Shiny Milotic Pokemon Lore Guide

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Pokemon is a series that transcends just the world of gaming. The series has a long-running trading card game, it sells more toys merchandise than any other property on the planet, it has an anime series that has been producing content for twenty-five years, it has a competitive battling scene which is one of the most complexes out there, it has a series of spin-off properties, live-action movies and much more.

In short, this is a franchise that has the legs to last forever, it’s a content-producing machine. However, as is the case with content churning machines, the mass of content to absorb can become a little too much for casual fans and even some dedicated fans to handle.

The unrelenting list of Pokemon that have been added to the roster would be a challenge for anyone to keep up with. So that is why we have decided to create a series of guides that break down each and every Pokemon, giving you all the info you could possibly need to stay in the know.

In this Shiny Milotic Guide, we take a look at one of the rarest shiny Pokemon within the entire series simply down to how hard it is to encounter in the wild.

We give you insight into how this Pokemon looks, how it behaves, where to find it and the best ways to catch this Pokemon. Without further delay, here is our essential handbook on Shiny Milotic.

What is a Milotic?

Shiny Milotic Guide

Before we get into the details concerning a Shiny Milotic, we should probably talk about what a Milotic is. Milotic is a water type Pokemon that was first introduced to the series in generation III.

This Pokemon is one of the few Pokemon within the series which evolved purely on one of its contest related attributes and is best known for its overall beauty. In terms of appearance, this Pokemon takes on the form of a sea serpent and is rather bulky in size. The body of this Pokemon is primarily a cream color with a rather striking, scaly blue and pink tail.

The Pokemon has long flowing pink hair, curled pink eyelashes, and piercing red eyes. Then at the other end, you have a tail that follows the same pink and blue color pattern and looks rather like an oriental fan with four prongs.

As for this Pokemon’s behavior, this Pokemon is a calm and stoic Pokemon that lets its resounding beauty speak for itself. It is a Pokemon that has been the subject of lots of artwork within the extended Pokemon universe.

This is undoubtedly due to this Pokemon’s legendary power which allows this Pokemon to end arguments, settle wars, and end fights by emitting a powerful calming energy. Plus, it is also worth noting that although this Pokemon is a natural swimmer and mainly lives at the bottom of lakes, it can float in the air if needed, much like the Pokemon Raquaza.

This Pokemon is number 350 in the Pokedex, is about 6.2 meters tall, weighs a whopping 162 kilograms, has an erratic leveling rate, and has a catch rate of 14.8%. Here is a video of this sea serpent Pokemon in action so you can see firsthand exactly what Milotic has to offer:

What is a Shiny Pokemon?

Now that we know exactly what the Pokemon Milotic is, we better make sure you know what a shiny Pokemon is. A shiny Pokemon is a version of an existing Pokemon that has the same stats, moves sets, attributes and abilities as its standard version.

The one key difference between the two is that the shiny Pokemon has been altered in terms of appearance and will often have a different color palette to the original design. In short, these Pokemon are aesthetic novelties but because they look so good, they are very much in demand within the Pokemon community.

However, not just anyone can go out there and grab a shiny version of their favorite Pokemon. The odds of encountering a shiny Pokemon are roughly about 4096/1, meaning you will have to be incredibly lucky just to come across a shiny Pokemon, let alone catch it. You can drop these odds with a series of techniques but we will elaborate more on that later.

What is a Shiny Milotic?

Now that we know what shiny Pokemon is, let’s break down all the finer details that makeup Shiny Milotic. This Pokemon is very similar to the original in terms of body composition. It is still for all intents and purposes, a sea serpent. However, this Pokemon has a completely different color scheme that really makes this Pokemon model pop.

This Pokemon maintains its natural cream body color and also has the same pink, curled eyebrows. However, this Pokemon has blue hair and a yellow/orange tail with a thick black scale outline that helps this design really stand out.

How Rare is a Shiny Milotic?

As we mentioned above, this Pokemon is one of the rarest shiny Pokemon around. This Pokemon obviously has the same high odds of 4096/1 that the other Pokemon have. However, because Feebas is a Pokemon that can only be acquired in a very select number of Feebas tile fishing spots within just a handful of Pokemon games, the odds multiply significantly.

