Pokemon Bea Guide: The Galar Karate Kid

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Ash has had many rivals throughout the series, and the notion of a rival has been all throughout the Pokemon games. You even have unnamed rivals in pokemon games who tend to show up and fight both against you and alongside you whenever you run into a bit of trouble during the games.

One of his rivals in pokemon Journeys is the fighter Bea, who is a Gym Leader of the Ultra Class. She also is a character in the games as well, so there’s a lot to break down about this dessert-loving and karate-chopping gym leader. Let’s get started with this Pokemon Bea guide and see what we can do with her!

Bea’s Pokemon

Your First Battle

Pokemon TypesMovesSpecial AbilityCan It Gigantamax?
HitmontipTriple Kick, Quick Attack, Counter, and RevengeTechnicianNo
MachampScary Face, Revenge, Knock Off, and StrengthNoneYes
PangoroBullet Punch, Circle Throw, Night Slash, and Work UpMold BreakerNo
Sirfetch’dDetect, Swords Dance, Brutal Swing, and RevengeSteadFastNo

Bea’s Pokemon For The Champion Cup Battle

pokemon bea guide
Pokemon TypesMovesSpecial AbilityCan It Gigantamax?
HawluchaNo Retreat, Bulk Up, Close Combat, and Rock TombBattle ArmorNo
MachampScary Face, Revenge, Knock Off, and StrengthNoneYes
Sirfetch’dDetect, Swords Dance, Brutal Swing, and RevengeSteadFastNo
GrappleoctFlying Press, High Jump Kick, and BounceLimberNo

Bea’s Summary Of Appearances (Movies, Games, Anime)

Bea Octo-Gridlock at the Gym!

First, Bea appeared in the episode Solitary and Menacing! Where she was challenged by Ash in a two on two battle for the World Coronation series. She battled with Hawlucha and Grapploced against Ash’s Farfetch’d and Riolu. Her Pokemon were undefeated and she dealt Ash a solid defeat.

Later, she appeared in the episode Octo-Gridlock at the Gym! Where Ash challenged her to a rematch at the Cianwood Gym. They battled again with two different pokemon. Ash used his Pikachu and Riolu, and Bea used her Grapploct and Hitmontop. The pokemon battled one another and with grand strategy and effort from both trainers, they ended up fighting to draw.

Once the match was over, everyone was treated to a dessert picnic after the battle and learned that Bea has quite the sweet tooth as well when she tucked into several desserts. Despite both wanting to take on the Leon Gym leader (the reason for her and Ash’s rivalry), we don’t see Bea again after these episodes except in cameo appearances.

However, in a Thrash of the Titans! We see that she had advanced into the Ultra Class of the World Corniation series. Additionally, we see that she has a Dynamax band during her cameo appearance in the episode JN077.

She does appear in the animated mini-series Pokemon: Twilight Wings, although mostly she had a few cameo appearances and shorter stories. In Letter she battled against Leon and lost the fight, before traveling to the Wild Area in Training. She and her pokemon were forced to take shelter in a cave and later got trapped, but were able to leave the cave.

The rest of her episodes are generally cameo appearances or other appearances that didn’t have much to do with the overall story.

In the games, she plays a similar-sized role. She only appears in Pokemon Sword, and you encounter her in the Stow-on-Side’s Stadium. She uses mostly Fighting type pokemon and the one thing the player needs to be concerned with is when she uses her Machamp.

When the player nears victory, she will gigantamax her Machamp and order him to use the move G-Max Chi Strike, and this move raises the chance of getting critical hits.

Still, once the player defeats her, she will complement the fighting spirit of the player’s Pokemon, and of the player themselves. You can encounter her again in the Champion Cup and she will fight just the same as before. She will Gigantamax her Machamp whenever she feels she is being defeated, but you can still defeat her and she will admit she felt like running away from the fight.

Bea’s Pokemon In The Anime


Bea almost exclusively focuses on fighting-type Pokemon. In Pokemon Journeys, she owned several fighting types and used 4 during her two battles with Ash. The first was Grapploct, who is a powerful fighting type who is resistant to rock, bug, and dark attacks, and is weak to flying, psychic, and fairy damage.

It uses a wide array of fighting and normal moves, with some water and dark type attacks as well. It was able to defeat Riolu during their first battle and also battled against and defeated Pikachu during the rematch, before having a rematch with Riolu and ending the battle in a draw.

Hawlucha was used during the World Coronation Series battle with Ash, Hawlucha is a duel flying and fighting type pokemon who is immune to ground attacks, and is resistant to fighting, bug, grass, and dark type attacks. It is weak to flying, electric, physic, ice, and fairy damage.

It also has a mix of flying and fighting moves, as well as two dark moves. It’s a pretty interesting pokemon to use, and it was used very well in the anime. It battled against Ash’s Farfetched and won that battle before it was recalled for Grappoloct.

Finally, she owned Hitmontop who was used during the rematch with Ash. Hitmontop is resistant to rock, bug, and dark damage, and is weak to flying, psychic, and fairy damage. Most of its attacks are normal or fighting type attacks. It was used to battle Pikachu, but eventually, Pikachu defeated the Pokemon.

She is seen to own several more fighting types, including a Machamp, Machchoke, Machop, Sawk, Scraggy, and various others.

Bea’s Strengths

Bea in Pokemon Sword

In Pokemon Sword video game, during your gym battle, she uses Hitmontip who uses the attacks: Triple Kick, Quick Attack, Counter, and Revenge, with the ability technician.

