Pokemon Empyrean Game Guide: Breaking Down Fusions, Berserks & Much More

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The Pokémon Empyrean game is basically a dream come true of every average Pokémon fan; new mechanics, wild starters, boss fights, side quests, and many more things that we want you to discover. The good thing about Pokémon Empyrean; those side quests are challenging, but the game comes extremely easy if you do them. They aren’t necessary but, as we say, it is better if you experience all the games by yourself.

Pokémon Empyrean has an exciting story, you are the son of an International Spy (Like Looker! your father’s name is Hal), and he takes you on a vacation trip. He has to go to a secret job against the Vordev Group (the bad guys here), where he gets kidnapped, and (even if he says you don’t have to worry) your mission is to be the best trainer only to help him.

First Battle: Hal Against Mr. Jones

Pokemon Empyrean Game

Cool thing, at that moment, before getting kidnapped, you are controlling Hal, and you’ll have the first battle of the game against a guy watching a door named Mr. Jones. This battle is pretty intuitive if you are a Pokémon expert. You have the specific Pokémon to win this battle even without getting a hit.

Your team is a Lucario, Abomasnow, and a Salamence. Lucario can defeat Bisharp, Gliscor is down against Abomasnow, and Gallade will lose against Salamence.

Getting Your Starter

You’ll get a starter in Celine Town, where Professor Almond gives you a starter. You can choose any starter from Gen 1 to Gen 7, choose whatever you want, but if you want an easy early game, go for the Grass or Water-type. You’ll also meet your rival, a wild kid named Blitz. He will have a starter that’s effective against yours, so it’s better if you get something good against his starter.

First Badge: Juras and Rita, Calistern Town Gym Leaders

Before this gym, you’ll fight against Blitz, so be prepared for that. He has the starter and a Heracross, both at level 12. Also, someone is trading an Omuran Machop (which is Electric/Fighting-type) for a Ralts; pick it up and train it if you want a free gym here.

The Gyms in this game are a mix of two types, in this case, Rock and Normal-type. There’s a Vice-Captain that you have to defeat to face the Gym Leader. First, Juras, the Vice-Captain.

Juras has an Aipom (Level 8) and an Aron (Level 9); both can fall quickly with the Omuran Machop.

And now Rita, the leader:

She has an Aron at Level 10, a Rhyhorn at Level 11, and a Zangoose at level 12. They are not dangerous if you do all the battles against trainers in the gym and in the routes; leveling isn’t a problem. They all will fall in at least two turns. If not, be careful with Rhyhorn; it has Bulldoze. Go with your starter or a Water or Grass-type instead of using Machop.

After this gym, you’ll have to head to Shawmonk Town. First, you’ll pass through Shawmonk Forest; it is pretty straightforward so getting lost is almost impossible. At the end of Shawmonk Forest, you’ll get into Route 102; the access to the town is blocked since there’s a strange Pokémon attacking people. It’s time to investigate it!

First Boss, Shawmonk Lake

In Shawmonk Lake, you’ll find this:

This bizarre thing is the first boss. You have to fight against it with the help of Moira. It is an Electric-type, and sadly you can’t easily find a Ground-type to get rid of it. Just go with your strongest attack, and be careful if you picked a Grass-type starter since it has Fire Punch.

Its other attacks are Bone Rush (Ground-type), Thunder Punch (Electric-type), and Volt Tackle (Electric-type). It basically does random attacks. It is at Lv. 5, and its attacks don’t inflict much damage, but it has a lot of HP, so the battle is about hurting it until it falls. You can’t catch it.

A scientist takes it after you get it down, and you’ll not know about it in a long time. Now, you can access Shawmonk Town.

Second Badge: Erwin and Syler, Shawmonk Town Gym Leaders

This gym is all about Grass and Bug-types; prepare your Fire and Flying-types because this will be a walk in the park. As we said, if you do the side-quests, the game will be a lot easier, but even if you don’t do it, you can get some levels higher than the leaders with no effort.

  • Erwin is the Vice-Captain; he only has a Nuzleaf, level 14.
  • Syler’s team is a Treecko (Level 19), Deerling (Level 20), and Scyther (Level 21).

With the right team, you won’t last more than four turns in the Syler’s battle. Fire and Flying-types will do the job for you. You can find an Omuran Murkrow (Steel/Flying-type); it is perfect for this gym. You can find it in Shawmonk Lake.

Now, our next destination is Dooriver City.

Third Badge: Ashy, Dooriver City’s Gym leader

This gym is different from what we have seen before and has a cool mechanic that can perfectly fit in an official Pokémon game. There’s no Vice-Captain here; you are in a tournament in which you have to face three random trainers to get into a fight against Ashy, the leader.

In this tournament, you aren’t allowed to use Pokémon with a level higher than 30, but if you want to use one of them, you can buy a Reverse Candy, it acts like normal rare candy, but it decreases one level of your Pokémon instead of increasing it.

This gym is specialized in Dark and Fire-types, so once again, your Omuran Machop (or any other Fighting-type Pokémon) and Water-types (like a Gyarados) are perfect for this gym! Ashy’s team has a Mightyena (Level 26), Quilava (Level 29), and Houndoom (Level 27). Mighyena will fall with any Fighting-type attack, as well as Quilava and Houndoom with Water-type attacks.

After this gym, you’ll have to fight Blitz for the second time; he has his starter (Level 32), Heracross (Level 29), and Trapinch (Level 31).

In this city, you can find the Exp. Share, given by a scientist in one of the houses after you catch 15 different Pokémon. You can also access a laboratory, where you can change the Nature of a Pokémon to whichever you want; it costs 10K.

Our next destination is Empral Town. On the way, you have to pass through the Shian Swamp, where you can find Sandile. We recommend catching it. After the swamp, you have to pass through the River Overpass, where you’ll fight against Blitz for the third time. This time his team is Heracross (Level 33), His Starter (Level 36), Vibrava (Level 34), and a Feebas (Level 34).

