Shelmet Guide: A Powerful Defensive Creepy Crawly

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Pokemon has captivated audiences of all ages for over twenty-five years now. From right back when Pikachu was a puffy, overweight mouse, up until now where he has cut the weight and just won the Pokemon League for the first time. It’s been a long journey for a lot of us but it doesn’t look like it’s going to end any time soon as the Pokemon franchise continues to generate revenue beyond most brand’s wildest dreams.

The franchise does this through merchandise, new anime series, and trough trading card game. However, the most important aspect of this is video games. With each new game comes new Pokemon for the fans to fall in love with.

However, with more Pokemon on the roster, it makes it even more difficult to know all there is to know about every Pokemon. So with that in mind, we have created a series of handbooks, giving you all the information you could possibly need about each and every Pokemon.

In this guide, we take a look at Shelmet, the generation V bug-type Pokemon. We will give you every fine detail regarding this Pokemon in one neat little package. So without further delay, here is our essential Pokemon guide for the Pokemon, Shelmet.

What is Shelmet?

shelmet pokemon

Shelmet is a pure bug-type Pokemon that was first introduced to the series in generation five. In terms of appearance, this Pokemon is a pink creature that has decided to use a medieval knight’s hat as a shell. The creature inside has a green lower half and the half including the eyes and lips is a deep pink.

The helmet that the Pokemon calls home has a curled design at the back which accommodates this Pokemon’s large tail. Then lastly, there are two small stumps at the bottom of the helmet which accommodate this Pokemon’s legs.

In terms of behavior, Shelmet is a rather timid and defensive Pokemon. This creature will tend to use its metal helmet shell as a means of hiding from predators, closing the opening to prevent any other Pokemon from landing an attack.

Then the Pokemon will shoot poisonous spit at attackers when they see an opening. However, larger Pokemon such as their natural predator Karrablast can pry open this shell, which renders their defensive strategy useless. This Pokemon is usually found in swamps and other damp areas.

This Pokemon is number 616 in the Pokedex, is 0.4 meters tall, weighs approximately 7.7 kilograms, has a medium/fast leveling rate and has a catch rate of 36.6%

Here is a video of this Pokemon in action to show you exactly what to expect when Shelmet gets involved in a battle:

Does Shelmet Appear in the Anime?

Shelmet has only made a handful of appearances in the anime despite the unique design and cute nature of this Pokemon. This Pokemon made its anime series debut in the episode, Enter Elesa, Electrifying Gym Leader! Bianca used her Shelmet in a Gym battle against Elesa. However, this was a short battle as Zebstrika seen to this threat very swiftly.

The second major appearance also involved Bianca’s Shelmet. In the episode Evolution Exchange Excitement! Bianca decided to trade her Shelmet with professor Juniper for a Karrablast, which caused Shelmet to evolve into an Accelgor.

Then lastly, Shelmet also appeared in the episode, Crisis at Chargestone Cave! In this episode, a Shelmet appeared in a fantasy sequence.

Does Shelmet Appear in Any Pokemon Movies?

shelmet in anime

Despite a handful of anime appearances for the bug knight Pokemon, there have been no full feature-length Pokemon movies starring Shelmet.

We believe that there may not have been a contextual way to fit this Pokemon into any of the storylines. However, we are sure that in the next few Pokemon movies, this Pokemon will at the very least pop up in a cameo appearance. We suppose that only time will tell.

How Good is Shelmet’s Pokemon Trading Card?

Shelmet may not have been blessed with an abundance of screen time. However, Pokemon has had a decent showing in the Pokemon TCG world. This Pokemon has been the subject of six different Pokemon TCG cards, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

However, we won’t bore you with the details for each and every card. Instead, we will take a look at the original card and then we will give you our opinion on which of these cards is the best of the bunch.

First of all, the original Shelmet card debuted in the Noble Victories expansion pack. This is a basic Pokemon card with 60HP and two abilities. The first of which is mysterious evolution. This is an ability that allows you to search your deck for an Accelgor card and evolve this Pokemon so long as there is a Karrablast on the field of play. Then once you have evolved your Pokemon, shuffle your deck.

Then the other ability is a move called Ram that does ten base damage. This card is more of a utility card that serves as a means of getting a quick evolution on the board. This can be great for fast grass-type decks but overall, we wouldn’t say that this is the best Shelmet card of them all.

In our opinion, this honor would fall to the Dark Explorers Shelmet card. As a sole attacking card that can hold its own, this is a much better choice. This card has one move called Body Slam which does a guaranteed twenty damage and also has a 50% chance of paralyzing the foe as well. So in short, it really depends on your playstyle but if you want a card that can hold its own, this Shelmet is the way to go.

