Vanillite Guide: A Cool Customer In A Waffle Cone

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Pokemon is for some people, a symbol of their childhood. For others, it is something that continues to capture their imagination even to this day. Then for some, it is a globally recognized franchise that they may not understand, but they can’t help but respect.

Pokemon can be a lot of things to different individuals and the reason for this diverse meaning and mass appeal is that the series has never been afraid to keep growing and evolving. Comfort breeds complacency and this series has never rested on its laurels.

Pokemon has strived forward by always providing something new for existing and new fans. This was often new regions, new game mechanics, or new merchandise. However, most importantly, it was new Pokemon. The series now boasts just shy of one thousand Pokemon in its roster and while this is excellent, it can be quite intimidating.

For that reason, we have come up with a series of guides that aim to give you all the information you could ever need about every single Pokemon out there.

In this guide, we take a look at the Ice Pokemon, Vanillite. This generation V snow-cone Pokemon is as cute as a button but has all the potential of growing to become one of the best Ice Pokemon in the entire game. So without further delay, here is our essential Vanillite Pokemon guide.

What is Vanillite?

Vanillite is an I That was first Introduced to the Pokemon in series generation V. The soft serve has some pastel blue eyes cold, add ice formations in the shape of diamonds on the cheeks, the wide smile, and a couple of little arms protruding from the icy blue cone.

Then to top off this Pokemon’s ice-cool aesthetic, there are clouds of dry ice floating around this Pokemon’s sprite.  A fun fact about Vanillite is that if the soft serve snow on its head is melted, what you will find underneath is a perfectly round ice head that looks similar to the body of this creature.

It is said that this Pokemon is as an icicle and a Vanillite by simply born not to melt. The Pokemon has the ability to blow ice crystals and make it snow in the area This Pokemon also lives and lives under the snow to keep cool and retain its size.

This Pokemon can survive in hotter regions, however, it requires extra care from its trainer as this Pokemon will gradually melt in warmer climates. This Pokemon is number 582 in the Pokedex, is about 0.4 meters tall, weighs 5.7 kilograms, has a slow leveling rate, and has a catch rate of 43.9%.

Does Vanillite Appear in the Anime?

Yes, Vanillite has made multiple appearances in the anime. Such a cute and physically striking Pokemon couldn’t possibly have been left out of the anime series. This Pokemon Debuted in the episode, Ash and Trip’s Third Battle! In this episode, we get to see Trip’s Vanillite in action against a wild Palpitoad and then in the battle against Ash’s Tepig. However, this battle ends in a stalemate.

Another major appearance involving Vanillite was in the episode, The Mighty Accelguard to the Rescue! The Cryoganal henchmen each have a Vanillite in this episode and they help them carry out their wrongdoings. However, Ash’s Pikachu and Linda’s Timbur see that this is an unsuccessful scheme.

Vanillite also appears in Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness! In this episode, Teaque’s Vanillite battles in the Marine cup against Iris. The Vanillite manages to best Axew and then later steals the eye of liepard.

Then the last truly major appearance was in Thawing an Icy Panic! This episode focuses on the full evolutionary chain and shows a Vanillite being separated from Vanillish and Vaniluxe. However, Nurse Joy saves the day and the trio is reunited.

As mentioned, these are the major appearances that come to mind when we think of the Pokemon Vanillite. However, there are several other occasions when this Pokemon popped up. Here is a rundown of all the minor appearances within the Pokemon anime series featuring Vanillite:

  • Watch Over My First Errand!

Does Vanillite Appear in Any Pokemon Movies?

Yes, Vanillite makes one minor appearance in the Pokemon movie titled, Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice. Vanillite helps Malin in this movie at her lunchbox stand, helping her provide ice for her customers.

It’s a minor role but an appropriate one that works well with the Pokemon in question. We hope to see more from this Pokemon in future movies and we reckon it’s only a matter of time before we see more of this soft serve cutie.