Fourth Badge: Ion and Anper, Empral Town’s Gym Leaders

This gym is exceptional because we see for the first time the Light-type.

  • Light-type is strong against Ghost, Dark, and Data-types (Another new Pokémon type that we will see later).
  • This type also resists Fire, Fairy, Electric, and Light-types.
  • Light-type Pokémon will receive x2 damage against Dark and Ghost-types.
  • Also, Steel and Gold-types (Yet another new type that we will see later) are immune to Light-type.

This gym is mixed between Electric and Light-types. This is why you have to catch a Sandile from the Shian Swamp. A Dark-type will work here, only if it hits first.

Ion is the Vice-Captain; he has a Manectric (Level 35), an Omuran Mienshao, which is a Light/Psychic-type Pokémon (Level 37), and Electabuzz (Level 36). Against the Electric-types, go with Sandile, and the Omuran Mienshao has an x4 Weakness against Dark-types, so a Bite, from whichever Pokémon that have it, will be enough.

Anper is the Gym Leader. His team has a Voltlight, a brand new Pokémon, Electric/Light-type (Level 37), Ampharos which can Mega-evolve (Level 39), a Valkyreon, a new Eeveelution which is a Light-type Pokémon (Level 40), and Eelektross (Level 39) and lastly, an Electivire (Level 38).

Voltlight can fall with any Ground-type attack and Ampharos, but it will mega-evolve, so you can also attack it with Ice-types because it gets Dragon-type after mega-evolving. Valkyreon can’t resist Dark-types, so go for that.

Lastly, Eelektross and Electivire. The first one has Levitate, so you have to attack it another way, basically with your best shot. Electivire has Balloon, an Item that makes the user immune to Ground-type attacks until it receives a Physical attack. Pop its Balloon and then attack it with your best Ground-type attack.

After this gym, you have to go to a Factory after a woman asked you to help her find her Pichu, which was kidnapped. Here, you’ll find that Anper is the Factory boss, and you have to fight against him one more time.

His team this time is a Skarmory (Level 41) whose only mission is to set some Spikes, Valkyreon (Level 44), Eelektross (Level 43), Luxray (Level 42), and a Modified Electivire (Level 45), which is basically a buffed Electivire.

Follow the same strategy you used for the battle against him in the gym; you’ll be fine. After the battle, you’ll meet Mr. Emmanuil, a mysterious man with a Scizor (Level 80) and an Alakazam (Level 100). This battle is meant to be lost, but that happens only to continue with the story.

You get the lady’s Pichu, and she helps you wake up a Snorlax, which is blocking the path to Route 105. You can catch it, though. In this route, you’ll battle Moira for the first time. Her team isn’t bad at all. She has a Furret (Level 37), Luxio (Level 38), and her starter (Level 39). Her starter will depend on which starter you choose, taking the one which is weak against your starter.

Next destiny, Sylen City.

Second Boss, Sylen City

In this city, you’ll find this: This is the second boss fight. A strange-looking Rapidash-like boss, which is a Fire-type Pokémon. It is only at level 25, but it is like the first boss because its HP is highly buffed.

It isn’t strong, and it won’t seriously hurt your Pokémon. It has Shadow Ball (Ghost-type), Hell Fire (Fire-type), Earthquake (Ground-type), and Stomp (Normal-type). It will fall if you constantly attack it with Water or Ground-type attacks. After that, it will evolve into this:

This is the boss’ evolved form. It changes its type into Light-type, so now you have to attack it with Dark or Ghost-type attacks.

Its attacks are now Shadow Ball, Hell Fire, Coming Of Light (a Light-type attack), and Judgement (Normal-type). Now, its HP is even higher, so this will be a long battle. After defeating it, you have to do some lore-related tasks that we don’t want to spoil. Now, your next destination is Mt. Mesmer, to get to Mesmer Town.

Fifth Badge: Alia and Tika, Mesmer Town’s Gym Leaders

alia and tika

After defeating the second boss, you’ll now have to go to Mt. Mesmer, passing first through Route 106. In Mt. Mesmer, you’ll meet Crow, who has a Charizard (Level 90). Another impossible battle is meant to be lost, only to advance in the story.

After crossing Mt. Mesmer, you’ll get to Mesmer Town, where Alia and Tika are waiting for you. This is a double battle, and you’ll choose to fight it with Blitz or Moira. If you don’t have a Fighting or Fire-type Pokémon in your team, choose the one who you know has it.

Alia and Tika’s team have the following Pokémon:

Weavile (Level 56), Abomasnow (Level 55 and with an Abomasite), Vanilluxe (Level 59), Glaceon (Level 55), and Walrein (Level 60).

Once again, that Omuran Machop (which evolves into Machoke at Level 20 and into Machamp at Level 52) is really helpful here. Those Pokémon don’t have any weird things besides the typical Ice-type attacks, like Blizzard and Ice Punch. Go with the Fire-type attacker, and you’ll be fine.

Third Boss, The Altar in Mesmer Town

After winning you have to go to The Altar, which is there, in Mesmer Town. In The Altar, this thing is waiting for you:

This is the third Boss fight. It is a fusion between Willie and Kirlia. It is Light/Fairy-type and has a ton of HP, getting to 1000 HP. Defeating it is pretty easy with a Steel-type (Like Aron and its evolutions) since it is immune to the Light-type, and Fairy-type has a weakness against it. A battle that will take you a lot of turns; just be patient and don’t stop hitting it.

It has Moonblast (Fairy-type attack), Psystrike (Psychic), Meteor Mash (Steel), and Thunderbolt (Electric). If you have a Ground/Dark-type (like the Sandile we recommended you to use in your team), this can be easier, so you get rid of three of its attacks. Be careful with the Moonblast, though.

