Pokemon Infinity Guide – Keep Your Egho In Check

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Every year, the quality of Pokemon Romhacks increases, and we see ever more impressive and bold takes on the format. Pokemon Infinity is different as it’s a standalone game created in RPG Maker.

The end product is a stunning Pokemon adventure that stays true to the series’ roots while adding a unique spin to many longstanding tropes. As an RPG Maker title, users don’t have to jump through hoops like with a Romhack making Pokemon Infinity very accessible.

If you’ve been put off by the technical side of Romhacking and want a fresh Pokemon experience to enjoy right out of the box, Infinity may be the perfect game for you, so stay tuned with the game happenings in the Pokemon Infinity guide I’ve prepared.

Story Synopsis

Your journey starts in the new region of Egho as a mysterious young trainer with no recollection of their past. A grand adventure with Pokemon at your side awaits as you explore the world for clues about who you are and where you came from.

On your journey, you’ll meet an old professor who can unlock the mysteries of your past with the power of shards charged by legendary Pokemon.

It should be so simple, but an enigmatic group called Team Fate is eager to stop you at every turn. Who is Team Fate? What do they want? And why are they so desperate to stop you and the professor?

These aren’t your typical band of thugs or Pokemon Thieves. Team Fate has a motive, and it clearly involves you, but why? The answer to all these questions will be answered as your quest across Egho unfolds.

Key Features

Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Auto pickup of invisible items
  • Roaming Pokemon with higher chances of knowing their Hidden Abilities
  • Well-designed Fakemon.
  • New attacks
  • Genuinely funny dialogue
  • Multiple Speed settings.
  • Triple Triad card game from Final Fantasy.
  • A creative take on Gyms, Badges, and HMs.

How to Play Pokemon Infinity

I cannot provide links, but PokemonCoders is a well-known Pokemon fan game site with a direct download for the title. Many Rom Hacks require specific Pokemon Roms, UPS files, and a separate program to mix them. Pokemon Infinity is much simpler, and once it’s downloaded, it’s ready to go.

Controls are awkward until you get used to them and are exclusively for a Keyboard. The arrow keys control your movement. ‘X’ and ‘C’ work like ‘A’ and ‘B’ on a GameBoy, and ‘ESC’ brings up the menu. You can Save in the menu like a regular Pokemon game.

Pressing ‘CTRL’ cycles through several different speeds. There are three options, and this feature is incredible because it doesn’t ruin the sounds or music.

A Quick Word on HMs

Quick Word on HMs Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

Pokemon Infinity has a rather unique way of dealing with HMs.

HMs don’t technically exist in Pokemon Infinity. Fly, for example, is TM100. Once you have Fly in your inventory with the required badge (Quill Badge), any Pokemon who could learn Fly can use the move outside of battle without being taught the ability.

To Fly, select the Pokemon in your party, then select ‘Fly,’ and you’ll bring up the map screen. Terrain-altering abilities like Cut can be used by pressing ‘confirm’ on a tree or object.

Welcome to Egho, Trainer

In this part of the guide, I’ll walk you through the entire game from start to finish. Every major battle is documented, and every puzzle is explained. With this guide, I aim to get you to the end of the main story and give you a few pointers on approaching the endgame.

Haydust Town

You start your adventure in a bed in a strange town. You have no recollection of your past, and the only memory you retain is that Pokemon exist.

Haydust is a quaint farm town, and as is traditional in Pokemon games, you need to speak with the professor. The professor’s house is up the steps in the center of the town. After your conversation, you get to pick a starter, but there’s a twist as you’re in a brand new region.

Pick the Perfect Starter

The Egho variants of Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander have different types than usual.

Bulbasaur is Grass/Rock, Squirtle is Water/Flying, and Charmander is Fire/Dragon. Pick your favorite, but Squirtle has an x4 weakness to Electric that you’ll need to cover for.

The only way out of the town is via the north exit, so head out when ready. You can return to the house you started in to sleep and heal your Pokemon.

Want a Ponyta?

A man is leaning over the fence by the Ponyta to the northwest. If you want one, you’re in luck, as he gives you an egg with one inside if you talk to him.

Moon Stone Path

Routes have names instead of numbers in the Egho Region. Moon Stone Path is a small area with Pokemon around level 4. It’s impossible to get lost, so make your way north toward Merchants Ridge

The Trainer with purple hair will teach your Pokemon Heal Bell if you talk to her. Jump off the ledge to the right to find them.

Want an Old Rod?

Moon Stone Path Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

Follow this passageway to the right (pictured above) and speak to the Fisherman for the Old Rod.

Merchants Ridge

Merchants Ridge isn’t a town, so some Trainers will still battle you. Fortunately, Lucy will stop by and heal your Pokemon.

Some fantastic items are up for grabs here, although you won’t be able to afford them. You can buy rare Pokeballs, Full Restores, and even Max Revives. Remember this location for later.

There’s a hidden Revive by the rock next to the roaming Meowth. Searidge Town is a short journey east, so head there next.

Searidge Town

Searidge is more of a stopgap on your journey. There’s no Gym, but you can do a few things here. The Name Rater lives in the house right by the west entrance.

If you want a Shellder, you can trade one for a Dunspace with a kid in a house to the south.

Leave the town through the east entrance when you’re ready. It’s a long distance before you can heal again, so it’s worth grabbing as many healing items as you can afford before leaving.

Stonedust Trail

Just before you leave the Trail, you’ll be challenged to your first battle with Teal, your rival.

