Every Dinosaur Pokemon Guide: Prehistoric Poke-pals

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Every dinosaur Pokémon guide includes a list of different Pokémon. Hopefully, my original list will ensure that these Pokémon never go extinct. The point is to keep them in our hearts by connecting them to their real-life counterparts. 

Ark: Survival Evolved is one of my favorite modern video games. I have over 1000 hours logged and don’t plan to stop soon. While I didn’t have a huge interest in dinosaurs before I started playing, I now consider myself a connoisseur.

Dinosaur Pokémon – At A Glance

PokémonGroup/CladeSpeciesRelated Pokémon
TyrantrumTheropodTyrannosaurus Tyrunt
KabutopsEurypteridSea Scorpion
MeganiumSauropodBrachiosaurus Chikorita, Bayleef
TyranitarPupitar, Larvitar
HaxorusTheropodFraxure, Axew
GarchompTheropodConcavenator Gible, Gabite
Nidoqueen/NidokingTheropodNidoran, Nidorina, Nidorino
DracozoltTheropodT-Rex (with a catch)
CarracostaArchelon Tirtouga
FeraligatrMosasaurMosasaurusCroconaw, Totodile

This list should take care of the essential part of identifying dinosaur Pokémon – finding out which dinosaur they are based on. Take a look at the dinosaur Pokémon I consider most accurate. 

There may be “dinosaur” Pokémon that I didn’t list, but if this is the case, they aren’t canonically dinosaurs. They may resemble dinosaurs, but this should also cover 90% of those.

What is a Dinosaur Pokémon? My List Explanation

What is a Dinosaur Pokémon?

For my classification purposes, a dinosaur in real life isn’t just from a specific era but also an extinct animal. So Pokémon like Cradily, which is based on the sea lily, will not be included as sea lilies still exist. The same goes for Sceptile, who is extremely similar to a leaf-tailed gecko. I could go on and on with this list, but the focus of my article will be on those who are much more similar to extinct dinosaurs.

I’ve even heard people refer to Bulbasaur as a dinosaur because of his name. But Ken Sugimori – the primary character designer and art director for the Pokémon – confirmed he’s actually based on both onions and frogs.

Dinosaur vs Dragon Pokémon

Dinosaur Vs. Dragon Pokémon

I was shocked when I saw new gamers mixing up dragons and dinosaurs, but now I understand it’s a common mistake. Charizard and Dragonite are definitely inspired by dragons, not dinosaurs.

Dragons are mythical creatures. However, dinosaurs are real animals that have gone extinct. What they have in common is that they are both reptiles. They both cover a wide variety of groups. So you won’t be seeing any dragons or fossilized drake Pokemon in this list.

Every Dinosaur Pokémon

If the Pokémon and its evolution are both based on the same dinosaur, then I will only include the final form. This will keep the list from being redundant and ensure you get your info.

Again, there are a few I didn’t include because they were pushing the edge. One I’d like to mention is Jangmo-o and Hakamo-o. These Pokémon seem to be a fusion of a basic theropod and an Ankylosaurus. But the form is rather ambiguous.

Okay, fossil brushes at the ready, as it’s time to uncover some fossilized fish, fossilized bird and Fossilized dino pokemon.

Note: Pokémon are in the order they appear in the National Pokédex.

Generation 1

Every Dinosaur Pokémon generation 1

Generation 1 hosts a few dinosaur Pokémon. In the beginning, many decided that a few random Pokémon were based on dinos. But after serious consideration, I chose the ones I believe are true dinos.

Nidoqueen/Nidoking – Generic Theropod

  • Number: 31, 34
  • Type: Poison, Ground

Nidoqueen and Nidoking are Pokémon that I’ve always thought were dinosaurs. Although they are more compact than your average theropod, they still have most of the same features.

Lapras – Plesiosaurus

Lapras pokemon
  • Number: 131
  • Type: Water, Ice

Lapras may look like the Loch Ness Monster, but I believe that Nessie was inspired – in part – by the Plesiosaurus. The Plesiosaurus probably didn’t have the shell as Lapras does, but how else is Lapras supposed to protect itself against Rock attacks?