We couldn’t put an exact figure on this Pokemon’s rarity as luck plays a major role in finding this Pokemon. However, if you say that on average, it takes about 20 tries to encounter one Feebas, then you can assume that the odds of your single encounter yielding a shiny Feebas would be around 81920/1.

So considering all of this, we would say that this Pokemon would easily be on the top ten most rare shiny Pokemon on the entire roster.

Admittedly, in more modern games such as Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, it is a lot easier to fish for the Pokemon Feebas in multiple locations. Then with the introduction of Dry Poffins in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, it’s now much easier to improve this Pokemon’s beauty condition. So make sure you have a Good Rod or Super Rod handy and you might just be able to grab one.

How to Catch a Shiny Milotic

How to Catch a Shiny Milotic

For the longest time, to acquire Milotic you would have had to catch the Feebas and then train this Pokemon’s beauty stat or use the Prism Scale to evolve this Pokemon. However, in recent Pokemon outings, it has become possible to encounter this Pokemon in the wild, making the process of capturing this Pokemon in a shiny form a little more streamlined.

You can capture this Pokemon via a random encounter in Pokemon Black and White, Black and White 2, Pokemon Sword, and Pokemon Shield.  Otherwise, you can obtain this Pokemon by capturing a Feebas in other titles such as Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Alpha Sapphire, Omega Ruby, Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

So now that you know which games you can find this Pokemon, it’s now time to run you through the best methods for capturing a shiny version of this Pokemon.  A lot of the usual methods are hindered by the rare and evasive nature of both Feebas and Milotic, making chaining a near-impossible task, so here are the best shiny hunting methods to catch a shiny Milotic.

How to Get Milotic in Pokemon GO

  • Breeding: here is the thing about Pokemon breeding. You need to walk around with those eggs to make them hatch and that can be time-consuming. This method is much less frustrating than trying to encounter these Pokemon in the wild but will be much slower due to the nature of hatching eggs in-game. However, the method below can help tremendously.
  • Masuda Method: Expanding on the point above, if the player acquires two Pokemon that are from two different real-world regions. Such as Europe and North America for example. The chances of hatching a shiny version of this Pokemon drop to 600/1. This is by far the most reliable and efficient method to get your hands on a shiny Milotic.
  • Catch/Battle Combos: These are features that belong to Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee and Pokemon Sword/Shield, respectively. This allowed players to drop their odds through either catching or battling the same Pokemon in Succession. It’s a little less easy to manage than the Dexnav but if you do things right, you can hit odds as low as 1/270. However, due to the very evasive nature of Feebas and Milotic, it is very difficult to get a chain of the same Pokemon in this case. You may be able to chain two or three if you are lucky but this is not a reliable method for this Pokemon.
  • Shiny Charm: Then lastly, you can make use of the shiny charm, a held item that cuts the odds of receiving a shiny Pokemon encounter by 66%. Dropping the odds to about 1/2732. This item can be stacked with other components in this list to bring the odds down even further.

Does the Milotic Pokemon Evolve?

No, this Pokemon does not evolve as this is the most mature state of this evolutionary chain. However, this Pokemon is the result of one of the strangest evolutions in the history of the Pokemon series.

Up until the fifth generation of the Pokemon series, if you wanted to evolve the Feebas, you would need to vastly improve their beauty stat which required training, participation in contests and the use of Pokeblocks.

However, as this game mechanic was soon phased out.

If you want to evolve your Feebas within the modern game, you will need to have the Pokemon hold a Prism Scale and then trade the Pokemon. When the trade is complete, the Pokemon will then evolve automatically.

Should I Stick with Shiny Feebas or Evolve for a Shiny Milotic?

Shiny Milotic

This question can be addressed with two schools of thought, should you evolve based on aesthetic, or competency in battle. Well, to cut a long story short, Milotic is the winner on both fronts.

In terms of aesthetic, a shiny Feebas is a novel, swapping its earthy tone for a deep purple, but in terms of complexity, color palette, or beauty, Feebas simply can’t match up to the grandeur of a Shiny Milotic, so by all means, evolve your Feebas if you want a better looking Pokemon.

