Pokemon Fire Ash Guide – Relive Ash’s Greatest Hits

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My favorite Pokémon fan games stick to the tried and true formula we all love while invigorating with new ideas. It’s a tricky balance to achieve. Play it safe, and it’s ‘just another’ Pokémon game. Take too many risks, and it loses the beloved warm fuzzy adventure feeling.

Fire Ash lands squarely in the middle and offers a grand Pokemon epic that follows the TV series to the letter.

I don’t use the word ‘epic’ lightly. Fire Ash follows Ash’s escapades across multiple regions and is full of fan service. This Romhack is a love letter to the show and lets players enjoy those adventures like no other.

Story Synopsis

hooh Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates

I considered linking the series Wiki page because that’s what Fire Ash feels like!

Aside from the series beats, Fire Ash is light on the story. You play as Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, who wakes up late for his first day as a Pokémon Trainer. By the time you arrive at Professor Oak’s lab, he only has one Pokémon left, a Pikachu, and so the legendary friendship begins.

Fire Ash follows Ash’s journey across multiple regions to become the Pokémon League champion. You’ll meet many familiar friends and foes, including Brock, Misty, and Team Rocket’s legendary Jessie and James.

Key Features

  • Enormous map spanning many regions, each with unique Gyms and region-specific Pokedex
  • Many Pokemon Ash finds in the series are given as freebies.
  • A low difficulty, perfect for newcomers.
  • Team Rocket’s Jesse and James are a constant threat, and their team emulates the series.
  • 150+ hour playthrough time.
  • No HMs

A Quick Word on Regions

When you reach a new Region, you’ll notice that every Trainer and Gym leader is a pushover.

The idea is for you to swap your Pokemon out for new ones. If you really wanted to, you could destroy the entire game with a Mewtwo from Kanto, but that’s not the intention. In this guide, I’ll explain Kanto in detail, as it’s the most challenging part of the game. I’ll document important battles and how to traverse the map for the other Regions.

Welcome to Kanto

squirtle Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates

As Fire Ash closely follows Ash’s adventures, It’s light on puzzles and side content. Every mainstay Pokémon that Ash catches in the show is impossible to miss as they are usually placed in the open.

Events you remember from the original games, like storming Team Rockets hideout, aren’t in Fire Ash as they never happened in the show.

Pallet Town

Even the intro to this Pokemon game follows the anime closely! Head to Professor Oaks Lab. As you’re late, the only Pokemon left is Pikachu.

Take the Pokedex and Pokeballs from the table and leave. Don’t forget to visit Gary’s house (next door) for a Town Map. Your Mom will give you running shoes before you leave the town, and your journey begins.

Viridian City

Team Rocket is in the Pokemon Center, so make sure your team is OK before you head in.

  • Ekans (Poison) LV4
  • Koffing (Poison) LV5

There’s not much to do here (although there is a Blimp Service for later), so head north through Viridian Forest, into Pewter City and challenge the Gym.

Pewter City Gym

Gym Leader Brock

  • Geodude (Rock/Ground) LV8
  • Onix (Rock/Ground) LV9

Reward: Rock Slide TM

After the fight, leave the City and head to Mt. Moon. The shopkeeper just next to the entrance sells Repels if you want them.

Mt Moon

mt moon exit Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates

If you’re still traumatized by the original Red/Blue Mt Moon, you can relax, as the Fire Ash version is very tame.

You’ll be over-leveled for this area if you’ve fought every Trainer. The exit is a little tricky to see, but you’re looking for a hole in the west wall (pictured above). Also, unlike the originals, Gary isn’t waiting for you outside, so you can calmly walk to Cerulean City.

Cerulean City

There’s plenty to see in Cerulean City, and the girl with pink hair next to the Pokemon Center will give you an Evolite. It’s a decent item for Pikachu.

Gym Leader Misty

  • Staryu (Water) LV17
  • Starmie (Water/Psychic) LV19

Reward: Scald TM

With a Pikachu that knows Thunderbolt, you should destroy Misty’s team, even with a level deficit. Head south into Route 5, and you’ll notice the way is blocked. Fortunately, you can bypass this by heading into the treeline to the west. You’ll find the Hidden Village and a free Bulbasaur inside.

Route 24 & Route 25

charmander Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates

In the following area, there are plenty of trainers to battle, but most importantly, a Charmander is up for grabs on the rock to the east of the Pokemon Center. Follow the road south and then west into Route 25. You’ll be awarded a Squirtle in the furthest house if you can beat Team Rocket.

Team Rocket Jesse & James

  • Ekans (Poison)LV18
  • Koffing (Poison) LV18

Keep on the path south toward Vermilion City.

Vermilion City

Battle with Brock

I know you’re eager to challenge the Gym, but Brock won’t let you inside without a rematch:


  • Onix (Rock/Ground) LV20
  • Geodude (Rock/Ground) LV19
  • Zubat (Flying/Poison) LV18

Vermilion City Gym

virmilion city Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates

There’s a small puzzle to solve before you fight Lt. Surge. After you’ve defeated the Trainers, you need to trigger hidden switches in the bins circled above. Once you’ve done that, you can take on the Gym Leader.

Lt. Surge

  • Raichu (Electric) LV20

Reward: Thunderbolt TM

As per the anime, Surge has just one Pokemon, his trusty Raichu! It knows Thunderbolt, which is a very hard-hitting move, but with type advantage, this is a straightforward battle. After your match, stock up on healing items and hop aboard the S.S. Anne Cruise Ship.

S.S Anne

There are multiple Trainers here, including Team Rocket. You must defeat them to progress the story. When you enter, the room immediately in front is yours; you can rest there if needed. When you return to Vermilion City, head onto Route 11 and take the Underground Path toward Saffron City.

Saffron City

Saffron City is home to Sabrina, the Gym Leader. If you remember her from the show, you’ll know what will happen here. Still, challenge her when you’re ready.

Saffron City Gym

Leader Sabrina

  • Abra (Psychic) LV28

If Abra is causing you problems, the Magikarp you picked up on the SS Anne becomes Gyarados and LV20 and learns Bite and Crunch.

If you thought that battle was a bit too easy, you’re right! Sabrina tells you to beat the Pokemon Tower before she’ll battle you properly. It’s a short walk east.

Leader Sabrina

  • Kadabra (Psychic) LV29

You earn the Calm Mind TM for winning, a devastating ability, especially early in the game. Next, head west into Route 7.

Rematch with Misty

Misty will challenge you to a battle on Route 7, and she’s much stronger than before:

  • Goldeen (Water) LV28
  • Staryu (Water) LV31
  • Starmie (Water/Psychic) LV32
  • Horsea (Water) LV25

Celadon City

Stop by the P1 Grand Prix for a Black Belt and the Game Corner for all your gambling needs. When ready, challenge the Gym.

Celadon City Gym

This time around, You’ll face Erika and her Grass team. If you added Charmander to your squad earlier, this is a pushover.

Gym Leader Erika

  • Weepinbell (Grass/Poison) LV32
  • Tangela (Grass) LV33
  • Gloom (Grass/Poison) LV32

Reward: Energy Ball TM

Head west into Route 16. You can get an Amulet Coin in the connecting building ahead if you talk to a Scientist upstairs. Follow the path through Cycling Road and into Fuchsia City.

Fuschia City Gym

Pokemon Fire Ash fuschia gym

The Gym is on the outskirts of town, directly south of the entrance you arrived from. This time around, you’ve got poison types to deal with. There’s a maze of invisible walls to navigate in this Gym.

The most direct way through is to walk to the back wall on the east side of the room. Then shuffle across and take the route pictured above. If you follow the line south, you’ll end up next to Koga, the Gym Leader.

