will burn your first Pokémon. There’s no way to avoid this, and there’s nothing you can buy before the battle to prevent it, so you’ll have to play against the odds. Fletchling hits very hard with Peck, so you must also be fully offensive against it.

Lastly, Darumaka. You should go with your best shot and hope for it to fail its moves, as Darumaka has an ability named Hustle, which makes it hit harder, but in exchange, it’ll have a bad Precision.

After winning, every Kenshi will get assigned to a clan. Akane got assigned to Nensho Clan, as she is strong as Fire, but Musharna, the one in charge of the assignations, has some problems with you, as it doesn’t detect your affinity.

clan assignment Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

Akui Clan Raid

akui raiding the shogun tower Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

The ritual gets interrupted by the Akui Clan, who starts a raid on the Shogun Tower. Their objective is to steal Pokémon and corrupt them into Shadow Pokémon. Suddenly, your rusty Katana starts to glow.

The Shogun looks at it and says that this is the mythical Katana of Light, which lets you catch Shadow Pokémon from their trainers and can purify them. With that in mind, you’ll battle against an Akui Kenshi.

This is the Akui Kenshi’s team:

  • Toxel (Electric/Poison), Lvl. 14
  • Gible (Dragon/Ground), Lvl. 15
  • Shadow Nickit, Lvl. 15

The battle is pretty much like the one in the shrine, and it works as a tutorial on how to catch Shadow Pokémon.

You’ll be doing this a lot, so this is important. Also, the rusty katana changed into the Katana of Light, which heals your Pokémon outside the battles and can illuminate dark caves like a flashlight!

After the battle, you’ll meet one of the admins of the Akui Clan, Mashiro Mato. She’ll send a shadow pulse on the room, corrupting and stealing Akane’s Darumaka. Then, they’ll leave.

mashiro Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

As the Shogun sees that you have the Katana of Light, he’ll assign you to a mission, pretty much like he did with your father (and that’s why he’s missing, why are we trusting this guy?).

The mission will be to travel through Aisho to complete your training and become a strong Kenshi, so you can save your father and stop the Akui Clan.

After accepting, your first mission will be going to Tsuchi Village, home to the Komorei Clan!

Chapter 2: Leadership and Dishonor

Pokemon Bushido chapter 2
Image by Jesus Cruz

To reach the Tsuchi Village, you must go directly to the south. It’s a long path, so try to get supplies like Healing Jams and Poké Balls before departing Hagane City!

By the way, you can find Munchlax on the route that comes after Hagane City. It evolves into Snorlax, probably the best Pokémon to beat this game. You can evolve it by giving it the Soothe Bell (You can find it in Tsuchi Village) and having it on your first team slot.

Tsuchi Village

tsuchi village Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

Welcome to Tsuchi Village! First, explore the village, talk with everybody, and then go to the Dojo and talk with the guard. He’ll tell you you must gather five Tsuchi Leaves to access the Dojo. These leaves are:

  • Next to the hot springs
  • In a small hallway in front of the library
  • In the library
  • In front of the house next to the shrine’s entrance
  • In the Pokémart.

After that, talk with the guard of the Dojo; he’ll tell you to go to the shrine, so that’s what you must do.

Shadow Virizion

shadow virizion Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

The Akui Clan is inside the shrine, trying to summon Virizion only to convert it into a Shadow Pokémon. Thankfully, Harumi and her Komorei Clan will appear, so both clans will play hide and seek while you get in charge of the Shadow Virizion.

You can’t catch Virizion; you must take it down. As the battle starts, it’ll increase its Defense and Special Defense and decrease its Attack and Special Attack. As I said, the only reliable way to deal with Shadow Pokémon is by being fully offensive against them.

After winning, pray in the shrine to strengthen your Katana of Light, and head out. A Komorei Kenshi will intercept you, asking for some help. As it seems, the Akui Clan is stronger than any other Kenshi of the village, so it’s time for you to get into action.

First Battle against Mashiro

vs mashiro Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

Mashiro will challenge you to a battle. This is her team:

  • Kirlia (Psychic/Fairy), Lvl. 25
  • Inkay (Dark/Psychic), Lvl. 25
  • Espeon (Psychic), Lvl. 25
  • Liepard (Dark), Lvl. 26
  • Steenee (Grass), Lvl. 26
  • Shadow Ninetales, Lvl. 27

As the battle starts, Mashiro will set some Toxic Spikes on the field, severely poisoning your Pokémon whenever you switch them. It’ll also poison your first Pokémon in the field. If you have a Poison-type Pokémon, you can send it to the field, and it’ll remove the Toxic Spikes.

Kirlia is weak to Poison-type moves, and Inkay is weak against Fairy-type moves. They aren’t hard to take down. The problems arise when Espeon hits the field, as it hits very hard with Psybeam and Swift. As a Psychic-type Pokémon, it is weak to Dark-type moves, like Bite.