Shelmet In The Pokemon Video Games

Shelmet is a Pokemon that was introduced in the fifth generation in the series, making its debut in Pokemon Black and White. However, since then, this Pokemon has featured in several other Pokemon titles. However, you may be wondering which main titles and spin-offs this Pokemon managed to pop up in. Well, here is a complete list of every Pokemon game that Shelmet has been a part of:

  • Pokemon Black
  • Pokemon White
  • Pokemon White II
  • Pokemon Black II
  • Pokemon X
  • Pokemon Y
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby
  • Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Pokemon Sun
  • Pokemon Moon
  • Pokemon Ultra Sun
  • Pokemon Ultra Moon
  • Pokemon Sword
  • Pokemon Shield
  • Pokemon Rumble Blast
  • Pokemon Rumble U
  • Pokemon Battle Trozei
  • Pokemon Shuffle
  • Pokemon Rumble World
  • Pokemon Rumble Rush
  • Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon

What Moves Can Shelmet Learn?

Shelmet is a bug-type Pokemon, so a lot of the moves that this Pokemon learns are of this variety. However, the Pokemon does have access to a few grass-type moves and poison-type moves, as well as a few other surprise packages. However, you may be at a loss as to which moves this Pokemon can add to their four selected moves of choice. Well, allow us to help you make that decision, here is every single move available to Shelmet within the Pokemon video game series:

Learned Moves:

  • Absorb
  • Protect
  • Acid
  • Curse
  • Mega drain
  • Struggle bug
  • Yawn
  • Acid armour
  • Giga drain
  • Guard swap
  • Bodyslam
  • Recover
  • Bug buzz
  • Final gambit

Taught Moves:

  • Snore
  • Rest
  • Protect
  • Giga drain
  • Attract
  • Rain dance
  • Facade
  • Mud shot
  • Guard swap
  • Venoshock
  • Round
  • Body Slam
  • Leech life
  • Substitute
  • Sludge bomb
  • Spikes
  • Endure
  • Sleep Talk
  • Baton Pass
  • Encore
  • Toxic Spikes
  • Bug buzz
  • Energy ball

Breeding Moves:

  • Double edge
  • Feint
  • Guard split
  • Mindreader

Transfer Moves:

  • Bide
  • Big bite
  • Confide
  • Double team
  • Frustration
  • Gastro acid
  • Hidden power
  • Infestation
  • Mud slap
  • Pursuit
  • Return
  • Secret power
  • Signal beam
  • Swagger
  • Toxic

What is the best Moveset for Shelmet?

As you can see, there are plenty of options and tactical approaches to opt for when using a Shelmet. However, you may be wondering which strategy and move set returns the most consistent results. Well, we aim to save you the stress of using trial and error to work this out and have put together the optional moveset for Shelmet. Here is the best moveset for this Pokemon below:

  • Spikes
  • Recover
  • Acid Armor
  • Bug Buzz

Or if you want to go down the move poisonous route, you can have a moveset that looks more like this:

  • Toxic Spikes
  • Recover
  • Acid armour
  • Venoshock

What is Shelmet Weak/Strong Against?

Shelmet is an out-and-out Bug-type and for that reason, the Pokemon has quite a few weaknesses. Flying, rock, and fire-type Pokemon will make short work of Shelmet, so avoid using this Pokemon in this situation. However, if you come across a grass, fighting, or ground type, Shelmet’s resistance to each will aid you tremendously in battle. Here is a full rundown of this Pokemon’s weaknesses, resistances, and immunities:


  • Rock
  • Fire
  • Flying


  • Grass
  • Fighting
  • Ground


  • N/A

How to Catch Shelmet in The Pokemon Games

Shelmet is a Pokemon that can be encountered randomly in a handful of Pokemon games. Plus, with a catch rate of 36.3%, it isn’t exactly the trickiest Pokemon to capture when you do. You can encounter this Pokemon in Pokemon Black/White, Pokemon X, and Y, and Pokemon Sword and Shield. However, in other games such as Pokemon Sun and Moon and Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, you will have to acquire this Pokemon through a trade or through the use of the Pokebank.

Overall, this Pokemon is easy to obtain provided you have the right game for the job and trading is so common and available these days. So with that in mind, we would label this Pokemon a common one.

Does Shelmet Evolve?

Yes, Shelmet does evolve into an Accelgor and this can only be done in very specific circumstances. This Pokemon will only evolve if it is traded with another trainer. Not only that, but the other Pokemon in the trade must be a Karrablast. If this trade is carried out, the Karrablast will also evolve into an Escavalier. So be sure to arrange this specific trade today and get your hands on an Accelgor.