Gym Leader Koga

  • Venomoth (Flying/Poison) LV35
  • Golbat (Bug/Poison) LV37

Reward: Toxic TM

This is an easy battle. Even if you don’t have a Poison counter, Venomoth dies to Fire, and Golbat lacks any threatening attacks. Next, head south into Route 19.

Route 19

In the Utility Shed south of the City, you’ll encounter Team Rocket, and you can have a rematch with Misty. Unfortunately, as Fire Ash follows the show, you can’t have a Togepi yet.

Team Rocket Jessie & James

  • Arbok (Poison) LV33
  • Weezing (Poison) LV33
  • Lickitung (Normal) LV31
  • Victreebel (Grass/Poison) LV31

Pokemon Trainer Misty

  • Goldeen (Water) LV32
  • Staryu (Water) LV35
  • Starmie (Water/Psychic) LV32
  • Psyduck (Water/Psychic) LV34
  • Horsea (Water) LV31

You must visit another hut further west, as the man inside will give you a Vermilion Ticket.

If you come here before you’ve beaten the Gym, he won’t give you anything, so ensure you do this in order. Return to Vermilion City with your ticket and take the middle boat from the Harbor to Cinnabar Island.

Cinnabar Island

cinnabar island pokemon mansion Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates

You must ‘beat’ the Mansion before challenging the Gym. The Mansion is a little confusing.

Travel to the 3rd floor, then take the staircase down on the east side of the room. From here, fall off the ledge, and you’ll land in a different area on the 1st floor. Take the stairs down into the Basement to clear the Mansion. The boat that brought you to the Island will now take you to Cinnabar Gym.

Cinnabar Gym

Gym Leader Blaine

  • Ninetales (Fire) LV38
  • Rhydon (Rock/Ground) LV38
  • Magmar (Fire) LV40

Reward: Flamethrower TM

This Gym should be easy, but Rhydon knows Horn Drill, a One Hit KO attack. It usually misses, but keep it in mind. You’re ready to face the final Gym in the region. It’s back in Viridian City.

Viridian City Gym

When you step into the Gym, you’ll fight a LV50 Mewtwo! It’s catchable, so save it before you enter. Immediately after, you have to fight Team Rocket.

Team Rocket Jesse & James

  • Kingler (Water) LV40
  • Arbok (Poison) LV37
  • Machamp (Fighting) LV40
  • Rhydon (Rock/Ground) LV40
  • Weezing (Poison) LV37

The Gym blows up (for some reason), but the Earth Badge and Earthquake TM are in the Pokeball on the ground outside. Travel west toward Indigo Plateau.

Indigo Plateau

Once you’ve registered, you’ll have to face several Trainers on named stages. This isn’t like the traditional Elite Four, and you can heal at the Pokemon Center between fights. These are your opponents:

Water Stage

  • Exeggutor (Psychic/Grass) LV38
  • Seadra (Water)LV38

Rock Stage

  • Rapidash (Fire) LV40
  • Poliwhirl (Water) LV40
  • Nidorino (Poison) LV40

Ice Stage

  • Rhyhorn (Rock/Ground) LV42
  • Arcanine (Fire) LV42
  • Cloyster (Water/Ice) LV42

Grass Stage

  • Beedrill (Bug/Poison) LV44
  • Scyther (Bug/Flying) LV44
  • Bellsprout (Grass) LV49

Indigo Stage

  • Butterfree (Bug/Flying) LV45
  • Charmander (Fire) LV45
  • Pikachu (Electric) LV45

In Fire Ash, this tournament doesn’t make you a Pokemon Master; far from it! Head back to Pallet Town, and speak to Professor Oak. He asks you to visit the Orange Archipelago via a Blimp in Veridian City.

Welcome to the Orange Islands

orange crew drake Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates

The next region is a small collection of islands where the most powerful Trainers are known as the Orange Crew.

Valencia Island

Once you’ve spoken to Professor Ivy in her lab, you can start your adventure across the archipelago. Most travel around the area is done via Lapras. There’s one to the West of Valencia Island.

Mikan Island

You can’t challenge the Gym here immediately as the entrance is blocked. Feel free to explore, but head to Tangelo Island when you’re ready to progress the story.

Tangelo Island

tangelo island Pokemon Fire Ash
Oops… – Image by Anthony Yates

DO NOT go into the Pokemon Center on Tangelo Island. When you try to leave, you’ll get stuck on the roof.

Just east of the Pokemon Center, you’ll uncover a group trying to steal a Lapras. Defeat them. Mikan Island Gym will open. You also get a Lapras for your troubles.

Mikan Island Gym

You can challenge the Gym after collecting Lapras from Tangelo Island.

Gym Leader Cissy

  • Seadra (Water) LV44
  • Blastoise (Water) LV44

Reward: Rain Dance TM

If you’ve trained that Bulbasaur from Kanto, it will demolish the entire Gym.

This Island is unique because you need to battle through a small cave system to fight the Gym Leader.

Gym Leader Danny

  • Nidoqueen (Poison/Ground) LV45
  • Electrode (Electric) LV45
  • Scyther (Grass/Bug) LV45
  • Geodude (Rock/Ground) LV45
  • Machoke (Fighting) LV45

Reward: Ice Beam TM

Danny is the most formidable opponent so far. His team covers a wide range of types, and Electrode knows Explosion, which KO’s any Pokemon you put in front of it. Fortunately, if you’ve been battling every Trainer, you should have a slight level advantage.

Seven Grapefruit Islands

This group of islands is a small story section where you must stop a hungry Snorlax. You don’t get to fight, but it does join your party. Once you have Snorlax, you can travel to Trovita Island.

Trovita Island

There are no story beats on Trovita Island, so you’re only here for the badge.

Elite Four Lorelei

  • Cloyster (Water/Ice) LV50

Gym Leader Rudy

  • Electabuzz (Electric) LV45
  • Exeggutor (Grass/Psychic) LV45
  • Starmie (Water/Psychic) LV45

Reward: Retaliate TM

Rudy’s team has good coverage, but you should have a varied enough squad to win.

Ascorbia Island

This is another story-centric island. Talk to the villagers, then head north and follow the path to the utility shed. You’ll face Team Rocket inside.

Team Rocket Jesse & James

team rocket ascorbia Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Arbok (Poison) LV39
  • Weezing (Poison) LV39
  • Victreebel (Grass/Poison) LV36
  • Likitung (Normal) LV36

Head back into town, get the Yellow Scarf from the house just south of the Fighting Arena, and use the Lapras to reach Kumquat Island.

Kumquat Island

Kumquat is allegedly home to the toughest member of the Orange Crew.

Gym Leader Luana (Doubles Battle)

  • Marowak (Ground) LV47
  • Alakazam (Psychic) LV47

Reward: Smart Strike TM

After the battle, travel to Pummelo Island.

Pummelo Island

Pummelo is home to the Stadium and your final challenge in the Orange Archipelago.

Pummelo Stadium

Orange Crew Leader Drake

  • Ditto (Normal) LV55
  • Onix (Rock/Ground) LV55
  • Electabuzz (Electric) LV55
  • Dragonite (Flying/Dragon)LV60
  • Venusaur (Grass/Poison) LV55
  • Gengar (Ghost/Poison) LV55

Drake is the strongest Trainer in the game so far. Dragonite is dangerous, but Lapras is a solid counter.

After the battle, return to Oak in Pallet Town. You can get to Kanto by riding Lapras to Valencia Island, then Vermillion City. You can also challenge the Elements Islands for a chance to catch the legendary birds.

Once you’ve spoken to Oak, head toward the Pokemon League next to Viridian City and leave via the west exit into Johto.

orange hall of fame Pokemon Fire Ash
Mewtwo = Easy Mode – Image by Anthony Yates

Welcome to Johto

In Johto, your opponents progress in level as they did in Kanto, so your current team is vastly overpowered.

