Elekid Guide: A Pocket-Sized Shocker

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When it comes to gaming, there are very few franchises that can claim to have the longevity and the widespread appeal that the Pokemon series has. This series has been around for over twenty-five years and within that time, the series has played host to some of the most recognizable characters and creatures within the gaming industry.

At the time of writing, there is just shy of one thousand Pokemon if you include mega-evolutions and as a result, it can be incredibly difficult to commit every Pokemon’s moves, traits, and skills to memory. With that in mind, we have created a series of guides that break down each and every Pokemon, allowing you to understand everything about these wonderful creatures.

In this article, we take a look at a pre-evolution Pokemon called Elekid. This electric type has the potential to grow into quite a powerful party member, so it’s well worth getting to know this Pokemon inside out. Here is our Elekid essential handbook.

What Is Elekid?

elekid pokemon 1

Elekid is a pre-evolution Pokemon that was introduced in the second generation of Pokemon games. This Pokemon is an electric type and if nurtured correctly, can evolve into a formidable force. In terms of appearance, this Pokemon certainly has a family resemblance. The Pokemon is a rather short and stocky Pokemon with buff arms, little feet, and two long ears that resemble an electrical adapter of a plug.

This Pokemon has a color palette very similar to a bee or a wasp. The yellow and black are a striking contrast and the black color is used meticulously to paint markings on this Pokemon.

There are stripes on the arms of the creature and then an electro bolt emblazoned on the chest of Elekid. Then in terms of the sprites facial structure and demeanor. This Pokemon has classic cartoon-style eyes and a thin mouth. All of which culminate to offer a naturally determined and menacing look.

Elekid is number 239 in the Pokedex, about 0.6 meters tall, and weighs around 23.5 kilograms. The Pokemon has a catch rate of about 11.9% and has a medium/fast growth rate.

Does Elekid Appear in the Pokemon Anime?

Yes, Elekid has been a part of the Pokemon roster for quite some time now, so it’s only fitting that these Pokemon have a catalog of anime series appearances. Elekid made their first major appearance in the episode When Worlds Collide!

This episode saw Ash’s Pikachu face off against an Elekid owned by Paul, very much in a Lt. Surge style electric on the electric battle. This Elekid would be a fixture of the Diamond and Pearl series. Another major appearance was in Here’s Lookin’ at You, Elekid. In this episode, Casey managed to capture their own Elekid, which would then return in the episode, A Date With Delcatty and Those Darn Electabuzz!

Then one of the most memorable Elekid moments was in the episode Reversing the Charges. In this episode, an Elekid absorbs too much electricity and is shocking other Pokemon with this surplus. So Ash and Pikachu battle this Pokemon to protect the other Pokemon.

These are very much Elekid’s finest moments but the Pokemon has appeared in a supporting role or in a cameo appearance a few times as well. Here is a list of the other episodes that Elekid featured in:

  • Three Sides to Every Story!
  • The Double Trouble Header
  • All Things Bright and Beautifly!
  • Gonna Rule The School!
  • Saved by the Beldum
  • Lucario and the Mystery of Mew
  • One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team!
  • An Old Family Blend!
  • Zoroark: Master of Illusions
  • Clemont’s Got a Secret!
  • That’s Why the Litten is a Scamp!‬
  • Alola to New Adventure!
  • The Guardian’s Challenge
  • First Catch in Alola, Ketchum-Style!
  • A Shocking Grocery Run!
  • Crystal-Clear Sleuthing!
  • Racing to a Big Event!
  • One Journey Ends, Another Begins…
  • A Glaring Rivalry!
  • Faba’s Revenge!
  • A Young Royal Flame Ignites!
  • Securing the Future!
  • Don’t Ignore the Small Stufful!
  • Exhibition Unmasked!

Does Elekid Appear in the Pokemon Movie?

Yes, Elekid has appeared in several Pokemon movies and some shorts before the movie began. The most notable appearances are in The Power of Us where six Elekids can be seen during the runtime. Elekid also featured in the extended short before this movie called Pikachu’s Rescue Adventure where they played a supporting role in helping Pikachu locate and rescue Togepi. Then in addition to this, Elekid can be spotted in the film Journey to the Unown!

Most Pokemon outside of the original 151 are lucky to get featured in one movie, never mind two and a short. So Elekid should be very happy with their involvement to date and we wouldn’t be surprised to see a little more of this Pokemon moving forward.

How Good is the Elekid Pokemon Trading Card?

Elekid Card

Elekid has been around for a while and for that reason, they have been the subject of more than one Pokemon TCG card. In fact, the Electric Pokemon has been included in seven TCG cards to date. Some are very useful in electric-focused decks, especially since the introduction of Electrive. Here we will take a look at the original card and then take a look at which card is the best Elekid variant available today.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the original card. This card first appeared in the Neo Genesis packs and it’s actually a very decent card. One great thing about this card is that, because it is classed as a baby Pokemon, there is a 50% chance that your opponent will not be able to attack at all, depending on the outcome of a coin flip.