After defeating it, you have to get back to Sylen City just to get to Route 107, where Moira is waiting for you for your second battle against her. Now, she has a full team, but most of them are actually easy to defeat. This is her team:

Furret, Luxray, her starter, Lucario and Ninetales (all at Level 55), and an Eevee (Level 45). Use a Fighting-type against her; the Omuran Machamp can sweep all her team if it has a great move set and is well trained. After defeating her, you’ll be able to get to your following location, Naraku Village.

Sixth Badge: Daimon, Naraku Village Gym Leader

Before entering the Naraku Village, you’ll have to pass through the Naraku Cave. There, you’ll fight against Blitz for the fourth time. This is his team:

Heracross (Level 60), Flygon (Level 62), Metagross (Level 61 and a Metagrossite), Volcarona (Level 62), and Milotic (Level 62, which got double type in this game, being Water/Fairy-type).

A well-balanced team can work perfectly here, using a Flying-type against Heracross since it has an x4 weakness against Flying-types. Flygon will fall with an Ice-type attack, Metagross can’t handle a Ground-type attack, Milotic now has a weakness against Poison-types, but you can hit it with an Electric-type attack. Lastly, Volcarona, go for a Rock or Ground-type attack, and it will fall.

Another essential thing, you can find Ferroseed here, it will be really helpful with some boss fights in the future, so consider catching and training one of them.

In this Gym, you’ll not face a Vice-Captain, but you’ll have to battle two times against Daimon. The first time he has the following team:

Gastly (Level 60), Haunter (Level 63), and Gengar (Level 66).

Go with your Dark-type Pokémon here; this battle is easy. After this, Daimon tricks you, giving you a fake badge. He is an illusion, and the real Daimon is in the Dark Tower; you have to go there, find and battle him, to get the actual badge. In this process, you’ll be with Hessa.

Now is when the Gym gets mixed between Ghost and Psychic-types, so, now more than never, the Sandile (Which should be now a Krokorok and, if you trained it properly, a Krookodile) will be really helpful.

Second battle against Daimon:

Sigilyph and Reuniclus (Level 64), Trevenant, Chandelure and Alakazam (Level 65), and Gengar (Level 66 and a Gengarite).

This Gym can be really easy with a Dark-type as Krookodile. You can find several Dark-types in the routes, so basically, Dark-type is a must in your team. Also, you can catch an Omuran Teddiursa, which is a Dark-type, and evolve it into Omuran Ursaring.

Now, you have to go to Asutra City. On your way to Asutra City, you’ll have to pass through the Cycling Highway. There, you’ll find Moira to get your third battle against her.

  • She has a Furret (Level 69), Lucario (Level 71 with a Lucariosite), Valkyreon (Level 72), her starter (Level 70), Luxray (Level 70), and Ninetales (Level 72).

Now, she has a mixed team; then, you’ll need a well-balanced team. Go with the Dark-type with Valkyreon, Fighting-type with Furret and Lucario, and Ground-type against Luxray and Ninetales. Her starter can be outplayed with your own starter.

Seventh Badge: Kairon, Asutra City Gym Leader

Fourth Boss, Sukuyomi Mansion in Asutra City

Kairon isn’t in his gym yet; before facing him, you’ll have to pass through the Sukuyomi Mansion, where you will find this:

This is a fusion between a girl named Maiko and Braixen. This thing is called Braiko. It is Fire-type, so Ground-type is your best option, as well as some Water-type. It has 1000 HP as well as the three previous bosses. It has Energy Ball (Grass-type), Flamethrower (Fire), Earthquake (Ground), and Shadow Ball (Ghost).

Fifth Boss, Factory 00 in Deshret Island

After fighting against Braiko, all the bad guys run away to Deshret Island, and you chase them with Ashy (The third Gym Leader). You’ll be now in Deshret.

Into the Factory 00, you’ll find this:

This is the fifth boss fight, a cyborg called Arch Cyborg that guards the Factory. It is Steel-type and has only 750 HP. It has Leftovers as its item and Download as its ability. The download will increase Arch Cyborg’s Attack if your defense is lower than its or increase its Special Attack if your Special Defense is lower than its or both Special and Physical Defenses are equal.

Fire-type against it, and it will fall. Fighting-type will help you a lot too. Omuran Machamp is really good against it. It has Flash Cannon (Steel-type), Tesla Cannon (Electric), Flamethrower (Fire), and Dark Pulse (Dark).

After that, you can finally fight against Kairon. You actually know him; he’s Crow. Asutra City’s Gym is mixed between Steel and Water-types, but he actually has two Pokémon without these types, so it’s better if your team is pretty balanced. Otherwise, this Gym will be really hard.

Crow’s team:

  • Bronzong (Level 75), Empoleon (Level 75), Vaporeon (Level 77), Charizard (Level 80 and a Charizardite, evolving into Mega Charizard X), Garchomp (Level 78 and Ice Shard as its item), and Honchkrow (Level 78).

Bronzong will set Toxic, so be careful. It can fall with a solid Fire-type attack. Empoleon is vulnerable against Fighting-type; way better than attacking it with Electric-type, Omuran Machamp can get rid of it. You can shock Vaporeon with an Electric-type attack, too, as well as Honchkrow.

Charizard has a vulnerability: Rock-types. It has an x4 weakness against it. But now it changes into Fire/Dragon-type because of the mega-evolution. Go with Dragon; if you don’t have a Dragon-type attack, go with Rock or Ground-types.

Lastly, Garchomp. Even with the Ice Shard, it has an x4 weakness against Ice-types, so don’t worry and go for it. Now, you have to head to the last Gym, in the Roarin Plateau.

After getting there, you have to pass through Krystolny Town; to get there, you have to pass through the Krystolny Forest. Here, you’ll find Blitz and fight against him for the fifth and last time.