If you wish, you can wreak havoc with your mega team or start the region with new Pokemon. You should always keep at least one decent Pokemon with you, as several opponents (Like Misty and Brock) still have strong teams.

New Bark Town

There’s not much here for you; the Gen 2 starters in Professor Elm’s lab are for new Trainers only. Head west through Cherrygrove City and into Violet City.

Violet City

Violet City is home to the first Gym in the region, but you can’t enter until you clear Sprout Tower. It’s across the bridge, just to the north.

Sprout Tower demonstrates why you need a few decent Pokemon on your squad. Team Rocket attack:

Team Rocket Jesse & James

  • Arbok (Poison) LV40
  • Victreebel (Grass/Poison) LV38
  • Likitung (Normal) LV38
  • Weezing (Poison) LV40

After defeating Team Rocket, the Gym in Violet City is open for business.

Violet City Gym

Gym Leader Faulkner

  • Hoothoot (Flying/Normal) LV11
  • Dodrio (Flying/Normal) LV13
  • Pidgeot (Flying/Normal) LV13

Reward: Aerial Ace TM

Next, head southwest into Route 32, then Route 33.

Route 33

It’s possible to miss a story trigger in this area. When you reach the wall at the southmost point of the route, if you head west, you’ll arrive in Azalea Town. Make sure you head east first and pick up the Cyndaquil. You’ll miss an essential story trigger if you don’t do this.

Azalea Town

Azalea Town has a Gym, but the most dangerous adversary is your ol’ pal Brock. Make sure you’ve got a strong team if you challenge him.


  • Onix (Rock/Ground) LV45
  • Vulpix (Fire) LV42
  • Geodude (Rock/Ground) LV43
  • Zubat (Poison/Flying) LV41
  • Pineco (Bug) LV16

Gym Leader Bugsy

  • Spinarak (Bug/Poison) LV17
  • Scyther (Bug/Flying) LV20
  • Metapod (Bug) LV17

Reward: X-Scissor TM

When you drop off the GS ball in the house to the north of the town, you can head west into Ilex Forest. Leave that area via the north exit, and you’ll find a Totodile up for grabs. You’ll also be challenged by Misty:


  • Staryu (Water) LV46
  • Poliwhirl (Water) LV20
  • Togepi (Fairy) LV17

It’s a long walk, but you’ll arrive in Goldenrod City if you’re always heading north.

Goldenrod City Gym

This Gym battle is a little odd as it’s in 2 parts. Whitney also has the famous ‘Rollout Miltank,’ so a Fighting type will help enormously here.

Gym Leader Whitney

  • Clefairy (Fairy) LV23
  • Miltank (Normal) LV24
  • Nidorina (Poison) LV23

Round 2

  • Miltank (Normal) LV26

Reward: Attract TM

From here, you can walk all the way north into Ecruteak City.

Ecruteak City

You can’t challenge the Gym until you’ve dealt with Team Rocket in the ruins to the north. Their levels are still high, so beware of your team composition.

Team Rocket Jesse & James

  • Arbok (Poison) LV42
  • Victreebel (Grass/Poison) LV40
  • Wobbuffet (Psychic) LV20
  • Weezing (Poison) LV42

Gym Leader Morty

  • Gastly (Ghost/Poison) LV31
  • Gengar (Ghost/Poison) LV32
  • Haunter (Ghost/Poison) LV31

Reward: Shadow Claw TM

After the battle, head west into Route 38, 39, and Olivine City.

Olivine City

You can’t challenge the Gym right away. First, you must defeat every Trainer in the Lighthouse and speak to Jasmine. Her Ampharos is sick, and she asks you to retrieve medicine from Cianwood City. Fortunately, there’s a ferry you can take there from the dock to the south.

Cianwood City

You’re here for medicine, but since the Gym is open, why not go there first?

Cianwood City Gym

Gym Leader Chuck

  • Polywrath (Fighting/Water) LV35
  • Machoke (Fighting) LV37

Reward: Brick Break TM

After your battle, head into the Pharmacy. Once you’ve spoken with the shopkeeper, return to the ferry.

Red Rock Isle

On the way back, the boat takes a diversion, leaving you at Red Rock Isle. The Whirl Tournament is about to start, but you must register first. Also, you can’t do this until you battle Misty, who’s waiting on Yellow Rock Isle.

Yellow Rock Isle


  • Goldeen (Water) LV42
  • Staryu (Water) LV46
  • Poliwhirl (Water) LV32
  • Corsola (Rock/Water) LV30
  • Psyduck (Water/Psychic) LV46

After the fight, head to Blue Rock Isle and register. Head back to Red Rock Isle and take the ferry off the north beach when ready.

Whirl Cup Tournament

  • Kingdra (Water/Dragon) LV36
  • Poliwhirl (Water) LV32
  • Psyduck (Psychic/Water) LV46
  • Gyarados (Water/Flying) LV40
  • Chinchou (Electric/Water) LV35
  • Feraligatr (Water) LV38

You earn a Mystic Water for winning. After the tournament, head to Ogi Isle.

Ogi Isle

It turns out ‘wrongdoers’ are in the area. No prizes for guessing who they are, but you are treated to a tough fight beforehand.

Camper Ritchie

  • Charmeleon (Fire) LV46
  • Pikachu (Electric) LV47
  • Butterfree (Bug/Flying) LV45
  • Pupitar (Rock/Ground)LV31

The most important part about the battle is you can challenge a legendary Pokemon afterward.

  • Lugia (Psychic/Flying) LV35

Try your best to catch it, as you only have one chance to do so. With the Isles conquered, you can return to Olivine City.

Olivine Revisited

Although the Gym looks rock-themed, Jasmine’s Pokemon are Steel Types. This is what you’re up against:

Gym Leader Jasmine

  • Magnemite (Electric/Steel) LV36
  • Steelix (Steel/Ground) LV38

Reward: Flash Cannon TM

Your next destination is Mahogany Town. You can get there from Ecruteak City by heading east toward the Lake of Rage.

Lake of Rage

Here, you’ll meet Lance from the Indigo League Elite Four. He lets you pick between fighting a Red LV30 Gyarados or a Team Rocket grunt.

No upstanding Trainer would snub a chance at owning a shiny Gyarados, but if you fight the Team Rocket Grunt, you get a free Master Ball! Choose wisely. Continue east into Mahogany Town and challenge the Gym.

Mahogany Town Gym

mahogany town gym Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates

This Gym has an Ice Puzzle. Take the scenic route if you want the EXP; otherwise, stand where I am in the picture above and press up, then right for the quickest way to the Gym Leader.

Gym Leader Pryce

  • Dewgong (Water/Ice) LV37
  • Piloswine (Ice/Ground) LV40

Reward: Hail TM

Head east through Route 44 into the Ice Cave and then Blackthorn City

Blackthorn City

Blackthorn City has a Gym and is also home to the Move Learner and Move Deleter.

Gym Leader Clair

  • Kingdra (Dragon/Water) LV48

After the battle, a walkway should appear over the water behind the Gym, but if it doesn’t, healing at the Pokemon Center should fix the problem.

Dragon Den

It’s hard to see in here, but there’s only one way through, and Dratini are plentiful. Defeat Team Rocket and have your rematch with Clair.


  • Kingdra (Water/Dragon) LV48
  • Gyarados (Flying/Water) LV48
  • Dragonair (Dragon) LV50

Reward: Dragon Claw TM

You’re so close to conquering the region now! When you’re ready, head east and then north to the Silver Conference, where you can take on Trainers in the same format as you did in Kanto.