However, this also applies to your attack, if you call the coin toss right you will do twenty damage to your opponent which is respectable but this card can be rather frustrating as a lot of its success relies on luck.

Then with regards to the best Elekid card on offer, we would say it is the most recent one from the Triumphant packs. This card still relies on luck to land its attacks like the card above. However, if the Pokemon lands its Sparkling ball attack, it does twenty damage and then falls asleep.

This may sound like a hindrance but this Elekid card has an effect that means that no Pokemon can land attacks while this card is marked as asleep. Making this card a great way to land a sneaky attack and then stall, allowing you to bring Electrabuzz into the mix.

Elekid in the Pokemon Video Games

Elekid made their Pokemon game debut way back in Pokemon Gold and Silver as one of the first pre-evolution Pokemon on the roster.

Since then, the electric Pokemon has been involved in the stern majority of Pokemon games that have made it to shelves. Although you may be wondering what games exactly. Well, here is a list of all the Pokemon games that Elekid has featured in:

  • Pokemon Gold
  • Pokemon Silver
  • Pokemon Crystal
  • Pokemon Ruby
  • Pokemon Sapphire
  • Pokemon Emerald
  • Pokemon Fire Red
  • Pokemon Leaf Green
  • Pokemon Coliseum
  • Pokemon XD
  • Pokemon Diamond
  • Pokemon Pearl
  • Pokemon Platinum
  • Pokemon Heart Gold
  • Pokemon Soul Silver
  • Pokemon Pal Park
  • Pokemon Black
  • Pokemon White
  • Pokemon White II
  • Pokemon Black II
  • Pokemon X
  • Pokemon Y
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby
  • Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Pokemon Sun
  • Pokemon Moon
  • Pokemon Ultra Sun
  • Pokemon Ultra Moon
  • Pokemon Sword
  • Pokemon Shield
  • Pokemon Channel
  • Pokemon Pinball
  • Pokemon Trozei
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Time
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Darkness
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Sky
  • Pokemon Ranger
  • Pokemon Rumble Blast
  • Pokemon Rumble U
  • Pokemon Shuffle
  • Pokemon Rumble World
  • Pokemon Rumble Rush
  • Pokemon Shuffle
  • Pokemon Rumble Rush

What Moves Does Elekid Learn?

elekid 1

Elekid is primarily an electric type Pokemon. So in terms of the moves that this monster uses on the regular. They tend to be electricity based or fast, physical attacks. However, there are a handful of other moves that can throw a curveball at unsuspecting rival trainers. Here is a list of all the moves available to Elekid:

Learned Moves

  • Quick attack
  • Leer
  • Thunder shock
  • Charge
  • Swift
  • Shock wave
  • Thunder wave
  • Screech
  • Thunder Punch
  • Discharge
  • Low kick
  • Thunderbolt
  • Light Screen
  • Thunder

Taught Moves

  • Mega Punch
  • Mega Kick
  • Ice Punch
  • Fire Punch
  • Thunder Wave
  • Screech
  • Light screen
  • Rest
  • Thief
  • Snore
  • Protect
  • Attract
  • Rain dance
  • Facade
  • Swift
  • Helping hand
  • Brick break
  • Fling
  • Round
  • Volt Switch
  • Electro web
  • Body slam
  • Low kick
  • Thunderbolt
  • Thunder
  • Psychic
  • Substitute
  • Endure
  • Sleep talk
  • Uproar
  • Electro ball
  • Wild charge

Breeding moves

  • Cross chop
  • Dynamic punch
  • Feint
  • Hammer arm

What is Elekid Weak/Strong Against?

As Elekid is a pure Electric Pokemon, this creature is doesn’t have a lot of natural weaknesses. Most attacks will do normal damage and others will have a slightly lesser effect. However, across the board, Elekid’s typing offers a good deal of protective coverage in battle. The one key weakness that you’ll need to plan for is against ground type moves. However, if you can steer clear of those, then you’ll be in good stead. Here is a rundown of Elekid’s strengths and weaknesses.

Weaknesses: Ground

Resistances: FlyingSteel, Electric

Immunities: N/A

What Abilities Does Elekid Have?

Elekid has two possibilities, one being a common ability and the other being a hidden ability. Here is a rundown of the possible abilities that an Elekid can have plus a description of these abilities:

Static: This ability means that every time Elekid physically attacks or is physically hit by an opponent, there is a chance that the foe will be paralysed as a result.

Vital Spirit: This is an ability that prevents Elekid from ever falling asleep.

How to Catch an Elekid in the Pokemon Games?

