Pokemon Opalo Guide: Welcome To The Land of the Wind!

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Pokémon Ópalo is one of those fangames that initially has you thinking, ‘is this going to be another run-of-the-mill fanmade Pokemon game?’ However, as you continue playing it, you’ll start falling in love with it. This game has a vibe that’s very hard to describe, but I’m sure of something; I can feel the hard work and the love the creator, Eric Lostie, put into this game; it’s something I highly appreciate. 

You can expect to find relatively complicated gameplay, and a region filled with lots and lots of fakemons; but Pokémon Ópalo is more than that; it’s a game created to tell a story and make you empathize with all the characters.

Eric Lostie made a game that every 2000s Pokémon kid would love, inspired by all the gameplay and mechanics we had in Gen 6 but, at the same time, taking the best from the newest generations. 

Story Synopsis

Céfira was a pacific region filled with people and Pokémon living in peace and harmony. Like every other region in the Pokémon world, Céfira had its own Gym Challenge and Pokémon League.  Seven years ago, a Pokémon League tournament was in full swing in Boreal City when suddenly, the stadium blew up, killing many humans and Pokémon.

The Céfiran society was destroyed, and no one knew what happened until a thug named Derringer, the leader of the infamous Team Gatling, declared himself guilty and was sent to prison. People felt that Derringer’s confession was weird and out of place, but the government made its best effort to hide the truth about the tragedy. 

pokémon ópalo story synopsis

Even though the tragedy was a long time ago, people stopped liking Pokémon battles, and now they see Pokémon as puppets for their amusement. This is where we find the protagonist of this story, who gets a letter from his best friend from childhood, Apolo, who wants to change the world and make people and Pokémon tie bonds like in the past. 

The protagonist will go through Céfira, gathering fans and discovering what happened in the Boreal Stadium seven years ago. 

Key Features

  • English and Spanish translation
  • Two regions to explore; East and West Céfira
  • More than 20 regional forms and fakemons
  • 928 Pokémon up for grabs
  • Some weaker Pokémon (like Corsola, Sunflora, and many more) got their stats rebalanced, and they are now useful in battle! 
  • A Battle Frontier 
  • No HMs; they got replaced by items such as the Pokérider! 



Pokémon Opalo starts with two trainers having a battle in the Pokémon League when suddenly an explosion destroys the stadium, killing many people and Pokémon. The news reported that Derringer, the leader of a gang named Team Gatling, was responsible for the attack, and the Pokémon League would be closed for a long while. 

Then, we jump to seven years later. Here’s where you meet Professor Ebano (In a TV show) and choose your character. You’ll also meet your father, who only thinks about retirement.

The Pokémon world is a hard place to live nowadays. Your father will give you a letter sent by a friend from a long time ago named Apolo, who asks you to go to the Pokémon Shelter in your hometown, Breeze Town. Apolo has a gift for you, so don’t waste more time and go to the Shelter! 


The Shelter is at the east of the Town. The manager of the Shelter will take you to a table with three Poké Balls. This only means one thing, it’s time to choose your starter! 

Choosing Your Starter

You have three options; 

  • Flasinge, the Fire-type Pokémon
  • Swolphin, the Water-type Pokémon
  • Snampery, the Grass-type Pokémon. 

pokémon ópalo starter pokémon

Flasinge will evolve into Lunaye, a Fire/Fairy-type Pokémon, Snampery will evolve into Gastesla, a Grass/Electric-type Pokémon, and Swolphin will evolve into Narvalor, a Water/Ice-type Pokémon. The three starters are excellent, and the three are very useful for the adventure. I chose Swolphin on my first playthrough, but this time, I don’t have any recommendations; you should pick the one you like the most! 

After choosing your starter, the manager will tell you that Apolo is waiting for you in Solana City; that’s your next destination. You’ll also meet Professor Ebano (this time in person) and have your battle tutorial with him. It’s great seeing that the game takes some time to introduce itself to those who don’t know much about Pokémon! 

The Professor will also give you a quest; you must go to his home in Jaloque City, beyond Solana City. Don’t worry about this yet; now, go to Solana City and meet your old friend! 

Lastly, you can buy some Poké Balls, and I recommend training your starter in Route 1. Here, you can find Pokémon like Shinx or Budew, which will be great additions to your team. 

Solana City

Welcome to Solana City! Before anything else, go to the Pokémon Center. The lady next to the PC can let you change your Pokémon’s nickname and make it remember a move. This will be very useful later in the game. 

pokémon ópalo solana city

I love to encourage people to explore every corner of every City they visit in every Pokémon game. Trust me; you’ll always find an NPC willing to give you a gift or a tip on where to go or what to do next. In this case, I found a guy in the Pokémon School that wants to trade his Machop for a Mareep.

I recommend taking this trade because Machop will be essential to beat the first Gym Battle of the game. You can catch a Mareep on Route 2! 

Let’s get back to the game. You’ll find Apolo at the east of Solana City, sitting in the café. As you arrive, he’ll ask you to be a part of his project; Apolo is looking for young trainers all over Céfira to make people start to trust again in the trainer-Pokémon bond that got lost a long time ago.

Accept the proposal, unless you want to get stuck in an endless loop of Apolo being disappointed. Really, It stopped being funny after the third time I told him “no.” 

apolo pokémon ópalo

Return to Breeze Town, tell your father you will leave him alone, and then go to Solana City. Your Adventure has just started! The first stop is Jaloque City. To get there, you have to cross Route 2! 

Route 2, Fulgor Tunnel, and Team Gatling

There’s not much on Route 2 besides the entrance of Fulgor Tunnel. Now in the tunnel, you have to go to the south, but first, don’t forget to explore the entire tunnel! 

pokémon ópalo fulgor tunnel

Midway through the tunnel, you’ll see some thugs trying to steal dynamite from a worker. Those fools in red robes are Team Gatling and will be more of a pest than a real problem. 

pokémon ópalo team gatling

You’ll have your first battle against Team Gatling. The grunt will have a Lvl. 9 Croagunk, but it’s nothing some brute force can’t deal with. After this battle, go through the south entrance to reach Route 3. 

Route 3 and Gala

Now that you are on Route 3, you have to continue to the south. Eventually, you’ll stumble across a blue-haired girl trying to catch a Clefairy. The Clefairy will run away, she’ll get angry and will challenge you to a battle. This girl is your rival, and this is her team, depending on your starter: 

  • Rockruff (Rock), Lvl. 8 
  • Her Starter, Lvl. 10

She’ll have a starter depending on the starter you chose: 

  • If you picked Snampery, she’ll have a Flasinge. 
  • If you picked Swolphin, she’ll have a Snampery. 
  • If you picked Flasinge, she’ll have a Swolphin. 

pokémon ópalo gala

It’s fair to say that you have to have your Pokémon at least at Level 10 to have a chance to defeat the blue-haired girl. As you win, she’ll reveal that her name is Gala, and she’s also on a Gym Challenge. It seems like you’ll see her around for a long while. On this same Route, you can find the TM39, Rock Tomb. This is my favorite move to deal with Flying, Fire, and Bug-type Pokémon! 