Liepard has Assurance and Torment. Torment won’t let you use the same move twice in a row, so you must carefully choose your moves against it. It is weak to Fairy and Bug-type moves, so that’s a great way to attack it. Steenee hits hard, but it’s not a big issue. A single Fire-type move can take it down.

Lastly, Shadow Ninetales. Before attacking, Mashiro will let you know you can’t steal her Pokémon and will also freeze your current active Pokémon. Two unfortunate things, that’s for sure.

This Ninetales has Disable and Shadow Hold. Disable will prevent you from using the last move you used, and Shadow Hold will keep you in the field.

If you still have all your Pokémon with you, the best bet is to hit it with your best moves. Try to use a Pokémon that can sleep Ninetales, and you’ll have the upper hand!

As you win, Mashiro will try to steal your Pokémon, but Harumi will react, trapping Mashiro and sending her to Hagane City. Great job!

Battle vs. Harumi

Pokemon Bushido vs harumi
Image by Jesus Cruz

Harumi invites you to her Dojo, so it’s time to challenge her! Let’s get straight into the battle against her. This is Harumi’s team:

  • Servine (Grass), Lvl. 27
  • Ludicolo (Grass/Water), Lvl. 27
  • Victreebel (Grass/Poison), Lvl. 29
  • Breloom (Grass/Fighting), Lvl. 28
  • Roserade (Grass/Poison), Lvl. 28
  • Cherrim (Grass), Lvl. 29

Servine is easy to take down with Flying or Fire-types as it only has Grass-type moves. On the other hand, Ludicolo covers itself with Water Gun, but it’s still susceptible to Flying-type moves.

Breloom is 4x weak to Flying-type moves, making it way less problematic than it is. It is also weak to Psychic-type moves, by the way.

Victreebel and Roserade are Harumi’s strongest Pokemon; both are fast and hit very hard. A chunky Pokémon is recommended; you have options like Snorlax or Galarian Slowpoke to do this. Both are weak to Psychic-type moves; that’s a way to attack them.

Cherrim will enter the field, while Harumi will invoke a Harsh Sunlight. This will change Cherrim’s form, making it have better stats. It also has Growth, which increases its Attack and Special Attack and deals damage with Magical Leaf.

It’s not a problem if you still have your Fire or Flying-type available, but if this isn’t the case, you can try to decrease its Defense so you can damage it.

After winning, Harumi will give you the Scroll 88, Grassy Terrain, and will teach you the skill that will let you break through rocks. Your next destination is Hanatsu Village, as you must visit the third Shrine to strengthen your Katana of Light.

Before travelling there, Tsuku will intercept you. She says she knows how to heal Shadow Pokémon, so you’ll get a tutorial on how to heal Shadow Pokémon and a cute date in the shrine, both at the same time!

Battle vs. Tsuku in the Shrine

Well, it wasn’t only a date but also a friendly battle! This is Tsuku’s team:

  • Vivillion (Bug/Flying), Lvl. 27
  • Snom (Bug/Ice), Lvl. 27
  • Leavanny (Bug/Grass), Lvl. 27
  • Ninjask (Bug/Flying), Lvl. 28

There’s not much to point out about this battle; your Pokémon should be at a way higher level than hers at this point.

Chapter 3: Battle For Hanatsium

Pokemon Bushido chapter 3
Image by Jesus Cruz

It’s finally time to head to Hanatsu Village. To get there, return to Hagane City and then head north. You’ll see some caverns you must cross!

Jonetsu Pass

Before reaching Hanatsu Village, you must go through the Jonetsu Pass. There’s not much here aside from many objects, the Rock Tomb Scroll (Next to the Akui Kenshi you’ll find there), and the Bulldoze Scroll (a great Ground-type move that helps you deal with Electric-type Pokémon).

And, in the end, a Kimono Girl will gift you a Rockruff with Own Tempo, which will let it evolve into Dusk Lycanroc!

  • Third Battle Against Akane
Pokemon Bushido vs akane jonetsu pass
Image by Jesus Cruz

Akane is part of the Hensho Clan, as you might remember. Well, she’s near there and wants to battle with you! This is Akane’s team:

  • Talonflame (Fire/Flying), Lvl. 35
  • Togekiss (Fairy/Flying), Lvl. 35
  • Gastrodon (Ground/Water), Lvl. 35
  • Coalossal (Rock/Fire), Lvl. 37

If you have one, put your Rock-type user in the first slot of your team, as Akane will use a Katana skill that will trap your first Pokémon into a fire vortex, and you can’t switch it. Rock-type moves are 4x effective against Talonflame!

Togekiss has Heat Wave, so be careful attacking it with Steel-types. If you have an Electric-type move, attack it with it. Gastrodon has Yawn and can sleep your Pokémon, and it also has Earth Power, but it’s nothing you can’t deal with. It is 4x weak to Grass-type moves.