When it comes to catching an Elekid, it really depends on the Pokemon title you are playing as some will differ from others. There are three ways that you can catch an Elekid. The first way that will work across the board is through trading. This process will work in all games but it’s absolutely necessary in games such as Ruby and Sapphire or the more recent Sword and Shield for example.

The second method is through breeding. As this is a pre-evolution Pokemon, if Electrabuzz is present in the title, it is likely that this will be necessary to get your hands on an Elekid. However, that leads us to the third method which is simply encountering Elekid in the wild. This is possible in the following games:

  • Pokemon Diamond
  • Pokemon Pearl
  • Pokemon White
  • Pokemon White II
  • Pokemon Omega Ruby
  • Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
  • Pokemon Sun
  • Pokemon Moon
  • Pokemon Ultra Sun
  • Pokemon Ultra Moon

Is Elekid a Rare Pokemon?

This depends on the Pokemon title that you are currently playing. If it is a game that requires trading or breeding, then you could argue that this Pokemon is pretty rare.

However, looking holistically at the series, there are plenty of easy opportunities to get this Pokemon via a random encounter. That being said though, this Pokemon does have a relatively low catch rate of 11.9%. So with all these factors weighed up, we would say that this Pokemon is just worthy of the rare status and no more.

Does Elekid Evolve?

Elekid Evolutions

Yes, this Pokemon is the pre-evolution of Elecrabuzz. For several generations, this remained the only evolution where this Pokemon was concerned. However, in gen four, this Pokemon was given another evolution in the form of Electrive.

To evolve Elekid into Electrabuzz, you need to train the Pokemon until it reaches level thirty, then the evolution will take place.

Then as for Electrive, you will need to make sure that Electabuzz is holding an item called an Electrilizer. Then you’ll need to engage in a trade. Once the Pokemon has been traded between two trainers the evolution will take place.

What Are Elekid’s Base Stats?

Elekid is a relatively well-rounded Pokemon with one clear standout stat. The Pokemon is known to be an Electric Pokemon but its physical attack stats are much more impressive, so you may find that fighting type moves work a treat here.

The Pokemon is also pretty speedy and has a decent SP Attack stat. However, when hit with a physical attack, the defensive sturdiness of this Pokemon may give you problems in a competitive context. Here are the base stats for the Pokemon Elekid:

  • HP: 75
  • Attack: 123
  • Defense: 67
  • SP Attack: 95
  • SP Defense: 85
  • Speed: 95

What Does a Shiny Elekid Look Like?

A shiny Elekid is for all intents and purposes, just another Elekid but with the potential to evolve into something much greater. The only slight difference between this model and the normal Pokemon is that the yellow color of the Pokemon is slightly more pale than normal. However, it is rather hard to distinguish without the shiny animation to help.

The good news is that when this shiny Pokemon evolves into Electrabuzz, this will give the Pokemon a much more noticeable shiny sprite with a deep orange color instead of a simple yellow. However, as far as Elekid goes, it’s not a shiny you should rush out to collect.


Question: What Other Pokemon Got Given Evolutions After Their Debut?

Answer: Electrive isn’t the only Pokemon that was added to an existing Pokemon’s evolutionary tree after their initial debut. In fact, it has become a very common occurrence within the Pokemon franchise and has allowed the developers to keep fans engaged with older Pokemon and bring forgotten monsters back into the spotlight.
Here is a list of all the Pokemon who had the same treatment:
• Rhydon-Rhyperior
• Magmar-Magmortar
• Electabuzz-Electivire
• Misdreavus-Mismagus
• Gligar-Gliscor
• Porygon2-PorygonZ
• Murkrow-Honchkrow
• Sneasel-Weavile

Question: What is the Most Common Pokemon Type?

Answer: The Pokemon franchise is chocked full of monsters. Yet despite this, the game developers manage to make each Pokemon feel unique and a big factor in making this a reality is the careful distribution of Pokemon types.
You would think that down the years there would be a clear favorite type that leads the way but thanks to the balanced nature of the game, this is far from the case.
However, there is a type that has appeared more than any other and that is the water type. This Pokemon type has popped up a grand total of 133 times. So as of this moment, water is the most common Pokemon type.

Question: What Electric Type Pokemon is The Strongest?

Answer: Electric types have been around since the first Pokemon generation and some of those on the roster are responsible for a lot of the franchises overall success.
We need only mention the iconic electric mouse Pikachu to make our point. However, you may be wondering which electric Pokemon is the most powerful of them all. Well, let us answer that with a simple top five:
• Zekrom
• Ampharos
• Zeraora
• Thundurus
• Raikou
So that is our essential Pokemon handbook giving you all the information you could ever need on the Pokemon, Elekid. What did you make of this guide? Was this useful and informative? What other Pokemon would you like us to cover? Let us know in the comments section below and as always, thank you for reading.

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