Blitz team:

  • Heracross (Level 79), his starter (Level 82), Flygon (Level 81), Metagross (Level 81 and a Metagrossite), Volcarona (Level 82), Milotic (Level 82).

You can follow the same strategy explained before. By the way, he can now mega-evolve his starter, too, so be careful with that.

Now, you are in Krystolny Town. Here, you will meet Professor Stine, who will give you the Fusion Ring, to fusion yourself with one of the following Pokémon: Serperior, Typhlosion, or Empoleon. This is a great buff if you have one of them. Use it if you can!

Also, you can mine in this city. Mining, you can get Blue or Red Shards. Use the Shard Crusher with them, and you’ll get Blue or Red Stardust. This Stardust will attract a legendary Pokémon, named Petshop, in the Islet of Horus (Yes, that’s a JoJo’s reference!).

Now, let’s get into the Roarin Plateau.

Last Badge: Aeris, Roarin Plateau’s Gym Leader

After going through Route 109, you’ll get into the Roarin Plateau. After getting into the Gym, A volcano will erupt, that means that you’ll have to do some lore-related things (That we don’t want to spoil) before fighting Aeris.

After that process, now, it’s time to get against Aeris. She has Flying and Dragon-types, so your Ice-types will shine here.

Her team:

Pidgeot (Level 90), Tyrantrum (Level 90), Salamence (Level 90), Altaria (Level 90 and an Altarianite), and Dragonite (Level 90). These all are modified, the same thing that Anper’s Electivire has; some slightly buffed stats and that’s all.

Pidgeot will fall with a solid Ice-type attack, but if you have a Ice-type Pokémon, Tyrantrum has advantage, so change your strategy. If you have a Fairy-type Pokémon or an attack, go with it. If you have something like a Water-type Pokémon with an Ice-type attack, then you don’t have to worry, but it has Rock Slide and Head Smash, so be careful with your own Flying-types (Like Gyarados).

Salamence will fall easily with a powerful Ice-type attack, It has Double Edge, so be careful with that. After that, Altaria can mega-evolve, changing its typing to Dragon/Fairy-type. Use your Steel, Poison or Ice-type attacks against it. It has Facade so be careful with your Psychic-types.

Dragonite will fall the same as Salamence, you’ll probably be faster than it, so go for the Ice-type attack. If you don’t get it down at the first turn, it has Fire Punch, so take care of your Ice-types. After this, you can now access the Space Station. Go there and face the Vordev Group!

The Space Station and the Encounter with Lady Sukuyomi

If you think you are near the end of the game because you got the last badge, think twice, since this game is really long.

Lady Sukuyomi was the one who caused that volcano eruption in the Roarin Plateau, and she is part of the Vordev Group. She wants to use Pokémon Fusion to get herself with a Legendary Pokémon and be the most powerful thing in the world.

Sixth Boss, Station Lab, in the Space Station

After doing all the puzzles in the Space Station, you’ll get to the Station Lab. Here, you’ll see Moira. She was sad because both you and Blitz were stronger than she, so Lady Sukuyomi tricked her to get her fused with Valkyreon; this is how that looks:

Meet Valkyira, a Light/Flying-type fusion. This fusion has 1000 HP, and Thunderbolt (Electric-type), Heaven’s Strike (Light-type), Oblivion Wing (Flying), and Hurricane (Flying) as its attacks. Valkyira is weak against Electric, Rock, Ghost, and Dark-type attacks, so consider that. The Omuran Machamp, as well as Krookodile, are perfect for fighting against it.

Another great option is Bisharp, as it is immune to the Light-type thanks to its Steel-type and also can deal a great amount of damage since it has various Dark-type attacks.

Seventh Boss, Station Lab, in the Space Station

seventh boss

You defeated Valkyira, but that was only a distraction because now Lady Sukuyomi got fused with none other than Rayquaza. This battle has three phases, so you’ll be fighting against Rayqyomi for a long time.

This is its first phase, an egg:

Rayqyomi has Ingrain (Grass), Heat Wave (Fire), Mirror Coat (Psychic) and Counter (Fighting). Ingrain will not work because you are in space, so it can’t heal itself.

Right now, this fusion is only Steel-type, so if you have something to burn this down, that will be ideal. You can’t poison it since it is Steel-type, so consider that. Use the Omuran Machamp against it, and use your strongest Fighting-type attack, and also, don’t forget to use your revives and full restores; you’ll need them!

Don’t attack it with Special attacks since you are giving it the chance to use Mirror Coat, which will hurt. After beating it, now it will enter the second phase:

Rayqyomi is now a Steel/Dark-type, which means that it has an x4 weakness against Fighting-types. The problem is that it has an outstanding Attack.

Its moves are now Armor Up (Steel), Ancient Power (Rock), Outrage (Dragon), and Solar Storm (Fire). It now has 2000 HP. All of its attacking moves are Special, so it’s better to have a Special defender against it. Also, stick with the Omuran Machamp. If you learned Low Kick, this is the best opportunity to use it, as it is pretty heavy, and Low Kick will inflict a decent amount of damage.

Armor Up only has two PP and will increase its Defense and Special in two stages; it will use it in the first two turns. Solar Storm has a 100% chance of burning the target. These two moves are unique to Rayqyomi and Pokémon Empyrean.

Try to get its Defenses down with some status moves. Petshop, the Legendary Pokémon we recommended to catch, will be pretty helpful here. It has an ability named Menacing (another JoJo’s reference!), which will lower every single stat in one stage every time Petshop gets in the field.

Also, don’t trust that it will be confused after Outrage since bosses have an ability named intangible, which prevents confusion. After beating this phase, now it’s time to get against Rayqyomi’s last phase:

This thing has 3000 HP, and Ragnarok Cannon (Light), Fusion Bolt (Electric), Devouring Void (Dark), and Hyper Beam (Normal) as its moves.