Coalossal is Akane’s strongest Pokémon. As it hits the field, it’ll increase its Attack and Speed and set Sunlight, decreasing Water-type moves’ damage.

The best way to attack it is with Fighting-type moves. It is 4x weak to Ground-types, but it has Solar Beam, a Grass-type move that deals much damage. It can use it on every turn because of the Sunlight, so you can wait for it to end or just choose another way to attack it.

Hanatsu Village

Pokemon Bushido hanatsu village
Image by Jesus Cruz

Welcome to Hanatsu Village! Here’s where you can find the Galarica Cuff or the Galarica Wreath if you have a Galarian Slowpoke and want to evolve it! There’s not much aside from that, so head directly to the Dojo, as Akane is waiting for you there.

You can’t access the Dojo yet; to get access, you need to find five Hensho Leaves, exactly like in Tsuchi Village. Here are the leaves’ locations:

  • Next to an altar in front of a house
  • Inside the Pokémart
  • Next to the entrance’s staircase, where a Greedent is eating some berries
  • Inside the Hot Springs
  • Behind the Hot Springs, next to a house

Now, head to the Dojo. Akane is there, guarding the door, when a Kenshi rushes out and tells Akane that Mr. Nori just watched some Akui Clan Kenshis raiding the shrine. It’s time to go there and help Mr. Nori! The Shrine is inside the cave next to the Dojo.

You’ll see Nori and a masked man arguing as you get inside. This masked man is Hotoke, and he’ll be relevant later. Nori asks you to go to the mine, as the Hanatsium you can find there is very compatible with the Shadow Pokémon, and the Akui Clan is behind it.

a masked man Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

Hanatsu Mines

akane and you in the mines Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

Here, you’ll see Akane, and she’ll team up with you to stop the Akui Clan from stealing the Hanatsium. There are a couple of battles here, but Akane is too strong that she can sweep them all by herself; it’s not a big issue.

Pokemon Bushido akui kenshi to steal hanatsium
Image by Jesus Cruz

This cave has mines you can use indefinitely. It’s a great way to grind Evolution Stones and rare items to sell for a great price!

Shadow Terrakion

Pokemon Bushido shadow terrakion
Image by Jesus Cruz

After kicking the Akui Kenshis out of the mines, you must head back to the shrine; It’s time to help Nori.

There, you’ll see him getting trapped by some Akui Kenshis and Hotoke summoning Terrakion only to corrupt its soul. Now, Shadow Terrakion will wreak havoc on Hanatsu Village, and you must stop it!

Shadow Terrakion is Level 40 and hits very hard with Shadow Break and Shadow Blast, effective moves against all your Pokémon. You’ll need chunky Pokémon to confront Terrakion to tank its damage. It’s better than trying to be offensive, as Terrakion will be faster than your Pokémon.


vs hotoke Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

As you win, you’ll cross your face with Hotoke, who was trying to leave the place as Nori beat him up. Hotoke will try to fight for his freedom, and Nori will try to catch him, but both are worn out and unable to fight.

Conveniently for Hotoke, an Akui Kenshi will appear, so you’ll team up with Nori for a double battle. This is their team:

  • Conkeldurr (Fighting), Lvl. 39
  • Liepard (Dark), Lvl. 39
  • Gallade (Psychic/Fighting), Lvl. 40
  • Shadow Golisopod, Lvl. 41
  • Salazzle (Poison/Fire), Lvl. 41
  • Crustle (Bug/Rock), Lvl. 39
  • Crabominable (Ice/Fighting), Lvl. 39
  • Steelix (Steel/Ground), Lvl. 40
  • Galarian Slowking (Psychic/Poison), Lvl. 40

Yes, that’s a long list of Pokémon, but don’t worry, after Shadow Golisopod, it’ll be a 2v1 with you and Nori landing hits on Crustle, Crabominable, Steelix and Slowking. After winning, Nori will invite you to his Dojo to have a battle against him.

Battle vs. Nori

Pokemon Bushido vs nori
Image by Jesus Cruz

Let’s get straight into business. This is Nori’s team:

  • Centiskorch (Fire/Bug), Lvl. 39
  • Pupitar (Rock/Ground), Lvl. 40
  • Salazzle (Fire/Poison), Lvl. 41
  • Hakamo-o (Dragon/Fighting), Lvl. 41
  • Blissey (Normal), Lvl. 40
  • Volcarona (Fire/Bug), Lvl. 42

My first tip is to equip your first Pokémon with a Rawst Berry, as Nori will start the battle by burning your first Pokémon. Centiskorch isn’t very problematic, as your Pokémon should be at a very higher level.

I recommend using Flying-types as Nori will set a Sunlight, decreasing the damage of Water-type moves to half.