How Good is Vanillite’s Pokemon Trading Card?

Pokemon Trading Cards

Vanillite has been around for a little while now and during that time, the ice-cool Pokemon has managed to be featured in eight different Pokemon cards. Now we won’t go through every single card because quite frankly, the differences are rather minute.

However, we will take a look at the best Vanillite Pokemon TCG card and then give our opinion on which of all these options is the best to add to your collection. The original Vanillite card debuted in the Noble Victories expansion pack and while it has some lovely artwork, it’s a very weak card. This card has 50HP and only one attack, Icicle barb.

This move does base damage of ten and then upon completing a coin toss, you’ll have a 50% chance of inflicting a further ten damage. This card is very basic and doesn’t have much use in competitive play other than getting Vanillish into the action.

If you take a look at the other Vanillite cards, it’s hard to separate most of them. However, if we were to select one to crown the best of them all, we would say the Vanillite card from the BREAKthrough expansion pack is the one to go for.

This card has a standard attack card stiffen which has defensive properties, allowing players to deny twenty damage of any attacking opposition Pokemon. Then in addition to this, the card also has a special attack which does a guaranteed twenty damage with no need for any coin-flipping.

It’s by no means a card that you can bank on but if you want to use Vanillite in your deck, this is the most well-rounded card available.

Vanillite In The Pokemon Video Games

Vanillite was first introduced to the Pokemon series in generation five and made their debut more specifically in Pokemon Black and White. However, since then the Pokemon has gone on to star in many more Pokemon titles. However, you may be wondering just how many inclusions this snowcone Pokemon earned. Well, we have the answers that you seek. Here is a list of all the Pokemon games that Vanillite features in:

  • Pokemon Black
  • Pokemon White
  • Pokemon White II
  • Pokemon Black II
  • Pokemon X
  • Pokemon Y
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby
  • Alpha Sapphire Pokemon
  • Pokemon Sun
  • pokemon moon
  • Pokemon Ultra Sun
  • Pokemon Ultra Moon
  • Pokemon Sword
  • Pokemon Shield
  • Pokemon Rumble Blast
  • Pokepark 2
  • Pokemon Rumble U
  • Pokemon Battle Trozei
  • Pokemon Shuffle
  • Pokemon Rumble World
  • Pokemon Rumble Rush

What Moves Can Vanillite Learn?


Vanillite is a basic, ice-type Pokemon, so rather predictably, this Pokemon tends to rely on some standard physical moves, some ice type moves, and the occasional water type moves. However, there are a handful of options that this Pokemon can use in battle.

However, you may be wondering exactly what moves are on offer for this cool customer. Well, here is a rundown of every single move available to Vanillite in the Pokemon video games:

Learned Moves

  • Astonish
  • Harden
  • Taunt
  • Mixed
  • Ice wind
  • Avalanche
  • Hail
  • Icicle spear
  • Uproar
  • Acid armor
  • Mirror coat
  • Ice beam
  • Blizzard
  • Sheer cold

Taught Moves

  • Light screen
  • Self-destruct
  • Rest
  • Snore
  • Protect
  • Ice wind
  • Attract
  • Rain dance
  • Hail
  • Facade
  • Water pulse
  • Impression
  • Icicle spear
  • Avalanche
  • Round
  • Ice beam
  • Blizzard
  • Substitute
  • Harden
  • Sleep talk
  • Uproar
  • Taunt
  • Hyper voice
  • Iron defense
  • Cannon flash
  • Ally switch

Breeding Moves

  • Aurora veil
  • Autonomize
  • Explosion
  • Ice shard
  • Icicle crash
  • Magnet rise

What is the Best Moveset for Vanillite?

It’s all well and good knowing all the moves that this Pokemon can potentially learn. However, some moves are weak, some moves are purely situational and other moves are not suited to the Pokemon in question. So with all these options available, things can get pretty confusing.