Silver Conference

Round Robin Battle #1

  • Slugma (Fire) LV47
  • Quilava (Fire) LV47
  • Electabuzz (Electric) LV49

Round Robin Battle #2

  • Azumarill (Fairy/Water) LV47
  • Meganium (Grass) LV52
  • Magneton (Steel/Electric) LV49

Silver Stadium Round 1

Pokemon Fire Ash gary silver stadium
Image by Anthony Yates

Rival Gary

  • Nidoqueen (Poison/Ground) LV45
  • Blastoise (Water) LV60
  • Arcanine (Fire) LV52
  • Scizor (Bug/Flying) LV47
  • Golem (Rock/Ground) LV45
  • Magmar (Fire) LV50

Silver Stadium Round 2

  • Kecleon (Normal) LV47
  • Sneasel (Dark/Ice) LV48
  • Houndoom (Dark/Fire) LV53
  • Blaziken (Fighting/Fire) LV61
  • Steelix (Steel/Ground) LV50

When you’re done, Misty tells you to return to Professor Oak. The easiest way is through the connecting building into Kanto and walk to Pallet Town.

Professor Oak is upstairs. Talk to him, and you can travel to Hoenn by ferry from Vermilion City. Remember to speak to Oak’s aide for a Shiny Charm before you leave. You can change clothes in your room; otherwise, hop on the ferry and enjoy the new region!

Welcome to Hoenn

Like before, you can start with weak Pokemon on your journey through Hoenn. Keep a powerful Pokemon in your team, just in case!

Littleroot Town

Visit Professor Birch’s lab, as he will give you a Torchic. Head north into Route 101, Oldale Town, and Petalburg City.

Petalburg City

petalburg woods Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates

Talk to Norman by the west exit and head into Route 104, then Petalburg Woods. The entrance isn’t clearly labeled but is through the trees pictured above. Follow the path north, and you’ll arrive in Rustboro City.

Rustboro City

Team Rocket is terrorizing a school to the west. The big difference this time is their Pokemon are Gen 3, and you don’t need your A-Team to beat them.

Team Rocket Jesse & James

  • Seviper (Poison) LV9
  • Cacnea (Grass) LV9
  • Wobbuffet (Psychic) LV30
  • Wurmple (Bug) LV5

With Team Rocket out of the way, you can challenge the Gym.

Gym Leader Roxanne

  • Geodude (Rock/Ground) LV12
  • Nosepass (Rock) LV14

The port to the west is now open, and you can take the ferry to Dewford Town and challenge the Gym.

Dewford Town Gym

Gym Leader Brawly

  • Machop (Fighting) LV13
  • Makuhita (Fighting) LV14

Brawly demands a rematch on Route 106. To get there, head into Granite Cave.

Granite Cave

route 106 Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates

Brawly really doesn’t want that rematch! There’s a hidden staircase that only shows up if you interact with the wall.

Stand where I am in the picture above, and press Confirm. You will be challenged by Brock the moment you head outside.

Brawly isn’t much stronger in the rematch. His Makuhita is now a Hariyama LV16, but Machop is the same. After the battle, the ferry can take you to Route 109, so head straight there and into Slateport City.

Slateport City

You must activate a story trigger in the contest hall to the northwest before going further. When you’re ready, head into Route 110 to the north.

Route 110

There’s a quiz on this Route to win a Good Rod. Here are the solutions:

Question 1: What is the evolved form of Grimer?
Answer: Muk

Question 2: What color are Raichu’s cheeks?
Answer: Yellow

Question 3: Which Pokemon is associated with Volbeat?
Answer: Illumise

After the quiz, follow the long path north into Mauville City and challenge the Gym.

Gym Leader Wattson

  • Magnemite (Electric/Steel) LV21
  • Magneton (Electric/Steel) LV23
  • Voltorb (Electric/Steel) LV23

The west entrance to the town is blocked for now, so head north into Route 111. There’s a crossroad that will take you to either Mirage Kingdom or Lavaridge Town. If you go to Mirage Kingdom, you get a free Togepi.

The way to Lavaridge is blocked, but you can follow the path north to Fallabor Town. You must beat Team Rocket in the Contest Hall before leaving the area.

After you’ve cleared the Hall, you’re granted access through Fiery Path to the south, leading to Lavaridge Town. Feel free to challenge Flannery in the Gym when you arrive.

Gym Leader Flannery

  • Marcargo (Fire/Rock) LV25
  • Slugma (Fire) LV25
  • Torkoal (Fire) LV28

You can travel to the nearby Valley of Steel for a free Torkoal; otherwise, travel to Petalburg City for the next Gym.

Before you challenge Norman, you have to battle May at the door.

Pokemon Coordinator May

  • Torchic (Fire) LV25
  • Skitty (Normal) LV25
  • Beautifly (Bug/Flying) LV25

Gym Leader Norman

  • Slakoth (Normal) LV29
  • Slaking (Normal) LV31
  • Vigoroth (Normal )LV29

Your next destination is Fortree City. Before challenging the Gym, you must clear the Weather Station on Route 119.

Fortree City

You need to battle Brock before you can challenge the Gym; once you’ve done so, talk to Winona, and she’ll return to her post.

Breeder Brock

  • Forretress (Bug/Steel) LV44
  • Lombre (Grass/Water) LV30
  • Mudkip (Water) LV27

Gym leader Winona

  • Altaria (Flying/Dragon) LV31
  • Pelipper (Flying/Water) LV30
  • Swellow (Flying/Normal) LV33

Head East out of Fortree City into Route 120 and toward Lilygrove City.

Lilygrove City

Your next destination is Mossdeep City, but before you can go there, you must defeat a Sailor in the house just south of the Pokemon Centre. Once he’s defeated, you can ride the ferry to Route 124.

Route 124

groudon Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates

You can choose to battle Team Magma or Team Aqua here, but no matter who you fight, you can battle and catch Groudon and Kyogre. Both are LV35, so make sure you have plenty of Pokeballs.

Now you can head to Mossdeep City and take on their Psychic duo at the Gym.

Gym Leaders Tate and Liza (Doubles Battle)

  • Solrock (Psychic/Rock) LV40
  • Lunatone (Psychic/Rock) LV4

Reward: Psyshock TM

After the battle, exit the Gym and talk to the Ace Trainer just south of the Space Station. He will take you to Izabe Island. Head southwest into the forest and into the cave to battle Team Rocket.

Izabe Cave

Team Rocket Jessie & James

  • Seviper (Poison) LV34
  • Chimecho (Psychic) LV32
  • Dustox (Bug/Poison) LV34
  • Wobbuffet (Psychic) LV35
  • Cacnea (Grass) LV34

Once you’ve traversed the cave, you can take a ferry to Sootopolis City and challenge the Gym Leader.

Gym Leader Juan (Doubles Battle)

  • Sealeo (Ice/Water) LV41
  • Seaking (Ice) LV41

Gym Leader Juan (Singles Battle)

  • Luvdisc (Water) LV43
  • Whiscash (Ground/Water) LV43
  • Milotic (Water) LV45

Reward: Razor Shell TM.

Once you’re done, head to the Pokemon Center to trigger the next part of the story. May asks you to meet her in Pacifidlog Town. The ferry can take you there.

May challenges you to a battle in the contest hall.

Pokemon Coordinator May

  • Combusken (Fire/Fighting) LV38
  • Bulbasaur (Grass/Poison)LV36
  • Skitty (Normal) LV36
  • Beautifly (Bug/Flying) LV38
  • Munchlax (Normal) LV32

After the battle, the ferry will take you to Ever Grande.

Ever Grande Tournament

The tournament follows a similar format as the ones in previous regions.