Pupitar is weak overall; it hasn’t evolved into Tyranitar yet, so there’s nothing to worry about. It is 4x weak to Grass-type moves. Salazzle is another easy Pokémon to take down, as it’s 4x weak to Ground-type moves. Hakamo-o also has the same problem but against Fairy-type moves.

Blissey is very tanky as it has a lot of HP. Fighting-types are good against it, as it’s its only weakness, but it has a great Defense and can tank the damage properly. It’ll also heal itself with a move named Soft-Boiled.

Other than that, it doesn’t have a sound offensive output, so taking it down is just a matter of time.

And finally, a real challenge, Volcarona. As soon as Volcarona hits the field, Nori will burn your Pokémon and harshly decrease your Pokémon’s Defense, Special Defense and Speed.

Volcarona is 4x weak to Rock-type moves, but be aware that it can take you a couple of turns to take it down as it is very chunky and can heal itself with Roost.

As you win, Nori will teach you the Water Walking technique, so you can now walk on water. Now, go to the Hanatsu Shrine and pray to finish the chapter.

Chapter 4: Ice-Cold Heart

Pokemon Bushido chapter 4
Image by Jesus Cruz

Your next destination is Izumi Village. To get there, you must return to Hagane City and go to the west. This will take you to Chikyu Village, a place you must visit first. Let’s go!

Kaiyo Sea

There’s not much to mention here, but if you are looking for a reliable Grass-type to deal with Water-types, Ludicolo is an excellent option.

It’s powerful under the rain, can cover its weaknesses to Fire-types, and it’s tanky! Ludicolo appears exactly in this place. You only have a chance to catch it, so it’s better to save your game before trying.

Pokemon Bushido ludicolo
Image by Jesus Cruz

Chikyu Village

Pokemon Bushido chikyu village
Image by Jesus Cruz

Welcome to Chikyu Village! There are many things here, such as the Name Rater to change your Pokémon’s nicknames and the Move Relearner, which can teach your Pokémon moves that they should have learnt before or forgot. You can also revive fossils here!

If you go to the store, you can find the mints, which can change your Pokémon’s Nature. There’s also a guy who sells the Thunder Punch Scroll. It’s a good move to deal with Water-type Pokémon.

To continue, go through the tunnel in the middle of the Village and advance. You’ll eventually get to Fubuki Bay, a snowy yet beautiful place! Here, you can find great Pokémon such as Avalugg, Galarian Mr. Mime, and Swinub, which can evolve into Mamoswine, an Ice/Ground-type beast.

fubuki bay Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

Izumi Village

Pokemon Bushido izumi village
Image by Jesus Cruz

Welcome to Izumi Village! The first thing you’ll see here is Kayoko. Even though she got selected to be part of the Akui Clan, she’s against it. She heard that the Akui Clan was planning to come here, and she’ll ask you for help as she sees you arriving at the Village. She’ll be waiting for you in the Shrine.

But first, I recommend you get inside the Pokémart, as there’s a guy selling notes, which work like the Scrolls, but you can only use them once.

The guy has excellent moves such as Psychic, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Stealth Rocks, etc. Pretty recommended to give the final touches to your team. Now, head to the Shrine!

Vs. Kuro

kuro Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

Kayoko will tell you that Kuro, the strongest Akui Clan’s Admin, is summoning Cobalion. As you confront Kuro, he’ll use his Obstagoon to tackle you. Hey, that’s against the rules!

You’ll wake up, and after the usual evil monologue, Mai Hitomu, the leader of the Shimizu Clan, will appear to stop Kuro.

The cowardly lad will run to a nearby cave on the right side of the island. This place is known as the Hikari Cave, and to enter, you must solve three puzzles. Here are the solutions:

virizion puzzle Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz
Pokemon Bushido cobalion puzzle
Image by Jesus Cruz
Pokemon Bushido terrakion puzzle
Image by Jesus Cruz

What’s the price for completing the puzzles? A battle against Kuro!

vs kuro Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

Here’s his team:

  • Pangoro (Fighting/Dark), Lvl. 52
  • Salamence (Dragon/Flying), Lvl. 52
  • Incineroar (Fire/Dark), Lvl. 53
  • Obstagoon (Dark/Normal), Lvl. 53
  • Gallade (Psychic/Fighting), Lvl. 53
  • Shadow Hydreigon, Lvl. 54

Even though it’s a great idea to lead your team with a Flying-type Pokémon, Kuro will send your first Pokémon to sleep with his Tranquilizer Kunai, so I recommend using any other Pokémon as a lead and then switching it into a Flying-type Pokémon.

About Pangoro, it’ll use Swords Dance and Bullet Punch, which protects him against Fairy-types. After defeating Pangoro, Kuro will burn your next Pokémon.

As Salamence hits the field, it’ll increase its Attack and Special Attack and decrease its Defense and Special Defense, making it way easier to take it down than you might think. You just need a Pokémon that you know it’ll outspeed Salamence, hit it with its best shot, and that’s it!