Pokemon Trainer Teal

Stonedust Trail Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

• Starly (Flying/Normal) LV5

• Starter LV7

Teal’s team won’t be an issue for now, but their Starter will always be a direct counter to yours, so keep that in mind for later. Unlike the usual Rival in Pokemon games, Teal isn’t a consistent threat but can be a problem early in the story.

After defeating Teal, continue through the area, and you’ll arrive in Stonedust Peak.

Stonedust Peak

Stonedust Peak Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

Most optional paths through Stonedust Peak are blocked for now, and Pokemon are roughly level 6.

At the fork in the road, head west toward the house with the Solar Panels outside. Professor Thorn lives here, and you can use his lab as a makeshift Pokemon Center. Follow him downstairs when you’re ready; he will ask you to find a defective Solar Panel. It’s not far. Head directly south, and you can’t miss it.

You’ll find a strangely dressed man and his Magnemite by the Solar Panel. He’s a member of the antagonist group in the Pokemon Adventure, Team Fate.

Team Fate Grunt

• Totodile (Water) LV10

• Magnemite (Electric/Steel) LV11

• Arbird (Normal/Steel) LV9 (Fakemon and pre-evolution of Skarmory)

The toughest part about this fight is the dramatic level increase. You should be fine if you’ve not been running from wild encounters. After the battle, head back to Thorn’s Lab, rest, and head downstairs. Enter the scanner on Thorn’s request, and you’ll end up in a creepy dream sequence.

You can’t do much here on this visit. Talk to the ghostly figure in the room, then lay on the bed. Thorn will tell you to head East to Echorock Town when you wake up.

The remaining Trainers on Stonedust Peak are much easier than the Team Fate Grunt you fought.

Defeat them and make your way east to the Cave Entrance. There’s a house just by the cave that you can rest in. You can try an optional side activity here, and it’s well worth your time for the free items.

Through the door at the back of the house, there’s a maze in a dark room. Honestly, the maze is so simple it’s impossible to get lost. Make your way to the switches to the east and west to open the corridor through the center. There’s a chest at the end of the hall containing:

  • 2 Full Heals
  • 3 Soda Pops
  • 1 PP Up

Once you’re done, exit the maze, rest in the bed if needed, and continue your journey.

Echo Ridge Cave

This cave is dark, but you can still determine where you’re going. If you picked Charmander as your Starter, you’re in for a rough time with the Rock Types in this cave. You can catch Aron here, which learns Metal Claw at level 11 if you’ve not got coverage.

There are two ways out of the first chamber. If you go down the ladder, you’ll meet a Trainer who can teach your Pokemon Rollout. There’s also a Super Potion up for grabs. You’ll head into the 2nd chamber if you go through the door.

Chamber 2

Echo Ridge Cave Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

There are a couple of exits out of this chamber, but you’re looking for the ladder, which will take you deeper into the cave. Go west past the Trainer and into the next room; you’ll know you’re in the right place as there’s a large bridge to walk over (pictured).

Once you’ve crossed the bridge, you’re almost out. Head into the next area and then all the way east. Use the ladder, and you’ll arrive in Echorock Town.

Echorock Town

Echorock is a small town with plenty packed into it. The Move Relearner lives here, and the stall next to the Pokemon Center sells unusual items like MooMoo Milk and Rage Candy Bars.

You’ll see a man next to the cave entrance when you arrive. Make sure you speak to him to progress the story. He asks you to battle an old man in town but first, head to the Pokemon Center to heal and stock up on items.

Challenge the old man to a battle. As it turns out, he’s one of the Egho Elders. You need to speak to him twice to prompt the fight.

Egho Elder Geralt

Echorock Town Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

• Shinx (Electric) LV15

• Nidorina (Poison) LV16

• Fearow (Normal/Flying) LV20

Geralt is a brutal opponent, thanks to the absurd level of his Fearow. It knows Aerial Ace and Wing Attack, which aren’t usually an issue, but they really hurt, thanks to the STAB bonus. Although the fight isn’t in a Gym, Geralt still gives you the Quill Badge for beating him.

With the Quill Badge, you can fly to previously visited destinations. Return to the man near the cave entrance, and he will give you Arcanium Ore for winning the battle. Most of the town is off-limits due to the festival, but you can visit the Well for some rather unique interactions.

Echorock Well

Depending on how much money you toss into the Well, a few things will occur:

  • 69 Coins: The Well says, “Nice!”
  • 420 Coins: You gain a Weedle LV20
  • 666 Coins: You gain a Houndour LV15 that knows Spite
  • 1408 Coins: You gain a Ghastly LV15 (A reference to the 1408 horror movie)
  • 77777 Coins: Gain a Lukpup LV15. This is a Fairy Fakemon exclusive to Pokemon Infinity
  • 99999 Coins: Gain a Meowth LV35 holding an Amulet Coin. Don’t worry. You can get an Amulet Coin later for free.

When you’re ready to leave, Fly back to Stonedust Peak and visit Thorn’s Lab. Speak to Thorn; he’s outside near the satellite dish.

Hand over the Arcanium Ore, and you’ll be given an EXP Router. It’s functionally identical to EXP Share and distributes across your entire party. Once you have it, it’s active by default. If you prefer a more traditional training experience, you can deposit the EXP Router in your PC.

Thorn sends you on an errand to Amberfield Town. The path through Echoroute is blocked, so fly back to Haydust Town and head south. The journey to Amberfield Town is confusing because the game basically lies to you.

