Sonia Pokemon Guide: The Heartthrob of Pokemon Sword & Shield

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You can count the number of people in Pokemon lore and mythos that do not battle with or even use their pokemon for much on one hand. Some people even have one pokemon, and that’s about it. Sonia is one of those people, who really doesn’t battle with or use pokemon at all.

Still, she’s a pretty important character in both the anime and the games, so let’s break her character down.

Sonia’s Summary Of Appearances (In Movies, Games, Manga, Anime)

Sonia appears in Pokemon Journeys, first appearing as the best friend of Leon whenever they became trainers. However, they started becoming rivals whenever Rose, the chairman of the Galar Pokemon League began training with and endorsing Leon as a champion over Sonia.

She later appeared in the episode Toughing It Out! Whenever she grumbled at Ash and Goh’s adoration of Leon, before explaining about the Darkest Day.

The Darkest Day was whenever the pokemon Eternaus emerged in the Galliar region and covered the area in a massive storm. The ancient people at the time feared this storm and called it the Darkest Day. Later, an entire story arc in Pokemon Journeys would be devoted to the emergence and rampage of Eternaus in the present day.

After the events were explained, she began petting Pikachu and Raboot, before saying that she was Professor Magnolia’s assistant and granddaughter and her job was the study the darkest day. In Sword and Shield, Slumbering Weald! She and Goh chased after Dynamax energy that was falling from the sky, before being followed.

During Sword and Shield: The Darkest Day! The pair went to the town of Turtfield to look for Dynamax connections, and then traveling towards Wedgehurst to meet with Magnolia and speak more about all that is going on in the world.

They then travel to Stow-on-Side, where they look at the city mural before being attacked by one of Oleana’s henchmen. During the Pokemon battle, the mural is accidentally destroyed which reveals a statue of Zacian and Zamazenta.

Sword and Shield: From Here to Eternatus! Sees the pair investigating the statue before more of Oleana’s subordinates attack, causing them to flee into the Slumbering Weald.

They later find an altar connected to Zacian and Zamazenta, where the rusted sword and rusted shield are found. The pair travel to find Ash and Leon, but are intercepted by Macro Cosmo thugs in the Hammerlocke Stadium. Sonia orders Goh to leave and is left trapped before being saved by Raihan.

Sword and Shield… the Legends Awaken has Raihan defeat the henchmen, right as Eternatus shows up. Sonia goes to the battle site to find that Leon has been defeated by the larger pokemon, before watching Goh, Ash, Zacian, and Zamazenta battle and defeat Eternatus.

Sonia’s Appearances In Pokemon Twilight Wings

Pokemon Twilight Wings Sonia

She had some smaller appearances in Pokemon Twilight Wings, comforting Nessa during her defeat in the champion cup during the episode Early Evening Waves and later asking Nessa about her plants to become a gym leader. She later watched the battle between Leon and Raihan during the episode Sky.

Finally, during the episode The Gathering Of Stars she goes to the Crown Tundra, but not before giving Hop an invitation to the Galarian Star Tournament.

Sonia’s Appearances In Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword Sonia

Sonia only appears in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and fulfills mostly the same role in the anime, with the player taking on the role of Ash. She ends up participating during the first Gym Challenge with Leon, but drops out. Then she goes headlong into studying the Darkest Day and writes a book about Zacian, Zamazenta, and Eternatus. That book helps her become a professor.

Ironically, in most pokemon games, the professor is the one who gives you your Pokedex to start your adventure. However, Professor Magnolia doesn’t give you your Pokedex in the game, Sonia does, and she later becomes a professor in her own right.

This is because despite being a pokemon champion and trainer who participated in Gym challenges, she discovered that the life of a trainer wasn’t for her.

Players meet her in the game whenever she acts as Professor Magnolia’s research assistant because she doesn’t know what else to do with herself. Still, she ends up taking an active role with the player and helping them out as a traveling companion. She’s also one of the few adult age characters who travels with the player, who is a child protagonist.

She later reappears during the Crown Tundra expansion, living in Freezington and asking the player to investigate some unusual footprints.

These three sets of footprints belong to three legendary pokemon, and you will need to catch Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virzion before she returns to the Pokemon Research Lab. Other than that, that’s her only appearance in the Pokemon games.

Sonia’s Appearances In The Pokemon Manga


She first appeared in PASS06, where she talked to her grandmother Professor Magnolia and then talked to her about the statue in the town and its connection to the Darkest Day. Sonia later investigates a geoglyph in the town of Turffield, which she concludes is a representation of the Darkest Day.

In PASS09, Sonia is invited by Rose to investigate the vault in Hammerlock, which might be able to help with the Dynamx phenomenon. In PASS13, Sonia went to Hammerlock and then angered a wild Oranguru when she stepped on its fan. She was later saved from this angry Pokemon by Henry and Raihan, before they entered the vault.

They discovered that there are four tapestries inside the vault that display events from the Darkest Day, but the pair noticed that instead of a singular hero standing against the darkness, there were two heroes in the tapestries. Sonia remained behind to investigate this while Henry and the others left.

