Lillie Pokemon Guide: The Sweet Natured Bookworm of Pokemon Sun & Moon

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Lillie is a much loved character who traveled with the player during the events of Pokemon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon. She also appears in the Pokemon Journeys anime, Sun and Moon, and as an Ultra Guardian.

She is a very rare character as she does not like to see Pokemon battle or even participate in battles, as she hates seeing them get hurt. In the Anime, she even has a problem touching Pokemon, but does know how to make Pokemon food and learns a lot about them. Also, despite her dislike of it, she has battled on occasion.

Lillie’s Stats

Pokemon TypesAttacksStrengthsWeaknesses
ClefairyCharm, Copycat, Defense Curl, Encore, Growl, PoundResistant to Fighting, Bug, and Dark type attacksWeak to Poison and Steel type attacks
CosmogSplash, TeleportResistant to fighting and psychic type attacksWeak to bug, ghost, and dark attacks
Alolan VulpixPowder Snow, Ice Shard, Icy Wind, Confuse Ray, Aurora Beam, Ice Beam, Mist, Sheer ColdResistant to Water, ice, dragon type attacksWeak to Rock, Steel, Fire, and Fighting Type Attacks

Lillie Summary of Appearances in Pokémon Versions and Media (Games, Anime, Movies)

In the anime, Lillie makes several appearances in Pokemon Journeys. She first appears in the episode Alola to New Adventure where she hides behind Ash after being approached by a Wild Taurous, and later when she is afraid of touching Pikachu. After Ash saw a Pokemon no one else had seen before, she used her knowledge to deduce that he had seen Tapu Koko, the guardian of Aloa.

Lillie later helped him during A Guardian’s Challenge advising Ash when he and Pikachu took on the guardian during a battle, telling him about Tapu Koko’s techniques. Next during Lillie’s Egg-xhilarating Challenge Lillie watched over a Pokemon egg for a class project, and after several attempts to touch the egg in order to overcome her fear, she did touch it when it was attacked by a wild Salanit.

The egg was later revealed to be a Alolan Vulpix during the episode Racing To A Big Event and in Getting To Know You she named it Snowy and attempted to befriend it, and Snowy later defended Lillie from a Team Rocket attack, and Lillie returned the favor by holding Snowy. She became comfortable with her Vulpix but still got worried holding other Pokemon.

However, her fear came back during the episode Night Of A Thousand Poses, after gaining some experience touching Snowy, Pikachu, and riding a Stoutland, she was making process only to meet her mother Lusamne. The pair would argue, and she would later regret the fight, wanting to teleport to where her family was. A Cosmog named Nebby would teleport her there, but she saw a type Null Pokemon that belonged to her brother Gladion.

Unbeknownst to her, that Pokemon saved her life as a young child, but she only remembered the Pokemon lunging at her. This memory reduced her process and made her unable to even touch Snowy. However, in the episode Mission, Total Recall! Ash and Nebby would help Lillie travel to places from her past to put her memory back together.

However, a man named Faba was there and had been there whenever a younger Lillie was attacked by an Ultra beast and was saved by the Null Type. Not wanting Lillie to regain her memories, he attacked the group, only for the type Null and Gladion to arrive. The battle caused the Type Null to evolve into a Silvally and defeated Faba.

As Lillie’s full memories returned, she hugged Silvally and overcame her trauma. However Faba would return in Faba’s Revenge reopening the wormhole that had endangered Lillie the first time. Faba summoned a Nihilego from the wormhole and it battled Lille, Gladoin, Lusamine’s, and Ash’s Pokemon, easily defeating them. In the end Lusamine was dragged into the wormhole, and Lillie set out to save her mother during Family Determination.

Joined by Ash and their other classmates, Lillie and Galdon discovered that Lusamine had been reduced to a childlike state and had fused with Nihilego in the episode Reducing the Unwilling. She was unwilling to give up control over the Ultra Beasts and a fight broke out with the group against Lusamine’s Nihilego powered up Pokemon.