Jaloque City

Welcome to Jaloque City! The first big city you’ll visit during the game. As always, visit every building and do all the sidequests you find. Then you can continue with the adventure.

pokémon ópalo jaloque city

This is the City where you can find Professor Ebano. Go to the Commissary, and you’ll see him waiting for you. He’ll take you to his house to give you the Pokédex and introduce you to Mundánez, the first Gym Leader you’ll have to battle with. Mundánez will invite you to battle against him, so you can go to his Gym! 

Sadly, problems arise; As you reach Mundánez, a Team Gatling Grunt will come out of nowhere and steal his Pokémon. It’s time to help him out! You’ll find the Grunt hiding in the first complex of the Mining Depot.

At this point, your Pokémon should be at Level 12-13; if they aren’t, complete the Gatling Grunt quest and train your Pokémon; the battle against Mundánez will not be easy! 

First Gym Badge

Time to fight against Mundánez. He’s a Normal-type trainer, so Fighting-type Pokémon will be handy for this battle. Your starter will shine here too! This is Mundánez’s team: 

  • Céfiran Meowth (Normal/Fire), Lvl. 12
  • Slakoth (Normal), Lvl. 13
  • Lickitung (Normal), Lvl. 14

pokémon ópalo first gym badge

This battle is easy if you have a Fighting-type Pokémon, like Machop, in your team. Nonetheless, if you don’t have a Fighting-type Pokémon with you, you can try to use alternative methods, like brute forcing everything with your starter. 

The Céfiran Meowth and the Slakoth are easy to defeat, and you can get Lickitung down by paralyzing it. In fact, anything that can change Lickitung’s status will work as a charm here!  As you win, Mundánez will give you a clip (yes, a clip, that’s the Gym Badge, congratulations) and then will run away, wanting to start an adventure as you are doing. It seems like you are going to see him pretty often! 

Your next destination isn’t clear yet, but for now, head to the south, the only way that leads you to a new zone! 

Route 4

This Route also works as a Mudbray breeding ranch, and you’ll find Gala here too. There’s also a house where a lady will give you a Miracle Seed, which is excellent for Grass-type Pokémon. 

As always, when you are having a cute moment on Pokémon, the evil team appears to ruin everything. This time Team Gatling attacks the ranch to kidnap all the little Mudbrays. Your task will now be rescuing them, but you’ll have to get inside the Dusty Steppe. Don’t worry, I’ll be with you! 

pokémon ópalo first gym badge route 4

Dusty Steppe

pokémon ópalo dusty steppe

Welcome to the Dusty Steppe! This is an arid zone with many Céfiran Tangelas rolling wildly and many trainers waiting to be defeated. You’ll find the Team Gatling if you go to the east. Colt is there, hiding like a coward. If you want to free the Mudbrays, you have to battle against him! 

pokémon ópalo colt

This is Colt’s team: 

  • Salandit (Fire/Poison), Lvl. 17
  • Luxio (Electric), Lvl. 16
  • Céfiran Delibird (Flying/Dark, he’s a cowboy!), Lvl. 18

Colt starts the battle with a Salandit; if you have a Water-type Pokémon or a Pokémon with a Rock-type move, use it as your lead! Luxio can be problematic, but it doesn’t have the best defenses ever, which means you are free to use your strongest move against it, but be careful, don’t use a Flying or Water-type Pokémon against it!

Lastly, even though it’s a cute cowboy, the Céfiran Delibird is weak. Try to take it down with Electric-type moves. Using a Fighting-type Pokémon against it is not a good idea, though, as Flying is strong against the Fighting-type.  Team Gatling will release all the Mudbrays as you win. But sadly, one of the little Mudbrays got very sick because of its forced travel through the Dusty Steppe.

Fortunately, Gala will appear, asking you to travel to Siroco Town and meet with their Gym Leader. As it seems, the leader can heal the poor Mudbray. Yes, that’s your next destination! You’ll reach Siroco Town if you go through the east! 

Siroco Town

Yeehaw! Welcome to Siroco Town! The home of all the cowboys of Céfira! 

pokémon ópalo siroco town

As you arrive and after exploring the town and talking with everyone, go to the town’s plaza. You’ll find Gala here; she’ll take you to watch a weird show with clowns juggling some Voltorbs and then encourage you to drink a suspicious concoction to open your sixth sense.  

pokémon ópalo definitely stoned

After tripping for a while, you’ll meet Acacia, the Second Gym Leader. She’ll tell you that Mudbray’s sickness is more serious than it seems at first sight, so you have to take it to Poniente Town. 

To reach Poniente Town, you must go to the south and cross through the Céfira Canyon. The journey sounds complicated, but it isn’t! You’ll be there in the blink of an eye. 

Poniente Town

Poniente Town is a quiet place; there’s nothing to do here, so this will be a quick visit. Here, you’ll find Vera, Apolo’s fiancé. You’ll also meet Noé, the guy that will heal Mudbray. Vera will see this as a heroic act, so, as a thank you, she will give you an egg, but only if you defeat her in a battle. 

pokémon ópalo poniente town

It’s an easy battle, though, as Vera has a Happiny and a Wigglytuff. Also, the egg contains an Eevee!  As you win, if you talk with Vera again, you’ll warp to Siroco Town. Finally, it’s time to claim your second Gym Badge! 

pokémon ópalo vera

Second Gym Badge

You’ll have a Pokémon battle against Acacia, a Ground-type Gym Leader. Grass and Water-types will excel here, but be careful if you have an Electric or Fire-type Pokémon, as they are weak against Ground-type moves.

pokémon ópalo second gym badge

This is Acacia’s team:

  • Mudbray (Ground), Lvl. 21
  • Piloswine (Ground/Ice), Lvl. 21
  • Céfiran Tangela (Ground/Grass), Lvl. 22

Acacia’s Mudbray will set some Stealth Rocks in the first turn. These rocks can hurt your Pokémon whenever they step on the battlefield. The only way to avoid this is by using a faster Pokémon than Mudbray and sweeping it on a single turn.

Then, Acacia will use a Piloswine; it’ll be better to attack it with Water-type moves instead of a Grass-type Pokémon. 

Lastly, Céfiran Tangela, a Grass/Ground-type Pokémon. It’s not a good idea to use a Water-type Pokémon against it! Alternatively, you can opt for a Flying or Fire-type Pokémon to defeat it! Also, it is 4x weak against Ice-types, but it’s not likely to have an attack of this type at this moment of the adventure. 

Your victory will be rewarded with the Doma Badge and the TM87, Bulldoze, a reliable Ground-type physical move. Your next destination is Austral City. You’ll get there by traveling through Route 5, east of Siroco Town. 

Route 5

There’s not much in this Route, but it’s a great zone to do some level grinding, as you’ll find powerful Pokémon that will give you a lot of EXP. 