She uses Machamp who uses Scary Face, Revenge, Knock Off, and Strength for its moves, as well as the move G-Max Chi Strike when Gigantamaxed. Machamp is a fighting type pokemon who is resistant to rock, ghost, and dark type attacks, and weak to flying, physic, and fairy damage.

She also uses two new Pokemon. The first is Pangoro who is a fighting and dark type pokemon who is immune to psychic attacks, resistant to rock, ghost, and dark attacks, and is weak to fighting, flying, and fairy attacks. Pangoro uses Bullet Punch, Circle Throw, Night Slash, and Work Up, and has the ability: Mold Breaker.

The second is Sirfetch’d, a fighting type Pokemon who is resistant to rock, bug, and dark attacks, but who is weak to flying, physic, and fairy attacks. It uses Detect, Swords Dance, Brutal Swing, and Revenge as its moves.

Whenever you battle her in the champion cup she has switched out Pangoro and Hitmontop to use Hawlucha and Grappleoct. Hawlucha uses Flying Press, High Jump Kick, and Bounce, while Grappleoct uses Octolock, Submission, Bind, and Mega Punch. It also has the special ability Limber.

She also introduces Falinks, a fighting type Pokemon who is resistant to rock, bug, and dark attacks but weak to flying, psychic, and fairy damage. It uses a variety of fighting and normal type moves. It uses the moves No Retreat, Bulk Up, Close Combat, and Rock Tomb as well as the special ability Battle Armor.

Bea’s Weaknesses


Whenever you clash with Bea in Pokemon Sword at the Stow-On-Side gym, you won’t just be fighting her but also the environment she is in.

Bea’s gym has you sitting in a bumper car and moving around a teacup ride, steering and getting shoved around by boxing gloves in each arena corner. You need to guide your car towards the exit and then you get to battle against Bea.

Now, one of the best things to do if you are having trouble with Bea is to stock up on Flying, Psychic, and Fairy type Pokemon.

The fighting types take 4 times more damage from any Fairy attack, so if you have any fairy types then you can have them shine during this battle! Once you defeat Bea and weather the storm of her Gigamax powered Machchop, then you will receive some rewards.

These include TM42, which helps your Pokemon complete more moves, a fighting-type gym uniform you can wear, and also the ability to catch pokemon above level 40. As well as the Fighting Badge.

Once you get to the Champion cup you can battle Bea again, you will be facing her new and improved roster of fighting type Pokemon. Still, your strategy is just about the same here, where flying and fairy type pokemon are going to be your friends during the battle.

You also need to watch out for her Gigamaxed Machamp as well. Still, as long as you take advantage of the weaknesses of the Fighting types, you will be able to battle her again and defeat her.

Then you will progress through the champion cup and keep fighting your way through until the cup is yours!


Question: Why Doesn’t Bea Appear More Often?

Answer: Probably the main reason from a storytelling perspective is that she simply doesn’t appear that often because she is a gym leader.
She’s got a gym of her own to run and deal with, and unlike some of Ash’s other traveling companions, she can’t just up and leave whenever she wants to follow Ash around, and if you aren’t following Ash you are not getting the screen time you deserve!
It is sad because she is a generally interesting character. She was trained to be the way she is by her stern parents who wanted her to be the best of the best in terms of fighting and not show any emotion towards her opponents. However, despite her stern mentality, she has been shown to have a softer side, such as whenever she eats sweets with her Pokemon and trains with them.
It’s a shame that she gets such a small role in both the games and the anime because she is a very interesting character to have around.

Question: Why Isn’t Bea In Pokemon: Shield?

Answer: In order to make both Pokemon Shield and Pokemon Sword different from one another, certain aspects of the game are changed, including the gym leaders. Bea focuses on fighting types and defense, making her battle last longer when compared to other fighters. Plus, she’s been in the anime so we see a bit more of her.

However, if you end up buying Pokemon Shield, Bea is replaced by a gym leader named Allister, who comes at you with various ghost-type pokemon who are also hybrids as well, making the battle against him challenging.

Rather than the theme of other gym leaders who tend to pick a type of pokemon and stick to it, Allister’s team is diverse enough to be very challenging and gives him a greater roster of pokemon to choose from.
He also comes with a Gigantamax Gengar which is terrifying to fight against, and it’s also much faster than the rest of the pokemon on his team.

Still, despite their differences there’s a lot of similarities between the two. They both serve a role as a gym leader with their own team, you battle against them, and then can fight against them again during the Champion Cup. Much like Bea, Allestar has changed his team up and unlocked a few more moves and abilities whenever you clash with him during the Champion Cup finals.

Whichever gym leader you want to fight will most certainly influence your purchase, and if you want to battle Bea you should focus on buying Pokemon shield. Of course, why miss out on differences. If you can, you should buy both games!

Question: How Should You Fight The Gigamax Machamp?

Answer: You’ll be fighting a gigamaxed version of Machamp two times, and you really need to look out for it’s signature move ‘G-Max Chi Strike.’ This attack can not only deal damage, but it can also raise its critical hit rate on your Pokemon. So you need to make sure to take down the Machamp before it can take advantage of that critictal hit rate!
Still, this can be easier said than done here. To take down the Gigamax Machamp, you need to hit him with all of your most powerful attacks and do as much damage as you can. There’s a chance that he will keep hitting you, but if you can power through the attacks you will be able to take on this Gigamaxed creature and win!
Also, study up on Machamp as well to see his weaknesses (which are generally the same as all the other fighting types) and plan your team accordingly.

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