Now, this is the most challenging phase of all. We’ll give you all some recommendations to get it down:

  • It is now a Steel/Light-type Pokémon, so it has an x2 weakness against Fighting and Dark-types; consider that.
  • Great Pokémon to battle against this boss: A Steel-type, since they are immune to its most powerful attack, Ragnarok Cannon. We recommend catching Ferroseed for this moment; first, you have to evolve and train it to Level 100 or more.
  • Give it a Rocky Helmet that, combined with Ferrothorn’s ability, Iron Barb, will deal a lot of damage to Rayqyomi. Its practical attacks against Ferrothorn are Physical (Except the Hyper Beam). That means that every time it attacks Ferrothorn, it will get Iron Barb’s damage, Rocky Helmet’s Damage and your attacks.
  • Once again, don’t let Ferrothorn faint, and if that happens, heal it. Use it exclusively in this battle.
  • Its moves have a few PPs, meaning it will use Struggle pretty early in the battle; that’s good for Ferrothorn and its Rocky Helmet + Iron Barb combo.

The travel to The Future

After beating Lady Sukuyomi and getting out of the Space Station, you’ll meet Celebi, who will take you to the future to get to your father. Crow will travel with you!

You have to go to Mt. Dynamo, on the same island where you fought against Arch Cyborg, Deshret Island. You’ll travel to the future, be careful, though, since you can’t change your team there since there are no PCs there. If you want to buy something or change your party, talk with Celebi, and it will take you to your time.

In the future, Vordev Group accomplished their objective: the fusion between Pokémon and humans, to use them as soldiers. Here is where that Data-type is used. We recommend catching a Data-type Pokémon since they have some valuable gimmicks:

  • It isn’t strong against any type, and it is weak against Fire, Water, Dark, Light, Bug and Psychic. Data-type resists Data-type, and it is immune to the rest of the types, except for the Ice-type, which is immune to Data-type.
  • Data-type Pokémon will get a Special Attack boost every time they get hit by an Electric-type attack.
  • When Data-types get hit by a Dark-type attack, they get Dark as its secondary type.
  • When Data-types get hit by an Ice-type attack, they always will get frozen.

Eight Boss, in the future

After some lore-related things, you’ll now face against Magmortion:

It has 1330 HP, as well as Metal Cannon (Steel), Fire Punch (Fire), Flamethrower (Fire), and Giga Impact (Normal) as its move set. It has Berserk as its ability, increasing its attack by one stage when it gets to half of its HP.

This boss fight isn’t hard at all, considering we went from Rayqyomi. Go with a Water-type attack, and it will fall quickly. After this boss fight, you have to look for Meshman, a cyborg who is a part of your allies. He will confuse you with a Vordev Group ally, so you have to battle against him.

This is Meshman’s team:

  • Linkchip (A brand new Data-type Pokémon, Level 100), Valkyreon (Level 110), Cyborg Aelena (A new Pokémon, Steel-type, Level 110), Reuniclus (Omuran’s future variation, Data/Psychic-type, Level 110), Electivire (Omuran’s future variation, Data/Electric-type, Level 115), and Cyborg Dehana (Another new Pokémon, Steel-type, Level 115).

This battle isn’t hard since Valkyreon is easy to get rid of, while Linkchip isn’t a problem since Fire or Water-type attacks will get it down quickly. Cyborg Aelena and Cyborg Dehana can fall with a solid Fighting-type attack, and both Data versions of Reuniclus and Electivire can’t handle Fire-type attacks. You can also freeze both Data versions with an Ice-type attack.

After defeating him, Meshman will take you to the allies’ base. The plan now is to get to Neo Sylen City, infiltrate the Citadel and defeat the Vordev Group. To get there, you have to get across the Asutran Jungle.

Asutran Jungle, Protocol Grove, Astarr Town and the Desert

In the Asutran Jungle, you’ll find Mega Data Ambipom, which is a fusion between three Data-type Ambipoms. You’ll also find Mega Data Electivire. Both are Data/Fighting-types, so Fire, Water, or Psychic are your best options. These battles are easy enough to not be considered boss fights.

In Astarr Town, you will get instructions to go across the Teren’s Desert to get to Neo Sylen City.

Neo Sylen City, The Citadel, and the battles against the High Generals

After getting into Neo Sylen City and doing the missions you have to do (like rescuing Allies’ members), you can finally head to The Citadel. There will be some soldiers, you can skip most of them, but it will be better if you do those battles; you’ll need the EXP.

Here, you’ll have to fight against the Vordev Group High Generals; there are three; Rico, Bolt, and Murasaki.

High General Rico: This will be a dual battle, you against him. This is his team:

  • Tyranitar (Level 115, and a fist nullifier, which makes it immune to Fighting-type), Flygon (Level 115), Accelgor (Level 115), Excadrill (Level 117), Landorus, in its Therian Forme (Level 118 and an ice nullifier, which makes it immune to Ice-type), and Swampert (Level 119 and a Lawnmower, an item which makes it immune to the first Grass-type hit it receives).

Well, Tyranitar is now immune to Fighting-type, but you can still hit it with Water or Grass-type attacks, so that will be enough to get it down. Flygon and Excadrill can’t handle an Ice-type attack, and Accelgor can’t with a Fire-type attack. Landorus has an ice nullifier, so you’ll have to use Water-type attacks against it. And the Swampert is easy to get down, break its Lawnmower and attack it with your best Grass-type attack.

High General Bolt: This one will be a single battle and have some tricks you have to know. This is his team:

  • Luxray (Level 120 and a Balloon), Omuran Machamp (Level 122 and a Balloon), Cybereon (a Data-type Eevee, Level 120), Vikavolt (Level 123 and a Heat Counter, which makes it immune to the first Fire-type attack it receives), Thundurus (Level Level 123), and Data Furret (Level 125).