You’d think Echorock Town was out of bounds because of the festival, and that’s why you’re told to go to Amberfield Town first. In fact, we take a long scenic route to the south entrance of Echorock Town, which opens the Gym BEFORE we go to Amberfield. Here’s where you need to go.

Haydust Town Revisited

Haydust Town Revisited Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

Head South from Haydust Town towards Hayfield Path. Beware; the moment you leave the town, you’ll be challenged by Teal.

Pokemon Trainer Teal

• Ponyta (Fire) LV16

• Starter LV19

• Staravia (Flying/Normal) LV17

The difficulty of this fight depends on if you have a counter to Teal’s Starter. His Ponyta and Staravia should be a non-issue. If required, heal at the house to the northeast of Haydust Town, then go south through Hayfield Path.

Hayfield Path

Hayfield Path Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

There’s a Torchic up for grabs on this path! Go behind the Farmhouse and walk through the field to the location pictured above. This Pokemon has a meager catch rate, so bring plenty of Pokeballs. Besides the Torchic, there’s not much to this area; head south and east into Hayfield Plateau.

Hayfield Plateau

You’ll fight your first doubles battle in this area, and it’s worth a mention as the team is surprisingly tough.

• Miltank (Normal) LV17

• Tauros (Normal) LV17

There’s a house on your path with a farmer and a Mareep outside. If you speak with the man inside, he will offer you to take the Pokeball on the table; it’s an Egho Totodile (Water/Poison) which should be a huge boost to your team this early in the game.

From here, head south and follow the path east to the large building in the clearing. This building acts like a Pokemon Center with a few items for sale. Once you’re stocked up, head east into Genisis Forest.

Genisis Forest

Genisis Forest Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

Genisis Forest is a nightmare, thanks to the low light and multiple exits. To traverse the area, head south whenever you can, and you’ll stumble across team Fate. You can’t do anything about them for now, so head into the next part of the Forest.

From here, walk east and north whenever you can until you reach a bridge. Once you’ve crossed, you’ll find another makeshift Pokemon Center. Continue north, and you’ll end up on Palkhan Trail.

You’re almost at Echorock now. Follow the Trail until you reach Ridgestone Cemetary. Walk east across the Cemetary, and once you’re on the other side, the path north leads into Echorock Town and since your last visit, the festival has ended.

Echorock Town Revisited

You can challenge the Gym as it’s open now. It’s the building across the bridge.

Echorock Town Gym

This is technically our first Gym battle, and I hope you’ve been training because it’s a tough one.

Egho Elder Howlett

Echorock Town Revisited Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

• Zangoose (Normal) LV27

• Scyther (Bug/Flying) LV28

• Weavile (Dark/Ice) LV31

• Pawniard (Dark/Steel) LV27

The hardest part of this fight is the levels. Howlett’s been busy since you left Echorock Town, and even if you’ve been grinding, you’ll be far weaker than his team.

Aside from the ridiculous levels, none of Howlett’s Pokemon have any scary or surprise moves; they just hit hard because of level advantage and STAB. After a hard-fought victory, you earn the Rend badge, which grants access to Cut.

You still need to visit Amberfield, so head south into Rolling Fields when ready. When you step into the area, immediately head east, cut down the tree, and follow the path.

If you drop down onto the 2 Trainers, they will teach your Pokemon Mega Punch and Mega Kick.

Trainers are around LV25 now, so be on your guard. You can also grab the Aerial Ace TM by walking past them and dropping down a little later. Defeat the remaining trainers as you head southeast and into Rolling Trail.

Rolling Trail

This area is great for grinding for EXP, thanks to the powerful roaming Donphans. You can’t cross a few bridges as they are blocked by invisible Kecleons. You’ve got no way to remove them, but as long as you continue south, they will be no issue.

Want a Good Rod?

Rolling Trail Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

A Fisherman on the Trail will offer you a Good Rod if you talk to him. If you’re not using the Totodile I mentioned earlier, this is a great tool to secure a strong Water type.

Once you’ve obtained the Good Rod, the path to the southeast will take you, finally, into Amberfield Town.

Amberfield Town

Amberfield Town looks like a location out of Harvest Moon and demonstrates why RPG Maker is such a great platform for Pokemon games.

Visit the Safari Zone

Amberfield Town Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

You still have your letter to deliver, so give it to the Warden in the Safari Zone lobby. He’s the man with the green hat.

He gives you a Safari Zone ticket, opening the area for 24 hours. There are Trainers to battle inside, so even if you don’t want any Pokemon right now, it’s worth visiting for the EXP.

Incinerate and Flame Charge TMs are up for grabs near the entrance. There’s also a roaming Nidoking and Nidoqueen you can catch. You can’t access the entire Safari Zone on your first go, so fly back to Thorn’s Lab when you’re ready.

Thorns Lab Revisited

Thorn is downstairs this time. After you’ve spoken to him and entered his scanner, you’ll be back in the dream world. Speak to the ghostly figure and then go west down the hallway to answer the phone.

I don’t know what triggers the phone to ring, but if you interact with the Gengar in the hallway and the ghostly figure in the main room again, the phone will ring again. Repeat the steps until you’re told you can “leave if you want to,” then sleep in the bed to exit the area.

Thorn lays out a rather complex plan, and considering there’s no way to get him to repeat the mission objective, let’s focus on the directions. Thorn wants you to go to Dunestone Desert via Hazeport for your next Gym Badge. You can get there through the south exit of Genisis Forest.

Once again, Thorn’s instructions are abysmally unclear. He says to head directly south, but we can’t, as rocks are in the way.