Top 32

  • Venomoth (Bug/Poison) LV46
  • Golduck (Water/Psychic) LV46
  • Scizor (Bug/Steel) LV46
  • Walrein (Ice/Water) LV46
  • Dugtrio (Ground/Steel) LV46
  • Misdreavus (Ghost) LV46

Top 16

  • Girafarig (Psychic/Normal) LV48
  • Gligar (Flying/Ground) LV48
  • Steelix (Steel/Ground) LV48
  • Metang (Psychic/Steel) LV50
  • Growlithe (Fire) LV48
  • Swampert (Water/Ground) LV48

Top 8

  • Sceptile (Grass) LV50
  • Metagross (Psychic/Steel) LV50
  • Meowth (Normal) LV52
  • Hariyama (Fighting) LV50
  • Shiftry (Dark/Grass) LV50
  • Donphan (Ground) LV50

One of Oaks’s Aides requests that you return to the lab. The fastest way is to take the Ferry to Littleroot and then the same Ferry to Vermilion. Oak tells you to take on the Battle Frontier next, so head to Cerulean City.

Battle Frontier

greta Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates

For this section, you must battle in newly constructed buildings across the region. These need to be done in order, and each can be found near the main cities. You need a Frontier Pass before you attempt these battles, so defeat the lady in front of the Gym in Viridian City to obtain one.

Cerulean City

Factory Head Noland

  • Articuno (Flying/Ice) LV50

Saffron City

Arena Tycoon Greta

  • Hariyama (Fighting) LV50
  • Medicham (Psychic/Fighting) LV50

Lavender Town

Dome Ace Tucker – Double battle

  • Swampert (Water) LV53
  • Arcanine (Fire) LV53

Fuschia City (inside the Safari Zone)

In this area, you have to choose between 5 random paths. You want the 4th one, but here is what each one offers.

1st path – Max Revive
2nd path – Trainer Battle
3rd path – Trainer Battle
4th path – Lucy
5th path -Sacred Ash

Pike Queen Lucy

  • Seviper (Poison) LV55
  • Milotic (Water) LV55

Cinnabar Island

Palace Maven Spenser

  • Shiftry (Dark/Grass) LV55
  • Venusaur (Grass/Poison) LV55
  • Claydol (Psychic/Ground) LV55

Viridian City (towards the Indigo League)

Salon Maiden Anabel

  • Alakazam (Psychic) LV57
  • Espeon (Psychic) LV57
  • Metagross (Steel) LV57

Pewter City

Pyramid King Brandon

  • Regirock (Rock) LV65
  • Registeel (Steel) LV65

An Aipom will steal your Frontier Pass when you leave. Head back inside, and the Assistant will tell you to visit Indigo Plateau. Go to the contest hall and talk to May, then head outside and through the gate to the southwest. You’ll find the Aipom, your Pass, and Aipom will join your team.

Pyramid King Brandon Rematch

  • Dusclops (Ghost) LV60
  • Solrock (Psychic/Rock) LV60
  • Regice (Ice) LV65
  • Ninjask (Bug/Flying) LV60

After defeating Brandon, you are now a Frontier Candidate and are given all 3 Regi Legendary Pokemon! Head home to Pallet Town and return to the lab.

Talk to Oak, who opens the Sinnoh Region and gives you some cool new clothes! Take the Ferry from Vermilion City to Sinnoh.

Welcome to Sinnoh

plamer Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates

Sandgem Town

A new Region means a new Professor, so visit the lab and meet Professor Rowan and Paul. Exit the area, follow the Route into Jubilife City, and enter the Pokemon Contest. As it’s part of the story, you will lose the Contest regardless.

Travel east to Oreburgh City and into Oreburgh Gate Cave. Go south into Oreburgh Mines to find Roark, who then returns to the Gym so you can battle him.

Gym leader Roark

  • Onix (Rock/Ground) LV12
  • Rampardos (Rock) LV14
  • Geodude (Rock/Ground) LV12

Reward: Head Smash TM

Your next destination is Floaroma Town. You can get there from Jubilife City via the Ravaged Path.

Floaroma Town

Enter the Contest Hall, where you’ll be rechallenged by Dawn. Now you can head east out of Floaroma Town. Follow the path, and you’ll be challenged by Gardenia.

Gym Leader Gardenia

  • Cherubi (Grass) LV17
  • Turtwig (Grass) LV17

From here, continue west toward Eterna City.

Eterna City

Gym Leader Gardenia Rematch

  • Cherubi (Grass) LV20
  • Turtwig (Grass) LV20
  • Roserade (Grass/Poison) LV22

Reward: Grass Knot TM

Travel south into Route 206. You’ll find a girl blocking the cave, fight her, and she’ll teleport you to Hearthome City. The Gym isn’t open yet, as you must defeat the nearby Battle Tower first.

Head southeast toward Solaceon Town. You’ll need to visit the Ruins before you can leave. Once you’ve done that, head south to Veilstone City.

Veilstone City

Since the Gym is open, you can challenge right away.

Gym Leader Maylene

  • Meditite (Fighting/Psychic) LV28
  • Machoke (Fighting) LV29
  • Lucario (Fighting/Steel) LV32

Exit the Gym and go south toward Valor Lakefront.

Valor Lakefront

You’ll meet Wallace on a path to the west, talk to him, and he’ll tell you about his tournament that you must enter to progress the story. Now you can leave via the south exit.

Head west until you get to Pastoria City. By the Pokemon Center, you’ll see Brock; fight him for access to the Gym.

Pastoria City Gym

Gym Leader Crasher Wake

crasher Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Gyarados (Water/Flying)LV33
  • Floatzel (Water) LV37
  • Quagsire (Water/Ground) LV34

Reward: Aqua Jet TM

Head southwest out of Pastoria City to Route 212, then northwest until you reach Hearthome City again; visit the Pokemon Center and Teleport to Solaceon Town.

Give the Psyduck, and you’ll meet Gym Leader Fantina. Follow the path, and you’ll end up in Celestic Town.

Visit the nearby cave, and you’ll join Cynthia to take on Team Galactic. Now, head back towards Route 212, fight Paul, and Teleport to Hearthome City, where you can finally challenge the Gym.

Hearthome City Gym

Gym Leader Fantina

  • Gengar (Ghost/Poison) LV37
  • Mismagius (Ghost) LV37
  • Drifblim (Flying/Ghost) LV40

Reward: Confuse Ray TM

The next Gym Leader is Byron in Canalave City, head west from Jubilife City and take the ferry.

Gym Leader Byron

  • Bronzor (Psychic/Steel) LV37
  • Steelix (Steel/Rock) LV38
  • Bastiodon (Rock/Steel) LV41

Reward: Gyro Ball TM

Before you head to Snow Point City, you must take a detour to Iron Island first. Battle through Team Galactic and challenge Mars.

Team Galactic Mars

  • Purugly (Normal) LV36
  • Bronzor (Psychic/Steel) LV35

Your next destination is Snow Point City, east of Eterna City.

Snowpoint City Gym

Gym Leader Candice

  • Sneasel (Dark/Ice) LV40
  • Medicham (Psychic/Fighting) LV42
  • Snover (Grass/Ice) LV40
  • Abomasnow (Grass/Ice) LV44

Reward: Blizzard TM

When you leave the Gym, travel north and challenge Paul at Lake Acuity:

Rival Paul

  • Torterra (Grass/Ground)LV47
  • Honchkrow (Flying/Dark) LV42
  • Magmortar (Fire) LV42
  • Ursaring (Normal) LV43
  • Electabuzz (Electric) LV44
  • Weavile (Dark/Ice) LV40

The following badge is in Sunnyshore, you can get there from Valor Lakefront, but before you arrive, you pass out.

You wake up accompanied by Brock and Dawn. Team Galactic has overrun the area, so there are a ton of Trainers to battle. Once you defeat the Lieutenants, you can fight and catch two legendary Pokemon:

  • Dialga (Steel/Dragon) LV50
  • Palkia (Water/Dragon) LV50

You’ll be Teleported out into Route 222. Head through the door to Sunnyshore City and travel east to find Flint and Volkner. Now, head to the Gym, where Volkner will accept your challenge.

Gym Leader Volkner

  • Luxray (Electric) LV45

A commotion interrupts the battle. The Gym was damaged, so head to the Pokemon Center, where Nurse Joy explains the situation. Meet Dawn at Valor Lakefront to progress the story. Once in Pastoria Town, go west, and Bertha will challenge you.