To succeed here, pop Luxray and Machamp’s Balloon and then use Ground-type attacks against them. Go with the Fire-type attack against Cybereon and break the Heat Counter of Vikavolt or attack it with a Rock-type attack. Lastly, Thundurus can’t handle a Rock or Ice-type attack.

And now the Data Furret. Be careful here, and don’t use fusions against Data Furret. It has a move named Matrix Compression, which traps your current Pokémon in the field, making it unable to switch and getting all its PP to 1; luckily, that move only has 1 PP so that it will use it only one time. We recommend here to use your weakest Pokémon against it and let it use Matrix Compression. Then, wait for it to faint, and then you can switch to your strongest Pokémon. Psychic or Bug-type attacks will be enough to get it down.

Now, you can go to The Citadel’s prison and find the place where your father is trapped, but to get it free, you’ll have to fight against the ninth boss, Mamba.

Ninth Boss, in The Citadel’s prison

Meet Mamba:

This is a soldier fused with a Bouffalant, the strongest soldier of the Vordev Group. It has 1237 HP, it is a Normal-type fusion, and it has Dark Pulse (Dark), Rage (Normal), Head Charge (Normal), and Earthquake (Ground). It also has Phase Out as its item, making it immune to the first Fighting or Normal-type attack it receives.

This battle will not be hard if you have some Fighting-type attackers. Omuran Machamp can work here, but briefly since Mamba has Earthquake and can get rid of Machamp in a matter of seconds. We recommend getting its Phase Out first before using Omuran Machamp; get it in the field, use it until it faints, and start hitting it with your best attack.

You finally got to your father, you helped him, and now he’s free!

But, don’t think you are done there; you have to decide The Future’s fate yet.

High General Murasaki: This will be a double battle, with Crow as your ally; the battle will be easy.

This is her team:

  • Omuran Honchkrow (Steel/Flying-type, Level 120), Valkyreon (Level 121), Aegislash (Level 121), Modified Bisharp (Level 125 and with a Phase-Out as its item), Kartana (Level 125), Gallade (Level 125 and a Galladite).

As we said, this is an easy battle. The Omuran Honchkrow can’t handle Rock-type attacks, Valkyreon will fall with a Dark-type attack and Aegislash. Break Bisharp’s Phase Out and then attack it with Fighting-type attacks, Burn Kartana down with Fire-type attacks, and lastly Gallade, which will mega-evolve. Fairy or Flying-type attacks will get rid of Gallade.

After this battle, you get some lore revelations, and after that, you can get to The Nexus, where you’ll face the strongest Cyborg, D.E.U.S, is waiting for you.

Tenth Boss, in The Nexus

Meet D.E.U.S.:

This Cyborg is a dual Data/Steel-type fusion, with 1500 HP and the following moves: Signal Beam (Light), Program Restrict (Data), Data Destruction (Data), and Discharge (Electric).

The big problem in this battle is that you’ll start the battle with your Pokémon at half of its H.P., and you can’t heal them either. Things like Leftovers can work unless it uses Program Restrict, which nullifies every item. But, D.E.U.S. has a problem; it has an x4 weakness against Fire-types, so we recommend going with your best Fire-type attack until your Fire-type faints, then you can go with your Water, Psychic, Bug, and Dark-type attacks.

Besides all of that, D.E.U.S. will give no problem.

Battle against Mastermind Vordev and the Dark Celebi

After defeating D.E.U.S, it’s time to fight against Vordev. This will be a double battle as he is with Dark Celebi. Dark Celebi is a Dark/Fairy-type Pokémon, which means that Steel, Poison, and Fairy will hurt it.

Dark Celebi has a move named The World, which lets it attack two times in a row, denying attacks from you and Vordev. It also has Leech Seed, so focus on getting Dark Celebi down as soon as possible.

This is Vordev’s team:

  • Dusknoir (Level 125), Wiseraph (a Ghost/Light-type Pokémon, it has an x4 weakness against Ghost-type attacks, it has a Darkness Nullifier, which makes it immune to Dark-type attacks, Garchomp (Level 125), Gothitelle (Level 125), and Claydol (Level 125).

Dark-type will work the best in this battle and some Ice-type attacks to get out of that Garchomp. It is also a good alternative against Claydol. Go for the Ghost-type attacks against Wiseraph and Dusknoir too.

As we said, after getting Dark Celebi out, this battle will be easy.

Battle against W.T; Eleventh Boss Fight

You defeated Vordev, but it was too late. Do you remember the egg at the start of the game when you were controlling your father? It hatched. W.T.’s pressure is not letting you enter the room, but after Hessa and Willie help you get into the room, the last battle begins.

This boss fight is divided into three phases, but it works differently from Rayqyomi’s one since it will change its phases throughout the battle. The phases will change as you damage it; it starts at 5000 HP, its second phase begins at 2200 HP, and its final phase starts at 1000 HP.

We will advise you before the battle begins: This is hard; there’s not an exact strategy; you have to use brute force against it. W.T. is a Light-type, which means that it is weak against Dark and Ghost-types. It will have Godlike as its ability, so it will ignore every stat change you’ll try to do to it. You can’t burn, poison, freeze or paralyze it either.

Both Hessa and Willie will help you in the battle, too, so you’ll not be alone.

Phase 1

It has Fires of Empyrean (Fire), God Palm (Fighting), Coming of Darkness (Dark), and Mind Meld (Psychic).

Fires of Empyrean sets fire in the field, which means every Pokémon you switch will get burned. You can null this effect by switching to a Water-type Pokémon. Mind Meld will nullify the effects of the item the Pokémon affected by it is holding, and it also can’t get healed until you switch that Pokémon out of the field.

Coming of Darkness uses a brand new effect: Blind. This makes a Pokémon miss all its attacks until the effect is done or you switch your Pokémon. This works the same as the Confusion effect.

