Pokemon Crown Guide: Pokémon Meets Skyrim!

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2022 was an excellent year for Pokémon fangames. We had plenty of titles with extraordinary stories, creative Fakemons, and mysterious places to explore. Whether it was a hack ROM or a standalone game, every time I challenged myself with a new fangame, I had a great time. 

Even though there are excellent fan games out there, I think that the Pokémon fan games have a problem. It’s hard to innovate and create something new that challenges the classic Pokémon formula. This is because the fan developers don’t have a big budget to work with.

I thought there was a limit, a barrier that would be very hard to pass unless someone who has proven experience in creating video games would invest their time in developing a fangame. However, I was wrong, and I’m thankful for being wrong. 

Pokémon Crown was announced shortly after New Year, and then, Mimic Games released the first Beta version of the game. The game isn’t complete, but I had the pleasure of playing the game’s first few hours, and I can’t deny that it’s an excellent game. It will probably be one of the best Pokémon fan games ever.

What’s New?

Pokémon Crown changes everything. It sometimes doesn’t feel like a Pokémon game, but in a good way, as the game is beautiful and full of life. Let’s see all the new things Pokémon Crown has to offer!

New Battle System

The most game-changing feature of this game is, of course, the renewed battle system. There will not be turn-based battles in this game. Instead, you will see how your Pokémon engage in a fierce battle against your opponent’s in real-time.

pokémon crown new battle system

Boss Battles and Special Events

The new battle system gives the developers a lot of free space to create boss fights and special battles, and they did! The game already has two special events; of course, as soon as the fangame gets released, it’ll have many more! 


Another wonderful thing about this game is that it has a quest system. The quest system can work perfectly in a Pokémon game because it helps the developers to get rid of the “Corridor” feeling most of the retro Pokémon games have, which is the only thing I don’t like about old Pokémon games.

pokémon crown quests

Day and Night System

The feature that blew my mind the most is that there’s in-game time! Yes, you can see the sunset on Seaside, or you can be exploring the depths of the Silversilk Cave in the dead of midnight! I love it!

Of course, this mechanic implies that you can only do some quests at night, and there will be others that you can do only during the day. This game will be endless!

All The Pokémon From Kanto to Galar

On top of that, you’ll be able to find every Pokémon from Kanto to Galar, including legendaries. This will happen when the game gets released, but for now, you can find a lot of Pokémon!


Before starting with this walkthrough, it’s fair to say that this game isn’t finished yet, and this guide will only cover the content of the Beta v1, released on January 10, 2023. Many things will change over time, but the foundations of the game will be the same, which is great as I’ll mostly be talking about the combat system and the essential quests of this game. 

Without further ado, let’s get started! 

Prologue and Receiving Your First Pokémon

Pokémon Crown suddenly starts. There’s no prologue; you see a cinematic, and then you are in Guelder. It seems like you arrived on a ship! This first town is named Seaside, and the first human being who receives you is a guard who tells you that you are far away from your town. 

pokémon crown the first pokémon

As you explore, you’ll see people with exclamation marks (!) on their heads. These people will give you quests; if you accept and do them, you’ll receive rewards. Captain Brine gives you the first-ever quest of the game. This first quest is pretty simple; you must find two sailors on Seaside. 

Most of the quests are just a matter of going and talking with someone and then getting back to claim your rewards, but it sometimes can get complicated because there will be moments when you’ll have many active quests at the same time. So, if you feel lost and don’t know where to go, you can check your pending quests if you go to the menu and then go to “Quests.”

There’s another quest near Captain Brine, where a recruiter will tell you to join the Crown League. To do it, you’ll have to look for Professor Dogwood (cool name, though) in the Adventurer’s Guild. 

Here comes my first tip: Explore every single place of the game. Most of the quests are easy to do if you know where to go and get into every house of every town and city you visit. I also recommend not skipping any quest. If you do, you’ll be weaker than most of the trainers and Pokémon you’ll find in the adventure.