Elite Four Bertha

  • Hippowdon (Ground) LV52

Visit the Pokemon Contest hall, battle the Trainers, and return to Sunnyshore City for your hard-earned badge.

Gym Leader Volkner Round 2

  • Electivire (Electric)LV46
  • Jolteon (Electric) LV48
  • Luxray (Electric) LV50

Reward: Wild Charge TM

Onto the Pokemon League! Travel to Sunnyshore City and take the ferry to ‘Lily of the Valley.’ Go into the building and register for the League.

Sinnoh League

Sinnoh League is in a similar format to the other regions thus far.

Gentleman Nando

  • Roserade (Grass/Poison) LV52
  • Armaldo (Bug/Rock) LV50
  • Kricketune (Bug) LV50

Lady Nicci

  • Tangrowth (Grass) LV50
  • Shellos (Water) LV50
  • Grumpig (Psychic) LV50

Super Nerd Conway

  • Shuckle (Bug/Rock) LV50
  • Lickilicky (Normal) LV50
  • Dusknoir (Ghost) LV53

Rival Paul

  • Aggron (Steel/Rock) LV54
  • Gastrodon (Water/Ground) LV54
  • Electivire (Electric) LV58
  • Froslass (Ice/Ghost) LV54
  • Drapion (Dark/Poison) LV57
  • Ninjask (Bug/Flying) LV54

Cool Trainer Tobias

  • Darkrai (Dark) LV60
  • Latios (Psychic/Dragon) LV60

Even though you ‘technically’ won, that didn’t happen in the show, so you lost! Return to Sandgem and take the ferry back to Kanto. After you visit Professor Oak, catch a blimp to Nuvema.

Welcome to Nuvema

3 leaders Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates

You know the drill by now. As before, regional levels start low so you can train new team members. Nuvema introduces a new Pokedex of Gen V Pokemon.

Visit the lab and meet Professor Juniper. Head north into Accumula Town, then southwest into the warehouse.

Once the area is clear, head west into Route 2, and you’ll reach Striaton City, home to our first Gym. This Gym has 3 Leaders, each with a single Pokemon.

Gym Leader Chili

  • Pansear (Fire) LV12

Gym Leader Cress

  • Panpour (Water) LV12

Gym Leader Cilan

  • Pansage (Grass) LV12

Rewards: Dive TM, Fire Blast TM, Solar Blade TM.

Now you can use the northwest exit into Route 3. Head west and then south when you reach the crossroad. Follow the path, and you’ll arrive in Nacrene City.

Nacrene City

You’ll find Iris outside the Museum; she’ll challenge you to a battle but only has a weak squad. After the fight, challenge the Gym.

Nacrene City Gym

You have to fight Lenora twice for the badge.

Gym Leader Lenora (Round 1)

  • Lillipup (Normal) LV16
  • Watchog (Normal) LV20

Gym Leader Lenora (Round 2)

  • Herdier (Normal) LV 18
  • Watchog (Normal) LV 20

Reward: Roar TM

Your next destination is Pinwheel Forest. Head west and over the bridge north into Castelia City.

Castelia City

There are Venipedes everywhere! Go east of the Pokemon Center and into the nearby building to battle Team Rocket. Fight them, and the Venipedes will leave. With the City back to normal, you can challenge the Gym.

Castelia City Gym

Gym Leader Burgh

  • Dwebble (Bug/Rock) LV21
  • Whirlipede (Bug/Poison) LV21
  • Leavanny (Bug/Grass) LV23

Reward: Pollen Puff TM

Exit the City via the north exit and go west at the junction. You must beat the ‘Club Battle Challenge’ (a few weak Trainers) before entering Nimbasa City. When you arrive, you’re free to challenge the Gym.

Nimbasa City Gym

Gym Leader Elesa

elessa Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Zebstrika (Electric) LV27
  • Emolga (Electric/Flying) LV25
  • Tynamo (Electric) LV27

Reward: Volt Switch TM

You must conquer the Battle Subway before you can progress the story. Head inside, and defeat Emmet & Ingo.

Subway Bosses Emmet & Ingo

  • Eelektross (Electric) LV25
  • Chandelure (Fire/Ghost) LV25

After your battle, leave via the north exit and battle the Champion.

Champion Alder

  • Bouffalant (Normal) LV30

Continue into Driftveil City. There’s a Gym to challenge, but the Leader won’t battle until an issue on Milos Island is sorted. Talk to the sailor south of the City for passage to the Island. Legendaries are up for grabs, so stock up on Pokeballs before leaving.

Milos Island

Three Legendary Pokemon are causing all the commotion. You can battle and catch each one, beware of the Trainers too.

  • Tornadus (Flying) LV32
  • Thundurus (Flying/Electric) LV32
  • Landorus (Flying/Ground) LV35

With 3 shiny new Legendaries in your collection (hopefully,) head back to Driftveil for your rematch.

Driftveil City Gym

Gym Leader Clay

  • Krokorok (Ground/Dark) LV29
  • Palpitoad (Water/Ground) LV29
  • Excadrill (Steel/Ground) LV31

Reward: Dig TM

After the fight, head west through Chargestone Cave and into Mistralton City.

Mistralton Gym

You can face the Gym right away, but you’ll be challenged by Cilan before you enter.

Gym Leader Cilan

  • Pansage (Grass) LV30
  • Stunfisk (Ground/Electric) LV30
  • Crustle (Bug/Rock) LV33

Now onto the real Gym battle.

Gym Leader Skyla

  • Swoobat (Psychic/Flying) LV33
  • Unfezant (Flying/Normal) LV33
  • Swanna (Water/Flying) LV35

Reward: Acrobatics TM

Route 7

A few activities in this section are unskippable and vital to the story.

First, enter Mistralton Tower and battle to the top. When you leave, do so via the small gap to the southeast. Next, compete in Clubsplosion, a small tournament against multiple Trainers. Finally, go north through Twist Mountain and into Icirrus City.

Icirrus City Gym

Gym Leader Brycen

  • Vanillish (Ice) LV37
  • Beartic (Ice) LV39
  • Cryogonal (Ice) LV37

Reward: Frost Breath TM

When you’re ready, walk into Route 8 and talk to the sailor by the boat to be transported to Virbank City.

Virbank City

Before you can challenge the Gym, you’ll have to find Meloetta. It’s not far from the Pokemon Center and will follow you. The Gym leader won’t fight you without it.

Virbank City Gym

Gym Leader Roxie

roxie Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Koffing (Poison) LV46
  • Garbodor (Poison) LV49
  • Scolipede (Bug/Poison) LV46

Reward: Sludge Wave TM

Your next destination is Nimbasa City. Exit via the northeast gate and follow Route 16 into Undella Town.

Undella Town

Head North West to Cynthia’s Villa.

Pokemon Coordinator Dawn

  • Piplup (Water) LV48
  • Mamoswine (Ice/Ground) LV48
  • Pachirisu (Electric) LV46
  • Togekiss (Flying/Fairy) LV48
  • Quilava (Fire) LV46
  • Buneary (Normal) LV48

After this, travel south and compete in the Pokemon World Tournament Junior Cup. Battle the Trainers to get to Alder, who will give you TM87 Cross Poison. Once you’re done, go east and battle Team Rocket.

Rocket Boss Giovanni

  • Persian (Normal) LV50
  • Thundurus (Flying/Electric) LV45
  • Tornadus (Flying) LV45
  • Meloetta (Psychic/Normal) LV45
  • Landorus (Flying/Ground) LV45

You’ll be Teleported back to the Pokemon Center after the fight. Head north out of the gate toward Opelucid City and into the League.