You’ll also find Mundánez here, and you’ll have a battle against him. This is his team: 

pokémon ópalo second gym badge route 5

  • Céfiran Meowth, Lvl. 22
  • His starter, Lvl. 23
  • Lickitung (Normal) Lvl. 23

Mundánez picked a starter when he left his Gym to join the Gym Challenge. Sadly, he took the one that is weak against yours: 

  • If you picked Snampery, he’ll have a Swolphin. 
  • If you picked Swolphin, he’ll have a Flasinge. 
  • If you picked Flasinge, he’ll have a Snampery. 

To compensate for his starter’s weakness, he’ll have a Céfiran Meowth, which can have one of the following types: 

  • If you picked Snampery, he’ll have a Normal/Fire-type Meowth. 
  • If you picked Swolphin, he’ll have a Normal/Electric-type Meowth.
  • If you picked Flasinge, he’ll have a Normal/Ice-type Meowth. 

This one is an easy battle; go for Fighting-type moves against Lickitung and the Céfiran Meowth and use your starter against his. Let’s move on. 

Austral City

Welcome to Austral City! As you arrive, Apolo will call you, asking you to go to the Gym. You can go, but first, you should explore the city and do the following quest if you want a Master Ball. 

pokémon ópalo austral city

  • Go to the district at the left and then go to the Poké Ball Factory and talk with the owner on the second floor. He’ll challenge you to find and defeat three clowns (One is at the docks, the other is on the bar, and the last one is on the last floor of the Mall). As you do, the owner will give you a Master Ball. 

Team Gatling Event

You’ll find the Austral City Gym by going to the northern district. Apolo and some sheriffs will be there. As it seems, Team Gatling is back again, so it’s time to stop them.

You’ll go through a small event where you find Gatling Grunts in the docks, and then you have to go to the Train Station. Here, you’ll meet with one of the leaders of Team Gatling, Carabina. 

austral city pokémon ópalo

Carabina will be there planning an attack on the Train Station. You’ll have to battle against her if you want to stop her. This is her team: 

  • Mawile (Fairy/Steel), Lvl. 25
  • Sandslash (Ground), Lvl. 25
  • Drapion (Dark/Poison), Lvl. 27

pokémon ópalo carabina

Carabina will start the battle with Mawile, which is not a problem if you melt it down with a Fire-type move. Then, she’ll use Sandslash, but again, not a big issue. 

Drapion can be complicated as it’s only weak against Ground-type moves and is very bulky. You should hit it with your best shot (except if it is a Grass-type move) until it falls. It can poison through Poison Fangs, so be prepared because you’ll probably have to use an Antidote. 

The day is saved, no one died, Carabina is in prison, and Biel, the Austral City Gym Leader, will appear, challenging you to a battle for her badge. Prepare yourself and go to the Gym! 

Third Gym Badge

Biel is a Steel and Fire-type Gym Leader, so your Fighting-type wrestlers and your Water-type swimmers will be handy in this battle. Ground-type moves will also work like a charm against Biel.

pokémon ópalo biel

This is her team: 

  • Klang (Steel), Lvl. 27
  • Torkoal (Fire), Lvl. 28
  • Céfiran Golurk (Steel/Fire), Lvl. 29

Biel’s lead is a Klang, so your lead has to be a Fire or a Fighting-type Pokémon. Klang is bulky and hard to take down. There’s a chance of her switching her Klang for her Torkoal. If that’s the case, switch accordingly and attack with a Water-type move. 

Torkoal is a powerful Pokémon as it’s chunky and will handle many hits before getting defeated. I don’t recommend going with a Ground-type move here because Torkoal is defensive, and Physical attacks will not do much against it. 

You’ll also face her Céfiran Golurk, named Matalockes, which directly means “Nuzlocke Killer.” This Golurk is absurdly strong, and you can’t attack it with Water-type moves as it has Water Absorb as its ability.

You can use a Ground-type move only if you pop its Air Balloon. My best recommendation is to use a Fighting-type Pokémon to chip it down. If you defeat it that way, that’s perfect, but if you don’t, switch to your fastest Pokémon to give the coup-de-grace with it. 

Your reward for winning this battle will be the Ferro Badge and the TM74, which contains Gyro Ball. 

Apolo will call you again to have a small meeting with President Mustang. Then, Apolo will take you to Jaloque City. Your next destination is Orvallo Town, north of Jaloque City. You need to move a boulder to access Orvallo Town, but thankfully, Apolo will give you the Strength TM. Don’t worry; you don’t have to teach it to any of your Pokémon! 

Go to Route 3, get inside the Fulgor Tunnel, and then go to where you’ll find a boulder. This is the way to reach Orvallo Town! You’ll have to go across North Fulgor Tunnel and Route 6.

pokémon ópalo north fulgor tunnel

Route 6, Battle Against Gala

Remember that blue-haired girl named Gala? Well, she’ll appear again, trying to hand-fish an Arrokuda when she literally lands on you. She’ll get angry, so you’ll have another battle against her. This is her team: 

pokémon ópalo battle against gala

  • Lycanroc (Rock), Lvl. 29
  • Xatu (Flying/Psychic), Lvl. 30
  • Her Starter, Lvl. 31

From now on, every time you face Gala, she’ll use Lycanroc as her lead Pokémon. This is because Lycanroc will set Stealth Rocks, which will hurt your Pokémon upon switching. I recommend starting the battle with a Grass or Water-type Pokémon whenever you face Gala to take Lycanroc down as soon as possible. 

Orvallo Town

Welcome to Orvallo Town! This is officially the midway point of your adventure. The battles will become very difficult from now on, so be prepared!

pokémon ópalo orvallo town

The first thing you have to do here is to go to the Health Center to meet with your mother. You’ll find Professor Ebano here too. After a small event where you meet your mother after a long time, you’ll also meet Romero, the Gym Leader of Orvallo Town.

You can challenge him right now! After that, Professor Ebano will give you the Pokérider, which will let you travel to previously visited cities and towns as if you were using Fly. Finally! Thank you, Professor! You can challenge Romero, but first, you should grind some levels on your Pokémon. I recommend leveling them up to Level 32-34 if you want a challenging battle against Romero. 

Fourth Gym Badge

Romero is a reputed fisherman and a strong Water-type trainer. This is his team: 

pokémon ópalo romero

  • Swanna (Water/Flying), Lvl. 31
  • Drednaw (Water/Rock), Lvl. 31
  • Aquaranid (Water/Bug), Lvl. 31
  • Céfiran Abomasnow (Water/Grass), Lvl. 32

Romero leads the battle with a Swanna, so you must put your Electric-type user as your lead. Swanna will not give you problems as it’s relatively slow and weak. Then, Romero will go with Dreadnaw. This turtle boy will use Rain Dance in its first turn; that’s all it’ll do. Take it down with a Fighting-type move.

