Obstagoon Guide: An In-Depth Look at the Combative Badger-Like Pokemon

Linoone, a quick, four-legged Pokemon, has been part of the Pokemon universe since Generation III. It’s the evolved form of Zigzagoon and is a solid Normal-type Pokemon to add to your party. These two Pokemon, at least for me, were never really that exciting.

Pure Normal-type Pokemon in general are good to have around because of their lack of elemental weaknesses, but I don’t know many people who would go out of their way to say a Normal-type like Linoone is their favorite.

With the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield, the evolution tree of Zigzagoon and Linoone received a massive upgrade. In the Galar region, new Dark/Normal dual-type Zigzagoon and Linoone were revealed, complete with black and white fur.

In addition, the Galar Linoone can evolve into a new Pokemon known as Obstagoon, also of the Dark/Normal dual-type. Obstagoon is definitely one of the cooler additions of Pokemon Sword and Shield and a Pokemon that you’ll feel good about having on your team.

Given how new this Pokemon is, the average trainer might not know all that much about Obstagoon. Let’s take a closer look at Obstagoon and what its addition to Pokemon brings.

What is Obstagoon?


Obstagoon’s appearance is nothing short of intimidating. Covered in stark black and white fur with thick coats of gray fur covering its forearms, lower legs, back, and chest, it looks almost like a bipedal cross between a skunk and a badger.

When it crosses its arms, Obstagoon looks even more like a Pokemon you don’t want to cross.

So why does the Galar version of Linoone and its evolved form, Obstagoon, look so different from the Linoone and Zigzagoon found in other regions?

The Pokemon in Galar are forced to adapt to the region’s harsh conditions and competition between species that drive differences in evolution from other regions. Obstagoon in particular is a combative and aggressive Pokemon – very fitting for a Pokemon unique to Galar.

According to the official Pokedex in Sword, Obstagoon “has a tendency to take on a threatening posture and shout – this move is known as an Obstruct.” Shield’s Pokedex sheds further light on how Obstagoon came to be, stating that it “evolved after numerous fights.”

Obstagoon stands at 5 feet 3 inches and weighs 101.4 pounds, which is basically the size of a small human.

It also has access to two possible abilities that help it out in battle: Reckless and Guts. Reckless makes that deal recoil damage more powerful, while Guts boosts Obstagoon’s Attack power whenever it is afflicted with a status effect.

In addition, Obstagoon has a hidden ability called Defiant, which raises its Attack whenever its stats are lowered. Basically, when the going gets tough in a battle, Obstagoon gets stronger and stronger.

Obstagoon Stats

statBaseMin (Lvl 100)Max (Lvl 100)
Special Attack60112240
Special Defense81150287

Obstagoon in the Games

Pokemon Sword and Shield

Obstagoon debuted in Pokemon Sword and Shield as an extension to the Zigzagoon evolution tree in the Galar region.

If you don’t want to level up a Zigzagoon or Linoone, wild Obstagoon can be found at the Lake of Outrage, Route 2 (though there’s only one), Bridge Field (Wanderer and normal), Dusty Bowl, Giant’s Mirror, and West Lake Axewell during a Max Raid Battle.

The Expansion Pass allows you to find Obstagoon in Giant’s Bed, Ballimere Lake (Wanderer), and Max Lair (Dynamax Adventure).

Obstagoon has a solid move set that can be learned through leveling. The majority of these moves are of the Normal and Dark types. These moves are as follows:

  • Baby-Doll Eyes (Level 1)
  • Cross Chop (Level 1)
  • Read (Level 1)
  • Lick (Level 1)
  • Night Slash (Level 1)
  • Obstruct (Level 1)
  • Pin Missile (Level 1)
  • Sand Attack (Level 1)
  • Submission (Level 1)
  • Switcheroo (Level 1)
  • Tackle (Level 1)
  • Snarl (Level 9)
  • Headbutt (Level 12)
  • Hone Claws (Level 15)
  • Fury Swipes (Level 18)
  • Rest (Level 23)
  • Take Down (Level 28)
  • Scary Face (Level 35)
  • Counter (Level 42)
  • Taunt (Level 49)
  • Double-Edge (Level 56)

Obstagoon’s Normal-type also allows it access to a wide range of TMs and TRs from all types of moves. It can learn over 60 moves those two types of items:

  • Mega Punch (TM 00)
  • Mega Kick (TM 01)
  • Fire Punch (TM 03)
  • Ice Punch (TM 04)
  • Thunder Punch (TM 05)
  • Pin Missile (TM 07)
  • Hyper Beam (TM 08)
  • Giga Impact (TM 09)
  • Thunder Wave (TM 14)
  • Dig (TM 15)
  • Screen (TM 16)
  • Rest (TM 21)
  • Thief (TM 23)
  • Snore (TM 24)
  • Protect (TM 25)
  • Scary Face (TM 26)
  • Icy Wind (TM 27)
  • Attract (TM 31)
  • Rain Dance (TM 33)
  • Sunny Day (TM 34)
  • Whirlpool (TM 36)
  • Facade (TM 39)
  • Swift (TM 40)
  • Helping Hand (TM 41)
  • Revenge (TM 42)
  • Brick Break (TM 43)
  • Fake Tears (TM 47)
  • Mud Shot (TM 53)
  • Payback (TM 57)
  • Assurance (TM 58)
  • Fling (TM 59)
  • Shadow Claw (TM 65)
  • Cross Poison (TM 73)
  • Round (TM 76)
  • Retaliate (TM 79)
  • Snarl (TM 85)
  • Stomping Tantrum (TM 98)
  • Body Slam (TR 01)
  • Surf (TR 04)
  • Ice Beam (TR 05)
  • Blizzard (TR 06)
  • Low Kick (TR 07)
  • Thunderbolt (TR 08)
  • Thunder (TR 09)
  • Focus Energy (TR 13)
  • Substitute (TR 20)
  • Reversal (TR 21)
  • Endure (TR 26)
  • Sleep Talk (TR 27)
  • Iron Tail (TR 31)
  • Shadow Ball (TR 33)
  • Taunt (TR 37)
  • Trick (TR 38)
  • Hyper Voice (TR 42)
  • Iron Defense (TR 46)
  • Bulk Up (TR 48)
  • Close Combat (TR 53)
  • Seed Bomb (TR 59)
  • X-Scissor (TR 60)
  • Gunk Shot (TR 73)
  • Grass Knot (TR 77)
  • Work Up (TR 85)
  • Throat Chop (TR 95)
  • Body Press (TR 99)

With such a wide range of moves to choose from, trainers can pretty much customize their Obstagoon to their liking and to fit multiple roles within any Pokemon team.

Pokemon Masters EX

Obstagoon can also be seen in the Pokemon Masters EX mobile game for Android and iOS. It forms a Sync Pair with trainer Piers, the gym leader in the Galar region.

Pokemon Go

Obstagoon can be captured in Pokemon Go. It has a max CP of 2,652 at Level 40. If you have Obstagoon as your Buddy, you’ll get a candy for every 3 kilometers walked together.

Lick and Hyper Beam are the best combinations for an offensive Obstagoon, while Counter and Hyper Beam are the best defensive moveset combinations.

Obstagoon in the Anime and Movies

Twilight Wings

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article, Obstagoon has yet to appear in either the main anime series or movies. However, it does appear in the YouTube mini-series, Pokemon: Twilight Wings.

Pokemon: Twilight Wings

Obstagoon makes an appearance in episode 8 of Pokemon: Twilight Wings . This Obstagoon is a member of the all-Pokemon band the Maximizers. The other members of this band include an Amped Toxtricity, a Low Key Toxtricity, and a Rillaboom.

Obstagoon in the Manga/Comics

Pokemon Adventures

Pokemon Adventures

An Obstagoon makes an appearance in the Sword and Shield chapter of the Pokemon Adventures manga series. In the second part of Sword and Shield (PASS02), an Obstagoon is harassing a group of Wooloo, a small sheep-like Pokemon.

One of the main characters, Sodo, and his Sirfetch’d stop the Obstagoon from meddling any further.

Obstagoon in the Trading Card Game

Trading Card Obstagoon

Since its release with the Sword and Shield expansion of the Pokemon Trading Card Game, Obstagoon has been seen on five cards to date. Four of the cards are similar, with the only difference being their artwork and rarity.

These cards feature the ability Untamed Shout, which allows you to put 3 damage counters on an opponent’s Pokemon when you play the card from your hand to evolve the Pokemon. They also feature the Obstruct attack, which does 90 damage and requires one Darkness Energy and one Colorless Energy.

This move prevents all damage from Basic Pokemon attacks on Obstagoon during the next turn. The best of this kind of Obstagoon card is definitely the shiny, holographic card featuring an Obstagoon with pink, blue, and white fur.

The other Obstagoon card has a different ability, a different attack, and 10 more HP. This card’s ability, Wicked Ruler, forces your opponent to discard cards from their hand until they only have 4 once during your turn.

Its attack, Knuckle Impact, costs 3 Colorless Energy and does a whopping 180 damage, but leaves Obstagoon unable to attack during your next turn.

When Does Obstagoon Evolve?

Obstagoon is the final evolved form of the Zigzagoon evolution tree and is unique to the Galar region of the Pokemon world. Zigzagoon evolves into Linoone at Level 25.

To evolve your Linoone into Obstagoon, it must reach Level 35. Keep in mind that if Linoone reaches Level 35 during the day, it will not evolve – it must level up at nighttime.

Obstagoon Strengths

Obstagoon’s Dark/Normal dual-type designation gives it an advantage when fighting against Ghost and Psychic-type Pokemon as it is resistant to those types of attacks.

In addition, Obstagoon packs some pretty nice stats, with its HP, Attack, Defense, and Speed ​​coming in at above average. Its HP stat is especially important, as taking full advantage of its Reckless ability relies on having a high amount of HP to absorb damage from recoil attacks.

Obstagoon Weaknesses

Prepare to switch out Obstagoon for a different Pokemon if you encounter an enemy of the Fighting-type. This is because Obstagoon takes 4 times the amount of normal damage from Fighting attacks due to its Dark/Normal dual-type. This Pokemon is also susceptible to Bug and Fairy-type attacks, too.