Incineroar is weak to many things; Ground, Rock, Water, Fighting, and Fairy-type moves can easily take it down. You have many options; don’t send a Psychic-type to the field!

Next up is Obstagoon, which is 4x weak to Fighting-type moves. Nonetheless, Obstagoon has Flame Orb as its item and Guts as its ability. A Pokémon with Guts will land powerful hits, but only if it’s affected by a Status Condition, such as Poisoning or Burning.

It also has Close Combat, which can potentially sweep anything in its path. Your best bet is to use a Fairy-type that can outspeed it or a Flying-type that can resist its damage. If you manage to survive one of its Close Combats, you’ll take it down, as Close Combat will decrease its Defenses.

The same goes for Gallade, which will also use Close Combat. Gallade is especially weak against Bug and Flying-type moves!

Lastly, Shadow Hydragon. Kuro will force it to do a Berserker Dance, increasing its attack. As always against Shadow Pokémon, you must go fully offensive and hit it with your best shots.

As you win, Kuro will do a tantrum big enough to use Hydreigon’s Draco Meteor to try to kill you. Fortunately, Kayoko was there, and she helped you at the last second. Now, head to the Shrine, but first, use the Katana to heal your Pokémon. You’ll need them fit for the upcoming battle!

Shadow Cobalion

shadow cobalion Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

Kuro managed to beat Mai, summoned Cobalion, and converted it into Shadow Cobalion. You’ll have to battle against it to free its soul!

As the battle starts, Cobalion will increase its Defense and decrease its Attack stats, so you must know this will be a long battle. Cobalion will be at Level 55, with Shadow Rush as its main attack.

After winning, Kuro will run away again, and Mai will invite you to her Dojo. But first, you must return to Izumi Village and collect the five Izumi Leaves that will let you enter the Dojo. The leaves are:

  • Next to the house in front of the Izumi Pass entrance
  • Next to the well
  • Next to the small shrine where a Kimono Girl is praying
  • At the entrance of the village
  • Inside the Hot Springs building

Now, on to the battle against Mai!

Battle vs. Mai

vs mai Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

You are only one step away from being able to go and face Akui Clan. That step is defeating Mai, so this is her team:

  • Milotic (Water), Lvl. 55
  • Kingdra (Water/Dragon), Lvl. 56
  • Gyarados (Water/Flying), Lvl. 56
  • Cloyster (Water/Ice), Lvl. 56
  • Vaporeon (Water), Lvl. 56
  • Greninja (Water/Dark), Lvl. 57

The battle starts with Milotic. Mai will increase its Defense and Special Defense, so taking it down will be a bit torturous. Electric and Grass-type moves are effective against it, but Grass isn’t recommended as it has Ice Beam.

Kingdra is the reason why you must have a Fairy-type in your team. It has Iron Head, but it won’t kill your Fairy-type, but if you don’t want to be risky, you can hit it with any other Pokémon, then switch for your Fairy-type so it can end the job.

Gyarados can’t resist an Electric-type move, so that’s what you must do against it. Don’t worry; it has nothing to counter its weakness to Electric-types.

You can also use Electric-type moves against Cloyster, but it’s better to knock it out with Fighting-type moves. Try to kill it as soon as possible, as it has Explosion, a move that will make Cloyster faint but will take your Pokémon down as well.

Vaporeon is more a pest than a problem as it has the Wish + Protect combo, which will heal all the damage you deal to it. Keep hitting it, and you’ll take it down. You can also try to Sleep it.

And lastly, Greninja isn’t a problem because it doesn’t have a good move set. It has Extrasensory, which can make your Pokémon flinch, and has Gunk Shot, which will protect it from Fairy-types, but that’s pretty much it. An Electric-type move can take it down easily.

Vs. Kayoko in Izumi Village

Pokemon Bushido vs kayoko izumi
Image by Jesus Cruz

After winning, you can continue. As you leave the building, Kayoko will want to battle against you. Even though I’m not a fan of battling shortly after an important event, Kayoko offers an exciting battle, and she’ll heal your Pokémon!

This is Kayoko’s team:

  • Masquerain (Bug/Flying), Lvl. 56
  • Medicham (Fighting/Psychic), Lvl. 56
  • Sharpedo (Water/Dark), Lvl. 57
  • Sylveon (Fairy), Lvl. 57
  • Eelektross (Electric), Lvl. 57

That Masquerain is a big problem as Kayoko will increase its Attack and Special Attack. It resists much damage and can take half of your team down. Lead your battle with an Electric-type Pokémon as it has Hydro Pump and can quickly sweep any Fire-type.

After that, the rest of her team is easy to take down; Medicham is weak to Fairy-type moves, Sharpedo is as fragile as a house of cards, so you can take it down with any strong move, Sylveon is weak to Steel-type moves and can’t do anything against them.