After that, Romero will use his Aquaranid whenever he can inflict a good Water-type move against your Pokémon. It hits hard but is weak, so try to hit it with the best shot from your fastest Pokémon. 

Lastly, Romero also has a Céfiran Abomasnow, a Grass/Water-type Pokémon that looks a lot like the Swamp Thing. It is weak against Poison-type moves, so that’s a way to attack it. You can also consider using a Flying-type move against it, which will work like a charm, but be careful, as it has Ice Punch. 

As you win, you’ll get your fourth Gym Badge, the Presa Badge, and the path to the Route 7 (which was blocked by a Bibarel) will now get unlocked. Your next destination is Calígine City, but first, you have to reach Alisio Town. To get there, go to the north to find Route 7. 

Alisio Town

pokémon ópalo alisio town

Welcome to Alisio Town! Another town where nothing happens. There’s only a small event here where you’ll meet Vermillion, the grandson of the mythical Red. Yes, the first-ever protagonist is in this game, and yes, you’ll have the chance to battle against him, but only in the post-game. 

pokémon ópalo

Vermillion will consider you as his rival, so, of course, you’ll have a battle against him. This is his team: 

  • Pidgeotto (Normal/Flying), Lvl. 34
  • Munchlax (Normal), Lvl. 34
  • Poliwrath (Water/Fighting), Lvl. 35

After Alisio Town, you’ll have to go to the east, where you’ll find the dangerous Indigo Forest. 

Indigo Forest and Mundánez

Welcome to the Indigo Forest, your brand-new training place! This forest is plagued with strong Pokémon that give a lot of EXP, so I recommend sticking here for a while and training your Pokémon up to Level 38-40. 

pokémon ópalo indigo forest and mundánez

There’s a small event with Mundánez here. He’ll get kidnapped by some Céfiran Ariados, and your task will be rescuing him. After this, you’ll reach Calígine City. If you get lost in the forest, always try to go to the north. Eventually, you’ll reach Calígine City. 

Calígine City

Boo! Welcome to Calígine City! The spookiest place in Céfira. There’s a training ground in this city that will help you boost a specific stat of your Pokémon. If you want to train the Speed or the Attack of your Pokémon, you should spend some time here! 

pokémon ópalo calígine city

Prepare yourself and then go to the Gym; it’s time to claim your fifth Gym Badge! 

Fifth Gym Badge

You’ll be battling against Silene, a Ghost-type Gym Leader, so prepare your darkest Dark-type attacks and bench your Fighting and Normal-type Pokémon because they won’t do much here. 

pokémon ópalo fifth gym badge

This is Silene’s team: 

  • Drifblim (Ghost/Flying), Lvl. 37
  • Chandelure (Ghost/Fire), Lvl. 37
  • Mimikyu (Ghost/Fairy), Lvl. 38
  • Céfiran Froslass (Ghost/Ground), Lvl. 39

Silene starts the match with a Drifblim. Try to take it down as soon as possible, or it’ll use Will-O-Wisp to burn all your Pokémon, which can reduce your Pokémon’s attack. Alternatively, Drifblim will use Calm Mind to buff itself up.

It’s bulky, so it can handle a couple of hits. I recommend using your Electric or Ice-type user as your lead to defeat Drifblim, as it can be a problem if it spends a lot of time in the field. 

Silene’s next Pokémon is Chandelure, which has Energy Ball to counter its Water-type weakness. If your Water-type is bulky enough, I’m sure it’ll resist the damage from the Energy Ball, so don’t worry about that and attack it with a Water-type move. 

Next is Mimikyu, which is only weak against Ghost and Steel-type moves. If you have a move of these types, use it. If you don’t, hit it with your best shot. It’ll use Swords Dance in its first turn, so you have chances to break its decoy without receiving damage. Go with your fastest Pokémon to have a better chance of defeating it. 

Silene’s last and most powerful Pokémon is a Céfiran Froslass. It’s not a powerful type combination, as it’s weak against Water, Grass, and Dark-type moves, so you have plenty of options to land an effective shot on it.

It’s like a Sweeper Pokémon, which means it’ll deal a lot of damage but can’t resist much, so it’s just a matter of landing a hit on it, and you are done. 

Your reward for winning will be the Evoca Badge and the TM30, which contains Shadow Ball. Let’s continue with your adventure; Apolo will reach you in Calígine City as he obtained permission to interrogate Derringer, Team Gatling’s leader, who is imprisoned. 

Calígine Prison

The Calígine Prison is a cold and depressing place. The Sheriffs use Dusknoirs to control and torture the prisoners, which is cruel to humans and Pokémon. These guys are worse than the ones behind bars! 

pokémon ópalo calígine prison

The grilling on Derringer went perfectly, but as you leave the place, the Dusknoir will lose control and free all the prisoners; everything resulted in a riot. After this, you’ll have to go through some battles, and in the end, you’ll see how Derringer will run away, leaving Colt behind only to distract you. This is Colt’s team: 

pokémon ópalo colt’s team

  • Salazzle (Fire/Poison), Lvl. 37
  • Luxray (Electric), Lvl. 37
  • Skarmory (Flying/Steel), Lvl. 38
  • Delibird (Flying/Dark), Lvl. 38

Colt will start the match with a Salazzle, which is very weak against Ground-type moves. It’s not hard to take it down. Then, Colt will use a Céfiran Delibird, which is weak against Electric-type moves. Things will get interesting when Colt uses his Luxray.

It’s weak against Ground-type Pokémon, but it’s fast and hits hard. Be careful. Lastly, Colt will use Skarmory. A good Electric-type move should be enough, but I recommend paralyzing it as it’s very bulky and will resist a couple of hits before getting defeated. 

Colt will get imprisoned, but Derringer will escape. Things are getting problematic… 

But that’s not your problem for now. Focus on getting your sixth Gym Badge. You’ll have to travel to Galerna City. You have two ways to get there; you can return to Orvallo Town and then cross the Swamp of the west, or take the train to Austral City and go through the Route at the north. Our next stop is on the Poisonous Swamp. 

Poisonous Swamp

pokémon ópalo poisonous swamp

Time to have another battle against Gala! As always, she was hunting a Koffing when suddenly, she stomps against you, and as compensation, she’ll want to battle against you. This is Gala’s Team:

  • Lycanroc (Rock), Lvl. 40
  • Xatu (Flying/Psychic), Lvl. 40
  • Her Starter, Lvl. 41. 

Lastly, she’ll have an extra Pokémon on her team depending on your starter: 

  • If Snampery, she’ll have Lapras.
  • If Flasinge, she’ll have Roserade. 
  • If Swolphin, she’ll have Turtonator. 

Conveniently, her last Pokémon is weak against your starter, which is a great advantage. Remember Gala’s strategy; Lycanroc will be her lead, aiming to set Stealth Rocks in the field. If you defeat it, everything will be easy. 