Finally, in 10,000,000 Reasons To Fight Ash, Lillie, and Gladion battled Lusamine, while Lillie tried to break her mother free from the influence of the Nihilego. Nihilego ended up taking full control of Lusamine, but was defeated by Pikachu and the group returned home.

In The Professor’s New Adventure Lillie and her classmates accepted the offer of Lusamine to become Ultra Guardians, dedicating to catching Ultra Beasts and returning them to their homes. The rest of the series would see her and the Ultra Guardians continue to hunt down the Ultra Beasts to bring them back to their homes.

In The Games In the games Lillie lives with Professors Burnet and Kukui, and later joins the player whenever they meet Team Skull, a villainous group kidnapping Pokemon, including Nebby, Lillie’s Cosmog. The player travels to Aether Paradise with Gladion, who is working for Team Skull, and fights their way through to meet Lusamine, learning about the familial relationship between the three.

They also learn that Aether Paradise is trying to use Nebby to open Ultra Wormholes and gain the power of Ultra Beasts for themselves. Lusamine uses Nebby, opens the wormholes and leaves with Lillie joining the player to save them both. She is either given the Sun Flute or the Moon Flute depending on the game being played, and undergoes a change with her confidence levels.

She later retrieves the opposite flute, goes to the Altar of the Sun or Altar of the Moone (depending on the game) and plays both the Sun Flute and The Moon Flute together while Nebby is drawn from Lillie’s bag and either evolves into a Solgaleo or a Lunala. What happens next again depends on the game you are playing.

If You Are Playing Sun and Moon

Lillie joins you in going into Ultra Space by confronting her mother who has merged with Nihilego. After you battle and defeat her, Lusamine attempts to attack her daughter, but is stopped by Nebby and is separated from Nihilego.

After you both return home, Lillie will give Nebby to you, saying she is not a Pokemon trainer. You see her again a few more times, but she later goes to the Kanto region to seek treatment for her mother and also to become a trainer.

If You Are Playing Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

The game continues as above, right up until Nihilego attacks Lillie. Before Nebby can aid her, an ultra wormhole dumps Guzma and Lusamine into an altar and then a Necrozma follows. Necrozman absorbs Nebby and either turns into a Dusk Mane (if Nebby was a Solgelo) or a Dawn Wings (If Nebby was Lunala) and vanishes into the ultra wormhole.

Lillie will ask the player to save her Pokemon, and after a battle with Ultra Necrozma. You will retrieve Nebby for her. After Nebby heals at Aether Paradise, she will give Nebby to the player. You see her again in a more active role whenever team Rainbow Rocket attacks and takes over Aether Paradise, and she will battle alongside you in a multi battle against Faba and his henchman. She will later heal your Pokemon for you when they get injured.

After that, she can join you as your partner in the battle tree, and will fight alongside you with her Clefairy.

When Does Lillie Evolve?

In the video games Lillie’s Cosmog Nebby will evolve into a Solgaleo or a Lunala depending on whether you have Pokemon Sun or Moon as Lillie will play the two flutes at two different altars. You as the player will get the evolved form after a battle to capture Nebby in the first two games.

In Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, Nebby evolves but is absorbed by Necrozma and causes that pokemon to change its form as well. However, you manage to defeat it and afterwards Lillie will give Nebby to you without the need for a battle.

In the Anime, Snowy is the only one of Lillie’s Pokemon that has been given the chance to evolve. Lillie was given an ice stone by a trainer, and Lillie then attempts to use it to evolve Snowy. However, Snowy ends up backing away from the stone and refuses to evolve, so Lillie doesn’t force the issue and instead holds onto the stone until she is ready.

Lillie’s Best Moveset

In the video games, the best pokemon that Lillie can use and also that she can give you are Solgaleo and Lunala. One of the best movesets that Solgaleo can use are attacks such as Flare Blitz, Solar Beam, Sunsteel Strike, Meteor Beam, and Giga Impact. These are all very powerful attacks that have a power over 100 for their damage, as well as a wide spread of types as well.