In PASS17, she was still in Hammerlock when an earthquake struck and she went to investigate the energy plant. She found Leon and together they attempted to enter the building, before being stopped by Macro Cosmos employees. Raihan arrived shortly afterward and entered the building, before telling the pair to get the citizens to safety.

Finally in PASS19, she arrived at the ‘Bob’s Your Uncle Restaurant’ in Circhester, seeking rumors of a 5th tapestry, but found nothing and deduced that the tapestry had been thrown away by someone wanting to keep history away from the public.

Sonia’s Strengths

Sonia Pokemon

Sonia only has one Pokemon and doesn’t battle with him much, and that Pokemon is Yamper. Yamper is an electric type Pokemon who is traditionally used as a herding dog, generating electricity as it runs around and also working in exchange for treats. However, it is also a very lazy and greedy Pokemon, and will only work if motivated by food.

Although never seen fighting in the Anime, it is resistant to flying, steel, and electric attacks, and is weak to ground attacks.

It also has a wide variety of normal and electric attacks in its arsenal but also has some dark and fairy attacks as well. It’s not the best frontline fighter, but if you have it on your team you can certainly use this adorable Pokemon as some support for you!

Sonia’s Weaknesses

Other than that, we don’t see her use Pokemon in battle or interact with any others. It just appears to be her and Yamper. If you see not fighting in Pokemon battles as a weakness, then that’s the only one she’s got, well, that and her driving skills!

How Is The Darkest Day Stopped In The Videogames?

The first Darkest Day event was caused whenever Eternatus arrived and attempted to absorb Galar’s energy. The black storm he produced caused Pokemon all over the region to Gigantamax and Dynamax, causing havoc in the region as they went berserk. However, Zacien and Zamazenta arrived and defeated Eternatus. This was 3,000 years before the present day.

Rose awakes Eternatus above Hammarlocke Stadium in order to stop a predicted energy shortage of Dynamax energy. However, Eternatus was too powerful for Rose to control and caused a second darkest day, causing more chaos.

The player manages to defeat Eternatus, causing it to become even stronger as it began absorbing more of Galar’s energy, eventually hitting its Ultamax state.

The player and Hop use their rusted sword and rusted shield to overcome Eternatus, summoning Zacian and Zamazenta. The four then battle Eternatus, and after it is defeated the player ends up capturing it and ending the Darkest Day forever.

How Is The Darkest Day Stopped In The Anime?

After Leon battled against but failed to defeat Eternatus, Ash and Goh began fighting it after it achieved its Eternamax form. Outmatched by the powerful pokemon, they used the Rusted Sword and Shield to summon Zacian and Zamazenta to aid them. After the battle, Goh ended up catching Eternatus and the Poke Ball containing him was sealed away by Professor Magnolia.

Both storylines are pretty similar, with the main hero standing in for Ash. Sonia’s role is the same in both games, as she serves as a source of information as well as a driver of the overall plot. If you don’t know what is going on or where to go next, she is probably the person to tell you!

Sonia In A Video

Sonia Pokemon Guide: FAQs

Question: Is Sonia A Good Pokemon Trainer?

Answer: Since we know that Sonia was a Pokemon trainer with Leon before she decided to step back from the Champion’s Lifestyle, and even fought in a few tournaments, it was likely that she was very good at battling with and training Pokemon. However, we never see her skills in any media from the anime, to the games, to the manga. Plus, the only Pokemon she really owns is Yamper.

We can make some assumptions and some fans have even put together what her ideal roster of Pokemon would look like, but we will never really know the extent of her skills. Maybe in the future, we will see her whip out some poke balls and do battle with some enemies to show off what she can do, but for now, all we can do is guess.

Question: Does She Ever Hang Around With Ash?

Answer: She does meet Ash on a few occasions, most notably whenever she meets him the first time, and becomes infatuated with Pikachu and Raboot, caressing their ears and generally playing with them. However, she mostly spends time with Goh or Leon during her investigations into the Darkest Day. So she’s not a massive traveling companion like Misty or May was to Ash, and mostly follows her own story in the background, giving aid and support to the main characters as needed whenever she learns more from her research.

Question: How Does Her Quest In Freezingtown Work?

Answer: In the Crown Tundra expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield, you will encounter Sonia again. This time she needs your help to figure out what is making some rare footprints that she can’t identify around the town. The player will need to collect 50 footprints of the three Pokemon who make up the ‘Swords of Justice’ group: Colalion, Terrakion, and Virizion.

After scanning the footprints and identifying the Pokemon, Sonia can pinpoint their locations. You will go to the Frigid Sea to find Cobalion, Lakeside Cave to find Terrakion, and Giant’s Bed to find Virizion. Capturing these legendary pokemon is no easy feat, however, and you will need to prepare well for the battle ahead.

After defeating all three, you can bring them to Sonia and the quest will be complete, with Sonia returning to the Pokemon Reseach Lab and staying there for the rest of the game. You can also encounter the youngest member of the Swords of Justice, Keldeo, at an island in Ballimere Lake.

You can find a pot next to some footprints, and if you have the three other ‘Swords of Justice’ members in your party, you can make a curry to attract Keldeo. Then you can battle and capture him as well. With all four pokemon of the Swords of Justice in your party, you won’t be able to find much that can stand up to their power and teamwork!


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