Instead, fly to Amberfield Town and leave via the west exit into Amber Trail. If you try and go via Haydust as you did previously, you’ll notice, as I did, that the entrance is locked off.

Amber Trail

Amber Trail Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

Teal is waiting for you at the beginning of this Trail, and they’ve got much stronger since you last fought. This is what you’re up against.

Pokemon Trainer Teal

• Burnaram (Fire) LV34

• Staraptor (Normal/Flying) LV34

• Rapidash (Fire) LV34

• Snorlax (Normal)LV37

• Starter LV38

Teal’s trump card is Snorlax. This Pokemon is obnoxious at the best of times and means a fighting move in your roster is almost essential.

Body Slam does horrific damage, so put Snorlax down as fast as possible. The Starter may be a problem, too, depending on your coverage. As I picked Charmander, Teal has Blastoise. In Pokemon Infinity, Blastoise is Water/Flying, which means Electric does x4 damage against it and is an easy target.

With Teal out of the way, heal at the Pokemon Center and head west. As muddled as the area is, there’s only one way through, and Trainers have teams of roughly LV30 Pokemon, much weaker than Teals.

If you keep heading west, you’ll end up at the connecting building to Genisis Forest. Just before you get there, you’ll find a Trainer in fighting gear that will give you an egg. It contains a Hawlucha and could provide valuable Fighting coverage.

The Trainer right by the building has one Pokemon in her team. It’s a LV40 Pidgeot, so be prepared if you battle.

Genisis Forest Revisited

Genisis Forest Revisited Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

You want to leave the Forest via the south gate this time. The most direct route is blocked by rocks, but fortunately, the diversion isn’t so bad. Follow the road heading west and south whenever possible. You know you’re going the right way when you end up in the area with the Celebi Shrine from your first visit.

Use Cut on the trees to the west of that room and follow the path south to the gate. Lucy will meet you in the exit building and give you some Triple Triad cards!

Wanna Play Triple Triad?

Pokemon Infinity has a simplified version of Triple Triad from Final Fantasy 8. I won’t go in-depth on the rules, but each card has a number on every side. If your number is higher than the adjacent number on an opponent’s card, you ‘capture’ their card. The player with the most cards at the end wins.

Triple Triad is restricted to the Hazeport Game Corner.

Hazeport Suburb

The most significant part of this area is Trainers will battle you even though you’re technically in a town! Trainers have Pokemon around LV40, but as long as you’ve been fighting every Trainer you see, you should be at least that level.

You can leave your Pokemon in Day Care in the Suburbs.

Hide and Seek

A group of kids to the south challenge you to a game of Hide n Seek. There are 3 kids to find, and they are in the following locations.

Hazeport Suburb Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

North, just east of the entrance

Hazeport Suburb Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

To the west. You need to go north past the swimming pool to get here.

Hazeport Suburb Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

This one is nasty because the kid is invisible if they face a certain way. This area is just west of where you started the challenge. You get a Corsola Cola and Triple Triad card for winning.

There’s not much else to do here, so head South into Hazeport City when you’re ready.

Hazeport City

Hazeport is a massive city spanning several screens. There’s not much to do in the section by the entrance. The South area is much more interesting, and multiple Trainers will battle you.

There’s a Nurse in the corner that will heal your team, but they will sometimes challenge you to a battle if you speak to them.

A Quiz to Earn a Bicycle

In the south area, you can find a reporter by the department store who challenges you to a quiz. If you win, you get a free bike. These are the answers:

Question 1

An Oran Berry will cure a Pokemon of Poison during battle, True or False. Answer: False

Question 2

A Kadabra will evolve into an Alakazam if it levels up while holding a Twisted Spoon, True or False. Answer: True

Question 3

The celebration in Echorock Town, which is held annually, is referred to as the Kronos Festival, True or False. Answer: False

When you beat the quiz, you get the Bike and access to the store. In Pokemon Infinity, Max Repels last for 1000 steps which you can buy here.

Gamble in the Game Corner

The Game Corner is also in the south. You can play Triple Triad here, but beware, if you lose a match, you also lose a card.

You can find the Trident Tower in the South West corner of the city. This is a battle-centric area where you can even battle online! It’s not required until later, so feel free to leave it for now.

Hazeport City Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

In the northwest corner of the city, you can grab an Amulet Coin from where I’m standing (pictured above). The Amulet Coin gives you much more money after battles and is an amazing hold item.

If you try and leave the city through the northwest exit, you’ll be stopped as the city is being locked down, thanks to a thief. The thief is in the maintenance tunnels next to the Department Store, but you can’t go there until it’s daytime and you’ve slept in a bed in the Pokemon Center.

Hazeport City Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

Once you’ve done that, run around the city and return to the Pokemon Center, and this man (pictured above) should be standing there.

Speak to him, and the police officer guarding the maintenance tunnels will move to allow you inside. On my playthrough, I couldn’t get the spawn to trigger without leaving the town and running a circuit around the city.

Maintenance Tunnels

The Maintenance Tunnels are crawling with Trainers. Head downstairs and start searching for that thief! Fortunately, this area is far easier to navigate than it looks. There’s a locked gate to the south.

To open it, interact with every electrical panel. Each time you press a button, a bridge will appear so you can cross a nearby pool of water. The route leads you to every panel without the need for backtracking.

Repeat the steps for the buttons beyond the barricade, and you’ll quickly come face-to-face with the thief. You’ll be challenged to a battle.