What Are Shelmet’s Base Stats?

Shelmet, as you would imagine based on the design and the timid nature of the Pokemon, is a defensively gifted creature. It has an extremely high physical defense and a pretty decent SP defense stat to boot. The chink in Shelmet’s armor is its speed which is extremely low and means that trainers using this Pokemon will struggle to make an instant impact. Here is a full rundown of Shelmet’s base stats in the Pokemon video game series:

  • HP: 50
  • Attack: 40
  • Defense: 85
  • SP Attack: 40
  • SP defense: 65
  • Speed: 25

What Does A Shiny Shelmet Look Like?

The shiny Shelmet model is genuinely a work of art. Instead of the two-tone pink and green creature inside the metallic shell, you are treated to a yellow and pink creature inside a golden helmet. It’s one of the most decadent shiny designs that you are likely to find within the whole series aside from perhaps the golden Magikarp and we are absolutely here for it. So if you need a new shiny to hunt down, make this one top priority.

One Shell of A Pokemon

As you can see from the information above, Shelmet is a Pokemon that you want on your team. It’s a defensive powerhouse, an excellent status effect tactician, has a very cool shiny model, and is your one-way ticket to obtaining Accelgor as well as Escavalier. So be sure to pick one of these up when you get a chance, you won’t regret it.


Question: Which Pokemon Has The Best Defensive Stats?

Answer: Some say that attack is the best form of defense but in most situations, a strong defense can be used as a foundation to mount an attack. What we are getting at here is that if you have a strong Pokemon that can take a hit, it won’t matter how many attacks you have to lay down. In the end, your Pokemon will be too tough to defeat anyway. Some Pokemon are built this way. However, you may be wondering what Pokemon has the best defensive capabilities in the game. Well, we have your answer. Here are the top five Pokemon with the highest base defense:
• Stakataka
• Steelix
• Regirock
• Avalugg
Despite the various legendary Pokemon, Goliath creatures, and hulking beasts within the Pokemon franchise. It is the unassuming Pokemon Shuckle that has the best base defense in the entire game. You would hardly think that this Pokemon would be able to take hit after hit but it absolutely can. It’s a shame that it can’t hit back with the same force but as they say, Arceus doesn’t give with both hands.

Question: What Other Pokemon Have Shells?

Answer: After talking about a Pokemon with one of the most strange outer shells in the series, you may be wondering, are there any other Pokemon in the series that rock shells. Well, the answer is absolutely the case. There are tonnes of Pokemon based on crustaceans, tortoises, turtles, and other animals that can’t live without a shell to call home. So we took the time to list all of the Pokemon that have a shell. Here they are below:
• Armaldo
• Blastoise
• Carracosta
• Chesnaught
• Chespin
• Chewtle
• Clamperl
• Cloyster
• Crustle
• Dewott
• Dreadnaw
• Dwebble
• Exeggcute
• Exeggutor
• Golisopod
• Grotle
• Heracross
• Kabuto
• Kabutops
• Lapras
• Ledian
• Ledyba
• Magcargo
• Minior
• Omanyte
• Omastar
• Orbeetle
• Oshawott
• Parasect
• Pinsir
• Quilladin
• Samurott
• Shelgon
• Shellder
• Shelmet
• Shuckle
• Slowbro
• Slowking
• Squirtle
• Tirtouga
• Torkoal
• Torterra
• Turtonator
• Turtwig
• Vikavolt
• Wartortle
• Wimpod

Question: What Happens When Shiny Pokemon Evolve?

Answer: When you capture a shiny Pokemon, it’s a novelty that never gets old. Plus, once you get the first taste, you’ll be a certified shiny hunter. However, some of you may not be aware of what happens to a shiny Pokemon when it tries to evolve. You may be reluctant to let this Pokemon grow up out of fear that it will return to its normal state. Well, we are here to calm your nerves. You can put every stone away as there is nothing to worry about.
If a shiny Pokemon evolves, what will happen is they will evolve into the next Pokemon in their evolutionary chain and they will also be shiny. So the only reason that you wouldn’t want your Pokemon to evolve is if you don’t like the evolved shiny model as much as the current one. So be sure to check what you are getting and if you like it, just let that evolution happen.

So that is our essential Pokemon handbook giving you all the info you could possibly need about the Pokemon, Shelmet. What did you make of this guide? Was this helpful and informative? Are there any other Pokemon you would love to see a guide for? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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