Lastly, God Palm will erase every status change in the field, both yours or on it, so boosting your attack will not work in this phase. It will also get protected, so it can’t attack in the next turn; you can use that free turn to switch or heal your Pokémon.

Phase 2

In this phase, W.T. will focus on healing itself since it has the following moves:

Amaterasu (Fire), Starlight Song (Light), Devouring Star (Fire), and Prism Light (Light).

Amaterasu will work as an Aqua Ring, healing 200 HP of it, but you’ll get burned if you hit it with a Physical attack.

Starlight Song works as a Wish; it will get a 500 HP heal two turns after using it.

Devouring Star will heal itself 75% of the damage he inflicted to you, so it’s better if you have a Water-type in the field, as it will not get a good heal out of it.

Phase 3

Now, to the real deal. W.T. has the following moves:

Mind Meld (Psychic), Dying Star (Fire), Mind Crush (Psychic), and Divine Rage (Light).

First, Mind Crush is a One-Hit KO move with 100% accuracy, so it will not fail in normal conditions.

If W.T. hits you with a Divine Rage, its attack will be increased in one stage.

Also, Dying Star will always burn your Pokémon, so Full Restore will help you a lot here.

In this phase is when it’s handy to have a Data-type Pokémon because they can learn Hard Drive Crash, a move that can reduce from 3 to 12 P.P. of every move of the foe. So you can go with your Data-type Pokémon and a Focus Sash to avoid getting it fainted, using Hard Drive Crash and hope for getting the 12 P.P. reduction.

This is a pretty luck-based battle. Getting some critical hits will be helpful, but the only sure thing we can recommend is patience and determination.

Back to Your Time, Your Last Challenge: Pokémon League

After getting back to Selene Town with your father, you can now get to the Pokémon League. You’ll get to Victory Road by going to Route 113, which is at the North of Mesmer Town, and using your brand new boat your father gave to you in the waterfall.

The Victory Road is pretty simple. We recommend getting as much experience as you can since you’ll need it in the Elite 4. After getting to the League, buy as many healing things as you can.

VS Elite 4 Stine

The first battle in the Elite 4 is against Professor Stine, The Master of Data. This is is a dual battle, and this is his team:

  • Data Lanturn (a dual Data/Water-type, Level 120, with an Ice nullifier), Eelektross (Level 120), Modified Excadrill (Level 121, it has more Attack, HP and Defense but less Special Defense and Speed than a normal Excadrill), Porygon (Level 121, Stein can fuse with it), Data Reuniclus (Level 122), and Dualcell (a Steel/Data-type Pokémon, with a Heat Nullifier, making it immune to Fire-type attacks, Level 121).

For the Data Lanturn, you can hit it with a Dark-type attack, making it a Data/Dark-type Pokémon, and then attacking it with Water-type attacks. Be careful with Matrix Protect, which will increase by 50% the power of Data-type attacks.

Eelektross is easy to get rid of; remember, it has Levitate, so it’s better to hit it with your best shot; something like a Rock-type attack will be enough. Excadrill has a weakness against Water, Fire, Ground, and Fighting. We recommend going with a Special Water-type attack.

Porygon is a Data/Normal-type Pokémon, so that fusion will be Data/Normal-type as well. Go for the Water-type or the Fighting-type attack. Data Reuniclus has an x4 weakness against Dark-type, so it’s possible to sweep it out in one turn.

Finally, Dualcell. It has two exciting attacks, Transpose A (Data-type) and Transpose B (Ground-type). Transpose A will change Dualcell to its Attack form, like Aegislash, but only if the attack hits the enemy. Its defenses will be low, but its attack will be really dangerous. Transpose B will change Dualcell into its Bulky Mode, increasing its defenses but lowering its attack.

If you want to outplay Dualcell, use an Ice-type, which will make Dualcell be in its Bulky Mode. Otherwise, if you want it to always be in its Attack Form, go with a Flying-type; like that, you’ll have a better opportunity to sweep it out with a Water-type attack.

VS Elite 4 Aprilia

This is Aprilia’s team.

  • Kyogre (Level 120), Ludicolo (Level 120), Hydreigon (Level 122), Samurott (Level 121), Tsareena (Level 123), and Venusaur (Level 122, and a Venusaurite).

Don’t be afraid of Kyogre and Samurott, Electric-type attacks will sweep it out. Ludicolo has a weakness against Poison, Bug, and Flying-type attacks; they hurt it with that. Hydreigon has an x4 weakness to the Fairy-type, exploit its weakness. Lastly, Venusaur. Burn it down with a Fire-type attack.

VS Elite 4 Augusta

This is Augusta’s team:

  • Emboar (Level 120), Reshiram (Level 120), Valkyreon (Level 121), Modified Gliscor (Level 122, this one is a Ground/Light-type Pokémon), Modified Mawile (Level 122, Steel/Light type Pokémon), and Modified Golurk (Level 123).

Emboar will fall with a Flying-type attack, Water-type will work too. Reshiram can’t handle Ground or Rock-type attacks, so Krookodile will be perfect against it and the Modified Mawile, which can’t take a Ground-type attack.

Be careful with it, though, since it has a move named Sunlight’s Grace, which will activate the following effects:

  • Safeguard, for 5 turns.
  • Mist, for 5 turns.
  • Lucky Chant, for 4 turns.
  • Reflect, for 3 turns.
  • Light Screen, for 3 turns.

You can get rid of the Reflect and the Light Screen with Brick Break; the problem is the Safeguard, which prevents attraction and confusion, the Mist, which will prevent the stats modifications; and the Lucky Chant will prevent the Critical Hits.

Krookodile will work against Golurk, too, since it is weak against Dark-type attacks. You can also do a good amount of damage with Ghost, Grass, and Water-type attacks.

The Modified Gliscor is weak against Water, Grass, Dark, and Ghost-type attacks; you can exploit those weaknesses.