Pokemon Trainer Marcus

• Cacturne (Dark/Grass) LV45

• Kadabra (Psychic) LV45

• Vibrava (Ground/Dragon) LV44

• Egho Magneton (Grass/Steel) LV47

Aside from the unique Egho Magneton, Marcus has a basic team and is no stronger than the Trainers you’ve faced in the city. Once you’ve defeated him, return to the Pokemon Center and speak to Geralt outside. With that subquest concluded, you can now head west into Duneridge Gorge.

Duneridge Gorge

Duneridge Gorge Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

You may notice a pattern with Pokemon Infinity’s route design by now. The fastest way through the area would be the path directly south, but you can’t use it because you need Rock Smash.

For now, you’ll have to take the scenic route. Head northwest, battling Trainers as you go. As long as you keep to the northmost path, you’ll quickly make it through this area.

Dunestone Desert

Trainers teams are around LV50 in the area, although the biggest problem you’ll likely have is dwindling PP. If you head northwest from here, you’ll find a path leading to Dunestone Oasis.

There’s a makeshift Pokemon Center here and, most importantly, a ladder leading downstairs into a cave. Down here, you’ll meet Olivia, who will offer you a tour of the area and a battle. To accept Olivia’s offer, go back up the ladder and talk to her.

Olivia’s tour is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a community-made Pokemon Game! The tour concludes with a fight:

Egho Elder Olivia

Dunestone Desert Egho Elder Olivia Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

• Hippowdon (Ground) LV56

• Venusaur (Grass/Rock) LV56

• Garchomp (Ground/Dragon) LV56

• Cacturne (Dark/Grass) LV54

• Drapion (Dark/Poison) LV56

• Flygon (Ground/Dragon) LV58

This fight is tough, thanks to the huge level increase. Hippowdon and Flygon know Earthquake, which hits like a freight train. If you can’t beat Olivia, the wild Pokemon in the desert are high-level, so you can train for a while if necessary.

With that epic battle out of the way, Olivia will give you a badge and Rock Smash. Fly back to Thorn’s Lab and head directly south.

There are a couple of rocks you can now break, and you’ll end up at the base of Palkhan Heights. Thorn wants you to retrieve a charged Arcanium Shard from the bottom of the temple here.

Palkhan Heights

Palkhan Heights is crawling with powerful Trainers, and many have teams full of Pokemon LV50+. I recommend having your party leader hold the Amulet Coin, as you’ll need all the cash you can get for healing items.

The route is straightforward, head south as far as you can without leaving the area, then head west and follow the route north.

It feels like you’re backtracking, but you’ll bump into Teal, who’s been beaten by ‘Trainers in Sci-Fi gear.’ The route is much more linear from here, and you’ll soon arrive at the entrance to Upper Koros Cave.

The man with the mask on by the door will heal your Pokemon, so travel back here if necessary.

Upper Koros Cave

Sure enough, Team Fate has taken over the cave. Fortunately, they aren’t any tougher than the Trainers you faced to get here, so expect teams LV55+. Upper Koros Cave is small, and following the Trail will take you to Palkhan Plateau.

Palkhan Plateau

Palkhan Plateau Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

It’s all kicking off here! There’s one Team Fate Grunt to fight; then, you can enter the temple. You’ll meet Yu, the leader of Team Fate, but you won’t be able to battle them just yet. Yu will leave, and you’ll be free to solve the puzzle on the table.

Pokemon Infinity Palkhan Plateau
Image by Anthony Yates

Drag the blocks onto the puzzle board to make the picture I have in the image above, and the door will open.

Don’t be put off by the maze-like layout of the next room. Follow the path to the southwest, which will take you to a ladder heading down. In this room, you’ll find your Arcanium Shard. Travel back to the entrance, then Fly back to Thorn’s Lab.

Thorn is downstairs. Talk to him and hand over the Arcanium Shard. Your next destination is Diamondpeak Town across the sea to the north. The problem is, you can’t get there yet.

Thorn tells you to go to Haydust Town and head south to a Boathouse. When you’re ready, Fly to Haydust Town.

Return to Haydust Town

Leave the town via the south exit and follow the path until you reach a rock you can smash. Once that’s out of the way, follow the path to Haytide Cape.

Haytide Cape

Oddly enough, there’s no Pokecenter in Haytide Cape. You can sleep in the Boat House, and the shop here sells powerful healing items.

The man on the beach in sunglasses is actually an Egho Council Member. As with the others, you must challenge him to a battle to earn a Badge. This is what you’re up against:

Egho Elder Chad

Haytide Cape Egho Elder Chad Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

• Politoed (Water) LV60

• Skulkraken (Water/Steel) LV62

• Floatzel (Water) LV63

• Slowbro (Water/Psychic) LV63

• Kingdra (Water/Dragon) LV66

• Lapras (Water/Ice) LV64

Chad has the first properly themed team out of the Egho Elders, making the fight much more manageable.

Chad’s Pokemon still hit extremely hard, and Politoed knows Perish Song, which KO’s your Pokemon after three turns. A strong Electric type should be enough to tip the scales in your favor, and as long as you keep an eye on your health, you should win.

With the Tidal Badge and Surf now in your possession, you can swim across parts of the map. Surf is a respectable Water attack, should you need one.

If you return to the Boathouse after the battle, you’re told to head to Dunedrift Bay, as a boat is the only way to get to Diamondpeak Town. Once again, instructions are unclear, and if you check the map, you’d be forgiven for assuming Dunedrift Bay was north of Haytide Cape.