Galerna City

Welcome to Galerna City, the tropical city where everyone wants to have a summertime! 

pokémon ópalo galerna city

Galerna City is run by Dalio, the Gym Leader. He’s like their mayor, so he controls everything in Galerna City. It seems like Dalio has some info about Team Gatling; that’s why Apolo and Vera are here. Apolo asked for the info, but Dalio will not give him everything if he doesn’t get something in exchange; hence why he asks you to explore Galerna City’s underwater zone. 

Your mission underwater will be looking for a sunken ship from the Iberian times. This ship has a valuable gem named the Smoky Tear. Prepare your scuba gear; we are getting underwater! 

The Underwater Exploration

This event is simple to do if your Pokémon are leveled enough. I recommend training them until Level 43-45 to have a challenging but not unfair experience. 

pokémon ópalo the underwater exploration

Exploring the underwater zone isn’t hard; you must travel to the north, and eventually, you’ll find the Santa Isabel. You’ll find many spirits of older Iberian soldiers who will battle with you, so be careful and heal your Pokémon constantly. The Smoky Tear is in the main room of the ship! 


As you find the ship and take the gem, a stunning albino Wailord will attack you. This big white boy is at Level 44 and hits very hard. It’s not as tanky as you might think, so hit it with Electric-type moves, and you’ll take it down. You can’t catch it, so don’t try to use Balls on it. 


Return to the surface and then go to Dalio’s house to give him the Smoky Tear. To thank you, Dalio let you battle against him to claim your sixth Gym Badge. 

Sixth Gym Badge

Dalio is a reputed Electric-type trainer; having a Ground-type Pokémon in your team will be vital to winning! Nonetheless, there’s always something else you can try. Let’s see his team: 


  • Galvantula (Electric/Bug), Lvl. 43
  • Toxtricity (Electric/Poison), Lvl. 44
  • Magnezone (Electric/Steel), Lvl. 44
  • Lanturn (Electric/Water), Lvl. 44
  • Altaria (Electric/Dragon), Lvl. 45

Dalio starts the match with a Galvantula; its only objective is to set a Spider Web to make your Pokémon slower. Use a Fire-type Pokémon as your lead and defeat this spider, which is more a pest than a problem. 

After that, Dalio will use a Lanturn; you can take it down with a Grass-type move. Also, Grass-type Pokémon can resist Electric-type moves; that’s an advantage you can use if you don’t know what else to do against the upcoming Pokémon. 

Dalio also has a Toxtricity; its Poison/Electric-type means it is 4x vulnerable to Ground-type moves. It’ll be hard for it to land a hit on your Pokémon as it’s considerably slow. Magnezone isn’t problematic if you still have your Fire-type user alive. It’s slow and can’t seriously hurt your Pokémon; burn that thing! 

Time to face the Céfiran Altaria, a Dragon/Electric-type Pokémon. It seems like a stunning Pokémon, but it’s not a chunky Pokémon; this Altaria is now vulnerable to Ground-type moves since it lost its Flying-type. It hits very hard, so if you can burn or poison it, do it without hesitation.  

This battle will end with great news; Dalio will use all his money to re-open the Pokémon League! After that, Dalio will give you the Descarga Badge and the TM24, which contains Thunderbolt. 



Go to heal your Pokémon as soon as you leave the Gym. Apolo will appear and ask you to go to a secluded place on the beach shore. Yes, he doesn’t only want to have a chat for a bit; you’ll have a battle against him! This is his team: 


  • Mamoswine (Ice/Ground), Lvl. 43
  • Empoleon (Water/Steel), Lvl. 44
  • Darmanitan (Fire/Psychic), Lvl. 44
  • Alakazam (Psychic), Lvl. 44
  • Braviary (Normal/Flying), Lvl. 45

Mamoswine will be Apolo’s lead. Mamoswine will set Stealth Rocks to hurt your Pokémon whenever you switch, and this is a big problem; use your Fighting-type user as your lead and try to take it down as soon as possible! Then, Darmanitan. Darmanitan hits very hard and can use U-turn to run away if it sees itself in much danger.

Ground and Rock-type moves will seriously hurt it, but it’ll be hard to take it down. Alakazam is not a problem if you have a Pokémon with Crunch or any other strong Dark-type move. Even though it can hit hard, it’s weak, and almost everything can take it down with a single hit. 

Time to talk about Empoleon; The Electric-type moves will do the job. Alternatively, you can take it down with Fighting-type moves! Lastly, Apolo’s Braviary is a mighty Pokémon with a lot of strength. The best thing you can do against it is to deal with his brute force with brute force; go ahead and land your best Electric-type move on it! 

As you win, Apolo will tell you he’ll try to be Céfira’s president. He’ll be better than any other option out there! Your next destination is Tempest City, where you can claim your Seventh Gym Badge. Go to the Aquatunnel and cross it; you’ll be in Tempest City in the blink of an eye. 

Aquatunnel and Mundánez

pokémon-ópalo-aquatunnel and mundánez

Midway through the Aquatunnel, Mundánez will come in a rush, nervous about thinking of having a Pokémon League. The only way to calm him down is by having a battle against him. This is his team: 

  • Medicham (Fighting/Psychic), Lvl. 43
  • Lickilicky (Normal), Lvl. 44
  • Céfiran Persian, Lvl. 44
  • His Starter, Lvl. 45

This can be a very tough battle. Medicham is Mundánez’s lead and has Ice Punch, which can counter its Flying-type weakness. This Medicham also has Focus Sash, so it can resist a hit that otherwise would have defeated him in a single turn.

Be careful with his Céfiran Persian; it’s weak against Fighting-types, but its Fury Swipes are annoying and hard to deal with. 

After the battle, Ebano will appear, asking you to visit him in his laboratory in Tempest City.

Tempest City

Welcome to Tempest City! The hometown of clever people and the seventh Gym Badge. 


Ebano’s Tempest City lab is in the southwestern part of the city. You’ll find both Ebano and Gala talking about the mystic Pokémon you, Gala, your mother, and Derringer see in your dreams.

You’ll meet Peony, the Gym Leader of the place and an excellent researcher. She’ll tell you the story of Astrem, the Legendary Pokémon you’ve been seeing in your dreams, and will ask you to explore the Astral Tower, east of Tempest City.

But as always in Pokémon, the evil team has the lead when it comes to awake legendary forces, so they arrive at the Astral Tower before you do. Go there and face them! 

Astral Tower

Team Gatling raided the place, so you’ll have to go through some Grunts and a hideous Burned Tower-like labyrinth. I just didn’t like it.


After going up for a while, you’ll see Derringer and Winchester, a Team Gatling Admin. You won’t be having a battle against Derringer yet; he’s a coward. Instead, you’ll be battling against Winchester. He looks like a no-brainer full-muscle grunt, but in reality, he’s very kind. Who would know? 


