Where to Sell Pokemon Cards: A Comprehensive Guide

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Do you still have the Pokemon card collection you started when you were just a kid? Do you remember thinking I’m going to sell these one day and make a whole lot of cash?  Now, finally, the day has come when you’ve decided to sell. The only problem is getting started.

There are many places where to sell Pokemon cards. But the one that’s most important to you is probably the one you can make the most money off. There are more factors in selling Pokemon cards than some might think. 

The thing is, these cards aren’t just any old cards; they’re your cards. You’ve been collecting them forever. You got yourself a binder and have been keeping them in mint condition since the beginning. That Charizard card has been staring you in the face for over ten years, and you want to make sure that you’re going to get what you deserve out of it.

I’m sure you’ve heard the stories where people have literally made thousands off of Pokemon cards. It’s all about what a card is worth and where you’re selling it. Also, the condition of the card will play a significant factor and its value.

Where to Start

A great way to find the value of your cards is to look them up. But a Google search can only get you so far. Websites like Pokemon Prices and TCG Player can help you find out just how much your cards are worth.

Obviously, some cards will do better than others. The key is taking a look at your more popular Pokemon, knowing their value. A lot of popular Pokemon include Pikachu, Mewtwo, Blastoise, Charizard, and Rayquaza. Not to mention some of the Eeveelutions do well too. Go ahead and figure out what yours are worth.

Once you have done that, go ahead and take a look at the condition of your cards. You want to make sure there are no creases or tears or fading on the card. These can heavily be a tribute to the value of your card and make or break the price.

But you’ve been taking care of your cards for a long time. They are in mint condition and looking good. To sell them, put them in a plastic sleeve so potential buyers can see you are serious about the state of the card. 

Where to Make Same Day Cash

Let’s say you are trying to sell your Pokemon cards today. While you might not make as much money, you can certainly go this route. It’s less complicated than selling online and doesn’t require as much effort.


Where to Sell Pokemon Cards

When pawnshops are easy to make money from, they don’t always have the expertise. While a lot of pawnshop owners know that these cards could be worth a lot of money, they may not have done their research. You have a (super rare holo) Gengar card and ask for $40, they might combat that price with $2. 

The best advice for selling to pawn shops is to sell all of your lower-value cards for a base price grouped together. That way, the shop owner is willing to pay more for multiple cards, and you can ask four above the listed price.

Local Collectors Shops

Let’s say that you have a favorite local collector shop or have seen one around town. These are more complicated to sell at, but you might be able to make quick cash. Most of the time, people who work at these stores know the value of Pokemon cards very well. 

Remember that (super rare holo) Gengar card you asked $40 for from the pawnshop owner, and he only offered you $2? well, this person knows their stuff, so they’ll combat your price for $20. And while you and they know the card is worth $45, they’ll tell you they need to make money too. That way, you earn $20, and they make $25.

Chain collectors shops 

All those options sound like quick cash, and you know that you have a Second and Charles around the corner. You go up to the counter where you see their intake expert and hand over your precious Pokemon cards. You give them your asking price, and in return, they tell you a number that shocks you.

Yeah, you expected the pawnshop to low-ball you because maybe they didn’t know what they were talking about. Or at a chain where they buy and sell Pokemon cards all day long. Wrong you’ll get the lowest price on your Pokemon cards here. Again it’s better to sell your lower valued cards in bulk at a place like this. 



When it comes to buying and selling game-related items like Pokemon cards, the first thing that pops up in people’s minds is GameStop. They are different from other chain collector shops in which their main focus is not collector’s items like Pokemon cards. 

Again here, you will not get the best bang for your buck. Many people who do try to sell things at  GameStop are surprised by how little they are offered for the product. Again this is because places like these will resell and try to make as much as they can off of it. Therefore they will only offer you a small amount.

To help you find places that are nearby your house so that you can go in immediately and try to sell your cards in person.


Another great in-person place to sell your Pokemon cards is conventions like Comic-Con, and specific Pokemon Conventions. People usually go here looking for certain cards and are willing to pay cash for certain cards. Know the worth of the cards because people will try to by it for cheap. It is easy to get played for your playing card. 

Online Options

All these places you can sell the same day and walk away with cash. But let’s say you have more time on your hands. This allows you to get the best price for your  Pokemon cards. This is the best way to sell your most valuable cards. Here you can list them for the price you want and eventually someone will buy them. 

Of course, you still want to go ahead and price out your cards according to the condition and value of the card. Pokemon cards can change in value in a matter of minutes, so this is how you can use the internet to your advantage. The chances are there’s always someone willing to pay the price you’re looking for.



eBay is always a fantastic place to start selling collector’s items. This is usually the go-to place for first-time buyers and experienced buyers. Not to mention a simple Google search of your card is more likely to bring up an eBay page and any other resale website.  

Here not only can you place the card for the amount you want,  but the bidding options allow for you to make even more off of your card. Selling on eBay will enable you not to have to talk to any buyers directly and does the negotiating for you.

Facebook Marketplace

Sites like Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp provide a more private selling option. These allow you to talk to buyers and negotiate prices for your Pokemon cards. However, these sites do tend to have their downsides.  