Haytide Cape Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

Instead, surf as far west as you can from the beach at Haytide Cape. There are rock patches in the water that funnel you around, but as long as you’re heading west whenever possible, you’ll reach Dunedrift.

Once you’ve arrived, speak to the man in the pink house, and he’ll offer you a ride on his boat toward Diamondpeak Town.

Dewdrop Coast

Unfortunately, your boat ride doesn’t take you all the way to the town. Depart at the coast and enter Frostridge Tunnel.

Frostridge Tunnel

Frostridge Tunnel Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

This tunnel is full of one-way ledges, but you’ll get through the area quickly if you always head north.

There’s an NPC in the tunnel that teaches your Pokemon Icy Wind. It’s not the strongest Ice attack available, but it is a valuable Dragon counter. Your options are limited in Frost Ridge Tunnel without Strength, so exit the area and into the town.

Diamondpeak Town

A lady in the house near the signpost will teach your Pokemon an attack if you can beat Irene. If you return after the battle, she will teach you the powerful Dragon move, Draco Meteor.

Irene lives in the house to the north, near the tunnel entrance. Talk to her; she says she will battle you away from the town. She awaits your challenge to the west in front of Kronos Temple.

Diamondpeak Town Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

There’s a Wild Charge TM up for grabs. You’ll find it if you walk through the space I’ve circled in the picture above. It’s a great physical Electric attack. Aside from the TM and Irene, there isn’t much here. When you’re ready, head west into Diamondpeak Summit.

Diamondpeak Summit

Diamondpeak Summit Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

Pokemon around this area are now in the 60+ region, and there’s a ton of Ice Pokemon to deal with, so counter appropriately.

There’s a lady far south who teaches some fantastic moves but will only do so once a day. I taught my Charizard Blast Burn, but there are Water and Grass options too.

Diamondpeak Summit Ice Puzzle

Diamondpeak Summit Ice Puzzle Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

These puzzles are common in fanmade Pokemon games, but this one is exceptionally tough. Here’s the solution. Start from my position in the picture above in the northwest corner. Then enter the following:

  • Right
  • Down
  • Left
  • Up
  • Left
  • Down
  • Right
  • Up
  • Left
  • Up

With that, you’ll be face-to-face with Irene. I recommend saving before the battle so you can retry without repeating the Ice Puzzle.

Egho Elder Irene

Diamondpeak Summit Ice Puzzle Egho Elder Irene Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

• Abomasnow (Ice/Grass) LV65

• Snosquatch (Ice/Rock) LV67

• Mamoswine (Ice/Ground) LV68

• Cryogonal (Ice) LV65

• Jollibird Ice/Fairy) LV65

• Grasquatch (Grass/Psychic) LV67

Needless to say, Irene’s Pokemon are absurdly strong, with levels that will absolutely dwarf your team unless you’ve been grinding. Mamoswine, in particular, knows Stone Edge and Earthquake, dangerous counters to any Fire type. You’ll earn the Vitality badge and Strength for winning.

Immediately after the fight, Team Fate teleports into the cave behind the statue. Irene will heal your party, and you can now move the boulders with Strength.

Before you head into the building, if you walk as far as you can east, there’s an Earthquake TM up for grabs. When you’re ready, step into Kronos Tower.

Kronos Tower

Kronos Tower Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

In the first room of Kronos Tower, you’ve got another puzzle to assemble; this is what it should look like (pictured above). In the next room, there’s a maze to navigate where the floor is coated with ice.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution. Go west and skate around the edge of the entire maze. When you reach the far east side, enter the maze from there, press up, right, and up again, and you’ll have a double battle to beat. After that, you can climb the ladder to the next room.

The doubles battle I mentioned is pretty tough, so here’s what you’re up against if you want to arrange your team.

Team Fate Grunts

• Magneton (Steel/Electric) LV63

• Klang (Steel) LV64

• Sceptile (Grass) LV65

• Slowbro (Psychic/Water) LV63

• Swampert (Water/Ground) LV65

• Xatu (Psychic/Flying) LV65

After the battle, ensure you’re fully healed and ready for the hardest fight in the game thus far. Head down the ladder for a showdown with Yu.

Team Fate Boss Yu

• Dialga (Steel/Dragon) LV70

• Palkia (Water/Dragon) LV70

• Ceregal (Bug/Dragon) LV65

• Dragoyle (Rock/Dragon) LV65

This fight is tough because Yu forces a doubles battle. Ceregal and Dragoyle may be Fakemon, but they aren’t nearly as dangerous as the two legendaries in Yu’s team.

Both hit far harder than they should be able to at LV70, and it feels like their stats have been tweaked to make them this way. Still, you can exploit their weaknesses all the same, and if you beat them, the rest should be easy.

When you’re done, don’t forget to grab the Kronos Shard on the east side of the room before you leave. Return to Thorn’s Lab and head downstairs. Surprising absolutely nobody, you need one final shard, this time, from Giratina. For this journey, enter the chamber in the basement of Thorn’s lab.

Welcome to The Past

You’re transported to a time before the destruction of Giratina’s Temple. Head inside when you’re ready. The hooded figure by the water will heal your Pokemon if needed.

Kayos Temple

Kayos Temple Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

Once again, we have another puzzle to assemble. This is what the solution looks like (pictured above).

The next room has a maze layout like the other temples. As fights are breaking out all over the area, you can only take one path to the center. Battle your way there, and head down the ladder.