Then in terms of battling ability, Feebas never stood a chance against the might of Milotic. Feebas is a fast Pokemon that can learn some interesting moves, can tank some Special attack hits thanks to its high Special defense and for that reason, it does have its place within the LC as a good way to strike first with a powerful move like Scald.

However, this Pokemon really blossoms into a superstar via evolution. Milotic is a very defensively stacked water-type Pokemon with the ability to refresh that makes this Pokemon the perfect match for opponents that like to use status effect tactics. Plus, it has access to lots of ice-type moves like Ice Beam and Blizzard. Then when you throw in the excellent signature special ability, Marvel Scale, you begin to see all the potential that Milotic provides. 

This Pokemon is great at recovery, has the ability to take out sweepers with ease and OP moves such as Scald to call upon, this Pokemon can easily take out entire teams on its own if given the opportunity. So if you want a Pokemon that can hold its own in battle, you are going to want to evolve that Feebas as well.


Question: What is the Rarest Shiny Pokemon?

Answer: As we mentioned in the above article, the rarity shiny pokemon is rare how Primarily down to encounter the pokemon is for this rate. This is why Legendary Pokemon or Event Pokemon is always around the top of this list.

However, thanks to save game exploits, the former isn’t even that tricky. So with that in mind, here are the five most rare shiny Pokemon within the Pokemon franchise:
• Pikachu with a cap
• Feebas
• Latios/latias
• Cresselia
• Wimpod
Without a shadow of a doubt, the rarest shiny Pokemon of all time is the shiny Pikachu in a hat. This Pokemon is a special iteration of the Pokemon mascot, Pikachu.

This Pokemon was only available at select events such as the 2017 movie screening and could only be redeemed via the serial code. So if it happened to get a shiny variant of this Pokemon, you may be one of a very select number of people. It is hands down the rarest Pokemon in existence.

Question: What is the Most Powerful Water Type Pokemon?

Answer: I’m sure that all those who picked Squirtle back in the first-ever Pokemon adventure can remember just how powerful a fully leveled Blastoise felt to battle with. However, since the first generation of the Pokemon series, there has been a wealth of new water types enter the fray with the hope of being crowned the most powerful of all aquatic creatures in the Pokemon universe.
However, you may be wondering which of the Pokemon in the lineup today has earned that honor. Well, allow us to inform you. Here is our top five most powerful water Pokemon in the entire series to date:
• Kyogre (Primal)
• Greninja
• Palki
• Swine
• Toxapex
While many may be a little shocked that Greninja didn’t take the top spot here due to its competitive competence, Primal Kyogre is by far the more powerful Pokemon.
In terms of raw power, this water type legendary has plenty to spare and only becomes more powerful thanks to its drizzle ability powering up all water type moves. So if you want a water type that packs a punch, Kyogre is our number one choice.

Question: Which Shiny Pokemon Looks the Best?

Now, this one is completely and really depends on your taste and how much you like the Pokemon in question. So to answer this question as fairly as possible, we will be looking at Pokemon that are unique shinies that would be ideal to add to your collection. So with that in mind, here is our top five:
5 – Ponyta
4 – Arcanine
3 – Milotic
2 – Zygarde
1 – Magikarp

Beauty Beyond Measure

As you can see from the information above, Shiny Milotic is a Pokemon that you need to add to your squad. Not only is this Pokemon an incredibly strong defensive Pokemon and one of the most beautiful shiny models within the entire game.

This shiny Pokemon is also one of the rarest shiny Pokemon that you can get. So for the bragging rights alone, get out there and get shiny hunting.

In our opinion, Magikarp is the number one choice when it comes to aesthetic shiny Pokemon. It’s a gold Magikarp for goodness sake, what’s not to love about that. Plus, if you choose to evolve this visually stunning fish, you’ll get your hands on a red Gyarados, which arguably could sneak onto this list itself. It’s our pick of the bunch and we would wager a lot of yours too.

So that is our essential handbook giving you all the information you could possibly need about the Pokemon, Shiny Milotic. What did you make of this guide? Was this helpful and informative for you? What other shiny Pokemon would you like to see us cover next? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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