Although Eelektross has no weaknesses because of its ability, Levitate, it isn’t the best defensive Pokémon ever, and it’ll use Superpower, a move that will constantly decrease its Defense. Eventually, it’ll fall with a single Physical hit.

After winning, you’ll get instantly TP’d to Hagane City to meet with the Shogun. You are ready to travel to Yami Island to rescue your father and end with the Akui Clan once and for all!

Now, go to the Jikan Shrine (where you met Celebi) for a last training session with Sukiro.

Vs. Sukiro

Pokemon Bushido vs sukiro in the shrine
Image by Jesus Cruz

You’ll have to prove to Sukiro that you are worth enough to use the final form of the Katana of Light, and you’ll do that with a battle against him. This is his team:

  • Lycanroc (Rock), Lvl. 57
  • Sirfetch’d (Fighting), Lvl. 59
  • Magcargo (Fire/Rock), Lvl. 57
  • Gorebyss (Water), Lvl. 58
  • Talonflame (Fire/Flying), Lvl. 58

This one is a straightforward battle, as Sukiro won’t use any weird effect to mess with your Pokémon; it’s the purest battle you’ll have in this adventure!

Lycanroc is weak to Water, Grass, and Fighting-type moves, Sirfetch’d can’t resist Flying-types, Magcargo is 4x weak to Water-type moves, Gorebyss is just weak overall, and Talonflame is 4x weak to Rock-type moves.

As you win, pray in the Jikan Shrine, and your Katana of Light will be fully restored. Now, there’s nothing that can stop you!

Chapter 5: Home of the Shadows

chapter 5 home of the shadows Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

You are about to end with Akui Clan and rescue your father. But first, you must reach Ezo Village, your hometown, and then go to Nagisa Bay. It’s time to travel to Yami Island!

There’s an evil fog blocking the path, but thanks to the last training session with Sukiro, your Katana can pave the way for you to reach Yami Island. But first, you must cross Yami Pass. Yami Pass is raided with Akui Kenshis, so you’ll face a lot of Shadow Pokémon here.

Yami Island

Pokemon Bushido yami island
Image by Jesus Cruz

Welcome to Yami Island! It’s not the most pleasant place to live, and I’m pretty sure the purple fog mess up the value of the flats of the place!

Thankfully, Sukiro and Akane arrived. Akane has her mission (rescuing her Darumaka), so you won’t know much about her for now, but Sukiro brought a lot of items you can buy, so stack yourself up and start exploring the island! You need to gather five keys to open the doors of the Dojo.

Gathering the keys here isn’t complicated; you’ll get access to Akui’s Library, the island’s eastmost building. This library has a hidden switch in the bookshelves you must find and use. Almost all the keys are there except for a key you can find in the basement of the first building you see as you arrive on the island.

Akui Dojo

The Dojo’s upper floors are blocked by will-o-wisps, so the only way to go is through the basement.

Akane will be with you, looking for her Darumaka, while you find your father, Ryo. You need a key to free him; you’ll find it guarded by even more Akui Kenshis on the floor underneath the prison. At least they are excellent for grinding extra EXP!

Pokemon Bushido dada
Image by Jesus Cruz

The key is easy to find, as you only need to battle against two Akui Kenshis. Now that you have the key, as a thank you, Ryo will upgrade your Katana, so now you can remove all of those mystical fires blocking the stairs to the rest of the Dojo.

You’ll also free Akane’s Darumaka, which evolved into Darmanitan but needs to be purified. This will be a problem you must solve at the post-game!

darmanitan and akane Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

All the crew will return to where Sukiro was camping, and Ryo finally reveals that the Akui Clan plans to free a dark fog on all Aisho Region. I’m sure that fog will make all of the properties in Aisho lose their value!

Now, get back to the Dojo and go to the lower floor; you’ll see a Pokémon trapped in jail and a Master Ball. Pick the Master Ball, which you’ll need for the post-game, and continue.

Pokemon Bushido master ball
Image by Jesus Cruz

Vs. Mashiro

Pokemon Bushido mashiro in her dojo
Image by Jesus Cruz

The first important battle you’ll have in the tower is against Mashiro. This will be her team:

  • Tsareena (Grass), Lvl. 64
  • Liepard (Dark), Lvl. 65
  • Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy), Lvl. 64
  • Malamar (Dark/Psychic), Lvl. 65
  • Espeon (Psychic), Lvl. 65
  • Shadow Ninetales, Lvl. 66

As the battle starts, Mashiro will set Toxic Spikes. Thankfully, a Poison-type Pokémon can absorb the Spikes, removing them from the field. Talking about Poison-types, Tsareena is weak to Poison-type moves!