Unfortunately, Thorn pulls you out of the area before you can fight Yu or grab the shard you need. Your only hope now is to find a fragment in the current timeline.

Shops now sell the best items available. You can stock up on as many Max Revives, Full Restores, and Full Heals as you like. If you’ve been using the Amulet Coin since you got it, you can basically break the game here.

Visit Hazeport Museum

Although the shard you need originally resided in Dunestone Oasis, you actually need to go to Hazeport Museum. Speak to the attendant behind the counter and ask about Artifacts. Head to the back of the museum, and here’s where everything starts to make sense.

The shard you need is on the trophy cup for the Trident Tournament. You’re a law-abiding Time Traveller, so you can’t just smash and grab. If you want the shard, you will have to win the Tournament. Head to the city’s southwest quadrant and Trident Tower when ready.

Trident Tower Tournament

If you have any fossils, you can process those on the 2nd floor of the Tower. Otherwise, head into the elevator and take it to the 8th floor.

Tournament battles follow Pokemon League rules. You must defeat every opponent without losing. You can heal between, but the Pokemon Center will refuse to help until the Tournament is over.

There’s no Elite Four in Egho, so here are your opponents:

Pokemon Trainer Marcus

Trident Tower Tournament Pokemon Trainer Marcus Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

• Magnezone (Egho) LV71

• Cacturne (Dark/Grass) LV68

• Dragoyle (Rock/Dragon) LV72

• Alakazam (Psychic) LV70

• Oozma (Fire/Rock) LV69

• Flygon (Ground/Dragon) LV70

Marcus’s Pokemon hit exceptionally hard, and a Super Effective attack will usually kill your Pokemon regardless of level. I recommend opening the battle with a Fire-type to counter his Magnezone and Cacturne.

Shiny Hunter Donny

Trident Tower Tournament Pokemon Trainer Marcus Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

• Milotic (Water) LV69

• Steelix (Steel/Ground) LV70

• Egho Fearow (Dark/Fighting) LV73

• Gorochu (Electric/Fire) LV72

• Metagross (Psychic/Steel) LV72

• Lepideon (Bug) LV70

The best part about Donny’s team is every Pokemon is shiny! That aside, Donny isn’t too dangerous. If you grabbed the Earthquake TM next to Kronos Tower, you can trounce Gorochu and Metagross. Like the other Eeveelutions, Lepideon is fast but can’t withstand much punishment.

Pokemon Trainer Koba

Trident Tower Tournament Pokemon Trainer Koba Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

• Nidoking (Poison/Ground) LV70

• Egho Charizard (Fire/Dragon) LV74

• Machamp (Fighting) LV73

• Hydreigon (Dark/Dragon) LV73

• Xatu (Psychic/Flying) LV69

• Torterra (Grass/Ground) LV70

Your mileage may vary, but Torterra gave me the most problems. Torterra is tanky and sets up with Sword Dance. After that, it spams Earthquake which can sweep entire teams. If you’re caught in that spiral, a Flying Pokemon or one that knows Levitate are your only options.

Pokemon Trainer Lucy

Trident Tower Tournament Pokemon Trainer Lucy Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

• Grimfowl (Dark/Flying) LV74

• Quezsparce (Fairy/Ground) LV74

• Blaziken (Fighting/Fire) LV75

• Volcarana (Bug/Fire) LV75

• Mismagius (Ghost) LV74

• Dragonite (Flying/Dragon) LV77

Lucy’s Pokemon are dangerously high-level, and unless you’ve been grinding for a long time, your team will be eclipsed by a LV77 Dragonite. Focus on your counters, and beware of using Flying Pokemon against Blaziken, as it knows Sky Uppercut.

Enter the Hall of Fame

Enter to the Hall of Fame Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

Upon winning the Tournament, your squad is entered into the Hall of Fame, and you’re given the trophy to ‘borrow’ for a few days. How convenient!

Take your prize to Thorns Lab. With the power of the final shard, you can enter the Virtual World. As Thorn warns, this is the point of no return until the ‘post-game’ content. If you have anything in the region you want to take care of first, do it now.

The Virtual World

Considering the complicated explanation, this area is very straightforward. First, trigger the node to the south. Then northeast, northwest, and finally north. With all nodes active, you’re given a Porygon X LV75 and returned to the lab.

The Virtual World Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

Just before you’re sent home, something knocks out the power at Thorn’s lab. There’s a massive exposition dump that I won’t spoil here as it’s not necessary for the guide.

At this point, you can pick between 2 battles. One is against Yu, and the other is against Thorn. No matter who you choose, the outcome is the same, aside from different dialogue. You can repeat this part of the game to see both battles.


The Virtual World Yu Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

• Giratina (Ghost/Dragon) LV76

• Dragoyle (Rock/Dragon) LV74

• Palkia (Water/Dragon) LV76

• Egho Blissey (Fighting/Fairy) LV74

• Ceregal (Bug/Dragon) LV74

Dialga (Steel/Dragon) LV76

This is an obnoxiously tough fight; to make matters worse, it’s a doubles battle. You can try to exploit the Dragon weakness but beware of the Blissey, as it will delete any Dragon types you bring in.

Professor Thorn

Professor Thorn Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

• Arkhaos (Cosmic) LV88

Professor Thorn is undoubtedly the easiest of the two opponents. Arkhaos doesn’t hit too hard, considering its level, and your team should be able to survive a hit from Comet Shower and Cosmic Ray.