This is his team: 

  • Scolipede (Bug/Poison), Lvl. 46
  • Excadrill (Ground/Steel), Lvl. 46
  • Sharpedo (Water/Dark), Lvl. 47
  • Conkeldurr (Fighting), Lvl. 48

Winchester will start the battle with a Scolipede. It is weak against Fire and Flying-types, but be careful, as it has Rock Slide, so if your Fire or Flying-type user is defensively weak, you should look for another option. Also, Scolipede can poison your Pokémon if you attack it with Physical moves, as it has Poison Point as its ability. 

Sharpedo is weak; an Electric-type move should be enough to take it down. The real problem comes when Winchester uses his Conkeldurr.

Conkeldurr is weak against Flying-type Pokémon, but it has Thunder Punch, so you should look for another alternative, such as a Psychic-type attack. Winchester also has an Excadrill, but it’s not a problem. Water and Grass-type moves will do the job. 

After winning, Derringer will go to the top of the tower, so you have to chase him! He’ll be there, waiting for you at the top, alongside the statue of Astrem. It’ll be a difficult battle, so don’t worry if you don’t make it on your first attempt. This is his team: 


  • Dragalge (Dragon/Poison), Lvl. 46
  • Durant (Bug/Steel), Lvl. 47
  • Grimmsnarl (Fairy/Dark), Lvl. 47
  • Gliscor (Ground/Flying), Lvl. 48
  • Greninja (Water), Lvl. 49

Derringer will start the match with Dragalge, so you should use a Ground-type user as your lead. It can poison with Sludge Bomb, so be careful. After that, Derringer will use Durant or Gliscor; Durant is very vulnerable to Fire-type moves, and Gliscor has the same issue against Ice-type moves. 

Grimmsnarl can be problematic, but it won’t resist a Poison-type move. I don’t recommend using a Steel-type against it as it has Bulk Up (which will increase its attack) and Drain Punch (a Fighting-type move).

Fairy-types can also hurt it. Lastly, Derringer’s Greninja. It’s fast and hits hard but can’t compensate for its Electric-type weakness. 

As you win, Derringer will leave the tower with a hint of where to find Astrem and with Mundánez as his hostage. You can’t do much about this for now, so it’s time to fight for your seventh Gym Badge. But first, train for a while; you’ll want to have your Pokémon at level 48-50. 

Seventh Gym Badge

This Gym Battle has a twist; you’ll face Peony and her clone, Peony 2.0, in a double battle. They are Psychic-type trainers but don’t worry; this is the simplest Gym Battle. This is Peony and Peony’s team: 


  • Sigilyph (Psychic/Flying), Lvl. 49
  • Claydol (Psychic/Ground), Lvl. 49
  • Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy), Lvl. 50
  • Céfiran Hariyama (Psychic/Fighting), Lvl. 51

The Peony Team will start with Sigiliph and Claydol as their leads. Contrary to what you might think, they’ll be purely offensive. Go ahead and put your Water and Electric-type Pokémon as your leads. The next couple will be Gardevoir and Céfiran Hariyama. They do a good combination as Gardevoir has Thunderbolt, which counters Hariyama’s Flying-type weakness.

Nonetheless, these two aren’t a problem if you beat Sigiliph and Claydol without losing any of your Pokémon. I hit them strong with my Water and Electric-type Pokémon and then finished the job with the rest of my team. It’s a 2v6, after all. 

You’ll receive the Géminis Badge, and then you’ll be free to go. Only one Badge left! 

The plot about Team Gatling continues. By the looks of it, Team Gatling wasn’t responsible for the explosion that destroyed the Pokémon League seven years ago. 

The real responsible was the government of that time, which was doing an illegal test below the stadium that went wrong. To prove it, you’ll have to infiltrate the Team Gatling HQ with Winchester to find a contract to unravel this mystery. 

Team Gatling HQ

The Team Gatling Base is just some interconnected tunnels that lead to a central zone. It’s filled with grunts, but you can avoid most of them if you don’t want to fight.

You’ll not find complicated battles here; however, as you rescue Mundánez and leave the cave through a secret entrance, you’ll be face-to-face with President Mustang, the real culprit of the Pokémon League incident. 

pokémon-ópalo-team gatling hq

Apolo will be with you during this battle, and this is President Mustang’s team: 

  • Absol (Dark), Lvl. 50
  • Sirfetch’d (Fighting/Steel), Lvl. 50
  • Nidoking (Poison/Ground), Lvl. 51
  • Braviary (Normal/Flying), Lvl. 51
  • Metagross (Steel/Psychic), Lvl. 52

There’s not much to say about this battle; Apolo is an excellent teammate! After this battle, things in Céfira will calm down for a while; Apolo is now the new president, you took a vacation, and the Pokémon League finally reopened.

Also, Professor Ebano finally discovered the altar of Astrem in Mt. Boreal. To get there, you have to go to Cencellada City, which also happens to be the city where you have to battle for your last Gym Badge! You’ll get there by going to Alisio Town and heading west. 

A Battle Against Gala

As soon as you put a step on Route 13, Gala will appear, asking for a last battle only to check if you are prepared to defeat Derringer. This is her team: 


  • Lycanroc (Rock), Lvl. 50
  • Xatu (Flying/Psychic), Lvl. 51
  • Mienshao (Fighting/Psychic), Lvl. 51
  • Her Starter, Lvl. 52
  • Her Last Pokémon, Lvl. 51


  • If Snampery, she’ll have Lapras.
  • If Flasinge, she’ll have Roserade. 
  • If Swolphin, she’ll have Turtonator. 

We have seen Gala’s strategy several times now; she’ll use Lycanroc to set Stealth Rocks, so you must use a Grass or Water-type as your lead to take it down. After that, there’s not much to say; she doesn’t change her team or strategy. After this battle, continue through Route 13 to reach Cencellada City. 

Cencellada City

Welcome to Cencellada City! Put your best jacket on; this place is freezing! 


The first thing you have to do here is looking for Gala. She’ll tell you that Brezo, the Gym Leader of the place, will help you to reach Mt. Boreal, but he’s not in his Gym, so you have to look for him on Route 14. But as you get here, the blizzard will get strong and make you faint. Luckily, Brezo was near there and rescued you! 


After meeting him and spending the night in his cabin, you are now good to go. The mission is to explore Mt. Boreal! 

Mt. Boreal and Derringer

The exploration of Mt. Boreal isn’t complicated, and it’s filled with trainers, so there’s a lot of EXP available for your Pokémon. You’ll find yourself with Derringer several times, and he even managed to hurt Gala.

Midway through the climbing, you’ll cross face to face with him, and it’s the perfect moment to have a last battle that will decide who’ll climb to the top of the mountain and have a chance to meet with Astrem. This is Derringer’s team: 

pokémon-ópalo-mt. boreal and derringer

  • Dragalge (Poison/Dragon), Lvl. 53
  • Durant (Steel/Bug), Lvl. 54
  • Grimmsnarl (Fairy/Dark), Lvl. 54
  • Gliscor (Flying/Ground), Lvl. 54
  • Céfiran Glalie (Flying/Ghost), Lvl. 54
  • Greninja (Water), Lvl. 55

Derringer will start the battle with Dragalge, so try to switch to an Ice-type Pokémon as soon as possible. It has Thunderbolt, so it has a reliable way to deal with Water-types. Then, Durant will join the battle. It’s not a big issue, but be careful with its Rock Slide. After that, both Gliscor and Céfiran Glalie have problems when facing an Ice-type user. It’s easy to take them down. 