Liepard will have Play Rough to cover its weakness to Fighting-types, but you can opt for attacking it with Bug or Fairy-type moves. At this point, Mashiro will freeze your active Pokémon and set Sunlight, which you can use to land powerful Fire-type moves.

Gardevoir is weak to Steel, Poison, and Ghost-type moves. Malamar also won’t handle a Fairy-type move, as it’s defensively weak, and Espeon is stupidly weak, as it doesn’t have anything to hit Dark-types.

Lastly, Shadow Ninetales. As always, the strat against these is to send them to sleep or paralyze them. You should do it quickly, as Mashiro can increase Ninetales’ stats, making it a very dangerous Pokémon.

Vs. Hotoke

Pokemon Bushido vs hotoke in the dojo
Image by Jesus Cruz

The second battle will be against Hotoke. This is his team:

  • Conkeldurr (Fighting), Lvl. 63
  • Crabominable (Ice/Fighting), Lvl. 63
  • Steelix (Steel/Ground), Lvl. 64
  • Crustle (Rock/Bug), Lvl. 64
  • Galarian Slowking (Poison/Psychic), Lvl. 64
  • Shadow Golisopod, Lvl. 65

Hotoke will burn your first Pokémon as the battle starts. You can set a Fire-type as your lead to absorb the burn, or you can send any Pokémon that isn’t the one you’ll use to defeat Conkeldurr. It’s up to you. Conkeldurr is weak to Flying-type moves.

After defeating Conkeldurr, Hotoke will burn your active Pokémon (Again) and drastically increase Crabominable’s Defense and Special Defense; taking it down will be arduous.

On top of that, it’ll use Iron Defense to increase its Defense even more. Fire-types are a must if you want to take it down. Alternatively, you can use Fairy-types, which tend to be Special moves, and Crabominable’s Special Defense isn’t good.

Steelix has a weak Special Defense; a Flamethrower can take it down quickly. Crustle is very chunky, but it’ll use Shell Smash, which reduces its Defense and Special Defense but sharply increases its Attack, Special Attack, and Speed. Crustle is a master at Rock-type moves, so you must use a Water-type move to take it down. Steel-types work as well!

Galarian Slowking hits very hard but has relatively weak Defenses. It’s also weak to Ground-type moves, so you can land a powerful Earthquake on it, and it’ll fall. Dark-types work as well!

Lastly, Shadow Golisopod. This time, you can catch it, which makes things simpler. If you don’t want to do that, send it to sleep and then attack it with your strongest moves, as always.

Vs. Kuro

Pokemon Bushido vs kuro in the dojo
Image by Jesus Cruz

It’s time to take on the sadistic Kuro. He still treats you like a toy; considering you are a kid, that’s concerning. This is his team:

  • Pangoro (Dark/Fighting), Lvl. 64
  • Incineroar (Fire/Dark), Lvl. 65
  • Salamence (Dragon/Flying), Lvl. 64
  • Obstagoon (Dark/Normal), Lvl. 65
  • Gallade (Psychic/Fighting), Lvl. 65
  • Shadow Hydreigon, Lvl. 66

As the battle starts, Kuro will send your Pokémon to sleep and will set a Misty Terrain, which increases the damage of Fairy-types. That’s ideal because Pangoro is 4x weak to it. Pangoro has Bullet Punch, but it won’t do much to your Fairy-type; it’s not a strong move.

Incineroar, even though it’s a very cool Pokémon that can deal a lot of damage, it’s defensively weak; it can’t tank much damage. With that in mind, a good Ground-type move, such as Earthquake, will sweep it.

As Kuro’s third Pokémon (in my case, Salamence) appears, Kuro will invoke a torrential downpour and send your active Pokémon to sleep. As I said, Salamence was on his active spot at this point, and it was easy to take down with a Fairy-type move.

Salamence is 4x weak to Ice-types, so you should try that, but be aware that Salamence has Earthquake, which is effective against Ice-types.

Obstagoon has Flame Orb, which will burn it. It’ll use a move named Facade, which increases its damage if the user is under a Status Condition. This powerful combo hits very hard, so you must defeat Obstagoon quickly. Fighting-types are helpful against it.

Gallade can’t handle Flying-type moves. It has Knock Off and Swords Dance; Knock Off will remove your Pokémon’s object, and Swords Dance will increase its Attack. Go for Flying-moves, and you’ll defeat it.

Lastly, Shadow Hydreigon. As usual against Shadow Pokémon, hit it with your best shots and then you can either catch it or take it down as you please.


Pokemon Bushido mysterious woman
Image by Jesus Cruz

It’s time to meet the real leader of the Akui Clan. She is Hattori, and the first thing she does is tell you a story about the origin of the Akui Clan.

Hattori comes from the Nami Family, which wasn’t more than just a clan of bullies who discovered how to corrupt the Pokémon souls and change them into Shadow Pokémon. Hattori was part of the family, but she was far from these experiments, as they were cruel.