VS Elite 4 Oda

Oda is an odd masked man who doesn’t use any human language, instead of that, he talks like a bird. Anyway, this is his team:

  • Alolan Muk (Level 121), Omuran Ursaring (Level 122 and with a Reaper Stone, which lets it mega-evolve), Mimikyu (Level 123), Dragonite (Level 123, it can fuse with Oda, getting the Dragon/Dark-type and the Dark Aura ability), Yveltal (Level 120), and Modified Ledian (Level 125).

Against Alolan Muk, it’s better to use a Steel-type Pokémon since it has Poison Touch as its ability and can also poison Poison Jab. If you don’t have a Steel-type Pokémon, then you’ll have to use your full restores.

Omuran Ursaring is pretty weak against Fighting-types, so a move like Close Combat can sweep it out. Don’t be afraid of its Mega-evolution.

Mimikyu isn’t a menace either, since you can sweep it out with a Steel-type attack, as well as with a strong Ghost-type attack.

The Dragonite fusion has a problem; Fairy-type since it has an x4 weakness against it. Dark Aura buffs the Dark-type attacks, so don’t let your Psychic-types touch the field. Yveltal has this same problem, as Fairy-type (and some Electric, Rock, or Ice-types) can let it out of the game.

The Modified Ledian has a problem, too; Rock-type since it has an x4 weakness against it. You can hurt it with Ice-types too.

VS Champion Samuel

Samuel has a great and exciting team based on sound moves, like Chatter, Boomburst, etc. He uses some brand new moves from this game and a move named Sound Sphere, which cancels every single not-sound move with a power of 80 or more. Luckily, that move only has 2 PP, so you can handle those 5 turns.

Sound Sphere can’t cancel status moves, like Toxic and Leech Seed, you can also sleep, paralyze or freeze his Pokémon, and you can both protect and buff yourself. If you have something like Ice Fang, Fire Fang, or Bite, you can use it too, since they are moves with less than a power of 80.

This is Samuel’s team:

  • Chatot (Level 125), Kricketune (Level 125), Chimecho (Level 125), Noivern (Level 125), Exploud (Level 125), and Primarina (Level 125).

Chatot has Sound Sphere and Chatter, so it will confuse your Pokémon. We recommend trying to use Toxic in it while switching Pokémon to try to hit it with some valuable moves that work in the Sound Sphere. Ice Fang will be great against it, but wait for the Sound Sphere to end if you don’t have it.

Kricketune is easy to get rid of, it doesn’t have the Sound Sphere, and it isn’t harmful either; burn it down or use Rock-type attacks. Chimecho can’t handle it either. Noivern has problems with the Ice-type attacks, and Exploud will get hurt with Fighting-type attacks.

Primarina also has the Sound Sphere, so be careful. If you have Sound-based attacks, that will be helpful, but if not, wait for it to end or use some less dangerous attacks. Electric-type attacks will be enough against Primarina.

VS Kazak, The last battle

Kazak is the last obstacle before entering the Hall of Fame. Kazak is just Samuel’s Growlithe but really buffed. This is easily the hardest battle of the entire game (If we skip the side-quests and the post-game). It has three phases, like W.T, but every phase has its own gimmick. Kazak has 400 HP, but when it uses its first move, its HP will increase to 3000. This will be a dual battle, so you can use two Pokémon, which will help you a lot.

Phase 1

This first phase is really annoying. Kazak is Fire-type, but the problem is that if you use a move that is effective against it, Kazak will get angry, which means that if you faint it, it will loop in Phase 1. Don’t use Ground, Water, or Rock-type attacks.

Phase 2

In this phase, Kazak changes into Ghost-type, and now you can hit it with effective moves. Use Ghost, Dark or Light-type attacks. It has Intangible as its ability, so you can’t change its status.

Phase 3

This last phase will work as a Kecleon with Color Change; It will change its type to the type of move it got hit by. This is a double battle, so you can use two Pokémon, as an example: One being an Ice-type and another being a Flying-type, you hit it with the Flying-type attack, and in the next turn, you use an Ice-type attack. Do that with whichever combo you want.

Kazak has more than 4 attacks, but its most dangerous ones are ??0x? Crash (yes, that’s its name) and Mutating Bite.

??0x? Crash, if it lands, will leave any Pokémon with only 1 HP, like a False Swipe but way better. It’s better if you have a lot of Full Restores. You can block it with Protect too. This move is a Data-type attack, so you can use an Ice-type Pokémon to avoid this problem.

Mutating Bite poisons the target, and it also changes the species of a Pokémon (as an example, if Swampert gets hit by it, it will transform into a Mismagius, messing with the STAB Damage and making you vulnerable to other moves) to a random one. The Full Restore will heal the poison but can’t get back your Pokémon to its original species. This effect can be fixed by switching Pokémon.

Kazak can also use the following moves:

  • Fire Fang
  • Shadow Claw
  • Crunch
  • Aurora Beam
  • Solar Beam

After beating Kazak, you’ll get into the Hall of Fame, after that, the credits will roll. You completed Pokémon Empyrean.


Question: Is Pokémon Empyrean a ROM Hack?

Answer: Pokémon Empyrean isn’t a ROM Hack, instead, it works like a normal computer game.

Question: Can you play Pokémon Empyrean on Android?

Answer: Pokémon Empyrean can’t be played on smartphones yet, its only platform is on PC.

Question: Has Pokémon Empyrean Mega-Evolutions?

Answer: Yes, it has. In fact, Pokémon Empyrean has all the gimmicks of the original games, from Gen 1 to Gen 7.

Pokemon Empyrean Game: Conclusion

This game is such a great experience. Learning about the new types, looking at the new Pokémon forms, learning about the new ones, following the story, everything is such a pleasant experience. Pokémon Empyrean is such a recommended game if you like to play fandom games.

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