Seaside City

The Adventurer’s Guild is the place in the following picture. Here, you’ll find Professor Dogwood, and you’ll also be able to register yourself as a recruit, which will unlock a quest on the Mission Board.  

pokémon crown seaside city

You’ll see Professor Dogwood waiting for you next to the Mission Board. Talk to him, and he’ll let you choose between three starters; you can pick Totodile (strong but slow), Treeko (weak but fast), or Charmander (a balanced Pokémon). I’ll go for Charmander, as it’s the safest bet and the best Pokémon to beat the game. Totodile is also a great option!

pokémon crown professor dogwood

Afterward, you’ll get two quests; you’ll have to look for a guy named Savgar outside the Seaside City and find a girl named Elfreda, who needs a fierce Pokémon Trainer to beat his boyfriend in a battle. Don’t worry about him though; he’s pretty weak.

Also, Professor Dogwood will give you a quest where you have to look for Bethany, Professor’s helper, in Silversilk Cave. Don’t worry about this quest; Savgar will take you there. Go to talk with Elfreda first. She’s in Seaside Market. After that, you can head to the Outskirts.

The Map

After talking with Professor Dogwood and as soon as you collect 100 Gold, go to this place, where you will find a sailor sitting at a table. He’ll sell you a map. You’ll need it! 

pokémon crown seaside city the map

The Outskirts

The Seaside Outskits work like any Route 1 of any Pokémon game. It’ll be where you’ll learn the basics of the battle system, and there are also some small sidequests that you must do. 

Here you will use the Campfire for the first time! It’s like a Pokémon Center but also works to advance time. So, if you want to play at night, instead of waiting, use the Campfire!

pokémon crown campfire

Lastly, you’ll find the first patches of tall grass in the game, so, it’s time to catch some Pokémon!

The first person you’ll see here is Cassian, who needs you to protect and escort him through the Outskirts. You have to take him to the north! Cassian is a good man who will teach you the basics of the battle system. Nonetheless, Cassian’s tutorial doesn’t explain some essential things you have to know. But don’t worry; I’ll escort you through the battling system!

Learning How to Battle

The Battles 

The Battling system seems complex at first, but you get used to it. So, the first step is to place the Pokémon you want to use in the field. You can carry up to ten, but you can only use up to six in a battle. Your Pokémon will attack by proximity, so you must be aware of your Pokémon’s strengths and weaknesses before sending them to attack. 

You must always take a look at the opposite Pokémon to have an idea of where to place your Pokémon on the field. After sending them to battle, the rest is up to your Pokémon; you can’t do much but sit back and watch things unfold! By the way, the battles are slow, so you have to be patient. This is probably the only thing I don’t like about the game, but it’s definitely not a major issue!

The Roles of a Pokémon

All the Pokémon have different roles depending on what they do in the field. You can have DPS, Control, Supports, and Tanks. 

  • The DPS Pokémon are pretty offensive. Most of them are fragile, but you can find some tanky DPS Pokémon, like Quagsire! 
  • The Control Pokémon are in charge of the Crowd Control. They stun, paralyze, sleep, or poison the objective.  
  • The Support Pokémon usually boosts the damage or defenses of their teammates! You must put them as far from combat as possible, as they are fragile. 
  • The Tanks have to be your front line on the battlefield. They can resist damage easily and work like a charm if they are around Control Pokémon! 

Aside from their roles, the Pokémon can either be Melee or Ranged attackers. You must know your Pokémon’s attack style to determine their best position in the field! 

The Energy Bar and the Special Abilities

Every Pokémon has a Special Ability that they use as soon as they have their Energy Bar filled. The Pokémon fill their Energy Bar by attacking other Pokémon! You can check what it does in their Pokémon summary. 

You need to check these abilities as they will help you synergize your Pokémon. Let’s take this Charmeleon as an example:

pokémon crown charmeleon

As you can see, Charmeleon will inflict extra damage to burnt targets, so it’s a great option to put Charmeleon and any other Pokémon that can burn the opposite Pokémon in the field! 

How Does the EXP Work?

You, as a trainer, have a Trainer Level. This Trainer Level increases whenever you receive Trainer EXP when you complete a quest. You can check your Trainer Level in your profile. On the other side, when your Pokémon battle, they’ll get their own EXP too. As always, your Pokémon have their own level, but they will never go above your Trainer Level. That’s why you have to complete quests! 