The most problematic Pokémon of Derringer are Grimmsnarl and Greninja. I took Grimmsnarl down with a Poison-type move, and Greninja was hard to defeat as it has Ice Beam, which counters his Grass-type weakness; nonetheless, it’s weak to Electric-type moves.

After defeating Derringer, you can continue with the adventure. He’ll leave, but the blizzard isn’t stopping, so he’ll not get far… 


You and Gala will reach the top of the mountain, and then, you’ll meet Astrem in your dreams. You can’t catch it; you’ll have a battle against it! 


Astrem is a Flying/Fairy-type Pokémon and is weak against Poison, Ice, Rock, Electric, and Steel-type moves. Hit it with your best shots, and you’ll win. 

Last Gym Badge

After defeating Astrem and getting a hint of what’s coming up in the Post-game, Gala and you will return to Cencellada City. Brezo is waiting for you in the Gym, so you should go to challenge him. Brezo is a strong Ice-type trainer and has some interesting Pokémon in his team:


  • Frosmoth (Ice/Bug), Lvl. 55
  • Beartic (Ice), Lvl. 56
  • Walrein (Ice/Water), Lvl. 55
  • Mamoswine (Ice/Ground), Lvl. 56
  • Lupice (Ice/Fighting), Lvl. 57 

Brezo will start the battle with Frosmoth, but it can be burned down with a Fire-type move. Easy! If you used a Fire-type Pokémon to take Frosmoth down, Brezo would use his Mamoswine as it has Earthquake. Here’s when you can switch to a Fighting-type Pokémon. After that, Brezo can either use Beartic or Walrein.

Walrein is easy to take down with Electric or Fighting-type moves, while Beartic hits strong but can’t resist much damage. Go ahead and burn it down. 

Lastly, you’ll have to face Lupice, a Fighting/Ice-type Pokémon (weird combination, though). It’s fast and has Swords Dance, so you must take it down in a single turn or two. I recommend Fire-types as Lupice can deal with Steel-types without many problems. 

After winning, Brezo will give you the Témpano Badge and the TM13, which contains Ice Beam. There’s nothing else to do in Cencellada; go to Tramontana City through Route 14, and from there, you can reach Boreal City to get to the League.

There’s a Victory Road, and the path from Cencellada to Boreal City is complicated! There aren’t crucial battles until reaching the League, so I’ll see you in Boreal City! 

Pokémon League

Welcome to Boreal City! There are many things to do here, but let’s get straight to business; it’s time to talk about the Pokémon League’s format.


The League is divided into three rounds; in the first round, you’ll face the rest of the challengers (Mundánez, Vermillion, Gala). You’ll have to defeat three of the eight Gym Leaders in Round two. This is random, so you need to be prepared for everything. In the last round, you’ll face the Champion, Professor Ebano. Let’s get started! 

Round One


This is Gala’s Team: 


  • Lycanroc (Rock), Lvl. 59
  • Xatu (Flying/Psychic), Lvl. 60
  • Mienshao (Psychic/Fighting), Lvl. 60
  • Her Last Pokémon, Lvl. 60
  • Her Starter, Lvl. 61

Her Last Pokémon can be Turtonator, Lapras, or Roserade. 

We already know Gala’s strategy; she’ll set Stealth Rocks with Lycanroc, and you must defeat it before it does because it’s absurdly annoying to get hurt every time you switch.

After that, there’s not much to say about her team; Gala’s Pokémon don’t have reliable ways to cover their weaknesses. The next battle is against Vermillion, so you should put your Electric-type Pokémon as your lead. 


This is Vermillion’s team: 


  • Pidgeot (Normal/Fighting), Lvl. 59
  • Gyarados (Water/Flying), Lvl. 59
  • Snorlax (Normal), Lvl. 60
  • Poliwrath (Water/Fighting), Lvl. 60
  • Raichu (Electric), Lvl. 61

If you thought Gala’s battle was easy, this one is easier. Vermillion’s team is very vulnerable to Electric-type moves, as Pidgeot, Gyarados, and Poliwrath can’t defend themselves from a good Thunderbolt.

Snorlax will fall with a couple of Fighting-type moves (but be careful as it has Yawn and can sleep your Pokémon), and Raichu, even if it has Grass Knot, can’t do much against Ground-types. 

Your next rival will be Mundánez. You should use a Ghost or Fairy-type user as your lead. 


This is Mundánez’s team: 


  • Medicham (Fighting/Psychic), Lvl. 59
  • Lickilicky (Normal), Lvl. 60
  • Copperajah (Steel), Lvl. 60
  • Céfiran Persian, Lvl. 59
  • His Starter, Lvl. 61

Mundánez’s team is simple, as he’ll start with Medicham and his High Jump Kick. Medicham has a Focus Band, so it’ll resist a one-hit KO, and has Thunder Punch, so it can take your Flying-type down easily. That’s why I prefer to attack it with Ghost or Fairy-type moves. 

After that, Lickilicky, Copperajah, and his Céfiran Persian are very vulnerable against Fighting-type moves. This will be a matter of sweeping every of his Pokémon with your Fighting-type Pokémon!

Round Two

The upcoming battles are random; nonetheless, you can still get some advantage by leading your team with a Pokémon that can counter your opponent’s lead Pokémon.

You can’t heal between battles, so I recommend buying plenty of Hyper Potions and Revives before starting. I’ll show the teams of all the Gym Leaders and talk about their most dangerous threats. Let’s go! 


Lantro took the Gym Leader job in Jaloque City when Mundánez left it. It’s a Normal-type trainer, and this is his team: 

  • Bibarel (Normal/Water), Lvl. 60
  • Heliolisk (Normal/Electric), Lvl. 60
  • Sawsbuck (Normal/Grass), Lvl. 60
  • Pyroar (Normal/Fire), Lvl. 61
  • Exploud (Normal), Lvl. 62

Heliolisk has Surf to counter his Ground-type weakness, but unless your Ground-type Pokémon is 4x weak to Water-type, it’ll resist the damage. Also, be careful with Sawsbuck, as it has Double Edge and High Jump Kick. It hits very hard! 


This is Acacia’s Team: 

  • Hippowdon (Ground), Lvl. 60
  • Mudsdale (Ground), Lvl. 60
  • Mamoswine (Ground/Ice), Lvl. 60
  • Gliscor (Ground/Flying), Lvl. 61
  • Tangrowth (Ground/Grass), Lvl. 62

I recommend starting the battle with a Water-type Pokémon, as Hippowdon has Ice Fang, which can seriously hurt a Grass-type Pokémon. This battle will be very simple if you have a strong Ice-type attacker; Gliscor and Céfiran Tangela have a 4x weakness against Ice-type moves, and the rest can’t do much against Water-type Pokémon. 