Nuvema League

Cool Trainer Trip

  • Serperior (Grass) LV45

Tamer Devin

  • Seaking (Water) LV45
  • Bagon (Dragon) LV45

Tamer Alex

  • Torterra (Grass/Ground) LV45
  • Darumaka (Fire) LV45

Black Belt Stephan

  • Liepard (Dark) LV47
  • Zebstrika (Electric) LV47
  • Sawk (Fighting) LV49

Youngster Cameron

  • Hydreigon (Dark/Dragon) LV45
  • Swanna (Flying/Water) LV45
  • Samurott (Water) LV45
  • Ferrothorn (Grass/Steel) LV45
  • Lucario (Fighting/Steel) LV47

After the League, travel to Nuvema Town to talk to Professor Juniper. Go to Virbank City, head west through Route 19, and into Aspertia City, where a new Gym awaits you.

Aspertia City Gym

Gym Leader Cheren

  • Herdier (Normal) LV46

Reward: Thrash TM

The White Ruins to the west are now open. Defeat the grunts and have your final battle in the Region.

Team Plasma Colress

  • Galvantula (Bug/Electric) LV52
  • Conkeldurr (Fighting) LV50
  • Beartic (Ice) LV52
  • Scolipede (Bug/Poison) LV50
  • Mienshao (Fighting) LV51
  • Haxorus (Dragon) LV51

Use the Blimp to return to Kanto and talk to Professor Oak. Your next Destination is Kalos, so return to Viridian and hop on a Blimp.

Welcome to Kalos

wulfric Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates

The Blimp takes you into Lumiose City. Visit Professor Sycamore, and you’ll be asked to find a Froakie. It’s in between some buildings just northeast of the lab. After you’ve spoken the Clemont, the Gym Leader, you can go through the gate to the south into Santalune City.

Santalune City Gym

Gym Leader Viola

  • Surskit (Bug/Water) LV10
  • Vivillon (Bug/Flying) LV12

Reward: Megahorn TM

After the battle, return to Lumiose City and onto Route 5 into Camphrier Town.

Camphrier Town

The way west is blocked by a Snorlax, so head north until you reach Parfum Palace. Battle Lass Allie and she’ll give you the Pokeflute. Return to Camphrier Town and use the Flute on the Snorlax to access Route 7. Follow the path to reach Cyllage City and challenge the Gym.

Cyllage City Gym

Gym Leader Grant

  • Onix (Rock/Ground) LV25
  • Tyrunt (Rock/Dragon) LV25

Reward: Rollout TM.

Head Northwest through Route 10 and into Geosenge Town. From here, go east through Route 11, Reflection Cave, and into Shalour City.

Shalour City Gym

Gym Leader Korrina

  • Mienfoo (Fighting) LV28
  • Machoke (Fighting) LV28
  • Lucario (Fighting/Steel) LV32 (Mega)

Rewards: Aura Sphere TM and Lucarionite.

The previously blocked exit to the east is now open. Follow the trail to Coumarine City.

Coumarine City Gym

Gym Leader Ramos

  • Jumpluff (Flying/Grass) LV30
  • Weepinbell (Grass/Poison) LV31
  • Gogoat (Grass) LV34

Reward: Petal Dance TM

After the battle, return to Luminose City and challenge the Gym.

Luminose City Gym

Gym Leader Clemont

  • Bunnelby (Normal) LV35
  • Luxray (Electric) LV37
  • Heliolisk (Electric/Normal) LV37

Reward: Shockwave TM

Head north into Route 14 toward Laverre City.

Laverre City Gym

Gym Leader Valerie

  • Spritzee (Fairy) LV39
  • Sylveon (Fairy) LV42

Reward: Moonblast TM

Head to the Pokeball factory and battle Team Rocket for a Master Ball. Now you can leave the City via the east exit. Follow the trail to Dendemille Town and take the southeast exit toward Frost Cavern. Once through the caverns, you’ll hit Anistar City.

Talk to either of the guys on the northwest of the City to be transported to the Anistar Sundial. Talk to Olympia to open the Gym.

Anistar City Gym

olympia Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates

Gym Leader Olympia

  • Meowstic (Psychic) LV45
  • Meowstic (Psychic) LV45

Reward: Lightscreen TM

Head south into Route 18 and fight through Team Flare. Talk to Bonnie and walk over the bridge. You’ll end up in Couriway Town.

Head East, challenge Sawyer, then defeat Alain, who is blocking the South exit. Follow Route 19, and you’ll reach a cave; go there as Team Flare is blocking the path outside.

Fight the Team Flare and Team Rocket. Once everyone is defeated, the south path will become unblocked. Follow the trail, and you’ll arrive in Snowbelle City.

Snowbelle City Gym

Gym Leader Wulfric (Round 1)

  • Abomasnow (Grass/Ice) LV49
  • Avalugg (Ice) LV49

After the fight, Wulfric sends you south through Route 20. Defeat every Trainer in the area, and return to the Gym and finish your battle.

Gym Leader Wulfric (Round 2)

  • Bergmite (Ice) LV50
  • Avalugg (Ice) LV52
  • Abomasnow (Grass/Ice) LV53 (Mega)

Rewards: Icicle Clash and an Abomasite.

Now you have all the Kalos badges, you can head to Lumiose City to take on the League. Bring your best because this is a tough one!

Pokemon League

Cool trainer Titus

  • Altaria (Flying/Dragon) LV52
  • Crawdaunt (Water/Dark) LV52
  • Chesnaught (Grass/Fighting) LV52

Lass Carol

  • Gengar (Ghost/Poison) LV52
  • Sandslash (Ground) LV52
  • Delphox (Fire/Psychic)LV52

Bug Catcher Doug

  • Armaldo (Bug/Rock) LV53
  • Beedrill (Bug/Poison) LV55 (Mega)
  • Galvantula (Bug/Electric) LV53

Cool Trainer Astrid

  • Pyroar (Fire/Normal) LV54
  • Meowstic (Psychic) LV54
  • Absol (Dark) LV55 (Mega)

Pokemon Trainer Sawyer

  • Slaking (Normal) LV55
  • Clawitzer (Water) LV55
  • Salamence (Flying/Dragon) LV55
  • Aegislash (Steel/Ghost) LV55
  • Sceptile (Grass) LV58 (Mega)
  • Slurpuff (Fairy) LV55

Pokemon Trainer Alain

  • Tyranitar (Dark/Rock) LV57
  • Unfezant (Flying/Normal) LV57
  • Charizard (Fire/Flying) LV60 (Mega)
  • Metagross (Psychic/Steel) LV57
  • Weavile (Dark/Ice) LV57
  • Bisharp (Bug/Steel) LV57

After the League, Team Flare attack. Fight through the grunts, into the Gym, and scale the tower to confront Team Flare’s Boss, Lysandre.

Flare Boss Lysandre

lysan Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Pyroar (Fire/Normal) LV62
  • Gyarados (Flying/Water) LV64 (Mega)

You saved the world from Team Flare’s plan. Now onto Alola! Return to Professor Oak, then ride the Blimp.

Welcome to Alola

ultra beast Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates

Alola is unique because it’s a series of short scenarios with an overarching story about Ultra Beasts.

Each part of this scenario is a “Day,” and there are 29 in total. Most days are simple, but some have easily missed story triggers. I’ve covered the days likely to cause you problems.

Day 1

Talk to your mother and travel north to the school to deliver an egg to Samson. Once you have given the egg, enter the Pokemon Lab. Pick up your Rotom Dex and head back to the school.

Once you’ve sat down, you’ll be told to explore the forest. The entrance is a little hidden but just walk east from the Charizard.

Day 2

gyarados rock Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates

Head to Hau’oli City, which was previously inaccessible. Speak with Lana, who will take you on a Gyarados hunt. You’ll find a rock with a pool of water around it; interact with it, and Gyarados will appear. (It’s roughly in the middle of the Island.)