Catching Pokémon

Catching Pokémon isn’t hard. You first need to weaken it, as always, and then, if it’s the only one left in the field and you have Poké Balls in your inventory, you can try to catch it!

As you activate the catching event, you’ll see a screen like this one: 

pokémon crown catching pokémon

There’s a lot to explain, but don’t worry, it’s easy to understand: 

  1. This heart bar shows how happy the Pokémon is. This bar will increase or decrease depending on the actions you do. It’s not always necessary to fill it up completely to catch a Pokémon, but the higher the bar, the easier it is to capture the Pokémon. 
  2. This face right here is a graphic depiction of the heart bar. 
  3. This text box shows the mood of the Pokémon. Depending on its mood, you’ll have to do a specific interaction with it. To interact with a Pokémon, you must go to “Interact.” This text box will indicate what to do. If the Pokémon wants a challenge, you might want to Lock Eyes with it. If it’s not paying attention, you can taunt it! If it doesn’t feel comfortable around you, you can tell a joke! It’s pretty simple! 
  4. These stars show how strong the Pokémon you are about to catch is. The higher the bar, the stronger the Pokémon. 
  5. This text is important as it shows the class of the Pokémon. You can decide if you want to catch it depending on what you need for your team! 

After interacting with your desired Pokémon for the first time, it will always be hungry. You can give it a berry to make it happier and increase its Heart Bar! And, after interacting and feeding it, you can throw a Poké Ball at it. If you don’t catch it on your first attempt, continue throwing Poké Balls, and eventually, you’ll make it part of your team. 

Quests in the Outskirts

Let’s continue with the game. So, aside from taking Cassian to the north, you also must complete some extra quests, like Elfreda’s one. Remember Elfreda sent you to the Outskirts to beat her ex-boyfriend in a battle? Well, here he is! This combat is pretty simple, but it will work to teach you more about the mechanics of the game! 

Quick tip, beat this guy but don’t head back to Seaside until completing Cassian’s quest. You can trace back to Seaside after leaving Cassian! 

And talking about Cassian, he has something to do with the Thieves Guild. As you get to the bridge, the thieves will try to steal Cassian’s money! 

The worst part of this battle is that it is scripted for you to lose; you can’t defend Cassian properly. What a bummer. Cassian will run away, trying to hide from the thieves and Earl Foulque, so you are alone again. Before leaving, Cassian will ask you to gently talk with the Earl, so that’s your next mission. 

If you continue to the north, you’ll find Savgar. He’ll send you to Everbloom Town. That will be your next destination, but first, get back to Seaside! 

Back to Seaside

As you return to Seaside and talk about what happened to Cassian with Earl Foulque, he’ll send you to Initium Hills, the home of all the thieves of Seaside. It’s not a good idea to go there yet, as you need the EXP to defeat the thieves of the place. Next destination, Everbloom Town! 

Everbloom Town

Welcome to Everbloom Town! Here, you’ll find some small sidequests like showing a Bug-type Pokémon to a bug catcher or helping a Guard to defeat the town’s rude fishermen. Remember to do all the quests you find out there; they are pretty important!

pokémon crown everbloom town

There’s a quest regarding a doctor trying to take care of a householder, but he needs a Lum Berry to heal him. You can buy a Lum Berry in the Seaside Market!

Savgar’s quest continues here, at the school. After some intense studying, Savgar will give you the Type Guidebook. You should take an intense look at it. Afterward, Savgar will ask you to meet him in Villamton Woods, west of Everbloom Town. That’s your next destination! 

pokémon crown savgar

Your paths will divide depending on if you want to continue with Cassian or Savgar’s quests. There’s no particular order; you can take whichever you want first! Nonetheless, I recommend you advance with Cassian quest first and then with Savgar’s. If you do it this way, you’ll get enough EXP to get to Level 20. 

Initium Hills

If you head to the west and then take the path to the south, you’ll get to Initium Hills, the hideout of the Thieves Guild. Here’s where you have to continue with Cassian’s quest. If you get into the only cabin in the place, you will be able to talk with Celler, the gang’s leader. 

pokémon crown initium hills

If you stick to helping Cassian, Celler will offer you a battle. He has a Scyther and a Weedle, both at Level 13. This battle isn’t hard if you have done all the quests up to this point. 