For Lunala, some of her best attacks are Moongeist Beam, Psyshock, Cosmic Power, and Roost as well which can help you heal as well. These attacks and moves can either help you out speed your opponent or otherwise make Lunala hard to hit whenever the battle goes on.

Lille’s Strengths

Clefairy is weak to poison and steel type Pokemon, but resistant to fighting, bug, and dark type Pokemon. Clefairy does have several fairy and normal type attacks with a smattering of psychic attacks, so she is very good against Pokemon who are weak to that type. She’s also immune to dragon type attacks, which can be very helpful if you are fighting against trainers who love to use dragon types.

While we don’t see Cosmog battle very often, it is resistant to fighting and psychic attacks, but immune to nothing and weak to a bug, ghost, and dark attacks. Its only two moves are the splash normal type attack, and the teleport psychic special attack. It is a pretty frail Pokemon, even in the lore, but if you can get it evolved you will be able to do some real damage.

In the Anime she has access to a few more Pokemon, including her Alola Vulpix and some of Ash’s Pokemon whenever he’s left them with her during some battles. She’s also befriended and even ridden several Pokemon before, not too bad for a girl who couldn’t even touch Pokemon earlier in the series!

Lille’s Weaknesses

These are really the only two Pokemon we ever see her with, and they aren’t that good in the games. This does make some sense though, as in the games she doesn’t get the training that she gets in the anime and also doesn’t receive more powerful Pokemon like the Aloa Vulpix, as well as battle tips from Ash and other trainers.

Her main weakness is she didn’t become a trainer until late in her Pokemon journey, so if you find yourself fighting against her in the battle tree, don’t sweat too much about the battle.

Lillie in A Video

Lillie Pokemon Guide: FAQs

Question: Which Game Should I Get To Get Lillie’s Best Ending?

Answer: If you are picking between Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon and Sun and Moon for Lille’s ending, then it depends on what you think her best ending should be. Do you want her to go offscreen to Kanto and become an adventurer and Pokemon trainer on her own journey, or do you want to actually fight beside her a few more times?
She plays a much larger role in the ending of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, so if you like her character and how she interacts with you, go with that game. If you aren’t a fan of her character and want to continue your adventures on your own, then get Sun and Moon.
There are a lot of different changes between both games, not just Lillie’s Involvement, so make sure to research those and see what you end up thinking about the game.

Question: Should I Change My Team Roster For Nebby?

Answer: While Nebby in his unevolved form is pretty unremarkable, turning into the avatars of the Sun or the Moon as Solgaleo or Lunala makes them pretty interesting and much more powerful. These Pokemon are very strong, with a lot of resistances and immunities to speak of.
Lunala is resistant to poison and psychic attacks, and immune to normal and fighting moves. However, it takes 4x the damage from ghost and dark attacks. Solgaleo takes 2x the damage from ground, ghost, fire, and dark attacks. However, they are immune to poison attacks and resistant to normal, flying, rock, steel, grass, psychic, ice, dragon, and fairy attacks.
Each also possesses high stats and a wide range of attacks to choose from, so no matter when you get Nebby, you should at least try to have a spot for him on your team. It might be a tough move letting one of your big 6 go, but considering that she gives you Nebby in his evolved form for free, and all you need to do is capture him, that’s worth it.
Especially since there might be some tough battles ahead and you’ll need all the help you can get to pull out a few wins!

Question: Is Lillie’s Story Any Different In the Manga?

Answer: Lillie plays a smaller role in the manga, being entered into a Iki town tournament by mistake, and needing to be saved by a flock of Spearow from Moon and Tapu Koko. She still does have some trauma around her controlling mother and mostly remains behind while Sun and Moon go on their adventures.
However, the manga does loosely follow the story of the games with her meeting Gladion and revealing that she took Nubby to prevent him from being used to create ultra wormholes from her mother. We also get to see more of her father Mohn, who is not mentioned in the games or anime, and in fact it is learning that Mohn is still alive is what breaks Lusamine away from Nihilego in this version.
No matter where you want to see Lillie, she’s got an interesting story and an interesting set of fears to overcome!

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