Shadow Force is annoying as it takes Arkhaos out of the fight, much like Fly or Dig. I don’t have a weakness chart for Arkhaos, as it’s a unique type. In my limited testing, Cosmic Ray is super effective against flying types, but most other matchups are neutral. Arkhaos is immune to Fire and resistant to Normal.

Once you’ve beaten either opponent, you’ll be whisked away into the ‘real’ world.

The Real World?

The Real World? Pokemon Infinity Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

The real world has such a drab color pallet compared to Egho, don’t you think? You have two choices here. If you walk toward your parents, the credits will play, and you’ll restart just before your battle with Thorn or Yu. If you return to bed, you’ll awaken in Egho and begin your journey through the post-game.

Pokemon Infinity Endgame

Pokemon Infinity’s endgame is praised for being one of the best in fanmade Pokemon titles. I won’t explain everything you can do for the post-game activities, but I’ll get you started and show you what’s on offer.

You’ll wake up in Haydust Town as before without your team. Everything ‘feels’ the same as before but with subtle differences. For instance, when you speak to the professor, he will give you 2 Starters instead of 1.

These Pokemon will be the two you didn’t pick the first time. You’ve lost the ability to fly, and conveniently, there’s no PC you can use. Make your way to Thorn’s Lab the old-fashioned way for an explanation.

Every PC between Haydust and Thorn’s lab is offline or being used. You will need to train your new Pokemon enough to get you to Stonedust Peak.

Thorns Lab (endgame)

Thorn explains that according to the rest of the Egho Region, you’re the Trident Tournament Champion, but the fight with Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina or Arkhaos never happened. The PC system is still offline, so head into Thorns Test Chamber.

The Test Chamber

Pokemon Infinity The Test Chamber Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

The Test Chamber is like a digital hub of operations. One of your first long-term goals is preparing to summon Arkhaos to battle and (hopefully) capture it.

Each bubble across the top starts a mission. The PC system is back online in Egho, so you can teleport back by standing on the pink square in the middle of the room. You can also opt to wear the Exo Suit!

There’s an egg to the south of the Virtual Room. You can hatch it as normal, and it becomes a Digimon. Your Digimon will start as Botamon and evolves into a different Digimon, depending on its base stats.

I’ll explain the introductory quests from left to right.

Obtain a Master Ball

The leftmost quest tasks you with retrieving a Master Ball from the past. You don’t have to tackle these tasks in any particular order, but when you accept the quest, you’ll have to face Giovanni.

He’s the boss of Team Rocket, so make sure you grab your best Pokemon from the PC upstairs before you attempt the fight.

Team Rocket Boss Giovanni

Team Rocket Boss Giovanni Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

• Nidoking (Poison/Ground) LV81

• Rhydon (Rock/Ground) LV80

• Nidoqueen (Poison/Ground) LV81

• Persian (Normal) LV79

• Machamp (Fighting) LV83

• Mewtwo (Psychic) LV85

You’ll probably have an easy time until you battle Mewtwo, and oh boy, what an annoying opponent! Mewtwo knows Psychic, and it does an obscene amount of damage regardless of type advantage.

This Pokemon also knows ‘Recover’ and ‘Me First,’ an attack that mimics your own and always goes first. I resorted to spamming Max Revives and slowly chipping away at Mewtwo. Hopefully, you will have an easier time!

Red Shards

Red Shards Pokemon Infinity
Image by Anthony Yates

You’re tasked with finding a collection of Red Shards. You’ll need these to create a ball strong enough to capture Arkhaos.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look very far. Leave the lab and head east into Stonedust Grove and through Echo Ridge Cave. On the other side of the cave, there’s a small pond you can Surf across. Once you’ve done that, head south, and you’ll be in a new area called Stone Grove Lake.

Make your way around the area and Surf to the cave in the center of the lake. Head inside and interact with the three Pokemon inside. Each one will flee when you do but will leave shards for you to collect.

These 3 Legendary Pokemon are Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie. You now have a chance to run into them as random encounters.

‘Acquire’ the Kanto Starters

'Acquire' the Kanto Starters Pokemon Infinity
Yoink! – Image by Anthony Yates

The quest on the far right tasks you with stealing the original Kanto Starters, Team Rocket Style! Walk to the lab in Pallet Town, steal the Pokeballs off the table, and head back to where you came from.

This also teleports the S.S. Anne ship from Kanto into the Egho region. It’s docked in Hazeport City. This event causes Gym Leaders and Trainers from Kanto to appear in Egho.

And That’s Not All…

There’s more post-game content than I can realistically cover here. After you’ve completed these intro missions, more will unlock as you complete certain tasks.

Most endgame content will become available through winning multiple Trident Tournaments, so visit Hazeport to compete regularly. As those competitions are only available on specific days, you can advance the time by sleeping in a bed.


Question: What’s the best Starter Pokemon?

Answer: All the Starters are interesting spins on the originals from Gen 1. I always recommend going with your favorite, but as the first proper Gym has multiple Pokemon with a weakness to Fire, Charmander will give you an edge in the early game.

Question: What’s the most up-to-date version of Pokemon Infinity?

Answer: At the time of writing, the current version is 2.3.6.

Question: Is Pokemon Infinity buggy?

Answer: Unfortunately, yes, it is. During my playthrough, I experienced four hard crashes. These happened without warning. Because the title seems prone to errors of this nature, I recommend saving frequently.

Question: Do I have to play Pokemon Infinity with a Keyboard?

Answer: One major oversight with this game is the lack of Controller Support. You ‘can’ use keybinding software to make the game playable on a controller, but the process is a hassle.

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