After winning, you have officially completed Cassian’s quest. The thing is that there will be consequences. For now, head to Villamton Woods. You are near to exploring your first Dungeon! To get there, get back to the entrance of Initium Hills and continue to the west! 

Villamton Woods and Villamton Hamlet

Welcome to Villamton Woods, the home of the dangerous and mysterious Silversilk Cave. Of course, the main objective is to get into the cave, but I recommend you move to Villamton Hamlet first, which is north of the entrance of Silversilk Cave. 

pokémon crown villamton woods and villamton hamlet

Here, you’ll find some extra quests you should do to get more EXP and have a better chance to survive in the Cave. Also, there’s a mission board in Villamton Inn, the small building shown in the following picture! 

pokémon crown villamton inn

On this mission, you have to defeat a guy who blocks the way to Creation Falls. You can’t challenge him yet, as his Pokémon are at Level 27. So, let’s focus on continuing with the story. Next destination, Silversilk Cave! 

Silversilk Cave

It’s time to explore the Silversilk Cave. Don’t worry; Savgar will be with you during the whole exploration. It’ll be hard, but he’s great company. For now, you’ll be exploring the first floor, but eventually, you’ll have permission to explore everything. The place is big, and everything seems like a usual exploration, until… 

A scream comes from the back of the cave, and a girl is pleading for help. It’s Anna, and she was exploring with a friend whose name should be known to you, Bethany, the girl Professor Dogwood asked you to find. She got lost, and Savgar will go to her rescue. He will ask you to return to the campsite, but guess what? You won’t do it! 

pokémon crown silversilk cave

Bethany is quite simple to find; she’ll be at the back of the cave if you follow the staircase next to Anna. Bethany asks you to find her research papers, but as you get near a cave room, she’ll go in there, putting herself at risk. Nice move, Beth! 

By the way, at this point of the adventure, your starter should be able to evolve. Evolve your Pokémon as soon as you can; you’ll need your Pokémon to be as strong as they can be! 

This cave room is the home of the first special event of the game. It’s a boss fight against a Guardian Ariados! It’s at Level 20, so you’ll need your Pokémon to be at least at the same level to win this battle. To do it, get back to Villamton Hamlet and do more quests. You’ll need them. Also, try to get some Tank Pokémon for this battle. 

Back to Villamton Hamlet

While exploring Villamton Hamlet, you’ll find Villamton Church. The Bishop of the place is a sketchy man, and everyone is saying there’s something weird about him. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to do some quests with him too. 

pokémon crown villamton church

He’ll give you access to the first Gym of the game, but its Leader, Matilda, an expert on Bug-type Pokémon, is pretty strong, and you should try to be at Level 19 at this point of the game, but in this battle, the level doesn’t matter, as her Pokémon will be at your Trainer Level.

I recommend you start catching and training some Flying-type Pokémon! You can find Natu and Pidgey in the Outskirts! 

Do all the quests within the town and head back to Silversilk Cave. It’s time to splat that spider!

Silversilk Cave and the Guardian Ariados

It’s time to talk about the Guardian Pokémon. These are like the Totem Pokémon in Alola; they are the kings of their territory. In this case, you just stumbled across Ariados, the Guardian Pokémon of the Silversilk Cave! 

The battles against Guardian Pokémon are very different from the usual battles, as you can only use up to three Pokémon in the battle. Otherwise, the Guardian Pokémon will summon its troops and will outnumber you. To compensate for this handicap, you can tell your Pokémon where to go during the battle. 

pokémon crown silversilk cave and the guardian ariados

You can give indications to your Pokémon by pressing Start. Then, you’ll be able to order your Pokémon to attack in a specific place. For this battle, I recommend using a ranged Pokémon to attack Ariados while distracting it with a tanky Pokémon. Meanwhile, use a Fire or Flying-type Pokémon to get rid of the Spinarak.