Return to Lana, and she’ll challenge you to an easy battle.

After the fight, talk to her, then you can return to the lab.

Day 8

Head to the school and take your seat. Talk to the sailor by the pier to Travel to Akala Island.

The path that was previously blocked by Miltank is now clear. At the crossroads, head south.

Head west into the trees to Booklet Hills when the path splits. You’ll be confronted by Lana. Afterward, she’ll join you for the Trial, head north, and interact with the statue.

Totem Pokemon Wishiwashi

  • Wishiwashi (Water) LV28
  • Alomomola (Water) LV23

Return to the crossroads, and head west to Route 8. Follow the path northeast until you reach Wela Volcano Park. There is no trial here, just a few trainers and Kiawe. Battle him to trigger the Trial at Lush Jungle.

Follow Route 5 until you reach a Trainer, then go north into Lush Jungle. Battle Mallow and continue north to the Trial.

Totem Pokemon Lurantis

lurantis Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates
  • Lurantis (Grass) LV30
  • Castform (Normal) LV25

Reward: Grassium Z

Now that you’ve cleared a Trial, you can take on Olivia, South of Paniola Ranch. The Miltank blocking the southern route have moved again, so head south to the Ruins of Life.

Island Kahuna Olivia

  • Lycanroc (Rock) LV26
  • Probopass (Steel/Rock) LV26

Reward: Rockium Z

Return to Paniola Town and talk to Charizard again to head back home.

Day 14

After talking to Kukui, visit Hau’oli City and speak to the sailor to travel to Aether Paradise. Talk to Faba, and battle the Ultrabeast:

  • Nihilego (Rock/Poison) LV35

Return to the lab, then back to the sailor for passage to Poni Island. There’s only one path, so follow it to the Alter of the Sunne.

Talk to the Solgaleo, who will give you Solganium Z and heal your party. Solgaleo will agree to join you. Interact with the rock behind him to go to Ultra Deep Space.

Aether President Lusamine

  • Clefable (Fairy) LV33
  • Milotic (Water) LV33
  • Absol (Dark) LV33
  • Salazzle (Poison/Fire) LV33
  • Lilligant (Grass) LV33
  • Mismagius (Ghost) LV33

After the battle, you automatically return home.

Day 16

You can now catch Ultra Beasts. The first one is in Melemele Forest, over the bridge into Route 3 and then west. You can buy Beast Balls from the classroom to make this easier.

  • Buzzwole (Bug/Fighting) LV37

Day 17

Fly Charizard to Paniola Ranch. The Miltank have moved so you can access Royal Avenue. Head to the Battle Royal Dome, and you can pick either Kiawe or Sophocles as your partner.

Use the Pokemon center to head back to Hau’oli City; if you use Charizard, you’ll be stuck behind the Team Skull grunts. Return to school. Once you’ve saved Ilima, you get to give Eevium Z.

Day 19

There’s been a new Ultra Beast sighting! Go to Route 3, head north, and then West up the stairs to the Ultra Beast.

  • Celesteela (Steel/Flying) LV35

Return to Route 1 and take Charizard back to the Ranch. Fight Kiawe, then visit Lana, who is by Kukui’s Lab. Now talk to Mallow, who is in Aina’s Kitchin in Hau’oli City. Afterward, return home.

Day 21

Two more Ultra Beasts have been found on Route 2. Travel there and head northeast

  • Xurkitree (Electric) LV35
  • Blacephalon (Ghost/Fire) LV35

Now return to the Professor, and he’ll send you to Hokulani Observatory. Head back to Hau’oli and talk to the 1st sailor who will take you to Mount Lanakila.

Travel through the cave to reach Mount Hokolani. Lillie will challenge you once you go into the cave. Return to the lab, and Kukui will send you to the Royal Avenue Battle Dome. Take Charizard to Paniola and head east; head into the Battle Dome and battle the Trainers.

Day 23

Visit the school, and you’ll be instructed to travel to the Altar of Sonne.
Battle the Team Rocket members inside the cave, and you’ll find the next Ultra Beast.

  • Lunala (Psychic/Ghost) LV42

Talk to Lunala after the battle, and it’ll take you to Ultra Deep Space. You’ll find Necrozma at the end of the platform.

  • Necrozma (Psychic) LV45

Day 25

Sit in your seat to initiate the final challenge on Poni Island. Talk to the southmost sailor and head to Seafolk Village. Travel north to Poni Wilds and head southeast from there until you reach Ancient Poni Path.

Battle Team Skull, and then a Trainer called Hapu to progress the story.

Head back to Seafolk Village and fight Liile. She will ask you to find her brother in Ancient Poni Path. Take the North path when you come to the crossroads and battle Gladion.

Pokemon Trainer Gladion

  • Lycanroc (Rock) LV39

Talk to the sailor and head to Vast Poni Canyon. Once you’re there, talk to Sophocles, who asks you to find Lana.

She is in Poni Wilds on the beach to the west. Now return to Ancient Poni Path and head east at the crossroads. You’ll find Mallow; head north into Poni Breaker Coast, where Kiawe will be waiting for you. Enter the cave to fight Island Kahuna Hapu.

Island Kahuna Hapu

  • Mudsdale (Ground) LV41

Reward: Steelium Z

Day 28

An Ultra Beast has been sighted by Lillie’s house in Hau’oli City. Travel there and either catch or defeat it.

  • Kartana (Grass/Steel) LV43

Return to class, and you’ll be told that the Alola League is up and running. Head to the southmost sailor and go to Manalo Stadium.

Manalo Stadium

The first part of the League is similar to a Battle Royale format. You can pick from several paths. I chose the northeast one near Olivia. These are the Trainers on my chosen route.

Youngster Hiroki

  • Mudbray (Ground) LV45

Sailor Way

  • Primeape (Fighting) LV45

Lass Pikala

  • Pikachu (Electric) LV45

Top 16

  • Hypno (Psychic) LV46

Top 8

  • Decidueye (Grass/Ghost) LV46


  • Scizor (Bug/Steel) LV47
  • Golisopod (Bug/Water) LV48


Pokemon Trainer Gladion

  • Silvally (Normal) LV49
  • Zoroark (Dark) LV48
  • Lycanroc (Rock) LV48 (Night form)

And with that victory, you have finally conquered the Pokemon League. Congratulations!

Head outside, where more Ultra Beasts are causing trouble. Travel north and help the Masked Royal by battling the Guzzlord

  • Guzzlord (Dark/Dragon) LV50 (Shiny!)

Go inside and talk to the Green Man next to the Pokemon Center Counter for your Exhibition Battle.

Professor Kukui

  • Incineroar (Fire/Fighting) LV57
  • Braviary (Flying/Normal) LV54
  • Empoleon (Water/Steel) LV54
  • Tapu Koko (Electric/Fairy) LV56
  • Lucario (Steel/Fighting) LV54
  • Venusaur (Grass/Poison) LV54

Reward: Tapunium Z

hall of fame Pokemon Fire Ash
Image by Anthony Yates

The Alola Region concludes this epic Pokemon Saga thus far. Although there’s enough to keep even the most rabid Pokemon enthusiast busy, constant updates are always being added to Fire Ash. If you want to keep track of what’s happening with the title, the Discord channel is the place to be.

Pokemon Fire Ash Guide: FAQs

Question: Can you evolve Pikachu in Pokemon Fire Ash?

Answer: Yes, you can evolve Pikachu with a Thunderstone. The Pikachu sprite stays on your shoulder regardless.

Question: Where is EXP Share?

Answer: You can’t get EXP Share until you’ve defeated 8 Gym Leaders and traveled to the Pokemon League. A Trainer by the table will give it to you.

Question: Do I need Pikachu in my party?

Answer: No, you don’t. Even though Fire Ash follows the TV show, you can use any Pokemon you like.

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