Ryo, your father, appeared there, and he saved Hattori and sent the Nami Family to jail. By doing that, Hattori fell in love with Ryo, so yes, you are currently talking with your mother. How does it feel? It’s a great plot twist!

But Hattori is heavily attached to the shadows, so she left your father and created the Akui Clan to get revenge on the people who rejected her, including those who play by the Bushido rules.

The plan was to submerge the world into shadows, and the first step was to corrupt the Swords of Justice, so you got into that plan. The plan B was to corrupt Lugia, which she did.

Pokemon Bushido mommy and lugia
Image by Jesus Cruz

Hattori gets up on Lugia and flies away. Her destination: Hagane City.

Chapter 6: The Final Plan

chapter 6 the final plan Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

Back to Hagane City

akui clan raiding hagane city Pokemon Bushido
Image by Jesus Cruz

Welcome to Hagane City! I’m sure that wasn’t what the Haganians said when the Akui Clan came here and started raiding the place. You must reach the Shogun Tower, but to do that, you’ll have to defeat several Akui Kenshis. Again, a great way to find powerful Pokémon and EXP!

Vs. Hattori

Pokemon Bushido vs hattori
Image by Jesus Cruz

Hattori is at the top of the tower. Ryo tried to confront her, but she swept all of his Pokémon. This is your battle, and this Hattori’s team:

  • Zoroark (Dark), Lvl. 69
  • Lapras (Water/Ice), Lvl. 69
  • Lycanroc (Rock), Lvl. 69
  • Lurantis (Grass), Lvl. 69
  • Mimikyu (Ghost/Fairy), Lvl. 69
  • Shadow Lugia, Lvl. 70

Hattori starts the battle with a Zoroark disguised as Shadow Lugia. She’ll also send your Pokémon to sleep and set a nightmare; if you don’t wake your Pokémon up, the nightmare will drain your Pokémon’s HP. After that, Hattori will set three layers of Spikes.

They are problematic as they can drain ¼  of your Pokémon’s HP upon switching them. Zoroark is weak to Fighting, Bug, and Fairy-type moves. It’s not hard to take down, as it has terrible Defenses.

Lapras is a chunky Pokémon that will resist a lot of damage. At this point, Hattori will send your Pokémon to sleep again and increase her active Pokémon’s Defense and Special Defense. If this happens while Lapras is on the field, you must poison or burn it or decrease its Defenses; otherwise, you’ll have a bad time trying to take it down.

As her third Pokémon hits the field, Hattori will set a Trick Room, so now, the slowest active Pokémon will attack first. She will also burn your active Pokémon.

Lycanroc is not a big issue if you use a Water or Grass-type Pokémon against it. It has Stomping Tantrum, but it doesn’t hit that hard.

Battling against Mimikyu is always excruciating as it only has two weaknesses (Ghost and Steel) and has an ability named Disguise, which protects it from the damage of the first damaging move it receives.

This Mimikyu also lands powerful hits as it has Life Orb, an item that drains its HP but gives it more damaging strength.

Pokemon Bushido shadow lugi
Image by Jesus Cruz

Lastly, Shadow Lugia. Hattori exposed it to Hanatsium this time, so it has an increased Attack and Special Attack, but its Defenses will drop. It’ll land powerful hits, but it’s not a real issue if you have a tanky Pokémon.


Question: Which is the hardest battle of Pokémon Bushido?

Answer: This game isn’t hard. It’s challenging, but it’s not stupidly tricky. With that in mind, my top picks are the battle against Akane when you are about to reach Hanatsu Village and the battlagainst Kuro in the Akui Dojo.

Question: How hard is Pokémon Bushido?

Answer: It’s not that hard. If you like Pokémon fangames but don’t like the difficulty of these games, you can try Pokémon Bushido.

Question: Which are the best Pokémon to beat Pokémon Bushido?

Answer: You’ll need a Fairy-type in your team. You can find Flabébé (Which evolves into Florges) pretty early in the adventure, and it’s pretty useful against the Akui Clan. You’ll also need a chunky Pokémon that can both deal and resist damage from Shadow Pokémon. Undoubtedly, the best Pokémon for this role is Snorlax!

Pokemon Bushido Guide: Conclusion

And that’s it! After winning, Mommy Hattori will faint (as her Pokémon did), the Shogun will congrats you for your victory, and you are now considered the “Hero of Aisho.” There’s a lot to do in the game, like helping Akane purify her Darmanitan or catching the Swords of Justice, so you’ll want to continue playing the game.

Pokémon Bushido is excellent, and it gets even better considering it was done in a short amount of time as an entry for a Pokémon fangame tournament.

It has a lot of details and work behind it that you can notice since the game starts. It’s such a great game, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing this guide!
These were the Pokémon who stuck with me during this adventure:

Pokemon Bushido the team
Image by Jesus Cruz

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