After winning, you’ll have to defeat it again. Round Two! 

pokémon crown bethany

This time, it’s only Ariados against your whole team. The thing is that Ariados’ Special Ability will leave poison patches all over the place. Nonetheless, you can command your Pokémon to get far from the poison patches.  Ariados will eventually move toward your Pokémon and summon more Spinarak, but it’s just a matter of hitting Ariados and avoiding the poison patches, as the Spinarak are more a pest than a real problem. 

As you win, you’ll be able to get out of the cave with Bethany. But first, move to the end of the cave room, as you’ll find a chest with many treasures for you! 

pokémon crown cave room

As soon as you get out of the cave room, Savgar will appear. At first, he will be angry because you disobeyed him, but you helped Bethany and got some treasures, so he will suddenly be impressed by your bravery! What a greedy man! 

Savgar will ask you about what you found in the Treasure Chest. If you show him the Clear Plate, he’ll ask you to take it to Professor Dogwood. He’ll be in his laboratory in Lockholme, so, that’s a new place to explore!  I don’t recommend you battle against Matilda and her Bug-type Pokémon yet, as you’ll receive a special gift in Lockholme that will help you win this battle easily. So, let’s continue! 

Lastly, I recommend returning to Villamton Hamlet and buying a shovel from Cassian. You’ll find buried items all over Guelder, so this item is a must. It costs 650 Gold, but it’s worth it. 

Traveling to Lockholme

Talking about Cassian; do you remember that you helped him get rid of Celler back when you defeated him in Initium Hills? Well, now, Seaside’s Earl, Foulque, put you on a Wanted list, so every guard of Seaside will attack you! That’s for sure an annoying thing, but at least you have somewhere and someone to battle with when you want to level your Pokémon up. 

Head to Everbloom Town and then head east to get to Lockholme. As soon as you get there, you’ll meet Adair, the seventh heir to the throne of Guelder and, for sure, a mean guy. Thanks to him, you’ll gain access to the castle! 

pokémon crown traveling to lockholme


Welcome to Lockholme! One of the most beautiful places in the game. As always, explore every place, talk with everyone (don’t worry, the guards won’t chase you here, this isn’t Seaside!), and do all the quests you find out there until finding Professor Dogwood! 

As you go to Dogwood’s Research Facility, you’ll also find Adair, who wants to have a Pokémon to challenge the Crown League. The thing is that Professor Dogwood gives him a Level 5 Fennekin and then lets you defeat Adair in a battle.

Out of anger, Adair leaves and throws Fennekin into the trash. You can pick and add him to your team! This is the special gift that will help you defeat Matilda! Now, talk to Professor Dogwood to continue with the adventure. Remember, you are there to show him the Clear Plate! 

As it seems, the Clear Plate is such a powerful (and not hand-made) artifact. Professor Dogwood can’t give you a concrete answer about it, so he asks you to go to Mt. Creation.

This is the last quest of the game, but you have some extra things to do to complete the Beta. I know it’s a bummer because the game was getting pretty fun, but don’t worry; I’m sure it will get more updates soon! 

pokémon crown lockholme

The Sword and Seaside Cove

Before traveling back to Villamton Hamlet, go to talk with the Blacksmith. He has a quest for you where a Pokémon stole all his Blacksmithing Goods in Villamton Woods. Don’t worry; I’ll tell you where to find them! For now, take a taxi bird to Villamton Hamlet! 

As soon as you get to Villamton Hamlet, get back to the woods and talk with this NPC. Then, interact with the bush. Suddenly, some Pokémon will ambush you! 

pokemon crown the sword and seaside cove

As you defeat them, they’ll give you the Blacksmithing Goods. Finally, you can take them back to the Blacksmith to finish the quest! As a reward, he’ll give you a sword to cut the small trees out there! 

pokemon crown blacksmithing goods

With the sword, you’ll gain access to Seaside Cove. To get there, you’ll have to cut this exact tree: There’s not much to do in Seaside Cove except for a side quest; if you are trying to finish every quest, this place is a must-go!

Villamton Hamlet and Your First Gym

At this point of the adventure, you should be at ~Level 25, which is more than enough for the endurance test you are about to have. Before anything else, I recommend finding and catching some Fire and Flying-type Pokémon, as they will help you a lot against Matilda. 