Well, we aim to keep confusion to a minimum by offering an optimal moveset for the Pokemon Vanillite. Meaning that if you ever want to train a competitive version of this Pokemon, you’ll know how to set it up for battle. Here is the best Vanillite moveset below:

  • Blizzard
  • Flash cannon
  • Hidden Power
  • Water Pulse

What is Vanillite Weak/Strong Against?


Vanillite is a pure ice type Pokemon, meaning this Pokemon has plenty of weaknesses and very few resistances. It means that this Pokemon can be caught off guard by quite a few Pokemon types.

Ice types are strong against dragons, flying, grass, and ground Pokemon. However, this Pokemon can be easily taken care of by fighting, rock, steel, and fire-type Pokemon. Here is a rundown of all the resistances, weaknesses, and immunities for the Pokemon, Vanillite:


  • Fighting-types
  • Fire types
  • Steel types
  • Rock types


  • Ice


  • AT

How to Catch Vanillite in The Pokemon Games

Vanillite is a pretty easily captured Pokemon in most iterations of the Pokemon series. In games such as Pokemon Black/White or Pokemon Sword and Shield, this Pokemon can be caught through a random encounter and a catch rate of 43.9% it’s hardly the most difficult Pokemon to catch.

That being said though, this isn’t the case in all Pokemon games. In Sun and Moon, you will only be able to encounter this Pokemon when it hails. In Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, you’ll need to trade with another trainer to get this Pokemon. Then in Black II/White II, you’ll have to breed Vanillish or Vanilluxe. However, all things considered, this is an easy Pokemon to catch and a common Pokemon overall.

Does Vanillite Evolve?

Vanillite Evolutions

Yes, Vanillite is the first Pokemon of a three-stage evolution. This Pokemon begins its life as a basic snowcone Pokemon but with training and love will evolve into a Vanillish and then finally into a Vanilluxe. To evolve this Pokemon into a Vanillish, you will need to train this Pokemon to reach level thirty-five. Then to evolve this Pokemon once again, you need to train this Pokemon to reach level forty-seven.

Vanilluxe may not look all that intimidating but it is one of the strongest ice-type Pokemon within the entire Pokemon franchise. So be sure to take the time to train your Vanillite.

What Are Vanillite’s Base Stats?

Vanillite is a Pokemon that relies mainly on its special attack and special defense. Being an ice-type Pokemon that’s hardly a surprise. However, the Pokemon does have quite well-rounded stats. The Pokemon has decent speed stats and decent physical stats too.

The real weakness of this Pokemon has is its HP which is very low, meaning you’ll need to stock up on the hyper potions and full restores to get the most out of this monster. Here is a rundown of Vanillite’s base stats:

  • HP: 36
  • Attack: 50
  • Defense: 50
  • SP Attack: 60
  • SP Defense: 65
  • Speed: 44

What Does A Shiny Vanillite Look Like?

A shiny Vanillite is a Pokemon that you absolutely need to add to your collection. In terms of appearance, this Pokemon retains its usual pastel color palette. However, the shiny variant of this Pokemon changes from a pale, icy blue to pastel pink.

It’s a Pokemon that’s perfect for those who like a more feminine look to their Vanillite and want to add an extra layer of cuteness to their active Pokemon party. So if you are looking for your next shiny to hunt, we would urge you to search for a shiny Vanillite.

As Cool As Ice

As you can see from the above information, Vanillite this is a Pokemon that should absolutely be added to your roster. This Pokemon has the potential to grow into one of the strongest ice types within the game. It is one of the most well-rounded ice types in terms of stats and one cannot overlook just how brilliant this Pokemon’s design is. If you haven’t managed to add this one to your Pokedex, be sure to add this Pokemon to your party.

Final Thoughts

So that is our essential Pokemon handbook giving you all the info you could possibly need about the Pokemon, Vanillite. What did you make of this guide? Was this helpful and informative? Are there any other Pokemon you would love to see a guide for? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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