It can take a while for someone to want to buy your card. Not to mention you will have to meet up with someone in person or give out your address to make the sale.  Many times on sites like this, people will low-ball you hoping that you don’t know the price of your cards. Using these sites is similar to thrifting, where people will try to make money off of products they buy off of you. 

What Sites tell you Worth?

This site allows you to sell your Pokemon cards for the price they’re worth and to people who know their worth. This website also specializes in the sale of Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Magic the Gathering cards, Dragon Ball Z card games, and other cards as well. 

This site is proven to be easier to use because you can sell based on the quality and rank of your card. Here you can be confident in selling your card and knowing that it’ll go to a good home. People are passionate about their Pokemon cards, and that’s a good thing. You want to make sure the person you sold your Pokemon card to will take excellent care of it. After all, you’ve been taking care of it for years.

Trading Sites

Perhaps you don’t want to sell your Pokemon card? Maybe you were looking to trade. This is a great option for people who still want to grow their collection and have some cards that they’re okay with parting with. This site allows you to trade Pokemon cards with people all around the world.

Trading is a fantastic way to make sure your cards are going to the right home. Also, some cards are worth more than value to other people. You might be able to trade a less valuable card for one that is worth more. So this is an excellent option if you have some cards that double or of lesser value. 

Are You Holding on to a Valuable Card?


Do you have a lot of Pokemon cards from your collection that you aren’t sure are worth money?  Take a look at your collection and see if you’re holding on to any of these cards. If you are, you may be in for a jackpot.

  • 1st Edition shadowless Charizard card
  • Pikachu illustrator card
  • No 1 Trainer Card
    ( $90,000)
  •  Golden Rayquaza card
    ( $45,000)
  • 1st Edition Shadowless Chansey card
    ( $39,000)

This is just an example of how much money these cards can be worth. People who don’t know the value of their collection might not know the treasure they’re sitting on. Over time the importance of these cards can increase or drop. 

What Ways Can You Sell Your Cards?

Sell a Deck


There are many ways that you can go about selling your Pokemon card collection. You can sell single cards, or you can trade in bulk. Sometimes people aren’t looking for a specific card. Sometimes people are looking for a particular deck of cards. If you’re able to build a particular deck, you might be able to make money off of it.

Now, of course, people create decks for specific battles, but people can create this simply to make money. Select cards that may not be of much value may be worth more in a deck. This is a unique way to sell your Pokemon cards that not everyone is doing. You may find more success this way.

Single Cards

Pokemon Card

Although you shouldn’t steer away from single card sales, of course, if your Pokemon card is worth a lot of money, feel free to sell it this way. Once you’ve mapped out your price, condition, and how long you’re willing to wait to sell it, give it a go.

However, this way is not recommended for selling low-value Pokemon cards, you will not get the best value for your cards. This is because some Pokemon cards, even a mint condition, can be worth as low as $0.25. And this is right around where you paid for the card in the first place if you bought it in a pack.



You can also sell your cards in collections. You can either sort your card out by Pokemon and evolution, or by simply whatever cards you’re looking to get rid of. It’s recommended to store your Pokemon cards to buy Pokemon. For instance, you’re going to want to sell all of your Eevee’s and Eeveelution cards as one collection. This is another excellent way to make money.

However, you can just throw your cards in any organization you want to sell. The best part about this process is it’s all up to you. 

Tips For Selling

  • Condition of CardThe more your card is in pristine condition the better it will sell solo. If it’s not in the best condition consider selling in multiples. 
  • Original PackagingSelling in the Original Packaging can be a good and bad thing. It all depends on the age of the pack and what is inside. It’s better to open the pack and see what you have to make more money. But if you don’t have great cards it’s best to sell them in the package. 
  • ResearchIf you plan on selling in decks see which ones are in demand. If someone is looking for a specific deck you might be able to create one for them.


Question: What Pokemon cards are worth money?

Answer: Any Pokemon card. The question is how much money? The most earning cards are Charizard cards and most rare cards are worth more than common. Halo cards are also worth more if you can get your hands on one. 

Question: Will Pokemon cards go up in value?

Answer: Yes over time Pokemon cards can increase in value. Most collectors started at a young age and have some cards that are worth way more than they were when bought. 

Question: Are Pokemon cards a good investment?

Answer: The answer is yes if you are willing to put in the money. It can be costly to buy packs but can pay off in the end if you find a rare card. Just like collecting anything else and investing in anything else you might not make much money. But it is fun to do.

Where to Sell Pokemon Cards from So Many Options?

There are many fantastic places to sell your Pokemon cards. If you’re looking to make quick cash, then it is recommended to take your cards to any nearby collector shop, pawnshop, or chain collector shop and see what you can get. 

You should still go in knowing how much your card is worth. You should also go in knowing that you may not get the value you’re hoping for. Again, this is a great way to sell low-value cards in bulk. 

If you have more time on your hands and are looking to sell single cards, look no further than the internet. Take your time figuring out the condition and value of your card. This will allow you to get the best price and ensure a good home. 

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