The Gym Battles are a big problem because you’ll have to defeat the Gym Leader’s Pokémon several times. The first battle will start with a single Pokémon, but as you go through, she will add more and more Pokémon to the battlefield until having six active Pokémon at the same time. 

You can’t heal between battles, that’s why you have to know how to manage resources, and that’s why I wanted you to be at least at Level 25 to come here. 

Matilda’s Pokémon will have the same level as your Trainer Level. Nonetheless, At this point, most of your Pokémon should have evolved, which will give you an advantage against her Pokémon. 

This is Matilda’s team: 

  • First Battle: Skorupi. 
  • Second Battle: Skorupi and Ledian. 
  • Third Battle: Skorupi, Ledian, and Parasect.
  • Fourth Battle: Skorupi, Ledian, Parasect, and Karrablast. 
  • Fifth Battle: Skorupi, Ledian, Parasect, Karrablast, and Heracross. 

This is Matilda’s team layout for the last battle: 

pokemon crown matilda's team layout

The first few battles are pretty simple; the only main issue here would be Ledian, as it inflicts a lot of damage, but it’s nothing a decent tank like Sliggoo could handle. Nonetheless, the battle against her full team is a big challenge. 

First, you’ll need a tanky Pokémon to battle against Heracross. Someone like Sliggoo or Quagsire will do a lot, as they deal a lot of damage and can handle Heracross’ damage without problems.You’ll need to put a Ranged DPS behind your tank attacking Heracross. Your DPS will be the one who will take Heracross down. I recommend using the gifted Fennekin against it! 

Lastly, against the rest of the bug gang, you can do a four versus four easily; they are easy to defeat! Again, the biggest problem is Ledian, but you can put your strongest Pokémon against it! Something like your starter or a Pidgeotto can work like a charm here! 

As you win, there’s only a last battle to do, and it’s against the Goon blocking the Mt. Creation entrance. Let’s go!  

The Goon of Creation Falls

This guy over here is the Goon you were looking for when you picked up the quest of Villamton Inn’s Mission Board. He has the strongest Pokémon in the game, and this is his team: 

  • Sneasel (Ice/Dark-type), Lvl. 25
  • Amaura (Rock/Ice-type), Lvl. 25
  • Machoke (Fighting-type), Lvl. 25
  • Pancham (Fighting-type), Lvl. 25
  • Scraggy (Dark/Fighting-type), Lvl. 25
  • Primeape (Fighting-type), Lvl. 27 

This is the layout of the Goon’s team: 

pokemon crown goon's team layout

The biggest threats of this battle are Machoke, Sneasel, and Primeape. I recommend putting a tank in front of Machoke and a Ranged DPS behind your tank, exactly like how you defeated Matilda’s Heracross. Quagsire can work like a charm against this guy. This strategy is needed to get rid of Sneasel as soon as possible. 

Now, against Primeape, you should put any Flying-type in front of Scraggy and, if needed, use another Flying-type behind the first one. Scraggy and Pancham will fall quickly, so your Pokémon should do a 2v1 against Primeape. 

As you win the battle and head to Mt. Creation, you’ll see a dialogue text telling you that the Beta Version ends here! So, if you didn’t leave any other quest behind, you completed the game! 

pokemon crown completing the game


Question: Is Pokémon Crown Finished? 

Answer: No, the game isn’t finished. We will have to wait a lot of time to see this title completed, but in the meanwhile, the developers will be releasing Beta Versions that expand the game! 

Question: Does Pokémon Crown have a PvP Mode? 

Answer: Yes, it has, and it works perfectly! You can have some matches against your friends, but please note that you can only play the PvP mode in PC Emulators! 

Question: Which is the Best Pokémon to Beat Pokémon Crown? 

Answer: I tried almost every wild Pokémon I found out there, and the ones who gave me the best results were Quagsire, Fennekin, Luxio, and Golett. 

Pokemon Crown Guide: Conclusion

This game has tremendous potential. I want to see it finished because it’s a much-needed breath of fresh air that Pokémon needs. The classic turn-based combat system is great, but it can get boring with time, so the community needs these kinds of projects! 

From here, I desire Blah and their team good luck with this game! I know the game will be a bomb when it’s finished! 

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