As far as its stats go, Obstagoon’s Special Attack and Special Defense leave something to be desired. This is to be expected of a Pokemon that is half Normal-type, as Normal Pokemon don’t usually have much use for those stats and instead rely more on their Attack and Defense.

Given this fact, you may want to have your Obstagoon know one or two Normal-type attacks to take advantage of its stat allocation.

Obstagoon Best Moveset

Obstagoon is a Pokemon that thrives on taking damage and then dealing more damage back out to its opponent. It does this through its high Attack and Defense stats. So it makes sense that Obstagoon’s best moveset takes advantage of these facts.

According to Shane Foley of Sportskeeda, the best moveset for Obstagoon involves Bulk Up, as “a Bulk Up set can do wonders for the Pokemon.” This moveset is as follows:

  • Bulk Up
  • Throat Chop
  • Facade
  • Close combat

Foley writes, “Given its impressive 101 defense stat, one Bulk Up can be all Obstagoon needs to shake off any damage from an opposing Pokemon. Since Bulk Up raises both Defense and Attack, Obstagoon will become more powerful as well.”

Already an Attack and Defense powerhouse, Bulk Up will serve to further boost its stats and make Obstagoon a tough out against any opponent that doesn’t have a Fighting-type Pokemon.

Throat Chop is a solid Dark-type attack that has perfect accuracy and good damage output. It also prevents the enemy from using any sound-based moves like Screech or Hyper Voice, which can be helpful. This move will do significant damage to any Psychic or Ghost Pokemon you encounter.

Facade is an interesting Normal-type move that deals double damage if Obstagoon happens to be burned, poisoned, or paralyzed at the time of its use. This almost invites status effects on Obstagoon and encourages the trainer to use it as a trump card if their Pokemon does happen to gain one of these abilities over the course of a battle.

Finally, Close Combat is a powerful and accurate Fighting-type move. However, it does have its drawbacks. After use it lowers the user’s Defense and Special Defense. This can be mitigated somewhat by the use of Bulk Up. As Foley points out, it also helps Obstagoon “…counter its own type…This makes Obstagoon the perfect counter to Piers, the Spikemuth punk rocker/gym leader.”

How to Evolve Galarian Linoone into Obstagoon in Pokemon Sword and Shield


Question: Which games can I catch an Obstagoon in?

Answer: Obstagoon is a member of the newest generation of Pokemon, which happens to be Generation VIII. This generation was introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and as such Obstagoon can be obtained in either of those games. You can also catch one in Pokemon Go.

Question: How do I get an Obstagoon with its hidden ability?

Answer: According to Dot Esports , “The only way to get Pokemon with Hidden Abilities this time around is through Max Raid Battles. Raids can be started through the Pokemon Dens in the Wild Area that emits a red beam of light. You can take part in raids with AI players, friends, or random players online.”
Sounds easy enough, right? Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that the Pokemon that you capture from these will actually have their Hidden Ability. It’s all a matter of chance, so it may take a lot of grinding before you’re able to obtain an Obstagoon with its Hidden Abilty, Defiant.

Question: What level does Linoone evolve into Obstagoon?

Answer: Linoone evolves into Obstagoon upon leveling up to Level 35 during nighttime. This will only happen in Sword and Shield. Non-Galar Linoone can’t evolve into Obstagoon.

Question: What is Obstagoon’s catch rate?

Answer: Obstagoon’s catch rate is 45 . This gives you a 5.9% chance of catching it with a normal Pokeball when it is at full health.

Question: What is Obstagoon’s best move?

Answer: Given its reliance on its Attack and Defense stats, Obstagoon’s best moves can be considered to be Bulk Up. You can create great movesets built around Bulk Up as demonstrated earlier in the article.

Question: How does Obstagoon learn Bulk Up?

Answer: Obstagoon can learn this Fighting-type move by using TR 48. It cannot be learned through leveling up or through breeding.

Question: What does Obstagoon’s name mean?

Answer: Obstagoon’s name is a combination of two English words. The first word is an obstacle, which makes sense given that upon crossing its arms, Obstagoon becomes a formidable obstacle that can stand in the way of any Pokemon.
The second word is a raccoon, which is used because Obstagoon’s first form, Zigzagoon, heavily resembles a raccoon.

Question: When should I evolve my Linoone into Obstagoon?

Answer: Linoone’s normal evolution level, which is Level 35, is a good time to evolve it into an Obstagoon. Obstagoon learns Scary Face at Level 35, which is a great Normal-type move that significantly lowers the speed of the enemy Pokemon.
If you happen to miss out on learning this move at Level 35 and evolve your Linoone into Obstagoon later, don’t worry too much. You can still teach Scary Face to Obstagoon by using TM 26.

Question: When Will We See Obstagoon in the Main Anime Series?

Answer: This is a tough question to answer. As you know, Obstagoon has yet to appear in an episode of the main anime series. However, it is highly likely that Obstagoon will appear. Piers, the Dark-type gym leader, has an Obstagoon in his party in the Sword and Shield games.

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