This is Biel’s Team: 

  • Bronzong (Steel/Psychic), Lvl. 60
  • Klinklang (Steel), Lvl. 60
  • Torkoal (Fire), Lvl. 60
  • Aggron (Steel/Ground), Lvl. 61
  • Céfiran Golurk (Steel/Fire), Lvl. 62

Biel’s strategy relies on Bronzong, whose only mission will be setting Light Screens and Reflects to decrease your damage output. To counter this, I recommend you use a Fire-type Pokémon as your lead. If you have a Pokémon with Brick Break, this is a great moment to use it here! 

Biel’s most dangerous Pokémon is Céfiran Golurk. Nonetheless, it’s 4x weak to Ground-type moves. Don’t attack it with Water-type moves! 


This is Romero’s team: 

  • Swanna (Water/Flying), Lvl. 60
  • Aquaranid (Water/Bug), Lvl. 60
  • Drednaw (Water/Rock), Lvl. 60
  • Dracovish (Water/Dragon), Lvl. 61
  • Mossfoot (Water/Grass), Lvl. 62

Mossfoot is a giant beast with Ice Beam and Giga Drain as its most powerful moves. I recommend attacking it with Poison-type moves; its other weaknesses are Flying and Bug, but it can counter them with Ice Beam. 

The rest of Romero’s team is easy to defeat, but be careful with Dracovish as it has Ice Fang. Go with a Fairy-type move against it. 


This is Silene’s team: 

  • Drifblim (Ghost/Flying), Lvl. 60
  • Zippectre (Ghost), Lvl. 60
  • Chandelure (Ghost/Fire), Lvl. 60
  • Mimikyu (Ghost/Fairy), Lvl. 61
  • Céfiran Froslass (Ghost/Ground), Lvl. 62

The Zippectre isn’t a Banette Mega Evolution; in this game, Banette evolves into Zippectre at Level 45. That being said, Silene’s team is easy to defeat with Dark-type moves. None of them have a reliable way to counter their Dark-type weakness. 

Alternatively, you can try to hurt them through their secondary weakness, but be careful with Chandelure as it has Energy Ball, which can damage your Water-type Pokémon. 


This is Dalio’s team: 

  • Galvantula (Electric/Bug), Lvl. 60
  • Toxtricity (Electric/Poison), Lvl. 60
  • Magnezone (Electric/Steel), Lvl. 60
  • Lanturn (Electric/Water), Lvl. 61
  • Céfiran Altaria (Electric/Dragon), Lvl. 62

Dalio’s battle isn’t complicated at all. The Electric-type is weak against Ground-type moves, and only Lanturn and Galvantula have a reliable way to deal against it. Lanturn has Hydro Pump, and Galvantula has Energy Ball; nonetheless, Galvantula can’t defend itself from Fire-type moves.

Lanturn can be complicated to deal with as it also has Ice Beam. I recommend hitting it with your best Pokémon; a Fighting-type or any Special attacker will be enough. 

The Céfiran Altaria is weak against Fairy-type moves. It doesn’t have a way to defend itself from Fairy-types!


This is Peony’s team: 

  • Sigilyph (Psychic/Flying), Lvl. 60
  • Alakazam (Psychic), Lvl. 60
  • Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy), Lvl. 60
  • Claydol (Psychic/Ground), Lvl. 61
  • Céfiran Hariyama (Psychic/Fighting), Lvl. 62

I recommend starting the match with an Electric-type to eliminate Sigiliph. Her most dangerous Pokémon is the Céfiran Hariyama. You can deal with it by using a Flying-type move. If you know their Pokémon’s main weakness, this battle will be simple. 


This is Brezo’s team: 

  • Frosmoth (Ice/Bug), Lvl. 60
  • Beartic (Ice), Lvl. 60
  • Walrein (Ice/Water), Lvl. 60
  • Mamoswine (Ice/Ground), Lvl. 61
  • Lupice (Ice/Fighting), Lvl. 62

Brezo will use the same team he used in his Gym Battle. There’s not much to say here; he didn’t change the moveset! 

Round Three

This is the last battle. Professor Ebano is a great trainer, so this will be very difficult. You’ll first have a small combat against a rigged team, which is weak, but be careful because you can’t heal your Pokémon before facing Ebano with his real team again. 


This is Ebano’s team: 

  • Mega Steelix (Steel), Lvl. 61
  • Scrafty (Fighting/Dark), Lvl. 61
  • Bouffalant (Normal), Lvl. 62
  • Mandibuzz (Flying/Dark), Lvl. 62
  • Haxorus (Dragon), Lvl. 62
  • Krookodile (Ground/Dark), Lvl. 63

He’ll start the match with a Mega Steelix. This is the first time you’ll see a Mega Evolution, and you’ll see more of them in your adventure through West Céfira in what is considered the post-game. Mega Steelix is weak against Fighting-types, so you have to start the battle with a Fighting-type Pokémon. 

After Mega Steelix, things will be easier. Haxorus is as dangerous as it can be a Dragon-type, but if you have a properly trained Ice-type Pokémon, you’ll easily defeat it. The same goes with Dundee, Professor Ebano’s Krookodile; alternatively, you can take it down with Water-type moves. 

Bouffalant isn’t a problem either; you must attack it with a strong Fighting-type move to defeat it. Lastly, Mandibuzz and Scrafty. They don’t have many options against Electric and Flying-type moves, respectively.  Overall, the most dangerous threat from Professor Ebano is the Mega-Steelix. After that, if you have an Ice-type Pokémon in your team, everything will go swiftly. 



Question: How Long is Pokémon Ópalo’s Post-game? 

Answer: Very long! Remember Pokémon Heartgold and Soulsilver when you had to explore Kanto and get all the Kanto Badges? Well, it’s exactly like that! 

Question: What’s the Hardest Battle of Pokémon Ópalo? 

Answer: The first battle against Biel, the third Gym Leader, can be very complicated if you don’t know much about items and strategies. The final battle against Apolo is also very hard, and of course, the Championship battle against Professor Ebano is challenging. 

Question: What’s the Best Pokémon to Beat Pokémon Ópalo? 

Answer: I’ll say any strong Fairy-type Pokémon. My personal recommendation would be Grimmsnarl; you can find it pretty early in the adventure! Machamp was also a great Pokémon to have. Lastly, Lunaye, the Fire-type starter, is a great option. 

Pokemon Opalo Guide: Conclusion

Congratulations! Now, you are the Champion of Céfira! Hey, don’t think you are done yet; there is a new region to explore, many legendary Pokémon to find, and many sub-stories to finish in West Céfira! 

This game was a great adventure; I had a lot of time without enjoying a Pokémon story so much. I recommend this game to everyone, no matter if you are new in the Pokémon world or you have a lot of time playing; you’ll appreciate this game! 

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