Omastar – Ammonite

  • Number: 139
  • Type: Water, Rock

Ah, the Helix Fossil god of the Twitch Plays Pokemon Let’s Play. Omanyte and Omastar are more than just snails. They are actually Cephalopods called Ammonite. Considering these Pokémon are fish fossil Pokémon in the game – believed to be extinct – it’s easy to see that they are dinos.

Kabuto – Trilobite

  • Number: 140
  • Type: Water, Rock

Kabuto is 100% a Trilobite. The Trilobite is a small arthropod that was only a couple of inches wide. They lived in shallow water and could switch between water and land, just like Kabuto.

Kabutops – Sea Scorpion (Eurypterid)

  • Number: 141
  • Type: Water, Rock

Kabutops is also based on an arthropod. I believe he looks a lot like an upright Sea Scorpion or a Eurypterid. These water-dwelling creatures latched onto prey with their pincers, much like Kabutops.

Aerodactyl – Pteradactyl

  • Number: 142
  • Type: Flying, Rock

Aerodactyl could be a Pterodactyl, a Pteranadon, or one of the many other Ptera dinos. While the exact dino is uncertain, it is obvious from the start that this bird fossil Pokémon is a Ptera.

Generation 2

The dinosaur Pokémon in Generation 2 are few and far between. The ones that are included aren’t as specifically inspired as the dinosaur Pokémon from other generations. But they deserve to be on this list.

Meganium – Sauropod

Meganium - Sauropod
  • Number: 154
  • Type: Grass

Meganium and Bayleef are definitely Sauropods. The exact Sauropod they are is unknown to me, but I am guessing that either the Apatosaurus or the Brontosaurus are good guesses.

Feraligatr – Mosasaurus

  • Number: 160
  • Type: Water

It’s easy to say that Feraligatr is simply an alligator Pokémon. But I strongly believe he’s meant to be even more menacing. A Mosasuarus is a king of the sea, and I see a lot of similarities.

Tyranitar – Mix

  • Number: 248
  • Type: Dark, Rock

Tyranitar is the most ambiguously inspired of all the dinosaur Pokémon. In my opinion, he is strongly based on Godzilla rather than a specific dinosaur. This would make him a mutated lizard, but let’s go with dinosaur.

Generation 3

I’ve heard Sceptile, Aggron, and others called “dinosaurs,” but frankly, I disagree. I believe there are modern-day equivalents to these Pokémon. The Pokémon I chose are strictly dinosaur. 

Armaldo – Anomalocaris

  • Number: 348
  • Type: Bug, Rock

Another Pokemon from a dino fossil. Armaldo looks just like an Anomalocaris. These nearly-arthropod dinos were a foot or two long, which is fairly intimidating considering their creepy, crawly, and slippery appearance.

Tropius – Brachiosaurus

Tropius - Brachiosaurus
  • Number: 357
  • Type: Grass, Flying

Tropius could be based on any Sauropod. But I believe that the Brachiosaurus is the one that it closely resembles. There is a chance that certain Sauropods had fleshy flaps that could have resembled wings.

Groudon – Debatable

  • Number: 383
  • Type: Ground

Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza are all based on real-life legendary creatures. The debate is whether or not these creatures ever existed in the first place. Groudon is based on what we call the Behemoth – who isn’t always considered a dino.

Now, that said. I always thought Groudon looked like a large Ankylosaurus who stands on his hind legs. This is open to interpretation, but Groudon does give major dinosaur type vibes.

Generation 4

I love the Generation IV dinosaurs. These three baddies are the reason kids love dinosaurs. You want these on your good side because they pack a mean punch – carnivores and herbivores alike. 

Rampardos – Pachycephalosaurus

  • Number: 409
  • Type: Rock

Rampardos is absolutely a Pachycephalosaurus. Like the Pachy, Rampardos specializes in headbutting. The two look eerily similar. Even Crandios – the unevolved form – looks like a Pachy.

Bastiodon – Chasmosaurus


Number: 411

  • Type: Steel, Rock

You can call it a Triceratops or a Styracosaurus, but I believe that Bastiodon is based on the Chasmosaurus. All three dinos come from the ceratopsid family but have distinct differences in their facial structure. 

Garchomp – Concavenator

  • Number: 445
  • Type: Ground, Dragon

I’m shocked that I haven’t seen anyone call Garchomp a Concavanetor yet. Most admirers seem to call him an unnamed Theropod. But his body style is just like a Concaventor in the real-life art of Garchomp.

Generation 5

Generation V has a few great dinosaurs. Although they aren’t my favorite, they are perfect for those who love the Archelon, Archaeopteryx, and Theropods in general. But then again, who doesn’t love Theropods?

Carracosta – Archelon

  • Number: 565
  • Type: Water, Rock

There are arguments that Carracosta is based on the Carbonemys. However, the Archelon has similar “flippers,” whereas the Carbonemys is liken to a modern-day box turtle. Snap, snap!

Archeops – Archaeopteryx

  • Number: 567
  • Type: Flying, Rock

The name gives this one away, and there’s no room for argument. Archeops is an Archaeopteryx. The Archaeopteryx was also a likely colorful bird with a less feathery head and tail.

Haxorus – Theropod

  • Number: 612
  • Type: Dragon

I’m not sure what type of Theropod Haxorus is based on. This creature looks like a Concavenator, Utahraptor, Yutyrannus, and a Carnotaurus, all wrapped up into one. He’s the best of Theropods. 

Generation 6

This is when things get interesting because the inspiration behind the Pokémon becomes extremely straightforward or completely ambiguous. These are the two obvious dinos.

Tyrantrum – T-Rex

  • Number: 697
  • Type: Rock, Dragon

This is the easiest to place. Tyrantrum and little Tyrunt will make any dinosaur lover smile. They are based on the T-Rex – or Tyrannosaurus Rex. The T-Rex is the single most popular dino, so you don’t have to know much about dinos to recognize this likeness.  

Aurorus – Amargasaurus

  • Number: 699
  • Type: Ice, Rock

When I first saw Aurorus and Amaura, I fell in love. These Sauropods are exquisite. While there may be a few options for what they may be based on, I believe the Amargasaurus is most similar. 

Generation 7

Generation VII is the only generation that I don’t believe has any dinosaur Pokémon. The closest I’ve seen are Jangmo-o and Hakamo-o. But in my opinion, they are creatures inspired by myths and the creative department’s minds. 

Generation 8

The only dinosaur Pokémon I see in Generation VIII is Dracozolt. Although there are borderline dinos in Gen 8, there is only one that I consider fully dinosaur with no extant basis.

Dracozolt – Mutated T-Rex

  • Number: 880
  • Type: Electric, Dragon

I had to add Dracozolt because he’s another Crystal Palace dinosaur that is obviously a little out of place. His top half is raptor-like, while his bottom half is more like a Stegosaurus. 

Crystal Palace Dinosaur Pokémon

In the Galar region, the fossil and dinosaur Pokémon were inspired by “fake” dinosaurs of the Crystal Palace in London. These creature dinos are anatomically incorrect, often merging multiple dinos.

The origins behind the original prehistoric creature and the Pokémon are that fossils were found that had more than one dino or object in them. These were misconstrued as one dino in each fossil.

For example, Arctovish is based on one of these dinosaurs as he is half Dunkleosteus and half Plesiosaur. Cara Liss is the researcher that revived these fossils, which didn’t turn out well. In fact, the Pokémon are so unnatural that they can’t breed.

Every Dinosaur Pokemon: FAQs

Question: Is Mamoswine a Dinosaur?

Answer: No, Mamoswine is not a dinosaur because he is based on the mammoth, who wasn’t a dinosaur either. Older Tyrantrum fans may not know him as he was introduced in Gen VI.

Question: What is the Dinosaur Pokémon?

Answer: There are many dinosaur Pokémon, but the most obviously dinosaur-inspired is Tyrantrum. He is inspired by the T-Rex, making him the poster child for dino Pokémon.

Question: What is the Best Dinosaur Pokémon?

Answer: This is a difficult question, but if I had to say, I’d guess that Groudon is the strongest dinosaur Pokémon. He’s a great competitor in any game he appears in, smashing his opponents.

Question: Is Tyrantrum Legendary?

Answer: No. Tyrantrum is not Legendary, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t worth your time. Some Pokémon, Tyrantrum included, are strong enough to fight in parties full of Legendaries otherwise.

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